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100 thoughts on “Snow Beast Trailer | Sunworld Pictures – Family Action Movies

  1. Wasn’t there a 70s something movie just like this? I can’t remember its name but I could have sworn there was a movie a Lot Like this one back in the 70s????

    I know someone out there knows what I am talking about???

    If you do tell us all the name of the movie and prove you have a better memory then I do!…. which isn’t really that hard…LOL!

  2. OMG dont you guns are [U.N politically incorrect now ] you rsupposed to allow yourself to be killed by wild animals, thats the done thing these days ,sacrifice yourself for the planet

  3. Oh man, I love B science fiction flicks! With the lovely Dani Chuchran, no less!

    Can I find this anywhere? DVD for sale? Something?

  4. I can't believe they actually made a remake of the original 1977 TV movie starring Bo Svenson, at least the original doesn't look as cheesy as this one does.This looks terrible,especially the Bigfoot.What were they thinking.Their budget must have been that cheap they couldn't have done a better job with the creature?

  5. this doesn't look too bad actualy. speaking of budget films, if your bored and on youtube (like rite now probably) check out hunter prey, its a budget sci fi by the same guy who did batman dead end, its actualy alrite and i think its still on youtube somewhare

  6. If it wasn't for John Schneider & Jason London, I would have thought this was a college student trailer project…

  7. watched it 4 hours ago, I don't like how Rob dies just like that. They should mention how he sacrifices himself to save them.

  8. Of all the poor movies, this one I actually don't mind watching. Its about a killer bigfoot like creature, its better than the original, and the beast looks better for a suit.

  9. I thought this was the original show from 1977. after realizing this looked too new, I was somewhat disappointed, but still not bad.

  10. This trailer looks bad. Obviously a man in a suit again. At least the original tv movie…which had wooden actors, didnt reveal the creature that often….instead relying on suspense!

  11. Bo duke is back and he is fighting a snow monster or maybe it's just big boss has not shaved in 30 plus years and got taller 🙂

  12. This is a man in a furry suit movie if ever ive seen one, the original tv movie from 1977 looked better with only brief glimpses of the creature.😀

  13. who know which movie that big giant monster on snow then the human kill them using car and spotlight then they running away using car


  15. I had a dream about a yeti attack on "my" crew in the mountains back in 2006. It was 100% scarier than this. It was so real and brutal. I just remembered that shocking dream just now and searched if thete was a movie that resembled it and just found this joke of a movie.

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