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we all know the place the magic mushroom houses the tight white pants EXCUSE ME! and all the different attitudes arty farties frenemies worry warts sometimes I just feel blue cranks shade throwers nosy, so what’s going on over there? and there’s on thing they all have in common 100 *hoooo* there all dudes! now for the one finger push up 1,2 except for one ITS SMURFETTE!!! AHWOOOO,HIGH HEELS But what if there were more to the story? 2 days ago, I saw some someone who looked like us That’s Impossible! and they dropped this map! what if, they were never alone? if there really are other Smurfs out there we need to find them! what if, this means the lost village isn’t a legend? now your talking about maps and mystery Smurfs!! what’s going on in here? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS NOSY!!!! *SLAMS DOOR* Well, alright BRAINY,HEFTY,CLUMSY OH that’s not even convincing! I don’t do well in the darkness! I have enough trouble in the daylight!! I didn’t think the lost village was going to be this hard to find! Whatever you do, DON’T eat all your rations! AHHHHH I JUST ATE ALL MY RATIONS!!! Is this safe? Were not in Smurf Village anymore! wow,wow,wow,WOW! *SCREAM* WOWWWW!!!! WOAHHHH!!!! AHHHH! AHHHHH AHHHHH The lost Smurf village, Its time to take a road trip! I’ll be like, RAHHH ERGHHHH AHH REGHHHHH!!!! and they’ll all be like, Oooohhhh no and I’ll be like, *makes firework noises!* meow meow meow!!! I think my rations are throwing up! *screams* *laughs* What’s so funny? That’s what I call talking out of your but! we have to find the lost village before they do! Incoming Birrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd! WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMS* Ughhh? Oh boy! we mean you no harm! were looking for the lost village! WOAHHHH! AHHHH UGHHH!!!! UGHHHHH!!! WHAT THE! MEOW! IM REALLY FREAKING OUT YOU GUYS! Smurfs the lost village!

100 thoughts on “Smurfs: The Lost Village Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Animated Movie

  1. I hope this inspires them to restart (or even pick back up) from the series! Even if it's in 3D animation like this one.

  2. I like this version better than the movie Smurfs 1 and 2, mostly because:
    #1 Great story/plot
    #2 Voice actors/actresses
    #3 Animation. They made even Gargamel look cute
    #4 My most favorite of all, MORE SHIPS!!!

  3. I remember Smurfet was created by Gargamel to lurk the Smurfs into giving him the location of their village so he could eat them. But I guess live long enough you will always see lies considered as facts.

  4. i just finish watching this movie, I like it. I'm sure it's going to be another 1 cuz all thos different smurfs came around. Good movie

  5. I honestly had no interest in this movie, as I thought it was made for only one reason, to quote Lickboot from "Tom and Jerry: The Movie":
    "We've GOT to have…MONEY."

  6. The most underrated film by Sony animation pictures in 2017 since Everyone are talking about the emoji movie and the star but they forgot this smurfs reboot exist

  7. Expectations: Human races to the lost village against a blue army with dramatic music
    Reality: A human is racing against blue ants

  8. 👏✊👍رائع لكن انا شفته بجوده عاليه قبل شهر والان غير متوفر على اليوتيوب

  9. Before Katy Perry she is voice role as Smufette now Demi Lovato as Smufette in Voice Role from Smurfs The Lost Village

  10. I enjoyed this movie. This is the best out of all the Smurfs so far.
    I don't know why the producers couldn't make all the Smurf movies like this in the first place.
    The producers finally got it right, even though this movies takes itself a bit seriously sometimes.
    This movie is a little violent than the other smurfs movies, and Gargamel isnt as funny but still adds suspence to the story.

  11. 🙋 yo yo yo yo what's up y'all. Anyway I definitely have to say is this. Smurfs the Lost Village is 25 times much better then the first movie is. Like seriously this is how they should have done the first Smurfs movie & not a live-action one at all. I totally loved and I enjoyed watching the Lost Village much better than the first Smurfs movie. What the heck were they thinking when they did that one. I definitely have to buy Smurfs the Lost Village on Blu-ray disc.

  12. Looks cool; just between those lines: yes, children need to be pre-informed to be on the look out for ….you know, some Other life in that Space of ours, that we never knew existed, but might find out in 1 thousand years we are not alone lol!? That's not the topic of film I'd want my kids to see. Someone's fantasy……


  14. Why is Rainn Wilson always voice acting the villian in cartoons? Lex Luther in Death of Superman, Gallaxhar from Monsters vs Aliens, and now Gargamel?

  15. Re-looking at this trailer, there are several scene's and lines in here that didn't happen in the actual movie

  16. Why is kicking guys in the balls "girlpower", or funny? Or appropriate for movies for kids? What if they showed male characters kicking female characters in the crotch so hard they collapse?

    Jake Johnson
    Jack McBrayer
    Russell Brand
    Demi Lovato
    Patrick Dempsey
    Rainn Wilson
    Michelle Rodriguez
    with Mandy Patinkin
    and Julia Roberts

  18. was this a bad movie? no. was it a good smurfs movie? yes. was it a good THEATRICAL movie? no.

    It was a good smurfs movie, but not good in comparison to other movies.

  19. I don't like how so many people think that this is better than the first ones. I mean, really? I'll admit the animation is good, and better than the original. But other than that, there's really nothing that makes this movie that great. I know the CGI in the first ones isn't PERFECT, but I thought it was pretty cute. The new one is boring, has nothing original, and doesn't feel like it has any real emotion. And the jokes aren't really that funny in my opinion. The characters in here are predictable, and the movie itself tries too hard to be funny. It ruined all the mystery and magic in the original Smurfs that really got me interested. And people, if you prefer the original, YOU DON"T HAVE TO MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT. There might be some people who actually LIKE the original, so please stop, it's driving me nuts! >:(

  20. For y’all who wonder why they didn’t put the same voice actors bc some of them died from long time

    This is for people who didn’t know why

  21. What happened to the other two sister and brother from the last movie? Remember she got a new sister so there were two girls?!? Did they just FORGET about that?!

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