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Come on, sister. ‘Placid Ivy gourd’. ‘Overt ladies finger’. Come on, sister. A kilogram costs Rs.20 I’ll buy the coconut there. You buy the vegetables here.
Okay? – In granny’s shop?
– Yes. Hey, I’ll clear off the market today. – How are you?
– Come on, I’m good. How are you? – I’m good.
– It’s fresh, shall I give? Hey!
Take the money. Was the collection not good? How much is the cucumber? Why do you bother about the price?
Take it. One thousand rupees. Thugs! Your son is also here
where these thugs are. A son must be like him. It seems to be a great hype. Is he a big cheese? He is like a ‘Sun’. He will rise in the morning
and sets in the evening. You need a thousand eyes
to see him. Shanthi, it’s enough.
Leave it. Just wait. They will change only
when known about your son. This old lady doesn’t understand A person’s eyes will reveal
whether he is good or bad. See, all these people
have theft eyes. But, your son has a ‘king’s vision’. Do phenyl and milk be the same? Granny, it’s enough. I’ll fall on your foot.
Leave it. I’ve boozed an hour before. Now the time is only 5.30, You skipped down my high. Dear! What? The time is 5.30! Is the time 5.30? Dude, your bag. Hey, the time is 5.30. Hey… Hey… Oh, no! We heard good song in 93.5 Big FM… We give you some advice
for the employees who returned home Main roads will be heavy traffic
Take small lanes to reach home faster Go fast.
He might come. I’m going fast.
Don’t panic me. Oh, my wig! This too irritates. Wait, I’ll come. Hey! Hey, you… Open it quickly – He has come, open it
– 6 o’clock guy has come Put stand for bike Come fast Mom, coffee. Surya, sir ‘The Commander’ This is the film which I haven’t seen
directed by Maniratnam. What do you want from us? – What should we do?
– Stop it Why, Surya? Why don’t you want us to
target the collector? Is it because his wife
was your ex-girlfriend? I’ve asked for coffee. I kept there five minutes ago. Won’t you say? Look at me and repeat it Don’t deny it, Surya His father comes to meet you Something is happening
without my knowledge Are you suspecting me, Deva? Dr.Swamimalai I’ve admitted my brother. You must save him.
Else, you’ll not be alive. This’s not burgling or party collection
to scare me and get it done It’s treatment! There’s no use in you all shouting here! Only mine is useful. Maniratnam rocks! Brilliant dialogues! Won’t I work if paid even one crore rupees? Hey, if paid just thirty rupees… …I’ll work for three days,
awakening throughout, She looks beautiful. – Oh, no!
– Why? She got married last week. You’re late. Late! Oh, no! What’s all these? This is more than enough
for your son. – Superb!
– Thank you Brother! What? The owner asked you to stay tonight
and complete the work. ‘The tiger won’t change stripes
even in despair’ You don’t need to talk,
He told you to finish the work. Tell him,
I’ve finished the work. Damn it. Oh, no!
The time is 5.40 Just a minute. Why is the 6 o’clock guy
calling now? – Tell me.
– Dude! My vehicle halted near the beach.
Please, come. It has become routine
for me to serve after 6. I can’t come.
Hang up the call. Come on, please. Okay, where are you? Besant Nagar beach. Stay there.
I’ll come. He’ll find out
if I sit before the vehicle. It will be good to hear
some rap song A rap song is coming for you You are hearing 93.5 Big FM
Time is 5.55 PM (Song from ‘Oomai Vizhigal’) What a song! No one is composing the music
like this, nowadays. Get up and run away. Else, I’ll lynch you here. Damn it. Damn mosquito. Brother! Only one person would’ve come
truly for the protest. A musical line from the film,
‘Oomai Vizhigal’ A musical line from the film,
‘Oomai Vizhigal’ The issue is going contrarily. If you be here,
it’ll take some other stance. Please, leave from here. I’ll talk to brother. Your death is in my hands. A musical line from the film,
“Oomai Vizhigal” It seems a protest is going on. Where is the master? – Hello!
– Hello! Hey, where are you? I’m sitting in the beach. Are you blind like me? I’m sitting straight away
from my bike. I’m also standing straight
to your bike. Opposite of it,
a protest is going on. A protest? It has become routine for the people. They might turn the state
as graveyard in the name of protest. Okay, how to find you? Do one thing. Switch on the torch in your phone. Torch?
Okay, wait. Why everyone is tuning
the same channel in the radio? I switched on the flash,
check whether it’s visible? Hello!
Hey! Can you hear me? Hey, why so many lights
are switched on? See well. Professor Vimala Rani was arrested,
who victimised the college girls. This arrest was made because
of the ongoing protest in Besant Nagar. Hey! Listen, your goal was fulfilled. Vimala Rani was arrested. Disperse immediately from here. Hail! Dude, are you able to see now? Yeah, well seen. No need, better drop me. They’re leaving you the way. What’s the protest about? They’re going to stop Sunny Leone
from acting. Oh, no! Hey, my bike! I’ve told the mechanic. Hey, it’s a costly bike.
How to leave it here? Greetings! A beautiful house! A loving spouse! Known that you’ve only son. Don’t you’ve the desire of getting him
married and look after grandchildren? Hey! Yes, dear. The match maker has come
with the photos of brides. – Come and check it.
– Yeah, I’m coming. Who’s that? Who is this, a new guy? Oh, did Srinivasan sent you? What’s that photos you show? Can’t you show someone
like actress Samantha? – Hey, did he called you?
– No, don’t talk. Who is this, mom? A match maker. He brought some girls photos.
Come and look at it. How many times I told you not to
let people like him inside the house? Go away. Let him go. Bala, you’re his friend, right?
You know well about him. You look at it.
Show him the photos. Don’t want? Leave him. He is not
fit for all these. Find a good bride for me. She must be at the age of 21. She must be like Losliya.
but she doesn’t have boyfriend like Kavin Instead, she must be single Then, she must be kiss me
like Mohan Vaidya See that type of girl Don’t bother about the commission.
I’ll give you a good amount. Sandy, is this okay? Look, what am I going to do? – Where is Krithika?
– Yes, sir. – Krithika!
– What happened, sir? We can’t say it to you. – Tell us, where Krithika is?
– Sir, be seated. We can’t sit.
Tell us. Sir, just a minute.
who are you? What’s your problem,
whoever we might be? Ask where is Krithika? Be seated, sir. Hello, two people have come
to see her. Okay. Sir, she is in ‘Live show’. – Which floor?
– In second floor. – Go, let’s see.
– Sir… We’ll decide it today. Our party will resume
to power definitely. Hey, don’t you go home? Switch off everything. Who is Krithika, here? Come out. Who are you? What do you want? Are you Krithika? The whole face is covered by tress. – If some girls have erratic feelings…
– Security! That was grown as beard. Hey, I’m a male. I didn’t believe it. What are you doing? Who permitted you
to telecast his images? – Are you featuring the news?
– No one should enter inside Get out. Security! Security is getting banged,
Why are you calling him? Krithika! I know that you’re Krithika.
Will you tell? Krithika! I am Krithika! How the female voice
is emerging sudden? Turn that side Are you Krithika? Hey, who permitted you
to telecast his images on TV? Whom should I ask? – Would’ve asked the image, itself.
– They are hitting me in my mouth I’ve shown the identity of
the people’s leader to the people. – This is the justice of journalism, isn’t it?
– Disgusting! The protest means not running away
as soon as hitting. Have to stand opposing. He did. When a thug pointed
the knife on your neck, That sharp look of your’s! No way! That’s what, I’m also saying. No way! Did you see him, then? – Believe me.
– Damn it. Continue! Proceed! You’ve the qualities of a leader. Where is it? A small request. Shall we take a selfie? Can we do a tiktok? She has left. (Song from ‘Thangaikoru Geetham’) Go… I got a nice babe but missed out. A musical line from the film, ‘Viswasam’ Lift him. Hey, who are you? Where
are you taking me? – Come on.
– Who are you? I sang by mistake. I’ll not sing, hereafter.
Leave me. – Come on.
– Leave me. – Shut up and come.
– I know Karate. Who are you? Where are you taking me? Tell me, where are you taking me? Hey… Leave me. I’m not
that kind of person. Leave me. I’m telling you. Don’t mess up. Hey, my pants. I didn’t wear the brief. Hey! Who are you? What are you doing? I’ve seen all your faces. You’re deadmeat by dawn. You egghead! He says, he saw our faces. Who is he, making fun? He has night blindness Are you trying to grab the money
from my dad by abducting me. If my dad knows it… He is a beggar,
will not give a penny. He grabs money from me.
Leave me He won’t give you. Who are you all? Tell me. Dear! Mom, have they abducted you too? It’s we abducted you here. Did you abduct me? Okay, don’t be furious. We’ve come to see the bride. – Going to see the bride!
– Yes. Mom! – Give some more.
– Wait, I will give you Time up. How to manage them? Don’t create any ruckus
and please be quiet this time. Why are you quiet? You told me to stay quiet. What should we do now? Don’t keep eating.
what’s the time? He is on the way. Just a minute. I’m getting a call. It’s him. – Go and bring him.
– Hello! I’ve come. Where are you? The bridegroom is good. Have they agreed? – They’ve agreed.
– Then, it’s okay for me. I don’t like you Come on.
Greetings! I can’t give this. – Have you come long before?
– No, just now. She is my wife. – Greetings!
– Greetings! He is my son. – She is my daughter.
– Greetings! – She is my wife.
– Greetings! He is my brother-in-law. And she is my sister. He is doing too much. Simply ignoring. What is he doing? He is looking for a site
near Tambaram. Might soon begin his own construction. He is looking somewhere
right from arrival. Nothing so, he is bit shy. Then, he must look down. That’s okay… Okay, it’s the latest style
of looking up. If I humiliate them once… …then they won’t bring me
for bride seeing occasion. I’ll do. Why is he looking at me? Where is he looking at? – Hey,
– What? Look down, you shouldn’t
lift your head till I say. Ask him whether he likes the bride. This groom… Is she a beauty? Will anyone marry her? Hey, look here. She is too old to get married. Whom are you trying to cheat? Who are you? How dare you speak odd
on my daughter? – It’s your daughter?
– Oh, no! She doesn’t resemble you at all. – Hey…Hey
– Hold me tightly I won’t leave you. Why did he leave? Sorry. Your son is a lunatic. Who is lunatic? – Yes, you’re lunatic.
– Come. Come, let’s go. I’ll come. He is coming back. See whether you resemble your dad. His face is not good.
Go. Look for an uncle
to get married to that aunt. Be quiet.
what have you done? Oh, my gosh! Don’t puff up. Come. Hereafter, will you bring me out
in the name of marriage? That’s it. Where is dad? He ran away long before. He might be eating coconut
in the temple. Go and bring him. Go. So the confirmation has
been sent to your email…. (A musical line from the film,
‘SINGARA VELAN’) Who is he? Who is this buffoon? Don’t you like actor Kamal Hassan? Hello, just a minute. Listen me. Just a minute. I’ll wear superstar’s attire, tomorrow. It’ll be good. Don’t show me your face, hereafter. Why are you tensed so much? Why? I’m too old to get married. Why did you come here, now? Too old… Mam, just a minute. – Kirthi!
– Please, give me two minutes. I’ll tell you the fact. Just two minutes. Actually, I denied you,
that’s why you’re enraged. I’ll clear it now. Earlier, I conveyed you my love. But, you denied. The next day, my parents took me
to see the bride without my knowledge. But, to my surprise
you’re the bride! I was very happy. I thought of tying the nuptial thread
immediately and take you somewhere… But, I buried my whole desires. Ask me, why? Hello! Ask me, why? You will not ask. But, I’ll tell. You don’t like me. How to live a life
that we don’t like? How long to live for the sake
of parents and this society? Henceforth, live for your sake. It’s okay, if you tag me in ‘Me too’. Living a life which we hate is like
a sleepwalker hanging to death. It’s of no use to anyone. It’s going right! My love on you will never change. But, you didn’t love me.
someday, it’ll change. It’ll change. Tell me when that day arrives. It’s okay. Sorry, I’ll not disturb you ever. It’s all over. I didn’t call. Excuse me. You didn’t call, right? Dream I’m foolish guy Hello! I called. Me? Then? Pay the bill and go. Be clear in this. I want ice cream. – Hey, waiter.
– Sir. Come here. What’s this? Bill, sir. It’s written that you want ice cream. Oh, as you aren’t getting tips
because of GST, Will you order whatever you wish? – Sir, why should I write?
– Should I buy ice cream for you? Then, who wrote it? I swear, I didn’t write it. Call the manager. Hey goof, I wrote it. Damn it. Did you write it? Don’t you need ice cream, then? I don’t want anything
from your money? Don’t want? Hey, what happened on the forehead? That’s nothing.
A small issue. Why are you here without informing? Dude, I’m in love with a girl. What do you say? Yes, I’m trying to convey
for almost two years. But, I don’t have the courage
to convey her. – So?
– So? You’ve to convey my love to her. You ought to convey
your love lady. I can’t. That’s why, I came to you. Please, dude. This won’t work out. Listen me. Dude, who is there for me? Please, dude. Is it right to call me in the night? I’ll take care of you safely. It’s enough if you talk to her. Fine!
Let’s go tomorrow. Okay, dude. That’s all, is it? I believed, you’ll do anything
for me as you’re my friend. It’s okay, dude. Venki! Dude, get down carefully. What to see? Hold it Wait, I’ll come. – Stand here, I’ll come.
– Okay. Come, let’s go. (Humming a song) Thank you. Do you want another song? I’ll sing for you. What to sing? Keep quiet We will go for another take? Did you ask them to come here? – Just a second.
– Okay. Hey, Dude, she came. Hello! Just a minute. Don’t talk in between. Then, I’ll forget what I need to say. He is Venki. He loves you truly and deeply. That is, he loves you deeply
that no one can. But, he hesitates to convey you. He is a good guy. Yeah, really. How to say? I’ll smoke in the morning,
booze in the noon… …and enjoy with some aunt. I’m a thug, an accused,
a wastrel, just everything. Most of the guys are like me. He was born one among the rest. A rare piece! Say him your love and do something. You made me like ‘Sasi kumar’. She is laughing! If quiet,
it’s a sign of acceptance. If she laughs,
then she is ready for the marriage. Immediately, hug her. Hey! Nowadays, girls like the fast boys. Immediately, hug her. Dude, I’m afraid. Hug her. ‘I love you’ Hey! Claps! I never thought my love
will end so soon. Your love, dude? Hey, why is she saying
everything to you? Is that girl is she? Is she that girl? Yeah, it’s she! Thank you, dude. Thank you. I’ll never forget you in my life. At this moment,
everyone needs a break. Hey, don’t go that way. My life was lost. What’s there if I go in any way? Go away.

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