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‘This is Govindpura,
a small village’ ‘that is surrounded by forest.’ ‘There are 24 hours in a day.’ ‘But people here live
only for 12 hours.’ ‘People here not only
give importance’ ‘to number 6 but are
also scared of it.’ ‘This village gets alive
when the sun rises.’ ‘But as the sun sets, the village
turns into a graveyard.’ ‘It is surrounded by death.’ ‘This means, after 6 pm,’ ‘no one steps out
of their house.’ ‘The houses here are as
good as graveyards.’ ‘People living in these houses
are as good as dead bodies.’ ‘When the sun sets at 6 pm,’ ‘the doors of all
houses are locked.’ ‘The doors are opened next day,’ ‘at 6 am, when the sun
comes out again.’ ‘Any human who knows
about this village’ ‘doesn’t wander around
this village after 6 pm.’ ‘This beautiful village that is
surrounded by a dense forest,’ ‘is as good as the
heaven during the day.’ ‘But, after 6 pm,’ ‘any human, animal or bird
that crosses this area’ ‘is killed in a very ugly way.’ ‘The deaths happening
in Govindpura,’ ‘are not being done
by a human or spirit’ ‘or black magic or curse’ ‘or a wild animal
roaming in the forest’ ‘or an alien from outer space.’ ‘Only Sarita, who has
come from the city’ ‘knows the truth
behind this mystery.’ ‘This story that is a mystery’ ‘has started from this tree.’ No dead body was found
either in our village nor in any other village. Get back to your work. ‘This man’s name is Jagga Negi.’ ‘He is indulge to debauchery.’ ‘He encourages all illegal
activities in this forest.’ ‘He brutally kills everyone
whoever comes in his way.’ How dare you go against me? ‘After having fun with a woman,’ ‘he throws her out of his
life as if she is dirt.’ Come here with the pots. Hold on! East is that side. Turn around. Make the rangoli on east. ‘He is a devil who respects
no woman and their honour.’ ‘He plays an evil
game with them.’ ‘He is the biggest sinner
alive on this earth.’ ‘Every person has to bow down
to him as he is very powerful.’ Its dusk. Everyone, go home. The sun is going to set.
Go back home. It’s evening. Go home. Let’s go. Save your life. Be quick. C’mon, be quick. Save yourself. C’mon. – Let’s go. Be careful. – C’mon! Sir, can’t you drive faster? I won’t be able to enter
the village after 6 pm? This is a dirt
road, not highway. ‘Have some more.’ ‘Ramu, return home before 6 pm.’ ‘You know about our
village, right?’ ‘Mom, I’m fed up of hearing
this all the time.’ ‘Don’t I know, I have
to return early?’ ‘Be very careful while you
come through that forest.’ ‘Alright, I’ll get back soon.’ C’mon, be quick. What’s the matter, Shanta? Why
are you standing out? Go in. My son hasn’t returned yet. Quickly, go in. Shanta, go inside. Shanta, why are you
standing outside? My son, Ramu hasn’t
returned home yet. I’m very scared. I wonder where he is. I don’t understand what to do. Do you want to lose
your other son who is inside the house for the
son who has gone out? No. Nothing will
happened to him. Ramu must be around.
He’ll definitely return. Will you go inside or not? Shut the door. Shanta, shut the door. Mom! Don’t cry. All will be fine. Open the door. Open the door. Laxmi, please open the door. My life will be ruined.
Open the door. What do I do? Someone help me. Open the door. Please open the door. Help me. Save my wife. Please help me. Someone help me. Lord, what do I do now? Where should I go? What do I do? Oh Lord! Sarita, only you
can save my wife. Let’s go. Nothing will go wrong. Ramu! My child! Oh God! Ramu! Why have you left us alone? Look your small brother
is crying without you How will I survive now? Oh Lord! My child! I had warned all the villagers, not to move out of their
houses for 15 days. No one believed me. ‘Shani’ is trying to
capture this village. I said, I’ll make everything
fine with my chants. But no one believed me. If you all be so adamant, this village will turn
into a graveyard. You still have time. Let
me do a holy ritual. Please do it. – Help us. Ramu has been killed. Friend, last night, my
wife was saved from dying. An evil spirit is wandering
around my village. I don’t understand,
who would stay alive and who would die
in the coming days. Until when would this go on? How did you come out so soon? Where is Durga? Master, Durga has entered
her youth this morning. No one informed me this. Hello, sir. Sir. – Savitri, listen to me. Sir. You didn’t give me the news,
Durga has entered her youth. Hence, I came here myself. No. What have you done? Oh Lord! You have ruined her life. Ma’am. He hasn’t come to
say, he loves you. He doesn’t even
want to marry you. He believes in having
fun, not getting married. The problem is, he has never
had fun with a modern girl. If you willingly agree
to make love to him, he wouldn’t force
himself on you. That way, your honour will be
saved and it won’t become a news. If you agree, he’ll
meet you here tomorrow. The village behind
me is Govindpura. The people of this village are
seen only during the day. During night, they lock
themselves inside their homes. Their day begins with sunrise and ends with sun set. The villagers believe
in a superstition, after 6 pm, a spirit
wanders around. Let’s hear it from them. Sir, no one comes out of
their house after 6 pm. If they come out,
they’re killed. Is a spirit really
responsible for it? It could be an animal or someone
might doing it deliberately. What do you think about it?
Please tell us. I’ll tell you. We have no idea if a spirit or
animal or human is doing it. It’s said, hell is out of this world.
We’re unaware of that too. But here, we’re experiencing
hell, every night. Why is it happening only
with us in this big world? A sage informed us, this village
would be facing problems. No one believed him earlier. A sage? Who is he? Hail the Goddess Mahakali!
Hail the Goddess Bhadrakali! She is the ultimate power
who kills all evil. She is the one who
saves everyone. She is the one who
helps her devotees get rid of their problems. She is the one who
killed demons. Please protect us. Hail the Goddess! Please protect us. Mr Sage, we’re living
in the 21st century. Technology has been developed. A human brain has managed
to control everything. Why are you misguiding
the villagers by saying, a spirit
is wandering here? Instead of guiding them,
you are scaring them. Even you are aware, a human
is doing this, not a spirit. We have come here to find
out who is behind all this. We’ll go live to show the world
about the current situations here. Tonight, we shall
shoot every movement that happens in this village. So that, the world
knows the truth. If you roam in our village at
night, you might lose your life. I don’t mind dying, after I
have revealed the truth. I’ll take a leave. He earns only by fooling
innocent people. Hey, I’ve heard, reporters
have come in the village. Didn’t you tell them, what happens
after 6 pm in the village? Hi! Start rolling. Hi. Don’t concentrate on them.
Continue with your work. Hi, you are going to see… Why are you stopping? Continue. What are you doing outside?
Quickly, come inside. Shweta! – Murli,
I’m very scared. Everyone is going inside. Forget them. – Murli,
let’s go in. We can capture it only if we’re alive.
– Shweta! I don’t want to do it now. Take this.
– Listen to me. You can stay if you want to.
I’m going inside. Shweta! I don’t care if you are with me or not.
I’ll take a footage tonight. Quickly, take a shelter
in some house. Else, your life
would be at stake. I have come to your
village with a motive. I won’t leave until
that is done. Please don’t interrupt
in my work. Who lit this bonfire? Who could it be? It wouldn’t have lit by itself. Oh no! Murli! Last night, you
didn’t agree to me. Look, what has happened to you. Sage, so the reporter is dead. He said, he would
reveal the secret. His bravery has gone in vain. Why do you cry? You can
shoot a film on me. Sarita, I don’t think,
it’s right for you to stay in this village while
all these are happening. Why don’t you go to our aunt
in the city for a few days? Brother, if I leave this village
in this condition, my life would
become meaningless. If you say this again, I’d die.
– Don’t say that. Stay alert! Shanta! Where are you going?
– I’m going to the city. What will you do there? My son and I will
survive somehow. We all are here. Why did
you take such a decision? My son is my only hope to live. I’m alive because of him. If anything happens to him, I
wouldn’t survive. I would die. I’ll ask you a question.
Will you answer it? Have you ever eaten
a meal in peace? Have we ever lived
peacefully in this village? Last year, I lost my husband.
I became a widow. Now, I’ve lost my elder
son and become alone. You can see my condition. Oh Lord! I wonder for what
I’m being punished. I never did anything
bad to anyone. Do you want me to lose
my younger son too? Answer me! In such a situation,
can you promise to keep all of us safe? You won’t be able
to do it, right? Then, why are you
asking us to stay? What would we do here? Should we watch our
kids getting killed? Don’t stop me. I beg to you all. I don’t want to live
in this village. I don’t want to live here. Let us live peacefully. Son, let’s go from here. Oh Lord! “Hail the Goddess Mahakali!” “She is the one who
vanishes all problems.” “Goddess Mahakali, you
are the almighty.” “We’re dependant on you.” “Only you can solve
our problems.” “As Durga, you killed demons.” “We praise only you.” “Goddess Mahakali, you
are the almighty.” “We’re in a mess. Please come
to protect your devotees.” “We’re in a mess. Please come
to protect your devotees.” “Almighty, please protect us.” “Hail the Goddess,
the ultimate power.” “Goddess, we’re in a problem.” “Please come to protect
your devotees.” “Goddess Mahakali, you
are the almighty.” “Goddess Mahakali, you
are the almighty.” “Goddess Mahakali, you
are the almighty.” “We’re dependant on you.” “Only you can solve
our problems.” “As Durga, you killed demons.” “We praise only you.” “We praise only you.” “We’re in a mess. Please come
to protect your devotees.” “We’re in a mess. Please come
to protect your devotees.” “Goddess, answer our
prayers and come here.” “You are our protector.” “We’re in a problem.” “Please come to protect
your devotees.” “Goddess, please come to us.” “Goddess, please come to us.” Listen! Tell me. – I won’t be
able to walk more. C’mon! I can’t do it. Sit here. Be careful. Take this. Where have you come from?
What are you doing here? We have come from a
near-by village, sir. Which village are you going to?
– Govindpura! Govindpura? Do you want to die? It’s getting difficult to
survive in our village. Will you work for
me if I hire you? We’ll do anything that is
sufficient to fill our stomach. Alright. C’mon! C’mon! I’m with you. Nothing
will go wrong. Don’t worry. Sir. They have come to our village. They want to work here. If I have your permission,
can I hire them? Have you explained their work? Yes, master. Brother! Aren’t you ashamed? Get up! How dare you keep a
bad eye on my sister? Let him go. Come out! – Let go. Come out! Let him free. C’mon! – No. Let go. Hey! I’m fed up of making love
to the girls of this village. Your wife is also beautiful but
I haven’t touched her yet. But I have the right
to touch your sister. I have spared your wife but
I won’t spare your sister. Keep her ready tonight. I’ll come to make love with her. I’m going to have fun. Sir, hold on! Sir, I can’t see
you so desperate. I have arranged for someone to satisfy your
unfulfilled desires. Shall we go there? Let’s go. “I’m as hot as fire.” “I’m as dangerous as a tigress.” “My youth is charming
and tempting.” “Everyone wants to be with me.” “I lust for love.” “Please fulfil my desires.” “I love having fun.” “Sir, what do you
think about me?” “Why are you wasting your life?” “Why are you wasting
your youth?” “I’m…” “I’m as hot as fire.” “I’m as dangerous as a tigress.” Go inside. “If you get angry with me,” “I’ll serve you alcohol
and convince you.” “If you get angry with me,” “I’ll serve you alcohol
and convince you.” “I’ll come near you
and show my charm.” “I’ll spread my
fragrance on you.” “I’ll let go off
shyness, only for you.” “I’ll dance only for you.” “You can see my
wonderful dance.” “You can see my beautiful body.” “I’m…” “I’m as hot as fire.” Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! “Whenever you feel hot, I’ll use
my scarf to wipe off your sweat.” “Whenever you feel hot, I’ll use
my scarf to wipe off your sweat.” “If you feel cold, I’ll
cover you with my blanket.” “No matter what day of the week
it is, we’ll only make love.” “Why are you wasting
your youth?” “Why are you wasting your life?” “I’m…” “I’m as hot as fire.” “I’m as dangerous as a tigress.” Let me go. Sir, I beg to you. I won’t ever come near you. I wouldn’t wander
anywhere around you. Please let me go. I request you to let me go.
Don’t kill me. Sir. – Yes. I have never been so happy. Sir, yesterday, I danced so
much that I forgot everything. Will you do me a favour?
– What is it? Many of my friends in
my village are troubled because they’re unemployed. If you’d help them… Where are they? Brijesh! – Haria! Ganga! – Where is everyone? They must be in Central jail, having their lunch. Sir! ‘The TV reporter who died in the
village was Shweta’s friend.’ ‘I know that.’ ‘He didn’t agree to me.’ ‘I had warned him.’ ‘Hello, officer.’ ‘I’m Dr Debelo.’ ‘I have done many
post-mortems in my career.’ ‘But I have never seen
such a mysterious case.’ ‘This body was attacked 20
minutes after it was poisoned.’ ‘But I don’t recognise
the weapon of attack.’ ‘I’m totally confused
about this case.’ ‘I don’t know who has done it.’ ‘Has it been done deliberately?
I’m unable to understand.’ ‘What work is the police of this
zone doing in the forest house?’ ‘Sir, no officer comes here after
knowing about this village.’ ‘The condition
here is very bad.’ ‘I want to go to Govindpura.’ Now, do you know, who I am? I was coming to your
village in this disguise. On the way, I met your
man, Vishnu Prasad. You hired me and I came to
know everything about you. Inspector, this entire
village is scared of me. That’s how I have
built this empire. Whoever tried to stop
me, hasn’t been spared. No one has been
born to destroy me. Hence, don’t think, I’ll get scared of you. It was not easy
to arrest my men. You’re courageous. You can take as much money as
you want and close the matter. As it is, it’s not that
easy to arrest Jagga. Hey, Jagga Negi. Where do you think
you are going? Stop. Else, I’ll shoot. Jagga Negi, stop! I said, stop. I said, stop. Else, I’ll shoot. Don’t assume, I have
missed the shot. If you move, I’ll shoot you. C’mon! So, you want to
arrest Jagga Negi! He is dead Sage! Jagga Negi is dead. Greetings, Sage! – Sage! Jagga Negi is also killed. What relation does Jagga
Negi have with Sarita? That girl has no relation
with Jagga Negi. But she was crying as if
she had lost her husband. That’s not true, sir. She weeps on the death
of every villager. Really? Sir, wouldn’t you
feel like to cry if someone of your
village would die? Since when was Jagga Negi
doing illegal activities? It must be around 12 months. You mean, a year. That means, from 2012. Since 2009, 116 people
have died in your village. Out of them 30 people
had a natural death. Yes. And 6 people committed suicide as they couldn’t earn
good from farming. The remaining 80 people died
as they were bit on the neck. This means, those
80 people must’ve had no relation with Jagga Negi. After 6 pm, Jagga Negi never
went in to the forest. He went on that day
and was killed. Go! Why don’t you use your brains?
It’ll be helpful. Keep searching. We’ll
definitely get a clue. Let’s go. Run from here. If we’re caught by the
police, we’ll be arrested. Run for your life! I don’t know all this.
I just want answers. Have you got any clue? Vishnu Prasad. Vishnu Prasad! – Yes, sir. She is the girl who howled
on Jagga Negi’s body, right? Yes, sir. Where is she going?
– I don’t know. Come with me. Where? Sir, you can shoot me here. But please, don’t
ask me to come out. Rajesh, can I come along? I can handle it. Sir, if you go out at this
hour, you won’t return alive. Only your dead
body would return. It’s happening because of me. It’s all because of me. I’m responsible for everything. You’re responsible
for everything. You have just confessed it. What happened and
how did it happen? Tell me everything, right now. I don’t feel it’s necessary
to tell you anything. You have to tell me. I would’ve told you, if it
had decreased the problems. But I won’t get anything
by telling you anything. In fact, my problems will increase
and there won’t be a solution. There is no one who
would come to save you. Hence, I’m giving
you a last chance. You have to tell me. You
have no other option. I’ll tell you. You can hear it, if you
think, you’re brave. I’ll tell you everything. You’ll be shocked
to hear this story. You won’t believe me but it’s true. There is no spirit here like you are assuming it to be.
– Then? It’s not even a serial killer who is killing
everyone the same way. Then, who is doing all this? ‘Vijay! A villager
from Govindpura.’ ‘He loved his village
and protected it.’ ‘If anyone in the village was
hurt, he would feel the pain.’ ‘He could do anything
for the village.’ Vijay, have some food. He can’t think of anything
other than studies. Does it mean, he
should skip meals? He is so engrossed
in his studies. People who think about others
don’t bother about themselves. Vijay, have your meal.
– Come here. I’ll have it later. So, you have come. I’m prepared. Ask me. What is the weight of a human brain?
– 1250 grams. Where was number zero invented?
– India. Which first Telugu film was
telecasted Internationally? Maleshwari in 1951. How many jails are there in India?
– 1256. Out of that 13 central
jails, 309 district jails, 769 sub-jails, 16 woman jails, 28 open jails, 25 special jails, 10 Boston schools and 6 other jails.
– Good. The count of prisoners in all
these jails are 277,204. As per reverse bank of India, how
much currency does India have? 4.17 billion. Who proposed to elevate
expressways in Hyderabad? Atal Bihari Vajpayee. No, it’s P V Narsimha Rao. Vijay, what are you doing? What are you doing? Stop it! Let go. – Have you lost it? Vijay! Vijay! – You know nothing. What’s the matter?
– You know nothing. Let me see. Vijay, let me see. Are you hurt? I had prepared myself. I
wonder how I missed it. That’s weird. What brings these
reporters to our village? It’s a very big deal
to complete graduation after being born in this
village that is so poor. Sir, how did you manage
to get selected for IAS? Before answering you, I
have a question for you. How did you reach
this small village that is surrounded by forest? We searched it in the state map
for a week but couldn’t find it. I tried to find it in district
map for 2 days. No result! I searched it in Google. There
were many villages with this name. But it didn’t show results
for this village. Then, my colleague
found out the way. I came to know from a few people
who knew about this village. After we entered the neighbouring
village, we were guided here. The village where you
have come is Govindpura. This village is the reason
why I want to be the IAS. My village that is facing a lot
of problems, is my inspiration. Wherever I go, I can
see only problems. All I can hear are
their sorrows. You might telecast
this interview on TV. But we neither have TV nor
electricity to watch it. No newspaper is delivered
in our village. Even if the newspaper
reaches here, no one knows to read here. We get no chance to know
about the outside world. Hence, newspaper should be
supplied to my village. We should get electricity,
telephone connections. We need schools and hospitals. First of all, the roads
should be made better. Over all, my village
should be developed. If I want these
things to happen, I have to become the
collector of this district. Vijay, we knew,
you are studying. But we didn’t know, you are
doing it for our village. We assumed, there is no temple
or God in this village. But it’s not that. Someone who is so worried for us is no less than a God for us. The place where you stand
is no less than a temple. You thought about all of us. You are as great as the God. Vijay is our God. It’s true. He is
as great as God. Get up! Please. I see you every day. Even
today, I’m seeing you. You also see me every day. I don’t know why, I felt like
spending more time with you, today. Vijay, do you know something? I wanted to gift you something
but I was very confused. I thought a lot. Even after thinking for many hours,
I couldn’t conclude anything. I searched the entire village. But I felt, you are
so great, you should be gifted something
that suits you. So, why don’t I
gift myself to you? Vijay, I love you a lot. I love you, Sarita. “Sweetheart, you
are in my heart.” “Sweetheart, all I
think is about you.” “Honey, don’t go away from me.” “Please don’t give me sorrows.” “I don’t want to
live without you.” “Sweetheart, you
are my beloved.” “I’m incomplete without you.” “I don’t want to live in
this world without you.” “Even I don’t want to
stay away from you.” “Honey, don’t go away from me.” “Please don’t give me sorrows.” “I don’t want to
live without you.” “Sweetheart, you
are in my heart.” “Sweetheart, all I
think is about you.” “I have never felt, we
have met in this birth.” “I have realised, we have been
together since many births.” “You reside in my heart.” “We will have all the
happiness of the world.” “My life was worthless
until I had met you.” “I swear, I’ll be with
you till eternity.” “All my life, I want
to be in your arms.” “Please be mine for life.
Don’t ever apart from me.” “Honey, don’t go away from me.” “Please don’t give me sorrows.” “I don’t want to
live without you.” Until now, I have asked you
many questions for IAS. Will you answer something
related to our lives? If we get twins, what
will you name them? Sarita, we still have time for that.
– Please answer me. We’ll name them after our village.
Govind and Pura. How can you give these
names to our kids? You want to name them
after the village. I was a fool to question you.
Waste of time. Sarita, what’s the harm in
naming kids after our village? Sarita! Where are you going? It’s lightening. It
would rain soon. So, you are leaving me alone
in this cosy weather. Vijay? Vijay? Vijay? Vijay? What happened? Open your eyes. Vijay, open your eyes. Vijay? Vijay, what happened to you? Vijay? Vijay! You wanted to do so
much for this village. What would happen to this village now?
Answer me. Vijay, even I won’t be able
to live in this village. I cannot live without
you in this village. Who are you? I want this body. What rubbish are you talking?
Go away! I want Vijay’s body. Look, go away. Else,
I won’t spare you. Please. Don’t you understand?
Have you gone crazy? Yes, I have gone crazy.
I’m crazy for my passion. Every human on this earth
is crazy about something. Everyone has a passion in them. Some are passionate to
be a famous cricketer. While, some want to
be a famous doctor. Some are passionate to
become a sports star. While, some want to
be a business man. Every man in this world
is passionate to achieve something and
walk with pride. Similarly, I have a
passion to do something that has never been
done by anyone before. I’m a scientist. From past 45 years, without resting, I have
focused only on one job. Do you know what is that? The motive of my
life is to put life back into a body that
died a few hours ago. From past many years, I haven’t
bothered about day or night and worked hard to
prepare a virus. When I used it on a
few dead bodies, I gained success but
that wasn’t satisfying. But I can’t lose hopes. Please, give me a chance.
Give me this body. Give Vijay’s body to me. Please. I’ll bring him back to life.
Please. Please! Be careful! Take care! Sir! Success! Your dream has come true. Quickly come here. Sir, we have got the
dead back to life. All your hard work
has gained success. Please come here, quickly. Sir, your dream has come true. Quickly come here. ‘Everything is ruined.’ ‘Let me go.’ ‘It’s ruined! – Vijay!’ ‘My experiment has failed.’ ‘Vijay!’ ‘He is no more a human.
Let’s go.’ Now… Where is that body now? I know it. Vijay from Govindpura is alive. That day, Vijay’s brain was
hit by a lightning bolt. Vijay became clinically
dead because of that shock. What do you mean? In a lay man’s language, Vijay was in coma. To tell you the truth,
I wanted a dead body. After the lightning bolt
hit Vijay, I came there. I checked his pulse and
declared him to be dead. I was the one who
declared Vijay to be dead when he was actually alive. Why did you do that? I had failed after experimenting
on many dead bodies. Then, I found Vijay’s
body that was in coma. In coma, the body takes
in very less oxygen. Hence, even after being
in a coffin for hours, Vijay was still alive. I injected virus in his body. I knew, if Vijay would wake
up healthy with this virus, my experiment would
be 50% successful. But if it fails, Vijay
would turn into an animal. I forgot, consequences of going
against the nature are always bad. Unknowingly, I turned
Vijay into an animal. The virus injected in Vijay’s
body is very powerful. It works only for
12 hours in a day. The virus is activated
from 6 pm to 6 am. The activated virus
lusts for blood. That animal who is
in search of blood, becomes very powerful
and dangerous. This means, that animal has the power of killing
100 men at one time. At that time, a
human or animal or bird, whoever comes
in front of him is destined to die. When he was normal, he wanted
to develop his village. But now, his village is
turned into a graveyard. You are responsible
for all this. Hence, you’ll find a
solution to this problem. That virus that searches
for blood all night, will go to take rest
as the sun rises. During those 12 hours, if we have
to find out where Vijay’s body is. I can inject the
virus in that body that will deactivate
the current virus. I’ll do everything
to find that body. I’ll make sure, I find that body between 6 am and 6 pm. I’ll also find a solution
to this problem. Search everywhere! We
should miss any corner. Look behind the
trees and bushes. Okay. – Move! Check everywhere. C’mon! Look there. Okay, sir. Move! Check there. I’ll search here. Be quick! It’s going to be 6 pm. Quick! Sir, it’s 6 pm. We’re in the middle
of the forest. We’ll take around 2
hours to go back. Sir, I can hear weird sounds. Where is Ayub? He was right here with us. I wonder where he
has disappeared. Fire! Fire! C’mon! Everybody, move! Move fast! C’mon, move! Move fast! Run! Move! Vijay! Shoot! Please don’t hurt Vijay. Sir, all are men are killed. Only you and I are left. Sir, he’ll kill us too. Let’s go.
– No! I’ll shoot you. Have
you come to scare me? If you are so scared, why
did you become an officer? Stop bugging me. Vijay! Vijay! Vijay. Vijay. Vijay, save me. I’m Sarita, your beloved. Vijay. Vijay. The dangerous problem
that our village had been facing from past 3
years has been solved. Soon, Vijay would be
fine and return home. “Neither teenage nor college
will last for ages.” “All you would
remember is S-I-X.” “Life is a passage. It
is a no-return package.” “Forces work only for S-I-X.” “Will you study all the time?” “Sit back and lose your mind.” “Especially when you have
wasted so much time.” “Get enough, you don’t even
have to force your mind.” “You might forget all
your childhood memories.” “All you would
remember is S-I-X.” “Whenever you are in
love or with a girl,” “you will never forget S-I-X.” “Ragging in the campus or
chatting over the phone” “or secretly looking
at the girls.” “Meeting in the park,
falling for each other.” “All this will lead
to a love story.” “S-I-X means have
fun all the time.” “Remember the good
days that have gone.” “Neither teenage nor college
will last for ages.” “All you would
remember is S-I-X.” “Life is a passage. It
is a no-return package.” “Forces work only for S-I-X.” “When the rooster doodles in the
morning, the clock strikes S-I-X.” “In a cricket match,
when the ball goes” “out of boundary, it
is called S-I-X.”

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