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Speaker sir, l already told
in the last meeting.. 709 government’s consumer
societies in the state, is noted. ..that around 136000 litre’s
kerosene has been distributed.. So why is the opposition party
objecting to this matter.. ..l don’t understand? Speaker sir, whatever information
is being given by.. and civil supplies
minister is.. ..absolutely wrong. But it is clearly written down
here. – This is totally false! This kerosene vanishes
somewhere in between. And so l demand for an
immediate enquiry.. ..on this matter, Speaker sir. lmmediate inquiry should take place! lmmediate inquiry should take place! Cool down. We had enough
discussion on this topic. Speaker sir, one minute. This is a matter of life
and death of the poor. The stoves at their
homes are not lit. There are no lights at their
house, Speaker sir. Speaker sir, it is a serious
issue if essential.. ..commodity like kerosene
is found in the market. So it is necessary to discuss
this issue in this assembly. And so members of this assembly
should get true.. ..information about this issue. Should get!! Should get
the true information. Now further work.. Respected Finance Minister, State
level distribution report.. ..of the year 1975-1976 will
be kept on the table. Speaker sir, as per the rule
of Assembly, l am keeping.. ..this State level distribution
report on the table. Respected Minister of the State
for Social Welfare, will.. ..submit his report in
front of the Assembly. Speaker sir, as per your
permission, government.. ..Social Welfare Account’s
register number are.. ..(A)-1231 (P), (C), (K)
– 327. l am keeping this report
on the table. Respected Agriculture Minister,
will submit the.. ..Report of Konkan Agriculture
University, in front of the Assembly. Speaker sir, l am submitting
Konkan Agriculture.. .. University Report of year
1972-1973 on this table. Speaker sir, the report of
1972-1973 is submitted.. the minister today
in the Assembly. Was he sleeping for so long? Speaker sir, this is the
insult of the Assembly. You should punish the
minister for this. You are right. You are right. Ok, ok. l hope you will
take note of this. Further work. Speaker sir, as per the rule
no.102, l wish to attract.. ..the attention of Revenue Minister. Cities like Dhule, Nasik, Pune,
Satara, Sangli and Solapur.. ..which suffered severe drought.. ..thousands of cattle
have perished .. ..problems faced by the public
due to scarcity of water.. Two deaths due to starving in.. ..the Vangni Khurd village
of District Shirud. About these issues, what does
the system of law has to say.. ..and what are the solutions and
actions that are decided to be taken? Speaker sir, my submission is made
after full inquiry and much thought. These people’s arguments are
entirely wrong and baseless. The truth is.. ..soon after l got the news
of death due to starving.. ..l visited the village Vangni.. ..and conducted the enquiry
on a personal level. Hello.
– ‘Hello, ls it the Chief Minister?’ Yes, it’s me. Who is this? ‘That is not important, but
there is one warning.’ ‘There is a big conspiracy
going on against you.’ Hello, who is speaking? ‘Listen, even your party members
are involved with the opposition.’ ‘Don’t interrupt, listen properly.’ ‘You won’t get this warning again.’ ‘lf you ignore this, you will
have to repent. Got me? ‘ Hello, who is this speaking? ‘lnformer and your well wisher.’ ‘Good bye and Best of luck.’ Hello? Hello? Here l come. Mogre, whose phone was this? From Delhi, sir. You
received it, Sir? lt was not from Delhi. The complaint was that a person
by the name Venkoba Dalpat.. ..died due to starvation. The fact is, Vankoba Dalpat
is a well-settled person. He owned 21 Acres of land, from
which 1 1 acres is fertile. Speaker sir, when this
incident took place.. ..around 15 to 16 bags of grains
were lying at his home. Moreover, when he died his age was
71 years, which should be noted. According to his wife and children,
it is concluded that.. ..his death was due to old age
and diabetes. That’s all. Speaker sir, if there is no death due
to starvation, that doesn’t mean.. ..that there is no drastic
effect of drought. ln this government, to awaken
the stupid system.. people have to literally
die in villages? Speaker sir, my application
is 100% true. These people are unnecessarily
trying.. .. to mislead the house. Speaker Sir, One minute. Please talk one person at a time. lt will be easier for the Assembly
to work. Say, Jagtap. Speaker sir, black fungus
is found on Jowar.. Vidharba at Athri District.
Farmers are helpless. Speaker sir, will you let
us talk about Konkan? Ok, talk, Pendse? Speaker sir, in Ratnagiri
district they have not, .. ..yet started sowing at many places. The situation there is too horrible. ln Kulaba district, the situation
is worse than this. There the rice is infected
with root-worm. l want to attract the attention
of Agriculture minister.. ..towards this issue, Speaker sir. Give it to Speaker sir. Sir, are you not feeling well? No, nothing like that,
but l need to go. Should l accompany you
in case you need help? No, you don’t need to. Here the work is going on,
you may be needed here too. They will handle everything here. No, but you be seated. Thank you. How are you feeling now, Sir? l am fine.
– Sure? Sir, l will call the doctor.. ..and cancel all the appointments
for today. Sir, shall l come along? No, it’s all right. There is no reason to worry.
Keep wearing the neck collar. Nothing for sure? Nothing much. You need
to take rest, Sir. Will food do or liquid diet?
– Food will do. Thank you doctor, thank you.
– Ok. Doctor?
– Yes, Mogre? What has happened to Sir? You want to know truly, or
just for press bulletin? Truly. Nothing at all. This is
all a show of big people. Something must have gone
wrong in politics. Thank you Doctor. What do l say Sister? Politics
and all is ok.. ..but doesn’t one’s health matter? You make him understand. Come. Come. Come. Brother-in-law, you should now
reduce the tension of work. Didn’t l tell you? He won’t listen. Take this tablet. And
go to sleep now. Yes. l will sleep for some time.
Please leave me alone. Ok, l will take your leave,
brother-in-law. Chief Minister’s Bungalow.
– ‘Chorgude speaking.’ Yes Sir?
– ‘Where is Sir?’ Sir is taking a nap.
– ‘Connect me to him.’ Wait for a minute. Hello? ‘l am Bhagatlal speaking.’ Yes Sir, tell me? Sir, is there? Sir, is taking rest. Representatives from Chandrapur
are coming. – Ok. Deputy please?
– Hello? What has happened to Sir? Mogre, don’t tell me the same what
you tell to the journalists. What are you laughing for? He is nervous. Nervous. Minabai had called up. What is happening? Nothing. Should l massage your neck? No. Hello?
– Good Morning, Digambara? Did l disturb your sleep? l was reading newspapers. You
people printed the news immediately? No Sir, how are you feeling today? Now l am fine. Yesterday
l was a bit tired. Come to the bungalow some day. Yes, l will come. But why
did you call up so early. We will talk when we
will meet personally. But what do you feel about Manikrao? What should l feel? l heard last week they had
a meeting in Aurangabad. Manikrao had gone for that meeting,
and Mavratrao too. lt is his constituency. He must
have called for a meeting. Look, don’t think l am stupid. l have my eyes on them. These days, Manikrao and Mavratrao
are getting along too well. You declared in the headlines
about my health. Any information as such? l will do an enquiry and
let you know, Sir. No, no need of doing enquiry,
that is not so important. And yes.. one more thing. Try to suppress the news of
the situation of drought. l already told your Editor. He met me regarding the flat
at Dadar for his son-in-law. People are alerted at the name
of drought, nothing else. Ok. Yes.
– Yes. Ok. ”The same cold breeze is
blowing in my courtyard.” ”The same cold breeze is
blowing in my courtyard.” ”Still my whole body is touched
by the cold breeze.” Hello? Who, brother Dighu? One minute, Papa wants
to talk. Papa? Hello? Dighu? Were you on
phone with the Minister? Weren’t you? What was he saying? Nothing special. Drought and all. He was inquiring about the news.. ..regarding his health
published in papers. But do you know what is the
reason for his upset health? He must have eaten what
is prohibited for him. Wrong. He heard what he shouldn’t
have, on the phone. Somebody has warned him
about the conspiracy. Are you listening? Since then he is not feeling well? What is the truth?
– About? About that conspiracy? You are too much. Where is
the time for conspiracy? Whatever God has granted,
l am happy with it. Who will take the pains? Tell me Buddy, who can
be this informer? Appasaheb, you tell me. Stop kidding. Seriously, who
can be he? Any guesses? Can’t say anything. Anyways, leave it. My daughter-in-law had
brought oranges.. ..from Nagpur, specially for you. Shall l send? Or will you visit
home and take them. Ok? Give me money for milk. Yesterday’s
milk is spoiled. How is your husband? Lost one more time. Agreed, agreed l lost. Daughter-in-law, that was
a lovely game you played. Thank you Papa, thank you.
– Buck up. Who must have called the
Chief Minister, Papa? Which phone?
– That one. That one? l don’t know. May be the CM himself must
have planned it. – Rubbish. You don’t know he is
a dramatic person. He always finds ways
to boast around. You will come across
such experiences.. you will be getting into
the arena of politics. But it is good that today he won’t
be present in the Assembly. We will have that much less trouble
for our eyes and ears. Minu? Tea. Now what is our next plan, papa? Due to that phone,
we need to be fast. lt seems that we need to alert
the lobby in Delhi too. Do one thing, you
call that De’casta. De’costa? You mean that
labor union leader? Yes. We have not yet met each other. We need to meet once. Which day and time should
l fix the appointment? Fix any time. We need to
chat for couple of hours. There should not be
much people around. Call him in CCl. CCl?
– No. No. Not in CCl. Call him at golf club.
That’s an idea. There should not be
much people around. Call him wherever he wants to come. See to it that we can chat for
couple of hours, peacefully. Ok.
– Let me take a bath. Take the children to
watch the circus. They are asking since very long. The car will drop you and come back. And then l will go for SPCA meeting. Send the car immediately,
otherwise.. ..l will be late for the
meeting unnecessarily. What am l saying? ”l could not come.” Aunty? Greetings, how are you aunty? l am fine. How is uncle’s health?
He is also fine now. l meet..
– Ok. ”l still remember the time..” What a song, isn’t it? ”l still remember the
time when l met her.” Greetings.
– Mr.Sawant? Greetings.
– Greetings. Sit down, sit down. Came to meet Sir?
– Yes had some work. l still remember the time.. Should l come in, Aaba? Come, come Anandrao, come. Take it this way, if everybody
denies to go to villages.. ..then who will teach the
children of villagers? No, l won’t call Educational
Ministerjust now. – But sir.. Let your son be there for 2- 4
months, we will see later on. Surely see. You can go now. Say Anandrao. l reached home very late yesterday. So l thought l will meet
you in the morning. Suddenly, what happened Abba? Nothing much. Usual pain in the
neck and the usual headache too. Aaba, what is the issue of
this unknown phone call? Nothing. Somebody must
have played mischief. Don’t take it seriously. But only after that call, your
health got upset? lsn’t it? l think, Aaba? You should hand
over your responsible work.. your associates. We are not that useless
as you consider us to be. Leave it. We will talk something
other than politics. Ok, as you say. – Tell me what new
book have you read recently? Any new novel, drama? l wish to do all this, but
don’t get the time at all. Let me tell you, l can’t
do this reading stuff. l read a novel called ‘Sinhasan’. lt is on the competition
in our ruling power. Ok. – How we trouble the ruling
power and be innocent.. ..that is what is picturised. lts not reality, but worth reading. Will you like to have
some soft drink? No. No. Hello? Speaking. Yes, connect. Shivajirao Rane, from Bank. What is he saying? Tell me party president? Fine, fine. l am fine. Look, you inform the directors
of your bank.. .that Jagtap will remain
the chairman of the bank. Yes, ok. We will meet
after you come back. Ok. Greetings. What is the news from
Konkan these days? You stay with them,
that’s why l asked. What news Aaba? They keep on cursing
at us and ask for.. ..independent Konkan state,
time to time, that’s all. No, no that way. l heard that they get along
well with Vidarbha. Let me tell you one thing Aaba. Every dissatisfied person
gets along with every.. ..dissatisfied person,
for some time. And Manikrao, Mavatrao? They both get along
very well these days. Then it’s a good thing. l know its good, but
l just told you. Till yesterday the bad omen
weren’t getting along. Should have knowledge of
what is happening where. Abba? Should l tell you one thing? l will send some LP records here. Some ghazals, some drama, some old
film songs. ‘Come slowly..’ etc. Try to listen to one song every
night before you go to sleep. Rather than messy politics,
one should listen to this. One gets very nice sleep after that. Sorry, slip of tongue, Aaba. No problem. Tell me if you
know anything in future. Sure. Exactly about what? About our field. Will do. But Aaba, now you must
take care of your health. Yes, l have to take care. Shall l take your leave?
– Yes. Take this Papa. Thank you, my dear. l phoned De’casta, Papa. ls it? What was he saying? l told him that l am calling from
Finance Minister’s home. – Then? On that he replied,
who Finance Minister? Then l told him l am calling
from Finance Minister.. ..Vishwasrao Dabhade’s residence. On that he said, he is not
a Finance Minister.. ..he is a problematic
Finance Minister. ls he meeting me or not? He is meeting you at Old Club
at 5 o’clock in the evening. Superb. He also wanted to meet
laborers no. 2 enemy. No. 2?
– No.1 is undoubtedly CM. That’s wonderful. Bye. Bye Papa. Humans are a unique species,
don’t you think so, Kanta? l find them very boring. You neither have eyes, nor
ears. Do you know that? Nonsense. This is uniqueness. The blind know that they can’t see,
the deaf know they can’t hear. But you children of rich parents
don’t even know that. Aristocratic girls like you, are
always attracted towards.. ..the men who are one of them.. ..who live by the sweat
of their brow. Moreover, if he is a
leader of laborers. At least l can see that. Dirt cannot be seen,
Kanta, it stinks. Even if your eyes and ears are
not proper, but your nose is. l tell you, your father..! Oh, please D’casta? Ok, ok. Please don’t get angry. So where we are going,
Ms. Secretary? Bhandup, to Jaihind Engineers.
– Why? l think that if you come.. will boost the morale
of the labourers on strike. Hence, a gate meeting has
been organized. – Amazing. But please D’costa, stop this
revolution against the smugglers. Why?
– They are very cruel, please. My dear coward.. lf revolution is not against
cruel people.. ..should it be against nice people. No Kanta, they are
very bad, very bad. And so l will definitely
expose them. And not only them.
Their bosses and.. ..their Godfathers who are sitting
in the Ministries too. D’casta, somebody is asking
for a lift. – Who? Stop the car, let me see. Where do you want to go? Only till the crossroad.
l am not getting a taxi. Sit.
– Thank you. What do you do? l feel like
l have seen you somewhere. l was working for Zenith. Were you in the Union?
ln the 1972 strike? Yes.
– What are you doing now? Whatever l am able to do.
Nothing specific. Owner struck it rich as soon
as the strike was broken. He came to me with fresh notes
of rupees 25,000. – So? So what? Scoundrel. They think every thing can
be purchased with money. This D’casta has slept
on the bench of a shop. Took bath under the
tap at the stations. Spent the days just
eating dry snacks. This is not a revolutionary
labor leader.. ..who is born with a golden
spoon in his mouth. lf time comes, then l can
live the same life again. Do you think it is possible
for you, after so many years? Easily, why not. With
more joy and pleasure. l don’t want the torture of those
clean and perfect people. l will live on my own wish,
in my own world. Thank you. You took very long, Panitkar Sir? l could not get a taxi. Boss is waiting.
– Come. Was he D’costa? ls he your friend? No, just an old acquaintance. He is a very dangerous person. He is very bad for our business. Don’t tell this to boss. Sir, can l offer you some
tea or soft drink? l don’t want anything. l am waiting since half an hour,
when will your Sir come? Sir will arrive shortly. Mr.Rao, it’s me, where
are you calling from? l am calling from your
Sahakari Bank’s office. From Chirangute. How
is your health now? l got a call from Ananda. My health is fine now,
but the thing is.. ..there is some problem.
Don’t know in specific. But keep an eye on your Satara,
Sangli, Solapur.. .. Pune District level MLA’s
and Sahakari banks. Ok, ok. l will call everybody
after reaching home. Yes, yes. You don’t worry. l will keep in touch
with you everyday. And convey my greetings to Akka. Ok, l am disconnecting, people
have came to meet me. So Rane? Dattajirao, l have
stopped thinking about Rane. When did Uncle come? Nobody even informed me. l came 20-25 minutes back, Sir. You sit here, Dattajirao.
– No, no it’s ok. No you are not a stranger. Sit. Sit. So Satpute, is every thing fine? Yes Sir.
– Sit to this side. Sir, that Delhi issue. Sir, l contacted Delhi
this morning.. ..spoke to Finance Secretary. ‘Pester.. Pester him.’ ‘Feed him with lies.. His position
is currently strong.’ ‘But Manikrao is not student
of a lesser teacher.’ ‘One day even my day will come.’ ‘You will bend before
me and greet me.’ ‘You insult me. l will see you.’ What do you feel Mama Saheb? l need to think over it. What is the need to think about it? Sir, l don’t see any possibility
of any difference in it. Ok then Satpute, you come along
to Delhi tomorrow itself. The situation is difficult, let me
see what can be done. – That’s fine. Keys, bhabhi. Give me. Dighu brother,
when will you marry? Bring her fast.
– l will bring her fast. l mean to say, for how long
you will depend on servants? Water is over at home. That’s what l am telling you. There is no water to
even have medicine. There are lots of clothes to be
washed, but how will l wash? There is water in my house,
you can take it. That is not the question,
brother Dighu. You journalists should
write about this issue. All these useless leaders
and ministers, will fight.. ..among themselves, and
you publish those issues. And we are suffering here with
out water, but nobody.. ..even comes for any enquiry. Brother Dighu, l am not
speaking about you. l am just giving you example. Mummy come here. l am coming, coming. l will take your leave. The way he fights!
The way he fights! What fighting, brother Raja? Let me tell you, brother Dighu.
Let me tell you. Our Amitabh? The way he
speaks the dialogues! Ramlal, it’s not good to play
with poor man’s life. One day this fire will
burst into flames. Brother Raja, l don’t watch movies,
and don’t even write about it. You should write sometimes.
lt will be good. Which heroine has what affairs? Which heroine’s house is
raided for black money. lt is good sometimes. How is Mr. Shinde? Who Shinde?
– Our Chief Minister. He is not well. Not well. l read in your newspaper
today morning. Now he is fine. Let me tell you brother Dighu,
this Mr. Dhabade? Our Finance Minister? Yes, he will defeat your Chief
Minister in the next two months. Brother Raja, whether Shinde wins.. ..or whether Dhabade wins, what
difference it makes to your life? Yes, even that is true. But
he is from my village.. l keep visiting him some
times, that’s why l just said. Finish it fast now. ”Love is God, and
Love is integrity.” ”Then how shall l say, Love is bad.” ”Then how shall l say, Love is bad.” Hey boy, get me two teas.
– Bringing Chawli. l will bring it soon.
– Bring it fast. – Greeting sir. Greetings, what is your health?
– 25% fine. What 25% ? You should
increase it more. Now, how do you feel? l am feeling fine.
– Stop, stop, stop. l am dying, oh God. Will l let you die? Why do you spend so much
of money unnecessarily? l am feeling flamboyant, that’s why. Eat.
– l am not hungry. When l feed you, where
does your hunger go? You Dear! l said it to hunger. Why do you do all this?
– Because l am a foolish. Keep coughing, keep coughing,
why do you hide? l was ready to admit you in the
hospital, but you don’t listen. Don’t listen to me. Who am
l to you? Don’t listen. You were a prostitute.
l spoiled your life. l fell in love with you. l waited because of mother’s wish. Thought of getting married
after she dies. She worked very hard all
her life to bring me up. So why should l unnecessarily
hurt her? That’s why l waited. Shanti? Shanti, l am ready
to marry any time. l am ready to marry any time,
but you get well soon. Have it. No matter even if
we get into our sixties.. ..even then we will get married. ln fact, people need to get
married in their sixties. Need a house, nothing else. Take this. Take care of her. Ok?
– Yes, l will do, Sir. What happened? She committed suicide
due to frustration. The police are investigating. ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”They locked the sun inside
the locker to seek heaven.” ”They locked the sun inside
the locker to seek heaven.” ”The dust and mud of this
world is smeared onto us.” ”The dust and mud of this
world is smeared onto us.” ”We are the graves where even
the dead is not a guardian.” ”We are the graves where even
the dead is not a guardian.” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Again light up the torch of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Again light up the torch of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” Speaker sir, students are
upset on increase of fees. Can the Education minister tell us.. ..whether the university exams
will be held or not? Speaker sir, actually, this
question is not on today’s agenda. But still l will answer. But
even then l will answer. The strike between professors and.. ..staff is called off in
both the universities. And the exams might be held in
two months. That’s what l feel. ln that case, we will perform
‘Satyanarayan’ veneration. Ok, ok, lets think about
‘Satyanarayan’ later. Now, next question. No, Mr. Vishwas Rao, this won’t do. Manikshet, you don’t get so angry. Nobody behaves badly intentionally. He might not have even thought of
keep you waiting for so long. And you unnecessarily
bother yourself. ls it? You mean there
is sin in my heart? No, no the point is, that
you don’t apply.. ..intention upon a person like CM. Some times a person is occupied
with some issue, so it happens. Nobody is perfect. We
need to understand. Have a cigarette. No, l don’t want cigarette.
This is fine. What you say is right, but
is this the way to behave? He is at this position because
of us and he insults us. Forget it, we are bighearted people. lf anybody’s behaves wrongly,
we should ignore it. But he always behaves this way. l have a group of 40
MLA’s in Marathwada. At any moment l can
get 10 lakh people.. ..and also can collect
10 lakh rupees. And he treats us like garbage? My mood went off. Forget that issue now, Manik Sheth. Are we meeting at Usman’s
place, tonight? l am Patole speaking.
Yes, he is there. Vishwasrao and Manikrao, both are
there. They are in the lobby. Yes, l am keeping an eye. Yes, yes. Ok. Yes. Not now, madam is there at home. She has gone to the hospital,
at Kalyan, to meet her sister. She will be back by 4 o’clock. l said no. Do you like perfume? Here it is. Wow! lt is great. Come. Come inside. Come now. Let’s go. Come on. You can go. lts already 3 o’clock.
She will be back. Get lost. You prostitute. Ok, ok. Sit, girl, sit. Sir, call from Wasgherekar. lt had disconnected before. How ever
he is, but my support is with him. We should stand behind him. What? Say like that. Leadership will be discussed
later. ln leisure. Chief minister had called up.
l have promised him. Did you understand? Who is denying it? Farmers issues are ignored,
it is a question of cess. lndustrialist’s are
getting the profits. We will put pressure on them.
That is a different point. What is the point now? There
should be stability. Dhabade should not become the
Chief Minister at any cost. Our Minister is a Tiger.
Warn our MLAs. Hello? Hello? Hello? Disconnected. This is the condition of telephone.. ..and they say villages
have improved. Show me the lists. Chief Minister may object
our policies.. ..but once the policy is out
then let our necks be cut.. ..but wont let our
integrity go down. What happened?
– Sir, Sonya has come. Yes, l saw him. Because of this Ashok, there are
lots of complains against him. Ashok? Ashok? You stupid, we got you married.. that you can do whatever
you want inside the home. You got two children too. But
still you keep flirting around. Everyday that Sonya comes at
my door along with his girl. Either take my daughter in your
home, or get her get married. l don’t have any relationship
with her. l will give you a tight
slap, if you lie. lt is your child. Sonya
will never lie to me. Do one thing. Take a big stone
and throw it on the.. .. head of mother and father,
then you will be free. Hello? Yes, he is there. MLA Mali is calling from Baramati. Greetings, Mr.Mali. How are
the people at Baramati? Why is the breeze flowing?
But you are mine. You have to stand with me
behind the CM in the block. That question of cess is there. There should be no change
in leadership. Master has asked to come tomorrow. ”The whole nation is turned
into a prison now.” ”The whole nation is turned
into a prison now.” ”Goddess offering is burnt
by her own Milk.” ”Goddess offering is burnt
by her own Milk.” ”Pure action has become unlucky.. ..and sin becomes fortunate.” ”Pure action has become unlucky.. ..and sin becomes fortunate, so
again light up the torches of life.” ”As the dawn was approaching,
it turned into dark night.” Where is Mr. Dabhade? He is there. You wait. Some body has come to see you. Send him in. Hello l think you are D’costa?
– Yes. Yourself?
– Enemy no.2 of the laborers. Oh, l felt so. lt was
smelling till outside. Can’t say that about you,
as l am suffering cold. Gentleman, since so long
l am trying to meet you. So it is you who is the
firebrand leader.. ..who is bringing the
city under fire. The bad time of the owners, the
frown on the brow of the police. A devil for smugglers, and great
friend of poor people. And your enemy. Of course, of course. What will you have to drink?
– No, thanks. Take something, whiskey, rum? The
Laborers won’t know, promise. You take care, Master might know. Forget it. Master has
confidence about me. So, how is life? Life? lf you ask about the people’s
life then it is hell. Otherwise, what can be in your rule? Your profession has swallowed
you entirely, D’costa. l am asking a gentleman named
D’costa, not a labor leader. Mr. Dabhade, they are not
two different persons. They both are the same. lf you ask me, then l am doing fine. Everyday is a new fight. Your fighting and our headache. You fight with hands and
we fight with heads. That’s why you people
get bald very soon. Terrible, l tell you. Even enemies
should not enter into politics. Naturally, naturally. lf enemy enters into the politics,
then you will be in problem. Talk, talk sarcastically,
like a thorn. Your name should be De’cata,
not D’costa. You are a thorny person. Enough of the war. Let’s
relax and have some tea. Come. Sit down. What is your opinion about
the Chief Minister? He is a scoundrel. But l don’t have
any good opinion about you too. l know, l know. But what if we stand
for competition? Very hard. lt’s very hard to choose. You both are equally scoundrels. Sorry if l used un-parliamentary
word. No. No. No matter at all. Be
absolutely frank, with out fear. Fear? What kind of fear? That’s what l say.
No reason to fear. ln your opinion, if we both are.. Scoundrel. l said Scoundrel. That’s the same thing. Let
me be frank with you. ln case, if the question arises
whether Chief Minister.. ..should carry on with
his position or not? lf you think he should not
remain at his position.. ..then the option is yours.
Am l right? l might like you, but
on some conditions. Naturally. What conditions? That has to be decided. The main condition is,
in our labor business.. should grant me the
policies the way l want. Some factories have lockouts,
which has to be removed. During the strikes, whatever cases
have been filed against us.. ..should be taken back except
those for murder. l understood all that. But any
kind of personal conditions? Please be clear. Those conditions can’t
be in written. And so if it does not fulfilled,
then l will thrash.. ..the new Chief Minister with
sandals in front of the Assembly. Ok, now we will leave. l have a talk on radio at 7 o’clock. Thanks a lot young man.
Thanks a lot. We will meet later.
l will let you know. Come here. Come here. Come here. Come. l will kill your Shinde. And cut him into pieces.
And you too. l am telling you since so long,
to leave all of yourjobs. What is the need of that?
Even l earn now. Stupid! You don’t
value your husband. l can give you 10 such sarees,
and better then this. l can afford. l started a new job. No, no Tai sahib, nothing to
bother. lt’s not that late. Otherwise also we have to
stay late because of work. lt’s not like that, Budhajirao, but
calling so late at night means? No, no. Nothing wrong in that. You can call me any time. l went for a party, so have
just returned back. Tell me sister, what
can l do for you? Why you have to serve
anything to us? But come for lunch some day. Sure? Papa, are you talking to him?
He is in very good mood. Hello? Budhajirao,
l am Appa speaking. Oh, it’s you. Say. Say, Appa sir. Do you know why did l call up? Yes, no, l mean.. No, listen to me. The phone call from that unknown
man became a big issue. Chief minister will challenge me.
That is clearly evident. So l have to make my camp
strong. lsn’t it? So you tell me what is your opinion? Opinion means, Appa sir? Tell me clearly. And
whatever you think.. ..but you have to come for the
lunch at our place, Budhaji-rao. My daughter-in-law is eager
to invite you for lunch. You know Budhajirao? My
daughter-in-law says that.. ..Budhajirao is the only one
handsome minister in your cabinet. What are you saying Appa Saheb?
Ok, ok l will come. Where are you? What do you mean where am l?
What kind of question it is? l am there where you are. But look, l am not forcing you.
Everybody has their own wish. Even Manikrao too, is
merging with us.. ..with his whole group,
at his own wish. Fortunately if my side
has maximum members.. ..then even you might
be a part of that. Even you will be in profit. Ok, ok. Fine, we are with you. Our one group of Dalit MLA’s,
will always back you. Promise. Hello? Hello? Appa sahib?
Appa sahib? Can you hear any kind
of noise? Hello? What noise? Hello? Hello? Shall l depend on you?
Your decision is fixed? Hello? Hello Appa sir? Appa sir, l think the phone is
getting tapped? Hello? Hello? We will talk later, Appa sir. Greetings, Nana. What is it Budhaji?
Why did you come? One minute. Hello? Yes speaking.
ls it? One minute. l will come inside. Radhabai?
– Yes? Budhaji has come. Offer
him some tea. – Yes. l will just come.
– Nana? – l am coming. Ok, give him. Greetings,
l am Nana Gupte speaking. Greetings Nana Saheb. l called up to make one request. What is that? The issue of Budhajirao, about
the municipal of Dariyapur. The fraud of 18-19 lakhs. Ok, ok. That case is with you. l want
you to admit it formally. Question? Ok, ok l will check
and make an inquiry. What inquiry? l know
he has come there. He needs to be present in this
session of legislative assembly. That way? Ok, ok. But as far
as l know he is irregular. Let it be. You make it regular. Ok, ok. But what if it
is a question of rules? Rules can be bent, Nana sir. We also have the experience
of legislative Assembly. Ok, l will let you. But
if the rules are broken? What rules you are talking about? You don’t have any
value for my words? Yes, that is true. But there are
some formalities of the Assembly. Now you will tell me
about formalities? No. ok, l will see. Ok. Have it Budhaji. Shall l ask you one thing? Yes, you can ask. Our Radha sister? Yes, poor Radha, she
became a widow.. ..and came to us for shelter. l am very much afraid of the
way she stares. – Why? She always watches you, at home. Ok, then? l am not well, and l
am getting bad ideas. What silly talk? Are you coming? We will
sit on our usual Rock. You go ahead, l will finish
this matter and.. Be careful. Help. Help. Help. Help. You didn’t save her?
You didn’t save her? You are a murderer. l have taken that responsibility,
Nana Saheb. lt will be reported as
accidentally death. l will make sure that there
are no more inquiries. Yes, that old man who met you there? He departed for USA at his
son’s place, today morning. He will not come back
for at least 6 months. We want you, Nana sir. Why have you come, Budhaji? There is some problem.
– ls it? Yesterday night l spoke
carelessly on the phone. With whom?
– With Vishwas-rao. l mean Vishwas-rao. We were just chatting on politics.
Just Kidding. But it seems that the telephone
was getting tapped? ls it? On what basis
you are saying that? l felt that. Nana? Whose phone was this?
– CM’s. lt was about you.
– l thought so. The question is going to
come up in the assembly He asked me to admit the case
in this session itself. Then what will you do? Your cousin brother Kamble himself
is raising the question. You are like a father. The
reputation is on risk. When will this case get close?
Shame less thing. There is no freedom from sins,
Budhaji. For no one! Means the question will surely come? Yes, it will come, and
l will not stop it. Principles are more important
than you and me. Try and do one thing. Fall on CM’s
feet and ask for forgiveness. lt is good to admit
the mistake, Budhaji. And what if he won’t
forgive me, then? l will pray for you. You are my fine.
– But, Nana, after all you are..? What me? Am l born with good deeds? l am not answerable to any one. Look Budhaji, you have done a
mistake. You better pay for it. You can leave now, Budhaji. l
need to finish some more work. Then, the chairman of
the house, as soon as.. ..he heard this announcement,
this nymph of poverty.. ..afraid for her life, she
ran straight to heaven. And lying at the feet of the king
of the gods, lndra said.. ..Oh king, save me. The chief
Minister of Maharashtra.. ..made new plans to remove
me, and to bury me. So now you save me from all this. l think you should stop now.
You talked for quite long. One minute, Speaker sir, One minute. Look, you have talked for long time. Let him speak. Let him speak. Ok, ok. lf you all force then,
Bapat, you carry on. Speaker sir, thank for
granting me time. So, Speaker sir, after
hearing the name of.. ..chief Minister, not only the Lord
lndra but also Lord Vishnu.. ..Lord Shanker ran into
their chambers. They were shivering. Then sage Narad met this nymph
and asked, ”Hey beautiful.. you know the art.. ..of transgressing from
one body to another? To that, the nymph replied
in assertion.. ln reply the great sage
Narad said to her.. ..This Chief Minister has
just one weak point.. ..ln this world he guards one
thing even more than his life.. ..never separates it from him. He clenches it very
tightly and sits. Hence, with this magical art of
yours, you get transformed.. ..into that thing, then you
will not face any danger. To that Sundari said ”Oh great
sage, which is that thing?” ln reply the great sage says.. That thing is known as..
That thing is known as.. ..Chair. The great sage said.. ”Heed my words, beautiful nymph.. ..transform yourself into a chair.. ..then you will not face
any dangers at all.” So, Mr. Minister, in this quarrel
of power, in this tug-of-war.. ..for the chair, the government
has forgotten its aims. Poverty is not eradicated with
empty words, for that you.. ..have to even vacate
the chair, if need be.. The preparations are in full
swing on both the sides. l will see if l get any news at
night. Ok, any other command? Who are we to give command to you? You are such a reporter who
can topple a government. ln 1967, the Patil government
was toppled.. ..because of the news that
you printed not by us. Ok, should l take your leave
– Dighu.. ..please look into
the admission to.. ..the medical college
of my nephew. – Ok. As you’re going there.
– l’ll see to it how it goes. ”ln the flow of veneration,
Chandrabhaga lost her senses” ”ln the flow of veneration,
Chandrabhaga lost her senses” ”Seeing this strange thing,
Rukmabai folded her hands” ”Seeing this strange thing,
Rukmabai folded her hands” ”Even the musical instruments
are praising the Lord Vitthal.” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”ln the flow of veneration,
Chandrabhaga lost her senses” ”ln the flow of veneration,
Chandrabhaga lost her senses” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”Lord Panduranga is dancing near
the banks of the river Chandrabhaga.” ”All the Gods of heaven are
awe struck looking at this.” ”All the Gods of heaven are
awe struck looking at this.” Should we tell Raosaheb? Why should we tell him, we will
do the needful by ourselves. That will be better. lt is an internal injury. Moreover, there is not even
blood to be seen on the body. We will do it here itself. Animals
die everyday, anyways. Do you know it for sure? They are low class people anyways. Yes, even that is true. And people
are also not going to.. ..verify anything. We will
give witness by ourselves. There is a drought anyways. Prove
them to have died by starvation. Connect me to Raosaheb Tople.
And make it a lightening call. Ok Sir. ”And also being a friend
l couldn’t..” No thanks child, l had enough. Have it uncle. – No, no dear. l
won’t be able to eat. l am full. This move of a sweet dish
is a great ploy, Usman. Thanks a lot. ls he Mehdi Hassan
– No, Ghulam Ali. One and the same thing. Now let the battle begin. Appasaheb,
we have waited long enough. Yes, it has to begin. Our camp is also not
that weak, Appasaheb. lf time comes, our people
can lay down their lives. No, not lives. They should
just be prepared.. give their resignations,
that’s all. And look here, Usmaan. Whatever
it is, you people are.. ..going to decide. l am not
at all involved in it. The discipline of the Cabinet
should be maintained. l am the loyal foot
soldier of the party. Tomorrow, if the party tells me to
sweep the floors, l will do it. Otherwise, tomorrow you people
will say that since l.. ..wanted the post of
the chief minister.. ..l told you people to back out. But Appasaheb, now you should
ascend the post of CM. You refuse if you want to, but
we will speak the truth. Speak.. but in a lesser volume. Don’t talk in the volume that we
use to speak in the village square. You know, in politics,
even walls have ears. Outside, people are ready to
exploit our wounds all the time. You will perish and will
take me along with you. No, no how can that be possible,
Appasaheb. Well then, l will leave now. Oh,
where are your family members? They are very much there.
ln the other room. Mummy, uncle is here. Bhabhi-ji, when Usmaan
becomes a minister.. should organize a banquet. l haven’t had that ‘Nargisi Kofta’
of yours, in a long time now. Yes, if he has your grace, he
will surely become a minister. Hey, who am l to grace? lt is
the almighty that has to grace. Usmaan, you are the
owner of millions. Your business spreads to Dubai
and the corners of Africa.. you should get a juicy
portfolio, isn’t it? Whatever, Appasaheb Good bye
– Ok, Good bye. ‘Mumbai bandh was totally
successful. This was said.. the labour union leader, Mr.
D’Casta. All the shops.. ..theatres and offices in
Mumbai were closed today.’ ‘There was an incident of stone
throwing on a bus in Malad.’ ‘Children celebrated
the holiday by.. ..playing cricket on
the deserted streets’ ‘Finance Minister, Vishwasrao
Dabhade will make an.. ..important announcement in a
press meeting this evening.’ ‘To end, a look at the
headlines again’ Due to this important announcement.. ..politics will take a strange turn. Appasaheb, this resignation from
the ministerial post has proven.. be quite a shock to both the
party workers and the public as well. See, you reporters have
for the last ten.. ..years or so know me very well. Then, stuntman ship is not my style
and you people know it very well. And keep one thing in mind that
l have not left the party. The corruption that is prevalent
around me for the last ten years.. ..l have borne it with
a smile on my face. ln fact, personally, l have high
regards for the chief minister. However, the drought situation
in general and in particular.. ..the Chirangute starvation deaths
have been handled in a.. ..very irresponsible manner
is my strong opinion.. Ok, tell me one more thing. ls there a specific strategy for.. the industrial sector
in our administration? Do you know the extent of unrest
in the whole industrial sector? ls there a single factory that
does not have a problem.. the whole of Maharashtra? Many questions of the poor farmers.. ..and the downtrodden classes
are still lying unsolved. The policies regarding education
are very unstable. Many questions are remaining
unsolved like this. And a true party loyal
person has to bear.. the brunt of all this very much. So, l feel that l don’t
want all this. Leave all this and go to my village
and tend to the farms there. Appasaheb, the political
instability that will arise due to.. ..your resignation will jeopardize
the political future of your party. Don’t you feel so? Political instability, l don’t know. lf the party bosses in Delhi decide
to change the leadership.. ..of the party in Maharashtra then
this political instability.. ..can be easily taken care of. Because, behind me many ministers
are leaving the.. ..scene and many MLAs
have a bitter feeling.. ..for the present leadership
of the party. Mr. Dabhade, if you become the
chief minister, what l mean that.. No, no. Don’t misunderstand me.
l have not resigned to.. ..just get the seat
of Chief Minister. But, corruption rises due
to the misuse of power. This is my simple, straight view. Question No.6, regarding health. Honourable member Shreepathrao
Shinde. Mr Minister, the new policy of
the health ministry says that.. ..those who have become doctors
after matric will be.. ..posted in the rural areas. Does that mean that people staying
in villages are not humans? Or are they animals? Those doctors who have done MBBS,
FRCS in the cities.. ..and those who have studied
less in the villages. This is purely injustice meted
out to the rural folk. Mr. Minister, there are many
villages where there is a.. ..paucity of basic
medical facilities. The new policy will facilitate
the villages on that aspect. Mr. Minister, one minute. With
regards to the society, this is.. ..a very important question. Today, behind every medical
student the government.. ..spends one to one and
a half lakh rupees. ln such a case, when they have
to shell out one lakh.. ..rupees as donations instead
of opening plush.. ..dispensaries and earning
great sums of money. lnstead, to go to the villages and
serve the needy is his duty. lnstead, it is his social
responsibility. ln fact, the doctor himself should
identify this responsibility. The government cannot
force anything on him. Because, after all this
is a democracy. Now, about the question
to stop proceedings.. ..of the Mumbai bandh. The
chief minister will speak. The question to stop proceedings.. ..about the Mumbai bandh
is totally baseless. The lathi charge that was carried
out on the mob was.. ..not provocated but
for self defense. ln the riot two inspectors and
eighteen constables were injured. Ten people from the mob were
lightly lathi charged. Yet, the mob tried to cross the
barriers put up by the police. And resorted to stone throwing. As a last resort, the police
had to resort to tear gas. Thirteen shells of tear
gas were bursted. But Chairman Sir, still
the mob would not relent. Then the police were forced
to fire in the air. Victory to the Dalits, Victory to
the Dalits, Victory to the Dalits. Victory to the Dalits, Victory to
the Dalits, Victory to the Dalits. ‘The strike called by the
textile mill workers.. ..has entered the tenth day today.’ ‘The Chief Minister, Mr. Jivajirao
Shinde held talks.. ..with the workers as well
as the mill owners.’ ‘The morcha of the tribals from
Thane district was stopped.. ..near Kalaghoda and their
demands were presented.. ..before the Chief Minister.’ ‘Former finance minister,
Mr.Vishwasrao Dabhade has.. ..refuted the news that he has
resigned from the party.’ Brother Dighu, have tea. And, keep your clothes
ready for washing. Did you understand? Why are you taking the trouble,
sister-in-law? l am not going to wash them; my
maid is going to wash them. Ok, ok – But don’t forget to
keep the soap, understand? l am going. l have work to do. Come, Tipnis
– Hello. – Come brother Dighu, come. Greetings, Shreepatrao. Greetings, Shreepatrao.
– There, there. Go there, why have you come here? l said, let’s go to the one who
doesn’t call me. Will you have tea? This is the fourth that l am
having. – Suryakant, send one tea. Anything new or special?
– Special? There is a feast. Food is being distributed. The ones who want it relish
them and our stomachs hurt. l am the loudspeaker of
the party, isn’t it? Can l be honest with you,
Shreepathrao? You take everything to heart.
Your government here is not.. bad as you make it to be. That
is compared to other states. You have said the truth. ln
the rule of throat cutters.. ..pick pockets are not
at all dangerous. ln a way, we are in the
forefront of food grains. We have seen such a growth
in many sectors.. ..that was never witnessed
in the past. Now, take the sugar production
as an example. This year, we are going
to cross a new record. Cross, cross, Cross records. The people who are dying of
starvation in drought prone areas.. ..will see your records. ls that so? Famine, droughts,
floods are a common.. ..occurrence every year
in our country. So true, so many people work
hard and die like dogs. Mothers and sisters, they
keep selling their honor. Why feel sad about it?
Let the scoundrels die. We are more concerned about
setting and breaking records. Listen to my advice. Arrange a meeting between
me, and D’casta. l am trying sir. Keep
this well in your mind. D’casta does not like byroads.
– l know that. Even l don’t like it. But being the Chief Minister,
l have certain limitations. l cannot forget them. What do l
tell you? l was never like this. l am not like this.
l am very different. l left for a pilgrimage and
reached a thiefs den. lf l had known that
this was in store.. ..l would have retraced
my steps then and there. But it was too late when
l realized it. Let it be. Now this is the path of no return.
Do this much for me. l will try my best. But sir, how
am l to benefit by arranging.. ..a meeting between the both of you? For the welfare of the people. lf you have any other need, l will
take care of it. What do you say? l don’t want anything
– But l am in need. You know the present circumstances. Let me get out of this situation. l will take your leave now. Outside, there is a
car waiting for you. Thanks. Greetings, sister-in-law.
– Greetings, how are you? l am fine. How is your son? Getting along fine. He is
busy with his cricket. l will leave then
– Ok. Come, brother Dighu, come. Sit. Madam is going on the same route.
She will drop you. See you. Take care. Did you recognize me?
l am Mrs. Chandrapure. Ah, Chandrapure lndustries. Surprised to see me here? Even we meet the CM,
what do you say? ln the morning, the CM
called and summoned me. He summons me every now and then. Then, it couldn’t be helped. l had
to come. We are friends, anyways. Compared to him, his wife seems
to be arrogant, doesn’t she? Just last month, she had come
to our bungalow for a party. lt was a lot of fun. That MLA
had come, there were MPs.. ..a couple of them, the
sheriff was also there. Mayor didn’t come. He had called though. You know
he had a bad toothache. This Dabhade is a very
bad man, isn’t he? What do you think? By resigning
is he cornering the CM.. ..what does he think of himself? Why don’t you ask him yourself? l think the last time.. ..if l am not mistaken,
we met in his car. Oh yes, that’s right.
Now l remember. l was refusing but he forced
me to take a lift.. Really, he is such a bore. Why don’t you join us for
a party one of these days? Really, that’s a very nice idea.. We will organize a party
of only journalists. The editor of Weekly
is always asking me.. to why don’t we invite
them to our home. Come once just like that.
For a quiet chat. l feel very inquisitive
about you guys. Journalists, such a powerful
people l tell you. Driver, halt the vehicle
for a moment. Why?
– l have some work in this area. Bye. Can l come in. – Hey, Dighu.
– What’s happening, D’Casta? Will you have some snacks? – No
thanks. – lt’s very good and hot. Don’t you really want? Ok, if
you don’t want then it’s ok. Get up, get up, get up. Ok sit now. Nothing, these nails tore the pants
of a labour officer the other day. Tell me friend, what work do you
have with me all of a sudden? The Chief Minister
is remembering you. l thought that he would
reach me before.. ..the dust settles on the strike. D’costa, this is one of his moves.
Why don’t you call him? Why doesn’t he give me a call? Hey, he is the chief minister. ln the same way, even l am D’costa.
– Who is in need? Greetings, l am D’costa
speaking sir. Oh l am blessed! Oh l am blessed! That’s what l should be saying. l am hearing the voice of the most.. ..hard working Chief Minister
of Maharashtra. What are you saying, D’costa sir? lt is because of well-wishers like
you, that l am in existence. Sir, the sentence that is meant
for Mr. Vishwasrao Dabhade.. are using it for me. OK, ok, l am sorry.
l made a mistake. l thought you would get this
message across to him. No, nowadays he has become dearer. Means your affair with him is at
the peak these days, isn’t it? Let that be. Come one day, we
will have a meeting. – Sure. l will tell you a confidential
thing, D’costa. l am a very old fan of yours. l am notjoking. You rule this city, not me. l would like to correct you. lt’s
true that you don’t rule the city.. ..but even l don’t rule this city.
This city is ruled by smugglers. You believe this, not me. lf
we decide, we can erase.. ..smuggling within 24 hours. Absolutely correct. lf you decide.
But in the past ten years.. hasn’t stopped. On the
contrary, it has increased, sir. This is not such a serious problem. There are other questions
that are more important. Poverty, scarcity of foodgrains,
unemployment.. You may not know, D’costa. Hundreds of villages don’t
have a road through them.. electricity.. ..people walk for
miles to get water. lt gives you goose bumps
when you think of it. What will we do for them? We will protect smugglers. This is the only meaning that can.. derived from what
you are saying, sir. Sir, l have called a press
conference day after tomorrow. l am going to declare the names
of ten of the biggest.. ..smugglers of the
state at that time. l dare the government
to catch them.. l am going to issue this
challenge officially. lt is but natural that you people
think it to be so easy. What do you know about
the difficulties.. ..that the government faces. lf the government is
always going to be.. a difficult position
on such a serious problem.. ..then the government should resign. You have acquired expertise
to catch a person’s words,. And you guys have the
art of dodging,. Can l tell you something? The day insects like you leave
politics alone, that is the day.. ..when this country will have
something to look forward to. Not until then. New insects will take
our place, D’costa. Let it be these arguments
of our will never end. However strong the desire of having
a heart to heart chat.. a friend being
a CM, l can’t do it. l think we have to change
the policy regarding.. labour at the grass root level. Changes at the grassroot level?
– Yes – And that, you will do. No, you will do it. Me?
– Yes, you will do it. l will give an offer. The lectures
which you give outside.. ..come and give them
in the assembly. l will make you minister of labor. Let it be. l am serious. lf you leave it, you will
be considered a coward. My party does not very actively
back this idea of mine. Or rather, l am facing a bitter
opposition. The most from Dabhade. But once l set my
mind on something.. ..l too don’t back out very easily. Oh l see, so this is one of the
moves in the game of political.. ..chess between you
and your enemies. This l will have to discuss with
my colleagues and workers. That you can discuss since
you are the leader.. ..of the workers, not me.
l am a politician. D’Costa, l help people so
that l can help myself. lf l refuse your offer, then? l will of course use your refusal. The loss will be yours and
also of the workers. The workers trust me more
than they trust you. They know me very well..
and you too. D’costa, l want to have peace on
the industrial front at any cost. Maybe, for that l will have
to even have you arrested. What will be the charges? l can find anything
in your public life. Everybody cannot be
awake at all times. l need time to think about
it. Forty-eight hours. Ok. l don’t have time but
l will give it to you. Day after tomorrow by this time,
l will have to know. Sure. Hey.. Hey.. lt’s you. How late. Come, l will drop you home. Come. No. – Why? – You seem to be
very tired. l will go alone. But – Where were you till so late?
– With the chief minister. With the chief minister?
– Yes – l don’t understand. Why did he call you? He is trying to make me a pawn
in his game of chess. .. Your? – Yes, now l will
have to make my moves. D’costa, with this game of chess.. far are we going to go? What? What did you say? To go on strike for pay raise and
then to withdraw the strike. To carry out stunts
of anti-smuggling.. ..anti-corruption movements. Do you think all this
will change the system? Look here, in these circumstances.. Whatever is possible, we
are doing it. lsn’t it? D’costa, till when is
this going to continue? The circumstances will be more
permanent, with our faking it. You are the one who is
protecting the system.. ..and when you talk of changing the
system you are also faking it. Me? You are corrupt, D’costa. Your
corruption is more ferocious. l am sorry, D’costa. l am sorry. You are still very young. You have to go isn’t it? Yes, l will leave. Hello.
– Hello – Oh thanks. Thank you. Wow, what music. What a sweet and melodious
voice she has. – Yes! Amazing!
– lsn’t it? Come, Appasaheb has come. Let’s
talk to him. Come – come. lt seems you are a big fan of music. That’s the truth. – Really? –
Everything else is just like that. l tell you, when you come
home in the evening.. should have dim lights,
a record playing and.. ..just sit listening to the music. l don’t know how much of
a fan are you of music. Of course, l am a fan. Usmaanbhai, who is that woman.. ..who is talking with Anandrao? She is.. Mrs. Chandrapure.
She wants to become a MLC. ls that so? – Listen everybody, Patriot
Joshi is going to.. ..go on a fast unto
death from today. Just now, there was a
letter by express mail. Fast, but for what? So that the border dispute be
resolved as soon as possible. Border dispute should be solved
as soon as possible. Solved means what, Mr. Joshi? Do you have any solution in mind? Fast unto death. Does that mean, having lime juice.. ..or really fast unto death? Ok! At least l got the news. Greetings, Tatya
– Greetings Tatya, Tatya it’s
the Chief Minister. Who Chief Minister? You?
– No, you may continue, l will wait. Why don’t you sit properly?
– No, l am comfortable. l am happy that l could meet
a divine person like you. Solve the border dispute.
– We will solve it. When you have.. ..put your life on the line,
how will it remain unsolved? l had come to take care of you. l just want a solution on the
border crisis. lmmediately. That will be done. But you are staying in front
of my humble abode. lf l can be of any service.. l don’t want anything. You go. l have a request. The fast will continue. Till death. The request is that you are such
a patriot of Maharashtra. You are sitting in the
open in the sun.. ..front of my home at this age. lnstead, l have made arrangement
in my bungalow. You come there. – But. – l won’t
be a hindrance in your fast. Not needed. l am all right here. All right, as you wish. Till the time you are
here, l will also.. ..not sleep on a mattress. But.. you.. ..why are you touching my feet? l will sleep on the ground. Will have just one meal. l will pray to God for your comfort. Hey, your eyes are moist. No, if you are so adamant,
then l will come inside.. ..but the fast will
go on. Till death. Ok, as you wish. Come, come, you also come. Hey fellows, take everything.
Tatya, be careful. Be careful. Come, come, come, come. Hey fellows, take everything. Hey fellows, take everything. Come Tatya, come. See, how your supreme
warrior was humbled. To tell you the truth. He will
put even God in his pocket. Print it. Print it
on the front page. l’ll take your leave. ‘The meeting of chief minister with
the leader of the opposition.. ..Sambhajirao Thorat was
just a cordial visit..’ One can get change at
anytime with you. Even at the month end. Thanks. ‘He said firmly, the differences
with the chief minister.. ..was only limited
to the principles.. ..and only within the party. With this we end today’s news.’ Come early today, ok?
– Ok. You say yes. But everyday you
come at two or three at night. No. Not today. l will
come on time today. The neighbours envy your pay. But
they can’t see how hard you work. What do we write to Mother? About what? She is saying that, take
a holiday and come over. You go with the kids. But mother wants her son-in-law
to come too. Tell her l will come later. How many times will
l write like this? Then what will l do? lt should
at least be possible. You have taken a single leave
in the last three years. You work even on Sundays. l will come on time today. Come, come brother Pano. Rascal! Tell me the truth, Ramu.. ..why are you wasting my time? See, l am not lying. l threw the keys outside
because of the raid. lt was so sudden that l
didn’t even realize it. Work your hands some more, boys. Look, Panitkar, it’s a job.. ..ofjust two minutes and
they take half an hour. Hey Ramu, just tell the truth and
spare yourself the trouble, man. Finish the job. Jawahar sir, l did not
throw it on purpose. lt happened. l swear on my mother. Oh! Ok, let it be. See, Ramu this thing.. ..should not be repeated again.
l am telling you. That bloody customs
guy reached the.. ..godown on the basis of that key. Thank God, there was nothing inside. Otherwise, the story would
have ended. Take him. Thank you sir. Thank you. How are you? Come, come. This scoundrel Ramu should
be kept a watch on. Sit. What will you have? Tea, coffee No, thank you.
– Have something. – No. Really. You are flawless. Not
a single holiday. Morning to evening
all you do is work. Every night there is a
call for half an hour. ln this line, you get
money but no peace. ln the last eight years,
l haven’t known.. life even for one day. l give money to my wife
and that’s all. She enjoys her life and
l slog for twenty fours. Then change this line. Brother Panitkar, you can catch
this line but you cannot leave it. lt is possible to change it.
What’s so difficult in that? Earn only that much money which
will suffice to lead a.. ..comfortable life with the family. Go to the native, buy a plot
of land, build a house. Live comfortably as we want to. And you are a money-bag yourself. You are a kid. Where is my duty today? Are you leaving? Panitkar, this D’costa. The labour union leader.
ls he your friend? No sir, previously l just know
him when l was in the union. Oh. He is a very dangerous man.
He is behind our business. Keep away from him. You still haven’t told me
where is my duty today. You ask Hasan. Even the children went to
sleep after being bored. What has happened to you these
days? You don’t tell me anything. You are always so quite.
What should l think? No, really nothing. Can l tell you something?
– What? Leave this job. What?
– l cannot see your state. Search for another one. lt is ok
even if you get paid a bit less. The children have to finish
their education. Don’t the others’ kids learn? No, no they have to
be very successful. They should have first
class careers. What’s with me, l may
be there or not. What is this now? You too should not have to ask
for anything from anybody. Sleep now shall l apply
oil to your head? Ok. And also press my legs. The same way that you used to
before the children were born. Today, the attitude
is changed so much. You are getting the oil, isn’t it? ‘To be or not to be’ ‘Will l be the chief
minister or not.’ ‘Till l become the chief minister,
my soul will not rest’ ‘This Dabhade has created a ruckus. Very cunning fellow’ ‘Grabbing the opportunity
submitted his resignation.’ ‘That means l am now
second in line.’ ‘But this Dabhade has to be
pushed in second place’ ‘This is true that for the sake
of majority, he will need.. ..the services of
myself and Dattaji’ ‘But l don’t understand
anything of Dattaji’ ‘He may be quiet. But my first condition
is Chief Ministership.’ ‘Then only further talks. lf it’s possible, its
only at this moment.’ You will see the morcha
of the sweepers. – Yes. Right
– Yes – Ok. Yes, l am speaking. Everything
is decided. The meeting will be held
at the Worker’s Ground. Saturday evening. We will
cordon off the Assembly. That will be announced then. All
trade unions will participate. Tell Krishna to get the banners,
handbills, and posters ready. Organize gate meetings. Yes. Who is that, Dighu? -Greetings,
Rane sir. l was coming to you.
How are you sir? Hey, we are not to be called sir.
Sir, only in the parliament. How can that be? You are
the chief of the party. What chief? We are
just foot soldiers. To collect people
for their welcome.. ..fill them in trucks and send them. That’s my job. Let that be. Tell me. At the state level there
is a lot of turbulence. Hey, this shirt material looks
brand new. When did you buy it? l am not looking for material
to print, Shivajirao. Just inquiring as to what is
happening. – Hmm, let’s see. Hey, where are you off to? Come,
sit in the car. – Come. We will talk at length.
– You sit. So then, should l assume that
as party chief you approve of.. ..whatever is happening
in the party? Did l say like that? Did l say that? But by stirring this controversy.. ..l don’t want to kick up
an unnecessary storm. That’s all. But keep one thing
in mind, Dighu. – What? l am not sitting idle. l thought so. Just see how they are quarrelling
as if they are at war. This l don’t like. Both of them are guilty in this. This politics is very dirty.
– lsn’t it? You scoundrels, you are killing
people as if they are chickens. lf you are men enough, then
step into the arena. Count the heads in the meeting.
lsn’t it true? lsn’t it true, tell me honestly.
– That’s true. What is Delhi saying?
– Delhi, l have spoken to them. l am going there in a couple of
days, to talk to the party bosses. Absolutely right. You must go there. Rane sir, l wanted to
tell you something.. ..that you yourself tell the
people in Delhi of this. That l will look into all this at
the State level. You tell them. But Dighu, this will be
off the record, ok? Or else, you can say that a party
spokesperson said this. – What.. You are laughing, Dighu. But being the party chief is
like the tail of a ram. Useful neither for whacking
the flies on the back.. ..nor to protect one’s dignity. Party chief. The tail of a ram. Ok, where can l drop you? Uncle, the party chief doesn’t
agree to what you have to say. What can be done about it? l even told him that you say.. ..that death occurred from
quarrels over liquor. Hey, but we are from his
camp. Like family. l have worked day and night
for his election campaign. Who the hell told you to celebrate
your 57th birthday with such fanfare. That was a mistake. Sheep also turn fifty-seven, uncle. Then tell me what
should l do, Anand? You will not digest my suggestion. lt will be digested. What do l do?
Should l jump down from here? Great. So one more victim of hunger? See uncle, do whatever you want. Just see that l remain
a minister, that’s all. But Anand. Uncle, the CM had already
ordered a secret enquiry. And the secret report had
come to him the same day. He knew much more than what l did. The daughter of the Harijan,
Sonya was pregnant.. ..because of your son’s misdeeds. And you were trying to sweep
that matter under the carpet. My luck is not favoring
me these days. Bring, bring that phone here. Yes, please give it to the CM. Greetings, sir. l am Raosaheb
Tople speaking. You are angry on me for no reason. l want to meet you but you
don’t seem ready for that. l have work, sir. You are aware
of the situation, aren’t you? l am seeing that but please let go
off your inhibitions, will you? l have wronged you. l ask for
forgiveness. Damn! My work is like that. Dogs are devouring the chickens.. ..and the master says.. ..come my faithful and have
these stale biscuits. My son has lit lamps and
we are left stranded. Sir, my heart is clean. Remove the
ill feelings and lets unite. My heart is also clean, Rao Saheb. How can that be dirty? Yes,
there was a bit of trouble.. ..but l have taken it in my stride. Whatever it is we know each other
for a long time now, isn’t it? You are my brother-in-law. Now that’s like family. Then, can l come there for dinner? Yes, yes. Do tell elder sister then. lt’s over at last. ln a way, that man
is of a pure heart. Anand, the strings of relationships
are very delicate after all. What’s this? A truck
blocking the way? Who is there? Whose truck is this? Where have all of them gone? Hey boys, what are you
all doing to me? Long live the Dalits!
Long live the Dalits! Long live the Dalits! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar!
Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar! Long live the Dalits! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar!
Long live the Dalits! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar!
Long live the Dalits! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar!
Long live the Dalits! Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar!
Long live Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar! lt is very easy to oppose. You come and sit here.. ..and run the government smoothly
for even one day. But you should at least give
us a chance, isn’t it? You don’t get a chance
just like that. You have to earn it through
the ballot box. Our path of socialism is
acceptable to both the.. ..working class as well as
the middle class people. That’s the reason they have
kept us in power for so long. You win our chair by the
democratic process,.. ..and we will go and
sit in your place. And we will do what
you are doing today. Mr. Minister, this incident of
Chirangute starvation death.. ..has become very serious and major. There should be a judicial enquiry
into this matter immediately. Yes, it should be done. Silence please, silence please. Dattajirao, you speak. Mr. Speaker, we don’t need
the opposition convincing.. ..the house about the question
of starvation deaths.. ..being very serious and shocking. The administration is not that dumb. The enquiry into this matter of
starvation death is nearly complete. But if the house will not be
satisfied even with this then.. ..a judicial enquiry
will also take place. The chief minister has time and
again given assurances to the house. Hence, l feel that there is
no reason for a dialogue.. ..on this matter in the house. What happened?
– Anand, a very bad news. There’s a wireless message.
While he was on his way.. Khara, Raosaheb was
overtaken by a mob. WHAT? They blackened his face and
paraded him on a donkey. l feel that this may have
been done by the people.. ..who were aggrieved by the
murder of those Harijans. Because, when they were fleeing
they were shouting.. ..slogans of Babasaheb
Ambedkar’s name. l have instructed the police to
enquire strongly in this matter. But, we have nothing concrete
as yet. What do you feel? ls this enough or anything
more should be done? What is your take on this? lt is very difficult, uncle. Who is the true culprit
behind this episode.. will be very difficult to nail
the mastermind behind this episode. Who? ls that Dighu? Hey see.. ..l am organizing a press
conference today. Where? – ln Prospect Chambers.
– When will that be? Five in the evening.
You better be there. From your viewpoint it is going to
be a very important conference. What are you going to declare..
in the conference? l am going to declare the names
of ten of the biggest.. ..smugglers in Mumbai. l am going to challenge your CM. Catch them or we will name you
as the smugglers government. See D’costa, just declaring names
won’t result in their capture. Buddy, you need some proof for that. Let’s see. And even if
we show them proof,.. ..the government will
still not catch them. Because, the smugglers have
their contacts even in Delhi. Look Dighya, this is nothing. l will also declare the bumper
offer your CM has made to me. That of making me
the labor Minister. Why, can’t you believe it? l have got the tape where
he has made that proposal. l am going to play that tape today. You know what, we had
a fabulous meeting. On a terrace that was
unmarked and very high. Just see how l tear the mask off
the face of your chief minister. Hey, why are you so silent? No, no. See D’costa, l am coming
to the conference. Surely. Yes. Dighu Tipnis here. l am editor Naravane speaking.
You come to the office. There is news for you. – Yes, l know.
The press conference of D’costa. No, Shanti is in hospital. She was admitted on Friday. She is very serious.
– How did you come to know? There was a message for you at the
office. So, l called you immediately. Which hospital?
– J.J., General ward. l will leave then. What happened, doctor? – How are
you related to the patient? l am not related, l know her. Were you her customer
or were you her pimp? She won’t know of your arrival. lf
possible, come at the last moment. lf you feel that the corpse should
not be treated as abandoned. Any medicines, etc?
– lt won’t be of any help. lt’s the same with them. Do as
much business as possible.. ..and then come to the
hospital to die. Give your number to the nurse.
She will inform you.. The well known labor leader, Mr.
D’costa.. ..was fatally attacked
on the Thane highway. He has been operated on his brain
and he is in a serious condition. The doctors have said. The police are on the lookout
for the attackers. He was going to make an important
declaration in the.. conference that he had
called in the evening today. Who do you think attacked D’costa? The incident is being investigated.
l think we.. ..should be patient till
the report gets tabled. Do you think that the criminals
will be severely punished? lt is possible that they will
be severely punished. Even if the criminals
are highly placed? Of course, even if they
are highly placed. Why was D’costa not
given any protection? Especially when he was crusading
against smugglers. lf he had asked for it, he
would surely have got it. But, he didn’t want anything
from the Government. See. – One minute. When a
prominent labor leader is.. ..fatally attacked, should
we assume that.. ..the law and order situation
is ideal in this state? Deshpande, you are hail
and hearty, isn’t it? Wait, let me answer him. See,
we try our very best to keep.. ..the law and order situation
in this state under control. But even we have our limitations. But, to conclude that the
government is to be solely.. ..responsible would
be totally wrong. lt is said that D’costa
had a meeting with you. How much is the truth in that? Yes, it is hundred percent true. Was he threatened to abort the
anti-smuggler’s crusade? Why did he accuse the government? There must be some reason. Was he told to keep mum
about the smugglers? One at a time. See, regarding
this, l won’t be able to.. ..comment on this without the
permission of Mr.D’costa. And for that we will have to wait
till at least he recovers. What he says will you agree to it? lf it is reasonable enough,
l will agree to it. ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we hope for
those few rays of light?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Why should we wait for
who were never there?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Look how the sun surrenders
to darkness?” ”Again light up the
torches of life.” Greetings, greetings
– Greetings Manikseth. You have decorated
the house so well. Congratulations to you.
– For what? At last you have entered the arena. What to do there was
nothing else to do. This is my daughter-in-law. She
is the one who looks after.. ..more than half of my politics. ls that so? Good. Ok, where
is Satyanarayan veneration? Oh yes, Satyanarayan veneration.
Take him inside. Daddy is always talking about you. Does he talk good things or bad? Of course good things. ln fact,
one of his major worries.. that you are
not there with him. Hail Lord Satyanarayana,
hail Lord Satyanarayana ‘Lord Satyanarayan, come
what may, he has to fall’ ‘You have to bless me
with the CM’s chair’ ‘Just that much is what l
want from you in blessing’ Hail God! Hail God! Yes, tell me. Tell me whatever you
want without fear, Manik sir. Should l speak?
– Yes speak. So, then who is going to
be the Chief Minister? You become the CM. Will you? l
am not hungry for that post. But the people from our camp are
insisting on me getting that post. Yesterday, l got a feel
of the things in the.. ..informal meeting that
we had yesterday. No, no l just want to say that
whatever has to be done.. ..whatever has to be decided
should be with a common vote. So that we don’t have
difference of opinions. Also, the Konkan camp supports me. ln fact, that is a totally
different point. What you are saying is absolutely
true. We don’t want any
difference of opinion. Whatever is to be decided
has to be unanimous. Talking of myself, whether
l get the executive post.. ..or not, it is one and the same. Now we have a common
goal, Appasaheb. Yes. The ouster of our common enemy. We will do like this. We have 66 and you must
be having.. 40. l have 68.. 68. Sixty-eight. l have 40 from Marathwada. Also, l have Nagar, Vidarbha. The
whole Vidarbha is not with you. ls that so? According
to what l know, it is. l have got the list. Here, look. l think you should again get
your figures. Otherwise.. My list is final. That maybe true.. ..but there are some names that l
can see are loyal to me. lf you don’t trust me
then forget it. Give.. Hey, hey when did l say that
l don’t trust you, Manik sir? ln fact my name spells trust. But if you talk of Miraj politics,
then the CM should be from our side. Who is refuting that? But everybody
should be satisfied, isn’t it? Also, there are other
portfolios where.. ..the balance can be maintained. The most important is the Home
Dept. That you can hold. l have a suggestion, Appa Saheb. l think you should create
the post of Deputy CM. By all means, l will.
You take that too. What l mean to say is
you be the deputy CM. That means justice will
be served in every way. l have accepted it. Or rather l
have reasoned myself to accept it. But how will my unit be satisfied,
that is the question. There will be a way out of this,
l am sure of that. Papa, Dattaji Jadhav had called. What is he saying?
– He is coming. The news of Satyanarayan
has reached him. That’s good. Let him come then. ls Dattajirao coming? -Yes.
– Then even l will wait. Even l have not met him in a long
time. On that note, l can meet him. Will you wait?
– Yes. – Ok, let’s sit inside. Dabhade’s farmhouse? So he
has gone there? Ok, ok, ok. Satyanarayan? Great, great, great. Yes, Manikrao will surely be there. lf there is Satyanarayan,
then he has to be there. Ok then, inform me if you
get any information. Come, come. Papa is waiting
for you. – Good, good. Where is he? – We will go there
but before that venerate.. ..Satyanarayan.
– Oh yes! For us power is God. Come
– Come. Hello, Hasan. Tell me. What? There was a raid in the
warehouse at Grant Road? How many people were caught? And goods? Have tea. l don’t know anything Sir.
– Who is number two? Tell me who is number two?
– l don’t know anything Sir. Where is Mehta sir?
– l don’t know, Sir. Where was the consignment
from Dubai offloaded? l don’t know anything, Sir.
l don’t know anything. Ok. Let him go. Sir. Ok. l will look into it. Ok. Let me think. This is the historic need of
the hour. That’s what l feel. That’s why l decided to come here,
even without an invitation. lf the three of us get together,
then nothing is impossible. We are a force to reckon with. What do you say, Manikrao?
What? Yes, yes. From the viewpoint of Maharashtra
as well as the.. ..whole country this event will
have far reaching effects. Then, considering all these we
should be planning our next moves. There is no question of that. l have noted down the points
of what l want to say. l will present them in front
of you, if you say. Greetings Sir, l am Huzoor
Bazar speaking. – Tell me. Forgive me sir, there is
a problem. – Of what? l don’t know how do l tell you, sir. Be quick and be precise. The customs department had raided
a den of smugglers, sir. So then? – On that, we have
got some information, sir. Go on, l can understand. -There
are some names, sir. Then raid their premises
and arrest them. That’s true sir, but.. – But what?
– How do l tell you, sir? But.. in that.. your
brother-in-law’s name.. – Who? Yes Sir, your wife’s brother.
Mr. V.V. Deshmane. Even we couldn’t believe
it at first. First verify the news and
then call, Huzoor Bazaar. l have called only after
verifying, sir. l have with me some documents. Our information is correct.
– Then.. What should be done now? We need
an order for further action, sir. We are very sorry, sir. But
we will do whatever you say. What should l do, sir? Do what you feel is right. Ok. Sir. Thank you, sir. Sir, sir what is happening?
Vasundhara, smuggled gold. May god curse him for these deeds!
But what is happening to you, sir? l am feeling uneasy. There is pain
in the chest on my left side. My head is spinning. l am
sweating a lot. You.. You.. call the doctor. – Yes, l
will. First you lie on the bed. And l have ten. That makes 82. lf the main opposition
party joins in then.. ..we can topple this government. Yes, but before that l will have to
talk with the opposition party. l don’t think that it is needed.
l am in contact with them. They will bring in the
no confidence movement. Yes. But there are certain things
that have to be decided beforehand. l hope you have not made any
commitments to the opposition. See, l don’t like disorganized
behaviour. Whatever was discussed with
the opposition party.. ..l will surely tell you. Before that, it is very imperative
to clear one thing. The matter is in a way, delicate.
But important. The opposition party will not
promote their candidate.. ..only if l become
the Chief Minister. Otherwise, they were demanding for.. ..nothing less than the
Chief Minister’s seat. This is great. How can these things
be decided without a mandate? No, no it is true that this is a
bit irregular but still we should.. ..think calmly about this
matter, Manikrao. The power should not be
wrested from our party.. ..that is more important.
– That is true. So what l suggest is
that we should have.. more meeting
between ourselves. And.. – l am a staunch
supporter of democracy. But if the idea itself fails,
then.. Already we have less time. Let it be. But everything should
be done in an orderly manner. Do you think that the Chief
Ministership is a joke? That problem should be well
thought about and resolved. So, in short, why don’t you
clearly state that you want.. be the Chief Minister.
– Good, good, good. lf that is what you think, then
it is not going to help us much. lnfighting between ourselves
will not take us anywhere.. ..but we should all focus on
solving this problem at hand. Ok, tell me what do you think
about my suggestion? l think, we should hold the post
chief ministership by rotation. That means, for example,
if we go by seniority.. ..then first l will
be chief minister. Then, it will be Dattaji,
after him Manikrao. ln fact, l don’t say that seniority
should be the only criterion. However, if and only if seniority
is taken to be a criterion. Excuse me, Papa, papa there
is a call for you. What is it, dear? – The CM has
suffered from a heart attack. What? – Heart attack? – Yes, he
has been shifted to a hospital. He must have taken more
tension, what else? Let’s rush to the hospital
– Come let’s go. Yesterday, he was in
good condition. Come. We had talked just in the morning.
He was in good condition. That’s true. But he
doesn’t rest at all. He doesn’t heed anybody’s advice at
all. Let’s see. The cardiogram.. ..has been taken. The diagnosis
still has to be done. Ok, it will be all right. ‘There was excellent rainfall
in the past couple of days.. most of the southern
Maharashtra.’ ‘The news that the cabinet
is facing a divide.. ..has been strongly refuted
by Anandrao Tople.’ See Panitkar. The consignment
tonight is very big. Four launches are arriving.
Trucks will be ready. This operation is risky you
will have to go personally. Ramu will pick you up at five
o’clock from Worli Sea face. Ramu possesses a weapon. lt
is ok if you don’t have any. Handle the customs. Panetkar sir, Mehta sir has
received orders from above. Which orders? ‘Twinkle twinkle little star.
How l wonder what you are? Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.’ ‘Twinkle twinkle little star.
How l wonder what you are?’ Happy birthday, sir.
– Thank you, thank you. Heartiest congratulations, sir.
Now how is your health? By God’s grace, it is good now. The credit for this goes to
those two doctors of course. You see me here just
because of them. What had exactly happened
to you, sir? We had heard that it was not
a heart attack at all. That.. what is it called?
To tell you the truth.. ..even l don’t know what
exactly happened. ln fact, that’s a fact that
my heart is very strong. But sir, some of your friends say
that you don’t have a heart. ls that so? There are people
who cannot see it. Sir, how strong is the present
state government? lt is very stable. lt has
no danger to its heart. There are rumors that more
resignations are on the way. Let them come. New blood
can be groomed. Sir, any gifts for the people
on occasion of your birthday? Of course, l am going to make an
important announcement today. The increasing responsibilities
of the state and.. ..our commitment for
decentralization as far as possible.. ..hence for these two reasons.. ..our party has decided to alter
and extend the cabinet. l have got this plan approved
successfully by Delhi. l am grateful to the Prime
Minister for that. Now, l would like to talk
about our senior leader.. ..and my personal friend, Dabhade. Even if he has declared that
he is not fit to handle.. ..the affairs of the finance
ministry, still we value.. ..his encouragement and his
immense experience and.. ..want him to be with us. That
is the reason, Nagare sir.. l would like to give him
the social welfare and.. ..sports ministry. ln fact, if for any reason he is
not able to carry out the function.. ..then those portfolios will
have to be reconsidered. Papa, papa. Papa, there
was a call just now. You are in the cabinet of ministers. Social welfare department. l see. So he is giving me the
social welfare department. So, it seems he has not found
any other way to insult me. Ok. You inform them of my refusal. And now we will transfer base
to Nagpur for some days. This battle is not over yet. And
it will also not be over too. The number of ministers has been
increased from 14 to 1 7.. ..and deputy ministers
will number to 2225. ‘The number of ministers has been
increased from 14 to 1 7.. ..and deputy ministers
will number to 2225.’ ‘The number of ministers has been
increased from 14 to 1 7.. ..and deputy ministers
will number to 2225.’ The restructured cabinet will
have a deputy chief minister. The finance ministry has been
given to Manikrao Patil.. ..he has also been appointed
the Deputy Chief Minister. ‘The finance ministry has been
given to Manikrao Patil.. ..he has also been appointed
the Deputy Chief Minister.’ ‘The finance ministry has been
given to Manikrao Patil, he has.. ..also been appointed the
Deputy Chief Minister.’ ‘The finance ministry has been
given to Manikrao Patil, he has.. ..also been appointed the
Deputy Chief Minister.’ Dattajirao Jadhav will look
after the Revenue Ministry.. ..along with Ministry of lndustries. And Anandrao Tople will look after
the labour and irrigation ministries. And keep in mind that,
in the new structure.. Anandrao Tople and Buddhajirao
have become Ministers. And Buddhajirao will look after the
Education and Cultural Ministry. ‘And keep in mind that,
in the new structure..’ ‘Anandrao Tople and Buddhajirao
have become Ministers.’ ‘And keep in mind that,
in the new structure..’ ln the new structure, Konkan
has been represented.. ”Again burn the torch of life.”

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  1. Thank you very much for posting full movie this great movie, earlier only part I was only available and could not find 2nd part.

  2. उच्च क्वालिटीत अपलोड केल्यासाठी धन्यवाद
    Great movie

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