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Different continents world
Mainly separated. Divided into various countries, continents. Countries in various districts
Opted to separate. In 2014 the district of Andhra Pradesh
Opted te?igu district allocated. Hyderabad te?igu
Since the permission. Kisagapa??anam capital district anadra
If the decision were made to us as. To correct it, but because the laws,
Rama Krishnan came kami?anar killed because … Amaravathi capital city
Which was named. The reason for the killing, until today
With no found … Andhra Parliament
Confused. Be silent. Now home minister Moses
You can submit their ideas. I had gone to collect the Hon
Have taken a decision. If it were approved by the House. Who killed kami?anarva that within two months?
Because what Macy. We will certainly find. First, what decision
I stay in this church. Indian home minister Ramanathan
We have spoken with Mr. He was a skilled police ni?adhariyekva our
States have to send. Why our talented US police
Does nobody officials? There. But years of
Not find anything. It Games like our vayisag
Sennel visibility town, Tuttuku?i rains in various
Winning things done. South Africa go until jatyantara
Criminals who get arrested. Very powerful police ni?adhariyekva
Is going to be imported. Who is he? Single lion. Singer door.translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Have seen pictures of the lion, Cinema has seen, seen on TV
The Why? The ku?uvet seen. Gambiratvayen jungle
Ever seen walking? From hunting frenzy alone
I have seen? Life throws pulled tons
Wretch heavy half. Spend? Spend? Come … Put village by village, leaving the city
City Fights targeted, Watching a lion jumping scammers target. Hanged’ll send. Indian Ocean King. Wherever you are in the world. I’ll be your front. Arrested. Gonna get arrested
Beds come into prison. But another police colony ni?adhariyekva
There is no room here to bring the law. This is the case
Cbi transferred together. They through him
As representatives brought. Kami?anarge murder. More responsibility laws viyisag
Procedure will give it to him. New cop brother
Nommare found. Tell number. 89781 Doreyisi?ham not you? The Tamil Nadu police. Do not come in Andhra Pradesh. You vayisag station
Fig puts together. Wretch cut your leg. What the fuck do you mean?
What did it? Without suddenly cut hair
Come, and say Go cut. Its not only the leg,
Bell with kapapan. Hey madurasikarayage
Ugullapan eyes. Madras is not yet.
Indians. Who’s calling me that? Who’s Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
I did speak to the police that? Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, te?ingana,
Karnataka, Kerala to … All the US is
Is allocated. Not taking into consideration individual countries by step. I am Indian police officer. Police ni?adhariyekda? Sir, I’m sorry, sir
Autographed sir. Sir, sir, please be autographed. Come see this today in the sub-commissioner Nadu
A lot of thugs trousers undress. Someone you
If such a mess. Sir saves hat? – Belt saves sir?
– Hey. Who are you? Officer Prophet
Stay coming out a bit. I’m sorry, sir,
Autographed sir. – You.
– I, I, sir Science. Morning train paledi autographed
You were not asked. I just thought I ask.
Is critical not stand. Take my autographed
What are going to do? Thugs public place, leaving ten-eight lifts
Any police officer not dare tread. You’re a hero, including me
Police Department. Durai Singh, I
Like lions, sir. Girls Police Stations
Should not come on. Then towards home
Can you come, sir? – I do not like talking oneva?a come.
– B. If a side, then go to
Ready to hear that, sir. Sir Dark officer
I said. But the weight put 12 people hurt way it
I did not know was Sir officer. What they Who hit me
Tried to find out here? – Sir, sir’ve heard played.
– Leather. But they say the reason
Very low, sir. – Monavaluda?
– This is not, you knew beds blue shirt. And it was not like the route.
I came to play it … Does she like blue? – Then you’re free now.
– Sir efayiar put sir. S probably just sent. – Why have torn?
– What, sir, did not that hard officer. Says lightly
Going to call. Sir kami?anarge murder of all
Varthavakma have on the file, sir. Yo I kami?anarge murder
Come find mærumada. Andhra Pradesh came to eat biryani alka
I’ll look to rest for two months … Refunds day started. I’ll SA Srinivasan.
The constable hanumant. To support you in this case
Cbi mean to have. Soon this matter is
Do not know anyone. – Yes, sir.
– That the file should not be one that hug the corner. But it’s all the details
Send soft copy laptop together. – Definitely, sir.
– Ni?adhariyekgema every character, I need two days of service reports. – Including you.
– Sir. Morning when the train
I have to call someone. ?? collar on BV
I came selvananda. Sir, he re??ige branch. – You emes Reddy.
– Yes, sir. Vayisag’s own own power. Rather to intimidate
Businessman and a dada. Central Minister Ram
Prasad’s assistant. Re??ige ænumætiya without vayisag Kingdom
Containers also can not, can not inject. He’s humble
Also know the ones … Not by those opposing
Re??ige playful solo. Ban decides not you?
Have put a police state. Find out who killed it kami?anarva
Have come to look for. It’s gone vanala tail. You did know is that murder touched
What are you doing if kept inside? Police helpers
Hæppunot with … Show must win. C’mon, get back. Do Nader’s call sir. Wait. – Sir Reddy would call sir.
– On your speakers. Mr. Nader’s Prasad. Nader’s Chairman s?ilhi
And the Managing Director. The richest person in India on
And Australian citizen. His father Ram Prasad
Central minister. Mother Rebecca
British kannatavak. – Sir officials are waiting, sir.
– Tell me eat lunch. The total iron industry osi
Take contract. India’s own iron
So he imported four factories. The Australian Government … Imports, exports Commissioner
Brand has given him. – Hi Victor.
– How is the food? Delicious. – That agreement where Steve.
– What? – Do not hit my wife.
– Where is the agreement that Steve? – What agreement?
– You put the agreement with the University of Melbourne against me. Is this the way you behave? I’ll tell you. – That bank locker.
– What the Bank of? – Bank of Melbourne.
– I want to take him to Melbourne tonight agreement. Victor, please …
Leave her. I’m sorry babies, but your husband
This is why I wanted you to play. An Indian husband … If his wife was on the first
Of course I’ll have invaded the attack. Married to stretch him. your
Bed and good people will. Do not worry, your wounds
To better treatments will. How did you injured? – I fell in the fourth floor.
– No. You fell down the first floor. – All right.
– Talk to my chopper together. Come on … fast.
Looking, all right. – Hello, my son.
– Mom and dad with you? The Darling Nader. The father vayisag
Reddy spoke to me. He police officers
Cbi and more … That all happened because of home minister. Cbi director is my friend.
I got it. Take care of it yourself. That s where Constable Vera. Kan?ubajar tangamva
Touch go, sir. She monogamy great man. The liberty to go sir. His sister, you look down. Leave … Why Ban
Come pick me up? Not marriage
Was our sister. You came in love. – Love. – Leather.
– Travel Anthem songs that ta?game ta?game. Think I die? – Interpol.
– B. You arrested
Sale come from. – Hey.
– Hey. You’re right, but the police have
Fuli? (idiot), but has the right I came to love you. – Oh Rama.
– You’re my first step Koorai bandage. After my arrest.
Then I … Oh, I grow less. But the appearance of the gym. Oh, I’m too thin. But sing genius. Our sister a virgin. Visa Dist …. my pig. Hey, you’re from ke??uva?ayi size, songs
Why rely on talented sister like you. I ?eyi songs Songs
If you would like your sister. The one original song
Anirud man sang. He too, I ke??uva?ayi M
Style are together, man. He came to lift like the city sister
Conscription tiyapalla fools. Kami?anarge murder case. Who Viewed Inspector? I am, sir? Last Mobile that he used
Why did not you phone back yet? Happened at the murder in groups exist
Sir, do not get looked. Men fled next door
Asked the kids. Sir, could not find. – Sir, sir tea.
– B. – Sorry, sir.
– Give younger. – Pere.
– Sir, sir, there was a new DC. New. Singer Sir her door. You
How are here? – Yo, you all know in advance?
– Know? Sinhabahu This one lion! Sir, my village
Tuttuku?i is, sir. That you Tangaraja gallows
Sentence given tree. Bayi from Daniel until palayamu??a
Lentils twelfth profusely prison shop .. All I understand, sir, sir ..
Good wife at home there, sir? Yo do not need nobody sir .. What? -vivahayama Did not happen .. When Yee cinuvasu sir marriages
I was in town, man .. Sergei wedding picture
Wait for the paper .. Cut to all
I have got man .. Spend? Spend? Spend? Constable Sir -samavenna ..
Sir’re to come home? No .. Seelan sir? Not with me .. Seelan sir? Divorce ..
Sir, What do you say? Come on in detail tell ..
Sir, sir … Come talk .. -samavenna
Sir, sir .. I Weeraman Now go, sir, coming
No sir, the one that Sir .. Komi?narge murder racketeers AC
Krisnarajanva I want to see .. She Medical’m on holiday, sir ..
Fucking medicine … … Every day to drink at night Royal
Sir casino coming together .. You know it’s her? -halo
What agitate? Just came to work for
Do not want to show like? What’s Casino Royale is?
Go balamuko .. Do not test,
Is fun .. Sahoyagaya?a na?apuvama together .. Without significant
My son a grain dishes .. Sir! Was it important .. You’re the komi?nar virababu?
-kami?narda? Let komi?nar -jaya ..! You think I like Big C
Pere is not .. JC? No, .. Næh? -a DC ..? General PC .. -o see .. Eve tibunaden What do you want? What do household chores .. See who? PC dorasi?gam here
Does not work? What attracts? Because our sir
It’s, it’s talking about? We are friends, right
Is to make .. Sir … Your friend walks .. He’s a friend who said that? -that day
Autographed became friends got replaced .. Some note of really shared?
-Yes.. Photo taken with the best friends .. What are you? Always come here?
When else did want to come, sir? What do you want? Sir, you
Like courageous police … Officers … I like very much ..
That is why friends did .. The friends I do not works ..
I’m married .. But if you divorce .. Eyi worked up Who said that? Give males caught capsules
Good girls do not add … Done … that’s not good to
I expect that there .. Pinching skin .. What’s to talk?
What young girl talking? Sorry .. sorry ..
Rev .. I think you’re angry, it’s my ..
Wrong, I’ll see you later .. Yo ass ..! He drags coming with a friend?
Sir, the boys tell the truth … No … not that girl lying
I have got my grandmother sir .. Where the fuck is your grandmother? -u?a Sir .. -acci Out ..! Everyone in front of friends
Ashamed to say .. A shame, but if I race,
The split brings them anymore .. I shame, upbringing
No nothing .. It.. And just let me walk
Go owl courts ..translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Yes .. -mama Kavya
“India Cycle” from .. Tell office signed helpings ..
Go lost two checks .. It is wrong, well, we do ..
Since the program was an emergency .. First check
Tell incarcerate .. Subbu .. it .. Everyone with their office
To see eye to eye problems .. Before .. .. Tomorrow is looking good sir .. It was not like a no show .. .. Looks like a lack of Yes, sir! Sir, here makes from shops
Have a complaint, sir .. what? -It’s For coffee
Ga?ja add karanavalu .. Add the cream of opium karanavalu ..
-Come on.. How’s that taste misused see ..
It .. Veeramani, sir, where are you? CM mall ..
-Mother! Alas, she never Abi .. Sir, sir re??ig man
Lift that boy go, sir .. Abi, my child .. Abi -tatte my child .. .. Abi! Where the fuck are you taking? Ban Yo and relax .. If the income tax officer, Why is your four hands?
No one got kan?aner sender kivvalune .. Signature moves, the documents please ..
-mehema Wait .. My Narcissism play? One Australian kan?aner, too re??ige
Kan?aner one .. sender are not supposed to .. Sign .. Who are you to say that, sir? Veeramani heyi .. Police entered the poojas
Help do? Stop re??ige kan?aner
Anyone to do .. D .. Oh .. Abi -eyi! Sorry? what
Chah here? What’s that have it on the kan?aner
I do not sign, sir known .. Does puts signature? Signature dogs- door or neck
Touch bottom hand’ll have to say? Are you talking to? G?nunge blurted
Hands off? It’s a bad habit, right? Mother, sister, sister,
Except for .. All the other girls who .. Like staring at the wrong man? Go .. Go …. Do not open hand man ring .. Police holding the hand of someone?
Much courage? Now these four kan?enar consideration ..
After four hundred kana?aner can catch .. Maintain the right moment waiting .. Left all kan?aner?
All the same in terms of aragattada? Car sale .. ?eyi, DC, to tell you guys .. His province, sir, outside her
Can not do nothing, sir .. Sir, you Reddy
Must see, sir .. Hey, that you dare ..
Sir want to go see .. Reddy did not realize this until Sir ..
Police do not exercise in the leg, sir .. Sir officers is
Go look him .. Come on, I can not say I said ..
Sir! Did not come to DC
Re??i said .. Car bitch .. Reddy sir! DC .. I dorasi?gam -kiyapan .. If the same word
You’ll like .. I know that your man
Good kavuruvat not know .. That’s why you get out
Walks do not look around .. Understand, one day you
I want to come home .. Inevitably, we
To meet the day .. Forget your life
Not a day to .. Do not understand .. -oyage birthday
A day can be .. Your marriage can be a day .. Inside the station’s notice what was coming .. ?eyi
Are you doing a sandwich? Round -kaju a sandwich sir .. ?eyi, chickpeas and balls, right man?
The constant gram balls .. The ball hits his nuts sir .. Early tricky kidding?
She kidding? Silin?are?a trousers
Wore a placard like .. Official greatest jokes .. What’s the question, sir? Gram ball,
Cashew ball to tell .. Fun, wish it was given four .. Here Wimala [big
Orange] orange to eat .. Thanks! Yo, this Kamala [small
Orange] orange man, huh .. This is Kamala oranges, the
Her sister Wimala orange .. Edako?a this, his mother amala oranges? This orange pamila his grandmother? Yes, brother, do not you? I do not know .. You know? Sister
Brothers, sister in law tell? Sir, the autopsy report .. The bullet komi?narge her local products
One gun shot tabapu sir .. From one lot have grabbed
Shot sir .. We passed ninhamuvemu satuti ..!
-anivaryayen Sir .. Sir coming Sciences Sir, you
Seem to love sir .. Sir, sir, I was here to see you, sir ..
What is this? Says public place, sitting close walks ..
Okay … Private place to …
Can you sit up, sir? -nægi?inna Uprising .. Sir .., Sir, you need to talk to my Mom ..
What do here, but talk .. I .. you .. Mom loves you … Sir, I’m not .. -karanne? Oh -and what science said this?
Sir .. Need I love that hook avane -buruvada Ass ..? First, go here ..
-kohe?ada Sir? Where is the lounge look that she attends,
-ehemayi Going .. sir! Now, Our pere! Sir, I’m telling you
Tell you .. This is my basic certificate,
This is my walks … … The main form Workshops
And this is my ID .. Sir, I IPL
Write going sir .. You can learn something you marry Track
Is that your hook is coming, sir .. Soon accounts corrections ..
Okay, ma’am! Then commemorative notes ID
Although the card show .. B .. that way accept your sir? Come on girls good girls train station
No, Mom, come on the radio station … … Good, fire fighting center
Danavane laws that do not go good Grandmothers sir .. Hello! -mama Need to see you right now .. Here’s where I’m .. Here? A company helpings lounge ..
Room No. 406 .. Excuse me, where’s restroom here?
See -u?a .. Thanks! Ban’s restroom where she got excuses
Kakussiya show? -what? what? Lounge, Lounge area
Room, each taking bat?m … … Places that have even
Only lounge that do not .. Pork [Pantry] Room ..
Pigs given a room .. That was not the police check
You say that is false .. You know .. See you have thought .. Something that matter dipped ..“Our dad girl boy
See the matter have told … font>… you did not? ” Font>[Singer
Indicating that the first film] font>406 move in, sir .. Eyi .. are you doing here? It tibunaden, you
.on Doing here? What’s lounge and out ..
Lounge got to go? The lounge is implemented b?vena I
Looking for and finding a layer at a time .. Come on, you began to rest
Show Room .. I want to see .. our lounge, sir
There is going to rest .. You mean lounge
What is known to that? -what? But that is in the toilet .. Toilet? -Yes! You mean kakussiya? Sir, I’m gonna go find that .. I will go.. Leather! Complaints do wrong, sir ..
GRAND woman with a come .. OK No, sir! She know who? my wife.. I said I was divorced .. Stay well, dear! Come on, Mr. .. Please remove
To your floor .. I can not take it ..
It’s my wedding necklace .. I can do this off my wedding ring ..
Why do not you? I am Indian woman,
We have a tradition .. Okay! Marriage was soon learned .. You have a problem like this city
Sent one hitapuvama mokaddo like .. Sir, the other state poojas
For help if there .. It Nadu police
Received respectability sir .. If you know the language of northern India poojas
Not as a komi?nar sir .. Okay! Huh, I like taking city
Be afraid to work in fear .. Two months is .. You Go .. Edako?a these two months you have your mom,
Father can stay home .. If your father wants
Can do in the office .. So I think .. -ham idea! Chennai office without vayisaf office
If targeting innamko room .. I do not meet you do not call ..
Who do you meet me show you .. At least have your close
I am glad that you have .. Okay! My wife, family avant
Have that here … Is less sensitive to a lot of people …
Was carefully .. Investigations aspect necklace [basement]
‘Can not take off my wife .. I did not tell him to divorce ..
Hey, great sir! My wife is great, O .. Napping, leaving Constable
Come quickly fell .. What happened? What
Did not ask for? Sir, sir, you said head headache ..
Tekayi stuff boxes … Get the dispensary, sir … bow ..
Alcohol collapsed threw sir .. ?eyi ??napping can get Mahdi profusely treatment
Would? First, get to the hospital .. Go, go take from them ..
Govindan you just go .. Yes, sir! What’s most agreeable medicine? Here, sir .. “Æn?ksal” This Srinivasan .. What tablet
Google do that .. Expiration date
Makala is .. Sir, this Australian
Tablets sir .. How the Australian tablet .. Boxes of stuff does? How come that the tablet store
Who gave that … … Testing done to me ..
-anivaryayen Sir .. Okay, sir .. .. better check Do not go in uniform, official .. Who gets you this medicine?
Ouch .. Srinivasan Someone Barbara
Grand is Sir .. The nurse told him how medicine
Sir .. check in about thirty minutes. Sir office in No, no license is also ..
Provided you sir .. Check’ll tell her who’ve made?
Prabhakar one of re??i?a that sir .. Okay, anything else to test
Do not come back .. policemen What happened?
-eka Murder .. See you all said .. Tell kri?naraj -em.el.e ..
Someone kill all the dogs leave, sir .. It has no -kra?naraj consists ..
That did not call to .. See Meta komi?narva walks three times
.. There know who this guy? His office thousand coming in ..
How do I know everybody? Dear! come here.. Wait, get in .. Speak to get fun ..? Not find anything
Stop all .. The dead man did not come back .. Why does your mom say after? -ara Support
Komi?nar investigation’m here .. As their name suffering around four questions
My hand had blurted ?amayinge Grand .. Look for her sorrow for her
She did not know anyone? My ?amayinge finish school
As soon as we’re going to leave the village .. The one wearing my clothes police
Do not tread on the door of the house, please .. Please .. Sir komi?narge wife
That is false, but .. is it? Yeah Sir support komi?nar kri?naraj
Komi?nar?a that time not tired of talking .. Howell, who copied Network
Sir, no, no pictures .. That same day, take a look at the guy and said reports ..
Now the report … … He’s just like ..
That is sækahitenne .. The last I heard Mom Questions
Tried to look angry .. It ..We had a true witness to
Someone who believes more than feelings … I’m all right … .. he is done
Network vartava?ama hand profusely, but .. Can you, sir? The constant year
Few institutions that provide phone … … Profusely recorded calls is
We’re investigating .. Why are they wrong to do good? Yeah clearing
GM permission from MD regard pushes sir .. Why not give? Million a year
Company earned the next ten … … How fifteen million year
See discussions go make kiyalane worry. Now reduced their profit
Call rupee client … How … one less
Let you think? Children do not have the sneaking ..
Even though doubts can think of .. I want to hack the network .. Knowledge with Sir ..! “Then a virus to kill the virus” He’s banking system hacking done sir UBC
Ten million have done eight stolen .. She changed the girl ?amayinge photo
Made up of WhatsApp sent -navatvanna ..! To say .. Animals have entered the cans and trigger ..
-vahagena There? Pere, Get him profusely
Like the trigger needs .. He’s on the Network Server Celtic
What do the same hacked ..? In addition to two thousand two hundred bills together
Bill sent wrong .. Begged to watch,
Please carefully .. Did less .. That is done, sir Network hack one million
Two people and four million bill, sir .. So a company worth hundreds pa?uyi ..
-ayi, Nice man .. He komi?narge murder
I doubt that we take custody .. Yes sir .. -?eyi,
Former ?eyi Ban .. Was caught I shook? Online from the Antilles
Connection is made .. Which gas Connection? No,! Is Cable Connection? No,! Currant Connection? No,! Water Connection? -ba?u Connection .. What is a man? -tarahen Stay
A?kalla?a excited Antilles .. Ebony man and a woman who a?kalla?a Antilles ..
-nidahase Boyfriend beautiful kellan?ayi .. Connection is made .. “Items job font>International
Level’ve done .. ” This investigation may help you forget me months in prison
Sir .. What do you two do you want? Do it again!translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Your argument is right, sir .. 10 that fifty five assistant
Komi?narge phone .. Ten seconds three komi?nar?a
Call one up there .. After twelve hours, it
There makala network .. After twelve hours, it
There makala network .. Eleven paho?ova?a komi?narge signal murder
Where liability is happened is right? Muduruva?a Tower!
620 miles m .. Something’s got one …
Can you see it? Minute, sir! Only one number to
Poojas distance meters extras … … 11.12 close to walks
11.16 to go there .. There are four minutes, sir,
Is the name of mallayam sir .. Sir chance he
This is murder .. Four of those deployed in this grave
The report says that there has been death .. The network calls my number
Welfare of others like mercies … … Why call numbers
Makala station pranks? -It Can it sir ..
Can I get back? It goes two days .. .. -araganna Yes, sir .. .. -subbu I stick after I came tibbane Selva ..
Ekava fight hesitate? -adimu Sir! The number to 9493639783 to me girl
Have sent a message to that love .. I call a lot to answer
Bus, but if he did not .. Who is he? Her name?
I know what the village … What’s that man over eyi
To note that stretch before? Her name Pushpa vijayava?a village ..
Birthday November … 1994 … .. father’s name Krishna ..
My mother’s name .. Pacific Ban Ban mins mins .. The constant message
One thousand and four have sent .. The four thousand every day that Grand
Likely Missed Call has been given .. At least one lakh Miss Cole
Numbers have -?eyi pasting ..! ?eyi! .. His other honors twelve nambare?a
Money falls [reload] and prestige … Twelve years … forget me twenty years
Wait until twenty-six guys .. It is the pride of Delta forget me money
Leave .. There are -?elli from? ?eyi ??list what are the North
India go down .. A good family life,
Ekiyakda middle of this? Come sir, come in, sir .. Sir, if you’re on the zoom bar Sciences
Come and see .. -vina?i are four pole .. Sir, are you drinking? -bælæk
Kofi means one beer .. Hayi! -ham .. Good morning, sir! Please still be hearing what the police wrote
No, sir acara show upbringing done before Eat? The application needs a signature, sir ..
What is this? Learn how I shoot
The Training Academy will … … Police officer
Leave that have said .. These places are not supposed to come to Grand kids ..
Sir! Selva came .. Please go .. go .. Good morning, sir .. .. -idaganna Drink Beer! Happened a year ago
Kami?narge mæruma?ayi murder … … You have no connection
I do not know how .. But if the guy who
You definitely know .. Why are you, sir? Contact me without contact
does? -ka?avatma Do not .. Pibala to my ear .. -mama re?i?ige
Man knows, right? I re??ige man is ..
Because unnecessary as wearing him? Break inside you rely on? Tamil Nadu Police
Walks here not misleading anything .. Police said the dog reefs in Tamil Nadu
What the fuck do you got qualification? What one province to stay ahead of the gun
See what the situation, do not know .. Hit? I arrived at the train station day
Sent directly to the people … … That came to kill Department
The case put a finish .. What will? You’re not? You do not send people then? Blue clothes ædapuvama, like
Said you are not supposed to? Knowing all do not like
We played pagenama innavalu .. Fool of us did that
Are you hoping? Sir, Sir, do you need? Your
Coming home alone? -vahaganna! Look! Sir Sir arms here? Subbu Sir ..! What’s on that rice Cup
Is .. See It eyi rice god .. it
Anything not hand me the door .. Sir, sir gun .. Sir! Selva’s been arrested, sir! AUD all sir ..
Usually… … Seventy million worth of guys okay sir ..
Ban -windows you? Bottle box of rice guns ..
Australian money over .. The Australian forget me
Came havala money .. If you want to take two of Banda ..
Ussannam re?i?i! When ussannam need .. Go! -ehemayi Sir! ?eyi, Australian dollars Banda
Brother away to a good coffee .. get varella Instead, do the wave who,
DC’s in and his .. It is our man, it
How do you not know? My company in the city of spinning vayisak
Four cameras are viv?tavane .. you idiot! Australian container,
Australian medicine .. So the money should be going idanne here ..
Mokaddo impacted .. She sinuvasu Appu sir .. .on leaving
-and There, and see what Appo .. “Vyasa in corrupt
Police officer “.. What is written? -re??i?a
You’re very close .. Bribe him to take pictures,
Vyasa you afterwards … Town s … sampur?ayennarak
There were asked to .. Moreover,
Sir, in room 406 .. Grand kid you were with that one ..
-yo Who the fuck? Who wrote? Agni who have written .. Eda’s friends Agni ..
Science .. Investigations journalist .. Agni is a stray hand up three stabbed
All he can tell you the truth, sir .. Yo man .. palayalla -epa .. He has written ættane know .. Tamil Nadu police brooms
Official said that coming … … As soon as he in hot
A?ikal want to write that one .. Hyderabad forget me in our higher
Editor Yea Right have sent .. He’s working on the matter
No one knows .. Begin .For strange egg
His intention was to think .. It ‘very straight
Working one .. The IPL is a lie
They did believe that .. Officer doreyisi?gam?a
A case against …… .on Say, sir? You -karu?akarala
Who laid out had to come to vayisar .. The next one a?ikal
Photo coming out .. That too with this guy
Tamilna?uva?am daughters goes .. All heard, the village’re traveling ..
Department Your reputation is .. If we want those ten young men,
Get arrested .. Re??i’ll’ll .. What’s this guy over here .. Hey, I see, sir ..
Vayisar vala? way .. Home minis?arge home
Come soon .. Subbu?a take that moment ..
-ehemayi Sir! come here.. Do not these acts the side .. I’ve written about is wrong ..
You come here, you will be referred to bad .. Stay away from me .. Doreyisi?gam here
What’s happened? He says nothing
I can not believe .. Kami?narge murder mærume
No growth, no .. You did for one of these bad
Until the arrest did not care .. Those arrested the erring ones
Not only are the Police, sir .. Let happen wrong
Not care who is the police .. See job arrest here
Constable, Sir anyone to the SI .. Mom why Sir Nadu
Forget me want to come here? Do not get it .. else did way
Are your work, sir .. Now that all the fish
Popcorn left holding .. Can quickly blow your ass .. Fourth Police’s seal
Lion’s time I’ll show .. Then the village is guilty
Will not wait .. I understand .. dorasi?gam -tava
I came to finish the job in a week .. Komi?narge minii those deployed
sambandhaokkomalava s arrest … Get your hands … .. given article
I go to Tamil Nadu, sir .. The inspector spoke to Sir
Sir, two months before the security … Two officers shot …
Have profusely leaving kill sir .. Their body met one
Komi?narge body … … Met only one
Gun and bullets came sir .. What happened to mallayag information?
-mallayiya Driver support komi?narge sir .. Death happened the very next day kidney problem
Holiday village took medical leave that sir .. Next day medical leave ..
He was in urban? Du?pe?a for foreign Nagar close by .. What happened, please? Sir crimes .. In front of my eyes
Komi?narva shifts sir .. That night, I with AC
Go sir .. Stop that car away
He just got out. So a lot of those guys have something
See the problem was that, sir .. The moment the car komi?nar
Elavagena came alone .. How death happened?
Just now? ?eyi, what happened here is this possible? I am asking that mold? .on Angry to be done ..
I did not hear anything, sir .. Hæmovama caught I will be in jail
Undoes balapallako .. Something these words re??it
Athey case thought .. It is all done, but .. Sir, I witness a liar
Do not add as Sir .. I know the family
Then kill dayi sir .. Do not open for you until the first ..
Duty to come together .. Tell sinivas -malliya ..
That’s all right, sir information .. The four denage Signal Tower maduravasa
He’s had a distance of 30 degrees is .. Call the next twelve hours, leaving memories of places makala
Have preserved in their houses were like, sir .. You bastard! Change into the network system know ..
Knows change information .. Re??i?a mo?ayakda why so big?
This big plan a murder .. Alert! Vayisak city all crimes
Karayekgema list .. Pitt Pocket karayonge forget me
One killed komi?narva … … Until all of whose names
List of offenses. Today, every evening before
Pompously lift want .. One day a fight! Sir, I read that incorrectly written off
Do that move suddenly? Otago police minssunva
Aragannavalune arrested .. Sir, I was told that ..
DC is one of us .. Our new DC men apyi
Arrests that take re??i .. Round .. Attack! Tell b, first
The TV is turned to .. DC is not going to phone .. Komi?narge murder on
That takes you into custody .. This is true on the network card ..
This card, looking out .. I re??ege one knows, right?
Was it You’re not ashamed to say? What Sir assistant arrested because komi?narva
Uh? Before -havas tell .. Dorasi?gam Inspector Prakash AC
Why kirasnarajvayi arrested uh? Why did that man arrested in AC
No DC No one has asked … JC … not asked komi?nar, home
Minis?ar, CM æhuvet not .. You’re a criminal ..
Ban asking why? Your police department ?eyi I grants
C’mon guys a little time sions popcorn fin .. Everything I see
Not eating fox .. Just hungry appetite
The lion hunt .. Now what’s the easiest gains and hungry ..
Are mashed drunk that want to hunt .. Taxi comes forward
Ampagala ride will leave .. NB says sudden action
What is it to get to the point? Selva DC, headed to kill you ..
In order sale .. Ban’ve been running from the police .. Come to journalists
Do guns rather .. ?eyi ??Australian dollars
I go up to the sixth hot coffee? In this area, hevanællak
Kærakenavalune like .. Mahdi’ll shoot a lot
People celebrate dipali spend ..? Sir bemil kill Selvam
This the komi?narva killed? Selva dying? -mama Happy
That way you handled this case .. Thank you sir! Sorry was all wrong ..
Let me explain .. Kami?narva kill who,
Can you tell me, sir? Now .. can not wait .. What happened? -kadire
Escaped from Sir .. Stop all newspaper brother ..
Failed to stop pulling happened ..?translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Reddy village poojas
If not to .. You re??iva arrested
Ad traveling heard .. Yes sir .. -oyage “one day
Fight! “Successfully completed … … To have him now
Do not arrest .. Sir, that’s me .. What do grievous absence
Komi?narva kill to know .. Ekava arrested with evidence
If it can not come out .. Just make my decision ..
Take a lot of thought .. Stop! Evidence! He passes to hearing .. I want to hold this .. Matter, matter .. “Andhra Today ‘Office
You know where that is? Jagandambal of -yamu sir ..! Who wrote this? Who conflagration? Ekapattare religion .. There is good .. not think -man
You can break it .. Srinivasan Sir ..! Break it .. -anivaryayen sir! Sir, you limit your evict ..
Hey, your already kicked one .. Why? The investigation journalist? Secret mission? Need to write one if inspections a?ikal intact ..
Helpers going wrong behind .. Wrong desapalaniyekge
Going behind .. I notice that the hand Track
Single or married is .. Who was I with 406 rooms a?k
Wrote prasnartayak leave it? My mom, my dad, who had not?
It had to be my own family? Your brain is how you think? Touch-eight ten mistakes is published by
Good two suspected think .. Is published by a good save two errors
Freely open conf .. How are you understand? Sambandhyak not at my
Lan?ga?avat will not be closer .. Learning said the only reason you are unsure
If so, did not think .. Did not you ashamed? I’m sorry, sir!
Do -vacanayak .. Sections 3.5.3 IP – one
Police officer in pursuit of … … His government to task
Let not stop there .. Sections 5.0.1 – presented false
Police officer’s name have done Cath .. Arrest her .. Eddas Kankusanthurai fines agree?did not shy? Brings you a bad name ..
Stay away from me .. i>a young boy Grand
Like talking to? I>If you speak more
Ill do not like .. i>The court fine, sir .Why .. What do want? Moka?ad come?I love you! Font>That is to come .. He’s got a wife and unnecessary Look
As if after pulling ..? What now? Go affa .. Reddy that our office in DC
Walks dragged’re all damaged .. Reddy took everyone into custody .. Sir .. that -re??i DC
Mean that one of us? Now leave Selvam kill .. Sir Victor’s blood coming
Without my throat cut .. Ekava not spare ..
I’m not spare .. The agniva open hand, sir,
Sir … Where dorasi?gam … Are you that one tip?
First ekava .. She lives over the Lions Appu Appu she laughed quietly mourning
What is your child so angry bee ..? Vera and I have wild ira??a, forget me my
If caught, the hand gun and bring it .. Drop the gun shot .. Ekage head left to kill stone sir ..
Ban sliding Dal enough .. Ekag head nails five inch owl’s mouth
Damaged and need to hit the wall and man .. Sir, someone to talk to police, sir ..
Like the bastard talking about? Tell anyone balalada Asshole?
Override your ass shot .. Hello! During good
Colorful been monitored .. Sir, do not say anything .. Sardis? Yeah, sir .. Tell -kavudo sir ..
Would bring in, love to .. O .. like .. fully know Who said that you want to know?
No, do not have to .. If you really want to know
The way things are, I do not mind it .. Why subbu .. Like a lot of unnecessary
Speak to .. Shirts so angry? Wife or life
Ban is boring .. Good morning, sir! All this guy parik?a?ayakinma
That can not find .. Get him lift tæluvanam walks ..
You can find the cause of death, sir .. Why think positive? -No
He’s all right, sir information .. See komi?narva walking three times ..
What’s missing name or the name of enjoyed it? If there have purposely hidden .. You can have it, sir .. I guess my,
If someone’s performance -bærivelavat .. Day dead komi?nar
Had come to see you? Komi?narge recorded every station
Take videos of the death of the day .. soon .. Yes, sir! Stop! Close to Sir .. that guy
Have come, sir .. Sir insert bear it one madurava?a
Public school principal Sir .. A guy friend of Sir .. sir principals that
High school teacher, has been working as .. -oyat With little to say ..
Need to talk to .. Mr. shifts! Komi?nar husband died ..
Besides .. Kids with my granddaughter
32 killed husband .. That’s my second bell hit, out schools
All children were playing .. Right across from the Madura’s SLPC
Should’ve done a fire in the trash .. The smoke from the feed side of the wind out schools
Who, leaving husband fell napping kids .. Sir, all the kids collapsed
Sir’ve Fallen .. Your granddaughter of Sir .. Political Department visited ..
People walked around .. Fifteen days later, that’s me
Who ate rotten food paper … … This is why children died from
Mr. came news that .. Komi?nar?a the matter said .. I’m definitely a
This is what will do .. After a week, I spoke .. See this very big ones
Have intervened .. Do not put a case in the news tomorrow ..
Discussion have made arrangements for you to come there .. .. The next day, news
No discussion took place .. Not him alive .. The day you came in
You trying to say ..“Why I komi?narge
Death also came to look for .. ” i>That way you hæsiricca …
I return to .. Why die without knowing
NEC took 32 children died .. Went completely dead .. This is where the fire should call .. Here is the smoke came here .He .. Look everywhere .. Electronic .on here
Has been completely throw things, sir .. Sir, all the hospital
Sir things .. From there, sir talking .. all
Os?reliyanuva of our medicines, sir .. Sir, sir .. Surgery scissors
What all Australian sir .. Sir, all human body parts .. all
Cover that have left Australia, sir .. Yes rajif .. That niladhariyage
Find all information .. Red komi?narva
Why kill off .. Me?ifi? [discarded medical ingredients.]
?ifi? [discarded electronic media.] Australian discarded forget me
Medical materials, there … Companies in our trash …
Electronics materials .. Rot in our country
Piles to ITN .. This “vayisak skraps” says
Kri?nage Raji imported name … … Here is our means
Every deal to happen .. The rot comes from torture
“?oksin smoke” why .. Thirty children who have died from this time ..
Who take drugs are sold on .. This fact is find komi?nar
The capsule re??i?a phoned advice .. It did not have a taxi to like
This is a question to the people .. The media have done to ..
Krisnarajge news that AC … … Through knew, that one false
Have done implying where contraband cigarettes .. Because they do not like the commodities komi?nar
There kill shot him .. So re??i? entries
Encouragement .. There are Australian .. All departments are in heat ..
[Idea – watch.] Stays where teacher? Principal tumage home
Is staying .. Custodial morning
Order needs to get .. Follow him completely .. I go to the port tonight pi?atnovuna
Kan?aner witness got notice .. Sixty kan?aner
Seventy there, sir .. Is there much that re??ige kan?aner?
-hata?ihak The .. I’ll be an hour .. Reddy -ara say ..
Do not be in a good teacher .. Ll finish .. Tell .. Are walks ?eyi dorasi?gam port
Lesley ekava just get over .. Little boys downed’re
Now how Reddy .. If notice is kan?aner answered Victor
Okay .. I can not give the same approach .. Our night duty
There are man .. Eyi boat bitch ..
Visa port .. Quickly, quickly Go ..
Okay, this is open to .. All medical waste materials .. I will order your arrest finds
One kan?aner not even good to go out .. Do not let them get away with his hand, sir .. Sir lives over .. Take .. Polisiyenda? Where the fuck that .. teacher eyi kapapan ring ..
-duvanna Run .. Run, do not scammers .. where are you? -arahe?a Man carrying .. Move .. -paren way .. I enter .. Police Ban ?eyi conformation .. .. Sir! Sir! Tell -gurutumava to finish .. .. Stay on the line .. That .Mandela dead .. Great, you’re hanging in there
Stay on the line .. What is your eyi DC
Service not seen death? Are running in suffering? Call off the ground all covered
Papal much more there? Who the fuck are you? Who -mama? *** What a cow and you?
I’ll tell you who, .. Your father’s name savundara incredibly
My mother’s name Kalyani, akkage … Name Dana Lakshmi, kids learn
Infiyun?in take out schools .. Your place pouted, who divorced
Until I know everything .. City shop have it tuttuku?i
Nallur’s home in the village .. 8.585645 for your house
Mark versus .. 100 million given international borders
I leave here .He missile boat gassapu .. Not only is your home ..
He talks little’ve put .. ?eyi ??-eyi ..! Homicide case
It’s only just come next door .. What a useless waste
Piles provoke? Call off rubbish ævissuvot ..
Your family is provoked me .. SLCARP tiyaganin it .. A good man .. Our hand inside the guy
Could save .. This is Ravi’s murder
Sir versus .. Australia came to you cell phone
Where did that come and see that, sir .. Cole, who set out from
Can not find a number on that .. First Ravi hands ..
If over shoulder .. Re??iva hands .. In DC, after that our re??i
Business will not intervene .. Sir, you say?
When I speak -eda .. Ubat was listening, right? It was scared .. Your dorasi?gam province entered .. One police helpers alive sec ..
Everyone … You’ll kill me … ..
Take re??i bailouts .. ?eyi, man, get the gun .. Srinivasan to take care of me .. Visa elavagena car .. ?eyi flour hook man coming .. Each of the vehicles on the road happapan .. People not even an issue? -kalabala
There is nothing to keep going, sir, sir .. Ban happapan that car .. Sir, are you okay? Sir .. -It walks in the streets
People have been hurt .. You walked in the street against ?i.ji ekava
Sir gonna put other road tomorrow ..! Do not let them go ?eyi ..
Outrigger do, brittle now .. Louder! Go hard! Do not do anything .. I’ll surrender, sir ..
-araganna Ekava .. Sir, Sir, why is this? Look! Treachery was not believed? Instead of the police car out
Meaning that one jump .. Paninavanam ?æhægannava
Meaning that one .. Sir dog near the well’s confirmed, sir .. Look! We’ll meet memorable day
One that told you, right? Do not forget ..
Handout-it does not .. Sir, there’s a gun, sir ..
Sir, sir gun .. A year ago komi?narvayi months
Before you two have worked … This gun is … arak?akayot
Shoot and kill’ve got .. Give evidence by means of gun nuts
Kill a teacher came .. Ravi was over .. ida
Minister’re the line .. Closed car nægapan walks ..
Or bury .. Police ætuka?a yourself ..
N?lune leg shoot? Now sandal
Come inside for safekeeping .. Eyebrows? Or me to take? Komi?nar ramakri?nage death ” As the main suspects in a strong
Businessman Reddy ” Today was arrested, beating
Athey him to court “.. Rama Krishnan Police Commission
Designed to kill the error .. Madusurana re??iva fifteen days
Court orders to beneficial .. Tsar Sir .. sir .. .. Important issues all right there
Komi?nar about, sir? .. Are you there? or
Tamil Nadu going, sir? Mena?uve charge sheet ready
The servant is’re .. Sir eating Scenario know to cherish with re??it
Magazine that was leaving a week though .. What do you say about that, sir?
-kisima Not do anything … … Spoke to keep a?ikal
Do not ask me questions .. People say things politicians officers
Things that you think you believe .. But if you’re all right paper
Written originally believed .. It was after that think about you
Rather bad faith .. So what are you writing
Stay focused .. Eyi everyone watching you
Just do not want .. Without everyone staring at me
If I’m special .. But if I’m looking at everyone Warrant
If I’m so special!translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Sir, this is a mini komi?narge
Tribune file .. What caused this murder .. This thing you
.. Do not tell the magistrate Sir’s eating needs
Do not say .. The court,, the government ready
This file is done sir .. I personally file
L?stikarala there .. Because Australian forget me
One to talk with me .. My hometown .. Family.. I spoke to a lot sir .. case
Tamil Nadu’ll forget me sir .. why? Beginners can do here .. No sir .. This is one district
Not a problem, a problem of this country .. This is to take care of me a lot of strength
.. Need help with government That I can get my
Only district .. Are not you help us? Was it
Is a little more .. Crazy is walking .. You’ve seen it
Do not want to be like .. My district
If want to receive .. Proud to receive care needs,
It’s something I have anything .. Thank you, sir, I immediately
Australia to go .. Transportation to forget me there kan?aner
The company who, taking pictures .. After that step need ..
I’ll call the embassy right now .. This fact is no one else
Do not want to know, sir .. I am a private tour
Is like going .. The chance leveled
Australian things … Government officials know …
While there’s happened .. One of them helps us
No sir .. -hari get! What’s your next plan?
-ekava Want to see .. On the phone with me
‘re Talking .. Directly looking at .. Yeah dad’s dad .. .. Victor, you’re careless eating ..
-tatte .. Manuscript me?ives? who courts,
Ives? or kids or .. The police car did not have that ..
-So? Dad worked’re feeling .. Re??iva two bail
Out when he can .. The ten days from our DC
Office, close the door will stick walks .. Can you stop
The business shortly? Australian me?ives forget me,
Ives?’ve cleaned … Dana … here is why
Iron out all the things .. You’re just gonna kind of listening is .. my
Dad did not have to think about the business, right? Singer! Hayi puli .. if we know
Australian right there? Our Australian distributor of bicycles
Pushparaja brother Sydney’s’m .. Week vacation, which is why
Shall that second honeymoon looking .. Begging, are you okay? You prepare? Kavya Ouch .. I next week
Australia goes .. -devæni Honeymoon .. nice .. It’s not going with whom? Loss, brain .. Honeymoon going with? Okay, that one go
Full Moon Poya day to .. Edako?a’s heart looks too good .. Seelan
You’re still as stupid, Mum? Look son, planned to take a traveling
Manama’ll arrest someone there .. My crazy mother,
Put the phone .. Why and how is sister? Hello Singer
Well there, sir? Inava mummy .. Welcome
Second honeymoon .. The second exam have heard that the road ..
Cricket in the second innings that have heard .. Madhusamaye second time
It was known now .. Why the donkey! Kiyavagenama words .. Because all of a sudden, sir donkey
Mean, hard shit .. Not’ve been errands ..
-o Driver .. .. Drive yo ass look man .. My brother a car
Term want .. Hello, I’d like to meet
Chief Medical Officer .. Please get to you
Can you stay? You see people in my surroundings will help ..
Nice to meet you! Sorry, sir, it
Security Zone.. What Sir helikp?are
High’ve send a camera? The side is doing
Do not even want to know? Eyi, it’s a drone ..
[On the plane.] It’s out of here now .. Come shot sir
Come on, sir daughters go .. Wait, guys want to come apuden .. I think somebody watching us from intelligence ..
Veeramani pulling? Sir, sir, where are you? -tuttu
Kudi’re still in .. You talk to the village karapuvam
I have come not say .. Someone’s talking to the next village ..
-denna! What the fuck? -jivat Will not .. Sir tricky villagers said trust
Do not? -visvasa Did .. If she begged to the sounds was damaged teeth
Tricky tricky .. -gahala ear arava Beth Tear your ass .. Take salt tuttuku?iye
Know peel ourself .. Kovilpa??eyi sand
Obanava get tricky mouth .. I too dirty this ekekne Sir ..
‘m Sure the village is .. How are you saying? According to the -hayiyen
One is to speak more .. It’s over, we’re fired .. What is this building?
-vik?al Is?il sir .. Our central minister
Ram prasadge son .. Comic is?il Office
Why want to take in? That re??ige home who cared
Something pasting the phone … Australian honors …
Look up there ..
01: 30: 36.903 –>01: 30: 37.879
Ten minutes and talk with you, sir .. The SIM card is included Sir done
Opposite Schmid is Australian … … Prestige vik?alsad
Have to leave that name, sir .. Speak always done two days ago
Sir .. have to restore the number one for me .. Hallow said Victor
Do, who is this? “You’re rubbish ævissuvot
Your family is provoked me “.. It spoke to me over ha?amayi .. Victor is all
Are made .. Muraliva prison custody will take my
Say wait until the call .. Why, sir .. Brother!
It .. I o’clock flight tomorrow morning before o’clock
Vitaly need to get an appointment .. Can you? Sir, it’s two minutes
Man caught .. Pushparani brother, how are you
Right did get married? Is deceiving .. Honey, what about
Are you saying? This is why our
True love story .. Australian’ll get a job
Was left with one that walks .. Here need to receive a job if Green Card
[Permanent Registration Status] onilune one .. If she needs a Green Card
O’Neil as a white person to marry .. We big black card
It is a moment .. Dark you marry someone who
That is married .. My baby is coming home .. My inclusivity .. Get this through your father’s time for roasted
India was to distribute one cycle .. Sergei means today
The Police and approachable .. What the police? Do not say you are doing the little sister? Tell Sir, say .. Do not lie, Eat
After suffering’ll get better .. Asshole! I shed enako?ama mother said .. How is vacation going? -oyage B??a here
AEvidinut the Police work is made’m .. I said, right? Items gold Dad
Shop, bike shop is your father .. Your furniture shop sæmiyage five three one dad,
Your husband’s guardian angel shop .. [police] Yes, I’m happy,
There are happy .. Listen to me .. If the matter had told me in advance that iyi
Are you happy? The breach is’re .. We feel like this is a perfectionist
Vacation time that should have .. This is the first
Do not say .. Now only half an hour meeting
Come back soon .. right? … Where are you going?
-pras?a To go .. Welcome! How
I help you? Whenever I have a meeting
MD o’clock and meet .. It ‘still namayayine .. It’s okay, I can wait ..
I wi … Can it … .Now?
Yeah definitely! Are vik?alge office,
WiFi was connected together .. “Alpha Guard” one
Sir connect .. Pass to enter the book together, sir,
Find a way to enter … … .. I want to tell you my number
Just enter sir .. Sir, we target .. Fifteen minutes sir ..
01: 33: 32.481 –>01: 33: 35.029 Who are you sir for
waiting.. I am currently busy ***
Are shut listen .. He’s from India Sir ..
MD to do .. You also Mr. doreyisi?gam?
-Yes! You’re the komi?nar of vayisag?
Yeah, you avoid .. What are you doing here? I steel company in
My country has .. Edako?a komi?nar? It’s my professional ..
Iron my business .. This is one of my web site .. What do you want from me? I came to Australia for two reasons ..
You pær?ima Provider .. Tons a year of our company in a?asiyak
Miss a lot of this product will help .. And then? One bastard .. Australian spoke to forget me .. My family relaxed
Said, because it .. Nallur in our lawn
S body that can not take off .. Just wanted to know .. This is how your country
Find him? The yaka? gains or not,
That eighty kilograms haraka .. Definitely caught my hand .. Okay, you can wait outside ..
-anivaryayen! I know Rajiv doreyisi?gam vayisak
.. That’s not to say that’s where it? But that holiday leave his village is gone, sir
Is there? I was watching him live .. Sorry ..
Ready -kavya everything .. What happened? Reddy is -gavutam
The real owner, he pretends .. Tell him to come in ..
-I’m very sorry! Sir, he’s gone .. office Yes..
Was pulling out? Said boss wants to see you ..
-fon One .. Show your boss The eighty kilometers you haraka
I know that is .. Raise’ll leave the village is,
Leave the country is a country village come .. Eyi, now you’re in Australian .. Indian police man,
You’re not rid of me .. *** What the .. Poetry .. Our flight is at six in the evening
Until then, you … … Not good inside the city ..
Air to?upalema wait .. It’s not going to leave this country alive .. I think you are coming by yourself ..
Hitapuden it that way .. Where is that and why his car
Looking from mobile signal t .. Just get out of our number on ..
India number on … … Pavicci, I say
Just do what is right?
01: 36: 07.626 –>01: 36: 09.574
Go early to catch!
-ayiye You do not come together, He left the car airport ..
You pay .. Fuck you! Sir car rent
Who cared car .. Just go to hear the car
On the GPS signal .. Doreyisi?gam, find the car
GP, the signal S to be .. .. -vina?iyak Quickly and get some! Thanks sir! Connected to the signal network .. Grab them quickly message .. He’s now in
Payilamayi? road …. We had to stop traffic .. Talk to Michael
Go round to say .. Quickly go .. Sir Mitchell street ..
He’s going to -anivaryayen airport .. Hello to?upalepolisiyada air? Do not move .. What are you doing in our country?
What’s your intention to come? What flight are you going to catch?
What time is your flight? Listen, I’ll answer .What
Some have questioned .. Officer Mr. my flight at 6
Is now 5.45 .. I have to go now .. It will not .. Mr. What is harder to me?
‘We got a complaint about you .. What’s complaints about why?
‘We know you’re a drug suppliers .. You’re here to meet suppliers of heroin ..
01: 37: 51.980 –>01: 37: 53.440
Arrested him, sir .. You want to know who I am?
You can not ask rogind? More than any father! Police officers a few months
Young men, killing’ve put in the middle of the sea … … Give Danny the drug ..“bruise Reef in Australia, police car ..
” Font>[2 Singer of the film.] Font>Indian took him into custody
Police officer .. We have heard about it ..
-eyage Doreyisi?gam name and I .. What was that name?translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Sir, sir greet him! We’re sorry about it .. Open the door of the universe
Police officers .. I want to go to India before he left .. Her before you go to India
You might think that scared him .. What are you trying to say? Anything we do here
Can forget me .. So why is this? Yes, you’re right b .. I can do anything ..
I can do anything .. Stop in there in there man ..
Ban .. Stop, came where? Why should I? Despite Whenever
All I could see .. Do you get a message that directly
Order has come .. ?eyi ??man raised his car ..
Moves, moves, moves .. What are you doing?
-kat Whom? Is so much .. All you have to against me, one day,
See for yourself .. Whenever DC, the date Do married, the wife has come ..
See then how to hurt .. She Oh, kaku?uvage
Please threw peas leg .. Chopped?
-mahattaya .. Donkey kaku?uva? pains not? Or did do that? One day, not, always
You’ll see the trouble .. She Oh, one bath room wash
Need, someone left yannako O .. He left the match .. Man, you did not open the hand, sir ..
Mom’s hand, sir notice is .. Odd talking ..
Shot down .. Shoot?
Like -amutu talking? Do not be angry, do not be angry .. ..
The constant look .. You’re not the media stove ..
How Whistle stinks? -k? Stinks? The throat and ass .. That
Sometimes men come .. Each time the girls come ..
-what? Angry .. Was? Hey, have done to leave Facebook
Twitter’m gonna stay .. not done’ll leave .. WhatsApp rigged up on the left ..
I read your who expressed the thugs? Oh, he’s talking like a sister Googler
Who the fuck are made -æya ..? Before you clear this morning is
Arrested him imprisoned sir .. Oh, he’s in jail bird
Ban kovulama man takes out .. How do we stop this guy
See the only one .. This is your server .. Then I
What did you ask .. Tell subbu ..
Sir, sir .. re??i?a received bail Sir ashamed coven, sir ..
What’s happened? Sale of Delta re??iva given bail brooms
Five nitignavarayo come sir .. What got bail? We killed -komi?narva
The third is that people have become over .. It was shot two vijayava?a
Placing escaped criminals .. Said the matter is murder
Sir, we can not relax .. His wife often pornography
Brought trouble .. Two come back together, he shifts
Have given a false statement that sir .. He’s a good man, sir ..
Namam coven destroyed .. One lawyer on
Not a word was spoken, sir .. Everything ready for a re??ige sir ..
Was it a vik?alge ready .. It started to use force .. ?eyi ??DC saw it? my
What power saw, right? Asked you? What court
Was asked, right? Former me power, power
Culminating in a room not .. Your power before the evening today
Not just get the fuck .. Before the evening tomorrow, ubavama
Not just get the fuck .. Sir one call forget me sir .. Called you threw .. Do not know told me? Dead people are not coming back
Nor yædda’ll be happy .. Now was not ashamed? Really working as one honorable
Prove that not die’ve indicated .. Both of those guys in high school, my children,
Humiliation at my door .. People across from the house,
People in front of the house .. Everyone watching us as ugly .. I run into the sea to die, my little children? Why do we want to die? What courage, what strength you
That re??iva arrested .. The courage, the hayiyenma
Ekava end done .. My husband right
Showing that helpers ..
01: 42: 39.160 –>01: 42: 40.288
or?… Say, why re??iva
Arrested? He re??igen mokaddo
Asking, he can not … … Drags komi?narge murder
Gonna have his way .. Is about the relationship enjoyed it re??igeyi
A?ikal’ve come on in detail .. Australian whom ahalada go?
What was the purpose? I went to Australia
How do you know that? Prasad told Victor? It is what you do now? .. “Madhyamaparik?a?a Bureau” .. The India? Or in Australia?
-mis?ar Doreyisi?gam you’re talking grown .. I left the you .. S case comes together sadhara?ayaklæbeyi
Belief that people are .. Do not believe it .. Heard all affairs .. I’m really sorry ..
-ma?a Now need not apologize .. a signature.. I Nadu police
Trying to get out .. I Andhra Pradesh police .. Show appointment .. Put a signature evunge here
Destiny changed show .. Yes! Oyi! You know who I am? I think
What do you know that you? Target not work ..
-anivaryayen Sir .. Every police help offshore re??iya
Let’s switch -anivaryayen sir ..! Puts us a hand
Complain that the judge .. You’re alive
Hi?iyotne man is ..“put up one mistake” ..
“It did put up” .. font> i>“god but He
Not spare “.. font> i>What’s your name? Sir Moses ..
-bayibale Have read? What that WG 6:23
Got know? Do not know sir ..
Death Act -pavu salary knitting! Police officer shot that hibba
Walks gave false testimony in court? What’s going on now fear death seen? The three re??i?a against subbu
Were correct was that damn .. It learns that Judge Reddy
Tumage trips home … People shot …
Two died from tabapu .. Justice in this story is that .. Right? You custody Reddy against DC
Ranjith’s Purchase Order .. .. -vahane haravapan Re??i?a was information, it is always jumping ,,
Yeah, sir! I’m keeping away sir .. Thugs for doreyisi?gam
Suddenly took a step “.. Eight million children in India
There fishing .. Boats twenty thousand
Sea going around coming .. Who are you? Army uniforms puts no ..
Navy does not take a bump, Whenever … … Come from outside our country safe
Can not give a good show .. come on .. Government was overdue trash hundred acres
Medicine halala hundred acres of land area to fire ants .. I’m with oyakat, these acts teka City
Cup bad one most agreeable street to throw .. Fire lit a common pin
Wanted to be scared again .. I want to see you right now .. Been released
-Yes.. Kailash to come .. What happened to you?
Official here told you .. Edako?a whom ahalada caused the uniform?
-veri Valuations’m like, do not anger the trigger .. Like another way the City ..
Why fight? I’m so scary .. Damala worked up damaged village go .. Either to win one of the situations bæssot
Need, or want to lose .. I’m now not stand in the middle worked up ..
If you find it hard to see .. Do not go here .. Everyone said so in front of you .. Another way without divorce
Was that was lying .. Sorry, my wife divorced
.. I want to see who you want? I got it ..
What the fuck’s the problem? As my wife Mara showing ..
-what? Angry, show times
No matter the show .. What is it?
-senehasa .. What are you talking like that? Sir, three years together
Had had strong .. Married three months so
Loose What can I do? What is a living man-to-home late? Essential wedding going on in the same house together, forget me
If so, do not want to deliver a sticky one .. That’s right..
What’s the right man? What’s the right man? Absolutely divorce after marriage expenses ago
Happened to that money down the law .. Caught I divorce? Tradition
Eat haraka came down and kill .. .. You waiting for?
-dikkasadaya Ad sir .. Those who roasted wife is work
So sad to see without going on .. Asks for a divorce divorce .. What dhairyayakinda kan?aner
Is stopped? My jet ready .. Dad .. I’m headed to vayisak Tomorrow rushed me that DC
Office need to see walks .. All right! Sir Victor ..
-re??i! What to do with the village
Are hide .. Come out now .. Wela vayisak
Showing our control .. Dad, I’m in vayisak ..
-mama Everything ready versus ..
01: 50: 37,500 –>01: 50: 39.476
It’s your twelve thirty
Office’s gonna be .. Sir ..
-si.em Line now comes from .. What’s the matter?
Hey, do not rush anything .. I got it all ..
-terun Not know what reason, sir? Poojas central government minister until æmatilage
Kan?aner short message that demand .. Dad and I in two minutes
My office is approaching .. Twelve mara?a yourself go ekava
I want to see that trouble .. I know you do not like this before .. No sir, I .. Like very much .. Eyi DC .. Take care of your time .. This time you have to stay put? .. Sydney, Australia .. The Opera House, See it? That’s the power of money .. Money do not want to .. Having drunk .. Mase?alak?a twenty .. A bribe sale abroad, just sixty
One working burner wage for your fashion .. Hitannako hæna my money .. Once again,
Once again, it’s my style .. My sixty-five million people
I have found a company in the purchase of shares .. Twelve hundred people attendants in Das
Kompæniye my work .. What’s wrong with you doing? Take the dirt
Ban came and put dirt go?aka?ane .. Take your country, huh streets
Ban garbage inaccessible .. You’re together, what are you? The country dirt go?akne man .. I even hell
No matter the country .. Now what’s coming? First kan?aner did you stop
Little boat go free, Then?
-re??ige Just get the story .. So you want to talk re??ig
Not to approach it? -Yes! I close .. Reddy Where are you now?
Sir headed -vayisag., How many miles? Sir
Ten eight miles sir .. Come on .. hit ekava Stop, stop .. Flour, get back .. Haravapan left .. Go, go .. Call car .. Rupasinghe get to shoot .. Get him Srinivasan begged hand shoulder
How much longer will stick alive? Three to four hours, sir .. Eyi, dying to feed you .. We’re all going to be happy to look .. Sit, they would udaganna ..
-?eyi Police .. Kill me ..
-ridenavada? That way without pains
Will die? It is difficult to live .. .. die Laci Too good to live like
One is even more difficult .. The other person without doing harm
Living and working very hard .. Honest police officer shifts this point .. Look ugly to call her name in court .. Then decided .. You’re no arrests
That way you have done that .. Six years ago .. Vi??alge father’s post
So want to save .. Come in a riot cleared ..
Have in mind? A row .. School kids came out schools take eight ten
Without a vicious van peraluvane .. It is one boy died ..
You know man? Cypher dad .. Just like working
You know that police car? Inspector Subaru .. Subbu your heart sad about not going to ever .. It even shot it .. Just put on your wound medicine .. Shoot ..
Come on! Now as a former king says
DST is an orphan and .. What dhairyayakinda doreyisi?gam
Did this happen? This country .. How police
Have given power? First time dad phoned kan?aner
See the way out, sir .. Dad said to me .. One police offshore family .. One criminal scared
That went everywhere .. Do not have a good record .. We’re right behind
There are so many .. Son! My kids now .. Comfort in high school going .. Hello Veeramani Where’s my guy? I now
The constant need to look .. See Science .. Advanced registration divorce him nothing happened ..
That’s his wife’s .. Do not keep the job after his mom had come .. Later, I told you, O ..
T is believed that .. Head feels like
Although .. Tell As is believed though .. Although Kathy is like a piece .. Although damaged tell .. Because O cry? Daughter of Science .. Do not Cry.. Sir slavery transferred ..translate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Doreyisi?gam once again
Kana?aner short stop threw, All while madhyavediyo
There is Sir’m .. Put -balanna channel ..! Sir, sir, why vehicles
Is holding back? All Ports Customs Free was kan?aneras ..
You are not to stop this, sir .. Trees .. four hundred acres,
Port Ban only the central government .. Customs control, left
All districts have … Our administration … shut up ..
Wedge yourself .. These guys immediately arrested
Gannane is Sir .. -puluvan, Old things without sending the wrong ..
Send me back to say .. Who is worked up, sir? Could be a businessman in Australia ..
Could be a rich man Group .. Yes’re all told how
Sir going to find? Who is this? -eyi My video
.. I know that you are willing Exactly rushed into my office
Nader walks need to see me .. MD No sir ..
Who -mu?u media who ask for .. Over shoulder .. Thirty journalists, police
Four hundred people, customs, All are for your attorney
Office of walks will stick close .. Do?a?a come about …..
-enavada? Wanting? When colonies not supposed to come has frozen .. You just have to come alone .. Everyone’s out there .. please Your office that want to stop me
One day before the decision ned? I’ll have to stop these wrecks
Day’ll decided saw man .. This is open all day booked
Antique kan?aner while today opened .. One drunk to make money,
And thirdly that is .. Does anyone want to get drunk and thirdly, if somewhere
Go rot alcohol adinnane man’s .. Be careful to talk about the word! I am Australian .. Nari wait for yourself to live in the country
OK there’s so arrogant .. Si?hayoyi, the Tigers are proud to live in the country
How arrogant that I mind active? Agriculture, drinking
Used .. Rivers, streams and Bills rot
ITN is not thought .. Thirty two children, Uba? breath taking .. Not sad? Proud
Like talking? God bundles of bundles
Imagine’ve given .. So why the other man
Value of property taken from eating? Born in the wrong country to talk vadapu
Mom will like a Black man .. Junk everywhere parakgane
There is a toilet Our country is not rhetoric, is not it ..? Did not know a lot of dirt in my country ..? 7516 km of 10% Right now your redigalavala
India can not leave here If a stock that your clients pressmen
Since even innocent people suffer So you’ll more chance You made mistakes yeah
Quiet without baraveyan I touch Go to How Mister
– Where are you ..? I’m in Mumbai
– Come quickly to vayisag Right now, sir What jumps Why the little one beat Universities are told something strange
Call the speech, sir We usually speak words
Five hundred words is a bad one ..! But the age of the child and how
See that bad language, sir Have evidence of anything ..?
– Sir, how Ask a question Do not throw baby Tell ?æ?i ?e?i Mamman
– Imposes Fire Hey Look Now water Do not ask the husband went straight kiyaladanava Sir, my father’s name, sir katamuttu The very name forward to host this, sir enama
A look that way, sir Tell us the name of that way Khatun grandparents Muthu virtuous
– Somebody Muthu That’s what I told her
Put in custody in ?eyi he’ll get in touch and wear With a little woman at home’re katakaravala
Do good manners four words Good words were
– Give a good example, words Look My dear Consider that from uncle
Coming to tell you Right ..? Roses necklaces Because why the doorway roses necklaces Australia go
Could be businessman Sir, what Opposite stay anivaryyeyanma Nader not speak You want all this ..? Singh, sir, I did droreyi
What I want to do something wrong Dad
– Boy, Tell Dad
– Kavyaeg Lost grandmother Hello
– We have to go to the village soon Why suddenly
– Let’s talk guvanto?upaledi Singer Sir drore Airport
– And where are you going ..? Chennai meeting will What happened ..? Your grandmother Missing The man with his wife
– Send me a clear picture soon Her description I find
Want to follow the right ..? Where Since when Door Number 14 seats si?gamge
The number of seats kavyaeg 14 B. Chennai from footage of the plane, sir tuttuku?i Let the car’s ready, Mr. Follow that car Just stop the car Palani Hey, hey, get the car back to start Will take Mmmm Mmmm Who are you come after me Sir, do not give up came after Sergei Who told you to come later These images are droreyi si?gamge wife .. India motorcycle ownership daughter You walk in the Chennai meeting
Irregular why come after me Sir, we come ..? Yes, sir
– Sent from our fo?o get WhatsApp Eve answers from Telegraph
You have to get you to stay in Chennai Or do tuttuku?i village without waiting
After I came to Stop Airport Sir Nader Rajiv was that girl’s T Come right back to you ..?
– How it comes back ..? Can not come to one of these came alike
Yu will turn off This one is sure the court has given Arana
Go read your name It’s going to leave .. Send a ship? Do not have lunch until the sea You’ll stay in and I Miss Sir Science meeting came parika?a?aya?a Now do sammukhaparik?a?a
I could not have tempered He wrote in a letter to Sir Singer Door Get over there Sir, I kept varthakaraya
Cameras to record Send me get information quickly Sergei steel industry in
– Minute show He dorasi?gamge Sir girlfriend You’ll want to ask a question Ayiemes which country did you ..?
-ilan?ga Do not ask which country Ask your people problems
I’ll give you a single answer You’re a big business in Australia From there is ives mei?i Weiss
– Ask si?gamda door said Sir
Ask -drore si?gamda sent ..? I catch it rupee You have come to spy balagannada I am a woman you for standing
Do not care about it Come test There is no one who came Put toil and corruption
– Stop What’s happening We will hurt us is always here
Rajesh can easily catch Hey, you’re right Put her in the pack, giving He came mehe?ayi
– No one who came Who Sir, I was talking to a scientific friend
– Tell He’ll help a
Nader’s interview went investigation Details Haynes did not come yet Her phone number is Hey door Singer Straight line came together, eh ..? – A girl
Have anything to give up her Or how her relationship is a?ke Woman sent fæk?riya?a The village that she divorced
Have found love with you ..? Your wife is not a good look ..? I want my man to within three hours of the next Vice I’ll send him mahaparen When in police custody
Can send guvanyanen Some bruises are Hurt Kieron Tell me there’s the distance from here 1382 kilometers of And where is the middle
Just do Nayi?upe??eyi Hey, I’ll give you a place Singh Nayi?upe??eyi to Najee Tell your people My guy I hour
I want to talk to h Two times every hour
I’ll call you You want to answer my calls You put something police ringing
Try it I promise Twenty five kilograms of meat Hand bones kg Six liters of blood The color will have fallen along No Kavya
– Does not matter Ran from London coming tomorrow We’ll work here you go Murali
Sir View from my cell phone signal tuttuku?i I see the ad calls vayisag Calls can be no way want anything ..? The prepaid card in one hand shop
Send me the back number I’ll turn half-hour, sir Sir, the boat is moving, sir
– Turn the boat Get him off car I’m gonna take the next
Footage of the plane going vayisag You’ve gone to call nayi?upe??eyi
It seemed to them I will find Shanmugam brother Tell your people to 300 meters
Go away after a jeep Yes, sir
– Let’s talk the rest of the cell Sir vayisag of 09.30 Science friend, happened to
Details happened sale – All right, sir Now it’s what you do now ..? AP 31 4556 Check all entry roads a?ke car I’ll come soon
– Yes, sir .. Where?
– Where yanagaman Sir nayi?upe??eyi of
There are 200 miles Sir It noted that in the car
40 access roads evasiveness Come sir Sir car Just la?karanna The evasiveness of vane aganammu?i The cameras all login
You can see from Sir No, sir, sir car still aganammu?i evasiveness And once again access the beach Once again, I hate cameras It came back exactly eight minutes, sir Perhaps Sir city girl photos
– No other car has transferred From 05.30 until 05.00 aganammu?i
Entrance video show None of the vehicles the entrance dome is not it ..?
– Facilitate sir Sir, only one ambulance
No entry yet reactor Ten minutes later the ambulance
The vehicle’s back Where Metro Hospital Charity car
– Auto la?karala a?ke sale 4151 Sir,
– Where are dorasi?gam Tell should be sir Said hard body
Déby’s girl Stop here there ..?
– Sir, this is the celebrity charity hospital If a night, so this check
Sir offer patients You’re quite right, Doctor Thanks Because of this, sir, he said the girl found How did the police dogs here
– What On how to Why does this come back, sir Police balloda Listen to what Wu was put phone We arrived at the entrance Go back Girl is so hard Enough security outside the hospital
Catching your hospital’s better All ready to get there soon With profopol
Morfin kavalan been given Therefore, do not come to mind more miles in three days But here’m too big
Risk can be coma If Sir consciousness soon Sir, this is a little risky in terms oftranslate, create subtitles and frame design font> font>
? “Fuck Dhanushka” and “SNAKE RAJ” ? font>
Please Save translation rights font> font>Sir central minister
There ramprasad call Your son, my son is a lot of trouble That’s why I say so ..? Then cut your nephew Road
Do not ask why I placed That way your son, my son
Road shot dæmmotin What hayiyakinda You say ..?
– Sir I do not have male children Her half my property 120 billion But it was louder Rs 65,000
If work at a wage It has the courage to work her First, your son
Tell baravenna Ready to meet na?ukaratumava 10.30 It can not know that any handling I’m with Justice
Speaking every word All of our pockets
People live show B hayi?rabad the ticket Why, sir
– Go home to put science I’m not, sir
– No way to force me to wait to see this What did Sir
– Said means What did I want I did you wrong me
Enemy eyed But careful I think you do kind adarekare I learned that I will not see you I understand how truly loved Can not forget, sir Science Usually silly Sir tired
Sir doravahagena forget all cried day You’re right, sir I really do not know Because that car.?
– Does not start A red car parked
– go in Hey there Call waiting ambulance truck Police bomb pipiurumakin
04 officers were dead Why the wait
WHICH get in here I learned of this problem medium
That’s a question you do not matter, sir Tell me what’s the matter Evidence
– Govinda Raj Yes, sir What’s
– Document all agreements have 430 Medical college student signed How did all he’s picked I’ll send password But how scriptural all documentary evidence Nader Rajiv Krishna Prasad are Sir, someone will hack system out right Who is it like
– Sir Indian one server Nader Steel
– Video can not agree to debate He next tuttuku?i Judge
There lekamuyi District – What, sir? MD is not here.
– Coming up. Sir Victor nommare sk Nagar from a switch of’ve done, sir can find. Definitely another number to call to his father, to find a number. Sir, do not come even one call from New Delhi after a 12 night Central minister, sir.

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