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If I feel that I could be certain then I would say the things, I want to say, to– *upbeat music* Hold it right there! Go! Go! Go! You were supposed to be keeping a lookout! Sorry dad My theater has been going through some pretty rough times, lately..! So.. What do I do? Quit? No! My next show is gonna be… Drumroll please! A singing competition! Just think! Your neighbor! The-the grocery store manager! That-that chicken! Right there! Real talent, from real life! Norman, would you please tell them what a good singer I am? Oh yeah, you’re great honey By the way, the bathroom sink is blocked again. Im here to win… That prize? It’s mine! Everyone in the city Gets a shot at being a star On my stage! Ra-ra-ra-a-a Roma roma-ma Come-come my lady Your my butterfly Sugar baby Ride… Like the wind… Ride like the Oh..My..Gosh Look at her..butt Yeahhhh!!! Yea-yeaahh! Are you okay? Oh yes, I’m fine, thank you How are you? People say, yo humpty Your really funny lookin’ Darling, stay… with me… Wow! This show is not gonna save your theater! Maybe it’s time to just.. move on Come on! You know how much this means to us! You can’t just sing it! You’ve got to show the fire on desire! The fire went out a long time ago… You are not going to believe what I did today! *snoring* *I am lost..* *I am vain* Dad, I just don’t wanna be in your gang… I wanna be a singer… How did I end up with a son like you… I’ll get you out! Dad! Wait! I’ll get the money! I promise! I could really use some extra piano lessons Yes… that was.. very bad A defying moment in all of our lives! We’re going to be spicy, no? Ya! Yeah! Woohoo! Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love *cheering* You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom? There’s only one way left to go! And that’s.. up! This store will close in 15 minutes *yawning* *upbeat music* The lady in aisle 6… That… was awesome *cheering and clapping* Sing! Sing!

100 thoughts on “Sing Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey Movie HD

  1. what's the name of song that is played at the start of this trailer …the song that johnny sings while standing by the trash ( something like I will say the things I want to say )

  2. نتمنى يا ام بي سي لو تعرضون هذا الفيلم نرجوكم 🤗شوقتونا نشوفه

  3. i like the porcupine. and i have not seen the movie but i hope that the pig dad and his wife enter as a group. the dad singing and the mom dancing

  4. SlNG. Do. Naoooooooooo rhrcwjfusejifzabvnk su bi entomology fsushjdifgyzatukxuopl. Bxssaggjkh.ihkuh.ugythbhhbgrfmjgfgmhdjug,jfhmfhgffnhdthmffmhgcthm kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk😘

  5. I really thought that this movie would be total cringe, but it was way better than expected. Never judge a movie by its trailer.

  6. cant believe the movie is now getting released in some time in the UK and america already got it months ago. America always get movies first or is that not all the time

  7. the devil is not a bad idea 9 I have a good idea of a sudden I was wondering how much of it as the will to get to know about this

  8. will there be a male elephant named Albert and a male mouse named Bill who was Mike's brother and Albert who is Meena's boyfriend in sing 2?

  9. Hoping for a better climax at the end…was a good build up until Meena sang and killed the vibe in my opinion. Should have been a song everyone knew..because I've never heard that one before.

  10. Zootopia has singing, this does (zootopia kinda) Sing 'has drama, so does Zootopia. So lets give a big thumbs up to them <3

  11. l feel like a happy gay 😻 like an sing a ash watching Zootopie than went idol just like slapping things together🙂😍😗

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