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100 thoughts on “SIAMÉS “The Wolf” [Official Animated Music Video]

  1. to me the message is that you have to face life's problem head on, even though you'll run from them, you cant escape them. the only way is to defeat your problems

  2. Ok I don't care about the message.
    The story is cool by itself!
    biG monster furry is tryna kill dees bois [ and girl ]
    and mr mcEDGE and his moto-motobike save princess great-life-choices
    and unite with harry potter to kill oWO man

  3. Words just cannot express how much I love everything about this video
    Definitely one of the best animated music video I have ever seen

  4. İ think the message is the wolves are your problems and you shouldnt run from the wolf you should fight with your wolves …

  5. I think the song is about addictions. "Your flesh is crying out for more" + scenes with alcohol (maybe it's not alcohol but I think it is), sigarettes and phone

  6. I know someone has commented this before, but I can’t find it now so I’ll repost the idea-

    The distorted vocals at the beginning and throughout the song sound like “Admit it, Admit it, Admit it”

  7. I just realized-

    The video isn’t about addiction, it’s about drowning your problems:

    Glasses guy: Drowns them with alcohol
    Girl: Drowns them with nicotine and mindless video games
    Biker guy: Procrastinates, which is why there are so many wolves chasing him

  8. I’m just going through this comment section liking every theory or interpretation, even the ones I don’t agree with, because it’s freaking awesome that so many people are coming up with creative ways this amazing song can be interpreted.

  9. The wolves seem to be a physical manifestation of the things we want to escape and are summoned whenever we try to run from them. The second guy was about to drink his problems away and the girl appears to be playing a game to escape her life. We never know what the first guy on the motorbike was trying to escape, but he at least recognises and helps the others in need, and shows us that you can't run forever and at some point, you'll have to face the things you've been trying to run from.

  10. Im pretty late but this reminds me of when kids do something wrong and thier the people and thier parents are the wolves

  11. so basically Mothman's dogs made of bad decisions trying to attack them becuase they're not very good doggies

  12. Considering I've watched this probably around 200-300 times since it was released I've probably left a bunch of comments at this point, but it just can't hurt to say it again: The art, animation, fluidity, and just generally creative genius in this Music Video is fucking amazing. I could watch 2:25 onwards or the girl's entire scene for hours on end. Hats off to you guys

  13. Im scared this animation team got “too good” i loved this style with its simplicity and janky lines. Summer nights is a bit too clean for me

  14. Here is what I see,

    The young man is runnig from the city were his biggest problems are, probably society and the psychological problems that it bring along side it (by seeing all the wolves chasing him it is logic that the problems come from the city). Furthermore, the older man drinks his problem away and wants a break from his job and family (it is obvious that he does not like what he is doing at work and the liquors don't help with his family). Finally, the teenager loses her time by playing video games to not stress and relax a bit , the cigarette, those two help her but kill her physically and she throws away her time spent in this world by killing her time by spending it playing or seeing videos in YT like us.

    (And us, watching YT videos all day & night just to take a break from life and getting notting done in it at the same time).


  15. I remember my sister telling me that this was going to be an anime and I have never been so hyped.

    2 years later

    so that was a lie

  16. The way I see it is "you run from drugs but eventually they catch up with you but the way to defeat them is by meeting them face to face"

  17. My take is its about addiction and vice, like the cigs and alcohol are obvious but people get addicted to adrenalin too, the dude on the bike is like speeding along with no helmet, hes addicted to danger. Plus the lyrics "I'm gonna make you mine" just seem to fit this better.

  18. Honestly I've been watching you guys since you released this video and ever since then you guys have just been getting better and better. I'm excited to see what the future holds for all of you and I'm super proud of how nice your recent videos are!

  19. I just noticed something interesting. From the lyrics, I feel like it's about addiction and facing your problems rather than running from them, but there are already theories here about that so I won't go much into it. Anyway, the characters see their wolves, their addictions, and run from them. I feel like that's them finally realizing their problems. What I thought was interesting was, the wolves aren't really aggressive until the people run from them. They're just slowly approaching them. But when they do run, the wolves get stronger. When the girl fights back unsuccessfully, her wolf transforms into a rampaging six-legged amorphous monster. When the older guy runs, his wolf smashes through the bar, bringing darkness with it after it transforms as well. As the motorbike guy continues running (or driving, in his case), his wolf also transforms in the dark and returns to wolf-form in the light (I wouldn't be surprised if the light and dark areas are also a metaphor), allowing it to gain on him and, later on, it has become a whole pack of wolves.

    It's just like addiction and problems in general. If you just try to run away from your addiction, you get hit hard by withdrawal. If you try to run from your problems, they don't go away, and they'll usually actually get worse. It's only when you work together with others to face your problems that you have a chance to overcome them.

  20. I feel like this video may be more so about addiction than just facing life's problems. With 2 of the characters, the wolves only attack while they are indulging in an addicting substance (alcohol, cigarettes).

  21. The wolfs look like demoriels boys.

    You know, from that one book with the lesbian demon.
    From the Irish writer who wrote about magical skeleton boy.


  22. It’s been two years I keep coming back to this song. I’m obsessed with this song. This showed you can’t run from your problems. I have deafened my problems. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. Those wolves are like p2w players, once they figure they can't make it in their stock form, they use the OP monster form to go faster.

    The video and the song are amazing btw.

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