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JOURNALIST: Whether people are fearful of the dark side
or not. There’s no denying humanity’s fascination with the occult. Tonight, we’re going to examine
the rumors and claims about Szander Lahey. Szander became the first rock star of the
occult world. As his popularity increases, widespread stories of his powers continue. Tonight, we’re going to investigate these claims by speaking to the man himself, here in his home, in Los Angeles, California.
Welcome Szander Lahey. Szander you have quite an interesting home here. SZANDER: Why thank you. JOURNALIST: We come here today because of all the rumors
about you. Some people call you the most evil man in the world. For the viewers, the first thing I have to ask is simply, who are you? SZANDER: I am everything parents feared as children
and everything parents fear for their children. But I’m not so bad, with small mindedness
comes lack of understanding, and I understand that. JOURNALIST: You say you’re a satanist who practices
black magic. You also have videos demonstrating supernatural powers on YouTube. SZANDER: Yes, I do.
JOURNALIST: Many people are claiming that you’re the real deal. I think your most popular video has
over six hundred million views. The public’s fascination with you is undeniable. SZANDER: I guess I am more
popular than Britney Spears, aren’t I? JOURNALIST: That may be
true. Explain to me your beliefs and these powers. SZANDER: I do not want to be confused with satanists who do not believe. JOURNALIST: Don’t believe? SZANDER: Don’t believe in Satan and his power. JOURNALIST: Explain… SZANDER: I believe in Satan and I am able to channel his power
through me. JOURNALIST: In one of your videos, you heal a pretty gruesome injury, and it looks very
real. SZANDER: You see? I’m not so bad. Why wouldn’t it be real? JOURNALIST: Well, there have been many men around the world who have claimed to be healers only to be uncovered as frauds. SZANDER: I see… JOURNALIST: We even offered a five hundred thousand dollar reward to anyone who could prove their powers
to us on our terms. Most of them didn’t even make it through our screening process. So you must understand our skepticism. SZANDER: You sound as though you don’t believe. Let me ask you
something. How do you feel? JOURNALIST: How do I feel? (clears throat) I feel fine. SZANDER: No! How do you really feel? How do you feel as your life support struggles, as your poor heart aches? As every cell in
your body is fighting for you to stay alive? You’re pathetic! Now, if you’ll excuse me… CREW MEMBER:
Oh my god, help him! SZANDER: No need to call for help. He is already dead! STAGE MANAGER: Cut! Cut! we’re research on I’m

5 thoughts on “Short Horror Film – LIMBS

  1. It's very exciting seeing this screenplay come to life.  Proud of you J.  The guy you chose for Szander is perfect…looks just like the concept art.  

  2. eh the title is not fitting to the film in any way, the quality of the film was a bit poor as well, and the audio continues to overpower the dialogue throughout the entire film.

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