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Guna, no one has ever defeated
me in the market elections and.. ..this time you have contested
your brother against me. And you have only
one hour to back out. So ask your brother to
step down from this election. What will you do if I don’t? My family has already suffered
a death because of your brother.. ..I will make sure
we are equal this time. Your brother will meet
his end for sure. Come on. Karma.
-Yes, Brother. You look worried.
– Dhanushkoti came with his men.. warn you asking you
to step down from the elections.. ..and if you don’t
he will not spare you. Your life is more important. That is all I want. We are three brothers. So let me give you the dialogues now.
– Yes, but listen.. I wasn’t comfortable with that troupe
and that’s why I joined your troupe. I don’t like to be
treated in a bad way. Hello, sir.
– Are you people done with the job? Yes, sir.
– Looks like there will be more rain. Why have you been running
behind my bike since so long time? Did you want a lift? – You, thief! Aren’t you ashamed
to steal my bike, thief? Take this money.. ..and don’t tell anyone what happened. Just Rs. 5?
-It’s enough for you! Be happy. Should I wear this and practice? It looks good.
I look just like a groom. ‘I am bearing your child.
Now give me the answer.’ This sounds like some breaking news. Is she blackmailing my brother?
I will just come. I won’t spare her.
You just leave. -Brother.. And what are you doing here?
Why are you dressed like a woman? Get lost! Now tell me what
were you saying? – You! Oh gosh!
-Brother, what happened? Is she playing the female
lead in your drama? – Yes, brother. And you were rehearsing for the drama?
– Yes, brother. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?
– Why, brother? She is performing so well. Hey! – This talented
actress will go places soon. I need to rest for an hour.
I will come for rehearsals after that. And brother, what about you?
– I need to rest for the whole week. Who is Dinakar here?
-The guy over here is Dinakar. And who are you?
-My name is Dainik Bhaskar. – You go. Brother, I need you
to perform a drama for me. How much do you charge?
-I guess you know.. expensive it is
to perform a drama nowadays. Forget about the cost. Come.
-Okay. Brother.. Brother..
-Get inside. Brother, Karma.. brother, Karma. They have kidnapped Dina. Brother, I shall step down. Call Prabha immediately.
-But brother.. Make a call to Prabhakar right away. Brother, a call for our boss. Kumar, a call for Prabhakar sir.
– Santosh, a call for Prabakar sir. Shankar, for Prabhakar sir.. Prabha brother,
there is a call for you. Not the work of our villagers. Outside men must have done this. I shall look into the matter, brother. We are the ones who
play with the world.. ..and someone is
trying to play with us. Let me end this drama right away. Hello. Brother, this is Mani.
-Mani? Who? Brother, I am the
one who kidnapped Dinkar. Yes, what happened?
-Brother.. ..they somehow got
information about our place. Really?
-Yes, what should we do next? Change the place immediately. Take him to our guest
house which is one km away. Shift him there immediately. Brother this belongs to Dhanushkoti,
right? -Yes, why? How many wine shops are situated
in a radius of one km from here? There are three shops.
But why do you ask? There were nearly 10-12 people. They were outsiders and came
here for a drink. -Where did they go? They left to meet big boss.
I got them a rick.# I was asking you to
leave me with due respect.. ..but you guys don’t
seem to understand. My brother will be here any time.
Deal with him. Let him come.
Let’s see what he is capable of. What did you do? I was not available
so you guys kidnapped a kid? Is this an old habit?
Let him free. He told us a fighter
would be arriving. But here you are begging us. Brother, I usually try
to be nice in the beginning.. ..but if people don’t listen..
-What will you do? Will you fight with us? Come on, hit me. Come on. Do you think I wouldn’t be
even able to land a single punch? But just give me a minute.
-How dare you? Raja, your turn is over.
Now watch out for mine. Wash yourself well. The water is free. Inform brother not to
step down from the election. I shall be back after
I break some bones. Even the phone is
not working at this time. Brother, this is Dinkar. You were tied up.
How did you manage to free yourself? Your men are hitting me hard. Can’t you hear it?
Hand over the phone to brother Karma. I shall ask him to withdraw the form. Father, Dina wants
to talk to his brother. This election won’t happen.
I have already won. A call from your brother. Listen
to him and make a wise decision. Dinkar. I have been trying
to call you all the while. Why have you switched off your phone? Oh! My phone’s battery got drained.
How are things there? Praba brother has come and is sorting
out everything. You need not worry. Okay. Come fast. I have made a final decision;
I will not withdraw my name. Don’t run. Wait! Wait! Catch him. – Brother! Brother! Brother, help me. Keep moving.
-Brother. Go! Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Get off! Run away!
Desert the vehicle and run away. You may have money and power.. But I possess only one special thing.. ..I am fearless. Karma has won this election
to become the head of the market. “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Sway to the music!” “Dance to the music!” “Five of us will shake up the world.
Shake up everyone!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Come here,
where are you going, O Anarkali?” “You’re my darling, my sweetheart.” “Don’t go away.. don’t go anywhere.” “There is no fun without you!” “Come and play along,
why do you walk away?” “You’re the queen of beauty,
don’t be so naughty!” “Forget the world,
come along with me.” “Come and enjoy with us!” “Come and enjoy with us!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Sway to the music!” “Dance to the music!” “There’s no one like you, O beloved.” “I will willingly
give up my life for you.” “The world knows
that you are our God.” “My friends, I say..” “..don’t do that.” “I know that there’s
no better man than you here.” “I will tell everyone
about your valour!” “The five of us will
rake up hell here!” “The five of us will
rake up hell here!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Colour, colour all their faces!” “Sway to the music.” “Dance to the music!” “Five of us will shake up the world.
Shake up everyone!” “Colour, colour..” “Ringa! Ringa! Ringa!” How long will you keep touching it? She is my sweetheart. I have been staying at
your house since two years.. ..because you guys own a theatre. But there is no use.
– What do you expect then? I thought theatre people
would make a film with Kareena.. But there is no development. You want development?
Then stick these posters first. Do you want to break your legs? Prabha, have a look! Wow! What a treat to the eyes! There are amazing girls here! There are many varieties
of girls here.. What’s the need of asking now? Who will stick these posters then?
-Leave them and come. Do you know who is going
to judge this contest? If I had known that.. ..then somehow we could have
enticed him for more points. That’s why it has been kept a secret. This is an old ‘Rangoli’ design.
– Yeah, forget that. Look there.
– Where did this aunty come from? How many points shall
we give to this one? Let’s give her 80? – That’s too much. Come. Did you notice they were evaluating
the ‘Rangoli’ with points? Do you think they must be the judges? Maybe these are the judges.
– Sir.. Sir. Hello. Hello. – You are the one, right? Who are you? You are the judges for this
‘Rangoli’ contest, right? – No.. Yes. Sir, won’t you look at our ‘Rangoli’?
– Not me, he will look. We will see everyone’s.
– Sir, please come. – Okay, wait. We will inspect one by one, okay?
– Sir, Please come. I am really afraid. Look into all the details. – Yes. Move. Who has made this ‘Rangoli’?
You or your mother? Why such a question?
-No.. I asked because it looks beautiful. I made this with my own hands, Sir. Did you really make it with these
hands of yours? – Yes sir. – Wow! We are on our knees
since two hours to make it. Were you in a bent
position for an hour? Yes. – Oh gosh! Your waist
must be paining then? – Leave me. Sir, will you reward us, sir?
– You both will be rewarded. Where is your house?
– Sir, why is he leaving? Let him go. He is not the judge. I have kept him to
bring tea and water for me. Gayatri, look there.. our judge. Hello. – How many
points will you give me? 100 Points.. Thank you. And 200 points to the hand
that made it. – Leave my hand. And 300 points for
these beautiful eyes. Listen everyone, Parvati
has arrived to judge this contest. Where has he come from?
– Please stand by.. ..the side of your
‘Rangoli’ for evaluation. If he is the judge then who are you? No. Run. Scoundrel! Cheat! – He fooled us. Run fast. – Girls, quick! This is paint of the bus.
– That was a narrow escape. I won’t spare you. – Okay run. Don’t let them run. Catch them. We made a big mistake. Forgive us.
– You were trying to entice me! I will not spare you. He held of Kavita’s hand.
He has made a big mistake. He also touched Komal’s waist. She was making ‘Rangoli’
and she was so embarrassed. Grandma, why are they making
a big fuss? I just touched her hand. Give me. Look at this man.
He is teasing me. – What is this? She is worse than them. – Catch
this bad fellow. – Let me hide inside. This looks very old. See, there he is. Catch him. Hit him hard.
– What are you all doing? Hit him. – Hey, don’t stone me. You can’t escape now. Is this an area of
Brahmins or terrorists? My God! He has asked God for help not me. You will tease women?
– It is a dead end here! I won’t spare you.
People like you.. – Listen to me. Look there, a lizard. – Lizard? Madam, you were chasing
me so fearlessly.. ..and you are afraid of a lizard? I am scared of lizards.
Please shoo it away. Don’t follow me,
then I shall shoo the lizard away. Okay I promise. Thanks, lizard. Got rid of him! Did you think I would
leave you that easily? Hey. – I didn’t grab it, it got stuck. Where did he go? Is he dead? He is still alive.. Look.. – But there
is no news about him.. Search for him in Vaishali’s aunt’s
house, girls. – Lets go and check. Let’s go and see. – I am saved! You can’t escape now, you goon.
– Tell me, my princess. You are scaring me with a stick?
I have seen big swords. I didn’t mean this big sword. I
meant the ones used to cut vegetables. We use this to even cut heads,
not just for vegetables. Keep moving. – Don’t worry. Be happy. This is not a toy, be careful.
– I know this is not a toy. Come on. He is running away with my veil.
– Look, I am tired now. You haven’t seen
me in an action scene. Now watch! Help! I am leaving. Okay bye!
– Hey, where are you going? Stop! Aunt, I asked you
to leave me politely.. ..look now I am playing with
electricity. Don’t worry. Be happy. Stop. Where will you run away from me? Stop. Hey, stop. I have heard of many
reasons for death to happen.. ..but she will kill
a man with vegetables. Look, he is there.
– Please don’t throw that. See what I do now. – I will get hurt. Is this what they call hitting
the bull’s eye? – Who knows? My life was fine
when Prabha was in jail. Now he has been released.
Either put him behind bars again.. ..or kill him. We shouldn’t accept defeat. Don’t be hasty.
Prabakar is not the only enemy. His full family is.
We have to kill all of them. I will take all their
lives on the day.. ..our elder brother passed away.
No one will be spared. Is anyone there?
– Brother, what are you doing here? I am doing all this for you. You wanted a heroine
for your drama, right? Yes, but you chased her away. Am making arrangements for the same. A dancer named Devyani
has come from Mumbai. I was just checking how she looks.
– Really? She is in the make-up room. That’s great.
Capture the seats near the stage. ..I shall go to the make-up
room and choose the right one. Keep calm.
She has come. – Don’t make noise. I need some time to get ready.
– Is she going to dance? We will need an iron stage for her. Wow! It will be fun!
– I am ready. Come – Move please. Sit, sit.
– Madam, come on. Please move. Leave way for her. Go to that side. Hail Devyani from Mumbai!
Hail Devyani from Mumbai! How long will she keep greeting
everyone? Won’t she start dancing? Dina, something looks wrong.. What is she doing on the stage?
I don’t understand. Are you all able to understand this?
– No, we can’t understand. – Crazy. Why are you admiring her
as if you understand everything? I don’t understand.
But she looks beautiful. Keep your mouth shut. Stop it. Stop the music. You stop dancing. This is not entertaining. Why? What’s the problem? We aren’t able to understand
what you are doing. Then what type of dance do you like? You guys have shown your worth. This is Bharatnatyam.
This is our culture. Culture? What do you mean by that? Fool! What do you know about dance? You don’t know about our brothers!
– Nonsense! Hey, Devyani, you are leaving
the stage without dancing. Give our money back. What’s your name? Tell us the size at least.
– Madam, don’t be angry. Why don’t you dance
the way they will enjoy? They are illiterate spectators.
They are stupid. I don’t dance for people
who don’t respect my art. All they need is
a glamorous dance show.. ..why did you call me here. Madam, please don’t get angry. Open the door.
– Madam, please dance. Come, madam. – Open the door. Who are you and why are
you sitting on top of my car? Move please. – They are requesting
so much. Dance for them. Nonsense! Who are you to say that? Public. – Yes. Don’t you know,
we have donated money for the temple? You will have to dance.
– My God, crazy people! You earn only because
of crazy spectators like us. So just go and dance.
– You don’t know who I am. I don’t care. Just come with me. Leave me. – Come. – Move aside. Leave me. – You don’t have any other
option. So dance. – Give that to me. Come on. Dance. Why are you staring? Dance! I said, dance. Come on. Dance. That’s it. That’s the right way. Swing. Jump up. Right leg, left leg. Very good. You danced well to my tune. Now let me perform adapting
to your style of dance. Fatty! Very good. Today you have insulted me here.. ..and I will never.. wearing those again.
I take this oath! Hey! It’s great fun! You shouldn’t have
gone for a show like that. Why have you sworn of not
dancing in your life because of that? It’s our mistake. The one who insulted you at the show.. none other than my brother. Take up dance again.
Forget whatever happened. What are you asking me to forget? Not
only dance, my art was also insulted. It isn’t that easy
to be forgotten soon. This is not a minor thing for me. And that’s why we have
come here to seek forgiveness. Can you come some other time?
My daughter has been deeply affected. Brother.. – Do you remember
that your brother is alive? Won’t you inform me when
someone insults your daughter? Listen to me, dear.. I have spoken to the SP about this. You just have to submit
a complaint against him. I will make sure that he
is behind bars for seven years.. ,,and will break his bones. I will show him my power. Why are you thinking so much?
Let’s go. – Brother. We have already apologised.. ..then why are you
blowing up this issue now? Move away, Guna.
Don’t try to interfere. I will not remain silent.
– Why are you making a big fuss? We have apologised for the mistake.
Leave it. This justice is good.. Let my brother hit Guna now.. ..and I shall apologise
for that tomorrow. Is that fine? Come on. Hit him. Please don’t. Listen to me. What are you doing? Dad, what’s happening here? How dare you touch me? What is happening? Guna! Gandhari, why did you
run away breaking my heart? Why did you do this?
– When did this happen? Brother, it’s a dialogue.
– Dialogue? Watch me carefully now.
Gandhari, what have you done? How dare you run away
with the marriage broker? I have explained so well and
you have ruined my dialogues. – Why? I am.. Where are you going? What’s going on? – Nothing.
We were just practising for the drama. What’s the story of this drama? Will you sponsor? If I like the story, I will.
– Brother, are you serious? Tell me the story.
– Yes, I will Our hero Sohan returns
from America after his studies.. He wants to bring
electricity to his village. But the villain, that is
the village head objects to it.. ..saying electricity
can’t be produced here. People take two sides supporting
the village head and Sohan. Not only that,
Sohan even falls in love with a girl. What happens after that? Sohan goes to America
and misses his heroine. Isn’t this the story of Swadesh? No, brother. It is indeed the story of Swadesh.
– No brother, that’s different. Then tell me the story of Swadesh.
– Okay, here you go. He lived in the city of Allahabad. He then went to Delhi to
test his voice at All India Radio.. ..they failed him there. He then went to Mumbai and became
a celebrity due to his hard work. He then went on to become
the nation’s Superstar. He is forty and still
he is going strong. This is his story and we worship him. You didn’t like it? Okay then let me tell you the story
of Hrithik. He was born in Mumbai.. Narayan. Don’t let my brothers know about this. Come on. Brother, we are waiting since so long? Come on. Let’s eat. You guys carry on. I am not hungry. Have you eaten and come? Brother, if you are angry,
stay away from me. But don’t vent your
anger by starvation. Everyone is waiting for you. I said, I am not hungry. You have your food. Hey rascal! Prabhakar does this always.. ..he eats food first
and also goes to fight first. Who are you?
Why are you coming inside? ‘This justice is good.. My brother will hit Guna
and I will apologise tomorrow.’ ‘Hit him’ Hey! – Who are you? What do you want? Where is your husband?
– He is not at home. Where is he then?
– I don’t know. No one is at home. Tell me where is he.
– There is no man at home. I will kill you.
– I said, no one is at home. There is no one there.
– He is hiding inside. – No. Hey! Who are you? I am hungry. Give me something to eat. I am starving. Brother, stop. – Do you
realise where you are heading to? You didn’t find anyone there..
so you have come here. A tigress lives here.
Do you know that? What are you doing? Leave me. – Move away. Come on. Who else lives here? Have you come here
to exhibit hooliganism? No, we have come here to learn
Bharatnatyam. Will you teach us? I will call the Police.
– Are they going to teach us? You rascal!
– Call anyone. I will handle it. You don’t know me. What are you doing here? What do you all think of yourselves? Come on, class is over. You’re done for! What are you doing? It’s God’s idol. It is God! The same way my brother is my God. This boy will never get better.
– You are not going to get down. Why are you sitting like
a master there? Get down. I haven’t done anything so
why should I apologise. – You… Stop brother.
Why are you always so angry? Why are you so worried about him?
We are there for him. You can go. Come on. He is unlucky. There is an inter-college competition. All colleges will participate,
right? – Yes. I don’t know what will happen.
– Have courage. Why are you dancing like this? See that window. He is looking at me. Who is it? – The ‘Rangoli’
competition. The vegetable cart. But where is he? The two will pay for the loss.
– Not two. But three. Yes, brother. I thought about it. You were right. No matter how long it will take.
We will make everything right. Why are you behaving like a chameleon?
– Silence. Dear, these three will
work for you from now. And this place will
become like before. Father, you decide.
I don’t even like to see his place. Remember.
Behave properly this time. – Yes. Otherwise, don’t come home. Babu, start coughing. Hold him.
Tie him up somewhere. Tie him up. Hello? – Why have
you come to my house? Then where should I go? Why have you come?
– I had to talk to you. What? – I can’t tell you here.
Meet me at a lonely place. All right. I will come to the temple.. ..between 5.30 to 6 to light the lamp.
You can come there. Nothing will happen in half an hour. What are you going to tell me? I can’t tell you here.
I will tell you there. What is going on here?
– Nothing. – Then leave. Stop. Why did you stop?
– You asked me to stop. – Comedy. I am very dangerous. I will break
your head if you do anything wrong. Go. – With my girl. I will tell him.
– Go and scare yourself. I will beat you so hard
that you will get hurt. Gayatri, they are very bad.
Look, how they are looking. Look. Yeah. Yeah. Bad man. Sorry. Sorry, bro.
Sorry. – What sorry? Why were you talking to my girl?
– Your girl? Who? – The one you were
talking near the altar is my girl. Remember. Fatso. Stop. – Prabhakar, wait.
I was looking for you. I have the photo and the hammer.
Hold it. – I have got some other work. Let me go. – Stop and look at this. Isn’t that a pretty face?
It will look good if we hang it. I have got some important work.
Go. – Stop. Stop. Why should I think about this?
To hell with this. What are you doing? Who threw this photo here? Actually this picture…
– Do you know who he is? Ramesh. My teacher. Dance is his life Who threw this photo here? Actually I told him that
this photo is so pretty that.. should be in the prayer room. That fool Dhoni had thrown it here. Give it to me. I will keep it.
– No need. – Let it go. Listen, Prabha, I have found the nail.
Where should I hang it? On your head. Fool.
Imbecile. I will teach you a lesson. I will give you this and this. Why did she slap me?
Was there an earthquake here? What is wrong with her? Is she drunk? Give it to me, bro. That girl is really your lover.
– Yes, I love her since ten years. Since ten years! And she? – She will start loving me
in six months. – What’s the guarantee? Because my stars will be akin then.
– But her stars will falter, right? Why do you care? – She is a child. She is not.
Don’t get fooled by her looks. She has been dancing here for 8 years. Dancing here? – Yes. Whom are you referring to? – My Diana. I stay here for her. And have been praying for her. Hold this. – Why are you insulting me?
– I will hit you too. Moron. I can’t even believe it. You
took ten years to impress the fatso. 10 seconds were enough. Have you even seen your face? Get out. Get out. Get out. I have to go inside. Listen.
Listen to me. – Dance properly. Yes. Why are you standing here? Go. – The door is closed.
How can I go? Has she locked it? – Yes. Some doors open when knocked
while others open when broken. A big body is not enough.
You need to be strong too. Brother, listen.
– Look, this strength. Look. What are you doing? – Just watch. One shouldn’t try
to dress a king’s hair. Stay aside and watch the show. Leave it, brother. Leave it. Listen. Brother. Stop. Stop. Goodness. You have suddenly
made my strong body soft. How are you feeling? How are you feeling? I feel like I have
been hit by a fast train. She laughs in instalments. She has got two grape like eyes. She has got two eyes
like the bathroom bulb. She has got eyebrows like the rainbow. She has got cockroach like eyebrows. Her forehead is like the sunlight. Her forehead is like
the shape of an egg. Her hair is like the dense cloud. Her plait is like a dirty rag. Cheeks like apples. Bun like cheeks. – An idol of beauty. She is the example of obesity. Are you making fun of my girl?
– Oh no. I was talking about my girl. Your one? – You will laugh if
I say that she is a tank. Forget her. Tell me, how is yours like? It’s the same one you met at the
‘Rangoli’ competition, right? – Yes. The one who looks like an eggplant.
I mean looks like a fairy. To tell the truth I am not able
to sleep after thinking about her. And she has gone to dance. Don’t worry. How will she dance? She had hit me with a stone that day.
I have settled matters there. And now we have Gayatri
from the Saraswati College. Madam, the cassette is shredded.
– Friends, the cassette is shredded. Go. “Don’t be so surprised.
You are my swan.” “You are the only one in my heart,
my love.” “Look at my heart. Just look at it.” “God always protects our honour.” “Rukmini, come here my fire cracker.” “Your fair body, my love.
I will handcuff you.” “My Rukmini.” “You are my fire cracker.” “You are my fire cracker.” “You are the only one in my heart,
my love.” “Look at my heart. Just look at it.” “God always protects our honour.” “Rukmini.” “Come here, my fire cracker.” “Don’t walk like this.” “My heart beats fast.” “We won’t get separated now.
We will get tied down.” “We will dance like
this after becoming a bird.” “Anyone who will see,
will say that you are my desire.” “Rukmini. ” “Come here, my fire cracker.” “Your fair body, my love.
I will handcuff you.” “You are only in my dreams now.
I will become yours.” “You only stay in my heart,
my darling.” “Our dreams will get fulfilled.
Just watch.” “What else should I do?” “Rukmini.” “Come here, my fire cracker.” “Don’t be so surprised. “You are my swan.” “You are the only one in my heart.” “Listen, my love.” “Rukmini, come here my fire cracker.” “Rukmini, come here my fire cracker.” He sang great. And as soon
as he finished the song.. – What? Done. Gayatri got this award. Okay. Sister. Look there. He is repairing it
the way he broke it. Hello. Checking. 1. 2. 3. You have practiced enough.
Go and rest now. I will go and bath in ten minutes.
We will start after that. Okay? Okay, sister. She is going for a bath. Now is the
time. Now watch how I will catch her. Venkatesh, what are you doing? Today is the last date
to pay the electricity bill. Please go and pay it. Stay here. I will go get the money. Where is your soap
always disappearing? It is so hot.
Let me go and take a bath. What is this?
The bathroom doesn’t have a roof. The water is great. How long will you make me yearn?
I have got your clothes today. One day I will get you too.
– Who is it? Fooling me by changing your voice. I will give you your clothes
only if you say ‘I love you’. Why should I say ‘I love you’ to you? It is God’s will not mine. Let me come and then there
will be hell. – I have it all. Say ‘I love you’. – Hey. Do you swing the other way? Stay outside. Don’t come inside. Venkatesh, where were you?
Go and pay the bill. I can hear someone coughing.
He might make it headlines. Hurry otherwise they will disconnect
the electricity. – I am trapped, God. Listen. What do you want? You only want to
hear three words, right? I love you. I love you. Who is inside? Who is saying
‘I love you’ to me? You… Did you see anything? – God. God. God. This means you have seen it,
right? – Yes. Pease give me my clothes. Give them to me. I am feeling shy. Sinful woman. Why have
you run away in embarrassment? What will happen to my honour? Wonder where I can
find a towel in this house? I thought I would find something here.
But there is nothing here. What people are they?
They don’t even dry clothes. Where are you going, brother? It is here. Bury this stick here, brother. Someone might see me like this.
Let me hide here. – It is easy work. But remember. I won’t do anything
after this. – Okay, brother. Is it okay? – There is a heart here. Here? – My stomach is here. Here? – The balls. And here. – Nothing here. God, he has erected
a pole between my legs. If he had missed
I would have been hurt. Get out, bro. Don’t worry. Be happy. Devyani. Sister, how are you? I am fine – You have come suddenly?
– Why? Can’t I come suddenly? This is your house.
Tell me. What will you have? Nothing. I am full.
– Diana. – Yes, sister. Send away the kids. I will spend
the day with sister today. – No. Why? I don’t want to get scolded
for disrupting the class. No need. I feel like dancing
after seeing this place. We are very lucky, sister. Go and get the anklets.
– Stop. Get two pairs. Will you dance with me? Sister, I am not well. You dance. – You are fine. Get them. Sister, actually… – Daughter. She is telling you… Don’t be obstinate. Devyani, I have come and
danced here only because of him. Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. The car is broke.
There is a problem. Please help. We have got bigger problems than this.
We cannot stop here. Get out. – Please, sir. – Please. Help us.
I need to go to a dance program. You are the famous
Bharatnatyam dancer. She is Shobhna Ramesh.
– You are Shobhna Ramesh, right? The remaining troupe is not here.
– Shut up. Just wait for a minute. I will check. After seeing Natraj’s idol
I understood that you like dance. Yes, madam. I don’t get sleep
without hearing brother sing. We have dedicated our life to dance. The car fuse is broken. We will take half
an hour to repair it. I will repair it
but I have a condition. So now do you know how I came here? Bye. Bye.
– Good bye. Good bye. Good bye. What are you looking at? Is
a show going on? Keep the idol inside. I saw you wearing anklets again.
I met her by accident. You won’t say no to your teacher.
That’s why I brought her. Wow! She is standing
so well on just one leg. By the way, what is the weight of that
idol? – Have you place it properly? I have placed it
where I had broken it. We have repaired everything. Bye. Please eat before you leave. He likes mutton rice and chicken.
– Hey, you. But we won’t get it here.
We will eat outside. Thank you for asking
us for a meal. Bye now. May I leave? – Go. Wonderful. – Hey. Come on. Tell the girl’s family
that we will come tomorrow. Yes, brother. – Yes, brother. Prabhakar. – Yes, brother. Don’t tell Karuna that
we are going to see a girl. We will just go. – Yes. Come. – Hello.
– We have arranged the vermilion.. ..and turmeric ceremony
as per your directions? It’s his birthday today.
Even he has reached the temple. Come. Stand properly. Sister. He is..
– Sister. Sister. What happened? Sister. Calm down. Stop. – What is happening? Sister. – Sister. Calm down, sister. Please. No, sister. No. Control yourself. Control. – Sister. Sister, calm down. And don’t forget to get two garlands,
flowers.. ..2 kilos of fruits and
clothes for the rituals. – Okay. Come. – Come. Hello. – Hello. Seems like you were going somewhere.
Did I inconvenience you? No. We will go later.
You go. – Yes. – Come. – Listen. Go and tell them that
I will just come. – Okay. Come. Devyani, look who has come? Who is it, father? – Come and see. Oh. – He is my brother-in-law.
– Come and sit. Hello.
– How are you? May I ask you the
reason for your visit? No, I had come for an alliance
for my younger brother. Sorry, please don’t misunderstand. My daughter has already said that.. ..she will not get married
because her life is dance. Look, don’t misunderstand. We have not come for your daughter. There is another girl in
room number 40 in this compound. Since this is not an auspicious time.
We are waiting. Will you mind if
we stay here till then? No, of course not. Can you tell us something
about that girl? She is a very nice girl. She is going to be my sister-in-law.
So I have to ask a little. Have you told your brother that
you have come to see a girl for him? I haven’t told him. But he never refuses me anything. Yes. Here he is. – Come, let’s go. What happened?
– The girl whom you have come to see. She has eloped with
someone this morning. What? Shameless girl. How can someone
do this by inviting one over? Curse her. She will never stay happy. You are an elder. How can you say so? Just think of the
happiness of that girl. Shouldn’t she happy even
though your brother didn’t get her? The way you have
not told your brother.. ..maybe even her family
had not told her about this. I knew that the girl
has eloped since morning. But you could have
told us that before. You would have found
out in 10 minutes. That’s why I didn’t
bad mouth that girl. Take this offering and
pray that the girl stays happy. Even your brother
will get a good bride. Okay, dear. Bye. What a cultured girl. Talk to them, Guna. Will you accept my brother’s alliance? Even I want to. But this is her decision. She had decided two years ago.
She can change it. Just ask her once. Yes. He is asking for your
hand for his brother. There is a good occasion
after three days, father. – What? Goodness. Bless you. She had said yes. “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” “You are the winner of my heart.
Inside. Inside. Inside.” “Your love. My love. Love is a sea.” “Die and live in love.
Love is a mission.” “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” “You are the winner of my heart.
Inside. Inside. Inside.” “You have melted my heart.
I am smitten by you.” “I am now influenced by you.
My darling. My partner.” “My breath is yours.
My body is smoking.” “King, come and get inside my veins.” “You have melted my heart.
I am smitten by you.” “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” “You are the winner of my heart.
Inside. Inside. Inside.” “My heart dances. My body dances.” “It was my dream that
you would be my lover.” “You are in my very being.
You are my love.” “The entire world knows that
I am yours. Even my heart says so.” “Even my body is fair.” “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” “You are the winner of my heart.
Inside. Inside. Inside.” “Your love. My love. Love is a sea.” “Die and live in love.
Love is a mission.” “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” “You are beautiful. I am beautiful.
You are beautiful. I am beautiful.” “You are beautiful.
I am beautiful. I am beautiful.” “Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.” To tell the truth we had
gone to see some other girl. We were lucky that
the girl’s name is Devyani. She stays in Nilgiri village,
near Basantpur. She runs a dance academy there. She didn’t want to get married. She agreed for the wedding when she
heard that the groom is my brother. The wedding will take place next week. She said it’s an auspicious time. So even I agreed since
I didn’t want to delay. What are you thinking? That I have fixed
everything without asking. Do you want to see the girl?
– No, brother. – You may. You should. Prabhakar knows her. Go with him and see her. If you have seen her
then she is bound to be good. I will see her on the wedding day. Narayan said that this
will be your answer. Hey. I forgot Narayan at the market. How long will we do
these stupid jobs at home? You will have to do this
until your sister-in-law comes. After that you all can enjoy. Okay. “Wow God. What a pair.” “Brother and sister-in-law.
Congratulations.’ Brother Dhoni, are you flattering him? I was just singing. But what
can I do if it matched the situation? Shut up. Brother wouldn’t have fixed
the wedding if the girl was not good. That means without seeing the girl
you have decided that she is good. Brother, I have to say something.
– Don’t say anything. “Don’t say anything.” Prabha, you have seen the girl, right? Brother said her eyes are like. A doe. “The one with the sharp eyes.” “Innocent wife.” – And teeth? “The crooked walk
of the straight path.” “Everything is just a mess.” Why are you joking?
“You saw me. I saw you. Tell me.” “Clarify.” – Don’t. “Clarify.” What are you saying? – Brother,
you didn’t understand. – Brother. The fused bulb which
uses a tube-light for support. If the tube-light is also gone.
Then tell me, who will support him? Even you have become a fuse bulb, You will marry her in
spite of hearing all this. I am not going to believe you.
I will go and see the truth. Get down. Get down. Now where it is? Come, sir.
– How far is Nilgiri village? Take a rickshaw.
I will take you there. Even I know that. – Then come on. In the Devsagar path
of Nilgiri village. There is a dance school of Devyani. We will ask someone on the way. Come. Why have you stopped the vehicle?
Where is the driver? Sir, are you a local? I am. – Then please
tell me this address. What is he doing here?
– Nilgiri’s Devyani’s dance school? Yes. What errand do you have there? Not me. My passenger
wants to go there. Whom are you taking
to my sister-in-law’s house? He was here. Where is he? Look, he is running away.
– He seems like brother Karma. I have stuck posters in this street.
– Go to the next street. Brother, the play is in Mumbai and
you are sticking posters in Hyderabad. Get lost. Brother, where are you going? Give me my money. Brother.
Brother. Don’t run so fast. – Brother. He is hiding here. Stop. Stop. Give me my money. He was…
– Go away. – Brother. Brother. – Give me my money. He is a cheat. What did you say about my brother?
– Nothing. Shameless. Hooligan.
– He has taken away my money. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. – Brother. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Brother.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. What are you doing? – Let her go. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. – Let her go. It is my sister-in-law.
– Yours. – Then? Forgive me.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. – Coming. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Brother. – Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. Ram Hanuman. – Hail him.
– Ram Hanuman. – Hail him. – Brother. The auspicious day was quite early. I couldn’t even print
invitation cards. – Bro. I have invited people by calling them. They will come. Let me read. Narayan.
– Yes. – Karma is sitting behind. Don’t turn back. He must have come to see
Devyani without letting us know. He will feel embarrassed if he saw us. I have come to see my wife.
And they have followed me here. How did they know? This is the first wedding
of the family. It should be grand. Where is my tea? Here is the paper. What are you doing here? – Even
I have the same question for you. I have come to have tea. So you have come to Nilgiri
from Gandhinagar to have tea. You have come to meet sister-in-law.
– Sister-in-law? What Sister-in-law? Brother, I know everything.
Come, let’s meet sister-in-law. Prabha, if we go there then.. ..even elder brother will come
to know of it. – Yes, that is correct. You want to meet sister-in-law
without him knowing. He won’t know. Come. – One minute. Cancel the tea. Hello? – This is Gunshekhar. Yes. Tell me. Our bridegroom is coming
to see you without informing. And listen, don’t tell him
that I have told you. – All right. Careful. You have to climb
up to see sister-in-law. – One minute. One minute. – Three. You have to see her. Powder is romantic.
Romance. Okay. Come on. – Start again. Climb. What happened? – I only saw her back.
It’s very pretty. I will throw a stone
and she will turn back. You will be able to see her.
– Good idea. Take this. What is this? – Stone. – So small? She might get hurt if it is larger.
– Brother… Come on. Move. Shall I climb up? No. Come down. What happened? Tell me. Fast. She has seen me.
She has called inside. I won’t go. – What do I do now? I will do one thing. I will
throw the pebble. You see her. Okay. Come on. 2. 3. Goodness. Who threw it? Who is there? – What happened? I think there is a thief there.
– The pebble. What the heck.
Let’s run. – Who is there? Hide. Hide. – Where are we going?
– They are running away. Madam, it was a thief.
– No, it was not a thief. You don’t know. I saw them, madam. You were dancing at that time.
– Listen. Prabhat. Prabhat.
– Stop, I will deal with you. Prabhat, where are you? I am not a thief. – I won’t spare you. Leave. Who is it? Let me go. Don’t hit me. Hey. Who has hit me? Where are you? Sorry. Sorry. – Leave. I won’t spare you.
Where did they go? Where did they go? There. That side. – I am coming. Brother. Brother. Brother. You have become blind in love.
– Who was that fatso? You have several
villains in your film. Come, let’s go and see sister-in-law. You want me to go like this?
– Yes, you do look like a beggar. Shall I say something? – Yes. Please. Don’t tell anyone that I am the groom. Where have they gone to? I have been looking for you.
Where did you go? We were just looking at the
house from outside. Nothing else. Who is this? He is our..
– Don’t tell her. Don’t tell her. He is an actor.
He works in theatre. – Hello. Hello. But this dirt.. Actually… – He often slips. Okay. Please come inside. Go. Go. – Come. Rascal, you are hiding here. Everyone wants a good daughter-in-law
here but I didn’t expect her. That I will have a goddess like wife.
I am very happy. You have just come. You don’t
know anything about our enmity. You won’t marry into that family. I look all right. But I am not as intelligent as you. On top of that the villagers
say that I am unlucky. But no one will be
able to say that to me now. Because I am going
to marry a beautiful girl. They have come to ruin our family. Please refuse this alliance, my dear. And if I don’t? Then you can consider
our relationship as over. Prabhat, am I fit for that girl?
– Listen to me carefully. No matter what anyone says.. ..he will be my husband in this birth. I will see how. We won’t spare him.
– We won’t spare you either. God has given me so
much joy together. Prabha. I am afraid of losing it. If this happens then… I won’t be able to bear it. Brother,
why are you being so negative? If you think well
then good will happen. Don’t worry. Come. – Hello. – Come. It is your brother’s wedding today.
Smile now. – No, Narayan. Come. – I will not rest in peace
unless Karma’s wedding is completed. You… Not everyone will meet the same
fate as you. Be happy today at least. What are you saying?
– Karma is alone there. Go to him. How are you, darling? I have lost two pounds
while missing you. But you will need another
99 rounds to fit properly. You are always joking. Okay. Button me. Where is the button? The buttons of your shirt. – Why? Because I will feel jealous
if other girls see your chest. Just don’t see.
She is impressed. I have scored. Why are you crying in a home
where a marriage is taking place? How did you impress Diana?
– You didn’t see what I showed. You saw what you shouldn’t have. What did you show her that I didn’t? This one. What did you show her that I didn’t? My heart. My mole.
– Diana. – Yes. – Come here. Take this. – Yes, sir. Give this to Devyani. It is
vermilion from Vaishnodevi. – Okay. Give me a sheet of paper. – Take. Madam. Madam. Yes. Vermilion from
Goddess Vaishno has come. Sir has asked you to apply it too. Okay. Madam, they are calling
you to the altar. Come. Tell him that I have called
him upstairs. – What? – Yes. Did you call me? Who is at the altar? My younger brother. That day you said… That he works in the theatre.
Didn’t you? I did say so. But he didn’t want his fiancée
to see his dirty face. That’s why. Are you playing with me? You are not the groom? Me the groom? What are you saying? Because of you..
I didn’t even want to get married. But when your brother asked
I agreed because I thought it was you. Now suddenly how can I
accept someone else as my groom? Please don’t say so. Only
ten minutes are left for the wedding. And here you… If you are so amazed
then think about me. Tell everyone that you will marry me. Please. I request you
not to say such things. I have never looked at you like that. This is still a small
misunderstanding. Don’t inflate it further. You are smarter than me. You know that if you
change the decision now then.. will be a huge mess. That’s why you… Please come to the altar directly. Why nonsense! How can you say so? You want the girl you like,
to marry your brother. If my brother likes her then I will. That means.. My emotions.. You don’t value them at all. I am requesting you unashamedly,
but you still won’t accept me. I don’t like a person who
cannot understand a women’s heart. In spite of being a woman
I will have to tell this to everyone. How do I stop this wedding? I beg of you. Go and stop
this wedding. Say anything. I beg of you.
Stop this wedding. Stop it. Devyani, what are you doing inside? The priest is calling you.
– No. – Hurry, dear. Listen to me. This wedding
will take place in a grand manner. My elder brother is worried that.. ..there should not be
any issue in this wedding. And my younger brother
considers you as his life. I am nothing compared to my brothers. If anyone tries to hurt
them then I will become a beast. Come to the altar without any fuss. If you still try
to stop this wedding.. ..then I will kill your entire family. This is not a new place for me. Only five minutes are
left for the rituals. Hurry up. Let me come..
otherwise I will kill you. Stop. Stop. Stop.
– What’s the problem? – Who is he? I am Dhoni. – I am Gunashekhar. I will slap you. How dare
you take elder brother’s name? He is my friend.
– Whatever. What do you want? I have to attend his younger
brother’s wedding. – Is it? I will eat and leave. – You blind man. The wedding was yesterday.
And you are coming today. But it is written
differently in the card. No cards were printed.
What do you want? I will meet the groom,
eat food and go. Just this. There is a
lot of leftover food inside. Eat, give the gift and go.
– I am an honourable man. I will eat only after
I have given the gift. Don’t you know how
honourable our friend is? You have made him stand
outside like a beggar. Bro, first give me what you have got. After that you can go inside
and eat to your heart’s content. I will serve you myself. Get a bag.
Wonder how much he will give? Take this rupee.
Here is another rupee. And this 50 paisa. I have given two and a half rupees. 20 years ago he gave
only two rupees at my wedding. Today in his brother’s wedding.. ..I have increased the rate
and given two and a half rupees. My honour has increased.
No matter what, I won’t wear a shirt. I will have food.
– You will not wear a shirt. You will wear your shirt
only if it will survive. Such military clothes don’t suit you.
Dispose his body. – Take this. The photo is ready.
– Is it good? – It is very good. Bro, the girl looks angry. Go and do your work. All right. – Go inside and make
preparations to click a group photo. Okay. – Narayan.
– Yes. – Hang it in a good place. I told you to go.
– I am leaving. – Go. If he will stick such
a big photo of this girl.. ..then what will he do with my fatso.
Will they hang a banner? Nothing happened last night.
But I won’t spare her during the day. As soon as she will come out,
I will grab her from behind and… I will kiss her. It should be stylish. I will take her in this arm.
Bend her. No. It should be simple. I will lift her in my arms and… What?
– Nothing. Dear, that… First shift that wardrobe
to that room. – Okay, brother. Devyani. – Yes. Can I apply the vermilion? Brother. What is it? – Elder brother
has asked you to get the wardrobe. It is very important. Take that later. If you give it to him,
he will lift it in a jiffy. – Go now. I think brother is busy.
– Let’s leave. Everything was going good. I forgot one thing. If the
door was locked then it was okay. Brother. What happened, Prabha? The photographer is here.
And elder brother has called you two. Is it necessary now?
– Yes, he has called you now. Tell me. What photo? – There is
a tradition to take pictures.. ..whenever something
special happens in the house. Get ready. If the wedding is stopped now,
I will be ruined. I will have to commit suicide. If you want to see me alive
then just agree to this wedding. You haven’t got ready yet. Brother will get angry if we are late. Listen. I am not able
to find my necklace. What did you say?
The necklace is missing. Brother, for the photo are you coming
there or should we come in? Tell me. Your sister-in-law’s
necklace is missing. I think I have forgotten it
at the altar. It was of green stones. It was very lucky for me. Don’t worry. I will go and check.
– Wait, brother. I will go and check. Listen, what if someone
has taken it away. Please ask around well. All right, sister-in-law. Yes, sir. – My moustache
should point up like a lion’s. The side locks should be like a sword. And my eyebrows should look strict.
Can you take such a photo? Do you think I am a barber?
I am a photographer. Rascal, these are the effects
I want you to add to the photo. Where is the bride and groom? Yes. – Here they are, brother.
– Where is Prabha? She has lost her necklace.
He has gone to find it. He could have gone after the group
photo. – It was a very lucky necklace. I sent him thinking
that it might get stolen. Yes, we are ready. But how can we do it without Prabhat? Brother, the photographer
has to go to someone else’s home too. He is in a hurry.
He might leave. I am telling you. Okay. Go ahead. I went to the farm.
I met the farmers and said that… What happened, brother? Nothing.
– Nothing and you are in tears. Did you say anything? Not only to relive old memories. We are always together that’s why.. ..we have these pictures. And you are not in this photo. Thinking this… Just that. Come here. You cannot see me here. Look. Whenever you want to see this photo.. me. And I will be here. No, brother. No one can separate us
when our hearts are united. Come. I will separate you. Brother is now married. But now it’s my turn. Whom are you talking about? Who else? Don’t you want it to?
Tell me now, if it so. Why wouldn’t I want it? That means you are ready to marry me.
– Just tell me when. Don’t be in a hurry. I will
have to convince brother, right? And if brother is not convinced?
– That is your job. What do I have to do to convince him? Do something which
will make brother like you. Just that. Just watch my magic. What did you say?
You want me to cut a coconut.. ..and make it fall on brother’s head. You will scream and save him. Go away. He was my teacher. I won’t do that. So what? He cannot see me here. By the way, he has also fed me.
He has even given me clothes. It is a little difficult
to forget his favours. But can I do? Favours
are not enough to run the home. Look, madam, as per your
orders I will drop the coconut. But save him on time.
Because it is very important. Don’t worry about that.
– I will need this too for that. One truck was sent to Shivpur, right? What happened, there?
– 400 rupees, sir. That is too much. – The price
of petrol has increased, brother. Brother, be careful. Papa. Mummy. Save me. What have you done?
– I am hurt. – Nothing will happen. Elder brother,
I think I will die in some time. Please make a memorial
for me with my name on it. Write that..
this is brother Dhoni’s garden. Please do, brother.
Please do. – Dhoni. Dhoni. Dhoni.
– Master. – Don’t worry. Be happy. Master. Thank goodness that
madam saved you in time. If she was not there
then I don’t know…. Stop, brother.
I will just get it. – Hurry, dear. All the worms will
die with this pesticide. Madam is like a goddess.
How she has saved you. Where is the water? Water?
– Here you are. – She has got it. God. Water. Water. – What is wrong
with him? – Give him some more. Goodness. This contains pesticide.
You gave this water to Dhoni. What happened? – Sorry.
– Forget the water. See her emotions. Master, she is like a goddess. – God. Someone take her away. – Let him go. Get the car. We will take
him to the hospital. Hurry. Sorry. – Who are you?
And what are you doing here? You have given him pesticide.
How will we save him now? – Not you. Sir. Why are you scolding the goddess? If you make him drink dung water.. ..he will throw up all the poison.
– Cow dung. If you could, you will burn me.
– Dhoni. Dhoni. – Stop. – You are
really a goddess. You saved him. Why are you slapping me? You
told me to say such things. – What? Paid you. – Yes, she said. Are you mad?
I will make you drink that water. Dhoni might have got killed uselessly.
Why did you do all this? You told me to impress brother. Did he get impressed?
– I have understood you. You did this to get rid of me, right? Now this marriage will
never take place. – It will. I just need to tell
brother that I love you. He will get us married at once. Then why did you make
me do all this? You… Brother, please put
this dough into water.. that your late
ancestors can rest in peace. Ram, Prabhakar will be finished
before your next death anniversary. We will do it. Devyani. – Yes. Why have you got me
here instead of the temple? Actually it is my uncle’s
son’s death anniversary. The death anniversary of the person
who ruined my elder brother’s life. If we stay afar the
enmity will increase. We have to change all that, right? No matter what. It is wrong to
come here without informing brother. Okay. Let’s go home. – Wait. Go and meet them. You are dead for us.
Why have you come here? To repent for my sins. Brother’s bike is here?
I am sure he has come to the temple. Don’t worry, son-in-law. Everything
will be fine. We are there with you. The sand of Raipur’s Shivnagar
village is being auctioned. The one who will bid the highest, will
have to deposit the money at once. The first bid of the government
10 lakhs. – 11 lakhs. 12 lakhs. – 15 lakhs. 16. 18 lakhs. 25 lakhs. – Brother, don’t let it go. Prabhat, call and arrange
for 15 lakhs cash. And ask them to get the check book.
Go. – Okay. 26 lakhs. Hello? Brother, get 15 lakhs cash.. ..and the check book
and come to the auction. Prabha. Come here with the
money as soon as possible. Otherwise Dhanush
will win the auction. The sand is given
to the highest bidder. Brother, hurry. What did he say? – He has
asked you to go to the auction.. ..with money after two hours. No. I will go at once. Will you drop me at
the temple on the way? All right. Hurry up. Mr. Gunshekhar, we told you that.. have deposit the money
as soon as the auction is done. Just give me 10-15 minutes. My
brother is on his way with the money. Give me the briefcase. – Here. You will be sinning if
you don’t visit the temple.. ..after coming so close to it. There is a lot of time. Come. Hello. Phone in the temple!
Switch it off. – Okay. Brother. – Yes.
– His phone is switched off. What are you saying? Phone
is turned off. – What happened, sir? Sir, another 10 minutes. Brother must be waiting for me.
– I have a wish. I had promised to.. ..walk around 108 times for
the happiness of our family. May I? For our family?
There is still time. Go ahead. You have got excited
and bid very high. If you don’t have
the money then back out. Why are you wasting everyone’s time? I am done.
Shall we leave now? – Yes, let’s go. Sir, we are getting late.
What happened? Give it to the next highest bidder.
– Then why are you at this auction? Sir, I don’t have so much money, sir.
– Then next. Sir, even I don’t have money.
– Then why did you bid? – Sir. We have 11 lakhs ready.
Come and deposit the money. Guna. – Come. The bidders were all my men. I trusted my workers
and you trusted your brother. Remember.
Love is nothing compared to money. Come, son-in-law. How are you? He seems to be very angry. Here is the money.
– Throw it in the lake. I called you long ago
and you are coming now. Prabha asked me to
come after two hours. When did I, brother?
Why are you lying? You said so. Since there was time,
we went to the temple. You made the mistake
and are blaming me. I had a doubt when I
saw you two with Dhanush Koti. You have misunderstood. We were misunderstanding.
Your brother has stooped so low today. I am getting hurt because
of what he has said to you. Brother,
you had accepted my alliance.. spite of knowing
that I am obstinate, right? No, dear.
Why would he say so? – No, brother. I married him because
I wanted this enmity to end. And he is accusing me. – No, dear. He didn’t mean to say that. Tell her, what the matter is? In spite of knowing that they are our
enemies why did they go to meet them? We went because there was
death anniversary at my uncle’s home. We are being followed and spied upon. Aren’t you ashamed? I cannot stay
in a house where there is no trust. Devyani, why are you inflating things?
– You must be used to it. But I.. I don’t want to stay
with people who are accusing me. Your ties shouldn’t
get broken because of me. I am leaving. – Stop Devyani. Wait. Don’t be in a hurry.
Prabha will apologise to you. Apologise to Devyani. I haven’t made any mistake. Your action has hurt her.
Apologise to her. Are you going to apologise or not? You won’t apologise. Don’t hit him, brother.
I will talk to him. Brother, let him go. He doesn’t know.
– You won’t listen to your brother. Brother. Don’t hit him, brother. Speak. Don’t show me your face again. Prabha. – Move. – Dear. I am sorry for his mistake. Brother. – Our family
shouldn’t be dishonoured. No. – We will discuss
the rest at home. Come. Come dear. Come dear.
– Brother. – Come. Let’s go. Talk about Kumar.
Captain Gopal had not only got a son.. ..but he also made arrangements
so that he can live his life happily. Prabha, is this over. Everything is finished. Theatre. The bottle in your hand. Everything is finished.
– But this is still left. We never spare our enemies.
You are the enemy of our business. You won’t stay alive anymore. Get lost. Remember.. That day you were
praising the love of your brothers. Nothing is more important
than the love of your brothers. What happened now? The day your brother
married me the same day.. ..I threw you out of my heart. After that day whenever I see you.. ..I remember and feel
angry because you insulted me. I will destroy you. I promise you this. The one who cheats and
the one who is cheated.. ..both cannot stay
in one house together. That day I separated
you from the group photo. In the same way I will also
separate you from that family. You hurt me for your
brother’s happiness.. ..I will make you homeless.. ..for the same brothers. You won’t get anything you want. You won’t be able to live in peace. I won’t spare you until
you become a beggar.. ..and lose your home,
family and everything else. The way I found my
brother’s corpse in my home. In the same way,
all you brothers will kill each other. With God’s grace,
on the 28th of the forthcoming month.. ..Raigadh’s Ram Chandradev’s elder
son Gunshankar Dev and Nilgiri’s.. ..Head Man’s only daughter
Kalpana’s wedding has been fixed. The engagement may continue. Is everyone okay with the alliance? Before the engagement I want
to say something. – Yes, ma’am. Though your match had
been fixed in childhood but.. ..she is the leader of
the Women’s Industrial Group. And this group has decided
against the practice of dowry. That’s why you won’t
get any dowry in the wedding. No problem. We don’t have any issues. Brother, is this the only thing?
Ma’am, though we don’t need anything. But since we are the groom’s family
we will lay down the conditions. We want a sister-in-law
not a political leader. Think about it again.
– Your husband is silent. Then why is he acting so smart? Brother wants delicious
food every day. Sister-in-law has to take care of
all the brother’s likes and dislikes. By the way,
I don’t think it is possible. “Kanna, just listen.” “Kanna, everyone is listening.” “Kanna, just listen.” “Small kid.” “You don’t know anything.” “Don’t try to act
smart in front of me.” “Don’t make a mess.
Go. You won’t get anything.” “Try to find anything
wrong with the air, crazy boy.” “Tell us about it.” “I am innocent and you have hurt me.” “Oh yes.” “Kanna, just listen.” “Small kid.” “You don’t know anything.” “Don’t try to act
smart in front of me.” “There is hot food.
Eat as much as you want.” “Sit apart. Don’t be greedy.” “Does anyone do chores like this?” “Why do you do such meaningless work?” “I will give you
one slap in your face.” “Don’t mess with me.” “Kanna, just listen.” “Small kid.” “I can teach a lesson
to whomsoever I want.” “Go away. Don’t mess with me.” “Dance with me to this beat.” “Look friends.
Look at this innocent face.” “Find a girl and give it to him.
Oh yes.” “Kanna, just listen.” “Small kid.” “You don’t know anything. Don’t
try to act smart in front of me.” Sir, ten people died
after having our liquor. The entire village
is coming here, sir. Stop producing illicit liquor. This won’t do.
– Bomb the entire factory. This won’t do.
– Vacate the entire area. Stop the truck.
Stop the truck. – Stop. Stop. Stop. Calm down. Why are you creating so much noise? Come on. Make way.
– Accept your mistake and surrender. How is it our fault? When you prepare food sometimes
you do add too much salt to it, right? In the same way a batch of
alcohol had too much spirit. So what? You have come here for justice
just because a few people died. I have planted bombs.
So get lost. – Even if I die… Even then I won’t leave. Then I will kill you.
– What are you doing? Go away. Leave her. Yes. Hey. – Where are you hiding? Come out. Hey, get out. Beat him more. Hey, where did he go? Get out. They have killed them. Curse you. You will be ruined. You have ruined us.
– You killed my father. You will not even get a drop of water.
– Police is going to punish him. But you were the one who was hurt. Tell me.
How will you punish this rascal? Tell me. How will you
punish this rascal? Tell me. Smear dung on his face. – Beat him. Come. Come. Go.
– What is going on? Move! Prabha, let go of my brother. No. This is used to clean the house. But if required we can
also kill sinners like you.. ..and also clean the nation. You don’t know me. I have got hand in politics,
power, money and lot of other things. I have got.. Prabha, take him away.
I know how I can free him. Come on, sister-in-law. Come on. He has hit brother. Hit him. Come on. We can’t see the ordinary
people getting ruined.. ..because of your personal enmity. Tell me. Tell her to take back the
false complaint against brother. Whether it is true or false..
the police will decide it. You can stop his wineries
or the people will break them. Control your tongue. What will you do?
– Prabha, calm down. Sit. Calm down. We have come
here to resolve your problem. Dhanush Koti, it is proven
that your family runs breweries. That’s why you won’t
run any more breweries. Accept this and write it
down on paper in front of everyone. Only then they will listen
to you and take back the case. Yes. Okay, sir. There is no other way out, Rajaram. We can’t do anything in this village.
Let’s move. I will arrange everything. Okay. – She raided us and closed
down our breweries. Now she is asking us
to leave after defeating us. Kashi. – Yes. – Where is she now?
– In the Vishwanath temple. It is hers and Guna’s wedding, sir. The village shouldn’t
smell of alcohol, right? Tomorrow her body
will stink of alcohol. She will surely get married tomorrow. I will be the groom. Brother, this garland is too small.
Take it off. What happened? – You need
a bigger one to look like a prince. I will get it for you. Stop. – That garland is fine. Play the instruments. Let her go. Tell him to go.
– What are you doing? Hey. Rajaram is bullying out there.
– I see… Stop. – Someone save her. Save her. Save me. Let’s go from here. Let’s go from here. Prabha, Rajaram has beaten your
brother. – Where? – In the temple. Let her go.
Let her go. I said let her go. Let her go. – No. Leave me. Stop. Move aside. Brother. Because of the dangerous
murder she went insane. They wanted to take
revenge from my brother.. showing the nuptial thread tied
around her neck by that sinner.. ..Dhanush Koti locked her in his home. Because of a mistake which only took
a second, I was jailed for five years. That’s why you made Devyani marry
brother Karma against her wishes. Once before also a marriage couldn’t
be solemnized on a wedding day. If such things happen again.. ..then like elder brother.. ..even younger brother
would have spent his life alone. If this is the problem then
why don’t you tell brother Karma? Which husband would be
able to tolerate such a thing? Besides that Karma
loves his wife a lot. He will die. – What, bro. Look, I will go and
tell Guna everything. He got them married. If he finds out that
this is the case then.. ..he will be heartbroken.
– So what will you do now? I don’t know. Let’s see. Prabha, where were you? Don’t you know your elder brother? Since he hit you, he didn’t
eat or sleep since last night. Actually he is angry because you
caught my collar in front of everyone. On top of that Devyani spoke too much. I have consoled everyone.
Brother is sitting inside. Go and meet him first. – Brother. Aren’t you angry with me?
– Are you crazy? Come. Brother, Prabha has come. Now you can give him the good news. You were missing him when he wasn’t
there. Now you look angry again. Brother, please forgive me. If he listens to my condition.. ..only then I will forgive him.
– What conditions? He has been jailed for
5 years because of anger. I don’t want to go through that again.
Tell him, not to get angry. All right. He won’t. What else? And he also has to marry
the girl I will choose for him. Brother. Don’t worry. It is Gayatri. Prabha, Devyani has told us about.. ..your and Gayatri’s
affair and fixed the wedding. Brother. – Yes, dear. Come on. How long will you talk here? You will be late.
– Yes, come. Let’s go. What is this? They are coming with
their wedding procession.. the wedding we have fixed. By the way, the priest
has only one daughter, right? Come, Devyani. We have fixed the match of.. ..the daughter of this family
with my son Pratik. Sorry, we couldn’t invite son-in-law. The wedding will get
solemnized soon. Do come. Will you come? What is all this, uncle?
What are you doing? You know that he
loves that girl, right? Even he loves her, dear. Brother,
this is no way to defeat them. Don’t mix your enmity with their love. I beg of you. This is not charity.
This is a wedding. Why are you talking to them?
Let’s ask the girl. – Yes. Move. Gayatri. Tell them.
Tell them that you love him. Tell. Don’t be scared of anyone.
Just tell once. I will get you married here.. front of everyone. Look here. She has given
her consent for this wedding. Don’t create an uproar here. It will spoil my daughter’s future. Listen, Prabha. The entire
family is plotting against you. We shouldn’t let them go like this. Just watch. – Are you human or beasts?
– Suddenly… What is wrong with her? I got you here because I thought
I will do you something good. But what has happened? Devyani, don’t be sad now. Let it be. No. If we don’t get the one we love,
I know how much it hurts. Uncle. Brother,
please have Gayatri marry Prabhakar? Please. Devyani. – Let this wedding
take place. – Get up. Get up. You are the honour of our house.
Don’t touch their feet. I am very proud that
you are the daughter-in-law. Why are you falling at their feet? No, brother. Uncle. Uncle. Dear, don’t even think of coming to.. ..the wedding tomorrow
to cause a hullaballoo. It will have three DCs four channels.. ..five ministers and political
leaders from five districts. It was going to be a big ceremony. We are also going to get
another 50 couples married. If you dare, then try to come. Prabha, there should
be no hullaballoo. Forget that girl. What happened? You are dancing a lot. Because I am very happy. One minute. The one who used to make others
happy by keeping oneself in pain. I am great. The one who finds happiness
in other’s happiness is a human. But the one who troubles
others is a devil, sister-in-law. I had tolerated your cruelty
for my family till now. But what you are going to do now
is trifling with the life of a girl. You have already ruined a life,
sister-in-law. But I won’t allow you to repeat it. I won’t let you do this now,
sister-in-law. What will you do?
– I will change everything. In front of three DCs, four channels.. ..five ministers and leaders
of eight districts your brother.. ..and 50 couples will get married. But I am going to tie the
nuptial thread around Gayatri’s neck. Just remember. And the one who will give
me that holy nuptial thread.. ..will be you. The family you are trying to break up,
sister-in-law.. will have to fight
to keep the same family together. The one who cheats and
the one who is cheated.. ..doesn’t stay in the same house. But two sisters-in-law can
stay in a home lovingly together. Be ready, sister-in-law. If you have fire in your heart today.. ..then I have a volcano in my heart. Don’t consider Devyani’s
anger as ordinary. Sister-in-law, it is more
fun where there is more anger. The entire village has
got hoardings and posters. I cannot attend this wedding. If I come then my
career will get over. I cannot attend the wedding of a
person who is engaged in shady stuff. You have been so defamed there. We cannot come. – This is a
family of drunkards. I am not coming. Sunny. Yes, papa. Prabha has started his work. We cannot do anything
while he is outside. He shouldn’t be outside. Mani, file a police complaint.
She has cut her hand. Go. We should be very careful. Prabha, the police is looking for
you because Kashi’s hand has been cut. Prabha, go away from
here for a few days. Go and hide somewhere.
– Why, elder brother? He saw that girl and forgot her too. You will pressurize us here
and they will do what they want. Prabha, we don’t need any more
mistakes. – There will be no mistakes. I cannot even see
sister-in-law in such a state. How can I allow Gayatri
to go through this? I will marry Gayatri tomorrow. – But.. How? – How? – I have a plan. I know two of the couples who will get
married among the other 50 tomorrow. All of you come to the altar
by saying that you are relatives. How will you come?
If you do, the police will arrest you. The police has to see me to arrest me. I will be hiding in the vegetables
for the kitchen and after that… Nothing else. We will discuss the rest.
You two can leave. You need to go. It is very important.
Go. – Listen. – Go. There is a lot of chores in a wedding.
They don’t understand. Prabha, have you lost your mind? Why did you tell them all this? Karma will tell his wife
and she will tell the world. I said all this so that she
gets to know. – What are you saying? Everyone will look for me in the
kitchen. And I won’t even go there. Then how will you come? So that’s your plan. – Yes. Don’t worry. Be happy. – Yes. Hello. In Raigadh village
a community wedding of 50 couples.. ..had been boycotted by celebrities. But the organizers believe
that this will be solemnized. We have got news
from our sources that.. ..minister Vishnu
Pratap might attend this. Sir, Vishnu Pratap is coming in
spite of other people’s absence. Why? I had helped him a lot
in his election campaign. He must have not forgotten.
I am hopeful. Not only that. He is family. He will have to come. Papa. – We will kill your father, if
you do anything wrong in the wedding. Only they are coming.
Where is Prabhakar? Come. It is noisy here. I will go
out and make a call. – Okay. Go ahead. Uncle. – Yes, dear. There is a huge problem.
– Why? What happened? Prabhakar will enter the kitchen
along with the vegetables. Go. The entire place is teeming
with our men, police. Even the minister is here.
What will he do by coming here? They have planned something
big to stop the wedding. I am still here. I will know
the rest only after going there. Go and send them to the kitchen.
– Yes, dear. Inspector, the one who cut his hand,
Prabhakar is hiding in the kitchen. Go and arrest him.
– Okay, sir. Constable. Come with me. You go too. – Show that to me. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Sir, why are you attending a function
which everyone else boycotted? Because of brother.
How can I refuse my brother? I am here because
of his love and respect. I can’t see brother. Brother, won’t you come
out if you sit there once? Hello. Shall we, Mr. Minister? Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him.
– Why are you standing here? Go and attend to your work. Go.
– Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Go. Go. Move.
– Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap.
– Hail him. – Okay. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him.
– Give me the DVD once the job is done. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Papa, what is he doing
here with the minister? Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him.
– Prabha is here with the minister Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him.
– Minister Vishnu Pratap. – Hail him. You have only one copy of DVD, right? Listen, the one who is sitting
with the minister is Prabhakar. How can I? He is with the minister. Arrest him. Pratik, go to the stage. Sir, we have caught
a man called Prabhakar.. ..for the case when Kashi’s
hand was cut. – Okay. Sir, Prabha has surrendered at court. Prabhakar is there. Arrest him. I don’t know that, sir. The Prabhakar
who had cut your brother’s hand.. He has surrendered at court. Okay. We are leaving now. Sir, give me that DVD.
– Give me the camera. What are you doing, bro? Are you going to make another video? Where is the DVD? He is so adamant. PM 76 6819. Brother, what will we do next?
– What is he going to do next? Stay here. I will go and ask. Come. Let us go too. Okay. Priest. – Shame.
Shame. Puppy shame. – Hello, priest. Where are you going? – Shut up. Why are you doing like this?
– Prabhakar. – Listen. Is he your brother? – Yes, sir. Then come and sit with me.
– No, I am fine. Did he tell you anything about the
DVD? – He has not told me anything. Why don’t you understand?
My future depends on it. The plan has changed here.
I am troubled. I have heard of family planning.
Here the entire family is planning. Oh God!
– Pass the dish. – Yes, priest. I told you to come in another
disguise and you came like this. Do you think it is an easy disguise? This is a disguise which can
fool everyone. Police and the mafia. How did you do that? Of course he will. His mistress exposed him
in ten minutes. Hello. How are you? You have only got 50 lakhs?
– Yes, madam. 50 lakhs. If we stack it that it will
be as high as you and as broad as you. And if you use more change
it will even fit your mom’s height. You are about to
make a double bridge.. ..from Raigadh Dhaba
to the collector office. People pay crores
even for single bridge. 50 now and 50 I will pay later. And if you don’t pay? Not like that. We had given
the minister’s first wife 30 lakhs. We never got it back. – God. You need an illicit
money for illicit business. Go and get the money and the contract. I revere you. – What are you doing?
– Sorry. I was aiming there. I am doomed. – Don’t worry. Be happy. She is asking money
for a bridge already built. I hope you have understood
what you need to do. You will be saved
if you follow my orders. Otherwise for the first time,
on an international channel.. ..your misdeeds will be telecast live. This is how we fooled the minister.
– So what is your plan now? We have to save Gayatri’s dad somehow. But I have to meet the brothers first. Are they near the kitchen?
– Do one thing. Go and look after the minister. I will
check. – Mr. Minister, I am coming. You are supposed to
come with the vegetables. What are you doing with the minister?
– I have changed the plan. I will tell you. – Fast. – Come. Come. Brother, you come too. Who are you, baba? – People
address me as Pran Nath. – Is it? Dear. – Yes. – Do you have
a problem about a stolen DVD? I will if I dealt with pirated CDs. Someone has captured
your crime on DVD. So you are worried about it. – Baba. Baba, please help me. Aren’t I good? What happened? You said he will come with the
vegetables. He is with the minister. He has changed his plan. His next plan is two
couples are getting married.. ..after changing their religion. They want to cause a riot
here by instigating people. They are coming in some time.
Be ready. Will the plan change?
– It won’t, I have heard it myself. How are you Devyani? – I am fine. Is anyone getting married
here after changing religion? There are two couples. Kashi, do one thing. Go with your men. If anyone causes any problem kill him.
– Okay, brother. – Chinu, come here. Come on. Come on. Hurry. Come on everyone. What is happening?
I heard that rioters are coming here. How will they come here
by hoodwinking so much people? Sir, tea. All our companions have gone out. Wonder what is going on.
– Take tea. – Yes. Give. Hey. Baba, your hands are idle. Hold a stick with it
and place it in your mouth. Can you turn into a DVD and give me? A stick is used to clean the ditch. It is not placed
in one’s mouth, child. Why, Baba? – If you place
it in your mouth, then it will go. Then what kind of Baba are you? If I remove your beard
then you do seem familiar. Dear, even I have
seen you with a beard. I have seen you twice without
your beard. – Twice? – Yes. The third time here. – All right. All right. Where has he vanished? Hello. Shit. – What happened? – They have
saved Gayatri’s father from the car. We have to finish the wedding fast.
– Hurry up. – Come. Come on.
– What is this? Changed this too? Nothing will be changed this time.
Listen to me carefully. First you will.. – Hello. Bless you. – Hello, Baba. – Don’t
you recognize him? It’s our Dhoni. Hello, elder brother. – You will
serve sweets to all couples with this. Yes. But the one for Pratik.. spiked with drugs. Pratik will faint as
soon as he will have it. Everyone will be worried
and it will be fun. And then I will tie the nuptial
thread around Gayatri’s neck. You just need to stand on
the platform with sister-in-law. When I will call you just bless us.
– Okay. Hurry. Look there. Sister-in-law has eavesdropped
on the entire plan. That is what I want. So now we will go for plan B. – B.
– And you will give Gayatri the sweet. Give the sweet to Gayatri.
What if that poor girl faints? So what if she faints.
We will call the ambulance. After that I will tie the
nuptial thread around her neck. So? Good plan. Sister-in-law has heard this plan too. Good. – Dhoni, this is what I wanted. So here she will think she
is smart and we will resort to Plan B. What we will do? We will shift and come to Plan A. And the sweets to Pratik.. But if I serve it to Minister
Vishnu Pratap by mistake. Do as you are told.
– Come. Come, sir. – Stop.
Let brother come. Without brother.. Here he is. – He is here. I will not come to
the wedding without him. Mr. Minister,
I won’t come without Baba. Baba is one of your men.
– I am. Come on. Come. Come. – Uncle. – Yes. What happened? – They are telling
me plan A and resorting to Plan B. Now I understand. If that girl faints after having
the sweet, it will be just an act. Tell Pratik to tie the
nuptial thread around her neck. Yes. – Before staring a happy life,
have some sweets. Give him some sweets. – Oh yes. Eat dear. – Wow. You don’t
find kids nowadays. – You take too. Here. Give them offerings. – Give
them offerings. – Are you happy now? What happened? – Brother.
– What happened? – What happened? Take him away. – What have you done?
– Pratik, call an ambulance for him. Go. Go. – Let’s go. The groom has fainted here. What
will happen to my DVD? – There it is. You will get it only
when 50 weddings are over. Now it is not my fault that
he has fainted. – Listen, dear. So what if one groom is gone.
There is another tall groom here. We have the bride too.
And it will be done. You are right, Baba.
Go and tie the nuptial thread. Go. Adjust dear. Come. Come. – Let’s go. But minister, I have a condition.
– What now? I will tie the nuptial thread only if
my sister-in-law hands it over to me. Where is your sister-in-law?
– There. There. No. Sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law. Wait. What will happen if you leave?
Come. Come. Sit. – He is unwell there.
Look. – Let him be, Sister-in-law. Take this nuptial thread.
And hand it over to him. Go ahead. Yes, dear.
What are you thinking? Give it to him. Give, Devyani. And you will give
me the nuptial thread. Don’t worry. Be happy. Escape now. Your beard. Now I know you. You had tried to bribe her, right? I gave it to the one
whom you had not married. Where is the DVD?
– Look, it’s going on in Doordarshan. Doordarshan.
– Let me go. I have to leave. You planned and fooled me. Uncle, I am like your daughter. What daughter..
I listened to you to ruin that family. Don’t try to act smart. You sold your family for your revenge. You are a bad woman. Kashi, Prabhakar tried
to dishonour me that’s why I… committing suicide.
Make her write down such a letter. And then burn her alive. Uncle, I… Let her husband fight his brothers
and die. – We will not spare you. No. No. – What are you looking at?
Go. – No. Get her. Stop. Come. Crazy girl,
what are you doing here? Move. She is not mad anymore.
She recovered long time back. The good times of
our family has started. But your family is
going to see worse days. How can I run when
my skirt got caught? I will run now. Hail God. Kalpana. You? Brother, sister-in-law
told me about their ploy. I came here because of her. We will talk about that later.
First go and beat them. Go. He is bleeding.
– Nothing has happened, Devyani. Please forgive me. Don’t worry. – Stop.
I will go and tell him the truth. Don’t do that, sister-in-law. I did all this to change your heart. This is enough for me. Now if you go and tell him.. ..then he won’t be able to bear it.
He will die. Don’t tell him anything. One minute. Run. “Why those bees sing slowly?”
– Wonderful. “The flowers.” If you have finished singing
can we rest? – I am feeling shy. I am smitten.
Where had you hidden that shyness? We have asked you to prepare the room.
What are you doing? Brother,
even we have got married today. Even we have some feelings.
– Control them for today. Brother. – Very good arrangements.
– Where is the groom? If they are not the bride
and groom then who is it? Elder brother has come.
– Leave me. What are you doing? Come, brother. Come. – Prabha. What was the need for all this?
– Did you see? Elder brother is saying no.
All of you go outside. And close the door.
– What is going on here? Enough now. All of you go
to your own rooms. – Yes, let’s go. We forgot.
– Prabha. Prabha. Prabha. Prabha. Look, even I have got married today.
There is no extra room in this house. This is the biggest one here.
Give it to me for an hour. – No. It won’t do.
It is my nuptial night too. Brother Karma, your wedding happened
three months ago. I have got no room. Will you give me your room?
I will return it to you in an hour. Shut up. This is my first time too.
– I will break your face. He hadn’t has his nuptial night yet.
Brother. Please listen, brother. You are our God. You have raised us. You can sleep on the bed
and we will sleep under it. By morning… – Enough. All right. All right. Go now. Go. He laughed and said no.
– What is this? Is everyone in this
house going to have.. ..their nuptial night together? – No. Nuptial night is not a
festival to celebrate together. What will we do now? Don’t worry, darling.
I will lock all rooms from outside. And after that we will have
our nuptial night in the hall. What happened?
– Nothing. Come on. I have to say something important.
– What? Don’t worry. Be happy. – Yes.

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