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“Salutations to Lord
Vasudev and Govinda.” Is the force ready?
– Yes, madam. I’ll come and join soon. May I come in, madam?
– Yes. Good morning, madam.
– Good morning, madam. Good morning.
Have a seat. Well, let me tell you
the reason why I called you. Prepare the file of Arjun Singh quickly. Ok?
– Ok. Ok, madam.
– Thank you. Tell the contacts to
collect more information. I want to trace their
activities with proper evidence. Ok?
– Ok, madam. Madam.. I think you wish to say something.
– Yes, madam. If you don’t mind I
would like to say something. Of course. What do you want to say? I was posted here before you.. ..but I have failed to
understand Arjun Singh yet. Is it? He is very dangerous. More poisonous than a snake. Scoundrel! Son of a swine! Betrayal. Someone betrayed me. Mamba.
– I’m at your service, sir. I know who betrayed us and helped
the police nab goods worth 25 lakhs. Death is the punishment
given for betraying Arjun Singh. Boss..
– Kalua.. Boss.. Bahadur..
– Yes, sir. Bairagi.. My darling son. My sweetheart. My son will grow up,
kill the devil and marry a princess. Maya, you are just incomparable. Why? What have I done? My darling. It seems that you’ll be
happy if he marries princess. Why won’t I be happy? After all he’ll marry a princess. Stupid girl! Nowadays there
are no kings and princesses. Well, we can at least get
a minister’s daughter for him. Maya, he troubles you a lot. Isn’t it? What are you saying?
He doesn’t trouble me at all. Sister, bless me so that
he troubles me throughout my life. But, when he’ll grow up and find
out that he has no relation with me. He won’t come to me. Why do you feel disheartened? I gave birth to him
but you are his real mother. Stupid woman! Why are you crying? Take care of your son. Boss..
– Hmm.. What’s the matter? We’ve people from the check post. Send them in. Go. What’s the news, Mr. Thakur? We can’t allow your goods
to pass this time. – Why? The new SP is very strict. I’ve seen many strict officers. She is a woman. Take it. Keep it.
– No.. The goods must be allowed to pass.
– Ok. What’s wrong, darling? Your mood doesn’t seem good today. She is new and so
she as lot of attitude. Well, nothing can stop
me from enjoying her. Yes, we’ll enjoy. What do you say, darling? Mr. Shyam, please don’t misbehave. You belong to a respected family. Your father is an honest man. Tina, go home. Go.
– No! You stupid man! Please help me, brother Arjun. Please help me. Help me. No! No! Leave me. Leave me. Mamba, take her to my place. Pour liquor in the glass. Fantastic! Who’s there in your family?
– An old father. Why are you working in a bar? The people like Shyam
Lama will ruin you. Come, sit next to me. Stay with me and no one
will be able to touch you. Maya, do you want
me to get a bigger size? Of course. He is growing up fast. Ok. I’ll do as you say. I’m just a manager
of this mother and son duo. Pack these clothes. When will sir come? He’ll come when he gets leave. I think he’ll come next on.. Hello.
– Choudhury speaking. OC Choudhury? Yes. Good morning, madam.
– Good morning. What’s the matter? From where are you calling
so early in the morning? I’m calling from Kurseong. From Kurseong? We’ve found a dead body here. Dead body? I’ll come right now. Boss! Boss! Sir. Sir. Someone is calling you. Boss! Boss! Go and open the door. Boss! Boss! Boss, there’s a problem. Tina, go home. Any bad news? Yes, sir.
Shyam’s dead body has been found.. the tea gardens of Kurseong. The police has arrived. SP Mrs. Shakti has come. Please save me. Please save me. Please save me. Save me.
– Ok. Go. No one can harm you. Oh my god! I see! He was not killed here. If he was killed here there
would’ve been blood around. You are right, madam. Get the information about
his whereabouts last evening. And what was the last
time he was seen alive. Ok, madam. Send the dead body
to the morgue immediately. Got it? Hello, madam. I’m Arjun Singh. Ok. Are you going to Kurseong? Don’t take the trouble. Shyam’s dead body has
been sent to the morgue. Who are you talking about?
– Shyam Lama. Who is Shyam Lama? You are pretending
that you don’t know him. I swear on God that I don’t know him. God? Don’t take god’s name. If god hears you then
he might commit suicide. You’ve a good sense of humor, madam. Arjun Singh,
there’s an end to everything. How can you make a mistake like this,
daughter-in-law? Times have changed. No girl wants to sit
at home and spent their life. But, manly things don’t suit girls. Which activities do you consider manly? Firing the air gun,
riding the horse or riding the cycle? Daughter-in-law,
Shakti may be your daughter.. ..but she is the only granddaughter of.. ..retired inspector
general officer of police. She is my granddaughter. I love hearing your arguments, father. You are bound to enjoy as
you are the root of all problems. I never understood
which party you belong t. Father doesn’t belong to any party.
He is independent. And what about you? I belong to Dibyend
Roy Choudhury’s group. Crazy girl!
Why did you reveal our secret? It was supposed to be a secret. Daughter-in-law,
I want to raise her as an ideal woman. You saw him in your childhood. He is justice Uma
Prasad’s only grandson. He is a foreign returned doctor. He shifted to North Bengal
recently after getting a job there. Why did he decide to settle there? To serve people.
Do you get it? There are people in this world
who want to dedicate themselves.. the service of mankind. I want to know your opinion
before I talk to Uma Prasad. We don’t have any objection. You are giving us a
chance to become in-laws. But father, you wanted Shakti to appear
for IPS and join police department. Yes, I still want her to do it. While working in the police department
when India was under the British.. ..I saw how the people of this
country were betrayed and deprived. They were tortured. When I got the chance to
serve the country I had become old. I’ll talk to Uma about it. About what, father? I’ll ask him if he’ll allow Shakti
to fulfill my dreams after marriage. Of course, I will. If she wishes she’ll fulfill your dream. I’m relieved now.
– What are you saying ? It’s the wish of God, brother. Well, it’s nice people like
you who help in fulfilling the wishes. Let’s come to the main point. Mr. ex-IG when will
you get them married? Sooner the better.
– Oh! What are you staring at?
– At you. How will someone so
shy clear the IPS exam? I’ve never failed in life. There were chances.
– How can you say? No.. when I heard
from grandfather that.. may be an ordinary
girl right now.. ..but in future you’ll
become a woman police officer.. ..I decided not to marry you. Why did you agree? I thought once again..
– What did you think I thought once again and decided that.. ..a woman police officer like
you needs a doctor husband like me. What do you mean?
– It’s mean.. You’ll come home with broken
limbs after encounters with criminals. You’ll need medical help. So, you need a husband doctor. So, I agreed. Do you know..
a thought is making me feel depressed. What is it? You’ll stay in Kolkata
and I’ll be Siliguri. How will I treat you? Bogus! That’s good.
– Good? Won’t you miss me? I’ve no other option. But, there’s an advantage. We’ll miss each other a lot.
– Yes, that’s right. But, right now we
have very less time. So.. Oh no!
– No? Please. Your exam is over. Go and spend few days with the doctor. He must be bored staying alone. Yes, I was planning to go. It would’ve been better if
you didn’t sit for the exam this year. Why, grandpa?
– I mean.. It’s not right to undergo so
much physical stress in this condition. It might prove harmful for you.
– No, it won’t. Have you heard of Ved Vyas? Why not? He was the one who memorized the Vedas..
..when he was in his mother’s womb. When your child will be born he’ll
have the IPS exam result in his hand. Grandpa! I’ve asked Dibakar to come here. What? Have you informed
everything to him? Do you think I’m crazy? You’ll talk to him. Grandpa. Grandpa said that you want
to discuss something important with me. Doctor, I’m going to get a new identity.
– I know. You’ll become an IPS officer
after the exam results are declared. You know nothing.
– I don’t know anything? What is it? You are going to be father.
– I’m going to be father? When? How? Why didn’t you share this good
and important news with me before? I wanted to surprise you.
– Surprise? Bring your cheek closer to me. What’s this? You’re giving me the
honor of becoming a father. So, it’s a gift from me to you. You don’t understand, Shakti. The place where you wish
to get posted is a red area. I can understand that you wish
to stay near your husband’s workplace. But, I’m helpless. Sir, why are you giving importance
to a criminal like Arjun Singh? You won’t understand. He is very dangerous. That’s the reason
why I want to work there. Ok, I’ll accept your demand. You may leave now. I’ll send the order tomorrow. Hello. Oh Mr. Doctor! Yes, tell me. So, you are coming. He’s good. He is absolutely fine. Give a name to our son. No. No. that’s your duty. Really! I’m very happy. Hey, listen.
Will you stay for few days? Just two days? No. No. Goodnight. Ok. Ok. Ok. But madam..
– Just a minute. I don’t want anyone to reveal the details
of our discussion to anyone else. If it gets leaked Arjun
Singh will become alert. Madam, we don’t know where
Arjun Singh will stay at night. Why not? What are your informers doing? They are trying, madam. Well, haven’t we arrested Gurung Singh,
an aide of Arjun Singh? Yes, madam. He is in PC.
– Ok. Under whose custody is he right now?
Under my custody. Get him here. We’ll et Gurung Singh free.
– You’ll set him free? Yes. We must set Gurung Singh free
if we want to arrest Arjun Singh. Trapping?
– Yes, trapping. Appoint two people who’ll follow him. Gurung Singh will definitely
meet Arjun Singh after he is set free. We’ll arrest him and
his gang by following him. Boss, Gurung Singh is back. You’ve been set free? Yes, boss. They set me free. I don’t why they did so. Your name is registered
in the police files now. Did they take your thumb impression? –
Yes, boss. Maya. Maya. Yes, sister. Ask the cook to serve my food.
I’ll leave right now. What? Where will you go at this hour? The police doesn’t
have fixed work hours. I’ll have to finish the
job for which I’ve come here. Tonight? Yes. Tonight. Officer, arrest him. You’ve troubled us a lot.
Come with us now. You didn’t do the right thing, madam. Arjun Singh takes revenge.
– Shut up! What are you saying, madam?
– Yes, that’s the fact. We needed Arjun Singh.
We’ve got him. Release his other men. You want me to release them? Listen, produce him before
the court tomorrow and get a PC done. Do you get me?
– Ok, madam. Hello. What? Arjun Singh has escaped? What nonsense! Are you following him? Ok. I’ll come. I’ll be there soon. Who is it?
– It’s me. Open the door. Sir, wait I’ll open the door. How are you? Where is your sister? Has she gone out? She received an urgent
call and went out in haste. She couldn’t eat and rest
properly since the past few days. Ok. Keep these. Keep them. Maya, give me a towel.
– Yes. I’ll take bath.
– Ok, I’ll get it for you. Officer, follow my instructions. Do something. Seal the borders. Arjun Singh shouldn’t be able to go out. Let me see how he escapes. Move. The wounds will become septic
if you don’t apply anti-septic lotion. Let it be. Shall I call a doctor?
– No. Not right now. She has laid a trap for me everywhere. I’ll kill her today. There’s a pistol in
the next room. Get it. Get it. She injured me. I’ll kill her family today. Go. I say, go. Hands up, Arjun Singh. Don’t try to escape. Keep the pistol down. Will you arrest me again, Mr. Choudhury?
– Come on. You’ve come to my den. Have a seat.
– Don’t try to act smart, Arjun Singh. Your game is over. Come, Mamba. Come. Sir, your son is very naughty. That’s good. The son is naughty
and his mother is a police officer. She is not an ordinary police officer.
She can’t rest for a moment. Brother, do something. Ask sister to take leave
for few days and go for a vacation. Her work is very stressful. Yes, I was planning something similar. We’ll take a long vacation
and go to Kolkata. I saw someone pass.
Go and check. There’s no one around. There’s no one?
– No. Well, will you go to Kolkata?
– Yes, we’ll go to Kolkata. Will you take me along?
– Of course. With who else will your son stay?
– Right! Do you’ve relatives in Kolkata? You looked excited when
you heard about going to Kolkata. I don’t have any blood relation. I’ve someone whom
I call brother, Nepali. He is not a human. He is like god. Brother, shall I get tea for you?
– That’s not bad, get a cup of tea. Come on son,
let’s get tea for your father. Strange! He vanished. Who are you?
– Arjun Singh. Arjun Singh? What do you want?
– Who are you? The SP’s husband?
– Yes, I’m her husband. What do you want?
– Your son. My son didn’t harm you. I didn’t harm you. Why do you want my son? Why? Shakti! Maya! Where is the child? Ram Bilash! Ram Bilash! Oh my god! Maya! Maya! Dibakar! Dibakar! Dibakar! Dibakar! Dibakar! Shakti.. I hope you are fine.
– Yes, I’m fine. Who did this to you? Arjun.. Arjun Singh. Arjun Singh? Where is Maya and my son? No one is alive. Everything over. Everything is over.
– No! Doctor!
– Oh! You are lucky, madam. The operation is successful. He got hit by the bullet
below the spinal cord. – OH! He’s safe now. He’ll be fine. But, it’ll take some time.
– Thank you, doctor. Thank you. You are here? Come. Come. Come in. Parvati, look who is here. She is my sister. Maya. She is your sister-in-law.
– Oh! So, you are Maya. Come in. have a seat. Have a seat. He is so cute. Where is his father?
– What has happened? They killed his father. They wanted to kill us too. So, we escaped. Why are you worried, sister? We are with you. So, I came to you. You’ve done the right thing. Go and check if you’ll get milk now.
– Yes. Do something. Make tea.
I’ll come back soon. Ok. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright. Try to search Maya and son. You don’t know how hard
I’m working to search Arjun Singh. Why did this happen? This is natural. You are fighting against evil. They won’t make your life easy. You’ve to reach your goal
in the path strewn with thorns. Shakti, try to find Arjun Singh. Only he knows where Maya and our son is. It means all of you couldn’t find Arjun
Singh from that small place. Right? Madam, we’ve searched
all possible places. But, we couldn’t find
Arjun Singh or his men. You only found the dead
body of OC Choudhury. Right? Arjun Singh has crossed all limits
because of your fear and negligence. Go and spread far and wide. He shouldn’t escape
with Maya and my son. Speak up. Where is Arjun Singh? Speak up or I won’t leave you.
– I don’t know. I don’t know.
– Where is Arjun Singh? I’ve read your report. Shall I say something?
– Of course. Get madam back. Why?
– Madam has become ferocious. Yes, sir.
– I can understand what’s going on Her husband got injured.
Her child is missing. All this has made her unstable. Do something, sir. The police are not safe from dangers. I know that every police
worries about his family.. ..before going for an encounter. Anyway, I’ll arrange her transfer. Brother..
brother, please help me get a job. How long will I be a burden on you? What did you say? You are a burden on me? Maya, I agree that I’m not a rich man. I’m a poor security guard. I guard rich men’s house at night. But, I’m your brother. Why are you ashamed
to stay with your brother? Ok. Buy flowers and garlands for me. I’ll sell garlands
in front of the temple. Okay. Nayan, your uncle chased
a goon at one night. The goon couldn’t escape. Uncle is very brave. Isn’t it, aunt?
– Yes, he is very brave. What happened after that, mother? Are you chatting? Aunt, one day father thrashed
a goon and sent him away. No! What happened, sister? I suddenly felt dizzy. What happened to you, mother? I hope you’ll never
leave me and go away. Where will I leave you and go? Don’t go anywhere. Don’t go. Don’t go. I want the police to
change its way of functioning. Because of stress
and personal pressures.. ..we aren’t able to
perform our duty selflessly. Don’t treat anyone as a
criminal right from the beginning. Always remember that
no one is a born criminal. Environment and circumstances
make a persona criminal. If we befriend the common people.. ..rather than being feared by them,
it’ll be better. You? What are you looking at? I was looking at the boy’s photo. Did you’ve the medicines? Yes, I have. People will make fun of me
if a doctor doesn’t have his medicines. Shakti, I think that I’ll
never be able to stand on my feet. Why do you talk such nonsense? I dislike such words. You’ll definitely get well. Everything is possible for man. Do you know what Ayan was saying? Ayan? What was he saying? He told me that he has
handled many cases like yours. His patients are fit and fine now. How is she, doctor? She is fine. But, I want to keep her
under observation for few days. Don’t talk too much. Do you get me? Maya.. Maya.. Maya, look Nayan is here.
– Mother. Mother.. What do I do, Nayan? They discharged her from hospital. They suggested that we
take her to a psychiatrist. It’s going to be an expensive treatment. How do I manage so much money? Don’t worry, uncle. Everything will be fine. What will be fine? Come in, have a seat. From where do you get
so much money every day? I sing and earn.
– You sing? People give me money
when they hear me sing. It means you sing and beg
instead of going to school.. bear the expenses
of your mother’s treatment. No.. I won’t say anything to you. One day.. you’ll definitely be happy. If this continues..
– Boss, look. – ..if our plan succeeds.. There’s the boy. Shall I call him? Call him. The fool doesn’t know
what our real intentions are. Hey! Come here. Hey! Do you want money?
– Yes. My mother is very sick. Well, you’ll get lot of money. Come on, let’s start.
– Let’s go. Let’s go. “Aunt from Kalighat.” “Aunt from Kalighat and Maniktala.” “Are two mothers same?
– No.” “Are the two of them same?” “Aunt from Kalighat and Maniktala.” “Are the two of them same?” “Are the two of them same?” “It happens when
everything is messed up.” “Everything is messed up.” “Everything is messed up.” “Aunt from Kalighat and Maniktala.” “Are the two of them same?” “Are the two of them same?” “The smart ones will escape
and the stupid ones will stay back.” “The smart ones will escape
and the stupid ones will stay back.” “Let the old people stay
and the young ones go away.” “It’s not fun if it’s not crowded.” “You don’t get any
result without hard work.” “It becomes useless.” “Are the two of them same?” “Are the two of them same?” “Aunt from Kalighat and Maniktala.” “Are the two of them same?” “Are the two of them same?” Speak up. What’s the case, Mr. Maiti? Pickpocket, madam. – Oh! Hey! Come here. What’s your name?
– Nayan. Surname?
– Roy. What’s your father’s name?
– I don’t know. Why?
– My father died when I was small. Your mother?
– She is mentally unstable. Isn’t there anyone else in your house? I’ve an uncle who
works as security guard. Since when did you get
into the gang of pickpockets. I am not pickpocket. Madam, he sings on the streets. When a crowd gathers,
his friends pick pockets. Can you sing? People give me money when I sing. What do you do with the money? I spend the money for
my mother’s treatment. Can you read and write? What happened? Can you read and write? I’ve studied till class 7. Mr. Maiti..
– Yes, madam. ..find out if he is speaking the truth. If he is speaking the truth then
send him and his uncle to my bungalow. Come. Madam..
– Who is it? It’s me. Subhash Lama. Oh Subhash! Do you know that your nephew
has joined the gang of pickpockets? Pickpockets? No, madam,
I don’t know anything about it. You must know. Madam, I’m a poor man. Being poor is not a crime. An honest poor man can
help his nation more than.. ..the millions of dishonest
corrupt rich people. Subhash, you must save
your nephew from those criminals. I’ll try, madam. Everybody must try. What do you say? Listen Subhash, if I make
arrangements for Nayan’s education.. you’ve any problem? I.. you are very kind, madam. Nayan will get education
and will grow up to be a good human. He’ll make his mother happy. What objection can I have? God bless you, madam. Do what you think is best for him. What did police madam say? She said that Nayan has got
involved with a gang of criminals. We must save him.
– Ok. Of Nayan becomes a good human being.. ..after getting education, that’s good. Did you see the boy
who came here yesterday? Yes, madam. The boy seemed very nice. That’s good. I want to
keep him under you for few days. Okay, madam. I want to check if he can be good. Take care of him for few days. Sir, take this. Do you give him medicines on time? Don’t worry.
I give him medicines on time. Give it to me. Well.. – Yes. feel lonely. Right? Not at all. I’ve a clinic
full of patients during day time.. ..and at night you are
with me to give company. You are not speaking the truth. I don’t like lies, Shakti. It’s not honourable. You are a strange man.
– I? I’m scared of standing before
your greatness. – Why? Believe me, I can take risks
only because of your support.. ..and encouragement.
You always forgive me. I know that my husband is different. I’m stubborn, short-tempered
and proud like other husbands. You’ve a very nice heart and that’s
why you think I’m nice and different. I’m doing an experiment.
– Another experiment? Listen to me.
– Yes. A gang of pickpockets convinced
a small boy to join them.. ..when he was badly in need
of money for his mother’s treatment. The boy doesn’t know
that they are pickpockets. He sings on the streets. People crowd around
him to listen to him. When he sings the pickpockets steal. Great! This is a new kind of crime. The film script writers
will lap up the story. Don’t talk about the film makers. Crime has increased in
our country because of them. Forget it.
Tell me something about your experiment. I’ve sent that boy to my teacher. That’s very good. I bless you that your
experiment is successful. Nayan da. Nayan da.
– What is it? Will you have pickle?
– From where did you get it? Tell me if you want to have it? Why are you speaking so softly? I’ve stolen pickle. I’ll go and tell aunt. Don’t you eat pickle
when mother gives you? That’s not theft. Ok. Give it to me. Why? I’ve stolen this pickle. You’ve stolen it and not me. I’ll take it from you.
– Ok. Take it. “You’ve dreams, I’ll take it.” “I’ve reality, I’ll give it to you.” “You’ve dreams, I’ll take it.” “I’ve reality, I’ll give it to you.” “You have words, I’ve music.” “You have words, I’ve music.” “That’s why I sing
to treat me as your own.” “You’ve dreams, I’ll take it.” “I’ve reality, I’ll give it to you.” “Your face is full of smiles.” “Let one of us be like the
veena and the other one the flute.” “Your heart is filled with colors.” “I’ve a brush with me.” “Your heart is filled with colors.” “I’ve a brush with me.” “I paint pictures and
ask you to accept me as yours.” “You’ve dreams, I’ll take it.” “I’ve reality, I’ll give it to you.” “You’ve dreams, I’ll take it.” “I’ve reality, I’ll give it to you.” What’s the matter, Nayan? Why are you seeking my
blessings all of a sudden? I’ve got first class in B.Sc exam. Really?
– Yes. You’ve changed my life. Don’t worry about anything. Complete post-graduation
and try to be independent. Wait here. I’ll be back. What are you looking at? Is it your son’s photo? Is he dead?
– No. Then?
– He went missing. Didn’t you search him? You are a senior police officer. I’ve searched him a lot.
I’m still searching him. I’ll bring your son back to you one day. Crazy fellow! We won’t recognize
him even if he is alive. Wait. What? A drug case again? You couldn’t arrest anyone. Oh my god! Wait, I’ll be there. I don’t remember my father, Aankhi. When I was small someone
killed my father. I would also have been killed. But, mother escaped with
me and went to uncle’s house. Mother suffered a lot after that. Mother lost her mental
balance after the accident. Who shot your father? Mother knew it but
she forgot everything. Remember one thing. The person who has ruined my
mother’s life won’t be spared by me. I’ll definitely find him out one day. Shakti! My experiment is successful. What do you mean? Nayan, the boy I had rescued
from the gang of pickpockets.. – Yes. He has got first class in BSc.
– That’s very nice. Shakti, shall I ask you
something if you don’t mind. Why will I mind? Shakti, you could never
forget our son who went missing. Maybe you are right. At this age I feel that if
Nayan would’ve been my lost son.. He wants many things
but he can’t demand them. I’ve a lot to give but I can’t give him. We’ll become old one day. After death,
there’ll be no one to light our pyre. I feel very sad whenever
I think about all this. But, we are helpless. We’ll have to live like the
thousands of childless couples. Yes, Shakti. Yes. Do you know.. do you know, Shakti.. ..when I see my friends
who have children.. ..I feel angry, I feel jealous. I just wish that there was
someone to address me as father. Sometimes I feel that
it would’ve been better.. ..if Shakti was an ordinary woman. If everybody was ordinary,
then there would’ve been no history. You are proud because
she is extra-ordinary. Proud? Police Commissioner Shakti
Choudhury is your wife. Don’t you feel excited at the thought? I think Shakti wants
to arouse your hidden power. They term it as hidden power in English. Ayan, move aside. There’s a snake. Dibakar, you saved my life. I don’t have words to thank you. Dibakar!
– What happened? Dibakar, you are standing on your feet.
– I? Yes, you are standing, Dibakar.
– I.. Hey! Hey, Ayan.. I’m standing. Look! I’m standing on my feet. I’ve become normal. I can walk and un like you all.
– Yes. I’ll be able to play and work again.
– Yes. Ayan! I’ve become normal, Ayan.
I’ve become normal. Hey Ayan! Ayan..
don’t tell Shakti that I can stand. Why? Don’t you wish to
share this good news with her? No. No. If I tell her then
her hatred towards Arjun will reduce. Her anger will subside. Arjun snatched away her only child. Arjun made her husband a handicap. I don’t want her anger
and detest to subside. I want Shakti to catch
Arjun and punish him. Severe punishment.
– Ok. I don’t know what has happened. Maya’s condition is the same. I thought that Nayan will study further. But, he wants to do a job. Sister is gradually getting well. She even helps me with the chores. Why do you allow her to work?
What if she falls down? Your sister doesn’t listen to me.
– Mohua! Look what I’ve brought for you.. Aunt, how is mother? She is better. Take this. Don’t finish it.
Save a little for me. Don’t I give you? All the sisters share things
with their elder brother. Don’t the brothers
share with their sisters? Don’t talk rubbish. You gives you gifts on all occasions? Aunt, your daughter is just too much. Mother.. how are you? I’m good. Where do you stay throughout the day? I’ve grown up. I must find a job. After all I’ve lot of responsibilities. I’ve to take care of you. Then get Mohua married. Aunt, I’ll be late tonight.
You all have dinner. – Why? There’s a function in college. I’ll sing.
– Oh! I haven’t heard you sing
for a long time, brother. It means you want to come along. Right? I won’t take you with me. So, you won’t take me?
– No. I’ll tell everybody. What will you say? I’ll tell them everything. What will you tell them?
Come on go ahead. “I’ve seen love in Nayan’s
eyes for the first time.” Shut up! Then promise that you’ll take me along.
– Oh! Ok. I’ll take you. Are you happy? “Love has different meanings.” “How many people know all the meanings?” “Love has different meanings.” “How many people know all the meanings?” “Which one is real
and which one is fake?” “I try to find out.” “I try to decipher.” “I try to decipher.” “Love has different meanings.” “How many people know all the meanings?” “Love of mother and
affection of father..” “..the care of loved ones
and the support of friends.” “But, they betray you
when they get a chance.” “Love has different meanings.” “How many people know all the meanings?” “The shell hides
and protects the pearl.” “Love lives with sorrows and dreams.” “I try hard to conceal
sorrows with smiles.” “Love has different meanings.” “How many people know all the meanings?” “Which one is real
and which one is fake?” “I try to find out.” “I try to decipher.” “I try to decipher.” “I try to decipher.” “I try to decipher.” “I try to decipher.” He has a wonderful voice. Who is this boy, principal sir? He s a student from our college. He has got first class in BSc this year. There he is. Hello, young man.
– Hello. I just heard that you’ve
got first class in Bsc. What will you do now? I’m looking for a job. I badly need one. What’s there in a job? Be an artist. You’ll be happy if you sing
and it’ll help you earn money too. Listen to my advice. I’ve a hotel Skylark. Are you the owner of Hotel Skylark?
– Yes. If you sing there,
you’ll get 2000 rupees and tips. Please forgive me. I don’t wish to earn by
singing and dancing in a hotel. Everybody doesn’t get
a chance in Hotel Skylark. I know.
Thank you for the offer. Ok.
It’s an open offer. Come to me whenever you need the job.
– Thank you. Bye, sir. Most welcome.
– Thank you. What’s the matter?
Why are you being so formal? There were so many people
around you yesterday.. ..that I couldn’t speak to you. Why are you alone? Isn’t there anybody at home? My parent went to Dakhineshwar. I was hoping that you visit me today.
– Why? I just wished to be with you. Wish?
– Yes. Nayan da, shall I ask a question
about the song you sang yesterday? Of course. How many types of love are there?
– I don’t know. Don’t you know?
– No. You must feel love. You wished that I come here today.
-Yes, I did. There’s love behind this wish. When someone’s thoughts
fills a person’s eyes with tears. And that too without reason,
the tears give birth to love. Sometimes I feel strange.. I feel.. I feel I’ve another identity. I’m standing still on
the path strewn with thorns. I’m confused about the
direction I should take. I was thinking of accepting
Mangal Kapoor’s offer. Will you be a hotel singer? Will you sell yourself to a businessman? I need money, Aankhi for
mother’s treatment and for you.. Forget about me. I want you and not money. I don’t want luxuries
in exchange of respect. But..
– Don’t hesitate. You know that few people are responsible
for your and aunt’s condition.. Ok. What do you suggest? When you were small you always said
that you want to be a police officer. What happened? Why are you silent? Yes, I would say. Those were childhood dreams. Only dreams? Nayan da, women love
men but not effeminate men. Aankhi!
– Try to be like Arjun. Thank you, Aankhi. Thank you. You’ve woke me up from slumber. You and my mother have
taught me to be a true man. Thank you, Aankhi. Thank you. Nayan.
– Aankhi. You want to do a job?
A job in the police department? Yes. I want to fight against crime. I was tortured in the past. I want to find those
criminals and punish them. If I get the job, I’ll get
mother treated so that she gets well.. ..and tells me who killed father. Will you be able to do it, Nayan?
– Yes, I will. I have to do it. That’s very good. Ok. Leave now.
Let me see what I can do for you. I think I’ll get a job very soon. Madam told me to meet her tomorrow. Is it?
– Yes. That’s great. Go and meet her tomorrow. It’s a boon to get a
government job these days. Isn’t it? Since you all wish it then let him go. Nayan, it’s late.
Have lunch with us today. Not today, aunt. Mother will wait for me. I’ll go home right now.
– Ok. Bye, sir.
– Ok. Bye.
– Ok. Well, why do you..
go and check if the rice is cooked. Go. You don’t look happy
that Nayan has got a job. How can I be happy? A brilliant student like him will do a
job instead of completing his education? Yes. He will. Will he become a
teacher like you after post-graduation? We must also think about our daughter. Daughter? Whose daughter?
– I’m talking about Aankhi. They love each other. They’ll be happy if they get married. We’ll also be happy. You are right. Nayan is a very nice boy.
– Yes. Go and offer prayers
at Kalighat tomorrow. Tomorrow is an auspicious day. I just pray that he gets the job. Show me. Uncle! Uncle, I’ve got the job. They’ve asked me to join
on Monday for a year’s training. done “You must keep your promise.” “You must keep your promise.” Please spare me, sir. Please leave me. You are not doing the right thing. I shouldn’t learn from you
what I right and what’s wrong. Go. Get out. Sir, you’ll face the consequences. “The world and god
may try to stop you..” Aunt, don’t cry. I’m with you. Aankhi is also with you. I don’t know what
else is going to happen. I don’t know what
god has destined for us. Mother, why are you worried about me? Aankhi has lost her eyes. But.. Nayan is with me. “I won’t be able to see again.” “The face of sun,
the colours of rainbow.” “I won’t be able to see them again.” “The twinkling of stars.” “Life is full of sorrows.” “I won’t be able to see again,
the face of sun.” “The fog has shrouded my vision.” “I’ve lost all my dreams.” “The fog has shrouded my vision.” “I’ve lost all my dreams.” “Only darkness engulfs my eyes now.” “I won’t be able to see again,
the face of sun.” “The person who I wish for,
where are you?’ “The dear known face
whom my heart desires.” “The person who I wish for,
where are you?’ “The dear known face
whom my heart desires.” “No one is around, nothing is around.” “Only sorrows and pain are with me.” “I won’t be able to see again.” “The face of sun,
the colours of rainbow.” “I won’t be able to see them again.” “The twinkling of stars.” “Life is full of sorrows.” “I won’t be able to see again,
the face of sun.” “I won’t be able to see again,
the face of sun.” Come in, Nayan. How did you know that I’ve come? I can feel your presence.
– Is it? Yes. I maybe blind but I can
see with the eyes in my heart. Does heart have eyes? I don’t know. Maybe or maybe not. I can feel that you are happy. It seems that you’ve
some good news to share. Aankhi, I’ve been selected for the job.
– Really? Will you give me your hand, Nayan?
– Why? I want to hold your hand. Give it.
– Here you go. You haven’t changed since childhood. A person live as long
as his childhood is with him. We shouldn’t lose our childhood. I don’t want to grow up.
– Crazy girl! I’m going out for a year’s
training on next Monday. It means that you’ll
be a police officer. Nayan.. be a true police officer. Don’t suspect everybody as criminals. Not at all. Do you think that
the police are always suspicious? Did I say so? Where is aunt? I don’t see her around. She went out. I feel sad for mother. Actually, I’m blind. Everybody pities me. No, Aankhi. You are wrong. Think that thousands
of eyes are with you. Don’t cry, Aankhi. One day I’ll cure you. You’ll be able to see everybody again. That artist has become a police officer. Do you know him, boss?
– Yes. He is an ex-student of my college. He is a good singer. He started raiding our small
dens from the moment he joined service. He caught a lot of our goods. The peddlers are scared. So, the meek has become powerful. Raju.
– Yes, boss. Find out about him. Ask him how much money he wants.
– Ok, boss. Do you know his name?
– Yes, boss. Congratulations, Nayan!
You’ll be posted here. I want you to handle the drug agents who
are the biggest threats to our society. Arrest them. Ok?
– I’ll do my best. – I know. Go through these
files on drug operation. Seek my help when you need it. Ok?
– Sure, madam. May I come in, sir?
– Come in. Don’t worry.
– Sir.. I’ll send it. Ok. Any news?
– Yes. Tell me. I think there’s something
wrong in Hotel Skylark. Hotel Skylark?
– Yes, sir. I think that Mangal Kapoor
the owner of the hotel.. involved in drug business. Are you sure?
– Yes. Many people who are into
drug business visit Mangal Kapoor. One of them is Sethia.
– Oh! Ok. Keep an eye on them.
I’ll handle the matter. Bye, sir.
– Ok. Hotel Skylark. Mangal Kapoor. Boss, inspector Nayan Roy. Artist, what brings you here? I just came here causally. I remembered you all of a sudden. You said that your
doors are open for me. So, I’m here. Of course. Of course. It’s your hotel. What shall you have? Hot or cold? Nothing. Thank you.
– Ok. Sing a song for me and make us happy.
– No. I’ve forgotten how to sing. What? Come on. Come on.
– No.. Please come.
– No.. – Come. “Lights. These lights.” “Lights. Lights. Lights.” “Lights. Lights. Lights.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “There’s fire in this light.” “Fire burns.” “There’s fire in this light.” “Fire burns.” “The pain of the burn doesn’t subside.
It doesn’t subside.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “I don’t like it.” “There’s moon in the sky.” “It also emits light.” “There’s moon in the sky.” “It also emits light.” “But it’s light doesn’t hurt.” “It doesn’t hurt.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “There’s fire in this light.” “Fire burns.” “The pain of the burn doesn’t subside.
It doesn’t subside.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “I don’t like it.” “I burn in the fire within my fire.” “I spent years like this.” “I burn in the fire within my fire.” “I spent years like this.” “Why didn’t you find the light?” “Why didn’t you find it?” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “There’s fire in this light.” “Fire burns.” “The pain of the burn doesn’t subside.
It doesn’t subside.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “I don’t like these lights anymore.” “I don’t like it.” You? What brings you here? It’s important. I want to talk to you.
– Talk? Come in. Listen. Let me tell you something. I’m not what you think. I’ve formed no opinion about you.
– Then? I’ve come to discuss
something important with you. Something important? Have a seat.
– Thanks. Tell me. For how long have you been
working in Mangal Kapoor’s hotel? It’s been many years. Why are you asking this question? There’s a reason. I know that you don’t want
to live this life. – I don’t. But, I’ve no other option. I can’t get out of it.
– Why? Why will I tell you?
– Yes, you’ll tell me. That’s because I’m your friend.
– Friend? – Yes. Friend. Do you’ve any problem?
– No. No. It sounds good that I’ve a friend. I’m a police inspector. I want all the information
about Mangal Kapoor. You’ll land in serious trouble. He is a dangerous man. He has bought the police and ministers. He can kill anyone. It’s fatal to go against him. Do you know any such incident about him? I mean his past? What happened? I heard that he lived
in Darjeeling earlier. He escaped from there
after killing many people. Darjeeling? What do you want to ask? Where did my father die? I never saw your father. When I came to Kolkata,
your mother was of Mohua’s age. She was not married at that time. I had no connection
with her for a long time. Then both of you came here. Maya said that your
father died in Darjeeling. Darjeeling. So, you want to go to Darjeeling?
– Yes, madam. Do you recognize him? Arjun Singh.
– What are you saying? He is Arjun Singh. Arjun Singh. Mr. Nayan where are you going? Get in. I’ll drop you. No, we’ll hire a cab. Are you angry with me?
– No. Let me introduce him.
He is my friend Surajmal Sethia. Nayan Roy.
– Hello. Ok, Mr. Kapoor. I’ll leave now.
Let’s go. Isn’t he the inspector?
– Yes. He is Shakti Roy Choudhury’s favourite. Who is the girl?
– you want her? I’ll get her for you Ok. Ok.
– Boss. You’ll get it. You’ll get it. Are the goods ok, Mr. Sethia?
– Yes. I can’t cheat you. I give you the original. When will you deliver next?
– After a couple of days. Hey! What about my gift?
– That blind girl? So what if she is blind? She is very beautiful.
– Ok. Mamba.. Your work will get done, boss. Mother.. What happened? Mother.. Aankhi! What’s going on? Mother! No! Leave me. Don’t cry. Why are you crying? Nayan, why is she crying? Mother.. mother,
the goons have kidnapped Aankhi. Aankhi who calls me aunt?
– Yes, mother. I know who has kidnapped her. But, I’ve to wait until I
find out where they’ve taken her. Uncle, she’ll stay here. I’m going out.
– Ok. The police started following me.
– Ok. I escaped and came here. Sethia, listen to me.
– Yes. I’ve kidnapped the blind girl.
– Ok. We’ve organized a party at
the farmhouse in Palta. – Great! Reach there. Fantastic, Mr. Mangal! Fantastic! I’ll reach on time. Bye. Okay. Bye. That’s alright. What a name! what an attitude! Handsome. You look like a movie star. When will you get
a chance like this again? Sir.. sir..
– What happened? What happened? Sir.. Munna is behaving strangely. Please come with me. Munna. Munna. Pradeep, my son. What happened to him? Call the doctor immediately.
– Yes sir. Munna.. Munna.. Dad, many people have
lost their lives because.. ..of the drugs that you sell. I’ll also die.
– No.. no.. If you really love me.. Yes. Yes.
– ..then please surrender. Surrender. Mother, I’m done. Allow me to rest on your lap. Allow me. Munna.. Munna.. No! No! Yes, sir. Yes. There’s a big party
in the farmhouse at Palta. They’ve kept the girl there. Mangal Kapoor is also there. Hang me, sir. I want to die.
– Ok. My only son..
– Raghuvir. Yes, sir. Put him inside the lock-up. Mr. Nayan..
– I was about to call your Mr. Singh. If I don’t reach madam’s place by 9 pm,
give this to her. It’s very important. Don’t forget. Respected madam,
I’m on the verge of solving a case. But, I may have to
pay a heavy price for it. I’ve found out the actual
identity of Mangal Kapoor.. ..the kingpin drug mafia. He has kidnapped Aankhi and
kept her in a farmhouse in Palta. I’m handing over the
investigation file to you. He was I Darjeeling earlier. His real name is Arjun Singh.
– Arjun Singh! No.. Go away from here.
All of you go away from here. No! No! No! No! Arjun Singh! I know everything about
the crimes you’ve committed. No one can save you today. Aankhi! Nayan! Nayan! Take him to the nursing
home immediately. Quick! Aankhi..
– Nayan. Come with me. Shakti, move aside. No! Shakti, what have you done? You killed Arjun Singh? He was the only person who
could’ve guided us to our son. You killed him. Shakti, what are you staring at? How did you reach here? You can stand? You can walk? Yes Shakti, I can stand. I can walk. I’ll tell you everything. Let me check if he is alive. Hey! Where is my son?
– I don’t know. Tell me where my son is.
– I really don’t know. He is dead. Everything is over. Everything is over. My son is lost forever now. Shakti.. Shakti, where is Nayan? In the nursing home. You are a brave lad, my nephew. Your photos and name have
been published in the newspaper. That’s alright. I’m thankful to god
that I could save Aankhi. Mother, don’t worry. Your son will get well soon. A son who has the blessings
of a mother can’t de. Isn’t it, uncle?
– Right. Absolutely true. Let’s go, sister. It’s time to leave. Yes, I’ll go. Won’t Nayan go with us?
– He’ll go later. Is it hurting a lot?
– Not anymore as you are here. Nayan, how are you now?
– I’m fine, madam. I enquired about your
health every hour over phone. Mother.. mother,
she is commissioner Choudhury. Sister..
– Maya! Sister..
– Maya! I didn’t kidnap him. You can take your son back. I didn’t kidnap him. I didn’t kidnap him. My son? There he is.. there is your son Nayan. My son. Nayan, I’m not your mother. She is your real mother. Mother..
– Maya, what are you saying? Nayan is our lost son? We don’t have any sorrows now. We’ve got back Maya. Maya helped us get back our son Nayan. Nayan has got his mother back. No Nayan, Maya is your mother. I only gave birth to him. I wouldn’t have got him
back if you didn’t raise him. Your son will always be yours. Subhash, I had once told
you that being poor is not a crime. You’ve raised Nayan and proved it. Don’t say such things. Nayan would’ve got lost if
you were not there to support us. Yes madam, tell me. She is Aankhi,
she is your daughter-in-law. Aankhi? That’s why
her eyes are so beautiful. But, she has lost her
eyesight after an accident. Brother, you are a doctor. Can’t you take my
eyes and give it to her. Why are you so worried? I’ll worry about her. It’s impossible that my
daughter-in-law won’t see me. Shakti, I’ve an eye
specialist friend in Vienna. After Nayan gets well Nayan
and daughter-in-law will go.. Vienna for honeymoon.

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