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Do you know
who you welcomed into your home? Leanne? Leanne Grayson? Hello, Mrs. Turner. -Hi. I’m Sean.
-Pleased to meet you, Mr. Turner. You have a beautiful home. She is a godsend. I was expecting someone… older.
Less weird. We hope you’ll treat our house
as your home. I’m sure you and Jericho
will form an instant bond. She’s cool with everything? She knows the situation? I guess we should talk about this. She’s gone. You can put the doll down now. I’m fine as I am, Mr. Turner. We lost Jericho when he was 13 weeks.
Dorothy took it hard. This is the only thing
that brought her back. I should take Jericho for his walk now. You hired a nanny? For a doll? Where did you find her? She is wonderful with Jericho.
And if my baby trusts her, so do I. How much did those boys tell you
about what happened? What if she wakes up? What if she remembers? Do you know.. who you welcomed into your home?

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