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“It’s not going to
happen for you.” “Just saying you can do things, it used to work in the 80s.” “It’s one in a million,
even if you have Brando’s talents.” “Everyone’s making stuff, you have to be
able to keep up with that competition.” “Just because you want it,
doesn’t mean it can happen.” “So you really have to stand
out and make stuff on your own and show your style
and your voice.” Hello and welcome to StudioBinder`s
series on: “How To Develop a TV Show?” If you followed along
with our series, then you have a
pinch, a show Bible, and a pilot script in hand. Great job, but what do you
do when none of that works? “- They don’t want me.
They don’t understand me. Maybe I don`t have
what it takes. – All I hear is no
all day ,every day. It’s fucking hard man.” Let’s face it. Being a writer is
full of frustrations. Full of false starts. And most of all,
full of that two-letter word. “No, no, no, no, no no,
no, no, no, no, no.” For writer, every no should be
seen as an opportunity to create. “For the first pitch,
you’re probably going to fail but if you do
succeed that’s worse because I’d almost say the best thing about
pitching is to fail and then afterwards figure
out what you did wrong. There’s always gonna
be another opportunity, as long as you stay in the
game, that’s important.” By creating a sizzle that
shows off both your concept and your ability
to make it work, you double down on your hand. “I pitch something that
was like an online idea and I wanted to copy the same
style that I’ve done before, so I brought in about four
episodes to show them the style. And that is always
helpfu,l as a visual aid because any time they
can look at something, as opposed to reading
it, you’re better off.” Let’s take a look at how time-traveling
sci-fi film “Lupo” was sold. “Time travel is
not been invented. But in 30 years it will be.” Director Ryan Johnson was able to
display a clear vision for the movie. By showcasing key shots as well as his
command of production and post-production, he convinced execs
not only of his idea, but he was just
the man to do it. “I’m gonna find myself. And I`m going to kill him.” “When you do a
sizzle for your show, it’s very important to just
be talking about the pilot. You want to make it like this
is the opening to your show. It’s important to not
give them too much but to give them like the
best idea you can visually. When Rob McElhinney,
Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day wanted to make a sitcom, they used what they
had around them. VHS tapes and an old camcorder. They shot that pilot,
“It’s always sunny on TV” and relied on their
acting and comedic chops, instead of set pieces,
to sell the concept. Check it out. “- Jesus, dude,
I think my place look like shit. – Oh,yeah, sorry. – Do you have a
party or something? To me, you seem like you’re a
little hungover or some shit. – No, it’s I found out
that I might have cancer. -What?” Several networks passed on it, but FX saw the potential
and hire the guys. They set it in Philadelphia
because FX thought there were already too many
shows set in Los Angeles. Another perfect example of
this is “Another Period.” The Comedy Central show starring
Riki Lindhome and Natasha Leggero was pitched as “Keeping Up With The
Kardashians” meets “Turn of the Century.” “And we made a short,
originally to sell the show and most of the cast from the
short is currently on the show.” – I’m Lillian. I’m the pretty, smart, funny, ambitious,
nice body, soon-to-be-famous one. – And I’m Beatrice. I’m the pretty one.” The show’s gone on for
three seasons since. Comedy Central saw
the value of the show, but more than that, they saw their ability to act,
write, direct and produce. “- I said,
I wanted scrambled eggs. – Les, you idiot. You got egg upon my snood. – He was gonna wear that today. – Now,
he has to select another snood.” “It’s always smart to
put stuff on YouTube. Make sure that you have
an online presence. In this day and age,
it’s more important than ever. And that’s the best
way to get attention if you don’t have any contacts. And it’s all about is your idea something
that people are going to click on or want to see. Take a look at
“High Maintenance.” The HBO Comedy started
as a web series, created, produced,
written and starred in by Ben Sinclair and
Katja Blichfeld. After they had a few seasons
on the web under their belt, HBO started paying attention. “- You’d start the web series,
it becomes kind of this viral hit. How does HBO come
into the picture? – I think it was, you know,
a couple of years ago. We rolled out some
episodes on Vimeo, and they expressed interest
in letting us join the family and I don’t even think we really
discussed it for more than five minutes.” Here’s another one. Before “Insecure”
was a hit on HBO, Issa Rae made dozens of sketches online
under the title “Awkward Black Girl.” “Let me introduce myself. My name is Jay and I’m awkward. And black. Someone once told me those were the
two worst things anyone could be. That someone was right.” The material and unique
voice demonstrated to HBO that she can make it happen. A she hasf or the
past three seasons. “Since you guys are so intrested
in my person life. Here it is.” So even if you don’t get
to use it in a pitch, making a web series is a
great way to boost your resume and produce a body of work. You know, what else has
been a major game changer? Crowdfunding, all of these
properties were crowdfunded, and all of them went on
to see mainstream success. “- Hey,
you got a permit for those guns? – I`ve got your
permit right here.” So what can you do
when you hear a no? “- Hey, we can’t give up, right? When they told James Dean he wasn’t
good enough, did he listened to them? – No. – No. No fuck that.
All right, he kept fighting. He showed them all and that’s
what we’re going to do. – I just don’t know how, Greg. – I wish we could just
make our own movie.” Showing that kind of initiative can be the thing that
turns that no into a yes. “That great idea.” Also, by writing your
pilot in StudioBinder, you can seamlessly transfer
it into a script breakdown. Thank you for watching
our TV development series. Our goal is to help you
express your creative vision and hone your craft through articles,
resources, and videos like this. When you’re ready to write your
script or shoot your project, check out StudioBinder screenwriting
and production management solution. So you can take your ideas
from vision to reality.

14 thoughts on “Sell a TV Show Idea with a Sizzle Reel [Best Sizzle Reel Examples] — TV Writing & Development: Ep7

  1. Thanks. I was hoping to reshoot a mock trailer for a show I DID try to make with a few friends and my brothers, but a lot of things didn't go right and most of the footage is gone. However, I do have a few trailers uploaded and wondering if they are enough for a sizzle reel? I was hoping anyone on this channel can give me feedback.

    To let you all know, the first trailer still has elements and what I would say is feel of the show. It was when I tried to make anything serious, I mainly made short comedic videos before so sorry if it isn't directed good or anything like that. Also, I rewrote the show a lot since then and the characters with the gun would appear in "Season 2" of my current plan instead of the first Season. And that the adults die from a virus rather than mysteriously disappearing. Some Lost type shit I'm glad I saw as crap. lol

    Other than that? The second trailer is just B-Roll with the ending setting up a mystery that would set in motion the story. Ever since the second trailer, I still retained what I was planning on filming for the supposed "Season 1" of the show. I intended to make a web series which would serve as me happily making something I love alongside possibly using it as some sort of pitch to a production company.

    I'll share the trailers below.

    First Trailer:

    Second Trailer:

    And here is some music from the bands/artists who granted me permission to use, as this was a non-profit venture:


    Granted permission to use all the songs from YouYouDarkForest:

    And that's it. If I were to put another playlist, I think the songs in this one really sets the feel of the future seasons of my show:

  2. Your channel is so great! It's definitely promotional for your PM platform, but you provide so much useful information and then present Studio Binder as like "hey this could also help." I really love it. Keep it up guys!

  3. Amazing content!! just wanted to ask, what's the name of the tool you showed in track 6:11 and 6:13? I mean the script editing tool? thank you again!!

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