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(Groan) Dad? I’m fine Alice – don’t stop. I said I’m fine The barn is empty You have enough food now for 5 years Then you’ll have to grow your own This house and… everything in it it’s just for you Alice It’s the only way you’ll survive Do you understand? – Do you understand!?
– Yes, sir I’ll seal up the back We went over this It’s too late for that You don’t know that! It’s not gonna work Alice! I don’t want you to go I know kiddo So what are our rules? Trust no one Yes Good Never let anyone in But what’s the most important one of all Never ever leave the house Good girl I’m scared No, wait, this isn’t… – I’m not ready
– Come on, yes, yes Yes you are, you’re my daughter Please don’t go I’d stay right here forever if I could (Groans) Come on (Sobs) (Music playing) (Knocking at door) (Knocking at door) (O.S.) I can hear you in there I’m not gonna hurt you I’m not gonna hurt anyone I just… I haven’t eaten in weeks I need some food Then I’ll go We could to stick together otherwise what was the point of it? If we stay divided it’ll still beat us It still won Ahoy Just…just calm down I just need to eat I’m gonna starve! Let me in Please Just open the door

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “ZERO” | Starring Bella Ramsey | A DUST Original

  1. i should ask my 14 minutes back or cash compensation…. No plot, no nothing.(Edit. They have a plot yeeey).. So its something about paranoid parent a child and a starved human…..

  2. Didn't know the actress's background and came away liking this short very much. The story was a decent end-of-the-world twist but ended with her marching forth and radiating a will to overcome. Uplifting.

  3. I'm still watching it, but, if she can't leave the house for at least 5 years what's she supposed to do with the body of the dead guy on the living room floor?

  4. Another really unique, well done creative short film. I absolutely LOVE the brilliant cinematography at the end when, at first you can't initially make out how the objects she walks by appear separate unrelated to one another until the camera shot does the beautiful 360 spin and then pans back to slowly reveal unified entirety of the object laying in the field. (no spoilers). It's reminiscent of the final seen of the original Planet of the Apes when the Statue of Liberty is slowly revealed and thus the realization that they were on Earth the whole time. (OK, that was a spoiler but God help anyone on the sight having not seen it. The same can be said of the uber classic scene in Gone With The Wind (granted not sci-fi) when the camera starts off with a close up of a wounded soldier and then gradually pulls back and back and back revealing the thousands of dead and dying soldiers allowing the viewer to vividly see and thus enable the viewer the full extent of the carnage of war.


    Any guesses as to why they chose the title "Zero"? I'm stumped on that.

  5. Okay, I liked the story and the acting was pretty good. But, a key element to the story is flawed. The old man's pacemaker shouldn't have stopped working after the EMP attack.

    It's very unlikely that an EMP, even an atmospheric nuclear detonation, would adversely affect a modern pacemaker let alone the circuitry of giant robots. The EMP might cause a brief interference but it's a myth that it would completely cause a pacemaker to be fried. People probably still erroneously think that microwave ovens fry modern pacemakers too.

    I guess the robot builders in this story were utterly stupid and didn't include their circuitry protected by Faraday cages or have back-up programs and redundancy circuitry to prevent such an EMP threat? Most small electronics wouldn't be affected adversely either. But it happens a lot in Sci-Fi stories to advance the plot. Even still, the old man could've built a simple Faraday cage and survived the EMP. Faraday cages are simple to make – the first one invented consisted of a small room covered in metal foil. With enough time and foil, he could've lined his entire home and remained alive to protect his daughter. So, he died in vain!

    And, don't forget, he had enough time to build a stockpile of food, water, and medicine to last one person 5 years, so he could've also acquired cases of metal foil as well. But, maybe he didn't know about the EMP in advance. I suspect that even if he had but a small amount of foil he could have built a simple Faraday cage in a small enclosure, like a closet, or the inside of a human-sized box, to protect his pacemaker and ride-out the EMP. Indeed, the EMP was publicized on TV as eminent so it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone.

  6. Nice to find three of my main questions addressed in the comments. Making a faraday cage for the dad, water and waste management for the house.

  7. She is such a good actress and right away I knew she was the actress who played Lady Mormont on Game of Thrones.
    She has such a broad range that the only thing that could stop her from continuing in acting would be if she chose to stop acting or they wanted a typical dumb blonde for a part. Otherwise she couldn't be pigeonholed. She is a prodigy and I forget she is acting and playing a part. She is whatever person she is portraying. I hope only good things come her way.

  8. He new he was going to die when the EMP hit, and yet he stayed inside and left his body for his daughter to clean up. Not a very loving father. Loved the ending. Great job.

  9. The first 10 or 20 of these where they just give you a hint of what is going on were fine. Then after the next 50 it got pretty old. Everyone thinks they're doing such a sly little trick and they don't realize everyone else has done it 1000 times.

  10. I accidentally stumbled across DUST earlier in the day, and now I dunno if j can stop watching their short movies

  11. Bella, your work is exquisite. I still think sometimes about all the expressions on your face while that wanderer was banging at your door. Looking forward to the rest of this one.

  12. For the most part I was absolutely thrilled with that.
    It should have been a nuclear war not another battle with robots.
    I too would choose my home after some sort of living hell of living inside the rest of your life.
    The acting was brilliant only the final conclusion annoyed me.

  13. Not certain who would ever give DUST thumbs down; there's always something to obtain from each individual film and I appreciate every single one .. that I have watched so far! Thank you for your intellect😘

  14. I found Dust about a week ago, these films are so well made, the animated ones too.
    This short is exceptional, thanks for everything you make Dust.

  15. i don't understand a thing, why is the person dead before her house. What's the robot for and how did her father die. What's the point here other than some rules can be broken.

  16. Click this if you want the whole story of Zero and please if you will doing that please put it on Netflix….

  17. My thoughts, perhaps a more secure underground bunker with periscope views of the starving man?
    I really liked the first views of the downed robots. I thought what the Heck are those things? Good scene.
    Maybe a couple of crows in the fog for atmosphere.
    I too would have liked to have seen the giant robot's finger move slightly after she walked off into the distance.

  18. Incredible film making that took time to build, think many of us would agree we would love additional episodic parts to this, and wold definitely raise interest via crowd funding to make that happen.

    Personal aside, daughters are so damn well defiant, my boy would probably see out the 5 Years before he set off to forage, but can be damn well sure our girl would do the same as she did.

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