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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “The Stowaway” presented by DUST

  1. How the hell did she even board the ship? All these advanced tech and they couldn't notice her. I am sad for the future.

  2. Wow, a child drifting in and out of measured stoic philosophy upon hearing that she's going to die very soon. Just the type of realistic thing that totally happens and keeps the audience from thinking "I'm watching actors".

  3. For those who think this was written by the people who produced it, you are mistaken. I read this exact story over 40 years ago as a youth. No CGI at the time to make it into a movie back then. Just a book to read. Don't remember the author but believe it was a series of short sci-fi stories.

  4. There was definitely enough stuff you could rip off the walls, plus his clothes and armor that would equivelate the girls weight… it's just like that scene from the Titanic all over again.

  5. I was so sure she was going to be an 'engineered' replicant saboteur and that bracelet was gonna blow that EDS to shreds. O well
    EDIT (with actual thinking)
    I realize this makes no narrative sense. But it would have been cool to see.

  6. The original story has a lot more tension because you fell the pilot actually wants to save the girl, but here you feel he could just have easily stuck here in the airlock from the start…. pity it wasn’t acted better. 🤨

  7. It's a stupid and inconsistent story. I know it's supposed to be a very small ship but how much mass does it have? 60 kilograms extra is REALLY too much? Can't they make the ship a tiny bit bigger, with more reserve fuel? Why is there a LAW that says stowaways have to be removed at once? So… how often do stowaways manage to get aboard? Shouldn't they make it totally impossible for that to happen in the first place? Come on.

  8. fallacy here. you mean this high tech society calculated the physics to an exact weight without considering excess baggage?

  9. what's so special about only seven people? this has potential but blew it on no believable plot. but I'll wager they'll be people that will be awesome! full length! when in all reality… you and I both know differently..

  10. Now I understand where all the money is going to NASA. It's being spent to put our minds into the abyss while the planet is being plundered. And when we come to our senses…………

  11. Not very original. This story is from a 1954 short story called "The Cold Equations" and was made into a 1989 episode of The Twilight Zone that went by the same name.

  12. To everyone crying over the girl. Your the fat we have to trim so the human empire can attain its rightful spot as interdimensinal/universal empire.

  13. um.. just throw out some extra equipment from onboard… seats, wiring, metal, anything, she ways maybe 100 lbs. – Also, they never just provide the exact fuel to the drop that would be absurd. _

  14. I kept looking for 100lbs of random equipment that could be jettisoned instead, but the ship was super minimalist. Well done on set design

  15. I'm confused a bit, she stowed away on a ship to see her brother, but when the ship is near the planet it's supposed to go to, the brother is too far away maintain a connection? Where's the brother then? Why's she going to that planet if he's not on it? She waited 5 years and can't wait one more? He looked like he was deployed. You can't even visit deployed troops. I don't get her plan.

  16. EDS just got exact amount of fuel to stop movement and land ship. EDS is not a ship. it is just a cannon ball fire from mothership and only carry fuel to stop at the end. with extra weight it won't stop ….

  17. so even in the future millenials (a) see no consequences for their action….(b) think they are the only ones in the room and (C)……well you know….(editted) one more thing, feelings dont matter….facts do!

  18. Please just throw her off the ship and serves her right for being a stow-away………..especially for doing something so childish

  19. If they both stripped to their underware, got rid of that chair, some panels and a door or two, they would have saved the same amount of weight.

  20. decent storyline , good direction , special effects decent , however I thought the directors perspective could of used better angles, other than that not bad I give it 4 out of 5 STARS !

  21. I assume that her brother and the EDS is a clone of the brother of each other they look identical . I would of had someone else play the brother.

  22. "I'm not exactly wired for family" – Anonymous EDS pilot
    I don't know though… it seems he's wired far better than most humans I've met.

    Still though, if he'd been wired for creative thinking he might have jettisoned his body armour, his gun, the chair and a fancy wall panel or door : )

  23. In the future, we can make telephone calls across vast distances in space without any transmissionn delay, simply by using imaginary qualude waves and digital unicorn telepathy.

  24. If you take the value 'Even the best sci fi is really badly written shite' and compare it with this abortion, you end up concluding that Gene Roddenbery has a fuck of a lot to answer for.

  25. So human i thinking, no margin for error, just enough fuel to get to destination and enough to land for the calculated weight of board the ship and inside content no extras, travel as light and efficiently as possible, just enough to make it to destination, no room for errors, mess up you're dead, deviate from course you're dead, slow down you're dead, speed up too much you're dead, get a stowaway on board flush em into space or you're both dead. don't nail the landing in the very first attempt you're out of fuel you're dead. So human in thinking. Sad

  26. Like there isn't any crap or aesthetic structural components on that ship he could toss to make up for the weight of a child…

  27. This film doesn’t make any sense at all; the kid is detected when the ship is in deep space, not during the launch or shortly after… Then, those “humans” obey a cold protocol regardless if the affected is a child. If the problem is weight, I’m sure any toolbox or even the freaking toilet would weight more than her…. Now, in the worst-case scenario (the toilet is not heavy enough), a real human would put that ship on autopilot and sacrifice himself… That would have been a five-start scrip and a brilliant ending. But no, let’s kill the kid…. Nonsense.

  28. Intelligent & thought provoking scenario here & I’m always amazed & pleased at the high-caliber acting in these DUST Productions.

  29. It's more than just teaching your children what not to do, it is a warning. No one is more important than the whole. It is a female teenager used in this manner to address those implicitly with children that the world isn't a playground. Too many adults believe and go out attempting to change the world for the safety of their own children. That instinctual drive is the issue at hand, & the 6th mass extinction-level in motion today is also implied here. This short movie furthermore implies that humanity has learned that even children are expendable if they endanger the whole. "The key to survival is a sacrifice."
    (The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.)

  30. Something something [illegal immigrants dragging their children across the drug-cartel ridden violence of Mexico] something something

  31. Wouldn't been more emotional if he had to fight / force her out the airlock with her screaming. Teenage girls don't magically accept their deaths (or responsibility) after a 5 minute chat with a stranger. You'd expect to see at least a few of the 5 stages of grief. Bargaining, anger, depression, etc.

  32. I like the "cold realizm" of this.

    But actually, the idea of having "75lbs too much weight to land" is quite a low-brainer and could be done better. I mean, just throw out some cover-plates of the consoles, some shoes and the gun, voilà.

  33. this is not an original story! please read the descriptions and keep that in mind. it was filmed before for another sci fi anthology series

  34. This is based on Tom Godwin's "The Cold Equations", as stated in the description, which appeared as the sixteenth episode of "The Twighlight Zone" TV show. Amazing acting in DUST's adaptation! Thank you Rpin Suwannath!

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