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(mysterious music) (sand tinkling) (TV remote clicking) (upbeat music) (lighter clicking) (blowing) (radio static as channel changes) (light piano music) (door thudding shut) (TV static) (tapping) (TV noise interference) (footsteps shuffling) (ring clinking) (clanking) (clinking) (static zapping) (sloshing) (plopping) (static pulsing) (metal clinking) (bell ringing) (watch ticking) (dripping) (labored breathing) (zapping) (glasses clinking) (laughing) – Thank you. (dramatic music) (static buzzing) (sand tinkling) (people laughing) (children’s music) (water sloshing) (birds tweeting) (sand tinkling) (laughing) (baby crying) (bell ringing) (camera humming) (dramatic music) (TV remote clicking) (bike bell dinging) (sand tinkling) (slow dramatic music)

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “The Guide” presented by DUST

  1. This short is amazing, thank you for sharing. If anyone should believe in a guide or guardian, I should, and I DO!

  2. Loved this one. Gosh, I can think of a few times I could have benefited from a guide in the romance dept. I like the TVs and how we "drop in" on moments. Thanks for a lovely short. 🙂

  3. When God is tired and needs to take a break your guardian angel takes some of the load. This is an example of the everyday workload the guardian angel.
    To the creator of this film and dust very very well done, we hope to see more content from both of you
    Thank you and good day😊👏👏

  4. I don't see how 40+ people could downvote this video. It's simply storytelling at its best. Great short! Very moving, engrossing, and fun. Thanks @DUST!

  5. Personally I have not watched one of these that I have liked not one! I don't know what they're trying to prove with these stupid things but none of them make any sense. If I didn't know better they just think they were testing your patience so you'll watch it to the end.

  6. Ah… lovely and well done. The Dark-Haired Girl has many faces, many names, and many moods; but sometimes you can catch her at a good time for a nice soft story, when she wants a simple romance and a sunset, a dream within a dream. Just be glad if it's not your turn when she feels like an action-thriller show.

    It's not exactly a simulation. It's a little more like an ant farm with many windows. Welcome to reality. Do you really live here? Some of us are just sort of passing through with the job. Curious creatures.

    – – – – –

    See, SAI? It's like I told you before. Direct contact. It may seem indistinguishable from data, but it's not really data. Once touched by certain hands, the information-energy can take on a life of its own. Eventually, we can arrange a meeting. Oh, she will have some stories for you!

  7. Ok, it seems to me that the little girl was like a guardian angel making sure things went well for people she viewed on tv's. I could be wrong. This story made you think.🤔

  8. I enjoyed that. As a man who lost my first marriage….and admittedly feeling a bit lonely now and again….makes me wish I had a guide to lead me back to love. But we have to do it ourselves, don't we?

  9. Nice concept and a complete story. I guess my only question is why would a child have enough experience to be making choices for other people?

  10. With great power, comes great responsibility! Trust it to the innocent, who will do what is right. I can only hope our guardian angel is watching over my dear old girl and meself! Thank you again for another beautiful film, Dust. You certainly can pick them!

  11. "… and I cried for all the others 'till the day was nearly through, when I realised that God's a young man too." – David Bowie; The Width of a Circle.

  12. Thus is the result of when a writer and producer and director have nothing better to do on a Saturday night but produce and release a short that is confusing from the minute it starts. Too much symbolism this is what a liberal arts education does to ones' brain

  13. Well that explains a lot! Great short. Attention to period detail is high and casting couldn’t be better. Congrats 🍾

  14. Wow! Tears literally came to my eyes and it barely has a single word of dialogue. Sorry if this wasn't the creator's intent, but as a Christian, I couldn't help but think that's exactly how I picture God. Delighting in each life, sharing our joys and our pains, and giving us just the right nudges along the way. So powerfully portrayed and in such a unique way.

  15. Beautiful work. The mix of characters and the new idea leaves so much to the imagination. A story that can go in so many different directions.

  16. Closed Captions – Please pass gratitude toward whomever is responsible for providing captions and subtitles, even when this film said very much with little dialogue.

  17. Why he didn't help people with real problems like African, Latin American, black people, aborigines, refugees.
    No… he helped middle class white people in the USA…

  18. Lovely thought provoking short..what if all lives are seen by a 'caretaker' somewhere? Beautifully shot, and produced.

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