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(soft whooshing)
(mysterious music) (alarm blaring) – [Weston] I’m on three. – [Ransom] Red Staples. – [Weston] The door is sealed. – [Ransom] Someone has to try something. – [Weston] Staples, try something. What are you doing? – [Ransom] I need confirmation– (alarm blaring) – [Weston] It’s not an authorized E.V.A. – [Ransom] The door is sealed. – [Weston] You cannot do this. (mysterious music) (woman breathing heavily) – He’s on five. James, I need you down here. (alarm blaring) (high-pitched ringing) ♪ China China ♪ ♪ I wanna go to China ♪ ♪ Space camp space camp ♪ ♪ I wanna go to space camp ♪ ♪ India India ♪ ♪ I wanna go to India ♪ ♪ Dunedin ♪ ♪ Dunedin ♪ ♪ I wanna go to Dunedin ♪ ♪ I wanna go I wanna go ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna live here anymore ♪ ♪ I wanna go I wanna go ♪ – Thank you, Lewis. You can remind me never to
take your requests again. (Lewis chuckles) – You know I love that song. O2 flow initiated. – Good. Okay, everyone, I need
a comma status check. Confirm okay on me. – Number two okay. – Three okay, loud and clear. – [De Clerk] Nine months
in a tin can like this is enough to drive anyone mad. – You okay back there, De Clerk? – Four okay. But I’m ready to get out. – Roger that, Mathias. No arguments here. You awake back in there Weston? – Five okay. How can they call Mars
“The Bringer of War”? Its so beautiful. – [Mission Control] Red Team Three, continue to broadcast at your discretion. Mission Control observes
the trajectory here as being in track on target. We have you in the pipe five by five. – Okay, prepare for docking with the ZRS. Okay, Lewis, take us in, mate. – [Lewis] Roger that, pilot has the comm. (soft orchestral music) 75, 75, zero meters. (air hissing) Roll angle nominal, rate zero one two. (air hissing) Still go for docking. Target practically center. Pairs are aligned. – [Shaw] Standing by. – [Lewis] Crosshairs aligned. One meter, center aligned. And… (banging) contact light. – [Shaw] Control, Red Team Three confirms contact and capture with the Zubrin Research Station. – [Mission Control] Mission
Control to Red Team Three, congratulations. – Cap-com transfer to ZRS complete. You would’ve thought McGregor would have left the lights on for us. – Standard operating procedure, Commander. – For Christ’s sake, De
Clerk, that’s a joke. Remind me how long we’re
spending aboard the ZRS? – 18 months.
– 18 months. I sincerely hope you’ve packed your sense of humor, De Clerk. You’re going to need it. – [Weston] And equalization complete! All clear for boarding, Commander. – Day one! (mysterious music) (crackling) – Mission control, mission control, we have a critical situation. Staples. I repeat. (audio stutters) – [Mission Control] Zero minus eight. ZRS, this is mission control, please repeat your previous transmission. – Please be advised,
there is extensive damage to the ship and
communications are failing. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to maintain the link. (audio stutters) – [Mission Control] Be
advised we no longer have you on com-sat at zero
minus 16, how do you copy? Zero nine six, Z.R.S please respond over. ZRS, read back. Read back. Read back. ZRS, read back. (ominous music) – ZRS, this is Shaw. I’m two clicks from Relay Station One. You can tell Weston I agree with him. Mars is beautiful. Reminds me of the empty-quarter
outside Abu Dhabi. Anyone up there listening? ZRS, this is Shaw, come back? (radio crackles) ZRS, do you copy this is
Commander Charlie Shaw, over? Zubrin Research Station,
this is commander Shaw, do you copy? Over. (radio crackles) What the hell is going on up there? (ominous music) ZRS, Shaw. If you’re still receiving me, Relay Station One is completely destroyed. (ominous music) An E.V.A boot? That can’t be right. This is nuts. I hope you’re tracking me, ZRS. There’s a lot of uncharted
territory out here. (mysterious music) Follow the crumbs. (panting) – [Ransom] It doesn’t even look like him. – [Shaw] What? What was that? (mumbles) (panting) (machine beeping) Shit, no, no, no. No! (breathing heavily) (gasps) (coughs) (gasping) (coughing) (machine beeping) (breathing laboriously) – [Ransom] He’s just lost that’s all. – [De Clerk] Any response from him Ransom? – [Ransom] I’ve tried
everything, nothing’s working. How’s Weston doing with comms? (gentle music) – Get out of my head. (talking faintly) Get out of my, get out of my head. – [Staples] All those years. (ominous music) (talking faintly) – [Shaw] I’m warning you, stop it, Ransom. (faint voices talking) – [Weston] I don’t know what
we’re gonna do with him. (faint voices talking) He needs to be restrained. – [Shaw] Enough. – [Ransom] I can’t even
tell who he is anymore. (Shaw grunts) – [De Clerk] Ransom, he killed Lewis. – [Ransom] He’s waking up. – Sam! Lewis? Lewis! (mysterious music) (machine beeping) (Shaw grunting) – I thought you said he was sedated. – He was. – Jesus! (Shaw growling) (machine beeping) (ominous music) – [Staples] You killed me. (Shaw panting) (exclaims) (screams) (gentle music) (Ransom sighs) (sniffles) (sniffling) – [Weston] I, I don’t know, De Clerk, I’m not sure I can do that. What about Ransom? – She’s not thinking straight. Her relationship has
compromised our safety. You saw what it cost Staples. You must back me up. (Shaw screaming) (alarm blaring) – [Shaw] Ransom! (man screaming) (man gagging) – He’s not, Charlie’s a monster. (talking faintly) He wouldn’t. (Shaw growling) (Ransom gasps) (Shaw growls) (high pitched ringing) (Ransom breathing deeply) (mysterious music) – No, no no. No, no. No guys. It’s a mistake. It’s a mistake. Staples. Staples, I’m sorry. (breathes heavily) Get me the fuck out of
this airlock, right now! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. That’s not what it’s meant to be. Just tell to her come and see me. I’m scared. I don’t what the fuck is going on. Just let her come in. let me (fist thumps) out! (breathing heavily) Come on! (breathing heavily) (hand thumping) (Shaw whimpers) (screaming) (hand thumping) (strained growling) – [De Clerk] Quickly now, Weston. – Its hard to override the
sensors with him in there. No, no, De Clerk! – Weston, you open
these doors immediately. That’s an order. – Don’t listen to him, Weston. – This is my goddamn ship! – Seal it up. – I’m trying. – When I get out of here,
De Clerk, you’re next. – Got it! I don’t know how long that will hold. (ominous music) – [Shaw] Ransom! – What’s going on here?
– Get me out! – [De Clerk] See for yourself. – Charlie. (Shaw screaming) – I don’t know what’s wrong with him but I do know if he gets
out, he’ll kill again. – What are you doing, Mathias? – Salvaging this mission, making sure we all get home, just
as he would in my place. – [Shaw] Let me out Sam. – You’re nothing like him. He would make sure you got
the proper medical care. – Look where we are! We’re not exactly fitted out for the type of long-term mental health care he needs. (Shaw screaming) – But I can help him. – What with, sedation? We know how that’s working. – [Ransom] Perhaps. I don’t know, okay, but
neither is locking him up. (alarm blaring) – Who said anything about locking him up? Ready? – I’m sorry, Sam. – No, no. No, you can’t do this. You can’t do this. Wait, it’s not right. It’s murder. – You’re wrong. It’s not murder, it’s survival. – He’s our commander. He’s our commander! No, no! No! No. – Not anymore. – [Ransom] Mathias! No, no! (thuds loudly) (upbeat instrumental music) ♪ If you think it’s a game ♪ ♪ A game we play ♪ ♪ Just say my name ♪ ♪ Just say my name ♪ ♪ If you think it’s a game ♪ ♪ A game we play ♪ ♪ Just say my name ♪ ♪ Just say my name ♪ ♪ Three times ♪ ♪ Three times ♪ ♪ Three times ♪

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Thalamos” presented by DUST

  1. I do not understand how anyone could pay for the making of a short story with no story . If I was more polite I would say its total crap from start to finish.

  2. If you think that annoying over done loud alarm sounds are the way to go, then you don't understand why stopped it after 45 seconds and went back to watching NDT.

    Best of luck.

  3. Didn't really make a great deal of sense anyway. Why would you wear a space suit when people had already been there and constructed coms towers?

  4. The switch to the high pitched sounds kind of trigger a wide audience (it's a ptsd trigger for most vets or combat personnel fyi) but good vid 😉

  5. Scifi that's way too soft, basically zero science in this at all. It's just 'Fi'. At least it's not #GetWokeGoBroke

  6. Thanks for the sustained ear piercing screech to begin with. Then the dialogue is too dim or inaudible. Too annoying to continue more than 5 minutes.

  7. Unknow amount of time in the isolation of space causes mental dysfunction which led to the slaying of a crew-member and on-going manic episodes threatening the safety of the others whose majority elects to protect themselves with the only working solution…..eject the problem, since there is no functional means to contain him.

  8. This is a good movie, thank you. It seems impossible to press so many events into the 5 mins time span, but you did it!

  9. Hey.. I'm sorry but I'm with Matthias.. If my captain started killing and eating his crew I think that would be the only option. Ugh. What a horrific scenario. And space madness is an all too real thing. They have NOOOO idea how such long term and such different living situations will truly affect them.. plus there will be such enormously deathly amounts of radiation that astronauts will all have to put their poop on the walls to protect them from it… (not a joke.. That's how they will dispose of their waste.. By tacking it to the walls) many other things pretty bonkers.. Not to mention circling around or landing on a world FARRRRR worse than anything earth could ever become, well.. Yeah. My point is there is a real term which I forget and I'm too lazy to look up, where some astronauts basically hallunicate and go bonkers from something that they can't quite fully explain yet.. This was taking it to the extreme but still. Trillions of dollars spent on what could be feeding the starving people in this world. Yuck. I love sci fi.. But in my opinion, which I'm sure no one cares about, it's such a waste of money and resources that I'm ashamed of our human race for not taking care of us first. And this movie.
    It sucked. Sorry I love dust like 99.9% of the time. This was a miss.

  10. Some good technique and production, but it really would have benefited from more character development, a more coherent story, or preferably both.

  11. strange editing, weird sound, and incomplete story. Felt a bit like "Metal Skin" to me  (only time I ever asked for my money back at the pictures).

  12. There is a lot more to the story if you have subtitles on. Without them it was as if they said nothing throughout most of the movie but with them on it was like a mental conversation going on in the commanders head at times. Especially when he’s walking on the planet.

  13. I couldn't hear what was being said, so I turned on captions and started over. Ah, nuch better. But wait, it still doesn't really make any sense..

  14. Take a scifi story, throw it into a blender, run the blender for a few hours, dump it on the floor, tape the pieces together and call it *art. That is what you call creativity. This is worse than most of the nonsensical "short" stories you see here.

  15. These are so stupid. They act like they can talk to "mission control" on earth without the time lag from the speed of light. This crap is worse than 1950s scifi. People just aren't that stupid, unless your brain is fried from listening to the democrat debates.

  16. Well………the E.V.A. suits were plausable. I liked the aspect of a large "fishbowl" style helmet. Cmdr. Shaw's flashes were different. Her dreams were wierd. Shaws' psycosis looked good and believeable. Then, there is the ending……………well, it blew my mind on how the other two crew members,………"took care of the problem", however,…………what about the "exicutioner"? He seems as though we could be hearing form him again! And his "minion".
    Just an observation.
    I could be wrong. 😀


    The sad truth is that this is a high quality production – visually. Sound quality = 0
    Story line started at 4 ("… how you brought your sense of humour…" ) and dropped to 0 (the tech is not sure how long the door can stay closed when the guy inside is locked in work no tools?)
    Plot holes – see above, and how did the guy get in the airlock without the girl knowing and without someone else besides the one good armed guy helping?
    Cinematography – 0
    (mars walking and the airlock door suddenly popping open just enough for a hand to get through)

    Feel like someone owed money to finish a bad piece of work… Could I do better? Probably not… But if I tried it would not be with this broken promise….

  18. I have to agree that most was well done except the coherency of the script. No apparent linkage between surface & orbital events. Decent concept, but…

  19. Gotta bail. The sound mixing is HORRIBLE. I have it cranked, so everything is loud AF except when he talks. Can't hear squat. Disappointing

  20. The only thing I can figure, is that this story was not told in order. Not to mention changing point-of-view, with at least one person's recall being unreliable.

  21. Well the backgrounds are nice…
    BUT WHATS WITH THE HORRIBLE SOUND?! Referring to the shouting in particular, peaking or clipping i believe its called. also the only proper way to "fix" it is, scap the file, redo, do right with a wider audio range. I'm not a sound guy, and i'm practically tone deaf, but that is the ONE sound related thing i cannot stand or forgive.

  22. Not sure what's going on in this one has he gone crazy? Gotten infected by a martian virus or alien or what? It needs to go back to the editing room to add extra coherent plot points to make sense of the end scene. If he's been infected be an unknown martian virus that's made him murderous & crazy then sure shoot him out the airlock as there's no way to cure or even find a cure in the situation they're in, if he's just lost it lock him up. But it's hard to get emotionally involved when you have no idea what the crap is going on, which is the current state of the film.

  23. IMO, de Klerk made the right call. At a minimum of six months from home, they had no way of determining what had happened to Shaw and even less ability to treat him. Was it mental? Was it some pathogen he'd brought up from Mars? All that mattered is that he was violent, homicidal and had shown the willingness to disable critical ship systems such as communications and even seriously injure himself to get what he wanted. It was brutally clear that it was impossible to keep him secured.

    Charlie Shaw would have put the survival of his crew above all other objectives. They had run out of other options. Euthanising him was the only remaining option that had a high probability of saving the surviving crew. Frankly, Weston and de Klerk owed that to their commander and to their colleague. Ransome was, as de Klerk pointed out, was too close to the situation to be able to detach herself from her emotions enough to see that.

    Does it stink to high heaven? Yes, but it is also very likely the only viable option left open to them.

  24. The team working on props and visuals receives my respect for working with everyone else with so much less talent, including actors, writers, editors.

  25. Go ahead, eject him from the airlock. I was given no reason to like him and every reason to dislike him (including having to watch him walk through a desert for almost half the film).

  26. God darn it!!!!!! I thought they finally got rid of that outdated , reused alarm that has been used for over 30 years! seriously!

  27. In many ways this is a retelling of Solaris. The unseen alien presence down below. The affect on the uncomprehending humans. I like that we cannot be certain whether or not the madness comes from the dark side of humanity, or whether there is some kind of invasion of the mind or body by the aliens. Who is it who is truly insane, the murderer or the plotting murderers opening the airlock, or the woman trying to free the murderer? In Solaris the alien inadvertently exposes the secret depths of the human mind. I like this more concise interpretation where alien malevolence and the very darkest side of the human psyche intersect in this dramatic series of exposés.

  28. Seems to be channelling Solaris both the Original Russian and Clooney remake, throw in the Last Days on Mars and stir.Voila!

  29. I actually liked this, but I agree it's a little wonky. The acting's great; the writing (if it weren't cut so much) is decent; the story's simple but a fantastic idea… just another "short" that was too short.

  30. Switching between the guy on the ground (7:00) where he is under complete cloud cover and the shots from space where there are no clouds at all was rather jarring!

  31. I really wanted to enjoy this video but it failed miserably. It was hard to follow any storyline and it seemed to just ramble around. Poor acting was overwhelming.

  32. Whatever other great things you have in a short sci-fi video (great cinematography, effects, etc.), the one thing that makes or breaks the video is a good story. This video doesn't have it.

  33. If you were expecting the plot to be gifted to you on a silver platter, think again. I believe that the writers of this short intended for the viewers to find the plot themselves.

    Ok, hear me out. Think about it – if you stitch all of the clips together you get an amazing, perfect plot. The captain of the ship and a girl that I believe was close to him, as well as three others were chosen to go on a mission to research Mars on a station orbiting the planetoid. The captain obviously didn’t complete some form of emotional stress training and developed some form of anger/stress related space madness and apparently murdered someone named “staples” or whatever his name was (sorry, I’m bad with names and I’m writing this on a whim). Under the woman’s influence, they sedated him instead of terminating him, unknowingly causing him to experience a nightmare that was influenced by all of the trauma his own brain influenced upon himself – that’s what the entire first half of the film more than likely represented. Bits and pieces of his own memory being flashed in his dreams – that is, until he wakes up. Notice how the short suddenly becomes less clipped? Yeah, that’s what the entire short was like from a normal cinematic experience would look like. And, I don’t know if you know this, but when facing a stressful situation – like the lady was – time flashes a lot. Or, at least to me it does. You spend a lot of time in your head but barely retain much information due to how stressed you are. And then the story goes on from there.

    This short is displayed in a format that is relative to psychics and how the mind retains and stores memories regarding their level of importance. The importance is determined by how much emotional strain is put on someone. Usually, they’re bad ones because bad emotions cause a higher level of emotional strain. That’s why some people believe that their childhood was mostly awful, because they remembered more bad memories rather than good ones.

    Sorry, if I’m contradicting some of your opinions, it’s just that I recognized what the creators of the story were going for. And as for the acting, I believe that it was spot on.
    Put yourself into the perspective of the people on the ship and in the captain’s place. Everyone is stressed and want the situation to be over with, so eventually they snap when they realize that there is no easy solution to their problem. Their facial expressions are mostly neutral when they murder the captain because, well, who would be smiling or crying about this? Sure, they’re getting rid of their problem, but not in the most sane of ways – and they know this!
    Sorry if I’m offending anyone, just wanted to input my opinion and raise the awareness of a possible circumstance.

  34. I’ve watched and enjoyed a few of these productions, but I’ll have to agree with many others commenting… this one was just bad. For too many reasons to list. Sorry guys. This gets two thumbs down.

  35. Sound sucked
    I get it, long distance comms
    What was this about again? Stopped watching 16 min in, hurt my head.
    Just a series of scenes, nothing coherent, no plot development no character arc, nothing.
    What was the vision? What did they want this to be? Maybe get it reviewed by Brandon's Cult Classics?
    First Dust I didnt feel moved by

  36. I really don't understand… usually when I read the comments of some half assed attempt at a short film, all I see is praise. And yet! I see a wonderfully put together short that makes me want more, such as this one, and the comments are all bashing. I don't get it. Maybe I'm oldschool now, idk. I don't get it.

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