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Ash from Icelandic volcanic eruption made landfall with Northern Ireland during the night bringing with it travel chaos. Experts have never seen anything on this scale. The eruption of 2010 is a blip in comparison. The ferocity of the rupture coupled with the unusual atmospheric pressure means this cloud is denser and dispersing at a much slower rate than any before. All commercial and private flights have been grounded … Glad we’re not going anywhere. Scrabble rematch? That is, if you’re feeling brave enough. Hello I’m sorry, but this is my day off. My only day off. I … I understand. Of course I need the money but there must be someone else. Everyone is sick? Just a moment Dubbed on social media as “ash fever,” the ash cloud is now being linked to illness across the province with hundreds of people reporting fever like symptoms. Mrs. O’Day, we’ll call him and fix lunch. Don’t touch the cooker. I’ll be home in the afternoon. Stay indoors until then. Lock the doors … There’s been trouble in the state. All antisepsis have reached capacity. Anyone showing symptoms should stay in their homes and await further instructions. Let me in. Not by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin. Well, there are no hairs on that wee chin. Don’t be in a hurry to get any neither. I won’t Mrs. O’Day. Stay young Zoltar. Zoran, Mrs. O’Day. Whatever. As people attempt to leave the city, Police are advising against all unnecessary road travel. The First Minister has asked for the public to remain calm as the authorities combat the outbreak. Never any good news Zoro. I don’t know. A drop of ash in the air. And the whole world goes mad. Any biscuits? Couple more columns Zumba, and then we know if I’m alive or not. Are these biscuits off? You’re a good boy Zoran. We’re experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment, please wait as we try to connect you. Ambulance, my neighbor Mrs. O’Day, she’s very sick. Burning up. Coughing. Your neighbor, does she have any secretions? Black gunk coming from her eyes? Yes! That stuff’s dangerous. You need to get away from her right now. Mrs. O’Day? You’re sick. Mom? Can you hear me? If you’re there, please answer. Zorin, I’m coming home. I love y… Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Mom is coming. We’ll get away. Open up! It’s mom! Zorin! Open up! Zoran, open up. Zoran, it’s me. It’s mom. Zoran? Let me in? Mom! Zoran. Zoran, what are you doing? Open up for me. I’m not safe mom. I don’t care. Open the door Zoran. Open the door. Please! I’m not safe. OPEN THE DOOR! PLEASE! Open the door! You

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Safe Haven” presented by DUST

  1. God he was good. And to be that emotionally mature under horrifying circumstances. I can't even imagine what it was like for his mother. Excellent

  2. Quite the messed up story. Thank God ash doesn't actually do that. I'd say keep the stories more realistic not fantasy.

  3. What a nasty, inhuman film to make. I hope the maker of this film goes through something of this in his own life. A sick mind bringing filth into the world.

  4. Okay , I'm so confused , why some of the videos of Dust and Alter are same ?? I watched this video on Alter couple of months ago … And some of videos of Dust are on Alter too 😥😥😥

  5. An excellent short. If only more films were as engaging as this one. The whole cast was excellent, especially the young boy. Great work.

  6. I'm not sure I've seen the "volcano zombie" theme before. It would be fun to see a zombie film that wasn't just about the outbreak and collapse of society. Maybe zombies that reform or something?

    That said, this is a very well done short. Thumbs up for some Friday night horror.

  7. Put their own spin on it so it's not just another zombie movie. Not saying there's anything wrong with another zombie movie.
    Good cinematography with the close ups of the ooze running down the old lady's neck and the quick glimpse of the news anchor.

  8. Most of these are bits and pieces taken from crap shorts and B rated movies good enough for tv or straight to DVD. Things the channel can buy cheap or get for free. Basically junk.
    No storyline or no ending doesn't make it genius.

  9. Hi. I'm from tamil nadu my iam is became a director will you Guys help me loved your vfx work can you work for my short film.

  10. looks like this one is being made into a feature film! thank goodness.

  11. A very nice comparison between the old lady who was sick but then also moved to her neighbor's house while the boy never opened the door to save his mother

  12. In 16:23 Minuten so eine Geschichte einzubetten ist bemerkenswert! Der Junge ist mit seinem schauspielerischem Talent eine Nummer für sich……Ich möchte gerne mehr von ihm sehen!!!!

  13. ****Spoilers towards the end of this comment.
    This was terrifying honestly. I was using earphones and I had to pause a couple times well in order to watch it through to the end which has never happened to me before. Good job. Could pass for a horror movie and more effectively than present day horror films. I think what made it so crazy was the fact that we were all terrified for that poor little boy, I mean I knew no one was gna get him and I was wondering if his mom would show up and save the day, plus he was so smart… He made one mistake though…. which any of us would when he placed the phone directly to his face. Then and there we knew he was done for. I felt it for him tho. He was so smart and kind. He couldn't get away though cause if he did y'all would have to make a full on movie. This was an excellent piece. You got me.

  14. Wow, that was sad. I know that’s going to stay with me for a while. Bravo! to the team that put that together especially the little boy who gave such an awesome performance.

  15. OMG, this is awesome. It is not that I am too sentimental, but I was touched. The boy plays his role incredibly convincing. My respect and many thanks to authors of this movie.

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