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Dad! -Are you sure?
-Yes. Get the shovels. This is not our world. This will never be our world. We are aliens here. We are here only
for the Aurealac, nothing else. We cannot stay here. Always stay within range, the radios are the only thing
that keeps us connected. Know your sectors, stay in contact. Under no circumstances
can we be separated. If anything happens to me,
take the Aurealac and take it home. Nothing’s gonna happen. Do not underestimate the danger. There are others out there
and they all want the Aurealac. We have a lot of it,
that makes a target. We are small, we are smart,
and the forest is big. But we still have to be prepared. We cannot be to careful. Where is the ship? 54, 51.3 by 78, 87.1 west. 01. What? 78, 87.01 west. -Sorry.
-Say it right. 54,51.3 by 78, 87.01 west. Show me. What is the launch code? 151, Alpha, Lima, Charlie,
662, Echo, Zulu, Eight. What you do when… Strap myself in, turn on GPCs,
primary and backup. Initiate launch sequence,
code and key. Once in orbit, only communicate
with government vessels. They will help me.
Do not tell them about Aurealac. If I see a non-government vessel, shut down electrics
and they will not find me. Very good. What are you doing? Just looking through my sketches. You are what? My sketches. I draw sometimes when you are busy. These are good. Have you always like to draw? Yeah. Well… Maybe we should get you some paints
or something when we get back. That would be good, wouldn’t it? Sure. Anything you want. These are really very good. So, were we at? 24. Good, so how much have we made? 1.4 million. Almost there. Stay back. There’s someone here. He’s armed. Go to the ship. I’ll meet you there. Wait, what are you… My leg… …it’s broken. I’m sorry. He has the Aurealac. I’m sorry. Go back to the ship. No, no, no! I’m sorry. You have to leave immediately. If they made it in the sector
they will find the ship. If they haven’t already. We’ll have to make a split. Wait… Wait! Wait! What are you doing? Hold your breath. We will find a way to get all of them. 2742, requesting release. We are here to harvest. I have the location
of a massive deposit of Aurealac. The Queen’s Lair. By my estimation
is the largest one we’ve ever seen. Someone is approaching. Where are you from? Nowhere. How poetic. The Queen’s Lair. Where is it? Drop it! Now this is something I’ve never seen. In all my time in the Green. A little girl. We are in the same trough, you and I. You don’t have a ship. No, I don’t. But you will find
a way to get home. If you find that buried treasure. Why should I trust you? You are a killer. I am indeed. What are you? I can offer protection. I say together we ravage the Queen’s Lair. Even split. Of course. I sustained a wound. I was hoping you had some juice. Here’s our offer. I don’t understand. For the girl. That is a bold offer. Maybe you’re gonna have to trust me. You trying to trick me. It was all in the name
of self-preservation, birdie. It was nothing personal.

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Prospect” | Now A Feature Film

  1. Why do they always have to have a huge planet looming in the sky? If you understand the physical implications, you realize it ruins the effect and takes away from the feeling of reality. If our moon were half the size of earth, it would be a very different (uninhabitable?) place.

  2. The trope of a giant planet or moon right there in the background is supposed to let us know that we're on a foreign planet? And also know that the movie makers, writers, directors etc. don't know doodly-squat about stuff like "gravity" and "impossible?" It's nice to find out early that they want me to spend some time on a really poorly researched, TOTALLY DUMB-ASS premise HOW close is that moon?

  3. 2 1/2 Stars. Nothing good EVER comes from being a friggin' beacon!! Stupidity runs rampant in their gene pool. Although, the girl is a badass.

  4. First and foremost, Science Fiction has to make sense. It failed. Second, the dialog has to be well thought out. It failed. Third, the overwhelming abundance of flora would guarantee the atmosphere had Carbon Dioxide (C02) and Oxygen (O2). Why couldn't they breathe the air? Other than issues like these, it was a good movie.

  5. I've watched 7 of your short films, and noticed, u gravitate toward the negative/dark side of things. Have u made anything – with a happy ending???

  6. You can always tell when a movie is good by the number of trolls trying to pick it apart. It isn't called picking nits for a reason… nitpicking means a nit is doing the picking 😀

  7. It sounds like they're prospecting something called Orlak, for lack of a more accurate word. But what is it? Is the gooey substance a drug, is it insects, is it precious jewels?

    Also, from the look of the previews, the Orlak looks like Amber and there has been a weapons upgrade. Rather than projectiles they are firing laser or energy beams of some sort.

  8. When did DUST turn into a movie preview channel? I say that only because more and more are just previews for movies.. IE Advertisment

  9. so where can i watch this? the link in description is broken. november has come and gone nnow its 2019 – where to find it? sort it out guys.

  10. All broken links – I'd love to have found this legitimately, but literally the ONLY way I could find this was a torrent – if you want to give the actors, directors and artists and those involved the credit and $$$ they deserve, then update your stupid broken links to sources that actually work.

    EVERY URL in the description is broken. Really??

    Seriously, you couldn't be more amateur about this.

  11. Just watched full film. This is a masterpiece. Immersive atmosphere, outlandish soundtrack, great visuals. A delight for old-school sci-fi fans. I hope for a sequel.

  12. I've got an idea for a script for a horror movie, anyone willing to take it and make it a full blown movie? I simply have no time to write it properly as a script. Maybe if it can be made as a short film, and then go for full length, I bet a company like Dust would be capable enough to make it right.

  13. Tres très bon film , j’espère bientôt voir la version longue
    L'image est vraiment très belle avec un traitement très original , quelle camera avez vous utilisé ?
    Merci pour votre travail

  14. The full feature film was on my cable's on demand service.
    The trailer was a good teaser…..but the full film was not that fantastic.
    Typical story of prospectors looking for a great find, getting hung up
    with typical "claim-jumpers". An Old West concept with a futuristic, other world/planet twist.

  15. typical of the white christian imperialism, whatever you find is yours, no matter who or what is already there, columbus "discovered" a land already occupied. killed everyone in sight, and he's a hero in our history books.

  16. It's so neat how something as simple as a suit and hose prop can turn our planet into a poisonous place to be, our flora and fauna into alien creatures because we've never seen certain bugs or plants. You get so into the story you forget you could be in your own metropark.

  17. I love this movie.. make the next part please.. i'm waiting for the next part.. this channel was subscribed and the video was liked.. can't wait for the next part

  18. Interesting how this works well as a short, but fails completely as a full length movie, with an utterly different feel to it.

  19. I like most of these, but for some reason, in this one, they chose to make the music louder than the guy whispering instead of talking.

  20. Жаль в полном метре не было футболки с Чебурашкой ….

  21. This looks really good. I'm surprised it's rated R for only bloody images and the other thing listed at the end, though. I like the strong female protagonist, though by now that's become a trope in general maybe moreso than in sci-fi.

  22. Can someone tell me what or "Oralack" ? Did I miss it? Or is it like "Unobtainium" in Avatar?

  23. Unlike any alien series movie even latest Prometheus and alien covenant, here they didn't take off their suits including helmets which was relieving because obviously. However planet is toxic but in alien series I found everyone keeping aside the issue os contamination and influence of foreign/alien germs and bacteria as something laughable or not worthy enough to consider. Which is laughable and shocking, how can you call yourself scientist or space explorers if you don't understand what alien germs and bacteria can do to your body and you won't be able to even do anything… So in that case very very nice to know Ridley Scott and James Cameron were and are morons but a short film maker is intelligent enough to know that..

  24. I just watched the movie on Netflix and I'm so obsessed with it. I want to see Ezra and Cee go on more adventures together xD

  25. the feature film is not a continuation and seams to run in a parallel universe to this story story's don't fit together sadly

  26. They're afraid of others finding them but their tent is brightly lit and visible for miles at night. Okaaay…

  27. Soundtrack stomping all over the dialogue. BS "no range" radio parameters. "Stealth" expedition in bleach-white gear and tent lit up like Manhattan. No defenses. Insulting first 5 minutes is enough.

  28. What a crappy dad. She's like a teenager and he's just now getting her paints? WTF. She's past puberty for christ sake she's going to give those paints to her baby before too much longer are you kidding me.

  29. Spelunking in a unknown planets space cave with a tiny little maglite? It would have been better if he called in the space force after seeing the clawed hand. That is what happens when space is a gun free zone and you get eaten by hungry space critters. .

  30. She's sporting the long-sleeve with the Russian cartoons' hero (from 70s) on her chest – Cheburashka. Unbelievable…

  31. I liked the short film, but I'm not sure I would like the movie. If they had made it where she tries to get herself and her injured father home I would probably see it. But they interjected a very unlikable third person, so I think I'll skip this movie.

  32. Amazing piece of work. just purchased the feature film on Google Play. Good luck to all who was involved and thank you to DUST showcasing it here 🙂

  33. 1. How did the girl find the bad guy?
    2. How didn't see/heard her commin?
    3. Why did the bad guys take their ship, not having what they were lookin for?

  34. Everything looks good. Except for the part when he said "these are really very good," it would've been so much better if he instead said "these are very really good." Just a thought.

  35. A jungle, some very cheap suites, digging some soil, a girl that is stumbling when run…i dont know what to say, to ordinary and boring!

  36. Geez, I’m really impressed..great film..beautifully photographed..storyline interesting. VERY COOL. REALLY ENJOYED THIS SHORT..BETTER THAN MOST MSM FULL LENGTH FEATURE.

  37. AB Ljungman G42B 6.5mm Swede
    8x57mm Egyptian Hakim
    I had the Raschid 7.62×39 Carbine version
    All fine semi-auto direct gas impingement weapons
    by Erik Eklund
    Bill Clinton took away my right to bear arms with the stroke of a pin, August 1997…

  38. I've never used a rifle before, but I'm pretty sure what she does at 9:57 is not correct.

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