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(peaceful piano music) “Mom” (steady heartrate monitor beeping) “Mom” (rapid beeping) “Oh no… oh no come on” “Damn It” AHH Omni, diagnostics. hour optimal Projections optimal Sensory recall optimal Holographics very poor Upgrade vital party software not compatible I sensed a Tension (Mimicked) “I sensed a tension. I’ll give you tension, Omni”. The the time is 9:17 “Wait what” The time is 9:17 “ok got it, Thanks, nuts” I sense tension Check your phone. Hello, Shea. Wow. I know you have a thing for me, but this is
sending toward restraining order territory. We have the biggest presentation of our careers
and this is how you act? You’ll be the end of me. “I sense tension” Do you really? “Oh come on, okay, listen, just just relax a little bit, all right? Just there it is. That’s a spot you all right?” “Okay” Ok, we start in 15 minutes, ok? Bullet points. “okay” Thanks for attending our demonstration on memory rehabilitation for those recovering from Alzheimer’s. “Combination of nanotechnology pharmaceuticals” actual practice of sensory recognition “hmm” Five distinct senses for a specific memory Listen I know you’re up to something So whatever it is? Get it done fast. I won’t keep working your schedule for you Okay She’d be proud of you, Ted, for what you’re doing here No, no, no what we’re doing there Okay, listen, Shae. We are going to knock this out of the park. All right. ‘Bye- Yes, absolutely and by the end of it we will change the landscape of this stupid disease “All right?” Yeah ‘Sigh’ “Gotta go” What? Ted- “Yeah, gotta go gotta go, gotta go” Hey, you’re not as clever as you think Yeah, don’t act like I’m an idiot. “Ahh” But Dr.. Rose was Just come with us, Doctor. Okay. We found an intruder in our top tier
level five classified alpha laboratory. What’s that? Exactly. She showed up out of thin air in our most secure room. No camera footage showed her entering. No ID. We’re running a DNA profile now. What does she have to do with me? We found this on her person. That would do it. It’s on you; we’ll be watching closely Can I get you a coloring book or juice box or anything? I studied French at middle school. I can translate. “I don’t know what your” Ooh! I think I got that one. She said ‘close your-‘ (whirring sounds and then a twang) (alarm blaring) We can help each other, Theodore. (You give me what I need and I can get you to your mother again) “What?-” “Stand by” How do I know I can even trust you? You don’t. That’s why they call it trust Stand still. “Ted … what the heck wait who is that No idea. Here’s your card umm I’m probably fired. I’ll call you! Take care of yourself. “Hey its ok everyone. It’s just an exercise stay calm” “Never mind, it’s not go go go go go” You keep yourself occupied don’t you? “Yeah well, an idle mind is a brain – hey whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa What do you think you’re doing stop! stop touching! stop touching okay? Start talking instead, now that I can breathe a minute.” What about? “Um let me see. I don’t know. Where are you from how did you get in the Alpha room? Why are you in my life right now? What’s your favorite color? You know things like that?” 2068. Sensory recall. Passphrase… Blue Let’s go back to that 2068 part The year 2068 Pardon to interrupt you sir but its the girls DNA and you really need to see this. Detain Dr. Rose right now. Yes sir! So if you’re from 2068 and time travel exists they haven’t had any progress in the orthodontics industry? red flag says I You know it’s strange how the man who denies time travel will ever exist is the same one who in fact invents it? What? Your fellow employees and their muscle are coming here now You said that you would help me see her again. Why? It might be hard for you to believe. Oh, God, it all is Go for the grand slam In 2068 memories, knowledge, emotions, and information can all be hacked and this time a tyrant has taken control with only one mind he hasn’t tapped into — yours. You created a kill switch if you fell into the wrong hands It would kill you, but your secrets wouldn’t be the enemy’s property. We have you back, but in a comatose state It’s these secrets that can overthrow him and revive you. There’s a passphrase we need to do so, the prompt is why you began I left her on her last night alive Her brain deteriorated A vegetable. Skinny. I left her, why I don’t know, no no She wouldn’t have left me, her baby So I try to go back even though it’s not real, to be with her, to not leave Sigh There are two types There are two types of potent memories, Obee: ones of great regret and ones… of great love How do you You can’t run from everyone forever. You can’t shut everyone out. You have to love again, trust again, not be alone. “No one to know, no one to lose” And also no one to get. Now stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop focusing on the negative! It’s bleeding you! People die, Theodore, and even more will if you don’t help me. Now come on! Remember the good times even the small ones, Ted My name is Maile Shay Mae, and I am your granddaughter. Are you now? Machine voice: “Unauthorized personnel approaching Doctor Mae. ” I need the phrase Countless lives depend on it. Grandpa! I can get you to her. Love, like death, changes everything. It’s got to be it. Shay huh? Did you get it? That was it. Now, we need to rush. I picked this one for travel. Latest holographics upgrade? Yeah, yep. Hello my Obee, how may I help you this time? Omni-five. Run it. Sequence initiated Subject must enter Get in…You helped me, I’ll help you. Your consciousness will go back. You won’t have much time when you’re there. With her, in the hospital right? OBEE Get over, alright? (honking horn) “I’ll finish up. Go on, have fun.” Ma, I don’t know ‘Mumbles’ Watch dust like this video Subscribe for new visions of the future every week it is a business of the future to be dangerous Your future is dust

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Memoir” | Presented by DUST

  1. maybe i'm just a wimp, but this is the most beautiful 14:33 seconds i have ever watched, what is the name of the feature film, has it been released? i can't stop tearing, absolutely wonderful … thank you for this upload

  2. If I could and if there was such a thing I would give DUST first prize in the YouTube BEST SHORT FILMS AWARDS I have not seen a DUST film I didn't like, they just get better and better.

  3. This is the most beautiful lovely sweetest DUST film I have seen. It really made me tear up. When you have lost a loved one, you will be heart broken always and wish this could happen. Thank you for the lovely film. It was truly heart breaking in a good way. Loved it.

  4. I love these short films by DUST. And, I thought that little girl looked familiar… heh heh… she's quite the lil' firecracker on TWD. Nice!! 3:)

  5. I love DUST SciFi shorts. I have a hard time sitting still and watching full length films.

    DUST gives a full movie experience in 5 to 15 minutes. Way to go!

  6. Is this little girl the one who appeared in America Got Talent or American Idol, who had the talent to speak several languages?

  7. Loads of people have already said it all, but wow that kid is a good actor, she has a brilliant future ahead of her. An excellent short film, the only bad acting is the computer voice, it REALLY sucked lol. thanks for the entertainment.

  8. i'm french and i didn't understand a word of what they said. i had to read the subtitles, it was kinda amusing

  9. The very end made me cry. THAT is not easy! I would give so much to spend 1 more moment with my mother just like that.

  10. Okay… I am finally commenting. This is probably the 5th.. 6th.. ? time I have watched this one … In my top 5 currently. LOVE this … and I know it will not be the last time I watch it. Would LOVE to see this as a feature length film .. I hope it makes it to that point, and is done as well as this short..

  11. This made me feel bad, I still see my mom daily and I forget to be playful with her and she is so unimaginably playful, her sisters are too ❤️

  12. Not the first time machine I meet in books or movies. Why are we son obsessed with it? It would be fun to accept what God says about time. Accept His rules. Live ever after and be able to see again things happening in time, since we can (as He does) look forward and look backward and live forever after in the Now. Read the Bible. Looks like a great future.

  13. I liked it! I'm caring for my mom who has dementia…
    …so, this was a bit difficult for me to watch, but I'm glad I did.

  14. The little munchkin is easily the best actor in this entire movie. The other people spoil it for her.

  15. Holy crap. this little girl is awesome, she can rival Villianelle from Killing Eve. She can be her younger self as well.

  16. I am genuinely disturbed by the fact that dust videos aren't getting much views relative to some other shit.
    Huge shout out from India

  17. For a little kid who's first language is obviously not French (or if she even speaks it) she did a great job with pronunciation!

  18. Have watched this video on repeat day after day.. cry everytime i watch it..helped me connect with my mom..i miss her very much..Thank you Dust.. the actors..the background score..the dialogues.. the story.. everything was perfect..

  19. Great storys,
    awesome actors
    I love it! 😀
    Please do Douglas Adams Hitchhickersguide to the galaxy storys!

  20. The Left informs us that rubbing a female co-workers shoulders to soothe her is"Sexual assault, creepy, makes me feel uncomfortable etc." Good cause for the sack, apparently, instead of simply one worker feeling empathy for another.

  21. Wow. How exceptional.

    The kids a good actor, the mains a decent actor, the subject matter is very good, the delivery is very good, the dialogue is very good the relationships and interactions are realistic, the characters and history are quite filled out for such a short film.
    I'm very pleased, and grateful for this work. Props to all involved.

  22. The way the robot voice sounded in the beginning had me cracking up. epically the part when it said "I seNsE tEnSioN"

  23. This one fell short for me. I think there was a tad too much expository dialogue, and the child actor was quite monotone in her delivery. I think it could have benefited from less dialogue, and more expression. Still, it's a good story. Maybe not top tier Dust, but certainly better than many mainstream attempts. And yes, I get that making films with kids is tough, and shorts don't have much time to worldbuild, but I think there could have been room for improvement.

  24. Hello and thank you for sharing such an amazing and awesome video. I really got sucked into this one. I was honestly sad that it ended. Loved it ❤️

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