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(distant siren blaring) (alarm blaring) – Oh. (tense music) (alarm blaring) I fucking heard you! Off. – [Announcer] This is a
public service reminder that the downtown station is closed until further notice. Screen. Channel. (Screen initiating) (Plane engine roaring) Screen hide. (bottle hits counter) (distant chatter) (crowd cheering) (police car sirens) Live! Morning fuckers. Breakfast for champions. Thanks Rico’s for the stash. If you want 15% off your next order, use my special code. So, what did you think of the fucking fight? Yeah! Censors! What a bitch. Never met a bitch I didn’t want to slap. Delete censors. So, how do you like them bruises? Yeah, I know you do you sickos. What do I want to wear today? Click art. Oh yeah. Victim number one. Or, victim number two. Nasty tracks. What do you think? Screen. Victim number two it is. Hide screen. Thanks nasty tracks. Promise to act accordingly. Speaking of, I need to go take a shower. Maybe I’ll even share. But, only if you’re a premium subscriber. Cut. (knocking at the door) Who is it? – [Man] It’s me. Okay, hold on. Door, open. Live. – [Man] What is up fight nation? What’s up guys? You guys miss me? – Look who finally decided to show up. – Hey bad ass. – And how have you been? – I had shit do do. – Oh yeah. – I’m here now. – Cut. – You’re okay? – Yeah. I just got cut on my tooth. – That looks bad. – Yeah, she totally handed me my ass. I think she was ex pro. – Hey, I’m sorry I wasn’t there. – Yeah. All the comment boards were like, “Where is he?” – (laughs) Well, sweet yeah, I knew
that fight was going to pop. – It didn’t. I mean there were more comments, but the views just stayed the same. And this fight, was so much more intense than the other one. I don’t know, this new algorithm is frigging killing me. – Can you get by on it, for you know at least another week with your other streams? – I don’t know, maybe. – Maybe you should do an AI consult. You know, optimize your channel. – With what extra bit credit? I’m totally maxed out with the setup. – Hey, you’ll get another sponsor. Come on. Let’s visualize. What do you want? Strike pop? – Come on. – What, wizard cams? Those cams are next gen AI. – Stop. – Bite aid. – Stop. Jesus. – What? – This. I mean, look at me! Could barely get out of bed this morning. – Hey, I’m beat too. You know. I streamed for 10 hours
straight last night. – Oh my God, gaming is hardly the same. – You were the one who made this whole fight girl persona. All right, and fan
engagement is exhausting. – Okay look, 10 years ago
to help my acting career. Do you think that I thought it was going to get to this point? – Lay off the fight club. – And do what? – Fake an injury. – And then what? Nobody hires real actors anymore. I’m not like, 16 with like a shopping bag to inhaul. – Hey, I’d like to see you at 16. – Stop, I’m serious. – So am I. – Oh yeah. You had fantasies about me when I was 16. – Yeah. – Well. I was chubby. And I had frizzy hair. Bad frizzy hair. And I was obsessed with a 24 year old. – So, nothing much has changed. – (laughs) – I take it back. This is the best version of you. Live. – Censors. – Delete censors. – (laughs) Censors. – Delete censors. – Stop. – What? – Stop. Cut. – You can’t keep cutting. – I just. You know we don’t do it without censors. – Everybody’s doing it without em. – What is that supposed to mean? – Just that, you know, we have to evolve. – Into porn stars? No. – You know, Max and
Rebecca just had Redmaf sponsor their baby shower. – What? – Their numbers spiked because they got two new sponsors. – You want to get pregnant? – I’m just saying, if you don’t want to amp up the sex, that’s an option. Aren’t you thinking about it. At your age? – Screw you. – I just tried. (tense music) (crowd cheering) – Maybe I should just
quit and work for Zoomer. – Don’t even. – What? It’s acting. Keeping all those losers
company in the car. – You know, we can just move to one of those beer
sponsored party cities and live for free. – I just said, I just said, that I didn’t want to fuck for the camera. What part of that do you not understand? – You see, this is all we have left. Okay, our pain. Ourselves. Our love. That’s the only things that those AI’s that they can’t do better than us. – Did you get that off of a Starbucks cup? – So what if I did? – Oh my God, your generation. – What? – I just can’t be on like this anymore. I can’t keep chasing an algorithm. I just, I can’t keep upping the stakes of my own life just to survive. – You have to. – No! – Live. – Cut! – Live! – Cut! Disengage secondary access. – This is exactly the shit
we need to be broadcasting. Authenticity! (glass shatters) – Weren’t you supposed to feature that for another week? – Yeah. – Okay. Maybe we should take a break. See other people. – Okay. – Could be good for our channels. – Sure. – Do you want to go back and maybe we can try to rehash this? I mean, I think it’s really, really good. Seriously. We could find something else to break. – Live. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “LIVE” | A DUST Exclusive Premiere

  1. A grim visage of things to come. Acting and storyline is spot on. From 1 to 10 I give it an 8. ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Sweet, A good Ole slap in the face with reality/AI living to its fullest… Game on friends… that is all it is.. how many lives do you think you have?

  3. So, "human drama" ius the only thing left "that real people do better than AI"? If that IS all that's left, send the E.L.E. our way now! (We wouldn't want the extraterrestrials to

  4. Sadly I think some reality/social media wacks are already at this point. I hope this isn't what the future holds.

  5. I was less than impressed with the preview for this film, and expected it to be something superficial.

    I was wrong.

    The future depicted in "LIVE" is created in the classic sci-fi style: taking the current reality, and amping up aspects of it into something new. In this world, there are no holds barred when it comes to monetizing–everything is fair game. This world is both sufficiently familiar–and sufficiently exotic–to keep our interest engaged for the central core of the story:

    The impact of this "always live, always earning" lifestyle on our protagonist.

    And it is here, through her cuts and bruises, that we see the cracks in her facade, and feel her desperation as she tries to keep her fans engaged. To be sure, nothing explored here is completely detached from our current reality–one need only be an occasional YouTube viewer to realize that those who make their living in this space probably find "LIVE" is a bit to on-the-nose to be entertaining–but that is often what good sci-fi is about: using the future to help us make sense of our present.

    And "LIVE" does this, wonderfully.

  6. And just like that, media drives OUR lives and insists we do THEIR bidding if WE want OUR lives to have "Meaning?"

    I'm NOT doing it and I'm NOT going to do what EVERYBODY else is doing just to fit in.
    That flying machine at the beginning is called a "drone" but with all the "technology" of today it is WE that have become…..


    Think about it.
    Do you want to conform because you cannot endure critical thinking or act autonomously or will you let others dictate your life?!?

    THINK about it!
    It isn't too late…Or IS it?!?

  7. We want to give a massive shout-out to Taryn O'Neill, who not only stars in the film, but wrote, directed, and produced it as well. She's been responding to comments, so ask any questions or simply say hi ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. So, I'm not sure whether that last look was her deciding to rehash the fight for views or her deciding to kick his ass on camera… I wouldn't blame her for either. I will say that this short is way too fucking real.

  9. That was great. About the best short I have seen in several years. Well written and acted. A little prophetic to. My kids want to be Youtubers. But this is likely to be what they get instead.

  10. Quite brilliant. Funny and dark. An interesting look at the phenomenon of "streamer/vlogger celebrity" and the mindset it takes and creates. Good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. This was really well done..I have watched 2 hour films and cared less about "What Happens Next" to the characters involved in them than I do now after 12 mins of this…Hoping for some continuation (Yeah, I know it won't happen but it never hurts to ask):)

  12. Taryn, great work!
    A scary peek into a potential corner in the near future of our pop-cultural society.
    You got it spot on.

    And as a side note…. I love how you deliver entire paragraphic soliloquys with those eyes alone!

  13. Unfortunately, this is not the future, it is what happens today, reality surpasses fiction, you just have to watch Paul Brothers' channels to realize how false everything is! living following an algorithm… sad.

  14. Ok. I LOVE this short. It has a Black "Mirrorish" type feel too it. The cinematography was on point as was the acting. So kudos there. The sad part is this is probably what life will in not too far future. You've hit the nail on the head with the AI. While Americans worry about immigrants stealing their job, it will be AI that makes a lot of jobs obsolete. Our government (Democrats and Republicans) know this yet they'd rather focus the attention elsewhere because they know there's no stopping the tech. It's either keep up or be left behind and the US will not let itself be left behind by anyone. Anyway, great short. I'd love to see more from Taryn O'Neill.

  15. That was pure gold, great acting and very captivating, sadly itโ€™s way too current in almost every way, people have lost their souls.

  16. Very well done. With her going live, it also reminds me of the face we show to the world, or post on social media. It's a shinier version of ourselves. I thought there was quite a lot of depth to this short film; excellent job!

  17. Taryn – That was some intense stuff. You are The One Who Wears Many Hats. Congratulations on a fantastic job! Kudos to Tyler and everyone else, as well! Take this as you will, but you remind me of Sigourney Weaver (I hope you're a fan), not just physically, but emotively. You approach her level of intensity, which is hard to do without looking forced and resulting in bad acting. Hope we see and hear more of you.
    All the best!

  18. I want to post a comment. Actually, it's my fourth comment I want to leave, tho three I have already discarded because:
    1) This movie looks good.
    2) Is freaking realistic.
    3) It is short, so it's packed with thoughts.

    And so far anything I wanted to say was worse than I wanted my response to be. I got no proper words; if I could give Taryn a hug, I'd do it immediately: you need to be an artist to know where to look at and where to look from. And when. Only then you can show others what you saw.

    Thank you, Taryn! We're DUST tonight, again!

  19. It makes me glad I'm not in the social media bubble. As I see it, the continuing march of job-stealing automation is only going to lead to poverty for those of us who society already has no use for.

  20. I'll be back online to answer more questions at 2pm PST. Thanks for all the awesome comments, DUST fans are the best!

  21. It will be scary how fast it gets to this, where youtubing goes to 'Live' in real time. But this was a thought provoking look at the "life" that will be.

    Well done, and well acted, and must give props to Taryn for making this happen..her co-star as well. Worst part? I wanted to see what she was going to do after she said "live' at the end!

  22. The sick thing is, this already looks like YouTube's sopping bum hole, err I mean recommended list. It's just as vapid, vacuous and inconsequential, just without the fighting.

  23. This was one of the best videos I've seen on Dust. I loved it. Excellent work by the writer, the director, and the actors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Acting not bad, production work excellent. Story/Script Puke. Ill sum the story "Waaa its not my fault I have to act in this manner". What a joke. Agency look it up. Some people will always be looking to blame someone or something else for their behaviour and or their situation.

  25. Awesome! Is it our alternative future? I do not want it. But this short film is awesome! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  26. there were 2 female fighters in the ring โ€ฆ but by opting to chose the white female as protagonist the story obviously became a cliched, boring linear sappy melodrama with a few vfx overlays thrown in โ€ฆ
    fyi, mary kom a female champion boxer had many kids incl a pair of twins, then came back in the ring to successfully reclaim her titles!
    not all women seek glorification of victimhood, spl.y beyond the influence of toxic white chick feminism!

  27. She was an excellent actress. Kudos for finding and using her in this piece. I like this vid to, but she made me stay. Good job.

  28. I really enjoyed the execution Taryn but this didn't go quite far enough at the very end and so I believe it missed the mark slightly. We probably won't ever have to "rehash" anything ever once surveillance and AI reach this level of advancement. It's responsiveness to human voice and gestures will necessitate that it is always listening and watching, never offline itself, and so you would simply instruct the AI to preceed the next broadcast with that segment you have changed your mind about. By the time this is all possible, we will never lose a recorded image, word or moment for as long as the AI exists.

  29. ๐Ÿ”ต Lady Taryn, I think you are an extremely
    credible and relevant actress/writer that should be performing/producing a regular Sci-Fi series that befits your gift.
    At a time when SO many Sci-Fi actresses are just SO much less than believable, I would love to see you in their place! I think you have an amazing and palpable presence. Even when you were 'Acting' as if you were acting, my immersion was complete,… there wasn't a moment that stretched your credibility in my eyes, and I can't count the times that I have been told by WAY too many that I am WAY too critical a viewer of these types of videos, and it is quite rare for me to not have ANY criticisms at-ALL about a production such as this.
    Good luck lady, you deserve it!…I will become a dedicated follower of your work, it is just SO Right!…Keep doing what you're doing JUST the way you're doing it!… Thank you!

  30. OK… it's official… I'm crushing hard for Taryn O'Neill…. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players…" -William Shakespeare

  31. hmm… how long before this becomes our reality. Sadly it is not an "if" now, it will be so in the very very near future

  32. Great short here. Basically tells the future and by future I mean within 5 years after quantum computing is serious.

  33. Great role-playing Taryn. Well done storyline of trying to establish yourself in a world asking for too much of you and the result of trying for too long in a media world looking for the 20 somethings that look like teenagers.

  34. I LOVED the final line. Came away from the short like "oh she found another bottle to break" but then maybe "oh she's gonna break his heart" but then maybe "oh she's gonna break his ARM" but maybe also "OHHH she's gonna break viewing records!" Every interpretation is a brand new take on where the story could go. Brilliant.

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