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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Life Begins at Rewirement” presented by DUST

  1. Can someone tell me why chinese culture saturates sci fi as the biggest superpower? This has been the case since i was a kid.

  2. The Citroën CX (1974-1991) was surely an advanced technology car in the 70s years. Hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension system mounted on sub-frames to isolate the body from road imperfections, variable power steering, pod-mounted controls, low aerodynamic coefficient of drag…
    but seeing it in a story that pretends to happen in a time more than half century after the production of that car has been terminated, it's quite surprising.

  3. Did no one else get from this that HE is the one who is dead? The origami he retrieved from the car DEMATERIALIZED in the empty room at the end. He was living HIS memories.

  4. made me cry too. how horrible for your mind/consciousness to be uploaded to a computer- don't know about you, but I want my soul to be free and not trapped here

  5. Shouldnot live unnecessarily beyond certain age. Death and ageing should be allowed to take its natural course. Much easier to deal with it the normal way.

  6. This premise assumes someone would WANT to relive their life. I don't want to live my life noW. Why would I for an indefinite time?
    Good video guys


  8. Buddha said attachment is the cause of misery. Death is merciful, especially when old age or bad illness comes. Why keep these kinds of attachment. I don't even keep ash in the jar anywhere in the house. When it is time to go, it is time to go.

  9. Is it weird that I instantly recognized the actor playing the company representative @9:30 as the one who also played the egotistical teacher that Lois destroyed in Malcolm in the Middle?

  10. This made me cry so much my grandma raised me and as she's getting older and more fragile I'm finding myself trying to hold tighter. I'm trying to remember all her recipes so I can always remember her cooking.

  11. I'm bawling my eyes out. I would NEVER do this to my mother or father. This makes me so angry at her son for doing this to his mother. He forgot she is human and wants to die. Watching the shine disappear from her eyes broke my heart.

  12. People should have enough respect to kill their parents nicely when the time comes. She said to kill her and he should have carried out his parents command. Piss-weak bastard.

  13. I couldnt do that to my mom. I would take care of her and she will be in her house where she's happy not at a nursing home.

  14. I’m supposed to be tough, yet I’m in tears about the thoughts of my mother. I want her to be happy, but I would never do this.

  15. If this video invoked an emotional feeling… the goal was to invoke a more personal aspect to your personal lives! Please care for your mothers and fathers!

  16. To be fair, to everyone calling this cruel or worse than death just remembered as mentioned in the video; It's only temporary while science works to bring their consciousness back to reality. She isn't stuck in her memories forever, just until they fix what should be an easy step ahead of downloading human consciousness.

    The perfect replays of your most cherished memories are only there to keep you entertained for the time being.

  17. I’m no one important but I am a big critic when it comes to acting I don’t know who dust is 🤷🏿‍♂️ but give it to me over that Hollywood any day
    Good job, I know I can’t give you an Oscar or a Tony ,but you keep making short films like this and others I saw you have me and my respect ✊💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯nice job guys

  18. the real twist is that Simon is probably inside the simulation and is experiencing the memories he has or when he brought his mom here to the simulation. can he prove he is not in it? can you prove you are not in it? when you think about it, this whole cycle of being born and creating potentially infinite experiences kind of loops back on itself which is weird :).

  19. We havnt long lost my uncle, my father's brother and my grandmother's beloved son……as my grandmother lent over to throw a rose on top of the coffin she uttered the words……

    I love you Darrel….I will never forget😢

    That part caught me off guard!

    I do not like the way this world is being changed with technology. I am an 80s child and I want to go back….I appreciated the simpler times and I miss them dearly. I don't know where this future is heading but it feels like we are in the precipice of huge change…astronomical change even!

    If your reading this I hope your day is a good day…..we have to keep trucking on🤓

  20. In 25 years of caring for seniors I saw elderly people often abandoned by adult children who could not or would not care for their parents. Just left them in care facilities until they died! Now I'm stuck in one myself!

  21. Making a duplicate is not transferring a continuous state of consciousness from one state to another. His mom's dead, her digital clone was just born.

  22. Can I just mention: Simon is played by the dadgum 2nd hand to the cult leader in LORD OF ILLUSIONS?!?!
    All hail Clive Barker!!!

  23. Twist should be that the son is actually the one in the simulation reliving the same basic package memory where he sent his dear mom to a nursing home. A memory he regrets for the rest of his life.

  24. He couldnt even say goodbye to her. Whats left is a computer generated reflection of her now. he made a choice to not care for her and let a company do it for him.

  25. Heart wrenching, absolutely loved this, well acted and a very frightening viable outlook to the near future. Must see.

  26. WTF he just took her to a place to legally Kill her !?! All because he didnt want to deal with diapers ,,, ungrateful prick !!!

  27. I did like the flick, but I'm 58 and lost my mom 2 years ago, I cared for her the last few years and I'd do it all again, I wish I could have her back, but not like that…pretty sad story I'm all teared up just thinking of it…

  28. Beautiful movie, this is what it comes down to when you work, and work, and work. Missing out on the things you can spend the time with & achieve the most with what you have now. CONTROVERSIALLY id like to say…..why not repair her, put her back in her house where she was happy after stimulating the brain to repair and relocate the old memories.

  29. It may seem cool, But I wouldn't want this for me or my mom, it doesn't matter how bad our relationship it I still love my mom with my whole heart.

  30. So, if I ever develop a disease/virus/debilitating issue that makes me forget my loves ones/life I would prefer to be let loose in the woods to wonder where I will eventually starve and die. The end (: This was a great video though

  31. "Here's some cash, just get rid of everything" Damn, I've seen that way too many times in the USA. They just don't treat elderly right in that country.

  32. this could never work of-cores, the data memory would be there possibly but the soul and the real person would be long gone…and what you think is them would only be the duplicated memories but no the actual person you once knew, that person would be already dead and gone and this would only be memory data on a computer…..even tho it would think its still alive since ts data memory captures and its thinking its alive but its only data memory.

  33. ..they aught to create for us oldies, the gift of looking younger, through putting something into our brain. that would help

  34. I thought they was gonna be be some MAD twist of Fate for him. Or it was some letter, to say she'd sold all assets and left them to the ROBONANNY!

  35. Never me.
    don't want to live in a artificial world.
    am human, not a robot.
    That is not living.
    just let me go.
    I've lived my life.
    this is nothing but a fraud & scam.

  36. I do hope this science fiction doesn't become science fact. Stuck in a mainframe somewhere having been cajoled into buying a premiuim (or indeed even the basic) package by some organisation driven by profit.

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