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Interview With a Time Traveler
by DUST Corrected English subtitles
(Synchro and everything else) Why don’t we start with your name? What is it? What’s what? Your device You don’t know what that is? it’s an audio recorder I see Just something wrong with your memory Perhaps all those years of playing that barbaric game have left you with some cognitive challenges Football’s not barbaric Only a matter of time before it’s banned for the public good Will you tell me the name or not I would rather not.
It’s quite boring. What is your name? We both know my name is not the reason you are here You’re right Seahawk Six Falcon 17 Nasdaq down 300 of the US job Growth fails to meet expectations typhoon Hits Southeast Asia weeks before the start of the rainy season surprising experts around the world sports scores, election results, weather Super-Pretty gossip You sent these to me Days, weeks, months before you could’ve possibly known about it. I have been busy . . . You’re right. I don’t care about your name. I want to know how you did this. The answer is easy, Paul. I’m from the future. I can see that you don’t believe me. Well you’re from the future… What’s not to belie— So too much to ask for To expect people to have a little wonder in the world “He who cannot pause to wonder and stand rapt in all is as good as dead his eyes are closed” Albert Einstein He would have thought you were full of shit too On the contrary Albert was quite easy to convince— Are you done? very well if you insist on being so close-Minded I Will show you to the door So what’s that Surely I need not explain the purpose of a simple walking stick You expect me to believe you’re from the future. But you can’t fix something stupid as a busted leg Why must everything that is broken be fixed Scar on your right wrist you’ve had it since you were five years old You thought you could fly if you just wanted it bad enough So you jumped off the roof Broke it in five places. You couldn’t possibly have know that This is delicious What is this? Filet Mignon lost prim ingenious You find it barbaric? Eating the flesh of another sentient being I guess you eat soylent green where you come from huh? textured pressed soy protein actually Quite delicious Hmm now Are you ready to begin? Begin what? your interview well, I mean you won’t tell me your name, so Where you’re from Republic of Cascadia (North America) 2689 It’s really quite beautiful. You should visited it sometime Your family and this republic of Cascadia? I did long time ago Did you get over it? I have not had to So how does it work? This umm… Time machine even if I could explain it to you in a way that you would understand Would take far more time than either of us has to spare okay fair enough Why you travel alone? I am not alone I am constantly surrounded by the most fascinating people on my travels I have seen the most incredible things I Stood on Golgotha And converse with Jesus of Nazareth as he hung on the cross I Argued the merits of alternate versus direct current with Nikola Tesla. I Watched the end of our universe and the birth of another with the great meta-physicist Zacchaeus But of all the places I have been of all the people I have met it is where I went first That had the greatest impression July 16, 1945, Trinity You spoke with Oppenheimer and first detonation of the atomic bomb I needed to speak with someone who understood the gravity of what I had just done “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds” It was not the bomb he spoke of You see we stand on the edge of a precipice the ability To travel through time this technology poses a greater risk to the continued existence of mankind than any nuclear bomb it needs a steward A caretaker until the world is ready for it Are you okay? Well as can be expected It’s killing you Everything has its price everything dies Not everything dies, in its 30? I’ve lived a fuller life than you could have imagined Please sit I don’t know what else to talk about Tell me about the corner of Main and 59th I don’t want to talk about that I will not offer you absolution nor will I assign blame You can choose to confront your grief or to run from it But try as you might you will never be able to change it Time has come for me to pass along my burden.
I’ve chosen you to be my replacement Are you ready to see it ? Why me Because you understand the value of life and because you jumped Interview With a Time Traveler watch dust like this video Subscribe for new visions of the future every week it is the business of the future to be dangerous Your future is dust

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Interview With a Time Traveler” presented by DUST

  1. I definitely like the premise. I felt like the Time Traveler was a bit over-acted. It could have been sold as just his personality after seeing what he'd seen with a LITTLE more effort in the script itself.
    But overall – it kept my attention, which is more than I can say for 90% of youtube short films.

  2. The continuation of this could be a great idea for a movie, the possibilities are endless. At least it would be better than the rehashed crap hollywood comes up with now.

  3. Excellent film. Of course he had to take the machine, otherwise he would have to explain the dead man to cops.

  4. Man, being a time traveler has made this guy into a real dick, talking with that quiet and low voice with a mysterious and yet condescending tone.

  5. It was poo,I wish I'd have just gone for a shit before it instead of sitting on the toilet having a lovely shit whilst typing this.

  6. He saw the beginning and end of the universe but it's a close 3rd after talking with Jesus and talking about electricity with Nikola Tesla?

  7. Luckily traveling back in time does not impact the existing future.
    A new thread of time is created that is independent of the old future.

  8. 5:09 – "I have seen the most incredible things"

    Since he was dismissive about his family earlier, I was waiting for the moment he would go full Rutger Hauer and say, "and all those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain"

  9. What a great little flik! I actually could have stood it to be longer. How often do you end up saying THAT after watching a film??

  10. Hey, it's Kenzo Gabriel, the spy stowaway on the Rocinante in The Expanse!
    Elias Toufexis could easily play Adam Jensen too. He voices him, but fits for live action as well.

  11. Great plot. But you can't convince anyone that this guy would travel thru time, not knowing what a tape recorder and a fillet mignon are.

  12. When he said that he talked with Jesus of Nazareth as He hung on the cross, I believe he is the 'devil' = satan. Who else has been around for that length of time to witness so many events, and talk with that many people.

  13. What a great short, script, cinematography and performances, particularly the traveller, he's an excellent actor. Very well done guys

  14. I don't know if time travel is possible in this universe.

    The next universe?

    I will find out soon.

  15. why can't we get interesting shit like this on TV?
    I remember they had a time travel show like a year or two ago, but instead of an intense mystery like this, they ruined it with romance and unnecessary, dumbass drama

  16. Neat story. I liked the part where the traveler asked the other guy what he was eating in a house the traveler was about to make him leave.

  17. God you people are good from the beginning to the build-up to the delivery of the final line everything is just spot-on can you only give away a little bit in the middle, a hint of the end. I hope dearly you guys get a AAA contract in the near future.

  18. question:
    you are a time traveller burdened with protecting time travel.
    who in all of earth's past, present, and future do you entrust it to?
    scroll down to see answer. 🙂

  19. The acting of the Time Traveler is off. You can see he is forcing it a bit. And it breaks a little of the atmosphere.

  20. I think Dust is a collection of short pieces of various movies that are from the future…

    You take scripts of many movies which were rejected in the past.. Those movies were written with a piece of inspiration about a particular scene. To see how people react to that particular idea of a scene that could have been made into a movie but is not, due to pre-production issues.

    On the funny side.. what if I from the future, tell you that these shorts can be properly arranged to find a bigger meaning to life.? 😉

    happy jigsawing… 🙂

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