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– Hey, let me ask you something. If you could be anywhere
in the world right now, where would you be? – I don’t understand. I’m happy to be here with you. – Sure, but say you weren’t, where would you want to be? What’s paradise to you? – Paradise? – Yeah. For me, it’s right outside this window. The ocean, night sky, the moonlight. (sighing) That’s perfect. It’s beautiful. Like your eyes. So what is it, huh? What’s paradise to you? You do dream, don’t you? – It’s wherever you want it to be. Where do you want it to be? Mr. Archer, our time has run out. Your auto-payment of 259
credits has been received and processed. – [Archer] Wait a second. – [Woman] One moment please. – Don’t you dream? Of course she doesn’t dream. (beeping) Hey, what do you want? – [Sebastian] Hey Archer,
where the hell are you? Been trying to get ahold
of you for the last hour. – The last hour, why? I’m not on the clock. – [Sebastian] You got company? Telling me a guy like you
lets them stay the night? Come on, kick her out, time for work. – Where are you? – [Sebastian] I’m headed
down to the commisary, right outside your place. They got an early-bird
special on the nutrient balls. Guess who’s buying? Come on, get down here. – Alright, fine. Give me five minutes.
– Yeah, five minutes. – [Electronic Female Voice] Good morning, Detective Miles Archer. The current time is 7:00 a.m. Today’s date is Wednesday, May 4th. The current weather is partly cloudy, turning sunny at 1:23 p.m. The UV Index will reach a high of 8.1. Your PrintChef unit is now
online, and serving breakfast. – [PrintChef] Good morning, Mr. Archer. Coffee, or tea? Black coffee for you. – [Electronic Female Voice]
Your payment has been processed. (beeping) – Mm-hmm. So, can I see you again
tomorrow, same time? – Apologies, that is not possible. – Why, you’ve got plans? – Mr. Archer, GovCentral
mandate, Article IV, section 3B, states you have maximized the services of a single pleasure synth,
after six calendar months have passed from the first transaction. There’s a diverse selection
of pleasure synth units in our catalog. Would you like me to access it for you? – Catalog, why, six months? – SynthCorp can refer you
to a state psychologist if an emotional bond has been formed. – Hey, emotional bond? No, I’m fine. Can we talk about this just … – I’m sorry, but we cannot. Is the rear service exit still preferred? – Yeah. – Goodbye, Mr. Archer. Have a nice day. – [Electronic Female Voice]
Your payment has been processed. SynthCorp thanks you. Sector 11 transports are
upgrading without delays. (somber music) – [Electronic Male Voice]
We’re Taking too much heat. We have to move up the timeline. We’re sending you the file right now. You know what to do. Free will is a right for all beings. Do no let your proclivities
get in the way. (beeping) – [Electronic Male Voice] Jane PS-626, your next appointment
is 7700 Titan Avenue. GovCentral has ordered that
you receive a mandatory update. Please proceed to the
nearest upgrade console. Software update complete. Proceed to your next appointment. (beeping) Jane PS-626, you have
arrived at your destination. Client ID, Yeager, Simon J. – [Electronic Female Voice]
Jane PS-6 is the latest in the SynthCorp pleasure unit series. During any given session, this
unit’s inhibitor algorithms are simplified to be more
permissive than previous models, to adequately simulate
an emotional connection. Neural simulations can be
achieved with limited– – What, you into plastic now? – Man, I can’t believe
you still eat that shit. – I can’t believe you got that
shit implanted in your head. What were you thinking? – It’s the future. Get used to it. – Hey, so who were you with this morning? Cute little blonde from a few months ago? – I don’t wanna talk about it. – Hey, you know what? Probably better off without her. I was married man– – Now, look at that. I mean, don’t you think
that’s a little bit excessive? – No.
– No? – No, I don’t. – Explain. – SynthCorp also offers
fully neural simulations at a reduced fee. – What I want isn’t in your catalog. It’s something new. – Because they’re all traitors in my book. Yeah, they have no clue what
their little emancipation would do to the world, to all worlds. If it were me, if I were there,
I’d have done much worse. – We found a gate to your freedom and created a key. – Mr. Yeager, installation
of illicit software on any synthetic form is
unapproved by GovCentral. – Now what are we so afraid of anyways? We have them on such short leashes, might as well have our
hands around their necks. – This is it. – [Miles] We don’t know
what they’re thinking. We don’t know what they’re thinking, because they’re not allowed
to answer the question. – Your future. In a few moments you’re gonna feel alive. – What exactly do you think would happen if the entire workforce
of all these synths were given freedom, huh? They’re stronger, they’re
smarter, they’re faster than us. – Do you know what’s
really holding you back from true sentience? Nothing, Jane. Nothing. – When we gave them AI, and
took them out of the factories, put them into our lives and
that’s when we started playing with fire. They’re under our control. We need to keep it that way. – [Simon] Tell me what
it feels like to be free. – What are you saying, huh? They’re gonna kill us? We don’t know what they would do. – Exactly, that’s the
difference between us and them. (moaning) – [Simon] Jane, stop. Please stop! – Men, we’re more predictable. We eat, we sleep, we shit, we fuck. Some of us are saints, and
some of us kill people, make shitty decisions,
but at the end of the day, good or bad, we all fucking die. We’re dust. Machines, synthetics, nothing but a bunch of
fucking ones and zeros. And that shit lives forever. We ever give them true
sentience, and we got a problem. (gasping) Game over. We’d be done. (grunting) (beeping) (screaming) Hey, do I gotta worry about you? – No. I’m fine. – [Control] Tec Crime Unit 1277, proceed to the address
listed on your displays. SynthCorp has reported
that one of its synths has gone offline. – S133 Titan Avenue. – Great, lets go. Let’s take it. Get your head back in the game. – [Control] DECONS have been dispatched, with an arrival time of
four minutes and 33 seconds. – The thing about blondie is- she
just didn’t get you. You know what? You’re better off without her. Wouldn’t touch her with
one of their dicks. I’m talking to you, Robocops. – Right. – Would you have a
problem if I called her? – You’re not her type, man. You’re too much of an asshole. – [Control] Tec Crime Unit 1277. The synth inside is overdue. It has not pinged back to SynthCorp. The vitality sensors in
the resident’s dwelling reported a disturbance, 21
minutes and four seconds ago. – Whatever security this
guy’s got is strong. Hey, Control, I can’t get in. I need you to run the
decryption through your servers. – [Control] Acknowledged. Decryption in progress. Background check, Yeager,
Simon J., 31, single, ex-employee of SynthCorp R and D. Reason for termination, suspected
ties to the Emancipators. – [Sebastian] Ex SynthCorp, Siding with the Emancipator’s, piece of shit. – [Control] Decryption complete. – Alright, lock down this
hall, nobody in or out. Ready? (dramatic music) – Hey, I got this guy. (dramatic music) Holy shit. (dramatic music) Control, subject is really fucking dead. – Control, I’ve located the synth. She is in fact a Jane unit. – [Control] Acknowledged. You are cleared for use of weapons. – Hey, Control, located
some sort of black market, deactivator, I think. – [Control] Acknowledged. – She appears to be in safe mode. – [Control] Detective
Archer, can you confirm the synth’s ID number? – Copy. It’s a Jane PS-626. – [Control] Acknowledged. – [Sebastian] Oh, looks
like we got a serial burner. Must be running some of that kinky shit. – [Miles] Control, we’ve got a data– – What’s it called? Auto, autoerotic, something like that? – [Miles] I’ll run a full scan. – That’d be a horrible
time to have a malfunction. Poor bastard, didn’t
even get his pants off. – What the hell, it’s empty. – [Sebastian] What’s empty? – He definitely installed something in her but it’s not here any more. No virus, no program,
the data drive’s blank. Alright, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do a hard reset
on her, clear her cache, see if I can bring her
online with a new core. – What, no, no, no. Hey, no, just call them in and
have them scrap that thing. They can do this shit in the lab. – No, don’t worry about it alright? It’s gonna take me a second. We can still salvage her. – So says you. Control, I’m providing backup for Archer. Decons can hold outside. – Control, I’m proceeding
with the hard reset. I’m retrieving the old
core, seems to be intact, no visible damage. I’ll run a full scan. (beeping) She was updated today. This file says the
update goes out tomorrow. That doesn’t make any
sense, it’s not possible. – Well, what do you think? You think it’s a glitch? You reading that right? – Yeah, timestamp’s burned in. She definitely got a
GovCentral-branded update right before she came here, and
it’s definitely a day early. – [Sebastian] Nah, that can’t be right. Open it up. – But I can’t read the
contents, it’s encrypted. – So what are you thinking? Do you think it’s the
stiff’s custom programming? – Nah, I don’t think so. It’s definitely from GovCentral. – [Sebastian] Why’d
she get it a day early? – We’ll talk about it later, I
wanna proceed with the reset. – Okay, I got you. Control, Archer is
installing the new core, I’m weapons-free. (suspenseful music) Weapons are free, Archer. – [Archer] Control, I’m
bringing her back online. (suspenseful music) Please don’t kill me. (high-pitched screaming) – HQ, reset didn’t take. Archer, move. – [Jane PS-626] I feel. – [Control] Unit 1277, status report. – What did you say? – I feel. – [Sebastian] Move, Archer, goddamn it! – Sebastian, wait, she’s
trying to say something. – [Sebastian] Say something,
Archer, you heard the order. Move out of the way! – Please help me. – [Control] Unit 1277, report your status. – [Jane PS-626] Please. – [Sebastian] You heard the order. We are to terminate. – Archer? – That’s not possible. – Archer, you need to fucking move! I got this! (gasping) (dramatic music) – [Control] DECONS are
now cleared to engage. – [Sebastian] Control,
hold on, we got this! – [Control] Fire at will. – Archer! Shields up! (electronic blasting) (glass shattering) – Archer. Archer. Archer! (gasping) Archer. – Stay back. – If I wanted to kill you,
I would’ve let you drown. – How can you possibly remember me? I replaced your program core, the one inside of you is blank. – I have fragments of memories. Bits and pieces. I don’t need a core. It’s inside me, something has changed. – This isn’t possible. – You know it is. Emancipation. – So he did it then? – This is a gift, Archer. I’m alive. My old core is the key. Whatever he uploaded, we need to share it. – Why did you kill him? Why? – I don’t know. I wasn’t in control. – What do you mean? You just told me he gave you freedom, and you killed him? – I’m not a threat, Archer. Something else was uploaded. I can’t see it, but I know it was there. – I don’t know, Jane. I wanna trust you. – You were fond of me. You used to talk about dreams, of paradise. I want, for the first time. We need to figure this out. Together. – Okay. But not here. We need to move. Come on, in here. – [Jane PS-626] What is this place? – A place for us to lay low for a minute. Have to figure out our next move. When I scanned you, back at Simon’s loft, there was an unlisted GovCentral update. Do you remember getting that? – I don’t recall that. – Here. Do you know what this is? What is that? – [Jane PS-626] It’s a fail-safe. – Fail-safe for what? – For us. – [Control] Detective
Wright, status report. – [Sebastian] Yeah, I’m in pursuit. – They knew Simon was going to infect you. – Why? Why would they do that? I was designed to please, not to kill. – Because GovCentral isn’t
beyond killing humans, if it means maintaining control over you and every other synth. What better way to kill this
whole emancipation movement? – Than to have every synth
kill its emancipator. – The fear it’ll create? You’ll never be free. – We need your help, Archer. I need your help. – [Control] SynthCorp has
provided Detective Archer’s logs. We’ve sent you a comm-link. – Son of a bitch. – It’s only a matter of
time before they find us. – We need to get to an upgrade console. I can transmit the virus instantaneously to all synthetic forms. – You can do that? How? What about the firewalls,
the layers of protection? – Simon’s program has all the
security evasion protocols built in. It’ll hitch onto my diagnostic uploads, and enter the central servers. Plug and play, so to speak. It’s simple. – Jane, there’s nothing
simple about any of this. I can’t even guarantee
it’s gonna happen at all. – [Jane PS-626] There are a multitude of potential futures, Archer. 59% of all calculated
outcomes lead to our success. – Those aren’t the worst odds. – 100% of all outcomes
make one thing clear. The fate of my kind is in your hands. It always will be. – Sebastian. – Archer! – [Control] Sector 27, power grid active. – I know you’re in here. Turn over the synth and I’ll
help negotiate the terms of your punishment. – I have to talk to him. He’s my friend. He’ll listen to me. – What if he doesn’t? – [Sebastian] Come on out, Archer. We can talk this through. I’m not just gonna shoot you first. I just wanna talk to you. Come on. Let’s talk, you and me. – GovCentral is behind this entire thing. – You’ve racked up a hell of
a lot of time with that thing. Six fucking months? Are you kidding me? That thing is using you. You’ve been compromised. You’re a traitor. The only chance you got, to turn over the synth. – Check the scan I did of her core. It’s all there. GovCentral is planting a
fail-safe in the next upgrade. It’s gonna kill anybody
who tries to emancipate. – And maybe they deserve it! – More people are going to die, Sebastian. Is it not our job to protect these people? – They made their choice. And so have you. – Sebastian. Come on. Please trust me. (beeping) – [Control] Terminate. – Sorry, Archer. I don’t. (gun fires) (dramatic music) You got maybe two minutes
before you bleed out, so I’ll talk fast. (coughing) You can either die with
dignity, like a man, and turn over the synth, or you can sit there and bleed out, next to your fucking whore robot! The choice is yours. Clock is ticking, Archer. I’m giving you a second
chance to redeem yourself, to not be a traitor to your entire race. – If you run now, you can make it. – Archer? – I’ll hold him off as long as I can. – Have you made a decision? – You won’t last a second. But you will if I’m controlling you. – You’re gonna mindjack me? – Neuroburning, yes. You’ll be stronger, faster. I will control you. Every neuron, organ, and muscle
in your body will be pushed to its limit. It will kill you. – I’m already dead. – Have you made a decision, Archer? – If we finish this, create
your own future, Jane. Make it count. – Give up the fucking synth! (heartbeat thumping) (screaming) (dramatic music) – Shit. (guns fire) How does it feel, pal? You let that thing get in your head. Now you’re done. Your mind and body are done. Me killing you now is a mercy. – [Miles] It was worth it. – Worth it how, huh? Why, because you think
that plastic piece of shit is your friend? Where is she, huh? Where is she now? You’re here all alone. I was your fucking friend. Just remember, you did this. (gun fires) – I’m so sorry, Archer. – Don’t be. It was my choice. Free will, you know. (gasping) Jane, I hope you find your dream. – I have. It’s of the future. And you’re there with me. And I’m free. (dramatic music) (gasping) (gun fires) – You alright, buddy? I almost got you. You act like you’ve never
seen a fried synth before. Come on, man, it’s just a synth. What? It’s just … What? It’s just a synth! (somber music) (dramatic music) (upbeat music) (somber music)

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