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Hi Timmy, good morning connected. Did you sleep well? acceptable Good You have one hour and 15 minutes to get to school Your mom is scheduled to finish making breakfast in 4 minutes and 15 seconds, I Advise changing your clothes and go into the kitchen any objections Breakfast is satisfactory Normal calorie intake Timmy you can proceed to the hallway. It is 73 degrees with two percent of chance of rain. I advise no coat So it will run for 50 minutes and totally the last class today will be social studies Also, don’t forget your birthday’s tomorrow I Scheduled some friends to connect in the afternoon Timmy are you listening to me? Timmi timmi I Strongly advise you not going there Breakfast is ready. Come grab a seat Morning good morning So your mother or not, I have a little surprise for you We’re gonna do something together What do you think any guesses Timmy your pulse increase significantly. I strongly advise you going back to school before you are late Transit completed excellent. How was school? Where’s dad in the living space Marriage proposal is this an acceptable request permission granted? Yes Tomorrow is a birth celebration. Some time together would be nice. Is this an acceptable request? I have no objections Wow, those are so rare here Why do we use connected Do not question connected connected is here for the benefit of all humans connected made humans equal gave humanity a world without crime war and hatred Humans were incapable of managing their time Emotions connected has made all humans family Understood Mrs. Thornton Timmy’s pulse is high His breathing is irregular and wetness of his eyes Increased by 35% I think that is enough finding reprimand terminated Appreciated don’t talk to me. I remember connected is family to me you’re upset Just stop would you like to go to the park with your parents? Also take a look down just below your feet to the right Your parents made you a birthday cake Surprise Proceed to the living room for cake dispersal Where are the candles Sorry Timmy connected advised against them make a wish So are we going to the park Of course the plates and cake must be tidied up beforehand Ready where’s dad connecting in the living space Timmy what are you doing dad? Could we please go to a park a real Park Timmy please calm… why don’t you just answer me Timmy what’s wrong? Didn’t you like the park? I can organize something that you will like more for tomorrow? To me. What are you doing? You may be considered missing and subject Where have you been you scared us half to death Never dare to disconnect again I won’t stay connected. Listen to me! Stop it. Okay? Stop it! Please turn it off for one afternoon

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Connected” DUST presents USC Student Film Week

  1. So ,,,, this is the life that the millenial generation aspire to ? ultra 'connected' ? sad beyond belief

  2. Dust makes 3 kinds of films:

    1) a complete short film.
    2) a series of events that seems like they just pulled an incomplete clip out from a film.
    3} random nonsense as an artsy fartsy collage apparently intending to be thought provoking but failing.

    This was a #1

  3. Wow. Good insight into a future of possible AI. SCARY. Even as things are today I long for simpler times like I grew up in.

  4. Good warning. The Mark of the Beast is still coming, just a lot more slowly / gradually, but inexorably. There has to be a limit to technology. We went too far when our cell phones went digital. (The old analog cell phones could get reception anywhere but couldn't be traced.)

  5. I had a similar problem like Timmy where my family was addicted to their phones, so much that they'd text me from the other room instead of just talking to me. I moved out on my own to the countryside, started a homestead, photographed nature and went camping often, they thought I was crazy to just up and leave to some place that's a dead-zone unless I go into the city. Eight years later, my family visits me whenever they want to disconnect. They're thinking of moving into a place just down the road from me. :]

  6. So who and what is he peeking at thru the hole? Another reality? If its inside someone's home w no connect how do they have grass?

  7. It like the movie equilibrium but with out the emotion suppression drugs, humans could and would never live like this if they had a choice

  8. Why doesn’t Timmy try to meet the people who are in the theater? They might be interesting to talk with!

  9. Lol connected advised against putting candles on a cake but is okay with putting a feather from the street in it?

  10. This is so true people are always in their own thoughts using devices at school, breaks, social gatherings, bus, walking, home heck even in the toilet. No one has time for each other anymore we can literally be in the same room and we’ll only exchange a few words. When I was younger(14 now) I used to talk with my family and go out but ever since I got my own phone I’ve noticed I stopped talking to them much. Last year I stopped taking my phone out at lunch and really started talking to my friends. I’ve noticed that majority of the kids at school aren’t event talking to their friends and if they were they most likely have a device in their hand. Yesterday at home I was sitting down on the couch with my siblings watching a video I was so engrossed in what I was watching I forgot they were even there. So I put my phone down to talk to them but decide not to because they were on their phones. We were literally all sitting together but we didn’t really speak much not like how we used to before we got our phones. That night I even went to see what my parents were up to and even they were on devices. The only people in my house that don’t have phones are my younger siblings and I’m trying to spend a lot of time with them before they get their own phones and start drifting away. This is actually really sad. I’m trying to use my phone at least moderately but it’s really hard when everyone’s using it. If you’ve read this far I want you to actually stop and look around for once to see how big this problem is. It makes me really sad I really want to stop using my phone but I can’t even go without it for longer than 30 mins but I am trying to stop. Any way enough of my talk, have a good day.

  11. This wouldn’t work if connected didn’t control thoughts. Anyway I would be fine with a world with connected. Boring life >> life with horrendous things happening.

  12. Sad existence but possible future the way we are going now! So talk to your fellow humans while you can right now!

  13. This is a pretty accurate depiction of how I see the fate of our society… those stupid glowing squares that no child nowadays can stop staring at.

  14. I would actually buy something like this but without these functions that ruin the family value like in this short film

  15. Watching this today is like watching Star Trek "technology" in the '60s. We thought all those gizmos were so unfathomable, but today we've surpassed the wildest dreams of those "gizmos". What will it be 40 years from now?

  16. Something about this gives off a tragic and depressing tone. And the familliar design of the watches gives off a haunting vibe.

  17. Yeargh, I'm so sorry but the mic pop when the virtual assistant began forcefully repeating his name (around 1:45) just killed the illusion for me. Okay, continuing to watch now…

  18. This is an Apple wet dream. Everything will be perfect as long as you stay in our walled garden. Apple iLife. What a great commentary on them.

  19. I sense a disruption in the force! The shape of things to come; we're just starting down this path with the likes of Alexa and Siri,

  20. Well, obviously his parents were worried about him. His mother could not control her anger and shouts at him, it proves they still possess common feelings, just not showing them.

  21. This highlights the need for opposition in all things. Timmy never experienced true joy like he saw in the theater, but that also lead him to experience true pain like never before. This reminds me that every trial or hardship and every one of my down lows increases my capacity for true joy.

  22. I doubt that the voice of Connected, that Timmy hears, would have a gay lisp. Not hating on gay people so don't spew anger. Just reality

  23. That actually showing that the gadgets we are using even now for being connected to othrs is actually diconnecting us
    The sad reality

  24. Ha! One bite of the cake and Connected would say, "Daily calorie intake exceeded by 300% Recommend no meals for two and a half days." There are A LOT of people now who would benefit from this kind of monitor.

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