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-Good morning Rachel
-Good morning Peter -You sleep alright? -Great -I was just having a look at your
wearable and it appears your galvanic skin response was active last night.
Stress level’s a little high- nightmares? -No. Must have been a malfunction -Maybe we should do another colon cleanse Get rid of some of those anxiety inducing
microorganisms -I’m feeling um refreshed actually The body pillow you got me has
helped a lot. It’s relieved the pressure so thank you. You’re a lifesaver Peter
thank you -Glad to help Rachel Let’s hold off on the cleanse, try some relaxing
music before bed to calm the nerves Nothing is worse for your little man than a
mother’s anxiety -What’s it like out today? -68 with a slight chance of showers later this
afternoon Let’s get the day started. -Exhale around your back as you tuck your
chin toward your chest Inhale and gently arch your back downward and look up at the sky Your respiratory rate is great Rachel Now take a nice deep breath in
hold it one two three Expanding the uterus and exhale three
two one -I was thinking maybe we could try a silent meditation today -No I don’t think so Rachel. We know where your mind can take you. -Just to change it up a bit?
I’m in a really good place -Well it looks like your systolic blood pressure levels
suggest otherwise Let’s continue the guided meditation, shall we? -Okay. You know best -Drop any discomfort, any
tension, down the cervix and into the earth. Three ounces of Brazil nuts Looks good And everyone’s favorite: four ounces of omega-3 fish oil -Actually um can we
skip a day it’s been making me feel kind of nauseous -A small sacrifice for your
little man’s brain development -Looks like we’re out -Not possible. Based off your
daily consumption you’re not up for a refill until next week. Four ounces of
omega-3 fish oil. Please. -Just skip one day. Right?
That can’t hurt. One day? -It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen -Yeah but how can a day hurt -Four ounces of
omega-3 fish oil please. -It’s just it’s just a day, right? I mean what’s the big
fucking deal it’s just it’s just a day. Please? -If you don’t comply I’ll have to
give you a nudge Rachel -Please it’s just one fucking day okay can we -You got me to help you optimize your
potential and achieve results A safe delivery and a healthy baby. Isn’t that right. Now please, four ounces of omega-3 fish oil There you go Rachel. That which does not
kill us makes us stronger You know what time it is? Time to get into the groove Up we go -I’m up. -I can see by your pedometer you’re
not. Don’t be such a downer. Get up -Okay -I said up
-Okay -Move those feet. Dance.
A little pain for big game -I don’t see how this helps -Those nudges do wonders for behavior
modification -That’s fucked up -C’mon. Move those feet We’re breaking nasty little habits, and retraining the brain for long-term success Release those endorphins, improve that mood, and shake out that stress Good Now I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something Rachel. Is this a good time? -Perfect time
-I did some more research on single mother households and my findings were alarming. Do you know raising a
child on your own increases the chances of alcoholism, mental illness,
and academic failure? -Turn the music up -A two-parent household creates
the most likely conditions for a child to thrive -Turn the music up -You need a partner. Steven Joyce. Single, employed, and according to a Facebook message he left you last July, still very much in love with you. I think it’s time you responded -No
-It’ll be exceptionally challenging to find you a partner given your current circumstance
-Fuck you -I had a look back at your texts, your
emails with Steven, Your breakup appears to have been rather amicable -No no no. We’re just not doing that -Aw it’s too bad. It looked like he
checked all the boxes You know what? Let’s move on I’m getting profiles for you set up on all major dating platforms -No you’re not
-I need a little info before I can publish What would you say are your top
five qualities in an ideal partner? -I’m not doing that
-Top five qualities Rachel -I’m not doing that, I’m not doing that -Answer the question -I’m not doing that -What do you look for in a man, Rachel? -No I’m not fucking doing that -Do I need to remind you why you’re
wearing the collar? I’d hate to have to call Child Protective Services again. Bouts of extreme aggression, listlessness, lethargy, depression. Another complaint, they may deem you unfit. Now if you wouldn’t mind setting me back up again, we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming Much better Let’s do some kegels, shall we?

100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Bad Peter” | A DUST Original (Uncensored Director’s Cut)

  1. I suspect that the "Shock Collar" might become an item in France or China to quell dissent, particularly in Paris or Xinjiang (East Turkistan). I would also not be surprised at all if a bunch of paid posters feel obligated to leave blistering attacks on this statement….because that is what they are paid to do (50 yuan)…..

  2. Pink Floyd saw this coming. We don't need no thought control. Now one can order big brother through Amazon.

  3. At the limit, there are Interesting right to life issues here. Once a woman is pregnant should we not do everything possible to maximize and optimize the childs well being? To do so, women would not like what that would entail and society would, most likely, not stand for it.

  4. Just another product of Big Brother where the state sees and controls all, If you have any doubts check out "social credit" in China and you will see it's soon to cover the whole country. If you think it will never happen in your country, think again as soon other governments will see it as a way to reward those who are good "citizens" and punish those who are not !

  5. With the credit music it brings to mind a cross between Twilight Zone, 2001 Space Odyssey, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

  6. AI assisted voluntary behaviour modification for irresposnible parents. This looks like her last chance to actually raise her baby herself. Change and remove bad habits, or face it being taken away by child protective services, since the mother is otherwise unfit to raise or support a child.

  7. Received a notification right when she got her first “nudge”. I just shit myself…….. no joke taking a frying pan to my 📱 X and tossing this bull shit ⌚️ in the 🚽

  8. this will be the new prison system in the very near future ! and health system for all bad habits , eating drinking and smoking drugs etc !

  9. Just watched 'FINAL OFFER' and 'STOWAWAY' is a film of one of the most iconic short sci fi storys ever written,I'm addicted and looking for more old short sci fi reworked by the DUST channel.keep it up as a old skool sci fi buff is a happy nerdy f&£@!stay frosty DUST!

  10. This made me think of the newest #philosophytube video… On the topic of laws that overlap with our bodily autonomy. It's the not too distant future… Today!

  11. Well acted and filmed, but, as far as the writing goes, seems sorely incomplete at the end. The story didn't go anywhere from where it started. I would've liked more and, eventually, something else to happen after that end that was hardly any real THE END. Hm, more like a bare, starting premise than a story, when it was over.

    Hmm, the premise reminds me a bit of Dean Koontz' Demon Seed , but a lot of different stuff happened between the beginning and end of that one. Well a good premise there in the video above, well acted and well filmed, but needs a story, see, which it doesn't really have.

  12. I HATE peter like holy crap if he was a real person I would be thinking of a million ways to put him in jail just jesus Christ. He was thinking he knew the BEST for her and he really, really doesn't. like I get that this is a short film and it's acting but, it's a very real and very modern problem with some house holds where the MALE thinks and KNOWS what is best when they don't know and they aren't the ones who should be in charge.

  13. Well kiddos, if you have never read/hear of "1984" bad news. This is the new hit "2044."
    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin
    (EDIT def. not a big Co.)

  14. "Now you will invite weiner over or I will abort your baby! I am no Liberal nor a Conservative. Fools!! I am the ACCUSER! your father, DOS devil' and you fools have been had. United you stood. Now divided ye fall! Mwaha haha! Nothing new under the sun."

    -the father of lies from the beginning.

  15. Nano DUST….works …is what they try to say. So get DUST. mind control. Via nano dust. Its now 2019. So by 2030 many will have dust.

  16. That was sooo f**king freaky!! "NO!" to Alexa, "NO!" to Google Assist! "NO!" to Cortana! NO! NO! NO! AHHHHHH!! 🤬

  17. I saw boobies on youtube 🙂 hahaha but seriously this story is super thought provoking and i cant help but think about this actually happening 🙁

  18. Wow, I can only imagine; I bet many women feel this way when bearing a child. Peter is our society, the woman is a normal mother.

  19. The most stupid idea for a video I have ever seen. It's not only unrealistic but also contrary to all common senses. Wasted 9:03 minutes of my life! Thumbs down!!!

  20. The title ruins it. I was waiting for Peter to turn on her, so no suspense.
    "Good Morning" might be a better title or the longer ""Good Morning, I hope you slept well"

  21. Child Protective Services, doing more harm than good? America was based on freedom and responsibility; not tyranny. Bye-bye, Bad Peter.

  22. I think a permit should be required to become pregnant.
    Having ovaries does not qualify you to be a mother.
    Financial, emotional and intellectual standards should be required to become pregnant.
    The treatment observed in this video would be fitting for the violators of that law.
    People that could not properly care for a dog, should not be allowed control of a human being, Such as the current laws allow.
    We are required to take a test in order to drive a vehicle on public roads. To prevent the incompetent from harming others. Yet any adult woman is allowed to parent a child regardless of her potential incompetence to do so in a manner that is safe and healthy for the child.
    C.P.S. is typically informed only after years and years and years of abuse has already been inflicted on a child.
    This could and should be prevented by requiring a woman to prove her competency before being allowed the responsibility.
    As a side effect of protecting children in this manner, the law would massively reduce the number of adults in prison. The number of adults suffering from mental illness. And welfare support to care for children that should not have been berthed to an incompetent woman in the first place.
    An incompetent woman becoming pregnant then a parent simply because she WANTED to is the equivalent of a man masturbating at a street corner because he WANTED to. Both are affecting society, not just themselves.
    Unfit parenting can and should be prevented for the good of society as a whole and the prevention of abuse for them that would suffer do too incompetent parenting!

  23. bad programming. obviously the stress of having to deal with a tyrannical AI and subsequent punishment, is worse than skipping a day of fish oil. -_-

  24. I swear, some the comments on these videos are way more disturbing to read than any of them are to watch. It's really fucked up how many people seem to have watched this and come away thinking "single mothers are the problem."

  25. "I can see your boobies!" … "Bad Peter" …"Peter is getting bigger!"…"BAD Peter"…."Here is Peter!"… "OOH PETER!!!"

  26. Undertones of AI addiction? Makes me wonder about the future price of letting toddlers using smartphones, as the parents push them in strollers. With current AI, we are getting addicted to smart cars, smart homes, and AI assistants.
    Apparently designed by people ignoring Asimov's three laws!

  27. Why not take the collar off you silly woman, do you like pain, I don`t think so!!! This film was weird to watch, but very different, and although I gave it a like, I don`t think I would watch any more similar films.

  28. The prisoner of the
    scientific computerized
    smart grid
    with punishment
    if behavioral paradigms
    aren't followed.
    Hillary world!
    Richard 🍀

    I wonder what happens
    to the child
    after she gives birth?

  29. If it called CPS, wouldn't she be able to show it was abusing her? Even with laws to make sure she obeyed and all, if it's forcing her to eat stuff that makes her sick, and also do things that cause her mental health to suffer, it would be decommissioned. I would hope.

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