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100 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “A Crimson Man” | Presented by DUST

  1. This is just so amazing. I haven't paid to see any movies in the theater since Get Out, but i would go see this.

  2. good child's fantasy…….but not good adult sci-fi….
    Ai is artificial…..not true emotions such as displayed here.

  3. The is AMAZING. What you guys are doing is MOVIE LEVEL POTENTIAL. I really want a sequel to "The crimson Man" Pleaaaase this is amazing.

  4. I am a guy and I almost never say this…It was BEAUTIFUL gave me some ptsd about my life ,but, that's OK, well done …THANK-YOU

  5. This was excellent! Atmosphere, character and set design, acting, cinematography, economy of storytelling. Just a wonderful and uplifting little piece that makes me wish it was a full ength movie. Nimble and original, it was obviously realized by artists, across the board! Thanks for a glimpse of the talent that's "out there." Gives one hope!

  6. Short films are great but as the name implies it's short , or should I say to short ,what I think can get this to work is 40 min blocks of a part of a story does continue till the end that can be hours long . Just like a daily sitcom.

  7. I get this awesome vibe from the setting, like Mediterranean area in the 1930s. Nice change from the usual steampunk worlds we get force fed all the time.
    Also, robot with ptsd is totally original.

  8. Not impressed with the mechanical man, the actors are mediocre except the boy, I give a 3.5 out of 10 rotten crotches

  9. I do want to believe that some robots can be human kind like this one is with even his personal doubts and i like watch it. As well as i can see men like robots sometimes and i hate them

  10. Waste of time, money and effort to come up with crap like this, that is so clichéd and semi-talented.

  11. This dialogue is eons better than anything Hollywood has done in my entire lifetime. Shit, I didn't know dialogue could actually develope characters. Please don't let Hollywood get their claws on your channels ideas and creativity.

  12. Finally a short with a real story! Not just CGI exercises and bad acting. You know you have seen a movie when you can explain the plot to your friends. mosto of Dust shorts don't mean nothing and don't tell nothing. Well done!

  13. One day we might have to rely on machines at least let's show them that we can be human! Or have we forgotten that too?!…

  14. A view of the future which is not far away. Robots are made in our image. Head, hands and legs. When they don,t look like us, that’s the time to worry.

  15. you crazy me with this dust film
    only 1 min it has spacial effect
    remain all waking a baby with a man with mask😂

  16. Whether Red was a puppet or a robot suit, the nonverbal acting was outstanding, whoever was controlling it's movements. Very subtle but wonderfully expressive.

  17. I have binge watched this and I am having that same feeling when I first found GOT, cnt wait to share this channel with my astronomy class

  18. There is only one negative in those videos , they are way too short ! Still they are so well made it counters back and gives you some good things to think of . Nice video , nice plot , even the kid was awesome at this young age ! Dust is the future it seems to me !

  19. The cartoon is generally super, like all "Sci-Fi Short Film"! But not for young children. Sci-Fi Short Film -You are GOOD! Waiting for your fantastic horror movies!Try animated films about good, without horror, like "CGI Animated Short Film HD" (although they have horror cartoons, not for children)! Or the company policy does not allow ??? Ukraine.

  20. This is not advertising. But, is it possible in your films and cartoons for children aged 6-8, as in "CGI Animated Short Film HD" ???I beg you for a granddaughter of 7 years! My granddaughter, try very hard to learn English. She wants to!I translate, of course, but not always, I, with her, on a PC and Android TV ….

  21. And, like, ba-simple cartoon, almost drama, 8 minutes, but ALL of my family – children, men and women, weptly cried ….://

  22. I really don't understand this mania to create plots about affection between humans and machines. Love is sacred and belongs to the soul. I believe in affection between men and crocodiles of even with fishes or whatever is kicking and living, but not in "responsibility" computer programs. This is the childish expectation that your teddy bear loves you back. Robots which are sorry, that didn't mean to and then shows itself as a psychopath:- what's that mean? answer me! – straight from their dialogs and my mind but from different contexts …

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