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(Father) “Emily we’re… we’re worried about you.” (Mother) “You doing okay, sweetie?” (Emily) “Yeah” [Ominous background noise slowly grows] [Sounds of rubble moving/falling as the house
floats] [Running footsteps on grass.]
[Emily Squeaks in fear] [Heavy breathing as Emily runs] [The Hounds footsteps join] [Background music changes to a low ringing sound slowly getting louder] [Emily yelps as she’s thrown from the ledge] [Younger Emily inhales] [Older Emily gasps as she wakes up] [Quiet wind in outside] [Emily exhales] [Emily gasps in shock] ‘I Know she’s scary.’ ‘I know she’s strange, but sometimes there’s a real comfort in seeing her.’ [Mystical music grows louder in the background]
{Song name – Orbital romance} [Music continues] [Emily exhales] [Emily hums once] [Very quiet creeking] ‘I Know she’s scary and strange with these terrible feelings.’ ‘I can turn them into something good.’ “She makes me feel like me.” [Music fades away]
[Wind softly blows in the background] (The Rat) “You aren’t, telling me everything ” (Emily) “hmm?” (The Rat) “What of the waking in the night.” [Piano background music] “Terrible dreams of childlike in helplessness fears for what was once safe and yours, becoming buckled and broken” “And ever wearing scars that the darkness looming over your shoulder refuses to let heal…” ” …I know.” (Emily) “No…” “She’s been with me half my life.” [Background music fades to back mystical] “If she went away, I- I don’t know what I’d be…” [Tap of the paintbrush touching the painting] [Sort giggle/hum] (The Rat) “You have fallen in love with the monster ever-lurking under your bed.” [The Rat walks down wooden sounding roots] “The more you feed it the closer it will come.” “And eventually, it will tear you apart.” [Music gets louder] [Rumbling sounds] [Glass cracking] [House creaking as it breaks] [Leaves/ground rustle] [Music continues] [Soft exhale] [The Hound exhales as her mouth opens] [Quiet, soft groan] [Very quiet distorted whisper: ]
(Male) “You doing okay sweetie?” [Less distorted, sounding far away] [Female voice whispers] “… – Okay sweetie?” (Emily) “No” [Music fades to Silence] {Outro} {Sound of an old camera reel plays as Deadsounds outro shows} {Rumbling/Heartbeat over the top of camera reel.} {All sound fades out}

100 thoughts on ““SCARY and STRANGE” | Surreal Animated Short Film (2019)

  1. Hope you all enjoy this one! ^_^
    A "making of" video will be out soon. If any of you are here and haven't seen the original, this is a sequel to my previous animated short film which you can watch here:

  2. I have to say the rat's words struck a chord with me. This whole video i feel i can relate to as i have done something very,very similar.

  3. "You doing okay, sweetie?l
    That simple answer reduced me to tears.
    Because it's so simple, but it's something so many of us struggle to say.

  4. "You have fallen in love with the monster ever lurking under your bed. The more you feed it, the closer it with come. Eventually it will tear you apart.."

  5. I love the art as always but I can't relate to the quick change when she admits she has a problem. Depression is something that sticks to you like tar in a pit. Sure, letting yourself sink isnt a good option, but the more you struggle to get out the harder it seems to cling. And sometimes those who offer you a hand out wind up being the ones to push you deeper down.

  6. Wow ok….. alright well thank you for that because (as I have actually gone through that) many people don’t understand that’s exactly how it feels depression takes hold and rips you away from reality all you see is what it’s been like with depression and all you care for is what “good” things it’s brought and you only see bad everywhere else. It isn’t easy to say WELL SHOOT MA AND PA IM THINKING BOUT KILLIN MYSELF. It is so hard just to say “guys I feel like shit. I can’t do this anymore. I need help.” And you need that person to tell you the reality of the situation the thing that is really going. To tell you “your not saying but your accepting death and your not even suppose to die yet.

  7. The music is whimsical and beautiful, and the artwork is stellar. Thank you, Dead Sound, for another stunning animation <3

  8. Being able to appreciate the monster inside you is a feat harder than anything in the world. Being able to kill it, on the other hand, is like killing killing your dog.

  9. This made me cry, everyone of your animations has moved me. I love your work and your thinking, please never stop doing what you love

  10. I love how right at the end when she says “no“ the color pallete goes to the rats autumn brown.

    This kind of colour use is so amazing!!

  11. Hey David, long time subscriber and HUGE fan of your work.
    I subscribed immediately after seeing "Being Pretty." It had so much personality and worldbuilding in such a short, static clip. I haven't felt that way about this new series. First of all, the name was a major turn off. In America, words like scary and strange seem childish and unintelligent. Had I not known it was your work, I would have dismissed it. Also, the flow of plot is far too slow. The visuals have no shock or awe factor like the eery masks of the citizens of Autodale. Neither the rat or the dog look anything like rats or dogs. While the central theme was intruiging, it needs to have more meat to it. Had the first animation been from the perspective of this girl, and just contained some of the exposition drop the first one had, this world would be more digestible.
    So far, you have two shorts in a much dryer world than the Autodale world.

    I love your stuff. This isn't hate but sincere desire to see you become famous.

  12. The moment she admits it, and says she isn’t ok, the color scheme changes. It’s such a great way to end it on a light note and showing it.

    Great video as always!

  13. I think the worst part is that the rat is hiding something. Since the rat kept the hound alive and now its feeding on the girl. That and the fact in the last episode the girls always been surrounded by purple for the most part

  14. I hope you get this what I love about the "Dead sound universe" or DSU is that most stories are about finding the good in the world and going on a big adventure. But what yours are about is darkness and needing bad time to show you happy ones. You are a fantastic writer and developer of world that I love all your uploads. Plz do more

  15. I absolutely love this one and it's message to not grow fond of or romanticize that which hurts you. It really can feel like what troubles us defines us, and that we are often more afraid of the unknown than of something familiar yet painful. making that choice to admit that things arent okay, and to resist hurts that you've allowed to live with you for so long–it's a powerful story
    Thank you so much for making this, it means a lot to me personally <3

  16. I think this is about someone who has guilt and depression about her father. Near the end the beast opens its mouth and says,"you're doing ok sweetie". Odd ..

  17. This is so beautiful and abstract. It could be taken in so many ways, so all the more people can relate and identify with the main character. I initially saw it as a representation of an abusive relationship, but then began to think deeper into other possibilities and began to percieve the story as the relationship between the character and their mind. This is truly outstanding work. Well done.

  18. So the rat helped the hound (his sibling?) recuperate and made a friend in the little girl. The hound noticed this and tried to make friends with the same girl, who is now older, but only really knew the predator/prey interaction that she's always had. Now we're probably going to see her as an adult defending both sides of the same coin, both the rat AND the hound.

  19. what 99% of the comments see: a symbolic animation about depression.

    What I see: An excuse to use the hound animations he never got to use in "Merry Madness".

  20. I think what this animation is saying is that fear is a necessary part of life, and the rat, never knowing fear ,believes that fear is bad, when it really isn’t.

  21. > Depression and refusing to accept that you need help, ignoring the "little" things that hurt.
    > A toxic/abusive relationship you spend so much having, brushing the "little" accident and fight away.

    Nothing of that is fine, it feels like it, but isnt.

    FUCK, is that a twisting knife into my soul when it comes to depression, i have been there and fight not to do the same mistakes again.

  22. It’s like someone living with their own depression, pain, or suffering, but accepting it as part of them, and not able to imagine life without it after being in it so long, it’s really sad

  23. Okay you know what, as someone with depression and some form of psychosis, that puts words on a hard to describe feeling. On the darkness being so familiar that leaving it behind feels like leaving parts of yourself, and I'm so glad this character's parents seem to be supportive ? I've had to fight years with my parents to even get them to admit something was wrobg when i was extremely suicidal, even more to even get me to therapy, and to this day my mom refuses to get me medicated, even when it gets really, really bad. And the kind of self destructive behavior pictured in this clip (recklessness, pursuing negative emotions because "they make me feel alive, treating the monster like a friend instead of dangerous in much the same way one might treat a wild animal like a pet) is extremely familiar, and I'm so glad they managed to bring it up to their parents at the end, it really feels like the clip ends on a hopeful note, and the color work is amazing in showing this. So my point is like, thanks, i guess. Thank you, that was pretty great.

  24. Some stupid ass fake depressed bitch gonna comment being like " OMG THIS IS TOTALLY ME BLAH BLAH" like nobody fucking cares

  25. Is it weird to relate to the hound? The eyes. They show suffering and understanding, and still manage to not look human. Wonderful job by deadsound❤

  26. Then face your fears don't let it consume you cuz if it's there face it don't draw pictures of it cuz it's just going to be there it's a problem and you have to solve it.

  27. What I saw in this was living with your demons, you don't want it to be behind where you won't learn anything from it, nor be ahead of you getting bigger and soon waiting for you so it can consume you. You would want it beside you where you let it be, so you can observe it when it moves, hold it back when it grows, pull it with you when it's scared.

    What I am trying to say is, IMO this is about our inner demons and how we handle it

  28. I feel like this represents the creator/dead sound
    The girl is dead sound (idk real name)
    The hound is depression
    In his 'Making of merry madness' video he explains how he had been going through tough years in his life, he also says that he puts his feelings in his work. That's what we see the girl do, she says "These terrible feelings, I can turn them into something good." as she finishes a painting. Her art represents dead sounds films

  29. I feel like the message would have been brought across better if the girl did things to disguise The Hound, and make it seem less dangerous. Because there is nothing wrong with accepting the terrible along with the great (like in merry madness), the problem lies in pretending the terrible doesn’t exist, or even that it is great in its own right.

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