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You are a confident man… who can easily talk to women. A confident man. I am a confident man. Women are human beings, just like you. Equal in every way. Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to be afraid… You are a confident man who will definitely not do
what he did last time. I can’t do this, Dev. Oh mate, come on. Yes, you can. We’ve had this conversation before.
Do you want to die alone? Of course not. You can’t have the life you dream of
if you never even speak to a woman. Graham? It’s Graham, right? Jane. I recognise you from your photos. Shall we… Sorry. It’s not my… Oh my… -What the hell is this?
-It’s a travelator, mate. No. This isn’t possible. What the hell? Excuse me. Can you please help me? I’m actually stuck. OK. Have you ever seen The Matrix? It’s not a joke. Please just send someone. This is not possible. I can’t keep having this conversation. Hello? Every time. I’m going to die alone on a flipping travelator. I don’t know. It’s pretty noble. Well, I could have said I wanted to live
in a world without poverty. -That’s true.
-What are your hopes and dreams? Probably just to live in a big house. And to live in a world without poverty. Don’t hold him like that. -You’ve got to support his bum.
-I know how to handle his bum, Kiera. I happen to be more familiar with his bum
than I’d have ever thought possible. He’s familiar with your bum. She had a great time. Said it was a lovely service,
but Aunt Joyce’s hat was inappropriate. Classic Mary.
How can a hat even be inappropriate? You’re my… Oh wow. Excuse me? Sorry? Excuse me, mate. Sorry. It’s my bad. I can’t really see. Thank you. Sorry. -Excuse me.
-Yeah? -Can I…
-Course. Can I… buy you a coffee? Please. Can I wear the mask? To be honest, it was the mask
that got me in the first place. You’re into teddies then? Ever since I was a kid actually. Do you want to…? So, what do you like about teddies? Well, I like…

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