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(metallic clattering) (warbling) (anxious violin tones) (screeching)
(screaming) – Goddamn kids. (dog barking) (relaxed guitar music) (sigh) Hey baby, hey, come on. Listen, why don’t you
go get some rest, okay? I’ll take care of all this. – I don’t how with that damn dog yapping away again. – Baby, we’ve been through worse, okay? Come on, why don’t you go get some rest and I’ll try to take
care of this mess, okay? Come here. Go get some rest. (relaxed guitar music) (relaxed country guitar music) Sheriff. I’ve got some of your money. The rest I can get by the weekend. Come on. – See this? This is everybody’s lot rent. I don’t want no more excuses. Tomorrow, full lot rent or you’re outta here. – Camilla, we spent all
night at the hospital. This is what I’ve got, okay? Can you just–
– I heard about your baby. That’s what happens when you
have a child out of wedlock. (cackling laughing) (dog barking) (warbling) – Hey, Rog, where you off to? – I gotta go to Iowa. – Well hey, we’ll miss you, man. – Give my best to Kandy.
– Okay. Hey, travel safe. (static crackling) (relaxed country guitar music) (rattle) – [Kandy] Get outta here, you little perv! (rustling) (screeching) – Hey there, little fella. Hey, you need some help? (rustling) (dramatic violin tones) Scamp, Scamp. You are a little Scamp, aren’t you? (soft screeching) I got someone you need to meet. (hard rock music) All right, come on. Yeah. You’re cute. (Scamp wailing) (dog barking) Go. Get outta here. Wait, Scamp. (growling) (dog whimpering) (metallic clattering) (squelching) Oh my god. (anxious trumpet tones) (growling) Hey. Hey. (whistling) – [Derrick] Otis? (relaxed guitar music) – Someone finally shut that dog up. Maybe our luck’s beginning
to change after all. – [Rodrigo] Maybe it is. (fearful breathing) (rattling) – Hey. Hey. (low growling) (anxious violin tones) (screaming) (metallic clattering) – Oh baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby, don’t, don’t. Don’t, don’t, it’s Scamp. – [Kandy] What the hell’s a Scamp? – I found him outside, okay? And seeing as we got a spot to fill in the family, I just figured that– – You’re nuts.
– No, no, no. He ain’t dangerous, okay? At least not to us. – Then who’s he dangerous to? – So far, just Otis, the nasty dog. Scamp, he ate him. (Scamp cooing) Well, you’re not mad, right? I mean look at him. – I, I guess he’s kinda cute. (chuckling) (growling) (glass shatters) (anxious piano music) – What the fuck are you? – Hey, kid.
– Please, someone help. – Quiet, quiet.
– They killed my dog. – Quiet. (grunts) – Are you gonna kill me now too? You guys are going to jail. – We’ve gotta do something. (growling) (high-pitched tones) – Okay. Hey, hey. Come here. Come here. Come on, come on. (weeping)
Okay. Take a breath, take a breath. – Get me–
– Yes. – Away from that thing. – [Rodrigo] He’s only trying to help. – This ain’t the kinda help me need. – We’ll take anything we can get, okay? We’ll take it. Now listen to me. What do we do with the body?
(squelching) (slurping) See? See? See? (chuckling) (Scamp cooing) – I guess we can keep him. (laughing) (relaxed country guitar music) (electronic beeping) (anxious violin tones) (knocking) – I know you’re in there. Is that a pet I hear? I don’t know what you’re up
to, but I’m callin’ the cops. – No. Cops? We got a dead kid on our hands
and we’re hiding a creature. – Look, it’s not like that, okay? He helps us. We just need to stick
together, stay calm, okay? It’ll be fine. – How do you know it’s gonna be fine? You can’t say that.
(rattling) (creaking) (anxious violin, trumpet tones) – [Camilla] Oh my god. – Scamp? He’s gone. And we’re gonna get kicked
out and we’re gonna get locked up and we’re never gonna
see each other again and… – Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. We got each other, right? (weeping) Listen, and no matter
what we’re about to face, we’re gonna face it together, okay? Come on. Come on. (relaxed guitar music) We got this. Right? – We ain’t leavin’ here without him. I just can’t lose him too. – Then we gotta stop Camilla. Okay? – Okay. (ominous tones) (dial tone ringing) (Camilla screams) (low growling) (screeching) (rattling) – [Camilla] Oh my, don’t, don’t! Oh. Where did you go? (growling) (Camilla screaming) (hissing) – [Buck] Sweetie? Camilla? (distant scream) – Good boy. Eureka, baby, we’re rich. (laughing) (distant sirens blaring) – Now, we gotta go. (anxious violin music) – Scamp, come on. Scamp. Come on. Shit. It’s Buck Bradley. (anxious ensemble music) (Scamp cooing) – Camilla? (anxious rising tones) – [Rodrigo] Is this what
you want, little guy? Huh? Come on, is this what you want? – Rodrigo. (anxious violin music) – [Rodrigo] Come on. (rattling) – Scamp. (low growling) Come on. Scamp. – Scamp, come on. – [Buck] Where you at? (chuckling) I got you now. – Get him, Scamp. Get him outta here. (snarling) (car horn honking) (thudding) (anxious rising violin tones) (snarling)
(groaning) – 10-45, all units to Enchanted Acres. I’m being chased by a fuckin’ porcupine. (growling) (hissing) That ain’t gonna help you now. (electric crackling) (high pitched tones) (Scamp cooing) (distant sirens blaring) – Okay, come on, come on. – Hey. We’ll never make it on foot. – Jeez. (car beeps) (laughing) – [Kandy] Oh my god. Wow. Wow. (Scamp cooing) (dramatic tense drumbeat) (anxious ensemble music) (snarling) – [Announcer] Watch new vids every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, only on Crypt TV.

100 thoughts on “SCAMP | “Arrival” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

  1. Scamp is a little cute yet terrifying alien life form for a kitty I will feed him deer or cow meat and low fat blood straight from the tap where can I adopt one but I wanna call him Sully

  2. No would not take him home. If you find him sitting in your chair and you want him to move but her won't, instead of growling like a dog does, he'll just eat you.

  3. one day i'm sure crypt TV is gonna make a endgame on these little hints of crossover horror films. Don't think i didn't catch one of those little hints in here. 😉 i seen that address!

  4. This was actually really good. I myself would probably not take him home if that were even an option. I feel like you'd have the choice of controlling/befriending him with whatever that object was or possibly become a third corse meal. Just say that would freak me out.

  5. My expectations were surpassed I was not looking forward to this but I really like scamp well made as always Crypt TV

  6. This whole comment section is demonic, murderous, selfish and damned. Humanity is shit. I have 0 hope in humanity now.

  7. Crypt TV, you are amazing!!!! I love it, that small creature is so adorable and it makes me want to hug it. Nice work.

  8. Please, I have a suggestion. Create one movie concerning the Crypt just like ''The Nun''. I love horror movies about death and ghosts

  9. This is one of those things with amazingly executed camp, Tarantino meets the gremlins.

    Okay not Tarantino but you get the point.

  10. Loved it!!!! So nice to see more monster-like monsters instead of humanoid ones! Is there gonna be a sequel to this?

  11. Here's my theory about scamp,
    Scamp is only loyal to those who had the bullet thingy that glows blue somehow. And he is kinda similar to stoneheart.
    He protects you at any cost. But unlike stoneheart he just wants to be with someone that will treat him as a son.

  12. GREAT JOB CRYPT TV!!! love the channel and I love horror you deliver EVERYTIME!!! and I especially love it when the videos are more than 20 min long seems like your watching a horror movie

  13. Crypt is so good at telling stories of people without over explaining, the moment they walked into that caravan you knew what had happened.

  14. Unique concept, good characters, great monster, great monster effects, I love it. Can I take Scamp home with me?

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