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100 thoughts on “Saw (2004) KILL COUNT

  1. I just watched a sad movie with T.O.P (From Big Bang) in it called, Commitment (amazing movie by the way) but it’s sad and I want a distraction. So hey how are you doing?

  2. Saw: I wanna play a game.
    Me: grabs the connect 4 YOU’RE GOING DOWN!

    We play

    Saw: let me just presses button and gets pulled back to a buzzsaw d e d

    Me: I win noob get noob noob

  3. Saw: I want to play a game
    Me: no u *whips out uno reverse card*
    (epic light turn on reveal)
    Saw in Reverse Bear Trap: wELP

  4. Why didn’t Zepp just go to the hospital. What kind of poison that can be brought or made by a person with an
    antidote not known by the doctors. Or am I overthinking

  5. oh no wonder flamingo said not to watch this movie till your a lot older and yet im 13 looking at this and is burning from the revers bear trap

  6. Saw:You gotta survive this game
    Me:Wait can I use my phone and YouTube for something?
    Avengers theme plays
    Saw:what is this?
    Me:*pulls out uno reverse card*

  7. What if the entire movie is a flashback? That photograph of Zepp in the Gordon apartment seems so similar to the live feed that Tapp has that tells Tapp to go over to the apartment when Tapp sees Zepp in his tv screen. Zepp was really in the Gordon apartment for most of the trap timer, unless he broke in when Alison and Diana were not home, how else could Gordon and Adam have that photo?

    Edit: The whole movie may be a flash-forward?

  8. Saw: Wanna play a game
    Me: ye I have a game fuking yeets Xbox one at Saw
    Saw: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! kermits suicide

  9. Saw victim: I’m chained to a wall and the key is right over there… ah ha! A saw now should I use this saw as extra reach to get the key or should I cut my foot off?

    Proceeds to cut off foot

  10. So weird that I was want to but I was bored with this movie is made and then five years later my dad forced me to watch it

  11. Saw: let's play a game
    Me:pulls out a solitaire card
    Saw: What the world is this
    Me:a pump to shoot u with
    Saw:oh naw

  12. There's A Way Better Solution:
    The Reverse Bear Trap Girl Should Have Waited In The Seat Until The Man Pooped And Get The Key.

  13. I watch you on my smart tv on YouTube you know smart tvs have YouTube I like watching you more on my smart tv

  14. (Personal opinion incoming)

    He may not like being called a killer/murderer, but that's exactly what he is, he may not have killed them with his own hands, but his actions directly led to their deaths, in addition, he put them in these situations personally.

    So Jiggy, yeah you're a murderer whether you like it or not.

  15. I like your videos because it lets me watch a summarized version of horror movies I don't have time for.Also they're pretty funny.

  16. The most difficult trap would be the Venus Fly Trap one, when something you don't want goes near your eye,
    it closes automatically, so it'd be nearly impossible to get the key out of his eye. Don't you agree?

  17. Saw: Want to play a game?

    Dumb victim: Yes

    Saw: attempts to chop off the dudes head

    Dumb Victim: Uno Reverse Card

    Saw: oh no

  18. Jigsaw: Wanna play a game?
    Yami Yugi: You bet I do! It’s time to duel!
    Jigsaw: Wait what-
    Jigsaw: WHAT YHE FU-

  19. Saw:wanna play a game?
    Me: grabs uno cards
    Saw:what the hell
    Me:cmon lets goo you said you wanna play a game
    read more

  20. K but like seriously, imagine if Jigsaw’s plan didn’t work out and Adam and Lawrence figure things out of Lawrence kills Adam in time. What would happen? Would John just randomly stand up be like: “well…this is awkward”

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