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At least tell me why
you’ve brought me here. Wait for it. It’s a secret. Come.. Come.. Tell me. Wow! This is so beautiful. Why we are here? Isn’t it beautiful? This place is gorgeous. Did you like it? Look at this. You like it. Yes. Bilal, I’m scared. Bilal. Bilal. Bilal. Where are you? You know I’m scared. Rukhsar Sheikh, will you marry me? I feel like the queen today. The queen is coming
to our wedding, too. I’ve booked the entire
place for our reception. The musical ceremony
will happen in that hall. We’ll get married
in that beautiful hall. All the important people
in the city are going to be there. The mayor,
MPs, businessmen and also the queen. This is going to be the
biggest wedding in the city. I love you. I love you, too. Please don’t do this, Bilal. You know I’m scared of the dark. Please don’t do this again. Bilal. I’m scared. You won’t stop being a prankster. Come on. I’m scared. Let’s go. Oh, s*** Sorry, darling.
I had gone to get the torch. Ghost! Ghost! Sir, I beg your pardon,
but we can change the venue. Let’s do it in Karachi. Just forget everything
and have some sweets. It seems like the
world has come to know.. ..that the queen is
coming to our wedding. What will people think? That the queen got scared of a ghost? And even we changed the venue,
fearing the ghost. Think about it, or you’ll
have to apologize to people later. Please, uncle. Sir, the queen’s advisor
is here to see you. The queen’s advisor? Mr. Chaudhary? Richard Bakshi, personal
security advisor to Her Highness.. ..the queen of England. Mr. Chaudhary,
the queen rarely attends weddings. And it was your good luck that
she decided to attend your reception. It’s all over the newspaper and TV.. ..that the queen is
attending your reception. The bottom line is.. can’t back out now. Don’t worry, Mr. Bakshi.
We’ll handle it. You have no other choice. – Mushtaq!
– Sir. Get the top ghost busters in the city! – Ghost busters?
– Those who catch ghosts. Let’s give you today’s breaking news. Bilal Chaudhary’s wedding
is in jeopardy. And hence, he’s called the
best ghost hunting team in the city. Come, let’s see what
Jack’s hunting team does. Mr. Jack, tell us something. Okay. This is very simple. My team and I will have
this ghost within five minutes. Come on! Will you please tell us what’s
going on here? Will you succeed in catching that ghost? Five, four, three, two, one. Run! Run! Run! Run! Jack, who did this to you? He’s very dangerous. I’d suggest this
ghost is very dangerous. Very strong.
The queen should not come. And they should cancel this wedding. I’m telling you, cancel the wedding! This time, the Chaudhary
family has hired a ghost buster. Nigeria.
Can you believe it? Nigeria. Let’s see if he can
exorcise the ghost. – Five.
– Four. – Three.
– Two. – One.
– One. The ghost threw out ghost
busters from different countries. I wonder what we’re going to do now. Sir, I would like to say something. Yes, tell me. Sir, there is a community
in the world which is the bravest. And that is, Sardar. They are so fearless that
nothing in the world can scare them. Not even ghosts and witches? Not even ghosts and witches. You’ll die, Sardar! There is one thing most precious
to him and that is his respect. Lost your pride? The situation is tense inside, Sardar. ‘Ji’. Call me ‘Sardarji’. Mind your tongue. I’ve been handling
all this since I was a kid. I’ve been saying this since
childhood but you just don’t get it. What is your name? Jaggi. – Roll no. 18
– Yes sir. Roll no. 19 Where is this Sardar gone? Listen, I am calling
you since so long. Your parents are gone,
so have they taken your tongue too? – Leave me. Leave me.
– Come on! Lift him. – Leave me. Leave me.
– Let’s go inside. Lock him. – Leave me.
– I said go inside. Come on! Leave me. Don’t lock me up. Leave me. ‘I’m being polite. Stop harassing me.’ ‘I won’t. Tell me what
you’re going to do, Sardar.’ ‘Don’t forget to add ‘ji’ to Sardar.’ Yes, Sardarji. “Dark skinned, and brown eyes..
God blessed.” “Friend of friends,
and I love everyone.” “We’re the ones that
hunt with our eyes..” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “We like to have fun all along..” “..and the world can’t
stop talking about it.” “We like to have fun all along..” “..and the world can’t
stop talking about it.” “We always repay our debt..” “..we never own anyone anything.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “We walk proudly.” “The Turban steals everyone’s heart.” “We walk proudly.” “The Turban steals everyone’s heart.” “Only a man with
courage could do this.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” “That’s why everyone calls us Sardarji.” Jaggi. Will you do me a favor? Just one favor. Do it as a big brother. I’ll always be grateful to you.
I swear. Sir, your dream is over. Wake up. Let’s get to work. – Did you hear the phone ringing?
– Yes. Answer it. Okay. Hello. Hello, is it Jaggi the ghost hunter? No, he’s busy. Tell me what you want. A ghost needs to be captured.
What else do you do? We’re here to capture ghosts. What else do we do? Give me the address. – Adarsh Public School.
– Which school? Good morning, guys!
Good morning! Get up! Get up! Wake up! – It’s morning!
– Good morning, Jaggi! Good morning! Greetings, Jaggi! Greetings! Good morning! Come on, wake up! Jaggi! “You’re my bride,
and I’ll be your groom..” – “Wait for me..”
– You may try your luck, Jaggi. You won’t find the queen witch. “You’re my bride,
and I’ll be your groom..” Jaggi. What’s the matter? I heard it was difficult
for you to spend the night. You were screaming too. Don’t you like it being
in the bottle anymore? Yes, Jaggi. You have no idea how difficult it is.
I miss the village headman all night. I don’t even know
if he misses me, too. Is the headman’s secretary a woman? Yes. There is one. From Dori village. Exactly. Which is
that hotel near Malerkot? – Ronak!
– Ronak! That’s where they’re usually found. They’re engrossed into each other. Bloody village head. What have you done.
Curse you. I’m amazed.
You know a lot about hotels. – You’ve tied your hair tightly today.
– I’m glad that you noticed it. So, tell me. When do you
plan on wearing the blue turban? Why would he wear blue? Jaggi, listen to me.
Always wear only green turbans. Whenever you wear a green turban,
my heart skips a beat. Why don’t, I simply transfer you into
a green bottle, you colorful witch! Long live revolution! Ladies and gentlemen.. ..women haven’t been
given the rights they deserve! Women are still treated
like a machine to wash clothes.. ..and give birth to children. The British have left the country.. Jaggi. Pay attention
to what I’m saying. Yes.. The British have left the country.. ..but women are still
treated like slaves by men. – Long live..
– Revolution! – Long live..
– Revolution! You complain why I captured you. Jaggi! Jaggi! Yes, Mr. Pritam. Tell me. Jaggi, you never talk to me. No one even treats strangers
in this manner, the way you treat me. What can I do for you, Mr. Pritam? Jaggi, I need to get
out of here for two days. This is not a government job! Don’t be angry. You always make me angry, Mr. Pritam! Sir.. Watch out! Sir, someone’s here to see you. I’ve told you this before.
I don’t work on Sundays. I’m on a holiday today. You should take this one. You might find your queen witch. You make me emotional
talking about the queen witch. I wish I find her. God doesn’t think about holidays. Yes. So, what are you waiting for?
Make arrangements to leave. Okay, sir. Jaggi, listen to me. You won’t find your queen witch. I have an idea. Why don’t
you transfer me into that big bottle? Preeti, you can’t
become the queen witch.. ..if you’ve hung yourself
from the ceiling fan. “Wait for me.
I will come for you.” “I will.” There he is! So! Buddy, you’re here to capture a ghost.
Where are your tools? He’s so silly. You need tools for manly ghosts and
not for the respected lady ghosts. Looks like he needs
some mental treatment first. Jaggi, the flower won’t work here. Master Amrik Singh died 3-4 years ago. I think the ghost is him. What nonsense! You ruined my Sunday! I was relaxing. I didn’t like going
to school even on weekdays.. ..and you’ve called me on a Sunday! You told me it was a lady ghost! They didn’t tell me. Whether it’s a ghost or a witch,
how does it matter? It may not matter to you. I’d be traumatized if
you told me that Sunil Shetty.. – ..and Shilpa Shetty were siblings.
– Of course. Take the money from them.
I’ll get the ghost. Here you go, sir. Do it. Where are you going? Where do you think
you’re going after him? I haven’t witnessed it. What made
you think you could witness it? Back off! Duffer! I’m not a duffer. I’ve passed 12th grade by third class. If you don’t believe me,
then let me narrate an essay. ‘I love animals.
My favorite animal is cow.’ ‘My cow has several names, a few of
which are Dabkhadabi and Vilaitan.’ Be a man! I never gave more than 2 marks
to anyone who wrote such an essay. Now you’re talking, master. Now, let me finish my essay. ‘Dabkhadabi has almost four legs,
and has no tail.’ I’ll thrash you if you
try to act smart with me. What do you mean almost four legs? Didn’t you count her legs properly? Even if the cow doesn’t have a tail.. ..why did you have to mention it? You don’t look good anyway. At least
your essay would have looked good. Okay. ‘I take Vilaitan
to the playground.’ ‘He eats grass while I play around.’ You idiot! A cow is female, not male. Don’t interfere. My father nurtured it
like a son and so it’s male. ‘What’s special about him is that.. gives fresh,
white milk daily, daily.’ What kind of a cow
gives milk daily. Does she sell her
milk in packets, too? Don’t interfere in our business. Or else we’re left with nothing. If children are given such fresh milk
directly, they’ll have loose motions. And parents will lose faith in us. Children these days get
loose motions because of milk! As if you never had loose
motions because of milk. No. I’m constipated. That’s even worse! What’s my fault if I’m constipated?
I belong to Sangrur. Don’t talk about Sangrur, master.
I love Sangrur. Your only fault is
that you ruined my Sunday. – How do you feel, master?
– What have you done! This is terrible, you captured Amrik
Singh in the bottle. You’re misunderstanding, dear.
Get me out of here. I’ve always served Punjab. You haven’t served Punjab,
but its children, by thrashing them. Let me give you your pension.
You were the master. I’ve caught him, Chundi! Your job is done. Have fun. You captured the
master’s ghost so soon! There was nothing
much to do inside anyway. All I had to do is capture
him inside the bottle. Do we think we’re mad.
But we can’t see him. By the way, it’s a ghost,
not a cat whose tail, I can show you. I’m telling you,
the ghost is inside the bottle. I can’t see him. Give me the money.
Make them pay up. – Yes, pay us.
– Give him the money. Come on, hurry up. This is just Rs.
400! We decided on Rs. 500. This is all we have. Take
it if you want to, or else get lost. You scoundrel.. We are artists.
Learn to talk to people first. Here’s your money. We don’t want it. Let’s go. Boss. You insulted me and
didn’t even pay me. Sir, we had fun today! Jaggi. I haven’t been a pillion
on a motorcycle before. He’s solved all the
cases successfully. He captures ghosts for Rs. 500. He’s solved all the
cases successfully. He captures ghosts for Rs. 500! He can capture ghosts! He doesn’t seem to be capable
of even boarding a bus in time. Sir, give me pleasure, not pain. You seek pleasure in this cheap oil. It’s an unknown number.
Answer it, sir. I’m on a holiday today. Hello. This is Jaggi, Ghost Hunter. Hello, Mr. Jaggi. This is
Bilal Chaudhary, from Leicester. We need a ghost to be
captured from a building. I can’t capture ghosts via telepathy. It’s important for
me to be at the spot. Give me your address. Where exactly is your village located? According to Punjab,
it’s towards the north. Towards the north. We’ll have to go to
Chandigarh for that, and.. – Jamuna Nagar.
– Jamuna Nagar. Jamuna Nagar from Chandigarh,
and then, via Badrinath.. Which way do we go from Badrinath? Who told you that you have
to cross Badrinath to come to the UK? No one in this village
can give me advice. I like to roam around. Mr. Jaggi, please don’t bother. I’ll get you a special visa
from the British government.. ..and send you a ticket, too. – You just have to come.
– Where do I have to go? England. England! Boss.. England! Seems easy. – How much will I get paid?
– Just get the job done. I’ll pay you as much as you want.
Millions, in pounds. Millions in pounds! We’ll be paid millions in pounds. Hello. I hope this is not a joke.
My blood pressure shoots up. Right. I’ll call you once your visa and
ticket have been arranged for. Okay? – So, should I start multiplying rupees?
– Yes. – Are you sure?
– I’m sure. Okay, bye. Sir, we’ve gotten lucky! We’ll be wealthy now!
We’ll be wealthy! Who are you? I’m Chundi. What do you do? I’m your assistant, sir. Sir, we’re going to be wealthy now. Can I invest in a big committee now? Go ahead. Do whatever you want. So, I’ll start packing your clothes. Master, Pritam, don’t be
so shocked or you might die again. Jaggi, dear, since the ghost
is abroad, they might speak English. How will you understand? I’m not afraid. I’m an educated man. That’s not what I meant. All I’m trying to say is that.. ..since you’re going to
deal with Englishmen there.. ..why don’t you take
an English teacher along? Anyway, before my death,
I had prayed to the Lord of death.. ..that since I couldn’t
go abroad while I was alive.. ..I would like an opportunity
to go abroad after my death. ‘He won’t need a ticket.
I can speak English, too.’ ‘But since he’s educated,
he might give me some good advice.’ – Master.
– Yes? My dear Jaggi! Jaggi darling,
I won’t need a ticket either. – Take me along, too.
– Ma’am. When you’re going to Nagpur,
you don’t take oranges along. I’ll hit you! – Chundi.
– Yes? I’m going because this is important.
I don’t feel like leaving you alone. Concentrate on your work. Watch the road!
What are you doing? – The road’s this way.
– What have I done. Drive properly.
I want to board the flight safely. Drive slowly, Chundi. I’ll drop you off at the airplane.
Let me board the flight. Hello, handsome. Need a guide. Don’t smile unnecessarily.
It won’t work out. I’m here on a different mission. Welcome, sir. How are you? Sit down. Don’t act smart. I’m watching you. – Bilal Chaudhary.
– Yes. Your aunt is beautiful. She’s not my aunt. She’s Queen Elizabeth. – Who?
– She’s the queen. She’s supposed to
come to my wedding, too. I’m really tense. Discuss the queen later.
Get me out of here first. Hold on. Let me discuss the payment. Sure, go ahead.
We’ve an orchard outside. You’re offering two
slices to your guest. Mr. Jaggi, just get this done. We’ll pay you as much as you ask for. Bilal Chaudhary, to be honest,
I don’t know numbers beyond 900. Can, I get paid in pounds daily? As you wish. That means it’s a celebration
for my pockets. What do you mean? I mean, my pockets never
had money in them before. But now, they’ll have pounds. Okay, tell me something. Is the ghost that you want
me to capture, a female? How does that matter?
It’s the same thing. You’re strange. Of course it matters. I’d be traumatized if you told me that
Babbal Rai and Aishwarya Rai were siblings. Excuse me. I’m sorry. Who’s Mr. Rai? It was just an example.
Don’t talk too much. I like peace. I’m usually very quiet. Okay, tell me something. Am I supposed to sleep here
or do you have a room for me? There is a room for you. Come with me. – Is there a toilet?
– What? Is there a toilet? Of course. It has a bathroom attached. – Okay.
– Right. You see, I like rooms that
have toilets attached to them. – Right.
– Easy approach. – Right.
– Let’s go. Come. I’m suffocating in the bag. Jaggi! Where the heck are you! You travelled in business class
and I was suffering inside the bottle. Open it! I am suffocating. – Stop your nonsense and get me out.
– I am. Thank you. You won’t die again, master.
Look, we’re abroad. I don’t see beautiful girls around. Come out. People have jetlags,
but I’ve had a bottle-lag. You’re great, Jaggi! Let’s look around the country. Here you go, master. You can’t drink, nor can you bathe.
Just sniff it. These foreigners are weird. They bathe where they eat. Bilal Chaudhary was saying that a girl
jumped off the roof of the castle.. ..and died four years ago. Do you know the name, address or
family of the girl? Any information? We won’t find any information
if we continue chitchatting here. I think the girl was setting
the television antenna on the terrace. She slipped and fell. They don’t have the Jalandhar
Doordarshan channel here. I don’t think she
was setting the antenna. She must have touched the cable wire,
got electrocuted and fell. Master, one thing is for sure. The girl seemed to be adventurous. Go away! Master, it’ll be fun
to capture a white witch. That’s true. Really? – Can’t, I even think about it?
– Go ahead. Golden hair.. eyes, fair complexion. She’ll look like
thunder in the bottle. She’ll converse with me in English. ‘Jaggi, please let me go.
Jaggi, leave me, please.’ We’ve heard many stories
about this bungalow. A ghost hunter has
been called from Punjab. Ghost buster from
punjab is just arriving. Sardarji! Sardarji! Please tell us how
you will catch the ghost. Please tell us how
you will catch the ghost. Please tell us something. All the ghost hunters
that had gone into the castle.. ..failed in their mission. They had to run out of
the castle to save their lives. If I can’t do it, nobody can do it. I’ve worked for the Discovery
Channel for 10 years! I bet he won’t even
get a chance to run out! Let’s see your Sardar! Jaggi, why did you hit him? His English was fine, but
he didn’t add the ‘ji’ after Sardar. The witch has done the right thing. It’s a beautiful castle.
Who wouldn’t want to live here? Sweetheart. Sweetheart. You’re short-tempered. You seem to be very angry. You blow up both of them. Sweetheart. She seems to be reserved. Ma’am, if you don’t want to meet me.. ..then at least give me a sign. Talk on my face. The slap was on your face,
not anywhere else. A Hindi witch! Catch the ghost’s leg. The queen witch. Oh, my! I’m done for. “Where are you love?” “This is a time of our life..” “..and I won’t let you down
so be with me again all the time.” You’ve come to your
senses with just one slap. Ghostbusters like you come
here and leave disappointed every day. Tell the one who’s sent you that.. name is Pinky
and this is my home. Pindky. Idiot. It’s Pinky, not Pindky. I’m letting you go
because you’re a Punjabi. If it was someone else.. ..I would have torn their
clothes and thrown them out. Do you understand? Yes. Get lost. Breaking news.
Sardarji’s clothes are intact. Let’s talk to him. – Sardarji!
– Sardarji! Do you see this? He’s the man! You’re amazing! Jaggi, I’m so happy
to see you in your clothes. Really, you look great. – Chaudhary Bilal.
– Yes? Are you sure you want to marry her? Yes. Why do you ask? She sounds weird. She said she’s happy
to see me in my clothes. When did she see me without clothes? No, no. She means that all the
ghost hunters that went in.. ..came out with their clothes torn. You’re the only one
who has his clothes intact. – So, she’s happy.
– Okay. That’s why they call me an expert. The situation is under control. Very soon,
the castle will be under control, too. It’s an innocent lady ghost. There’s no need to be scared. Load up the guns. Thank you, Jaggi. Does she have any demands? All she needs is love. And she will get it. – Bilal.
– Yes. Find out where this girl Pindky lived,
who fell off the roof. Jaggi, her name must be Pinky. It’s Pindky. Just tell the cameramen. – Look at what she’s doing.
– Yes. Alright. Sardarji. You’re a sensible man. Jaggi, I’ve found
out about Pinky’s mother. She lives 50 kilometers
away from the city. I’ve also learnt that
she doesn’t like socializing. Who is it? Who do you want to meet? What do you want? I’ll clear the newspaper
bill next week. Ma’am, I’m Pindky’s friend.
I think you didn’t recognize me. No. I guess mother and daughter are witches. I’m Pindky’s friend, ma’am. I shifted to Punjab for a few years. When I came back,
I learnt that Pindky.. Give me some ice. Give me some ice. Yes. Go, get a glass for yourself. – No, I’m fine.
– You think this is wrong. Here you go. Have a sip. No, ma’am. I prefer milk and curd. Curd? Fine, I’ll get you some curd. Add some sugar to it. It enhances the flavor. Here, have some curd. Hans Curd. Is it good? It tastes just like the one,
I eat at home. I wonder what Chundi feeds me. – Okay..
– Yes? How do you know Pinky? Everyone knows Pindky. Yes, she was my Bebo. My Kareena Kapoor. She liked to get decked up, wear
good clothes and visit good places. When she was in college.. ..she started learning
dance alongside her studies. She would win every competition. She became famous.
People would take her autograph. They would click pictures with her.
She was very talented. – Yes, absolutely.
– You might know it. I know everything. She was a little crazy. She would quarrel with
people for no reason. One night, when she went to a party.. ..she never returned. Some say that someone pushed her.. ..while the others
say that she slipped. But, I don’t know
what exactly happened. She got me my pension before leaving. She was so fond of music! She would listen to Muhammad
Sadiq’s songs all day. No. She liked Kumar Sanu. Yes, she liked Sanu, too. She was crazy about roses. – Red roses..
– White. White roses. She loved to eat. I remember, she stuffed herself
with ‘Chhole Bhature’ once. No. She only liked
pancakes and cupcakes. She hated Indian food. Get up. Put the curd down. Come on. Get lost. Get out of here. You call yourself her friend. You know nothing about Pinky. Leave. Listen. Do come home sometimes. Sure. We’ll talk about Pinky. Her taste in music wasn’t good. What do you know about her? – No, it was good.
– Crazy boy. Pindky. My dear Pindky. Do you want to be insulted again? I already told you yesterday. And my name is Pinky,
darn it, not Pindky. I call you that with love. By the way, I’m here to talk to you. Don’t act smart.
Say what you have to, and leave. What I was trying to say is.. ..if you want, we could
get you a old well. A closed down warehouse
or a years old mansion. We need this castle for just a day. Bilal and Rukhsar will get married.
People will be happy. Didn’t you understand what,
I told you yesterday? This castle is mine. Only mine. Why are you risking
your life for the others? Listens, Sardars are always ready
to risk their lives for the people. These are deep talks.
You won’t understand. Let’s talk about something sweet. How do you know I like pancakes? They call me an expert for a reason. I had been to your house. Really? How’s mom? Is she all right? Does she still drink or has she quit? Your mom can never quit drinking. But, you know what? She was telling me.. ..that she can’t sleep.
It kills her. She never loved me when, I was alive. Don’t try to make me emotional. I won’t get emotional either. Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.. If you want me to leave the castle.. ..then, I have a condition. – Just order me, Pindky.
– It’s Pinky. You know what?
Call me whatever you want. – Listen to me.
– Tell me. – There’s a girl named Jasmine Gill.
– Okay. – She dances in London.
– Okay. Find out about her and bring her here. If I bring Jasmine Gill here,
you’ll leave the castle. – Right.
– Consider it done! Just tell me if she’s dead or alive. Stupid! She’s alive. How would you have brought
her here if she was dead? That’s what I do.
I’m not capable of anything else. What did you say? You’ll leave the castle if,
I bring Jasmine Gill here. My second condition is
that you won’t ask any questions. She has such big demands. Listen.. You have nothing else to do. Why don’t you see
me off till the door? For what? Let the others know
that we’re friends now. Shut up and get lost! So, Pinky has laid a condition
that she will leave the castle.. ..if you bring her
a girl named Jasmine Gill. But why do you want to
get involved into all of this? Just capture her in the bottle. You take five minutes
to capture ghosts. No, master. I can’t do this in love. And anyway, it’s not
about Bilal’s wedding anymore. I’m of a marriageable age as well. Really? You still act immature,
and you want to get married. I think this is going
to go on for a long time. I think I should
settle down here, too. Bilal, find out if
he’s human or a ghost. Cheers! Master, you’re so funny! They look like ghosts to me. Don’t buy the grapes. They look sour. Those look okay. Get the bag doubled. Doubled.. You shouldn’t eat ketchup. You don’t know what kind
of tomatoes are used for it. I have a flourishing
business in Punjab. I’ve come here on a holiday. I thought I should advice you. By the way, I like your earrings. I chose them for a very
close friend of mine last week. But I forgot the shop. Get out of the store and go left. – There’s Burberry store..
– Oh, yes! I got them from the Burberry store. It has other branches. Burberry! Really? I think you missed the floor upstairs. I’ve heard that there
are no lights there.. the shine of the gold is more
than enough to lighten up the place. Listen, mister..
whatever your name is.. – Jaggi..
– Whatever. Jaggi. Burberry is a clothes store.
They don’t sell jewelry. You don’t have to lie.
I’m not interested. “Before my eyes..” “Close to my heart..” “Someone resides..” Can’t you talk normally? Why do you have to
exaggerate everything? “It’s you.” Sometimes, I feel like forgetting
everything else and killing you first. Finally you spoke your
heart out in a fit of rage. Wait and watch. Very soon, you’ll ask me what, I
want to have for dessert after dinner. I’ll say, I want a hug. Abuses are not enough
for what you’ve done. Your idea failed and
you’re getting angry at me. You can only get your pajama
stuck in the chain of a cycle. You can’t entice a girl. Put it down. – I said, put it down and leave.
– What’s wrong? This is what you were capable of. You’ve challenged Jaggi. Now, I’ll make sure I entice the girl. My way. I’ll finish this. Enough, Derrick.
Stop learning with the girls, Ryan. Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. – Poise. Keep the poise.
– Sorry to disturb.. ..but I would like to introduce
a new student, Mr. Jaggi from Punjab. Oh, God! This is going to kill me. Ms. Sharma,
the second semester has begun. – How can we include him?
– Jasmine, I.. I told him the same, but he
says he knows how to do basic Salsa. See, Salsa is a Spanish dance. I don’t think he can do it. Ma’am, you haven’t seen me dance yet. We’re talking about
Salsa here, Mr. Jaggi. Ma’am, it’s about passion. I give the orchestra
at weddings a tough time. Listen. The bride’s
family is waiting.. ..while people can’t
get enough of my dance. “The first blow scared me.” “The second blow helped me.” – “The third blow..”
– Stop it! Discipline. Excuse me. This is how much I love
to dance, Ms. Sharma. There’s no girl available
to pair with him. Jasmine, he’s made the payment.
You’ll have to manage. As far as pairing is concerned.. ..let’s mix alcohol in
everyone’s cold-drinks. No one will know who
they’re dancing with. And I could pair with her, too. – Good idea, Mr. Jaggi.
– Go ahead. Talk to her. Okay, Ms. Sharma. I can give
him admission on one condition. Let’s test him on
basic Salsa tomorrow. If he passes the test,
he can continue. Yes, go ahead. You can take my test. Of course.
He’ll pass with flying colors. – I’m sure.
– Good luck for tomorrow, Mr. Jaggi. Good luck. You have to learn Salsa by tomorrow! Have faith in me. Salsa is not a big deal. I’ve seen that people
just move forward and backward. I’ve done Salsa in government buses. When the driver brakes,
we move forward. When he accelerates,
we move backwards. If a person like me is
travelling without a ticket.. ..and the conductor comes,
turn around. This is Salsa.
Everyone in Punjab does Salsa. Idiot! You won’t even learn
holding the girl until tomorrow. You know, you can learn Salsa
only when you love your partner. When you’re affectionate towards them. God bless these Salsa guys. We should do it. Our deal is over. I don’t want Jasmine, nor
will I leave the castle. Understand? Pindky. – My sweetheart.
– Don’t talk to me. I’m very angry. You look like a human
when you’re angry. Don’t be angry.
You know I don’t like humans. You’re useless.
All you can do is talk. I can cook well, too. Keep smiling. You look like a witch. Now you look like the queen witch. Queen witch. – Just wait and watch what I do now.
– What? It’s nothing. I’m making a call. Hello. Yes, listen. I need five Salsa CDS,
a suit with tie and a CD player. Salsa! “When marimba rhythms start to play..” “Dance with me, make me sway..” “Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore..” “Hold me close, sway me more.” “Like a flower bending
in the breeze..” “Bend with me, sway with ease..” “When we dance you
have a way with me..” “Stay with me, sway with me?” “Other dancers may be on the floor..” “Dear, but my eyes
will see only you..” “Only you have that magic technique..” “When we sway I go weak?” “I can hear the sounds of violins..” “Long before it begins..” “Make me thrill as
only you know how..” “Sway me smooth, sway me now?” – “Come on, sway me, make me..
– Oh yeah.” “Thrill me,
hold me, bend me, ease me..” “You have a way with me..” One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three. Do your turns. Take your turns. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three. Smile, everyone. It seems okay Yeah.. One, two, three. Chin up. Chin up. – He doesn’t seem that difficult.
– Why don’t you go and dance? Why should I dance? Come, let’s do the Salsa! – Take your turns.
– You come, too. I’ll make you dance as well. – One, two, three. One, two, three.
– Come, let me show you what Salsa is. I’ll show you Salsa. Mr. Jaggi. One, two, three. One, two, three. – Salsa.
– What’s this? Salsa. Take it off. Discipline. Quickly. She’s jealous because
I’m looking handsome. Partners, everyone. Ma’am, please ask
them to come one by one. Come back. Girls, get back. Amy. Go. What’s wrong with you? Centre. Position. Position. Really? Okay. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Take the lead, Mr. Jaggi. It’s all right.
You’ll learn. Don’t give up. You’ll learn. You’ll learn. Ma’am, she’s new. She’ll
take time to learn. She can’t do it. Don’t move your hand. One, two, three.
One, two, one, two, three. One, two, one, two, three.
One, two, one, two, three. One, two, one, two, three.
One, two, one, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three. One, two, three. Your admission, Mr. Jaggi. Class over, guys. “I am a fan of your tresses.” “Tell me what are my chances.” “Why are you angry with me?” “How are you,
the boy asked the girl.” “How are you,
the boy asked the girl.” “I know you’re punctual.” “But why is your face red?” “I know you’re punctual.” “But why is your face red?” “Why did you steal my heart?” “Why are you upset,
the boy asked the girl.” “Why are you upset,
the boy asked the girl.” “The madness that we do
when we’re young.” “Become great stories for a lifetime. “The madness that we do
when we’re young.” “Become great stories for a lifetime. “Why are you upset..” “Why are you upset,
the boy asked the girl.” “Why are you upset,
the boy asked the girl.” What do you think
about learning Salsa? Yes! Salsa is a difficult dance form. It can be performed only
by the educated people of England. Even mares at fairs
can perform Bhangra. The point is that,
I can’t learn Salsa. I can teach you Salsa,
but I really need to know.. ..why you want to learn Salsa. Lucy Spanish. – What?
– Lucy Spanish is my girlfriend. We’re going to get married. So? She’s laid a condition.. ..that I have to perform
Salsa with her on the wedding. – Okay.
– I love her a lot. You know to what
extent a person can go.. ..when he’s truly
in love with someone. – I hope you’re not lying this time.
– When have I lied before? All right,
whoever lies now will be punished. What are you doing? Salsa. But I must say that you
perform Bhangra very well. And I’m sure you’ll
learn Salsa very soon. – Are you sure?
– I’m sure. Are you sure? 9 o’clock. Sharp. Are you sure? They call me an expert for a reason. Bilal, will our problems be solved? It was very difficult to convince
our families for our marriage. And we have this new problem now. Only seven days are left, Bilal. We will get married, won’t we? What is Sardarji up to? Mr. Jaggi. What’s this? I gave the Bhangra group
turbans along with ‘Laddus’. I’ve brought a dress for you. You’re my teacher now, ma’am. Thank you. Anyway, my dance class has some rules. Come on time,
learn dedicatedly and talk less. – What nonsense!
– What? Ma’am, the group isn’t here.
Where are the other students? They’ve joined Bhangra classes. They say Salsa is no fun. That’s a loss for us. We shouldn’t lose our customers. I’ll teach him Bhangra and you sing. We can benefit that way. Let’s start Salsa. Let’s learn Salsa today. You have to take four steps. One, two, three, four.
Four, three, two, one. Do this. Close your eyes. Assume a situation. Something that’s a routine. It helps the body form a rhythm. – I need to form a rhythm.
– Yes. – A routine.
– Yes. Here it is. Put the bike on gear,
release the clutch.. ..accelerate and brake. I get down and park the bike. – I’m playing with my key.
– What’s wrong? I cannot go pass
a girl standing alone. I must get down and offer her a lift. Stupid! Couldn’t you have
assumed a better situation? – Get out.
– Relax. Don’t be angry. I’m a villager.
This is how I understand. I have another idea. Hold the key. Okay, forget the key. You sing and I’ll perform Salsa.
Just wait and watch what happens. You cannot sing while
performing Salsa. I’ll have to do that as well? All right, let’s do it. Come on. “Don’t wear black slippers..” “..and go to the city.” “Look at your sway.” “It’ll drive people
crazy in the city.” Is it working? “I went to the market
to get something.” “My friends winked at
a girl who studies with me.” “She’s fair.” What are you doing? It’s a long song.
I’m making adjustments. “She’s fair.” “She’s beautiful.
My friends will entice her.” “She’s the one.
My friends will entice her.” “She’s the one.
My friends will entice her.” “She’s great!” Did, I manage to do Salsa? To heck with Salsa.
I was just being nice. Let’s try together. Let’s try together. This means, I’m not good enough. You will be. “Here we go.” You’re doing good. Come, let’s try again. Come. Have you lost your mind? Why did you run away from there? Women in the village
don’t let boys like you.. ..even stand next to their kids
or you might spoil their kids. And the girl was willingly
dancing with you here. Will you come down? – Don’t try to be Aladdin.
– Tell me. You’re concerned about the dance.
I was about to faint. Why would you faint?
What’s wrong with you? Don’t try to act smart. I’ve been through it,
so I know better. What did you go through? Tell me. I’m telling you. Listen. I went close to her. She came close to me. We made eye contact. Her hands were in mine. We held each other tightly. What are you doing? It’s Salsa. Will you let me finish? Tell me. Then, she took my hand.. – ..put it around her waist
and pulled me towards her. – Then? – I could feel her breaths.
– Then? Then I froze.
I don’t know what happened after that. Did she make you dance
on ice that you froze? You’re too much. You’ve never been this
close to a girl before. I have. I haven’t. I don’t get involved with girls. You don’t have to,
either, as you’re surrounded.. ghosts and witches all the time. Listen, love demands sacrifice. If you can’t make sacrifices,
then forget about Pinky. – You want me to forget Pindky.
– Yes. – You want me to forget my queen witch!
– Yes. I can even give my life for her! Master. I’m scared. If I don’t become
a ghost after death.. ..then, I might not see Pinky again. Be strong. I can sense that you will
be successful in attaining Pinky. – Are you sure?
– I’m sure. – Are you sure?
– I’m sure. – Are you sure?
– I don’t know. Oh, hi! I was waiting for you. I’m Shahina, your new Salsa trainer. Shall we start? Come. Hello! Hello, Jasmine! Hello! Hello! Don’t be under this illusion.. ..that you’re so pretty that
I’d go looking around for you! You think you’re stylish! God has blessed you with
a face to smile sometimes. Why do you sulk all the time? What are you doing here? This is my house. What are you doing here? This is not fair. You told me..’d quit after you’re
done teaching me Salsa. I know, but Shahina is a much
more experienced trainer than me. You want to learn Salsa, right?
Let her teach you. But I gifted you the dress
and ‘Laddus’, and not her. Don’t make me spend more. You train me. You’re my teacher now. What happened yesterday? You left the dance halfway and fled. Go ahead.
Make an excuse for that as well. You never tell the truth, do you? So? If you really want to know the truth.. I fled because.. I don’t know what happened..
I felt that way.. I.. Because I’ve never
touched a girl before. Oka. Let me get this straight. You ran away because you’ve
never touched a girl before! You’ve never touched a girl before! I’ve never touched a girl.. ..but I have touched witches before. You’re crazy. Funny crazy. You’re doing this for your girlfriend,
aren’t you? This is not what lovers do these days. But, I believe this
is how love should be. And if love is not like that.. ..then it’s not love at all. Anyway.. Are you sure? Come. Come. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. – Jaggi.
– What? Excuse me. Yes.. Get up. You’ll have to get up.
You’re on top of me. My clothes are wet. I’ll go change. Coffee? Yes, I’ll have some. Come in. I’ll be right back. – What’s going on?
– We’re having fun. It doesn’t seem like you’re
interested in learning Salsa. Stay away from my daughter,
or I’ll kill you. Let it go. Why are you after him? He seems to be a nice guy. Nice. Nice. Your father seems to be
a short-tempered man, Jasmine. He was short-tempered.
But how did you know? The fathers of beautiful daughters
are usually short-tempered. – So, where did you meet Lucy?
– Who’s Lucy? Lucy, your girlfriend.
Your Spanish girlfriend. – Actually, I call her Mithi.
– Mithi! – That’s so sweet!
– Yes. We met via Facebook. I was looking for my friend Lucky. I missed a ‘K’.
It was a spelling mistake. That’s how, I found Lucy. I forgot the world when, I met her. Where is Lucy? I wonder why,
I feel as if you only lie. – Are you sure?
– Yes. But I’m not lying.
I can even swear to God. No, that’s not what I meant. Actually, no one loves
their partner these days.. – much as you love Lucy.
– See. – Does Lucy love you a lot, too?
– Lucy! – She wears Punjabi dresses for me.
– Yes. She insists on covering
her head with a heavy veil, too. But, I asked her not to, as
she’s so delicate that she might fall. Lucy respects Punjab
and its people a lot. Why don’t you ask
her to learn Bhangra? She has a bad throat. She can’t learn. What has the throat
got to do with Bhangra? You need to scream
while performing Bhangra. It’s not easy to learn Bhangra. Bhangra can’t be learnt on counts. This is what you do in Bhangra. – How can she learn Bhangra?
– I’ll talk to Lucy. I think Salsa will
affect your relationship. No, don’t worry. I’ll learn
Salsa in minutes. Don’t worry. I don’t want.. ..such a beautiful relationship
to be ruined because of a dance. I want to meet Lucy. No, you’re getting serious now. I’ll talk to her. Why do you bother? I have to worry as it’s
not easy to teach you Salsa. I want to meet Lucy,
tonight, at 8 p.m. – Are you sure?
– I’m sure. I wear cheap vests, but I had
to choose a Spanish girlfriend. You did a great job, Jaggi. Hats off. – Hello, Bilal.
– Yes, Jaggi. I need a girl,
or your marriage is in trouble. What’s the matter?
Tell me what happened. Bilal, don’t ask questions. I need a Spanish girl by 8 p.m. tonight. Someone whose name is Lucy. Okay. Spanish. Done. I’m starving! – What have you cooked?
– No! We’ll eat together. Let Lucy come. Let me check if the spices are proper. I’ve checked it. It’s fine. Lucy. Lucy. – Hi!
– Hi, I’m Cindy, Sardarji’s girlfriend. – Oh, come in.
– Hi. Thanks. Here comes your girlfriend
wearing a Punjabi dress. My sweetheart! You said her name was Lucy. She says her name is Cindy. Her maternal name is Cindy. She’s so upset that she’s
changed her name to Cindy. My sweetheart was upset. My darling girlfriend! Get off me. I’m Sardarji’s girlfriend. I see. So, you want to play that game.
You’re so silly. I am Sardarji. I am Sardarji. – Oh! Yes..
– Yes. Okay. – Come, give me a hug.
– Darling.. She’s upset now. But, when she’s in a good mood.. ..she caresses me for
at least half an hour. – Girlfriend, let’s eat dinner.
– Oh, yes, let’s eat. Let’s eat. My Lucy is here. My Lucy is here. I’m starving! What nonsense. – What, darling?
– Eat, darling. Okay. So, Cindy, how do you
like Punjab and Punjabi people? Punjab! Oh, Punjab! Lots of things to see. Bhangra. Green fields. She’s calm now. Handsome men. Poor people. Hungry people. Is that a problem? – Drink some.
– No, my sweetheart will drink. My little,
delicate girlfriend will drink. So, Cindy,
would you like to live in England.. ..or would you move
to Punjab after marriage? Why the heck would,
I leave my country? Like, why? – Jaggi, let her talk.
– She’s not talking sense anyway. You’re drinking my
alcohol and humiliating me. Why are you asking
her so many questions? – She’s angry. Let her eat.
– Okay. Okay. I’ll feed her. – I.. Give her some rice.
– Wine.. Wine.. – Have some rice.
– Bottle.. Dal, some rice, mix.. Peas.. No.. No.. I can’t.. No.. I don’t like Indian food. Don’t you have pizza,
or chicken, or burritos, or like.. Jaggi, you told me
she likes Punjabi food. She’s very angry.
She’s not in a good mood. I’m sorry. I can’t do this. Don’t mind. Never mind. Let’s eat out tonight. Can, I tell you something? She’s not fit for you. Someone else is fit for me. “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.” “Stars twinkling in the night. “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.” “Stars twinkling in the night. “Your face, sweetheart,
makes me pine. “It makes me desire you.” “Your face, sweetheart,
makes me pine. “It makes me desire you.” “Everyone’s asleep..” “..and only you’re awake, sweetheart.” “Everyone’s asleep,
and only you’re awake sweetheart.” “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.
Stars twinkling in the night.” “Even the drops of rain..
ignite the fire.” “My cold body..
is melting away in this heat.” “Even the drops of rain..
ignite the fire.” “My cold body..
is melting away in this heat.” “The fire’s gone cold,
and you’ve turned into water.” “The fire’s gone cold,
and you’ve turned into water.” “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.” “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.” “Stars twinkling in the night. “Bangles tinkering around your wrist.” “Stars twinkling in the night. Lucy! Look, I was paid till 8 p.m.
Your time’s up. Hey, you paid till 8 p.m. I’ll tell you everything. You don’t have to say anything. Be brave. How can, I be brave! – Oh, God! Lucy, may you rot in hell!
– Jaggi! Jaggi, move your hand. Jaggi.. don’t cover your face.
It’s okay. It’s okay. I was feeling a little restless
for the past few days, Jasmine. I thought it was my blood pressure that
was fluctuating. It would be fine. But.. Oh, God! I didn’t know
my heart was signaling me, Jasmine. – Jasmine, I want to die.
– No.. Jasmine, call up the Sangralai,
I will die. – I will really die.
– Jaggi, get up. How can I have faith, Jasmine? Jaggi, get up. – Lucy! May you rot in hell, you witch!
– Jaggi, get up. Get up. It’s okay. – Should I get up?
– Don’t be disheartened. – Taxi.
– Come. Oh, God! – Sardarji, are you all right?
– Oh, God! – Oh, God!
– Sardarji. – Sardarji?
– Yes. – You added the ‘ji’, didn’t you?
– Yes. That’s important. Oh, God! You know what? There are
many more nice girls in the world. I’m sure you’ll soon
find a loving girl. Are you sure? I’m sure. Excuse me. – Can we get two Cokes, please?
– Two Cokes, sure. Two Cokes, table number five. Can, I get two rum and
Cokes for table nine? Lucy? The name doesn’t
sound that great. She doesn’t match your level. We could’ve met somewhere else,
Why call me here. Don’t mind, but can I say something? Punjabi boys are idiots. I mean, why did you have
to go crazy about that silly girl? It took me three hours
to cook all of that.. ..and that Lucy didn’t even taste it. Do you have an answer to that? Lucy was a drunkard. Tell me.
Do you have an answer to this? I do, but I can’t say it. How will you say it?
I’m sure you don’t have an answer. What nonsense! How can I answer you?
You didn’t leave any drinks for me. Where are you, waiter? Remember your questions. – You’ll get the answers in a while.
– Okay. – I need Coke.
– Hold on. – Hello, waiter.
– Vodka, rum, whiskey? Give me everything. Hello! Show me. Is that me? ‘You listen to me, people.’ ‘I don’t give a damn!’ ‘I’m going to live my life my way!’ Go back. ‘Ask me now.’ ‘Lucy didn’t eat because
she may not have liked the food.’ ‘Why should I be punished for her?’ ‘What do you think of yourself?’ ‘Salsa is no big deal for me!’ ‘Here you go! One, two, three, four.
Four, three, two, one.’ ‘Let me click a picture.’ Oh, no! We won’t take any more selfies. I’ll delete these. Bye. Bye. You can keep them. They were memories. He’s having an affair. Do
you think you can get married at all? Jaggi, only five days
are left for my wedding. And, my family doesn’t
feel like you can do it. Forget about your family.
What do you think? I feel that it’s only
you who can resolve this. I’ve given you my word. Have faith. I trust Sardarji’s word. – Hello, ma’am. Greetings.
– Greetings, Jaggi dear. Can you come home today?
It’s Pinky’s birthday. I called all her friends,
but everyone’s busy. – Even her cake is..
– Can, I come tomorrow? I have something
important to do today. I’ll come tomorrow for sure.
You take care. Okay, dear. Happy birthday. Ready. One, two, three, four! How do you like the arrangements? Someone has celebrated my
birthday after a very long time. Hold on. That’s not all. Come on! Stop! Stop! Stop! You can pay us a few pounds less,
but don’t scare us. Who are you talking to? What’s your problem?
They’ve been playing quietly, too. They are foreigners.
They won’t understand you anyway. I’m petrified. Please pay us and let us go. – How much do I have to pay you?
– 50 pounds. Here you are. Here are 50 rupees, too. You’re Punjabi. Be brave. I’m friends with the witch. Witch! Run! Run! Run! Run! How did you know
that it’s my birthday? They call me an expert for a reason. You overpaid him. He cheated you. Oh, my! You’re trying to save my
money just like a housewife does. Pinky, it’s been four years since you
died. Things are expensive these days. Nothing is so expensive. A mobile recharge costs 50,
Yet there’s no signal. A bottle of orange
juice costs Rs. 150.. – ..and two boiled eggs cost Rs. 15.
– What? Yes. Just plain, without chutney. The fares of mini
buses have increased.. ..and the government
doesn’t issue permits. There are no mini buses in England. Once Punjabis arrive here,
they’ll start. All you do is talk. What about the task
that I had given you to do? You were gone for three days.
I was waiting for you. Were you waiting for me or missing me? You’ve started again! I asked you to do something.
What about that? Why do you get angry, sweetheart?
I was busy doing that. Look. Look at this. – What’s this?
– Pictures. That’s all right,
but why are you so close to her? I was quite drunk. – And then?
– And then, I got high. – What’s this?
– I don’t remember what happened then. – Did you come here to do all this?
– Hold on. What’s wrong? After seeing these pictures,
I think this is what you intend to do. Why do, I feel like someone
is jealous in spite of being dead? How many candles? Do whatever you want.
Why do you ask me? Is 34 fine? – That’s too much.
– 28? All right, 16 is fine. Okay. As you wish. What? One thing’s for sure. Whether a girl or a witch, women
don’t want to reveal their real age. All right, let’s take a selfie. Forget about the picture. Cut the cake. No.. Sorry. Okay, tell me something. If I go to Punjab with you,
where will you take me? To the palace. Oh! You have a palace, too? – It’s bigger than this castle.
– Really? But, only two rooms have
roofs on them. The rest is open. And, what if you
fall for another witch? I have the queen witch.
Why would, I fall for someone else? What if you fall for a girl? Mission impossible. ‘You’re the apple of my eye.” ‘She got me my pension
before her death.’ Pinky! Jaggi, I called you a liar. But, I’ve hidden
the truth from you, too. Five years ago, there was a girl
who was famous all over in Birmingham. Pinky. The dance queen, Pinky. And then, she had a competitor,
and that was me, Jasmine. Of course,
it was very difficult to beat Pinky. So, I lost the first year. Pinky had a lot of fans. But it’s a rule of nature. New flowers blossom every year,
while the old ones wither. Gradually,
people started to like me, too. Pinky was worried about this. She knew who would win next year. Competition turned into hatred. ‘Competitions are won not by bragging,
but with the help of skills.’ ‘And you very well
know who is more skilled.’ ‘You lost last year.
You’ll lose this year as well.’ ‘Because there can only be one star,
and that’s me.’ ‘Yes, you are a star,
but a shooting star.’ – ‘Now you see me, now you don’t.’
– ‘Get off my face!’ ‘Don’t push me again!’ It was an accident. But, I feel guilty about it. I couldn’t apologize to anyone,
nor could, I ever forgive myself. I thought, I should at least
apologize to Pinky’s mother. But, I couldn’t muster the courage. I thought of killing myself,
but that wasn’t easy either. Pinky left.. ..and took along my life,
my happiness, my dancing, everything. Instead of suffering
like that each day.. ..I wish, I had died instead
of Pinky that day. Breathing alone is not called living. You know, Jaggi.. ..whoever I loved in life.. ..either left me, or I left them. People say, I’m so ill-fated
that my parents died because of me. – ‘Where are your parents?
– I have no one.’ ‘People abuse me.
They hit me. They torture me.’ ‘Did your parents
take your voice along!’ I thought.. life had come to a standstill. And then, you came. My life started to move on. I want to be honest with you. I love you a lot. But that doesn’t mean
I expect you to love me, too. But, I have the right to wait. ‘What if you fall for a girl?’ ‘Mission impossible.’ Go home and sleep if you’re sleepy. I’m not sleepy. You’re in love. Are you sure? Jasmine.. No. Jasmine.. I love you. Is that okay? Listen, this won’t help. Take this. Jasmine! Jasmine! My sweetheart! – Hello! Jasmine!
– Why did you flee earlier? – Are you drunk?
– What’s the matter, Jaggi? I haven’t been caught at the border.
Why are you interrogating me? I’ll answer your questions.
Let me speak first. Okay, I’m coming downstairs.
Come inside. Talk right here. I’m talking right here! – Move aside or you’ll fall.
– What? I wonder what nonsense he’s talking! – Jasmine, I need to talk to you.
– What is it? I don’t think I’ll be
able to say the whole thing. I’ll come straight to the conclusion.
Here you are. I’m in love with you. What? I love you. Hello, Jasmine. I don’t know
how it happened. I have no idea. I feel nervous. – But it’s done now..
– Jaggi. Jaggi! Jasmine, let me speak. When I close my eyes,
I see you with your hair open. When I open my eyes,
your hair is tied. I want to say something, too. I won’t spare you, Jasmine.
Won’t you let me finish? Hello, Jasmine. Hello. Jasmine, I’m hungry,
but I don’t feel like eating. I.. I’m sleepy,
but I can’t sleep, Jasmine. I used to drink milk and
I don’t know what I’m drinking now. The world seems beautiful now. I’m in love with you, Jasmine. Will you speak or do
you only want me to talk? I love you, too. Applaud now! Who do you keep talking to? Jasmine, I love you. I love you. I love you, Jasmine. I love you. And I love you. “I can’t sleep..” I’ve told you so many times
to knock before opening the bottle. I get sentimental sometimes. I was daydreaming. I’m very happy today, master. All the problems will be solved today. I’ll clear the misunderstanding
between Pinky and Jasmine. Bilal will get married. Do you.. ..have the courage to tell the truth? I’m going to Pinky. I’m not talking about Pinky.
I’m talking about Jasmine. Does she know why you’re here?
Why you were learning Salsa? Does Jasmine know that
Pinky had sent you to her? Does she know who you are? My dear Jaggi. I love you. I love you. Come. What’s the matter?
Are you in a bad mood? There’s something I need to tell you. What? I never had a Spanish girlfriend. I didn’t even know her name. The other day, when you were
leaving money for Pinky’s mom.. ..I had just left from
there after meeting her. Did you know Pinky? I know Pinky. Actually, this is what I do in Punjab. Bilal had called me up. I came to England because
Bilal was to get married. My job was to take
you inside the castle. Everything was going perfectly. And then? I fell in love. With you. Jasmine,
I know you’re very angry at me. But please don’t be quiet.
Scold me if you want to. If you wanted to get me killed.. ..then why did you pretend to love me? All you had to do
was ask me for my life. I wouldn’t have refused. This will be the last lie of my life. There is a difference
between lie and deceit, Jaggi. Please forgive me. Get out. Jasmine, I’ll set everything right. Get out! Dear, you lost your love
because you told the truth. Lying was better. Are you happy now? Jasmine had started to
smile after a very long time. I told you that this
boy wasn’t right for Jasmine. We’re dead. We can’t even help you. Come on, pack your
bags and go back to Punjab. Jaggi, are you all right? Don’t talk to me! Finally I was making a name for myself. I was singing love
songs and convinced the queen witch. But you told me that
I was in love with Jasmine. She left me. You knew, I don’t like humans. – Are you sure?
– Yes, I’m sure. As long as I was lying, she was
performing Salsa and Bhangra with me.. ..and clicking selfies with me. But when I told the truth,
she asked me to get lost. This is not how love is. Are you sure? – Jaggi.
– What? – Answer your phone.
– It’s my phone. I don’t wish to answer it. Don’t talk to me. I’m warning you. Hello. Jaggi.. Where are you? It’s my wedding day.
We’re waiting for you outside. Please tell us if we can go inside. Please, Jaggi. At least tell me
whether Pinky is inside or has left. Listen. Where is the Sardar? I think he’s concerned about
his marriage more than yours. Uncle! Who’s she? The wedding can’t happen now.
The witch has relatives. Jaggi, you won’t let us go inside.. ..but the girl you were
dancing with is going inside. Pinky. You wanted me here, right? Here, I am. You think,
I killed you to win the competition. But, I was never that selfish. Perhaps,
losing wouldn’t have pained me.. much as your death has. Stop giving false explanations. I died because of you. You have to die, too. Let’s go. I don’t think
the wedding is going to happen. To heck with the Sardar! Sardarji! – Sardarji. He’s here.
– He arrived in the nick of time. I know you want me dead. I’m ready. I’m ready, Pinky. I have no reason left to remain alive. I’m ready, Pinky. Hello! Stop! Move! Why are you in such a hurry to die? Why do you sympathize with her? Because she’s here for me. Is Pinky here? Who are you talking to? The one you were talking to.
Stand quietly. Jaggi, let her die. She killed me. She is not capable of killing anyone. I’ve found out everything.
She didn’t push you on purpose. – You fell by mistake.
– Please let me die, Jaggi. Everything will be fine once I die. Are you out of your mind!
Just stand quietly! Pinky, I’ve found out.
She is a very nice girl. Pinky, please forgive her. She couldn’t live in
peace after your death. She quit dancing. You love your mother the most,
don’t you? She sends money to
your mother every month. Yes. What? Have you forgiven her? All right, it’s sorted!
She has forgiven you. – Jasmine, Pinky has forgiven you.
– Jaggi, I haven’t forgiven her. You’re just assuming things. Thank God!
Now hug each other and finish it off. All right, don’t hug each other.
It’s over now. Jaggi, she killed me.
I haven’t forgiven her. Let me clear your misunderstanding. Come.. Come.. I’ve found out what happened that day. Look, Pinky was here
and Jasmine was here. Where was Jaggi? You weren’t there. Of course I wasn’t!
Stand quietly! Don’t confuse me! All this wouldn’t have happened if,
I was there. I’ll tell you what happened that day. This is Jasmine, and I’m Pinky. No, this is Pinky and I’m Jasmine. Pinky pushed Jasmine. Push me. You’re Pinky. And that’s why Jasmine pushed Pinky. She fell! I know she fell,
but it’s not her fault. – Jaggi!
– Hold on, let me finish. Stupid, Jasmine fell. Go and save her. Jaggi! Jaggi, please help me. You didn’t listen to me. You jumped. Jaggi, please save me. You said you wanted to die.
You were trying to be my heroine. Jaggi, if something happens to me,
I won’t spare you. – Don’t threaten me.
– Give me your hand. – Give me your hand.
– Hold my hand. The witch may not come out,
but the girl will lose her arm today. Jaggi, I hope Pinky has forgiven me. If the witches stop obeying me, then
my business will be shut. Come on. Oh, God!
Don’t let her die, Jaggi. I’m saving her.
And why are you so concerned? Is she your long lost relative? If she dies, then she’ll become
a witch and be my competitor again. Jaggi, I lost my grip. Women confuse me. First you told me that
you wanted to kill her.. ..and now you want me to save her. – Please.
– Don’t make me the bad guy. – Jaggi!
– Jaggi! Careful, brother. Jaggi! Jaggi! Jaggi! Jaggi! Brother. Jaggi, I’m losing grip.
I don’t want to die. Jasmeet, listen to me. Let go of me. You’ll die, but I’ll find you. No, no, no! Jasmine, my leg hurts.
I’m losing grip, too. Stop making faces. Use your powers. – Of what use is a witch?
– Yes. – That’s it?
– That’s it. Is that all you’ve got? You make some efforts, too.
I can’t do everything. – Jaggi!
– Hold on. Jaggi, please. I’m losing my grip. Be careful. Try to come up. Hold my hand. All right, Jasmine, Pinky, I’m going. – Bilal, listen! I’m dying!
– What are you saying? Take a few lakh pounds from
Bilal and let go of the castle. Send a few pounds to Chundi as well. He won’t survive without me. Donate some pounds to
the Gurudwara in the village. Jaggi, hold my hand, please. Come up. I bought some new turbans
which I haven’t even used. Give it to some needy. Stupid, he’ll be fine. Pull him up. Hold my hand. Hold my hand, please. Jaggi, please come up.
I have no one else but you. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Why are you crying? I’m fine. Sorry. You threw me out of your house,
didn’t you? I helped you today. Idiot. Shall we? Did Pinky forgive me? Sardarji? Yes! – He’s done it! – Mr. Bilal,
what are you saying about this? Did Sardarji complete the mission? Sardarji fulfilled his promise! – Sardarji..
– Sardarji.. Sardarji..Please tell us something.
How did you do it? How did you do it?
Tell us something. – Sardarji, please tell us something.
– Sardarji, please. – Tell us something.
– Sardarji, please tell us. – How did you do it? Tell us something.
– Sardarji, please tell us. Please say!
Please say something Sardarji. Please say something Sardarji. Please say something Sardarji. Have you forgotten something? Pindky. Pindky. Pindky. Hello, Pindky. What are you doing here? Leave. I will. Let me look first. I might never come
back to England again. I’m not talking about you.
I’m talking about myself. Why don’t you leave? – Why are you doing this?
– Why are you doing this? Why are you hiding your feelings? I have no feelings. And, I don’t need to hide them. If this is how ghosts behave with me,
then my business will be doomed. Ghosts and witches are
mere business for you, right? Nothing more than that. You don’t care about
anyone’s feelings. You’ve got what you wanted. You’re a witch for namesake. You behave just like any other girl. Stop beating around the bush. Can’t you simply say that
you feel like coming with me? You won’t take me along anyway. Are you sure? Jaggi! Jaggi, let go of me! Let go of me! Were you always this heavy or did you
put on weight after becoming a witch? Shut up! I’m going to teach you
a lesson in the village. – Very funny!
– Quiet. Photographs.. Don’t smile. – What happened?
– Please tell us. The ghost has been exorcised. Everything is under control. It’s clear.
It’s clear. The field is clear. Just waiting for the
arrival of Her Highness. – Sardarji has done it.
– Yes. Ladies and gentlemen.. – The Royal Highness.
– Highness? – Greetings, Sardarji.
– Greetings, aunt. Young man, you saved our honor. If there is anything
I can do for you? Anything. – Anything?
– Anything means anything. You took something from
us a long time ago. Return it. Oh, really? What is it? – The Kohinoor.
– Oh. Think about it, aunt. So, Richard. No, buddy. Dharmender Baksh. I’ve learnt a lot from you. Stop hiding your
face and go and dance. You’re the son-in-law of the family. Jaggi, you did it. She still talks weirdly. She’s pretty!
The queen witch is beautiful. The milk is lukewarm. It’s a steel glass.
We might burn our tongues. Here, you drink the first half. I can’t control myself.
Once I start drinking, I can’t stop. Why did Chundi keep it here? He’s trying to be
an interior decorator. So sweet! Drink it.
Drink milk to your heart’s content. What am I going to do now? You would run after me in England. Birthday celebrations,
pancakes, the band guys.. Everyone has to get married
and settle down eventually. I can’t be flirting all my life. Did you say something? I will drink the other half.
Leave some milk for me. – You’re not ashamed, are you?
– I’m not. I’m not a guest here. I’m the groom. Jaggi, I don’t understand
what you’re saying. Darling, these are romantic talks.
You’ll understand them gradually. – Okay.
– Go. Why should I go?
I’ll sit right here. Jaggi, take off my veil. Hold on, Jasmine. I will. We have all night. I’ll take you around
the village tomorrow morning. No. I feel homesick. Talk to me. “Every night in my dreams.” “I see you. I feel you.” Are you sure? Yes, I’m sure. Jasmine. Jasmine. Jasmine.. Are you sure? Pindky. Sweetheart. “My beloved looks beautiful.” “My beloved..” “My beloved looks beautiful.”

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