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Got the milk?
Yes. Pour it here. Go on. Enough?
Little more. okay?
All right. Hold this. Drink up. Bottoms up. I can’t.
Just 8 eggs. Don’t you want to be
a wrestler? Drink up. Very good. That’s a good boy. Thanks.
Shall we? Yes. Exhausted?
Yes. My stomach hurts. I can’t run anymore.
You take after your mom. Yes. Want to drink water?
Yes, father. My dear father.
You’ve grown heavy. Good day, mother. I have such a good son.
He’s bending over to greet me. He’s not. He has collapsed
due to sheer exhaustion. I beg your pardon?
He’s fainted. Good Lord! Why do you
make him jog in the mornings? Can’t you see how weak he’s grown? Get up. I’m getting a
tongue-lashing because of you. From tomorrow, he’ll only
accompany me to the temple. Yes, mother.
No need to run with him. I thought you too would join us. Why? I’ll depart with
the wish to see you slim. Now stop it. You need
an excuse to get started. Get on your way.
Chess waits for you. All right.
Good day, mother. Where are you going?
To work in the fields. Grab a bite first.
I’ll eat there. Harder.. May I ask you something?
Sure. How does one fall in love? What do you mean? You don’t fall for the face. It happens on its’ own. How did you fall for Muskaan? I didn’t realise when
I’d fallen for her. She looked into my eyes.
I looked deep into hers. Peace gripped the heart. And we were in love. Why are you crying? I matured three and a half years ago. I’ve been trying since then but
girls always address me as brother. If I look into their eyes,
they slap me. They consider me a bug. You’re laughing?
Was a girl, Mrignayani. I vividly recall her name. She looked hard at me.
I enjoyed that. She neither slapped me
nor addressed me as brother. I went there with my rickshaw. When I inquired,
I found she’s blind! You’re laughing? Not at all. Keep faith… Don’t name him else I’ll
press your neck not your back! For 3 1/2 years I’m ready for
Shanti but her Pop won’t let me! You’re still laughing. You care
about your body not my love. I wonder when Muskaan will come… Now talk to her. The bindi gleams… My bangles clamour… The pin on my nose twinkles I belong to you The bangles and nose pin
says I belong to you My beloved, I swear on you.. Adorn my hair with stars Your nose pin twinkles,
your bangles clamour… I belong to you You can’t hide what’s in your heart The eyes give everything away My heart keeps beating …when you hold my hand I lose myself.. …but I can’t forget you I wouldn’t want to live.. ..if I ever forgot you My dreams came true
I am ecstatic with joy I belong to you When the heart is in love.. …one is ill at ease But when it sets eyes on you.. It sees none other It’s not a matter of a few moments We are bonded for birth The name of your beloved
is written on your heart I’ll lay down my life and
give you my heart if you wish Why don’t you talk to your
parents about our wedding? Why do you want to
endanger my life? I’m terrified of my father.
-Why? Dear God Veera’s parents are
on their way, please save him. No need to be scared.
But I am… Talk to him..
Dad is here! Your parents are here… Talk to them of our marriage. Your Dad is here with your Mom. Good God! I’ve had it!
I’ll finish with my bath. Hold this. Who is that? Lallan.
Not him, who is the girl? She’s Pratap Singh’s daughter. Pratap Singh’s daughter? Sir? What’s wrong? If you have a daughter,
keep an eye on her! Keep her home! I don’t get it.
She’s dancing with my son. She’s romancing him! My daughter..? I beg your pardon.
I will punish her. No way. I’ll punish her! Such a punishment that
all her life, your daughter.. ..will cook for my son! I don’t follow.. Listen… I’ve come to ask the hand
of your daughter for my son. Is that true? You were nervous? Yes, I was. Dear God…
He’s calling for you. Come on. First ask him
whether he abused or shot him… You ask him. He’s asking for you. Me…
Don’t be scared. I’m with you. Is this your age to fall in love? No, father.
Then is it my age for love? Yes.
I’ve fixed your marriage. With Muskaan. You may eat dinner. Father… Very good choice. Your kids
will be more handsome than me. Moustache… What a moustache! They suit you. It’s for you. Your name is Veer.
You are a Thakur. And no moustache! Your Dad’s
moustache is so regal! Let’s see how you look. Take a look! Too much. Anything else?
Let’s buy something. How much?
Rs. 105. Fleecing us! Shorty! You short dwarf, get out! Don’t cross my path!
You @#$&*! In the fair? I’ll only take pictures with him. May I take a picture with her? With her?
You click with him. I’m different.
Why? Why don’t you marry her
if you want pictures? I’m leaving! I said, I’m leaving. I’m just a great fan of hers. Is anyone in the world
more beautiful than you? Sorry, I lied.
only for the moment. You’re a very lucky man. How come? Your daughter
will be my daughter-in-law. I am lucky but you’re very lucky. Because my daughter is coming
to your house as a bride. Tell you something? My girl
never looked at another man. You are blind. I’ve seen all.
What? Your daughter is walking hand in
hand with that mustachioed guy! That’s right.
Who is he!! How would I know?
I’ve never seen him. Last time! Father…
Who are you? What are you doing with
my daughter-in-law? What is it? He’s Veer.
I’m the apple of your eye. My son has no moustache. Here… Forgive me. I got confused. Who is the fool who
suggested this to you? It was Muskaan.
You told him? No, it was Lallan. What have I done? I acme to
say, the duel is beginning. And you got started right here! Salutations to all from Lallan. And a soldier’s salute from me. We have our favourite wrestler
Malhar Singh from Rajgarh! He is famous for never having
touched milk in a vessel. He drinks it straight
from the buffalo! And here is the favourite
from Junagarh..what’s his name? Hail Bajrangbali! Their wrestler looks strong. The body means nothing. one should be agile
and know the moves. Fight him. Throw him here. There he runs!
where are you going? Sir, I can’t fight him! Nervous?
He’s huge! He’ll kill me!
Taking his blessings. What a wrestler! Don’t show your backside.
one of you fight him. Chief, looks like Rajgarh
has bred only cowards. Accept defeat.
My wrestlers are cowards. I’ll fight him. Lallan!
Yes? Announce my name. What’s wrong with him? What are you doing? He’s huge.
Doesn’t matter. I’ll throw him down. Nothing will happen.
I’ll get back soon. Now comes the chief…
What’s his name? Now what will happen… Terrific!
That’s my son! Beat the shit out of him! Beat him black and blue! My son! No!! Veer, you were great! That was some combat!
Bravo! Bravo!
You were too much. Father, what is this? Just a little bruise. My son, you were really great. But how did you do this? I don’t know.
He hit my father. And I don’t know what happened to me. Tell me, where did
you learn to fight? A lion’s cub doesn’t
have to be taught to hunt. You eat well and fight well. Now I love you even more. Really?
What are you doing? Father…mother… Father… What’s wrong?
I’m afraid. May I sleep with you? Funny. You’re a Chief’s son
with a name like Veer. Fought a wrestler and scared
of the dark. Come and sleep. Yes, Veer too will come. of course, he’ll come.
He’s the one getting married. All right. Here, drink up. Mom specially sent it for you.
Eggnog without sugar. Why? Yesterday’s
duel proved you need it. Do you know who called? No, father.
Your father-in-law. What did he say? He said, come over for lunch
and get Veer along. Everyone wants to meet him.
So what did you say? I said, of course I’ll get him. But I won’t take you
unless you drink this milk. Father, tell me something.. What makes you the happiest? In your happiness.
Mine? My father’s happiness lies in mien? I would be happy
if you drank this milk. Son, who is getting married? The daughter of your best friend. With? With the apple of
your eye, your beloved son. With me.
Then who needs this more? Today it’s been proved
that you do not love me. Don’t ever say that.
Is that so? Mom told me grandpa would give you
almond milk before your wedding. What is this? You feed me
eggnog, that too without sugar! The hen tries to bite me. And the buffalo kicks me.
Is that true? Give this to me!
No father. I’ll take the kicks and bites. No, father…
I bind you by my promise! Then drink it, without sugar. Yesterday the wrestler defeated me
today my son defeated me. Drink up. Goodness me! I wonder how my son could drink it This is yucks! Look, your father, in
clothes fit for the stage.. …stormed into my house to ask
for my daughter’s hand in marriage. I tolerated that But now I want you to ask
me for my daughter’s hand. In front of everyone. Like a real Chief. Ask for it. No shame
in asking for her hand. I’ll ask on your behalf. Give us your right hand.
We want both hands. Go on, ask. Don’t ruin my name. What will the Punjabis say? Ask. Demand it if you don’t want
to ask. We can make demands. Ask. You mustn’t interfere. Sir, my father had asked you
for your daughter’s hand. Please give me that hand. There’s nothing regal in this boy. Look, son if you ask for my
girl’s hand in a regal style.. only then will I give in or…. Ask for it! What are you doing?
Do something! That’s something! Take her away! Did you see that?
The boy won her over! Have you no shame behaving
this way in front of parents? Then you stood up to
scream, ask for the hand! When you felt no shame,
why would l? You’re very naughty.
That I am. Tell me something, do you know
what happens after marriage? No.
You’re lying. Swear on my head. I can’t do that. That means you know. Tell me. Tell me…what happens.. A baby.
Baby..? How does a baby come? That I don’t know.
You are lying! Swear on my head! If I tell, you’ll feel
my character is bad. I know it. Is my character bad? That happens after marriage. What is marriage? Marriage…my philosophy is.. Marriage is when 2 hearts meet. When will our hearts meet?
Decades ago. This means we got married decades ago That is right.
Shall we have a baby? First let’s complete the formalities. All right. I’ll
control myself for now. For later.
Stop the naughty talk. I’ll show you something good. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yes but not more than you. I’m crazy about you, my sweet I love you, my sweetheart My love exists only for you I’m crazy about you, my sweet My love exists only for you Honey, my heart… …will never forget you The love of my life.. Never can I forget you I exist only for you, my love You reside in my heart …Iike a heartbeat My beloved you have no idea
how much I value you I’m crazy about you, my sweet My love exists only for you My beloved, I will never forget you It is love for you.. …that makes me forget myself This too is a craze.. …that gives me pleasure Isn’t he cute?
Yes, very. I’ve named him doggy. Such a lovely name.
I’ve thought of names for our kids. The girl will be named baby
and the son, baba. Such unusual names. The puffs have come.
Come and get them. Want to eat some?
If you feed me. Sure. Seen the round biscuits after
ages. Chomp them all up! Father!! Father! This dog will kill me! Father, help me! He’s biting me!
What is wrong? What’s wrong? Get up.
Father…! What’s the matter with you? That dog will kill me! He’ll kill me!
This dog?? It was an enormous dog.
There’s no big dog here. There’s only this puppy. Yesterday you defeated that
wrestler. Today you fear a pup You’ve shamed me in public.
Now stop it. what happened?
I saw a huge dog attacking me. There’s nothing. Go to the temple, pray to God. Everything will be all right. You guys are so lazy. Are you
getting the corn or fooling us? The salt and pepper has just come. I’ll light the coal, put them
in the stove which will burn.. Then cook the corn, rub salt
and pepper. Then you get it. Till then play with the horses.
Don’t chew my brains. Where were you? To the temple.
Why? I’d gone to the temple. What did you ask for?
Dad and Mom’s longevity. And for me..? I asked..
Lies. No, I swear by you. what?
Your eyes keep looking at me. And I look into your eyes.
And..? Your heart beats only for me. And mine beat for you. And..? And your lips touch mine… And my lips touch yours… Get away!
You lit the stove under the hive! Help!! Have you ever seen a Chief
run with tail between his legs? No.
Look at me. Dear God, protect my son. You forgot about me! oh yes, protect him too. What are you doing?
Father! The bees have attacked.
Run in diverse directions. Whoever is lucky is saved. My brave Veer,
I’ll run towards you. Your good luck is my good luck. Your bad luck is my bad luck. What? Deserting me so soon? only for this time. where is Veer? That way.
He went there. Did he run away from
the bees or the village? only for this time. Son, what’s wrong? Did the bees sting you? Don’t worry. I’m coming. Aren’t there any photographs of the
time between my childhood and youth? What are you asking? How do
these queries come to your mind? Your son is turning senile. Answer him. You know we don’t have a
good school in the village. So we sent you to a
boarding for education. If I knew you’d ask
such funny questions… I’d employ a photographer to
send your pictures every week. And we’d frame them.
You are too much! Then why can’t I recall anything? How can you recall? once you acme home in the vacations. You were playing on the terrace. All of a sudden, you fell down. There was barbed wire there. You were unconscious for days. We prayed hard.. Made all efforts… only then did you gain consciousness. But when you came around,
you had lost your memory. God only returned our son. Father… I see strange visions. Today I saw a man
resembling me, running. what?
Yes. He looked exactly like me. And he was running in front of me. I’ve heard elders say… If somebody has seen
death from close quarters… They recall their previous birth. Don’t strain your mind. Chiefs shouldn’t think much. They get a headache.
Come here, to me. I’ll massage you well
and you’ll be fine. Will you tell me how
I lost my memory? That’s all? You’re
worried about this? It was my 16th spring. And the first one with you. We’d gone to see a film. We came out after the film. Singing the film’s hit song. Hand in hand, eyes locked.. In the meantime,
a ruffian pinched me! I yelled! That’s it. You couldn’t keep shut. You took off. The ruffian’s friend came by,
with a huge stick in hand. I pleaded, to spare Veer.
I was sorry. Kiss me if you want. Pinch me if that’s what you want.
Not once but twice! He paid no heed and
bashed you on the head! Since then you’re in this state. I don’t believe your story. Why not? Am I a liar? Am I making this up?
Then swear by me! I don’t swear for petty matters. It maybe petty for you.
Means a lot to me. I see a man resembling
me run in front of me. Is that insignificant? I feel this is about ghosts. Take my advice and
accompany me to this sage… In a nearby village.
He is very sagacious. Let’s consult him.
Everything will be fine. We don’t need no sages or phonies! Don’t listen to her!
She’ll make all of us cry What do people call you? What do they say? Shorty, dwarf… Do you like it? No, I don’t. So who needs the sage the most? Who?
You. Go to him, you will gain
height. Who will you get? Let’s go. Sire, difficulties.. The body has been grievously hurt. Shanti (peace..) Shanti is the answer to everything. Her parents have refused
to allow us to get married. Hence there’s no peace in my life. Quiet. I don’t mean her. By Shanti I mean stability. It’s been three and a half
years since I became a youth. But the height doesn’t
grow beyond 4 1/2 feet! That is obvious. But the reason? For the first 13 years,
I gained height. Then I grew only in age. The answer to your problem
wanders somewhere around here. Here…found! It’s slightly difficult.
Will you be able to do it? Definitely. Release the fingers from the fist. What are you doing?
Get away! Yours, not mine! Get back!
From where? God thinks before giving height. He is short on brains too. Shorty! This is Veer.
And I’m a fakir. A line carved in stone.
What is the problem? He dreams when he’s awake. Why not? Sapna is so
beautiful. He must look at her. No, she’s Muskaan, not Sapna. I am a sage. How are you? What is the problem?
He sees strange visions. Yesterday he saw a man resembling him I get it. I understand the entire story! It’s a case of rebirth.
of twin brothers. Brother!! Don’t turn, Karan! I’m Arjun.
March, April and June! Mother misses you a lot! Don’t go. Thakur Durjan Singh killed us. Do you remember?
Mother weeps to this day She fights with the
goddess and tells her.. Mother, you too are a mother. Return my sons to me. She weeps a lot! Even today she rides a bullock
cart to the mustard fields.. How did you forget the yellow flowers? We’d ride in the bullock cart. She sings… This is a bond of love A relation of many births He’s the Thakur’s only son. He has no brothers. I’m talking about rebirth
not in this birth. Did I say anything?
I’ll throw this skull at you! I know the problem. Place 1000 bucks here. The answer
will be found after difficulties. I have to go far. It will cost 4000 bucks. But I’ll charge you only 3000. Special discount. Don’t worry about plows.
I’ll get 50 from the village. Here…
This is my teacher’s skull. Good day to him too. order Shiva’s ash. Good day.
Where had you gone? Live long.
Strange news. It’s a topic of joy. All our problems have been solved. Henceforth Veer has no
difficulties in this birth. There’s a little problem of
rebirth and some of memory. The sage is finding the other answers What sage? Don’t you know him? He hasn’t heard about the sage! The sage is one of his own kind. Now you don’t ever need
to approach a witch doctor. The sage has the cure for
the problem of short temper. He is also treating
me for height gain. Within a year, you’ll see me
plucking mangoes without a stick. Shut up! How dare you take my
son to some fraud sage! I didn’t take him… Veer, did he take you to some sage? It’s not my fault.
I was taken by… Lallan took me there. Why are you lying? Tell father the truth.
Tell me.. Did you lose your senses? Why did you take Veer there? I couldn’t help myself.
I simply followed Veer. I see. Listen..
Yes sir? There’s nothing wrong with my son
He’s hale and hearty. There’s no need to take
him to anyone for treatment. Now escort Muskaan home. Right. Go along, dear.
Goodbye. Why did you get me in trouble?
You wanted to gain height.. What’s the matter?
Don’t you trust your father? …that you go to frauds? I say, you’re fine. Henceforth you needn’t go to anyone. All right, father.
Want to play chess? First I’ll meet mom.
Right. Father seems to be furious. Don’t’ you worry. What’s this?
I was in the army. I was wounded by the enemy bullet. It’s left this mark. Father.. If that’s a bullet scar,
what are these? Got taken in by his words? He was in the army but
ask him what he did. Tell my son. I was in the army but
I worked in the kitchen. I got hurt by a wire. Wire wound doesn’t sound great
Bullet wound sounds better. Barbed wire?
Yes. How long will you stand
naked before your father? Wear something.
okay, I’ll wear my shirt. We’ve always tried… ..that all the backward villages.. …keep pace with the country
and tread the path of progress. ..and make progress. I am very glad to announce.. We have been successful
in all our endeavors. I promise… Muskaan greets the Veer
(brave) of this village. Come, sit by my side. This is your Chief Minister. And I’m your Home Minister. He’ll give you tears
and I’ll give you smiles. He’ll drop you in 7 minutes. I won’t leave you for
the next 7 incarnations. He changes his words. But I will keep my every word. He will destroy your home! But I will build you a home. Do you understand?
He’s a terrible man. Chief Minister Sir!! He will shoot you!! He’ll shoot you! He’ll shoot you! He’ll shoot you! From there…
From where? There’s nothing there! Who is he? Is this a joke? Sir, he’s my son. He’s been unwell.
He sees visions. Please forgive him. All right, take him away.
Keep him under control. You know me since childhood
Yes. Then why does this happen to me? Don’t’ worry, you’re fine
Nothing is wrong with you. Do you know how I lost my memory? Tell me if you know. Swear to tell me.
Don’t make me promise. You’ll wonder at making a mountain
out of a mouse, a dead one at that! Still..
Tell you right away. one day you acme to me.. ..and said, let’s go to the
woods to look for Shanti(peace) I thought you meant my Shanti. I looked neither left nor
right and wet off with you. We didn’t see Shanti but
we came across a bear. We were alone with the bear. I lost my senses when the
bear wildly lunged at me! I climbed up a tree. I left your side for that moment. But you are brave and
got ready to confront it. You are lying. No, hear the full story. For a long time, you
fought an exciting duel. You were clasped together
and the bear whacked you. Listen…he did hit you. That is why you’re in this state. Why don’t you trust us? Don’t ask me such questions. It hurts me. Don’t delve into the past.
There’s no point. We love you as you are. You’re a nice man. Why are you crying? Yes? Are you stupid? These are tears of joy. Is that so? I was worried. I want to say something to you. Yes? I also love you. Shall I say something else?
Yes. I’m like a coconut. What?
Yes. Hard on the exterior, soft inside. My heart is very soft. I too am the same. My body is tough but
my heart is soft. I know it, silly.
That is why I love you. I’ve accepted you as
my husband from the heart. Now on it is my duty to serve you. And your duty is to protect me. Don’t ever leave me. I’ll keep you very happy. You too must never leave me. I won’t be able to live without you. Can’t live… What are you doing? Son, I know what you’re doing. And I’m very happy. May God keep you happy. Henna adorns my palms Anklets on my feet Henna adorns my palms Anklets on my feet Carry me away Carry the dancing girl away Carry the dancing girl away God gave me this opportunity
everybody has accepted us God gave me this opportunity
everybody has accepted us Carry the girl away Carry the dancing girl away You won’t get this golden
chance to fulfill your dreams The family gets together
and welcomes the guests It’s an auspicious moment It’s an auspicious moment of dreams coming true Carry the girl away She’ll be my bride when
stars shine in her hair We’ll steal the moon
covering her with a scarf Do not delay, my beloved Hold my hand Carry the girl away Carry the dancing girl away Your beloved is here Tie your hair You must obey me
I must test you Don’t scorn me
Take my palanquin My pals play music
ready to carry you away God gave us this opportunity
the family has accepted us God gave us this opportunity
the family has accepted us Carry the girl away Carry the dancing girl away Carry the dancing girl away Leave him!
Who are these men? Why are you beating me up?
What have I done to you? Pig! You think you’re smart? We, in Mumbai thought you’d died. But I’ve never been to Mumbai.. Doesn’t matter but you came from there Since when are you here?
.Never came to see your brother Brother…Father, what’s going on? Who are you? Check that it is him. You are mistaken.
He is my son! So you’re his father? I’ll first deal with you.
Yes, do that! Leave him! No!! Take a look at how your
wife looks as a widow. Wipe out the vermilion. Don’t touch her!
No…! The way you bashed them!
Gave me a thrill… It’s me, Lallan. Your…pal… Put this away. Might hurt..
No, my son! Father… Who were these men and
why did they want to kill me? And what did they mean by Mumbai? Mother, you tell me..
I don’t know, my son. Your eyes tell me that
you all are lying. What is the secret.. What is the secret that
you refuse to tell me? Please tell me..
what is the truth? What are you saying? No, it is time to tell him the truth. You are not my son. What..? Father, what are you saying? Am I not your son? Mother, listen to father He says I’m not your son. Father, you lie! Father, you are lying. If this was the truth,
why did you have to tell me? I don’t want to know it. Who am l…if not your son? And who is Veer?
I’ll tell you. We had a son, Veer.
Mother, father..! Veer is home! How did you land up
without any intimation? Surprise. I got leave
and came running. And here’s another surprise. What is this?
It’s a 3-in-1 Throw away your old
radio and keep this. These new articles look good
but it’s difficult to play them. Not at all. It’s very easy. Take a look. This is the
tape recorder, this the CD.. And here is the radio. An important message. War has been declared. All the
soldiers on leave are requested.. …to report to their regiment. If you had to leave so soon… Why did you come? I’ll return after
winning the Kargil war. I’ll stay for long then.
I haven’t even looked at you properly Mother, like you my
country too is my mother. It is my duty to protect her too. Bless me that I return successful. When you return,
I’ll treat the village! And throw a grand party! But leave fast or your
mother will start crying. Listen my son… Kill a couple of enemies
and add them to my account. You kept asking, why
you couldn’t’ recall a thing You had 5 bullet wounds. You were unconscious for 8 months. Your mother wouldn’t leave
you alone for a minute. When you gained consciousness… You had amnesia. But the moment you came round.. you held my hand and said… …mother… I felt I’d got my son back. Your love made us so selfish.. So very selfish… We didn’t tell you the truth. We were scared. When you found the
truth, you’d leave us. Son, forgive us. Father, don’t’ say that! Consider us your own and forgive us. I am only sorry… Why aren’t you my real parents? You’ve given me so much of love.. No parent could love
their own son so much. Don’t cry… You are our own son. We may have told you the secret But don’t ever think
our love will change. Never… Father…mother… If you permit me..I’d like
to go to Mumbai for a few days. I will accompany you. No, father.. This is my battle. Let me fight it alone. Come back soon, my son. And bring back our other son.
Yes. okay?
Yes. What did you tell me? A bear hit me Yes. Take care… Walk on the right side. There are many cars there
and do find your brother. And come back soon! Veer, I’ll go with you. Not this time. And you told me, hoodlums hit me I was lying. You have only 5 wounds. Now I know.. Why are you shedding tears? I am terrified.. of what? Suppose you had a girl
in your old life..? That’s your bad luck
and my good luck. I will never forget you. Suppose he doesn’t return? No, father. I will return. I will return. Don’t fear. our son will return. He will return. First read my palm.
First the offering. Don’t be offended but I see
everything twisted without it. That’s true. Here. You are blessed. Some stars are favourable. While others bring misfortune. There is a possibility of
finding hidden treasure. Hold a plow.
It will benefit you. I don’t have one.
Run to Howrah and buy it. Drunk, slip away without delay. Lines of the palm but most
important is filmdom’s Rekha. Ticket?
You’re asking for the ticket? Son, you’re going to get
the ticket very soon. What ticket?
You are fated to be a minister. Rail minister.
What? Why are you going to
Bombay? Go to Delhi. The empty chair calls out to you. Are you saying the truth?
Liars think I lie. Think big and fight the elections. Throw away this coat
and wear a hand loom shirt. Will I become a minister? Take it off.
I’ll fight the elections! Will I make it?
You’re made. Praise the sage.
Thanks to Rekha. Save me… The seer can look at
a face and guess the name. Ask him if his name isn’t Veer He’s coming from his
village, Rajgarh. You came across a fraud
sage in the village? How is Muskaan? Going to Mumbai to
look for your brother? Don’t get conned by the phonies. Take the Lord’s name and carry on. Go on. Everything will be fine. Lines of the palm, pretty
Rekha and standing Rekha… Brother!! Hey…! Want to die?
Can’t you see? That’s my purse! Stop!
Catch him! Boss!! Idiot! Made me forget..
Swiped a good hand? Yes but the guy is chasing me. Don’t worry. Let the jerk come. There he comes.
Whose purse have you whacked? Whose purse have you whacked? Ass! Return his purse Boss, he made a mistake. He’s new to the business.
He doesn’t know me? But you do. Who doesn’t know you?
Who am l? What..?
Who am l? What are you saying..? You tell me, do you know me? If I did, I wouldn’t
pinch your wallet. But I know my boss only
fears two kinds of men. The cops or the hoods. And you’re one of the two. What’s wrong with you? My heart is pounding Why is that so? I have no idea What has made it so? I don’t know what the matter is The heart beats faster It’s almost stopped beating What about the breath? They are not in my control What has happened? Are you in love? What is wrong with you? It’s so difficult to hide Even more difficult is expressing.. But never hide what’s in your heart I’d like to express it but.. But I can’t say a word May God save you from.. ..what you’re suffering from The cure for it.. There’s no cure at all Now what will happen? I have no idea What has happened? I wonder what’s wrong with me? What is wrong with you? My beloved, feelings of the heart.. Unless you express them to me… You’ll be tormented all your life What stage of life is this? I lose myself I have no idea where I am Inquire about your heart My heart is not with me It is now yours
what do I do? I am in love I am in love with you I am in love with you Is there anything inside? My boss fears either the
cops or the other hoods. You are one of either. Protect my son. Allah, you’ve reminded me
of my religious identity. Now remind me of who I am. I am your faithful. Protect me. Brother Ali! My brother Ali! Brother..
Do you know me? What?
Do you know me? My brother is in some difficulty. If you know me, you
probably know my brother too. Tell me where he is. And in what difficulty.
I’d told you not to send me away. You’ll forget me. What are you saying?
I don’t recall a thing. Somebody call an ambulance! It’s of no use. Nothing around here is like before. Go away from here. Go away! Forget that…
You ever had a brother.. Move out of the way! Excuse me, where’s this place?
It’s in.. Where is it? Please tell me..
It… Where is it? Stop it, Tyson! Do you know me? I don’t remember anything. Baby, tell me who I am. Take me home Sir, he’s come to the neighbourhood. Friends, it gives me great
pleasure to announce the winners. on number 3 is Uday Raghavan. Inder Saxena is second. Congratulations.
Thank you. As usual this year too
the first prize is awarded to… Mr. Ali! Who are your lovely
eyes searching for? There is somebody. Tell me… Who taught you to shoot? The one who taught me to love. Then how did you miss? I didn’t miss. The one I love is in my arms. In my heart. In my life. And will always remain there. Amen to that. Say it once…
what? that you love me Isn’t it understood? It feels great when you say it. I love you very much. Very much… I love you a lot. What about you? Much more than that. Much much more… I pray that nobody
casts an evil eye on them. Don’t they make a great couple? Uncle Rahim looks so happy. I’ve been waiting for you. Good day uncle. Good day and best wishes.
Thank you, my dear. Congratulations.
Thanks. why are you late? We had a shooting competition. I know the rest. Ali must have
won first and you the second prize. That’s always the case. It happens every year.
Yes but not next year. Really?
When will next year come? Why are you giving me
last year’s bill? I haven’t eaten or drunk
anything as yet. Fear Allah. Cable uncle, new rules
for the new place. The old accounts are being
closed. Pay up the old bills. Good God! You talk like a foe. will the first day of your hotel
be the last day of our friendship? Did I ever talk to you of money? I gave you a cable connection in
that rotten slum. Did I ask for cash? I also gave you a cable
connection in this swanky hotel. Did I ask for payment? Clear my payments too. Sure, I’ll pay you
Rs. 100 per month. You pay me for the food. You’re a real funny man. Can’t you take a joke? May God grant you the
intellect. Answer me… What sorrows do you have?
You have neither wife.. You don’t even have children. Why do you need the money? of course I have a family. I have this large family.
There’s Ali and Mehak… There’s Azaan and lnder
Aren’t they family? May God look after your family. May God give some sense to Ali
so that he gets married. And they have kids
so my family grows. Ali with brains? Difficult. If Ali had the sense,
he wouldn’t spoil his brother. He’d send him to a boarding. Why do you want to educate
him and make him small? Send him to me. I’ll teach
him the cable business. He’ll make it big. Call for you.
Ask him to call later. It is somebody very rude. May l..?
No, must be a childhood pal. I have no enemies. Who is that? You must have read in the papers… Seen on TV, there’s so much
problem regarding the underworld. There’s no cure to all the hoods
and shooters of the underworld. The only answer is to kill them. If they stay alive,
they will sully society. when the police does this,
social welfare organisations.. Human Rights Commission
create such a ruckus. They say police is pitiless. Not one person is willing
to testify against them. As a result, they get away. And everyone accuses the
police of being corrupt. But why are you telling us this? And what can we do for you? The law that has tied
the hands of the police.. The same law gives them
the freedom to do anything. That is why I’ve made a secret
plan with the Home Minister. We’ll look for sharpshooters. They will kill the underworld
hoodlums for the police. The news leaked will be that
they died in underworld wars. I’ve picked both of you for this. Because both of you have
won rewards for shooting. You will be paid Rs. 25000
for every hood you kill. Sir, we shoot targets. We can’t take a life. Sir, this bloodshed which
might result in loss of life.. Forgive us. Sir, we can’t do it.. May we take leave? Please.. Bye sir. Good day to you This is the message of ld Good day to you This is the message of ld It’s the festival of ld A festival of joy Id is a festival of joys Neither yours nor mine
everyone celebrates it It’s a message of love Wish you a happy ld Whether it’s Rehman
or my brother Ram.. We greet Hindus,
Sikhs and Muslims Let love be the religion Let not the festival
lose its’ meaning It’s ld Everyone celebrates it Anyone who understands love.. …is friends with everyone Without love, nothing exists Love makes the world go round Let’s embrace on this
day and thank the good Lord Let’s embrace on this
day and thank the good Lord Forget fights and embrace all Do I lie? Leave the hostel, pick up
your bags and come home. Just like that?
Without getting married? What will everyone say?
That they love each other. Can’t wait till they get married. Terrific. I have to stay
with you after marriage. So come over. Be serious sometime. I’m very serious. Tell me one thing. Why did the
commissioner come that day? He wants lnder and me to kill
the underworld hoods for the police. Are both of you mad? Is that some job?
We turned him down. Swear by me.
I swear on your pretty head. Now let’s go to uncle’s because
Munna and lnder are waiting. Let them wait a little. Why?
Simply.. Shall I ask you something? What you just said… I did refuse.. About marriage… No decision can be taken hungry. Come on, I’ll feed you! Tell me… Like you I too want
to earn lots of money. Why do you always think of money? Those who have it don’t appreciate it only those who don’t
possess it, know it’s value. Ali too doesn’t have it.
That’s the problem. Ali is the only man in this
century who doesn’t care for money. Good day uncle.
Come, my son. Good news. Be happy.
Good day uncle. We’ve decided to get married.
Good. Who are these..? Times are bad. You’ve seen since you were
kids when I used to hawk food. I’ve slogged to reach here. I bought this hotel
when I got a call. Pay up Rs. 5 lakhs
or we’ll kill you. Don’t worry, I spoke to the
commissioner who provided security. But this is very risky. Risk…
I’m getting cold feet. Please take care. That is why I have this security. Life is more important. Pay them. I don’t have that kind of money
I wouldn’t pay even if I had it. It’s a crime to bow to crime. I’ll donate my wealth
but never give them! That is right but..
What have I taught you? Honour, humiliation, death.. Everything is in His hands. Everything happens for the best. The food is delicious.
Look, Azaan is waiting for you. Come on…come. Forget that tension. I have good news. Munna has got admission! He has got admission
to the boarding school. Submit the form.
I’ve paid the money. Uncle, you’re always helping us. We eat your food. We live in your home.
Son, I’m a businessman. I don’t do losing deals.
I stand to gain here too. What could you possibly gain? You have no parents.
I have no offspring. So I stand to benefit. Forgotten your manners?
Thank uncle. Uncle..
My child.. Study hard. sit and eat. Good day, uncle. Good day to you too, son. Come in. What will you eat?
I haven’t come to eat. But to give you something. Uncle! Let’s leave. Uncle…
Uncle! Uncle, get up.. No!! They killed uncle! Brother, they killed him! They are getting away! Nab them! Get up, they killed him! They killed uncle!
He was like our father. We lived off him!
He helped us so much. Don’t do a thing! Wear bangles and stay home!
Why do you work your muscles? You can do nothing.
You’re like a woman! Don’t lift a finger!
Don’t talk like this.. Uncle! He is right!
Dear God, help me! Uncle forgive me. Leave him…
Shoot. No… Why did you kill them? Didn’t you see how mercilessly
they killed our uncle? Also your police guard. what was his fault? That he
didn’t want to pay the hoods? We couldn’t bear it.
I see.. who were they? They had
killed at least 10 innocents. And you are saddened by
one Rahim uncle’s death. god knows how many Rahim’s
die at their hands daily. The other day this is
what I explained to you. Then you didn’t realise. Anyway I still want
you to work for me I’ll sort out what happened. oh yes..the money for the killing. Here..
No sir. We won’t take money for this. He was our guardian. We lost our parents early. Then uncle… Now only we are left. I don’t want to lose anyone. Study hard and take care. Brother, I’ll be away from you.. You might forget me. What did I just say?
Don’t say that. Take care. May God look after you. Go…now go. Think it over again. I am terrified. I too am petrified. I have decided. Forgive us, Allah. We’re doing the right thing. Both of you were excellent. I’m really very happy. Here are Rs. 25000 for
each of you. Thank you sir. And another 25000 each from my side. That’s not necessary.
No, please.. Thank you sir.
Enjoy your new year. Why does your bangle peal? Why does your bindi glimmer? Why does your bangle peal?
Why does your bindi glimmer? Why does your anklet peal
and your bracelet dangle? My bangle and my make up.. My bangle, make up,
bracelet and anklet.. I’ve lost my senses since
I found you, my beloved Why does your bangle peal?
Why does your bindi glimmer? It happens when we’re young The bracelet dangles
and the bangles peal The silly guy says
love doesn’t understand Youth is useless without love God meant us to be together My bangles.. How will you live without me? Who will be your love? Who knows what tomorrow brings? How will you survive all alone? How will you live? I will die I will do something I will die or do something If ever you leave me If ever you leave me I’d give up everything for you My beautiful princess,
I’d give up everything for you I’d give up my life for you Congratulations,
compliments and best wishes. Ali, you are very intelligent. Tell me what this is. I have no clue. A camera in our country.. …that made the wagers of
cricket bets weep tears. And created a stir in lndia. But what do we do with it? You’re a kid. Ali will understand. Unfaithful men like in our area. They are not faithful
to their wives. So we’ll sell this camera
to these feeble women. It will take their films.
They’ll thrash them in the night. Why are you involving us? Believe me. There’s a
lot of profit in this. May I keep it? My girl, do you doubt Ali? No, I trust him completely. I want to see how it works. Keep it. I’ll deduct the
money from Ali’s salary. Anyway you are my first client. Done.
Best of luck. Don’t you trust me? I trust you more than myself. Then why do you need this?
Both of you will use it. Whatever transpires between
you and the commissioner.. Start recording it. You never know there might
be a problem in the future. What evidence do you have? That you were following
the commissioner’s orders. That’s what this is for.
Thank you. He is a good man. He can be trusted. Mehak is right. Can’t trust anyone these days. Thank you. Please…? This time you’ll be paid
5 million for shooting a man. 5 million?
Who is he? The Honourable Chief Minister. That’s right.
Why do you want us killed? What’s our fault? And why do we need that much money? Because we’ll then be hanged.
No, your life will be made. But why do you want
the Chief Minister dead? I don’t want it.
He wants himself dead. There are other ways to die. Let him consume poison, hang
himself, jump off the building. Lie on the tracks. Why does he
want to die and bump us off to? only he can say that.
Come with me. Is the camera on? This is the honourable chief minister And that is the
Home minister, Sadanand Patil. Sir, like I told you
this is Ali and he is lnder. I see… The job I’ve called you here
for is very confidential. News shouldn’t leak out. Thanks for considering
us worthy of your trust. Sir, tell us, we won’t leak it. We have intelligence
reports saying that.. …our position in the public.. ..that anything is possible. We might win or we might lose. If we lose, evidently.. The opposition forms the government. And you know what will
happen if they come to power. What will happen to this state? You know, whatever I might be
I’ve worked very hard for the state. For my efforts to bring fruit.. It is imperative
I stay in power. Excuse me, sir but
how can we help? You will shoot at me.
And I won’t die. Yes because I’ll be
wearing a bulletproof jacket. And the news that will be
let out on TV, papers… Life-threatening attack on CM. I’ll get the public sympathy. And our party will
win with a majority. But this is dangerous. You might lose your life. what is he saying? The
commissioner says you never miss. Sir, it’s different
shooting at criminals. You are a good man. Accidentally…sir I can’t do this. Indirectly you’ll be serving
the public by doing this. And you’ll be paid
Rs. 10 lakhs for it. 10 lakhs! Sir, we’re ready for it.
No sir. It’s very risky. We’re ready.
What are you saying? Are you mad?
Have you ever missed? And you’re being paid
for not killing a man! Rs. 10 lakhs! We’re ready. Will we get 10 lakhs?
Yes. Definitely. The commissioner will instruct you. Take them and explain the
plan, place and timing. Come along.
Good day sir. You’ll shoot at me and I won’t die. Take them and explain the
plan, place and timing. What are you guys doing? Nothing.
Are you out of your mind? Will you shoot the Chief Minister?
Who is killing him? Are you mad? Sit here. I don’t want to sit.
Since you started this… I’m always worried.
God knows what might happen. The Chief Minister!
Mehak, sit down. Look, we’re doing no wrong. This is for public welfare. What good will it do to
kill the Chief Minister? You’ll go to the gallows! We’re not killing him. He’ll
be wearing a bulletproof jacket. I just have to shoot at his chest. You have lost your mind! What if you miss? Has he ever missed? Don’t be afraid.
We’ve planned well. There’s nothing to worry about.
We’ll be paid 10 lakhs. Listen to the plan. You’ll wait for us at VT station. We’ll get there on
finishing the job. Then we’ll go to Kulu Manali. And get married there. Take care… Very carefully. Know what Ali did?
He shot the Chief Minister! No!!! No!!!!
Brother! My child… Allah! Why did this happen? How did this happen? My baby… May Allah protect you. May Allah pardon me. I couldn’t recognise you. It will take half an
hour to prepare the papers. You may wait outside. Veer! My son, where are you? Father…
My son.. What is the matter? Your son and my brother
that I had come in search of.. Now he has no pain. No pain… He is no more. My son, I feel your pain. My soldier son too is there.
He’ll look after his little brother. He’ll love him a lot. And listen..Yes father?
Don’t cry. Yes.. They initiated the war. You must end it. Yes, father.
Don’t spare them. Yes father.
My son… Where are you?
I’ll come there. I’m missing you a lot. I want to meet you. I’ll come…
No father… Why did this happen? Somebody shot Azaan in front of me. And I couldn’t’ even recognise him. Because I couldn’t
remember anything for 3 years. I can never forgive myself. Never…! No Ali. Don’t punish yourself. Don’t punish yourself. Don’t you want to see Munna happy? I do. He is much happier where
he is than we are here. All your life you
took good care of him. Now God wants him to look after you. And if you torment yourself… It will hurt him too. No…
He will be hurt. I don’t want to hurt him. I won’t… I am married. To whom?
To me. What could I do? Do you know what she
went through after you left? How the police tortured her. They would keep her in the
crime branch all day long. They’d misbehave with her. They’d ask, where is your lover? He shot the Chief Minister
and ran away. No, I didn’t shoot him. I know that. I know. She was thrown out of the hostel. Nobody wanted to keep her. She wanted to commit suicide. So I gave her my support. You did the right thing. Right. But where were you all these years? 3 years ago I was found
in the river in Rajgarh. I remembered nothing. I found father, mother.. And a girl… …whom I’m engaged to.. I came here… Why did this happen? I came here for Azaan. I came for Munna. And he is no more… This way. There he is! He killed Azaan. Forget him for the moment. Run away. Run fast!
Ali, go away! What went wrong?
You’re asking me? You’re asking me after
shooting the Chief Minister! I didn’t shoot him
Then who shot him? Because of you, we’ll have
to spend our lives in jail! No, I didn’t’ even shoot at him! I swear by you, by Mehak. I swear by Munna! By Allah! I didn’t kill him! I remember… Now I recall.. I did. I shot him. Why? No! I won’t let you leave so easily. Sir, I thought you were guilty. And you think I shot the CM. But I didn’t. I recall everything.
Lies! What do you recall? You shot the CM here and
his brain got shot out! You killed him!
No, sir. Where was l? Up there. If I’d shoot
the bullet would pass this way! But the bullet went like this! I didn’t kill him. Inder killed him. Why would he do that? Take a look at this.
He shot me 5 times! Why? Why?? All right. If I believe you.. How will you prove it? Inder and I recorded
every meeting of ours. You recorded our meetings? We didn’t trust you. I am sure he continues doing it. Sir, give me 2 hours. I’ll get you the evidence. All right. I give you
only 2 hours as I trust you. Remember, merely 2 hours! Where is lnder?
He isn’t home. Don’t you want to know
who killed the CM? Who killed Munna? Who tried to kill me? Who would want to know more than me? You know him. Who?
Your husband, lnder. You are lying.
No, I’m not lying. My memory is back. It is lnder.
How can I believe it? Does he still record everything? Yes…
He does? You were the first to agree to the
Chief Minister’s offer of 1000000. That means you need the money more. Not your friend. If you think I’d betray
my pal for Rs. 50 lakhs.. I’ll sell my conscience…
and shoot the minister… Then you are right. What are you doing? Where are you?
What’s wrong with you? You…Ali…! I hate you! Hate! What are you doing there?
I got my memory back. You killed the CM.
You tried to kill me. And Munna…
Stay right there. Don’t go.
Yes, it’s your turn to go. Hurry… I’m waiting. Ali is in Mumbai. What nonsense!
He’s home. You are good for nothing! Don’t you know how
dangerous he is to me? He killed all the men I sent
to the village to kill him! He escaped then.
This time he won’t. Nobody will get out
of their homes today! Where are you hiding?
Come out! Surround him! Run him over! Where’s the tape? Where’s the tape? Everything happens for the best. I have no complaints. Just do me a favour. Kill him. Nothing is left here. Return to the village..
to your father and mother. No Ali…don’t want to
see tears in your eyes.. Just a smile… Get up! Why..?
Do you want to know? The only person I ever
hated in life is you! Right from my childhood,
you had everything I desired! You’ve beaten me in every filed! I loved Mehak. I loved her so much! But she loved you! You are lucky so you escaped! But now you won’t! Scoundrel! You would
embrace her in front of me! I loathed it! Rascal, I tried to kill you! But you escaped. Your brother found out. I tried to kill both
of you in the mosque. But you escaped
and Munna died. I had to get Rahim killed
to get you to fight! I killed the chief minister too! And today you are responsible
for Mehak’s death! I did it. I did everything. I did it for money. See, your good luck is with me. Who will save you now? The one who will kill you. Because the gods too do not
want a worm like you to live! And give them a back name! I’d have forgiven you if
you had done it for love. But you did it for money! For wealth, for your selfishness! Why? I treated you like a brother. And you betrayed me! You killed Munna! Killed Mehak! only for money! Merely for money! Take the wealth! Let me see how you’ll
carry it to the other world! Why did you do it? Why? Kill the scoundrel! Why did you come here?
The assassin of the late CM is here. And you want to know why I’m here? Please leave.
He is thirsting for blood. Your life is at risk. The assassin of a great leader
and my teacher is here. I want to see him die. okay, please come this way. This way.. Pay attention. We must nab him alive.
He has all the evidence. You’ll be paid Rs. 10 lakhs
for shooting the Chief Minister. And if you shoot him in the head… I’ll pay you Rs. 50 lakhs. But why are you making me this offer? You could’ve called Ali.
Turn off the television! How many television
sets will you turn off? Everyone in the neighbourhood
must have seen this on cable. Annihilate the neighbourhood! Destroy them! That’s an order! You slapped me!
The Chief Minister! No, this is the slap of the
law on the face of crime! I’ll have you stripped
of your uniform! The uniform is not a politician’s
chair one gets for 5 years! I’ll demonstrate its’ power to you. Commandos, arrest him! Don’t you dare! Mind your language!
Language? Are you going to teach me? Your Veer is back. Father! What’s the matter?
Take a look. Veer is back! My son.. You’re back… Veer is home!
Father… I was confident you’d return. Father, my name is Ali. I’m a Muslim. You’re bringing religion
between a father and son Is that what I taught you?
No, father. You’re my son and nothing else. Yes, father.
Come… You’d asked me, what if
I had somebody in the past Yes. So…? There is.
What? I’ve brought it along.
Brought her? What are you doing?
Come along. Why are you interrupting them?

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