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O Lord! Save my child! Don’t cry. Everything will be fine. Be courageous. Take the patient to
the post operation ward. – Yes sir. Doctor!? – Congratulations!
The operation was a success. Thank God!
– You are our God, dear. What are you doing?
I am like your son. If you wouldn’t be there,
our back bone would have broken. I have only one son. And I am poor. You didn’t take any fees
or the medical expenses. Mother being a doctor my
only aim is to serve the poor. Wait for sometime. I will be back.
Come. Sit down. – Come. Hello!
– Good morning. Hello.
– Hello. Hello.
– Hello. He isn’t a doctor but a prophet. Good morning.
– Good morning. The third consignment of
drugs has reached safely, right? Yes. We got the signal
that the material has reached. Dollars are deposited in your
Swiss Bank Account. – Very good. Malhotra?
– Sir. Isn’t this corpse ready? It will be ready right away. I am filling gut of 2 crores
in his stomach. – Good. Arjun.
– Yes. You are the uncle of this corpse.
– Yes. Here is the death certificate.
If anyone asks on the way, show it. Yes. Take him in the
ambulance to Bhavnagar. Hand it over to Chandrakant.
He will deliver it to the party. Alright.
– Go. Malhotra.
– Yes. This corpse has to
be sent to Calcutta, right? Yes sir.
– Why is it lying here? The first material is over.
The second one hasn’t reached yet. Not yet reached?
– No. Shalini.
– Yes. Call up Rohit.
– Okay. Quick. Quick. Hello. Rohit speaking. – Why
hasn’t the material reached yet? Sir, the fruit baskets
hadn’t reached, that’s why? What nonsense?
You know if the dead body.. ..doesn’t reach on time,
how much loss we’ll face. Within ten minutes reach
here along with the material. Okay sir.
I’ll reach there right away. Quick. Be quick. Police. Run. Run! When a leopard is to
die it moves towards the city. When a criminal is to die,
he faces Ram Singh. Look. This suitcase
has drugs worth two crores. You will enjoy throughout
your life. Take this suitcase. Let me go.
– Bribe?! Constable Ram Singh hates
bribe the way God hates Satan. Here is the bag full of drugs. Here
is the one who carry’s the bag. People like you are the enemies
of the youth of our country. You should be hanged. Well done Ram Singh! Well done! You have done a brave job.
– Thank you sir. You endangered your
life and caught him. The police department
is proud of you. It’s my duty.
Criminals like them.. Hey! Hey! Leave me. Leave me.
– He is trying to commit suicide. Oh my God! Take him to
Blue Fox Hospital quickly. C’mon be quick. How is he, doctor?
– He has lost lot of blood. I can’t say anything right now. It’s very important that he lives. Actually, he is the first man
to be caught who deals in drugs. Because of him we can
entrap the whole group. I will try my best.
– Thank you. See you commissioner Mr. Agarwal.
– Yes sir. Arrange for a strict vigil. I will personally
arrange for his security. Well done Ram Singh!
Well done! Come with me. How did it happen? Having a companion like
you how did this happen? Rohit was caught
with two crore drugs. I am not at fault. The commissioner got the
information about the place directly. He planned this raid. As soon
as I came to know I reached there. Rohit understood my
clue and injured himself. The police would have
made him speak everything.. ..if he had reached the
lock up instead of your hospital. Anyways, tell me how
to get rid of this problem? There is only one remedy. The death of Rohit. Did you give the injection? Even then the temperature
didn’t pull down. No.
– Doesn’t matter, I will check. Lock them in a room. How are you?
– Fine sir. Come. Lie down. Hold him. What are you doing? Leave me. You will have to die. Johnny.
– Yes. Take him.
And drown him in the water. It’s shameful.
Such an important criminal. Whom the police were
keeping a watch specially.. .. so easily they kidnapped him. It’s a shame to
the police department. It is because of the
negligence of our constables. I was present with them until
twelve. I told them to be alert. And I went home for an hour.
This is the result of it. I have suspended them, sir. Suspending them won’t
solve the problem. Which the department is facing. Did you read it? How the newspapers
have made fun of the police? Not the other newspaper,
but your friend Janardhan.. ..has highlighted this news a bit
too much in his newspaper, Awaaz. Being a friend he shouldn’t
print such news adding spice.. fact must try to avoid it.
– It means you haven’t.. ..understood Janardhan, Mr.
Agarwal. In the world of news,
I haven’t seen such a person.. ..who speaks the truth.
Do you understand? Hello. – Hello Mathur,
are you angry reading my paper? What are you talking, Janardhan? The person who doesn’t
know you will get angry. I am among those who
salute your journalism. Thank you. Thank you, Mathur. Did you find out who was
helping the criminal to run away? Which group did he belong to? No dear,
I couldn’t find it until now. But don’t worry.
If we come to know and it can be.. ..shared with the press, you
will be the first to get the news. Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Sir, telex messages. Hey, what’s this? Six packages
of pop music dispatched. What kind of message is this?
– Sorry sir. This is for Mr. Sagar.
– Where is Sagar? At the printing press. Sir. Dad. It will break.
– What is this? Father, I had purchased some pop
music, this message is about it. When will you get serious in life? On your insistence I
have started coming to office. How more serious can I get?
– This is the office. You are plugged this
in your ears and are dancing? Do you call it seriousness? Sagar, you are my only son.
I want that you take truth.. ..and duty in your stride
and become a successful journalist. You become responsible like
my adopted son, Ram Singh. Okay. Listen. This ribbon.
Put it here too. – Yes. These shinning ones.
Put them all too. – Alright. Listen.
– Yes. The small colorful balloons.
– Yes. Bring lots of balloons.
– Yes. Put them there.
– Alright sir. Bring a big garland for father.
– What is this? Everyone should be
amazed looking at it. Ram Singh.
Ram Sing. Hey, Ram Singh. What’s the matter, father?
– What is happening? This. Father, you remember
everything except one thing. Don’t you know tomorrow
is your birthday. We celebrate birthday together. Why this pomp and show this year? This is because tomorrow..
– Diamond. Diamond jubilee. Tomorrow you will be 75 years. We have called all the
important people of the city. We’ll cut the cake,
dance, sing and have fun. I am doing it on my behalf.
– Understood. I understood. You have started earning
so much to spend undue money. What? You call it undue expenses. It it’s not undue expenses,
then what is it? Father, whatever you did for me? Maybe even one’s
father would do it. You picked me from the streets,
educated me.. ..and got me a job in the police. Taught me to walk on
the path of truth and justice. Taught me like a teacher.
Loved me like a father. You gave me the position
of being Sagar’s elder brother. Father, if you didn’t
want to give the right of.. ..expressing my joy, then why
did you give me all these things. It has one reply. I did my act, you want
to make it look like a favour. No father. I want to
worship the act of my father. What? Worship?
You are talking great things. I was telling.
Sagar, explain to this fool. What should I explain to him? You are wrong and
I should explain to him. Brother wanted to
celebrate your birthday. What’s wrong in that?
– What’s wrong in that? It means you both are involved.
– Me.. that.. Yes. I was telling it for him.
– You broke his heart by saying it. Look there. Look. Look.
– I made him sad. Do what you want, I won’t say
a thing. That’s it. – Oh father. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday father.
– Happy birthday to you. Here. All the best.
– Thank you. “I didn’t see Kashi.
I didn’t see Mathura.” “I didn’t see Kashi.
I didn’t see Mathura.” “But I saw a human.
I have seen God.” “O God!” “I didn’t see Kashi.
– I didn’t see Mathura.” “But I saw a human.
I have seen God.” “We have seen God!” “He taught us to live. ” “He told us what’s
right and wrong.” “He taught us to live. – He told us
what’s right and wrong.” “He made his life.
His religion. His duty.” “But I saw a human.
I have seen God. ” “O God!” “We have seen God.” “Is he a man or something else?” “But he is a strong man.” “He is weak like a mole
but he can withstand a storm.” “But I saw a human.
I have seen God.” “O God!” “I didn’t see Kashi.
– I didn’t see Mathura.” “But I saw a human.
I have seen God.” Like this.
Hey, come here. Did you understand? C’mon, now start. Yes. Yes. Well done. Sister.
– Who? Hello. My name is Meena. I live in the neighboring compound.
– Alright. I came to know that
you help every needy girl. That is why I have come to you.
– What do you want? I have got a job.
The boss has kept a condition. I spend nights with him or
he will throw me out of the job. Stupid. Will he throw
you out of the job? Let’s do one thing. Tomorrow I
will ask for a job in your company. Then, not only his nights
but his morning, afternoon.. ..and evenings. I will make it colorful
or else I won’t be called Durga. Thank you sister. I will
come to pick you up in the morning. Sister. Sister. What happened? Why are you sweating?
– Sister the goons that are there.. ..have made it difficult
for me to move about. They wink at me, make fun of me.
And speak filthy. Alright. I will go and
hear them talk. Sit here. Girls, come with me. Throw it.
– What did he throw? This eunuch has thrown a six. You throw one. Wow! Wow! It seems the
fairies have come down on earth. Then, shall we?
– Surely. Wow!
– It’s fun. You speak filthy with the girls.
Don’t you have anyone at home? We do have mother and sister.
But not a lover. Alright. Make each
other sister’s your lover. Give your sister to
him and you take his sister. Hey, you speak too much.
– My hand is faster than the tongue. Leave. Get up stupid. Come. Move. Stupid. Sister Durga.
– Long live! Sister Durga.
– Long live! Hey move.
Sister Durga. Long live! Stop! Your sister’s house has come.
Get me down. Carefully! Come here. Come here! Do you recognize her?
Henceforth she is your sister. C’mon, touch her feet
and ask forgiveness. C’mon. C’mon, touch her feet. Stand up.
Stand up! Empty your pockets. Remove the money. Only so much. Stupid! One and two rupees.
You are such a broke. This is my bank. I take this from the one
who speaks nonsense to the girls. You’ll speak so much
for just one and two rupees. All party..
– Hey, what’s happening? It’s my share.
– Constable, hello. Come. Come. Why is this crowd here?
– Amazing crowd! The brothers have
come to meet the sisters. Brother.
What has happened to their face? Brothers have come
to meet their sisters. They faces are messed up. Come.
– Where? Police station.
– My crime. Beating them up. Witness.
– Their wound. I haven’t wounded them. Brothers, tell the constable
how did you get hurt? Constable, it so happened
that we were riding double seat.. ..on the bicycle. A horse
carriage came from the opposite. The horse kicked and
this is what has happened. You were kicked by the
mare and you blame the horse. What days are here? Hey, come here. Today there is no witness.
The day I get the witness.. ..I will imprison you
that you will remember always. I am a butcher for
those who do illegal work. You are very good.
You aren’t a butcher. I am a baker.
I will feed you sweets. Never! I will imprison you
where there are bed bugs. But it should be
in your police station. So that I can watch
you day in and day out. Oh my god! you are shameless. Look. When I came a bit closer,
I became shameless. When you caught my hand,
did I say anything? I caught your hand to
take you to the police station. When will you hold
it to take me home? Oh my god! She is too much. Ram Singh, if you can’t handle it,
whisk away from here. Away! Away! Touch me not.
Get away from my bicycle. Sister, can we go home now.
– Get lost! Durga. Durga.
– What is it? A message has come
from the hospital.. ..your mother is very critical.
– What? Mother! Doctor. How is my mother?
– Until morning she was fine. During the day she
suddenly had an attack. By the way,
I have given her an injection. Doctor, is there
anything to worry about? I can’t say that. But it’s
important to get her operated. Without it, she won’t get well.
– Then operate her. I have no one other than my mother. If anything happens to her then I won’t be able to live. I won’t be able to live.
– Be brave. I will arrange for the operation.
You arrange the money. How much will be needed?
– Almost ten thousand. Ten thousand? Alright. I will get the money. Robber. Robber. Catch her.
She is running away with my money. Catch her. Robber. Robber. Robber. Robber. Oh, Durga! I won’t spare you today. Where are you running away?
– Catch her. Don’t let her go. First you used to bully people.
Now you started robbing. Leave me.
I haven’t robbed anything. Constable, she is lying.
She snatched ten thousand from me. He is lying.
I haven’t snatched anything. I have taken credit.
– Hey.. Are you the Reserve bank? That I will give you
ten thousand rupees credit. Constable, my mother is very sick. need ten thousand
for her operation. I asked credit from him. He didn’t give me.
So, I snatched it. So you agree that you snatched
the money from him. – Yes. I agree that I snatched
but constable I will.. ..return this money
as soon as possible. Alright.
You will rob and return it. Come to the police station.
– Listen to me. Come. Chandu.
– Yes sir. File the Seth’s report.
– Alright. Collect this money.
– Alright sir. C’mon in. Constable, listen to me.
My mother is really sick. If you don’t believe check
it out at cooper Hospital. Please constable. – C’mon.
If you remain in for two days. Everything will be fine. C’mon. Constable Ram Singh,
if anything happens to my mother. I promise I will kill you. Every criminal says the same thing. What you said.
Lock her up. Lock her up. Cheers!! – Hello Doctor.
Welcome sir. Welcome. You have graced our
restaurant after many days. Mr. Charlie gets the credit.
He has come from Chicago. Nice to meet you.
He loves Indian food. So, I got him here.
– Thank you very much. Please come. Come. Come.
– Thank you. Not only food. We have kept
good shows for VIP’s like you. Today we are presenting
a new dancer. – Very good. We are going to see a dance also. “It has not happened until now.
But if it sometimes happens.” “If this heart is lost,
then how about it?” “Oh my god! It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It has not happened until now.
But if it sometimes happens.” “If this heart is lost,
then how about it?” “Oh my god! It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It will be love.
It will be providence.” “Our eyes have met
but not our hearts.” “Our eyes have met
but not our hearts.” “It a bud,
the flower hasn’t bloomed.” “Let it happen!
Happen! Let it happen here.” “It has not happened until now.
But if it sometimes happens.” “If love happens,
then how about it?” “Oh my god! It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It will be love.
It will be providence.” “Lest I fall. Fall!” “Lest I fall on the ground,
it hasn’t happened so far.” “If love happens,
then how about it?” “Oh my god! It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It will be love.
It will be providence.” “Let me wear you on my hair,
you aren’t a love but a rose.” “Let me wear you on my hair,
you aren’t a love but a rose.” “I feel like drinking you,
you aren’t a girl but alcohol.” “Drinking, lest I fall. Fall!” “Lest I fall on the ground,
it hasn’t happened so far.” “Lest it happens,
then how about it?” “Oh my god! It will be love.
It will be providence.” “It will be love.
It will be providence.” Sir.
– Yes. How was the dance?
– Fantastic! Superb. Your dancer is incredible. Sister. You were great.
There is electricity in your body. Your voice is sweeter
than the cuckoo. Every man sitting in the hall
is crazy of your dance and song. You don’t do good work,
at least talk nicely. Does any brother praise
his sister in such a way? You know only to deliver lectures.
Now my dream will be fulfilled. Respect. Name.
Wealth. My sister will have it all. Do you know the manager is
ready for a contract of one lakh? He is giving 5000 advance.
Come and sign it. Do what you want? I am leaving. Rekha!
– Yes! I don’t like you singing
and dancing before others. Even I don’t like it. But I will
have to do what my brother wants. You know. I don’t have parents. My brother took care of me. Why doesn’t he work?
– He has done his work. He taught me to dance.
Taught me to sing. No. Tell him you won’t
do all these things. No Sagar. Staying in that
house I can’t say these things. It means I will have to arrange
for you to leave that house. Durga. Child.
– Mother. Durga.
– Mother. How are you, mother?
– I am absolutely fine. I will be discharged from
the hospital tomorrow. – Really! Yes.
– Thank God! You are taking lot
of trouble for me. You went to the other city
for a job. – Job? There is no need to hide. Ram Singh has told me everything. Ram Singh? That constable.
– Yes dear. He is a good man. Do you know the day you
went he used to come to me.. ..from the police station?
He used to go back from here. He didn’t go at all
on the operation day. The doctor said that
he paid for the operation.. keeping his house on mortgage.
– What? When I asked he said
when I receive the money.. ..I will get it back.
In these days, who helps the other? I say Ram Singh
isn’t a human but God. Hello constable. Hello.
– Hello constable. Hello.
– Hello. Someone has fidgeted with
the lock of a police man’s door? Who is it? I am asking who is it? The house is cleaned too. The aroma of food
cooked with pure butter. Roll bread. Gravy. There is hot water. Take bath. You? – How did you like
the cleanliness of the house? I have done it. Hey, if you like to clean
than go do it on the streets. How did you enter this house? I thought it to
be my husband’s house. Husbands?
– Yes. This is my husband’s house. C’mon. Take bath.
– Keep away. Or I will thrash you. First make me your wife then you
can thrash me as much as you want. Get back or I will thrash you. Push me.
Break my bones. Injure my head. Do as you wish. But, I have
decided that I will marry only you. And I will surely marry.
– Marriage? Never. You are talking about marriage.
I am not ready to talk to you. Get out.
– Am I so bad? No. You are very good. But I don’t want to be your hubby.
Get out from here. Won’t you marry me?
– Never. Never. Let me see how you don’t marry me? Everyone, listen to me.
Listen to a poor woman. Come. Look at this man.
He spoilt my life. Hey, is she a girl or fire? – I
am ruined. I can’t face the world. What should I say?
– Durga, why are you crying? What should I do? Instead
of helping me, he ruined me. Whom are you talking about?
– Ram Singh. Ram Singh is good man.
– I didn’t say he is a bad man. Since he is good man that
is why I am crazy about him. But he cheated me. Now a day he
is interested in some other girl. Hey. Why are you spoiling my name?
Why are you lying? She is talking nonsense. Look. Now he feels I talk nonsense. He liked me when he used
to talk to me at the sea shore. Sea shore.
Love? I didn’t even go near a pond? Alright. When you used
to take me to watch movie.. ..what did you do? Ask him.
– Say. Oh my god! She is a big liar. Look. She is talking about movie. I don’t have the time
to watch television. Alright. Tell me one thing. Didn’t you attend to
my mother’s treatment? – I did. For that didn’t you
mortgage your house? Yes I did.
– My ill-luck. Now he doesn’t allow
me to enter that house. Hey, this.. – Ram Singh,
that’s wrong. You are a good man. If you have loved then support her.
– Jankiram, you are mad. These days you don’t get
a girl who loves you so much. She is ready to die for you. -Yes. Marry her. Ram Singh,
how long will you cook? Marry. Having a wife makes a difference.
– Peace. I have lot of peace. – Don’t think.
Brothers, Ram Sing will marry. But we’ll arrange for the wedding.
– Yes, we’ll do it. We’ll do it.
– Listen to me. If you deny it even now.. ..then I will tell them
that I am pregnant by you. Why are you after me?
– Alright, tell me. Don’t you have a soft
corner for me at all? Durga, there are many other
things than love in this world. Listen. I vow on god
that I want to marry you. Don’t refuse now.
– Okay. Long live. Be happy. Congratulations! Come Mathur.
– Ram Singh, congratulations. What are you doing?
Look how he is behaving? Ram Singh,
there is no need to salute. Right now you are not in your
uniform but in a groom’s attire. Commissioner, father says
a real soldier is not by body.. But by soul. Isn’t it? It seems there is nothing left
which your father hasn’t taught. Sagar, now your path is clear. You have seen someone?
– Me.. Madam, this is for you.
– What is it? Who has sent it?
– That man has sent it. Yes. But, I am not a buyer.
Who wants to buy you with wealth? I am your fan. I want to
flaunt my wealth for your beauty. Your love seems to be expensive. Love is the slave of beauty.
Your beauty is priceless. This gift of beauty.. remember it! Come. Pull it. Get it down. Down. Sir, this is Rohit’s corpse. Who ran away from
Blue Fox hospital. Mathur, tell me what is written
in Rohit’s post-mortem report? According to the post-mortem
report Rohit’s body was kept.. the car and injected with
poison and thrown in the water. You mean to say his companion’s
killed him. – Naturally. Why?
– As he was under police scanner. He could open up their secrets.
– I don’t think so, Mathur. I doubt that he was
injected in the hospital. Then his corpse was
thrown in the water. There is something wrong.
Something is fishy. Bob.
– Yes. Charlie’s boat is standing
close to international border. You have to reach this
corpse there. Carefully. Drugs worth two crores
are filled in this. – I know. Bring the money carefully.
– Okay. Take it. Carry it. Sir. This man is waiting
for you since sometime. Janardhan. Send him in.
– Fine sir. Hello doctor.
– Come Mr. Janardhan. Sit down. Thank you.
– Sorry you had to wait. I was studying a serious case.
Tell me, what brings you here? Are you unwell? 5 I am fine.
But I am upset. A little disturbed. I can give you an address
of a nice doctor for the mind. Doctor, the press people
don’t require a gynecologist. They need an answer
to their question. Which question of
yours needs my answer? Doctor, a few days back the
police had admitted a patient.. this hospital.
His name was Rohit. Oh! The one who was kidnapped.
– Yes. But the post-mortem report
says he was injected with poison. Is it possible that someone from
this hospital had injected him? What? You are blaming my hospital. No. That isn’t so. But a patient.
An injection with poison. Hospital. These things
are related to each other. I mean, don’t you
think it’s quite fishy. Mr. Janardhan, from past
two years I am running this.. ..charitable hospital
and I know the staff very well. I am confident that a patient is
saved here. Not killed. – Maybe.. Maybe. What?
– Maybe, you are right. There is an old saying.
A criminal leaves some traces.. ..of his crime somewhere or
the other. I am searching for it. If you find such a trace. Do tell
me. – I will surely inform you. All the best to you!
– Thank you doctor. Mr. Lewis.
– Yes. Please write a
letter to the editor. Hello. The editor of
Chicago Times speaking. Hello. This is Janardhan speaking. Hi Janardhan, how are you?
– I am fine. How are you? Fine. I am absolutely fine.
Why did you call? I need full information
about a man. His name is Doctor
Narendra Bhalla, M.S. He was a doctor at Chicago
medical college seven years ago. He has come to India
since three years. The four years in between.
Where was he? What was he doing? I need this information. If you
sent the information in two days. It would be great.
– Surely. I will do it.
– Thank you. I told you there is no stock.
Go away from here. Why are you troubling me?
– We won’t go. If you bully I will call
the police. Shut it. Shut it! I said there is no stock.
Go away. Go away from here. Hey, putting up a false board
you are telling the poor women.. ..there is no stock. Will
you sell this in the black market? Hey, hold your tongue.
I said there is no stock. Go away from here.
– Go away from here. Why should we? You go away from here.
Get out. Out. Leave me.
– Beat him. Hey.
– I will die. Leave me.
– Beat him. Hey.
– I will die. Beat him. ”” He ran away.
– What? Where is your shop?
– At the corner of Kalachowki. Ok. Ram Singh.
– Yes sir. At the corner of Kalachowki.. ..some women have gathered
at Mathuradas’s shop.. ..go and check it.
– Mother, what do you want? Four Kilogram of rice.
– Four kilogram of rice. Five. Ten. And this is twelve.
Yes. Give four kilogram of rice. What do you want?
– Hey, I am ruined. I am ruined. I am ruined.
– What are you doing? Hey!
– Get out from here. Hey, what’s happening
in our jurisdiction? I don’t tolerate this nonsense.
Riot in my jurisdiction. Constable, save me. These girls
are raiding my shop by bullying. Which girl?
– That one. Oh my god! My Durga.
– Hey. For God’s sake, don’t do this.
– Save me. Or I will be ruined. You will be ruined
when you’ll be imprisoned. Hold your tongue. What has he done? Look. He has put a
no-stock board outside. The ration is full inside.
To sell in black. – No. Who are you to
take matters in hand? Why didn’t you report the matter? What are police for? By the time police
would have arrived.. ..he would have
black-marketed everything. Then, what would the police do?
– What would I do? Now look what I am doing?
You both are culprit. You both are culprit.
– Look, I have committed no crime. I have sold the ration
on government rate. Don’t you believe?
Look. The money. Take your money. You are no rationing officer. Both
of you come to the police station. Brother Ram,
will you arrest your wife? Who are you to interfere? My strongest relationship
is with this uniform. With my duty. My duty is first. Durga, when your husband
doesn’t appreciate good work. What will the others do? – Being
a woman you speak like this. Shut your mouth.
Come to the police station. -Sir. Get aside. Get aside. What do you think?
Though there are police stations.. are running
your own government. Sir, these days robbers are ruling. Lock them up. Sir.
– Go in. Go in. The one in green,
I want to bail her. Bail. You?
-Yes. She. She is my wife. Wife? Ram Singh, you arrested your wife. Sir, law is law.
I don’t spare anyone. Being a constable
arresting her was my duty. Being a husband bailing
her out is my duty too. I don’t want anyone to bail me.
Being a constable he did his duty. Being a good citizen it is
our duty to stop black marketing. You do your duty.
– Look at her. By stopping black marketing
one day she will blacken my face. Lock her up with the others. Within
a few days she will cool down. No. No. You’ll did your duty.
Now, I will do my duty. Muralidhar,
if you hide the ration henceforth.. ..I will seal your
shop and imprison you. No sir. I won’t do it.
– Alright. I am leaving you’ll by
giving you the first warning. .by giving you the first warning.
You can go. – Thank you sir. We don’t understand what to do. The inspector is a good man.
– Durga! You’ll go ahead. I will follow you.
– Fine. Durga, will you walk?
I will leave you on the bicycle. No. I don’t want to go with you.
– Why? You insulted me in front of all.
Your uniform makes you proud. You feel you are great
without an uniform. Listen once again.
Don’t act smart. I vow on god. I will get upset. – If it gets
upset, let it get upset. My foot!
I am going to my mother’s house. If you want to go then go,
I can stay without you. Don’t think that I
will come to appease you. I know to cook. I can live without you too. Even if you bow down before me,
then too I won’t return. Durga. Durga, you have returned. Are you angry?
– Angry with you? Never. With no food and drink,
this house is empty without you. You are very sexy. Oh my god! Do you know how
much I was insulted? Then too, you are not
right by coming in this way. I want to teach him a lesson.
– He did his duty. You know how much
he loves his duty. Mother, I also know
how much he loves me. Dear, no matter how
much one’s husband love you. If he is upset about something
then the wife has to endure it. Don’t worry mother. Your
daughter has always thrashed men. But has loved only him.
He is a complete man. I know that he cannot live
without me even for a moment. Mother. – He has come.
Mother, go in. Go in. Mother. Mother. Where is mother? Durga. My queen.
Are you angry with me? Don’t touch me.
– Why not? You are my wife. Come. Let’s go home.
– I won’t come. I will take you forcibly.
– Will take me forcibly? It’s against the law to force.
Being a man from the government. You should know this very well.
– Oh my god! You have started teaching me law. If you are talking about law then
I have come according to the law. According to the law after
marrying, a husband can.. ..shout, by getting angry, with love gives permission
to run the house. Oh! Everything is mine. In the
police station you talk about law. In the house with love.
Whether you shout, get angry. I will not come with you. I vouch by god. I will take you. I won’t come.
– I say, wait. I won’t come. Then don’t say. I won’t go with you.
Mother. Mother. – You!! Come on. Come. – Leave me.
Leave me. Someone save me. Leave me. I say leave me.
– Why are you carrying her? Aunt, if a husband
and wife has a fight.. ..does she go to her
maternal house? Ask her. Durga. Listen. O.. queen. O.. queen. Listen to me. Now, come home. “Queen.. O queen. Queen.. O queen.” “Queen.. O queen. Queen.. O queen.” “Come home, do me a favor.” “Pour some cold water
on your anger. Do me a favor.” “Listen the mother
of our to be kids.” “Queen.. O queen. Queen.. O queen.” “Come home, do me a favor.” “Pour some cold water
on your anger. Do me a favor.” “Queen.” “The people of the locality.
Aunt. Aunt.” “Someone listen to my plea.” “The people of the locality.
Come and explain to my wife.” “She has come to her maternal
home in anger. I will go crazy.” “She didn’t realize my importance.” “Queen.. O queen. Queen.. O queen.” “Come home, do me a favor.” “Pour some cold water
on your anger. Do me a favor.” “Queen.” “When I enter the house,
I cry at the door.” “When I enter the house,
I cry at the door.” “The house seems empty.
I sleep all by myself.” “What’s the use of this life?
Queen. O queen.” “Come home, do me a favor.” “Pour some cold water
on your anger. Do me a favor.” “Queen.” “Why do you disgrace love?
Disgrace?” “Let’s fight here. Fight here.” “Let’s start our love story.” “Queen.. O queen. Queen.. O queen.” “Come home, do me a favor.” “Pour some cold water
on your anger. Do me a favor.” “Queen.” “Queen.. Queen.” Let me go. I am getting late.
– I am not satisfied. If you want to appease me.
Stop me forever. Marry me. We’ll do that too.
In the meantime.. Check whose calling?
– Whoever it is, will call again. Darling, look I have got
such a beautiful gift for you. Did you like it? – My real gift
will be when you will marry me. Who has come at this time? Hey Narender, what’s the matter? I was calling up since long.
Why didn’t you pick up the phone? If my hand were empty
I would pick up the phone. If your hands were empty
you would pick up the phone? Hello doctor.
– Oh! Hello. How are you?
– Fine. Thank you. I am leaving. Bye.
– Bye-bye. What’s the matter, Mr.
Narendra? You look upset. This Janardhan.
He is probing too much. Why? What has he done? – I got
a call from Charlie of Chicago. Janardhan is finding
out about my previous life. He doubted the hospital.
Now he doubts. What’s there to be upset about? The one who spreads
the trap will be killed too. C’mon, let’s have a drink. Thank you.
– Good night sir. Good night. My dear Janardhan, the
other day you asked me to find.. ..out about Doctor Narendra’s
details. I have found out. Doctor Narendra was a doctor
at Chicago medical college. He was sentenced for four years for being
with a drug syndicate. Ah! I was right. After completing his
sentence he returned to India. I hope this news will help you. It will help a lot.
Will help a lot, Mitra. Hello!
– Sagar. Has tomorrow edition
gone for printing? No father. It will be going.
– Good. Keep the front page empty. I am getting explosive news
in half an hour. – Alright father. Hey stop! Father. Father! Father! “What kind of injustice is this?” “The sun is hidden in the clouds.” “After wakening up everyone,
he is asleep. Call out!” “Call out this man.” “I have seen a human.
We have seen God.” What’s the matter, Sagar?
Why are you throwing these books? What happened?
– I am searching for that news. That father wanted to print.
I saw all the documents. But I couldn’t find anything. It’s possible that criminal
took those documents with him. If father would have shared
that news on the phone with me. I would find out that man
out of any corner of this world. Don’t worry.
I have seen that masked man. The deputy commissioner
has sent his sketch to every.. ..police station of India.
He is not far from the noose. But, what have
you done to yourself? Since father passed away.
You haven’t moved out of the house. Why you do you trouble yourself? If you want his soul to rest
in peace then go to his office. Supervise the work he left back.
Go about with your friends. Sitting here by yourself..
it’s not good. Come. Come. Welcome doctor. Thank god. The lucky days of this house
are here. It’s my good days. Please sit down.
I will call my sister. Rekha. Rekha. Sister, you are lying down here.. ..your good luck is
sitting downstairs. Come. I said I won’t dance.
– Now you don’t need to dance. But to make others dance.
Dr. Narendra? The one who has blue fox hospital.
– I have heard the name. He has come to meet you.
Look here. Take it. Take it. Why did he give this money?
– As it are your good days. Car. Bungalow.
Servant. You will get everything. Will he make me his keep?
– Speak softly. If he listens and goes away.
We won’t have good days. Alright. If he has come
with such an intention.. ..then it’s his bad days.
– Rekha. Listen to me. Hello. – You?
Did you forget that days slap? Not at all. That days
slap has increased my love. By making my brother a pimp, you
want to make me your keep. – Rekha. A brother gets a sister
married and you want to sell me. No Rekha.
You are taking him wrongly. He doesn’t want to sell
you but get your married. You have come to the wrong place,
doctor Narendra. Who are you?
– I am Sagar. We love each other. And are about to get married.
Do you have any objection? Hey, my sister will marry the
place I want her to get married. Stupid. If it is in your stride
you will sell off your sister. Despise to you.
– Hey, you are saying filthy words. I won’t spare you.
– Have you come here to bully? Not only bully, I can kill too.
I am taking Rekha. You can do what you want?
Come Rekha. Rekha. I cannot think that
a person like Narendra.. ..who is educated and
respected can do such a thing. Even after knowing that
Rekha loves someone else. He wants to purchase her love. Brother,
if I wouldn’t get her here.. Her brother would have sold her. The legs of such
man should be broken. I am afraid that
he won’t keep quiet. He will play some
or the other trick. Let him go to hell.
If he plays tricks.. ..Ram Singh will use his stick. You are the love
of my younger brother. The daughter in law of this house. If anyone tries any trick
on you while I am here.. I want that you and
sister in law stay here. After father passed away.
I am very lonely. What are you talking? I am here. In your presence Rekha
will not be afraid. Don’t say no.
– Yes. Yes. My impatience won’t
lessen until I get Rekha. What’s so special in Rekha
that you are crazy about her? It’s not about craziness
but stubbornness. Until now no girl slapped me.
Neither did she reject me. But Rekha. There is only one way. Janardhan’s son, Sagar
should be killed like Janardhan. Then the orphaned Rekha will
come to me like a broken leaf. No Narendra. Janardhan’s death has rifted
a storm in the police department. Ram Singh is after your
masked friend like a mad dog. In these circumstances, if Sagar
dies there will be a big storm. You? Why have you come
without invitation? I have to speak to
you something urgently. Do one thing. Right now, go away.
I will call you later. No. I have to speak
to you right away. I am in a great difficulty.
– Alright come. I will come right away. Tell me, what is it?
– Marry me quickly. Or I won’t be able to
face my mother and the world. Why? What’s the matter?
– I am pregnant with your child. There is no need to be upset?
Get an abortion. Abortion?
You said you will marry me. I had told that just like that.
You can’t marry in a hurry. Take the money.
And get away with this trouble. I don’t want this money.
You call your child a trouble. The symbol of our love.
– Do what I am telling you? And get away from here.
– I won’t go. You will have to marry me.
– Laxmi. Don’t shout. Laxmi is not
a prostitute standing on the road. That she will dance to your tunes.
I am surely poor. But dignified.
I know how to get my rights. If you don’t marry me within
a week I will meet your superior. Home Minister. Chief Minister.
Even the Prime Minister. I will see how you don’t marry me. What happened, Agarwal?
She went away angry. This anger will cost her. Narendar, Sagar is your obstacle. Laxmi is my obstacle. Hello. Sagar speaking.
– Hello. Mr. Sagar. If I tell you about your
father’s murderer, what will I get? Whatever you ask.
– Come to my house immediately. 169. Sanjeevani bungalow.
Juhu Lane. Andheri. You?
– I am Sagar. Oh! I am Shalini.
I had called you up. Please come in.
– Thank you. Come. – What do you know
about father’s murderer? He was killed by a masked man,
right? – Yes. I can show his photograph.
– Photograph. Where is it? My friend is about to come.
But, I have two condition. Tell me.
– Firstly my name shouldn’t be used. Secondly, I will take two lakhs.
– I agree. Good. Sit down.
I will get some cold drink for you. No. That is not required.
When will your friend come? By the time you finish having
the cold drink, they will come. Sit down. Thank you. Take.
– Thank you. Why hasn’t your friend come yet? I will call up and find out. Hello. I am Shalini.
Oh! Has he left? Will come in 15 minutes.
Okay. Thank you. Hey!
– Hey! What happened? What did you give me? What?
– What did you give me? Why am I feeling giddy? Hello. Mr.
Agarwal. I am Shalini speaking. The job is done. Come soon. No. Shalini. Shalini. You. You killed Shalini.
– This is all your trick. You are trying to trick me.
I have not killed anyone. You understand?!
-I’ll show you right now. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Murder. Catch him. Catch the murderer. Murder. Murder. Murder. Catch him. Catch the murderer. Catch the murderer.
– What happened? Look. Sir, he ran away
after murdering Shalini. Who is he? – He is Sagar. The
son of deceased Mr. Janardhan. Sagar. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Where are you?
– What happened, Sagar? What happened, Sagar?
– What happened to you? Did you fight with someone?
– What happened? This blood.
Did you fight with someone? No brother,
there is nothing to fear. There was no fight.
It seems someone wants to.. ..put a false case of murder on me.
– Who is it? Maybe father’s murderer. Where is he?
– I don’t know. Actually, a girl named
Shalini called me up at office. She said she wants to tell
me about father’s murderer. I went to her house. She gave
me a drink. I fell unconscious. When I came to
consciousness I saw.. ..Shalini’s corpse and
I was in this condition. In the meanwhile some
people came and said.. ..that Shalini is murdered. They were about to
hand me over to the police. But I ran away from there. Brother, until I don’t
find the real culprit. I will have to
hide from the police. Until then take care of Rekha.
The police will be coming. I am running away.
– Sagar. You don’t know. Running
away from the police will be.. ..a big crime for you.
– Brother, try to understand me. If I am caught, they will
put false allegation on me.. ..and hang me on the noose.
The real criminal will be saved. So, let me run away. – No Sagar,
I won’t allow to do this crime. Let him go.
– Yes brother, let me go. Otherwise your law will
imprison me with false evidence. Law works on real deeds and truth.
You must trust it. Which law should I trust? That law which couldn’t
find father’s murderer. I am in a fix because of the
murderer I am trying to find out. The police have arrived.
– Leave him. I say let him go.
– No. Go and open the door. Didn’t you hear?
I said open the door. Brother, let me go.
– No Sagar. Brother, let me go.
– No. Ram Singh. Take him away.
– Well done Ram Singh. You proved that a police
sees a criminal as a criminal. No matter whether he is one’s own. Police department is proud of you. Take. Handcuff him. “Don’t forget his lesson. Don’t
see whether it’s yours or not.” “In all circumstances
do your duty.” “Whether it’s difficult or easy.” “We have seen such a human.
I have seen God.” “I have seen God. I have seen God.” Sir, this is Shalini’s
post-mortem report. She was pregnant by three months. Her face was disfigured very badly. Due to which she expired. In
her nails Sagar’s skin was found. The imprint was seen
on Sagar’s face. – Oh my God! It’s good that
Janardhan is not alive. Otherwise seeing his son’s deeds,
he would have died. Yes! – Sir, constable
Ram Singh wants to meet you. Send him in. Come Ram Singh.
We condole with you. We never thought Sagar
would do such a thing. Sir, Sagar is innocent. I vow on god. He didn’t murder. He is being framed.
– But how can you say that? That Sagar is framed.
– Sagar told me. That Shalini tricked him.
To tell who murdered father. After that mixed something
with the soft drink and.. ..made him unconscious. In the
meantime someone killed Shalini. And blamed Sagar for it. Do you remember. The night father wanted to
print about Rohit’s murder case, ..the same night he was murdered. I feel the people who murdered
father are trapping Sagar. You are absolutely wrong. Rohit murder case
is a drug syndicate case. Janardhan’s case is the
case of a masked murderer. Sagar’s case is the case
of Sagar and Shalini’s.. affair and lust. – No sir.
This is the work of one gang. Don’t be stupid. Since you
are emotionally attached with.. ..Mr. Janardhan’s family
you are trying to blackmail us. What I am saying is right.
Why don’t you trust me? Ram Singh.
– Sir. You can go now.
– Yes sir. I am unlucky. You taught of
marrying me, your father expired. You brought me home and
are trapped in a murder case. Don’t say that.
Face this difficulty bravely. C’mon, be quiet. – If brother
would have allowed me to run. I would have done something.
– No Sagar. He doesn’t want anything
to be done illegally. He has gone personally
to meet the Commissioner. Yes. Until then we are going to
the top most lawyer of this city. God willing, truth will prevail.
– The meeting time is over. Come Rekha. Why are you frightened?
Everything will be fine. We’ll go to a good lawyer. Brother,
take us to Crawford market. What happened?
– It has not happened, it will. Brother?
– Sorry sister. Bad time! Rekha, run. Leave me. Let me go. Help!! Let me go. Save me.
– Come on! Come. Come.
You want my bad days to be here. Save me. Save me. Come. Come.
You want my bad days to be here. Welcome baby. Welcome. So this was your trick.
– Not a trick but love. To get you is my biggest dream. Careful. If you try to come
close to me, I will kill myself. Not me but you will come to me. If you don’t come then your
lover’s life will be in danger. Sagar?
– Yes. Sagar. Shalini’s murderer. Who was trapped because
of me and can be.. ..saved because of me. Shalini!! This. This. She is the one.
– Yes she is the one. Who murder is put on Sagar.
If she goes to the court.. ..and gives evidence
that she is alive. Sagar will be released. But she will give evidence
only if I tell her too. I will tell her to do
that when you give the clue. Now you have only two ways left. First you must marry me. So that you are legally
mine throughout your life. But you will live as my keep. The other way is that you
will kill yourself with that.. ..broken bottle and
let your lover get hanged. The decision is yours. Wow! Doctor.
What a game? By showing Shalini.. You got her ready for the wedding. The success of this game
will be after my marriage.. ..when I will kill Shalini.
So that Sagar gets hanged. My good days are here.
My good days are here. You? Again bad days are here.
– Where is Rekha? Tell me or after this day there won’t
be any good or bad time for you. Say? – Bullying. Being
a girl you are bullying a man. Shut up! A pimp who lives
on his sister’s earnings.. worst than an eunuch.
You talk about being a man. Tell me where Rekha is or.. Say. Why don’t you say it?
Until you don’t tell us.. ..about Rekha’s whereabouts,
we’ll spank you. Say. Say.
– I don’t know. Hit him until he tells about Rekha. Hit him. Break his bones.
– Don’t pull my pants. No. Stop!
– Quick. Where is Rekha?
– In Dr. Narendra’s house. She is marrying him.
– Don’t lie or.. You don’t believe when
I am speaking the truth.. time is so bad.
If you don’t believe go to.. ..Dr. Narendra’s house
and ask Rekha yourself. Rekha. Rekha. Rekha. Why are you shouting like
a dog in a gentleman’s house? You have behaved like a dog.
– Shut up! So much guts of a mere constable. I will complain about
you to the commissioner. Before that I will imprison
you for kidnapping Rekha. I haven’t kidnapped her.
Rekha has come by herself. This is wrong.
You want to marry her forcibly. You are mistaken. Rekha. Rekha!! Darling! Tell them that
you are marrying me on your own. Rekha, if you want
to disgrace your love.. ..then say it openly
that he kidnapped you. No. He isn’t my lover’s
enemy but my to be husband. Rekha, what’s wrong with you? Do you know what you are saying? Have you gone mad?
– Yes. I was mad. That I couldn’t recognize
Sagar’s lie and mistrust. Rekha, you are lying
under some pressure. I know that you love Sagar a lot. Sagar. Sagar.
Sagar. I don’t love any Sagar. I am not related to anyone.
Please don’t try to meet me. And.. and go away from here.
Go away from here. Now, why are you standing here?
The door is there. Out! I say get out. – One day
I will return this insult, doctor. Come. Priest, come.
Welcome. Marry them grandly. Be quick. With much
difficulty good days are here. And you’ll are delaying it.
Be fast. There is only an hour
for the auspicious moment. Brother in law.
Great! No evil should touch you. You look great in
this attire. Get it. On the occasion of the wedding.. ..the first sip from
your brother in law. Sir. Sir. Who are you?
– Praise the lord who made.. a lover and you..
– What? A ladle of the boss.
– Who are you? I am called Aashik Muradabadi. People from Kashmir to
Kanyakumari love my Qawali. And me. I am a lover
of your medicines. Lover of medicines?
– Yes. You may not remember,
you had cut my wife’s.. ..nephew’s brother in law’s that. Until now he is doing without it.
– What? Fan. Not a fan but
an air-conditioned. Alright.
Do one thing. Let them sit there. I haven’t come to sit quietly. I
have come to sing on your wedding. Boys.
– Yes. Take your place.
– Come. Oh! Oh! You will sing Qawali.
You are almost in the grave. You speak about song and dance. Oh my god! On the auspicious
occasion of a wedding.. are speaking of a grave.
Old lady, who are you? Hey, old man.
The one you call old lady is the.. ..heart beat of the youngsters.
– Yes. I am Qawalen. My name is Husnara.
Husnara Hyderabadi. Husnara Hyderabadi.
You are proud of your singing. Even I am on my singing.
If I don’t fail you.. ..then don’t call
me Aashik Muradabadi. Husnara, should
I show you the stars? – Surely! Sire, if you permit should I begin?
– Surely. C’mon. C’mon.
– C’mon. C’mon girls.
– Let’s begin. I will show you the stars. I will make you eat sweets. “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “Your youth has diminished.
I am yet young.” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are close to me.
You are close to me.” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “Look at your grey hair.
– Look at your wrinkles.” “Look at your grey hair.
– Look at your wrinkles.” “Your age is 55.
– Don’t remind me of my childhood.” “Your age is 55.
– Don’t remind me of my childhood.” “Show me your work.
– Show me your work.” “Hide your face.
– Hide your face.” “Everyone.
Everyone calls me delicate.” “Everyone. Everyone calls me fire.” “But this fire is cold.
– It’s cold. It’s cold.” “The veil is red. Red flag.
– The veil is a red flag.” “I am not scared.
I am the sign of danger.” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “Listen sir. You speak. Open up
this lock. – Open up this lock.” “He has the key. But he is an
alcoholic. – He is an alcoholic.” “He is still in his senses.
He is on a high. – He is on high.” “He is a man.
– He is a man.” “Let it be.
Let it be. He is an eunuch. Let it be. He is an eunuch.” “Ah! Who has called us?
He is our partner.” “Yes. Yes. He is our partner.” “You take him away.
Take the wedding procession too.” “Take him with you.
Take the wedding procession too.” “It’s his wedding.
Is it a wedding or a goof up?” “Is it a wedding or a goof up?” “It will be a good pair,
if he is there and me.” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “You are there. I am here.
Where are you? Where am I?” “He is very smart.
– He is running after me.” “First he kissed.
– He then bit me.” “Save my life. Call the doctor.
He is very poisonous.” “This scorpio is black and blue.
– Scorpio?” “Scorpio. Scorpio.
– Where are you hiding?” “Look here.
There. Where has he gone?” After a long time,
today my wish is fulfilled. You aren’t feeling shy. What kind of shame
between a husband and wife? Who are you?
– First you married me. Then you embraced me and
now you are asking who are you? Love, embrace me.
– Leave me. Save me. Leave me. Where are you going?
– Save me. Save me.
– What to do? Leave me. Where are you taking me? Have you gone mad?
– Leave me or I will go mad. Rekha, first tell me why
are you keen on this marriage. Someone pressurized you.
Why are you scared? I cannot tell.
I can’t say anything. Let me go. For god’s sake. – Why are
you marrying him purposely? There should be some reason.
Tell me. Vow to you.
– Sister. Rekha, I know your cannot.. ..break Sagar’s vow.
– I cannot break his vow. And I can’t hand him over
to the gallows. – What? I want Sagar’s life. I want
to sacrifice my love and save him. To sacrifice love.
What are you saying? By sacrificing your love,
how can you save Sagar. Rekha, don’t waste time.
Tell us the truth. We’ll straightened it out.
– Speak up, Rekha. The girl Shalini, whose
murder charges Sagar is facing.. She.. she is still alive.
– What? Dr. Narendra says if I
marry him then Shalini will.. ..give evidence in the
court that the murder charges.. ..on Sagar is false.
And Sagar will be saved. If I don’t marry Dr.
Narendra, then Sagar. Sagar will be hanged.
– Rekha, calm down. Calm down. Enough. Calm down. Stupid, dogs. Rekha isn’t
here then where has she gone? We searched everywhere.
We searched at Ram Singh’s.. ..and Sagar’s house too.
No one is there too. Tony, it seems Ram Singh
has hidden Rekha somewhere. And Rekha may have
told Ram Singh everything. We must kill Shalini at once.
– Yes sir. Come. Shalini. Shalini. Dr. Narendra, Shalini is with us.
Don’t worry. We won’t send her to
the court to save Sagar. As we don’t love
Sagar but we love money. We will tell you where
and when to get the money later. Your friend. ‘Who is this friend?’ Yes, you can proceed Mr.
Public Prosecutor. Thank you your honor. Your honor,
this case is clear as a mirror. This young man with
a innocent face.. ..murdered Shalini ruthlessly.
Shalini was his lover. She was pregnant with his child.
– It’s a lie. It’s a lie, your honor.
I have no connection with Shalini. I never knew her. – You will be
given the opportunity to speak. First let the public
prosecutor complete his work. Proceed Mr. Prosecutor. Your honor, the criminal
first entrapped Shalini. Played with her emotions.
Later, dreamt about marrying.. ..some other girl.
Shalini objected. And warned of the consequences. He ruthlessly killed
Shalini to get rid of her. The weapon by which
the murder has taken place.. present in the court. The finger prints of
the criminal are on it. In Shalini’s nails the
criminal’s skin pieces are found. The doctor’s report is in the file. You honor,
now I ask permission to present.. ..Mr. Tony Fernandes, the
witness in the court. – Granted. Thank you, your honor.
– Tony Fernandes. Tony Fernandes.
– Who is he? Mr. Tony, tell us whatever
you know about this case. Judge, I know Shalini
since a few years. We were good friends.
One day, Shalini came to me crying. She told me about
Sagar’s unfaithfulness. I told her to call Sagar to her
residence, I will explain to him. When I reached her residence
I saw Sagar hitting her with a rod. I tired to stop him. But before his exhilaration
nothing could be done. After killing Shalini,
he ran away from there. Hello. – Hello doctor.
Don’t think that you have won.. ..the case and Sagar is trapped.
– Who are you? What do you want? – It’s not
important for you to know.. ..who I am? I want 20 lakhs Rupees. 20 Lakhs. – Yes. If
I present Shalini in the court.. ..then the noose which
Sagar is facing will be on you. No. No. You don’t do such a thing. Send 20 lakh Rupees in three hours,
I won’t do it. So quickly.
To arrange for such a huge amount. How can it be done? – The one
who sends drugs in corpse. The king of drugs,
it’s a simple matter. Oh! So,
you know everything about me. Give the money and shut
my mouth or you will be destroyed. Alright. Where do I
have to reach the money? On the Goori Pahadi.
Remember after three hours. Hello. Yes Shalini here.
– Shalini, I am Tony speaking. They are sending the
money after three hours. Oh Tony.
I love you, darling. I love you. If you wouldn’t be there,
they would have killed me. I recognized them on that
day when they killed Rohit. It was possible that they would
kill me after giving the witness. Anyway, I am arranging
for the launch. After taking the money,
we will go away from this country. Do one thing.
After exactly one and a half hour.. ..reach at Goori Pahadi. Okay. Shalini.
– Yes. Go and hide there
and keep an eye on me. If they try to be smart,
then shoot them. Okay. Okay.
– Go. Shalini!! Shalini!! Shalini!! After considering all the points,
the court has decided. That Shalini was murdered by Sagar.
– Wait Mr. Judge. Mr. Judge,
before you give a wrong verdict. Before the law supports
the unjust instead of the just. Before this temple
of justice becomes.. ..a killer’s paradise
for this innocent man. I want to say something about
this case. – Objection your honor. All the procedures are completed. The court is giving its verdict. It’s an insult to speak
in between on this occasion. He can be punished
for his interference. Judge, if it’s a crime
to unveil the lie.. ..then I am ready to be punished. If it’s a crime to balance justice
then I am ready to be punished. But, before any
punishment I want to say.. ..the decision of the
case you are about to give.. ..that case isn’t a case at all.
– What do you want to say? I want to say the girl whose murder
Sagar is accused of is a lie. Sagar did not kill her.
Her murder took place today. And she was murdered
in front of me. Look here. Come and see it. Judge, this is the real culprit. Why a false case was
fought against Sagar? Who was killed instead of Shalini.. ..this eye witness will say.
Ask him. This is the opportunity
if you want to save yourself.. ..then become a approver. Go. Forgive me.
That day I gave a false witness. The truth is that Shalini
called him on the pretext of.. ..telling him his father’s
criminal’s name to her residence. She mixed medicine in the
cold drink to make him unconscious. After that I reached
there with Laxmi. Come. Scratch his face with your nails.
Scratch it. Quickly put your
clothes and necklace. Judge, in this way we got
Sagar entrapped with this murder. Who was that girl?
Why did you do it? Judge. That girl. The girl’s name. Catch him. Constable Ram Singh has
protected not only a innocent.. but the court’s respect. This court is
thankful to Ram Singh. The police officer’s who
have worked on this case are.. ..warned that they
recognize their duties. Henceforth, investigate the case
well and present it in the court. The court also orders to
find out who was the dead girl. And who is behind this? The court releases Sagar after
finding all the crimes are rubbish. Brother.
– Sagar. Sister in law. “I had loved you.
Today I found you. I found you.” “I found you.” “I had loved you.
Today I found you. I found you.” “I found you.” “Inside the heart somewhere.
– Inside the heart somewhere.” “The blossom of dreams is awaken.
– I found you.” “I found you.” “This is the season of style.
– This is the season of style.” “Enjoy this solitude.
– The world gets angry.” “With all the objections.
We have met. – We have met.” “The blossom of dreams are awaken.” “I had loved you.
Today I found you. – I found you.” “I found you.” “Love is thirsty.
So he is the youth.” “The body is wet.
So is the atmosphere.” “Love is thirsty.
So he is the youth.” “The body is wet.
So is the atmosphere.” “All around is water.” “The wounds of our hearts
have all healed.” “All the wounds have healed.” “The blossom of dreams are awaken.” “I had loved you.
Today I found you.” “Today I found you.
– Today I found you.” “Inside the heart somewhere.
The blossom of dreams are awaken.” “I found you.
– I found you.” “The flowers have blossomed.” Hey. Why are you frightened?
It’s me. Me. Me.
– What.. what? Look, I am not doing anything.
– Someone will see. Leave me. One kiss. Baby, one kiss.
– Someone will see. Leave me. Did you see? You broke it.
– I didn’t break it, you did. The owner of Bombay Blue
Fox hospital was caught.. drug dealing in Chicago
and was sentenced for four years. Rohit was a personnel
of Drug syndicate. A story of being
kidnapped was formed. Actually he died because
of the poisonous injection. Is there any connection with
Rohit’s death and Dr. Narendra. What..
– What does it mean? This is Dr. Narendra’s story. And this is that report which
father wanted to print in the paper. It clearly shows that Dr.
Narendra and Rohit were colleagues. I will go to DCP
Agarwal right away. And see how Narendra saves himself. Listen, when Sagar comes,
tell him everything. Do you understand? Stupid. You have killed father. Get up. I won’t spare you today. Come with me. Sir. This man killed father. And he also killed
Tony in the court. He had come to kill me today.
– What? Yes sir. This is his mask. Sir, this is the document
for which father was killed. Dr. Narendra was a doctor
at Chicago Medical college. Being a part of a
drug syndicate he spent.. ..four years in the prison. Sir, drug dealing and these murders
are committed by Dr. Narendra. I will make him talk. Do one thing. Go and call CID Inspector Jaipal.
Quick. – Yes sir. Sister in law, how did this happen? Sagar, your brother has
caught the father’s murderer. Really? – Yes.
Those documents are also found.. ..for which father was murdered. Your brother has gone
to the DCP with these proofs. I will be back in a while.
– What are you doing! Because of you our whole
group is in danger. – No. Your death is good for all.
– No. Sir. What are you doing? Sir. Sir. What have you done? You killed him. Me? What rubbish are you talking? I didn’t kill him but you.
– What.. what are you talking? Thinking him to be your
father’s murderer you killed.. ..him by pressing his neck.
Inspector Jaipal is the witness. Yes sir. Now I know why you killed him. You are part of those goons.
By killing him you erased.. ..all the proofs against
those criminals. – Shut up! You should be ashamed to
put false allegations against me. You are a stain to
the police department. Shut up! Jaipal, arrest him. Catch him!! Hey!! Brother. What happened?
– I will tell you later. First let go away from here. What? Constable Ram
Singh killed the masked man. Yes sir. He attacked me too.
But he ran away. I have given orders to arrest him.
– Alright. In the happenings until now
Narendra and Agarwal are involved? To prove it we require
some solid proof. Until Agarwal is
sitting on that side.. ..whatever proof we
get will be tarnished. There is only one way.
That both of them should be killed. You don’t understand, by doing this
crime we will be called criminals. Law! Law!
Law! You always support the law. You endured so many things
by supporting this law. Today, a godly man like
you is credited with murder. Only because of this law.
– No Sagar. It’s not that. It hasn’t
happened because of the law. It happened because of
a traitor who wears the uniform. It’s my duty to prove
the strength of truth. That dog is coming. These people had
come to kill Shalini. Really?
– Yes. All the material has
to be send today from here. Shaka, keep the ambulance ready.
– Yes sir. Bring the material. Gloves! Be quick. Quick! Careful! If anyone tries to move,
I will slit the doctor’s neck. Today you are caught red-handed. Your game is over. – Now your
friend DCP cannot save you. Sagar, call the
Commissioner right away. I will speak to him.
– Alright. Agarwal. I am Narendra speaking. Ram Singh and Sagar have
caught me with the material. I am letting them follow me to get
them to the quarries of Chandni. Arrange to get them killed. What happened? I have
arranged for everything here. Ram Singh,
you wanted to slit my throat. Now I will aim at both of you. Let them die with
my police revolver. So that I get an extra
medal to encounter the traitor.. ..running away from the law. The one who takes undue
advantage of the law. The law will never forgive you. Fool, the law wants proof. The law will never
get any proof against me. A crime always leaves its traces. Don’t forget that girl
Laxmi whom you killed.. ..and tried to frame me. Her mother’s witness
will be your noose. That arrangement
is done too, Sagar. I have killed that
lady in a car accident. Like your father Janardhan,
Laxmi, Tony and Shalini.. ..your obstacle will be removed. Surround them from all sides. Shoot these two. Shoot these two.
It’s my order. Shoot them. Shoot these two. Give me the revolver.
Give. Shoot them. Shoot these two. Soldiers,
I order you to shoot these two. Shoot them. These are my orders. Commissioner,
they are not taking my orders. Order them to shoot these two. Agarwal, the police shoots
at criminals not at sincere people. What are you saying?
Ram Singh is a murderer. Ram Singh isn’t a criminal.
You two are. I know about your crimes.
– I have not committed any crime. I am a sincere and respected
doctor. The world knows it. Shut up! This is that man
who took the advantage of a.. ..good profession
and committed crimes. Sir, you have got some
wrong information about us. There was no wrong
information given. You just accepted your crime.
Which we have recorded. Through this mike. And this is that cassette
which has your confession. Well done Ram Singh.
Come. Well done Sagar. Today you have proved that the
strength of truth is very strong. Constable Ram Singh.
– Sir. The right to handcuff
these two is yours. Go.

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