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Saber! Saber! You… What the hell are you? I see. This mean that I… undeniably, am no longer a Master. What the hell is this? They called this “a training room”? No way… Not a place like this! Do you despise me? How I tether my rotting body with the lives of others… No. How you’re obsessed with life… is what makes you worthy to be my lord. I see a black kite. A black kite, you said? Sella, have a car ready to go. I will head out into the city starting tomorrow. I don’t know who you are, but that belongs to the Einzberns. Have I… Have I lost? That’s… It cannot be! Don’t bother. That is the Holy Grail! In order to seize it with my hands, I… I’m telling you. don’t bother with it. Who is it? Don’t get in my way— Who is it, you ask? That’s something… that should be obvious with one look. Senpai… Where have you been? You’re injured again like that! Please take care of yourself more! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And… I’m home, Sakura. Yes. Welcome home… Senpai. Hey, Kiritsugu… I don’t get it. What do I have to do in order to become a hero of justice?

99 thoughts on “Saber meets Saber Alter「Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower」BD ver. | 4K 60FPS

  1. とりあえず降ってる雪粒が何とも心に落ち着く…

  2. セイバーが求めてた王はオルタなんだよな。ただ信念は変わりないから実際問題悪ではないのがすき

  3. あの蟲の数見て驚かない魔術師はいないな(´・ω・`)聖杯を目にした瞬間のセイバーの姿欲にまみれた感じがして苦手やな(´・ω・`)

  4. ほんっっつつっまに!!桜のトゥルーエンド作ってや!!!きのこさん!!!!

  5. 雪立体的に見えてる気がするけどそれって思い込みなんじゃないかて思ってしまっている。

  6. このシーンのワカメってどっちかっていうとワカメよりシンジって感じよね

  7. 1:42 – 2:04 It was at that moment, Rin realizes her father's act of giving Sakura to Zouken was a hellish mistake. On second thought Rin likely never knew about it but she does certainly know about it now.

  8. 3:58 hey look it’s Solomon’s Noble Phantasm!

    Also I have a theory that saber was so freaked out by what she saw because she thought she was looking at Morgan.

  9. 空の境界もそうだけど、どうして雪が降るシーンがこんなにも心揺り動かす物があるのだろう?

  10. LOL this entire movie is one big reason you shouldnt choose the Sakura route. in fate stay night when he chose Rin , it all ended much much better

  11. at ufotabole office

    employee:ehm boss how much budget in this scene.


    4:40–4:47 she is rocking that unlimited budget works like ther is no tomorrow.

    seruously shoul feel sad about this(only if you know how bad shit will it the fan whit her appirence)but that look at 4:47….mmhh

  12. both Saber and Alter are equally sexy and beautiful, in slightly different way, but it's one waifu, best girl 2 in 1

  13. Keep in mind that turning Alter will not just make your skin pale white or black, it will also turn your chest a bit bigger

  14. 0:49 I know Noriaki Sugiyama is so damn tired of having to say this line. Cuz I wasn't looking and could've sworn I turned on Naruto for a second.

  15. Even saber alter was controlled by the cursed grail… She is alter but also not alter…… Just a tool to defend the grail from being harmed…… 😑😑😑😑

  16. ???「お前は私だ…鏡の中のな。私は最早鏡の中の幻ではない…私は存在する、最強のサーヴァントとして…。」

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