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– Boss had ordered me to kill you.
– No, no. – But don’t be afraid.
– Please, don’t do it. I won’t do this heinous crime. Sit in this car and run
away as quickly as possible. Go. Go. Go. Go quickly. You’ve sat in the car because
of the fear of death but.. ..this car will take you
straight into the jaws of death. Okay. Yes, Lobo, come.
Is the job over? As the boss said, I fixed the
car’s brakes and put Geeta in the car. Bravo! I’m receiving good
news from all directions. Lobo, come, meet him. This is the government doctor,
Kalidas. Again the same accident?
Again a similar corpse? There are car and truck
accidents and only the.. ..victims’ faces are crushed. Several such incidents
in the past few months. To take large claims
from insurance companies. You policemen only know
how to keep count of these.. ..corpses but we insurance
men have to pay for each.. ..of these corpses, Mr. Saxena. Come, you scoundrel. Come. Where have you brought him from? From the cemetery where
he was digging out a fresh corpse. What were you doing in the cemetery? My job, brother.
A crime reporter needs to reach.. ..where there is a crime. Oh! It is also the job of
the police to reach there, brother. But is generally seen that
the public reaches there first and.. ..the police reaches thereafter. Tell me. What were
you doing in the cemetery? I had gone there to shed
tears over my mother’s grave. You had gone to your mother’s
grave and dug out your father’s body. Tell me who do you work for? His job is only to dig graves. But the big dealers in these corpses,
are hidden from.. ..the eyes of the law behind the
dark covers of their illegal earnings. There is no place in the
world so far away that the long.. ..arms of the law cannot reach
and no curtain is so thick that.. ..the sword of the
law cannot pierce it. Inspector Sawant,
take him to our especial room. Tell me. I don’t know anything.
I don’t know anything. Tell me.
Tell me or I will not leave you. Inspector Saxena,
you know very well that hitting or.. ..beating a criminal in the
lock-up is a crime as per the Law. I am not committing a crime, doctor. I am doing my duty as a policeman. There is only one way to have
the truth from these lips of stone. ..lips of stone.
They should be beaten with hammers. It will be better if the decision
about truth and lie is made in.. open courtroom
instead of this lock-up. Your very slogans have
weakened the hands of the.. and have brought iron
to the courage of these criminals. If these slogans are
not stopped right here.. ..termites will hit the
foundations of the law and.. ..the structure of the law
will crumble like pillars of sand. And I warn you, Inspector Saxena,
that if you don’t stop.. ..your madness and this
prisoner dies in this lock-up.. ..then another inspector
in another lock-up will hit you.. ..and ask you why you did this crime.
Remember that. When that is asked of me,
I will answer it. Nothing will happen, Kalidas. If dealers in corpses start
being afraid of their own shadows.. ..then they must look for
another business for their living. Ganesh can become a shadow
of death for us, Diwan. Kalidas, when the sun
sets all shadows in the world.. ..themselves wear
the cloak of darkness. Wait. Who are you? The waiter, sir. I’ve brought
food for the prisoners, sir. Your face looks somewhat new.. That’s right. I’m new on the job, sir. – All right. Carry on.
– Yes. – Quiet.
– Free me from here, Diwan. I’ve come here to
give you your freedom. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. No one will know. – Where is that waiter.
– Here, I am, sir. You!? The day after is your birthday. You don’t know what
hopes there are on you and.. ..what does Neena know? I wished that she
had listened to you.. ..hoped that she would come
here from Singapore for a few days. Whether you believe it or not,
all this is lies. I am also your step-brother just
like Laxman was Ram’s step-brother. You understand that but she doesn’t. The one whom we shower
our lives on, Rajesh. Maybe she would come
here even for a few moments.. ..I would tear my chest
and show her my love. Hello. I’m Neena from Singapore.
Who’s calling? Rajesh!? Hi. How are you?
Yes, yes. I also got your wire. And your invitation card, too. You are coming, aren’t you, Neena?
On my birthday? And your twenty-first year
is the most important for you. Because after that,
according to mother’s will.. will be the sole inheritor
of the whole estate and then.. will be free of the prison
of your step-brother, Kailash.. ..forever and ever. It may be prison
for you but not for me. Anyway, for you there is a happy news. I am announcing my wedding
on my birthday.. ..and I’d sent you the photo also. You will come, won’t you? I’ve seen the picture and
I like your choice very much. And the rest of the talk
after I meet both of you. Okay. Take care. Bye. How many times have I told you?
Talk slowly. Even the walls have ears. – Zero-zero-nine.
– I’ve taken a tumble, haven’t I? What’s there to talk softly about? It’s a matter of happiness. It’s a matter of happiness?
Then why am I sad? Come on, let’s us celebrate. Disco! Looks like you’ve dropped something. So, pick it up. These arms have so much
strength that I can lift you too. In any case I had the desire to.. This desire will prove dear to you. I am also not used to cheap deals. Monty always lays his
hands on expensive things. – Leave my hand.
– No, my love. Not so easily. Leave. Mr. Disco, let her go. Who’s this? Let her go quietly. I’ve been watching your
misbehavior for a long time. You’ve seen my misbehavior. Now let’s see your sympathy. How can I thank you? If you weren’t present
that scoundrel would have.. Don’t mention scoundrels.
It defiles the tongue. How long have you been in Singapore? A month. Business? No, looking for my sister. Is she lost somewhere? Well, she ran away from
her brother to get married to.. of her liking
and came to Singapore. How did you come to
know that she married and.. ..came to Singapore? An acquaintance had seen
her with her husband at this disco.. ..and had taken a snap. Do you come here often? Yes, almost every day. Then, you might have seen her. The one who’s sitting
here is my sister, Geeta. No, I haven’t seen her. I come here every day with
the lamp of hope lit and return.. night in the
darkness of hopelessness. Do you love your sister very much? Love? So much love that if even
a sob came to my sister’s lips.. ..this brother of
hers would almost die. Geeta, lie down.
Your brother’s coming. Do what I’d told you to do, will you?
And watch the fun. What’s happened to Geeta? She’s been unconscious for so long. She’s been calling out for
you and her body is hot with fever. Oh, my God. She is burning. I pray to God that
nothing happens to her. Take care of her while
I fetch the doctor. Brother, there’s no
need to call the doctor. Geeta, you were joking? Oh, my God. What’s this, brother?
There are tears in your eyes? I have no fever, brother.
I was just joking. Never joke like this,
Geeta, with the brother whose heart.. ..will cry aloud on hearing
a sob from his sister. Forgive me, brother. Forgive me. May I come in? Oh! What was the need to come now? You had forgotten the way
to this house for so many days. And now you have come with
this bouquet to remind me.. ..that I also have a friend
who is dearer than life itself. That’s great. You are taunting me. Mr. Anand Kumar,
this bouquet is not for you. This is for Geeta.
Today is her birthday. Understand? See that? You being the
brother forgot my birthday.. ..and Prakash never
forgets my birthday. All right. All right. One minute.
One minute. Shut your eyes. – Why?
– Shut your eyes. And don’t open them
till I tell you to. – Brother!
– A brother should be like this. Geeta. Geeta. – Geeta.
– Brother. What is this? When you wake up you don’t open
your eyes and start looking for me. You idiot, I can wake up
in the morning but this brother’s.. ..eyes cannot open
without first seeing you. What is there in this
sister’s face that you.. In this face are hidden
the faces of our parents. People like to read
the Ramayana and the Kuran.. the morning but
I like to read the Geeta. On this face are written
thousands of shlokas of the Geeta. Now don’t butter me up. Go, the water is boiling.
Go and have your bath. Go. Go. I used to worship
my Goddess-like sister. How long will you be in Singapore? Why will I stay now when I have
lost the hope of meeting my sister? God knows where she will be. No, no. – I don’t want to die.
– Geeta. I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die. – Take care of her.
– Leave me. Leave me. – Take her away.
– I don’t want to die. This has been her state from
the time she’s had her accident. Whenever she’s in her senses,
this is what she says.. ‘I don’t want to die.
I don’t want to die.’ The innocent girl is the
sister of my friend and I don’t.. ..know where that poor fellow
is roaming to look for her. Doctor, get this
poor girl’s memory back. Don’t worry about money or anything. What’s the use?
Even if she were to be saved.. ..the law will hang her
for the murder of her husband. Greetings. What can I say, sir. Sometimes, one feels that the
one above doesn’t have proper scales. He has taken up with him
on who should have been down.. and the one who should
have been up is sitting here with you. I understand your sorrow,
Mr. Mukherjee.. ..but nowadays there have been many
big frauds on insurance companies.. ..but we will still try to see that
there is no problem with your claim. That’s all right. The scoundrels do the frauds and
decent people like me get the hassles. Ok, greetings. Subratho Chatterjee? Why did you run after Mukherjee? Not Mukherjee, brother. Chatterjee. Chatterjee? I have seen his body
in Calcutta two years ago. The man who had died two years ago
in Calcutta is now alive in Mumbai? The man I’d caught in the
cemetery was murdered in the lock-up. Murdered? It looks like the man who
died in the lock-up and this.. ..claimant Muhkerjee are
two pieces of the same move. Who knows who the chess player
is and from where he is playing. After they have known our secret.. can take it the strings of
the lives Rajesh and Kailash are cut. What are you saying, Prakash. My sister is accused of murder?
No, Prakash. My sister cannot do murder. And that too one whom
she loved at one time. For whom she left her home.
She left me. Take me to her. Don’t look at me
with such eyes, Geeta. I’ll become mad. Tell me, my sister, what is the
wound that you have hidden within you. Tell me. What is the compulsion
that has sealed your tongue? Say something, my sister.
Say something. No! I don’t want to die. Maybe she got a stroke again. Please uncle go away from here.
Please go away from here. Go away. Nurse! I don’t want to die. Let me go. Leave me. Let me go. – Geeta.
– Please, you must not try to touch her. You have reopened
the patient’s wounds. One hopes she doesn’t do something
when she regains consciousness. Even I cannot believe it,
Anand but the police a lot.. ..of such evidence
that proves her guilt. And we have no plea with which
we can prove her to be innocent. I made a thousand efforts
to bring alive her dead memory.. ..but I did not.. that lamp. I did not get even a single
ray of light with which I.. ..could save your sister. Prakash, Geeta had sent me
a snap from Singapore in which.. ..she is sitting with a
man whose face cannot be seen. Yes, Prakash. With a picture that doesn’t show
a face it is impossible to look for.. This girl. This face is familiar. Yes, this girl is Roma.. Roma. She is a very famous dancer
and she is in this city. Friend, it is possible..
it is possible that she knows this.. ..picture and about
Geeta’s story. Yes. Hello, friends. Good evening. Anybody wants to
take a chance with me? Romance with me. I mean to say, dance with me. Come on. Anybody from this side. Anybody from this side. “You give a reply to my question..” “You give a reply to my question..” “..what is beauty and what is drink.” “..what is beauty and what is drink.” “These are two names
of the same thing..” “These are two names
of the same thing..” “..this is bad and so is that.” “..this is bad and so is that.” “You give a reply to my question..” “..what is beauty and what is drink.” “It might be good
or it might be bad..” “It might be good
or it might be bad..” “..this has intoxication
and that has fun.” “..this has intoxication
and that has fun.” “But that intoxication goes off..” “But that intoxication goes off
because it is a dream.” “You give a reply to my question..” “You give a reply..” “Tell me what is the
desire in every heart..” “Tell me what is the
desire in every heart..” “..what is the sign
to recognize every man..” “If one has the sight to read..” “Really?” “If one has the sight to read,
the face is an open book.” “You give a reply to my question..” “You give a reply..” “Tell me, if you know..” “Tell me,
if you know, love is the aim..” “..and the heart is the path..” “This heart may be the path to love..” “This heart may be the path to love..” “..but there are a
lot of dangers on the way.” “Oh, wonderful,
you are without parallel..” “..I’ve got the reply to my question.” “..I’ve got the reply to my question.” Come in. How well you dance.
For a moment I too was baffled. Don’t embarrass me by praising me. Actually,
this was an excuse for reaching you. For reaching me? This is my sister, Geeta. She’s very beautiful. Her life hanging in the dark
well of death by a thin string.. ..and that string
can break at any moment. But I know that my sister is innocent. However, I do not have
a shred of evidence to prove.. ..her innocence. I.. How can I help you. You are also here in this
picture together with the.. ..person whose back alone is seen. Can you tell me who this
person is so that some light.. ..can be shed on
my sister’s past life? This picture is taken during
my show in a night club in Singapore. Maybe there is another
picture in my album where.. ..we can see the face of this person. Come with me. That album is available
in my hotel room. Please. Excuse me.. – Hello.
– Hi, darling. Have you forgotten
that today is my birthday? I haven’t forgotten. Then reach quickly where
you had promised to reach. I’ll kill myself if the
delay and this distance.. ..persist any longer. Don’t be in a hurry to kill yourself. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m sorry. Rajesh, you are such
a big crime reporter and you.. ..don’t even have a car. I have one, but would we
have the fun that we are having now? The way your arms clinch
me and my motorbike is not.. ..running on the road, it
seems as if it’s flying in the skies. Good evening. – Where’s uncle.
– He’s upstairs. Rajesh, this is my uncle
Diwan who’s everything to me. Hello, Roma. I’ve met your uncle yesterday
in my brother’s office.. ..where he’d come to take
a claim on some dead relative. Yesterday, his name was Mukherjee.. ..and today his name is Diwan? What are you saying, Rajesh? Ask your uncle how
many times he has made.. ..successful insurance claims
for others’ deaths and how.. ..many times for his own death. No, Rajesh.
He’s just insured his life in my name. For a full 7 million.
I’m sure you are mistaken. The eyes of a crime reporter
like me cannot be mistaken. This criminal has a
new name in every place.. ..and a new face in every city. And you won’t live to
tell the tale of this face. Run, Rajesh. – Leave me, you dog.
– Come, come to. – Let me go.
– Come along. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Come along. Let me go. Come along. – Let me go.
– Come along. Come along. Let me go. Mr. Diwan, I’ve been waiting for you
for a long time. Till when will I sit
like a prisoner here? Don’t ask me.
Looks like our bad days are here. – Do you know that cabaret dancer, Roma?
– Yes. – She now knows all our secrets.
– Oh! What will happen now? We’ll see when we come to it, In the meantime,
you take your passport. I’ve arranged for
you to go to Singapore. All right, but no one knows me there. Don’t worry, Banerjee.
I’ve made all arrangements. Looks like someone is listening
to our talk in hiding. Yes. There was a sound.
Lobo, check it out. Hello. Hello, brother, I’ve found those people
who are looting your insurance company. And I have also seen
alive that person with them.. ..on whose life Banerjee was in
your office to make the false claim. Rajesh, where are you speaking from? From near Hotel Hilltop.
Their den is not far from here. Come here immediately. Rajesh, what is that
sound of gunfire? Rajesh. Rajesh! Rajesh! A body? Yes. Kailash, we’ve got information
that there’s a body in your car. A body? You haven’t gone mad,
Saxena, have you? I’ll have to search your car. Has your search gone
so far that it has even.. ..reached me today? The search and the eyes of the
police can reach anywhere, Kailash. Open the dicky. Rajesh! Rajesh. No, no. How is this possible, Saxena? How did this happen? I should have asked
this question and not you. This looks like a
big plot of the enemy. You know that I could have
even given my life for Rajesh. Can I, then, take his life? The body in your
car tells another story. I’m helpless. The hands that used to move
forward to hug their friend.. have, through these handcuffs.. ..even reached my throat. If a brother can
murder his own brother.. ..can a friend not arrest his friend? A friend has put handcuffs
on another friend but, Saxena.. ..your friend is not a murderer. You? When did you come? Just now. I missed you
so much that I flew in straight.. ..from Singapore to meet you. I mean I came straight
to you from the airport. Oh! Had you informed of your coming.. ..I’d at least have
come to the airport. Had I informed you
of my coming in advance.. could I have
given you this surprise? And how would I have had
this chance to hug you suddenly? Neena, this is not the time
for surprises and for hugging. Oh? You kept writing
me in every letter that.. ..Neena, I’m missing you very much? Anyway, I came directly
to you from the airport because.. ..I wanted to take Rajesh’s estate
papers and you to Rajesh’s birthday. I am the lawyer of your sister, Neena. I’ve come here to congratulate you. Congratulate? Yes, congratulate. I must appreciate the way
you played the game of cards in.. ..your house and the
neat way in which you cut.. ..dealt and fixed the cards. Mr. Kailash, you have won
the game even before it was started. But the one, who lost,
lost his estate and also his life. You want to say,
don’t you, that I killed Rajesh? Yes. Rajesh’s killer
didn’t walk in from outside. He was present in the house. I regret, Neena, that you
believe that I am Rajesh’s murderer. I don’t merely believe it. I know it. The one who could
have killed my mother.. ..why would he have
spared me my brother’s life? So far the law had only placed
one killing against my name.. ..but today a sister
has written another killing.. her brother’s account. I did not, like you,
write only false accusations.. the book of life. It’s good that your
burden is reduced.. ..and I will keep this wound that
you’ve given me, close to my heart. It is a gift from
a sister to her brother. I feel very upset when
I see you in this condition. You are troubled but
my heart aches for you. I cannot bear all this. You scoundrel, rogue, murderer. You killed my Rajesh
before my very eyes. I won’t let you live.
I won’t let you live. Oh, get away. Idiot girl. Even after seeing your
lover die before your eyes.. haven’t come to your senses? I will not let you live too. Before I riddle you with bullets,
I’ll ask you for the last time.. you want to join hands
with us or to embrace death? Tell me. Answer me. Your silence means death. No, uncle. I don’t want to die now. Now you have come to your senses. You are right, uncle.
I’ve already lost my love. I don’t want to lose your support. You idiotic girl. Whatever I’ve done till
today has been for your own good. Forgive me. Uncle.
Now, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. After Papa’s death, you gave
me several toys to console me .. ..but this toy is before you as an
instrument of your death, you scoundrel. What are you doing, Roma? This is not a toy, Roma. Don’t kill me. Nothing can save you. Rajesh’s killer. I won’t let you go. You! You are in my hands now. You can’t recognize
the poor fellow’s face. Roma had mentioned this room. There’s no one here. You look in the cupboard.
I’ll look here. Prakash. Do you know this man? Very well. His name is
Kailash but he is living sin. Looking at this picture,
the secret of your sister’s.. ..madness and your brother-in-law’s
death is revealed. What is the connection
of my sister with him? The same as the hunted
with the hunter. Prakash,
I don’t understand what you mean. You won’t understand, Anand. You are neither a lawyer like me.. ..nor are you a merciless
murderer like this rascal. I can see the whole picture
of his crime before my eyes. He must have first got your
brother insured without telling.. ..him and murdered him
and claimed the insurance amount. And when your sister
came to know of this.. ..he must have tried
to put her out of his way. But in the note found in
my sister’s purse, Geeta has.. ..confessed that she
has murdered her husband. She has written that she
is going to commit suicide. What are you saying, Anand? You don’t know the
criminal called Kailash. Then take it, Prakash,
that Kailash’s death is as much.. ..away from him as I am from you. Saxena, if you examine your heart.. will only hear a voice saying.. ..can this friend of
yours ever do this crime? Never. Never. And no one but me can provide
the evidence of my innocence. Saxena. I’m not doing you a favor, Kailash. I’m just listening to the voice of my
conscience that Kailash is innocent. My friend, I will hold your
faith in me dearer than my life.. ..and will not rest till
have brought before you the.. ..criminals who have tried
to put this noose from their own.. ..necks on to mine. It might be better if
you thought matters over once.. ..again before doing something. Mr. Lawyer, Neena has aimed
such arrows of hate into my.. ..breast that there is no place
for more wounds within this breast. This is the only way to
extinguish the fire that Neena.. ..has lit and in which
I am burning and I will have to.. Neena to what extent I can go. Even so, Mr. Kailash. Mr. lawyer, what I say must be done.
Do you understand? Prakash, that murderer escaped
from the police car on the way. Where will I look for him in the
city of Mumbai? How will I find him? I know where Kailash
must have gone on escaping. Where? To his step-sister, Neena. Before the law takes me
into its net again.. ..I have come to meet you
for the last time. No, when a brother comes
to meet his sister, he doesn’t.. ..have the instrument
of death in his hands. What sister? Whose sister? Do you see this instrument
of death in my hands which is.. ..for my enemies and
my biggest enemy is you. Today, I have escaped from
the police so that I remove.. ..this rock from my
path and throw it into the.. ..canyons of darkness. No. Go away from here. You have already killed
two persons for the family estate. Now.. Now do you want to kill me too.. that you become the sole
inheritor of the entire property? Yes, after your death. No, my death.. no, no. No! Neena, it’s me. No, no. Don’t shut the door, Neena. You have always
misunderstood me, Neena. If you hear the truth from me.. will be able to see
the facts clear as a mirror. Take this and throw this
thought entirely out of your.. ..mind that I could have
ever killed your mother or.. ..I could have killed your brother. You.. You’ve escaped from the police,
haven’t you? You look very upset. Sit comfortably. I’ll.. I’ll make tea for you. What’s the matter?
Why are you trembling like this? My brother has come
here to take my life. I’ve also come here looking for him.
Where is he? He.. he’s upstairs. Looks like Kailash has run away.
But where will he go? Even if he goes to the
furthermost corner of the world.. ..I will find him out.. ..and wreak revenge for the
destruction of my innocent sister. Anand. Take me with you, Anand. Or the stuffiness of
the four walls will kill me. I can see the shadows
of death behind every curtain. I want the protection
of your arms, Anand. He proved himself dead
in the eyes of the world. You need brains, Kalidas, to
prove yourself dead before the world. I knew that Roma would try
to kill me when she got the chance. That is why I allowed her
to take my gun away so easily. As soon as she fired,
my men threw that body down whose.. ..face was already smashed,
so that, along with Roma.. ..others should also
be convinced of my death. But Kailash has escaped,
Kalidas, and his escape.. ..could mean an arrest
for us at any moment.. You are right there. Good that you’ve come,
Saxena, but the murderer has escaped. I come to know his name.
I’ll find his whereabouts by tomorrow. There a full 2 million
in this briefcase.. no, not now.. You will get these 2 lakhs when
you hand Roma over to my colleagues. Okay? When you get Roma,
you hand over this briefcase.. this drummer. – Fine.
– Go on. You gave that rascal such
a big amount for such a small job? Oh! I am not any less a rascal. Only the notes on the top are real.
The rest are false. And I’ve fitted a time-bomb
in the briefcase within the notes. As soon as he opens
the briefcase.. Boom. Come, my dear.
The time to free you is here. – Briefcase.
– First Roma. The briefcase later. Here, take this. I’ve got the 2 lakhs now. Bravo! Who is it? Stop. Stop. What are you thinking. I’m not thinking. I’m looking at the lovely
play of the stars of fate. Love brings people together.. ..but it is hate that has
brought us close to each other. If Kailash hadn’t been
an enemy to both of us.. wouldn’t have been
here at this time, in this room.. ..and so close. – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “Then that means you love me.
– No, no, no.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “Then that means you love me.
– No, no, no.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “We meet every day in our dreams.
– We do.” – “Flowers bloom in our hearts.
– They do.” – “We meet every day in our dreams.
– We do.” – “Flowers bloom in our hearts.
– They do.” – “Our hearts remain restless.
– Mine does.” – “You call me your life.
– I do.” – “Do you refuse me?
– I do.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do” – “The state is one of madness.
– It is.” – “The color is red through blushing.
– It is.” – “The state is one of madness.
– It is.” – “The color is red through blushing.
– It is.” – “Every part of the body aches.
– It does.” – “The pain is quite merciless.
– It is.” – “Even then you fight.
– I do.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – “Then that means you love me.
– No, no, no.” – “Do you wait eagerly for me?
– I do.” – “Do you believe me?
– I do.” – Hello.
– I’m Kailash. You have heaped so many
accusations on me that.. ..I’m going down with the burden. That is why I have escaped
from jail and I want to meet.. for a few moments
so that I can tell you my story. Kailash has reached us even here. Call him here. It is also
very necessary for me to meet him. All right.
You can come. I’m waiting for you. Neena. I want to meet you alone
for some personal talk. – Why alone?
– That’s because.. ..I do not wish to
make a public display of.. ..your misunderstandings. I want to bring you out
of the darkness of suspicion in.. ..which you are wandering
and to make you realize the.. ..sacred relation
of a sister and brother. The realization that you
first gave to my mother or.. my brother, Rajesh,
who was dearer to me than my life? They are both not in this world today. Is that the realization
you want to create in me? You are an outsider for me. Not Anand. Whatever you wish to say,
say it before Anand. Again the same suspicion.
The same misunderstanding. And you forget that your
mother was not yours alone. She was also my mother. Neena can have that
misunderstanding. Not me. You killed both of them.
You are a murderer. Do you recognize this picture? Yes, I know that very well
but how is this connected with you? And you don’t even recognize
the brother of this sister? of this sister? You, fraud. Kailash. Surrender to the law. Stop or I will shoot. Stop, Kailash. I warn you for the last time. Stop. His face is so badly smashed
that you can’t recognize him. You got scared and hid
his face in death, you scoundrel. My desire to make you suffer
before killing you remained.. ..unfulfilled in my heart. This is called the
decision of the heavens. Those who dig graves for others,
already have a pit ready for them. The court of God has sentenced
Kailash, Rajesh’s killer, to death. Had he escaped,
you would have had him prosecuted.. ..and sentenced to death,
wouldn’t you? What’s it to the lawyer. The minute the case is over.. ..he will pick up the papers
and throw them in the trash bin. I want a slightly higher position
in your life than that of a lawyer. That you have always had, Prakash. That’s why I have come myself to you,
to tell you of the.. ..deepest secret of my life. Is that so? What is that
secret of which I do not know? I.. I’ve started to love, Prakash. Really!? That’s why I am not staying
at your house but in.. ..a hotel with Anand. Both of us have crossed such distances
between us in just the first meeting.. ..that there are
no distances any more. Yes. Yes, speaking.
She’s here. Just a moment. There’s a call for you
from the insurance company. They are calling you
to the office right now. Kailashnath was a
close friend of mine.. ..and I know that
he loved you very much. This cheque in your name
covering his insurance is.. ..another proof of his love for you. Of love? It is a proof of atonement. This is like people going to Benaras
to bathe in the Ganges before dying. Anyway, let me have the cheque. Such haste is not good. Why is the sister who has hated
her brother for her whole life.. eager for this money? But who are you? Look without blinking
your eyes and you will.. ..recognize who I am. Your brother. But Kailash is.. Dead but is still alive in me. We were twins but the bustle
of earning wealth did not ever.. ..give me the opportunity
of meeting Kailash. That is why I am
a stranger even today. – This is a lie!
– The truth is before you. These letters to me are
written in Kailash’s own hand. Every word in these letters
is dripping in blood and.. saying,
how much did I love you and what.. have done to me. Take your heart in your hands
and read every word in those letters. This is Kailash’s last scream. One minute. Kailashnath was my boss and
I know his handwriting very well. Correct. This is his handwriting. You are coming from Singapore? What do you do there? Here is my visiting card. In it are all my of my home,
my business and my address. I’m speaking the truth.
I’ve never seen him before. If I had a brother in Singapore,
wouldn’t I have seen him? Believe me.. Accepted that you have
not seen me in Singapore but.. ..your brother,
Kailash, who was here.. many times did you meet him? Ms. Neena, this your personal matter. We will have to make a
long investigation about this. Here, take care of your property. Thank you. This was a lifelong wish
which is fulfilled today. You!? You are alive? Why? Surprised to see me alive? Come. Give the diamonds to me. Absolutely not, neither you nor
I have any right over these diamonds. I’ll hand them over to the police. But only when you leave this place. I am dead in the eyes
of this world and of the law. The police won’t be able
to arrest me for your murder. Give.. Hey! Let me go. You escaped today. But tomorrow you won’t
have any legs to do the cabaret. Now this is not a cabaret dancer.
She’s my wife. Nurse, my sister will recognize
me as soon as she sees this gift. I always used to give her
this gift on every birthday. Today is her birthday.
Nurse, please call her. The brother’s heart yearns to hear his
name from the sister’s mouth, nurse. Call my sister. Your sister came to
her senses that very day. What!? She had come to her senses? Yes, she had but she
escaped from here as soon as.. ..she got a chance. We tried very hard to look for her.. ..but we didn’t find
her anywhere. Sorry. By merely saying sorry,
you cannot attempt to apply a.. ..salve on the wound
of the sister’s love on.. ..the brother’s heart, nurse. Your carelessness has
separated me from my sister.. ..again and if I have to burn
in fire of the separation of my sister ..I will burn you all alive. I will burn you all alive. He would have killed me. I managed to save myself
with great difficulty. One suffers when the scorpion
bites but does not die. Now whether the sting of the
scorpion is to be broken or let go.. I’m also upset like you, Anand. You sister has disappeared
and my unknown brother has appeared.. ..whom I don’t even know.. Sampath. He is same as Kailash
says he is the twin of Kailash. How can that be? I suspect, Anand, that behind
the ruin in my family is Sampath.. ..who has remained
behind the curtains.. ..and taken advantage
of being Kailash’s look-alike. He suddenly came from
behind the curtains and stood.. ..before me to take
the insurance money. Anand, I do think that Sampath
is behind your sister’s ruin. And you, like me, quite unnecessarily
kept suspecting Kailash. Hello. I’m Mr. X, Anand. Your sister Geeta is in my possession. If you want to meet your sister.. ..come this evening to Hotel Horizon. But.. But how will I recognize you? You won’t recognize me,
I will recognize you. If you desire her safety, come alone. All right. I’ll come alone. You’ll not go alone, Anand. We’ll all go with you but in disguise. That’s fine. The one whom you are waiting for,
does he recognize you or not? No, he doesn’t know me but I know him. And you know him too. Is this the place for making the deal? This is not the place for
making the deal but only for meeting. Go outside and tell
me as soon as you see him. Okay. Order, please. You seem to be less of
a waiter and more of a recorder. You were listening very keenly. Sir, you are waiting for
someone and I for your order. What can I bring you? – Send a tray of tea.
– Spicy tea? – No, mint tea
– Very well. Neena, come here. – Sorry, darling.
– He hasn’t come yet? He’s not come yet. The bridegroom hasn’t arrived and
the his entourage has reached first. What happened? Yours and Anand’s
suspicion are realized. – What?
– Yes. Sampath is the man who is taking
the identity of Neena’s brother.. ..and acting like a demon. Sampath is waiting for Anand. I heard him say with my
own ears that he knows Anand.. ..but Anand doesn’t know him. Yes. As soon as Anand comes,
the mask of lies.. ..will be removed from face of truth. But Anand should
have been here by now. Why did you take so long? My motorcycle had a
puncture on the highway. I’ve reached here
with great difficulty. Found anything? We’ve almost found
out about your sister. – Your suspicion proved right, Anand.
– Suspicion? Sampath is waiting for you. He will meet here and
make the deal elsewhere. I have heard him with my own ears. Sampath? Where’s Sampath? There. He was here just now. Was he? He had to get away. Cowards and weaklings
like you had already reached.. before me in order to foil me. – Anand.
– What do you mean Anand. You couldn’t stop a man? And why would you have stopped him?
It wasn’t your sister.. ..but mine who was separated from me. Because of your insistence.. ..I couldn’t able to reach
my sister despite being to close. – Control..
– Silence! Excuse me. Who among you is Anand? – I am. What happenned.
– There’s a call for you. Hello. Looks like you do
not love your sister. I’d called you alone and
you’ve come with an entourage? I’ll come alone now.
Not even my shadow will be with me. I made a mistake. Pardon me. Not a mistake. It’s too late. I’m going now to Singapore
with your sister. Hello.. hello. Where will I search for
Neena in this hole of a place? Neena, I am late, am I? Sorry. Come, wipe your perspiration. Oh! I’m sorry. Come September. Neena, if you could
come and live with us.. ..we would be very happy
to have you at our house. Neither have I anything to
do with you nor any relationship. What are you saying, Neena?
What has happened to you? What has happened to me? But something has
certainly happened to you. You’ve changed your looks
and the thatch on your head. Oh, look at me. I’m your Zero-zero-nine
from Russia with love.. in Tokyo, love in Singapore. Zero-zero-nine,
you’ve come to receive me. Your lips aren’t moving but
where is your voice coming from? Oh! Hello, Neena.
And who’s this jewel with you? This is Mr. Anand.
And Anand, this is my Zero-zero-nine. You know, boy. You’re just like toy. I am 009. I’d torn apart
the jaws of a crocodile. You only live twice. – Hello.
– Hi. I’ll be in trouble. I’m your car-driver, sir. Quickly! Careful. Bring the coffin down, sir. I’d like to know what
are you taking in this.. ..coffin with a blanket rolled up. Who are you to search me? Who I am? Zero-zero-nine. Superman. Star wars. Mr. X. I will make Zero-zero-zero of you. Remove the car from there. This tough fellow looks like
Dr. No’s father. This car won’t move from where it is,
Mr. Sampat.. ..till we see what’s in this coffin. I know it contains
the spoils of his sins. That is why he doesn’t
want to show us what is in it. You have put on the dark
glasses of your suspicions.. ..over your eyes, my sister. If you want to know the
real truth how you will know? That is what we have to see. Who’s speaking the truth
and who’s speaking lies. Open this.
We’ll know in minute who’s right. Who has the courage to open this? So, you wish to see courage. Then watch. Hey! Why are you holding
up the traffic, gentlemen. Keep moving. We want to see, officer,
what’s shut up in this coffin and.. ..he’s not willing to show us. You’ll have to open the coffin,
Mr. Sampat. May I ask what is your position
in the Singapore police and.. ..what right do you
have to harass a prominent.. ..citizen of Singapore. This is my Interpol card
that is accepted all over the world. I order you to open that. The law is so thoughtless
and so adamant that it doesn’t.. ..have any mercy for the dead
and any sympathy for the living. Open it and have a look, Inspector.
Have a look. I have brought nothing
from India except the body.. ..of my young brother. I’m surprised, Mr. Sampat. Why have you brought your brother’s
body here for the last rites? Look. My home is here, Inspector. I have my own people here. We’ll get four pall-bearers
to carry the cask. There was only a sister there
who couldn’t shed four tears.. ..for the death of her brother. How could she have mourning
for 13 days in her house? That’s why I brought him here. If you’ve received the reply
to your question may I close this? Please. I swear, brother, that those who have
disfigured you and put you to death.. ..I will ruin the
lives of those demons. I’m sorry, Mr. Sampat. Very good, Banerjee. What’s this you’ve brought, Banerjee? There are only blank pages here. Sir, just look at the last page. You people have run
as far as you could. You might have left the ravines
of danger behind but look ahead.. will sea nothing
but the sea of death before you. Remember, the murder of
an innocent person one day.. ..Singapore can demand its
price that you will have to pay. Give it here. This diary may belong to
Sampat but the words are Kailash’s. I am beginning to believe
that Kailash’s death is like.. ..Banerjee’s or like mine,
to avenge his brother’s death. Anand has also reached
here to wreak revenge. And I have to get
the diamonds form Roma. Roma? He has come here also. – The enemy of my life.
– Who? That Diwan from whom I had escaped. Diwan? Roma, I didn’t see anyone. I saw him with my own eyes. I can forget every face of the world.
But I can’t forget his face. I have recognized you, Mr. X. You want that I separate
myself from Neena’s life. This will definitely not
happen because Neena is my love.. ..and no threat can
separate me from my love. Do you understand? Before saying anything else.. ..have a look at the envelope
lying under your door. Neena, pick up that envelope. These are only pieces
of the picture of your sister. If you don’t listen to me,
this is what we’ll do to your sister. You bastard! Son of a.. Hello. Hello. Hello. No one but Kailash
can give this threat. But Kailash is dead. Whom were you
threatening on the phone? I am not threatening Roma darling,
I was tying some strings to puppets. Now they will only have to
wait for my instructions to move. No Anand,
Kailash is still living as Sampat. Anand, forget about me
or he will kill Geeta. What happened, driver? The car is overheated. But as far as I remember,
I didn’t tell the car to get overheated. Don’t worry. I’ll get water
in a minute and it’ll cool down. – Yes, get distilled water.
– Okay, distilled water. What? Coca cola? Wrong number. As far as i remember it’s hot here;
I’ll take some air outside. Come on, Anand. Anand, look,
Singapore looks so lovely! Who are you? Where are you going? Who can it be who wants to kill me? It cannot be anyone but Sampat.
No one else. Brother, save me.
My life is in danger! Life in danger!
Run. Oh! They’ve run away. Geeta. Stop, Anand. Don’t try
to touch your sister or her.. ..pieces will blow up
and scatter to the winds. Your sister can be returned to
you safely but there is a condition. I am waiting for you in
the Singapore Amusement Park. Your sister’s life and my
condition will be solved there. What will happen now, Anand? I will have to go there
to remove the mask from.. ..the face of the enemy. I’ll also come with you. It’ll not be proper to
leave Geeta alone in this state. Oh! I’m here, am I not?
While Zero-zero-nine is here.. Geeta in such condition. Sorry.. Don’t worry. Till you come back,
Geeta is in my care. Under my gun. Guns of Navarone. Tell me. Tell me,
who did you work for? Tell me. Mr. Sampat! Arrest him, Inspector. This murderer is running
away by killing one more person. This lady is lying. The man has died of a bullet
fired from a revolver inspector.. ..and I neither have
a revolver nor a bullet. You have imprisoned my sister
a little distance from here. You’ll say even that is false. Inspector,
this allegation is baseless. What I am saying is the truth. You will have to come with
us where his sister is imprisoned.. ..and the decision about
this will be taken there. Where is the car? Inspector,
my sister was here in a car. Yes, but right now
there’s nothing here. Anand, Look there. Zero-zero-nine. Very fine.
Zero-zero-nine. How are you? I’d left you here to look after Geeta.
Where is Geeta? Those people tied
me up and too Geeta away. They tied me up here. Untie me. Looks like all the monkey
charmer from India have reached here. Look at him. He was saying that someone
had tied up his sister in the car.. ..and here we see there
is no car and no sister. Looks like the man who
killed their driver and who.. ..disappeared with his
sister is a clever criminal. Kalidas, where are you
coming from in such haste? Oh, Mate,
Sampat had caught hold of Banerjee. I shot him dead before
he could open his mouth. Good that you got away from there. If the Singapore police
had reached your house.. house wasn’t too far from yours. Julie darling,
you scared the life out of me. How can you lose your
life while I’m around? Anand must have almost lost his life
when he saw his sister in Singapore. Yes, because of our love
you kept Geeta for months in the.. ..mental asylum and
before her memory returned.. snatched her away
fro India so beautifully. Kalidas,
this is not the time for romance. We must first take care of Geeta.
Where is she? She’s in the car. I wish for the dead body
of Anand stretched at my.. ..feet and a fearful Neena. You will get both those things. – Suresh.
– Yes, boss. – I’m entrusting you with this job.
– Okay, boss. Tell me where my sister is. – I don’t know.
– You do know. I don’t know. – Tell me or I will kill you. Tell me.
– I don’t know. – Tell me.
– I really don’t know. – Tell me.
– Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Drive the car. Come on. Driver, Chang.
He has try to become oversmart. Crush that pig. Congratulations. Mr. Sampat. You’ve got such a
beautiful wife from India. – Good.
– Let’s go there. What a display Sampath of
his wealth and his wife’s beauty? I haven’t come here to see
any display but to see that mark.. ..that Kailash had on his neck.. ..which I don’t think
should be on Sampat’s neck. Oh! Come, Neena, come.
How good it is that you have come. I have got so much
happiness in your coming.. ..that I haven’t
got in any other guests. Come let me introduce
you to your sister-in-law. I have already met her. Congratulations, Prakash.
Anand’s story is over for good. The clock of my heart goes tick-tick. Is it 12 at night? – What a slap.
– Rascal. She slap me. Looks like I’ll be
a bachelor all my life. – Where are you going?
– Neena, that is the man.. ..who had tried to kill me. Now, he can’t get away from me. Hell! I don’t know where
Roma had kept the Diamond. Why are you looking so keenly, Neena? You have already
forgotten your first love. You came here only to tell me this. Well, I have a lot more to say to you. But what I want to say I
can’t say it here in this crowd. Okay. After a little
while come up to my room. Who are you? You!? Scoundrel! Roma! Roma! What happened, Roma? Roma! Roma. Roma. You can’t listen to me Roma,
but this is my promise.. ..the one who has stolen you from me.. ..I.. I will steal his life from him. What happened? Roma had called me
herself to her room.. ..but when I reached there,
she was already dead. I think Sampat has killed Roma. If Sampat had killed Roma.. ..he would have been trying to save
himself instead of running after you. No, he.. You were about to kneel
before a friend, were you? Sampat nor anything in
the world can touch Neena. Come. I’m leaving my treasure with you.
Take care of her. Don’t worry. I’ll keep Neena more
carefully that my own life. Diwan, I have a very
bad piece of news. Anand is alive and he’s
recognized me in the party. Whenever you come,
it is with bad news.. ..and whenever I tell
you it is good news. From the party where
you have had your fun.. ..see what I have brought
from the same party. What have you brought, Diwan? Why did you have to go
to Sampat’s house to get.. ..these false diamonds, Diwan? You will get these on all
footpaths in the city of Singapore. – What are you saying?
– Absolutely right he is. You know the price of diamonds
but not their recognition.. and now Roma is also
not alive so we cannot.. ..ask her where they are
because corpses can’t speak. But you will see with your
own eyes how corpses can talk. What do you mean? Roma isn’t dead? This is the magic of my hands. I have given Roma such an injection.. ..that makes her look dead
but she’s not actually dead. Bravo! Kalidas, you do one thing.. Take Roma out of the hospital
before her post-mortem.. ..examination is done. How do you know I’ve come
here looking for the body? Dr. Wong, I know everything. But you will not find here
the diamonds you are searching for. Let that be.
But who are you to tell me all this. – Me?
– Yes. I am that person who can
recognize a person in a suit.. ..and even a demon
hidden inside a person. – Then you and I can be good friends.
– Yes. Then you most know where
the diamonds are and what is.. ..the price for getting them? I know where the diamonds
are and its price is a small one. Only the neck in my hands of Diwan,
the killer of my brother, Rajesh. You have sold your conscience in
the wealth market for a few diamonds. Sold your integrity. Sold me. Oh! It’ll hit me. Now, if a friend doesn’t
sell out a friend, who will. You down-trodden, vile traitor. Oh! Enough.
Why are you praising me alone. We both eat from the same plate. You came after him from India,
did you get the diamonds? No. And now when I have the chance,
instead of being happy.. are abusing me and shooting me. And friend, what do we lose
in the bargain? Just your life. We’ll get the diamonds, won’t we? So, you have decided that
you will give to Sampat, Rajesh’s.. ..killer, that is, me. What can I do? I am helpless. That’s the condition
Sampat has imposed on me. And what is the snake dies
and the stick also does not break? Is that possible? I cannot find Diwan on my
own because I don’t know him but.. ..Roma, I want to finish
this gang from its very roots.. ..which is spreading like
a disease on me and my country. But Dr. Wong’s new condition
has made me think.. ..of something else. If you don’t give my corpse
to them they won’t give you Diwan. You have to lose something
in order to gain something. As it is I have lost everything,
Roma, but how can I stake.. ..your life on this
chessboard of crime? If your hands can reach.. ..the neck of the killer of Rajesh
by staking my life.. death will be
a matter of pride for me. No, Roma. No. It is my vow to you, Roma, that
my shadow will always and this gang ..remain with you after proving
to be the death of Diwan.. must do as I tell you to. I’d asked you to give me
the killer of my brother.. ..not his body. It was my privilege to kill him. How did you take this
right into your own hands? Mr. Sampat,
I didn’t snatch anything from you. What looks like a corpse
is not a corpse at all. I gave Diwan an injection.. make him unconscious
so that I could bring him here. Do you understand? You are a useful man, Wong. You will make a lot
of progress in life. Pick that coffin up and
place it in my car and let’s go. Have you brought Roma’s corpse,
Kalidas? Of course. Has it ever happened
that I have gone for a job.. ..and returned unsuccessful? I have also never made a promise.. ..that I have not kept. Oh! Be careful brother.
That is a thing that might fire. I’ll be operated standing if it does.
Remove it. Then, take it that your
operation will b done standing. Those who are unfaithful to me,
Kalidas.. ..even life is not faithful to them. Diwan. You’d asked for your share,
hadn’t you? Take this. 50 50 Stop. Stop. Dr. Wong. Not Dr. Wong. I’m Kalidas. Kalidas, you must have heard
that even the biggest sinner.. the world makes
atonement before he dies.. ..he is not called a sinner. Your sister,
whom you are searching for.. in the custody of
a very dangerous criminal. Where is that criminal, Kalidas? He’s in a ruin, away from the city. What is the criminal’s name? Tell me, Kalidas. Tell me. Tell me. Tell.. You have been looking for
the diamonds for many days.. ..and I have been looking
for you for a very long time. But I never expected that you would
stand before your death so easily. Hey! Have you become mad? It doesn’t take long for the direction
of the winds to change, Roma. Earlier my death
was standing before me.. ..and now your death is standing
before you and is asking you.. tell me where the
lipstick of diamonds is. You can’t get it, wherever it is.
Not at any cost. Don’t be an idiot, innocent girl. If Diwan can give
his life for wealth.. ..then he can take your
life for the same wealth. I don’t know. I don’t know. I am asking you for the last time. Where is that lipstick. Tell me. Diwan, here is the lipstick.
In my hands. – You?!
– Yes me. I might have been late in
recognizing my brother’s killer.. ..but I will not delay taking
value for my brother’s blood. Don’t take even a step
ahead or Roma will lose her life. Don’t waste time thinking.
Hurry up. Quick. Take this. Take care of this. Where are you running, Sampat. Your reality is out, Mr. X. What nonsense you talk. -Get out of my way or that murderer..
– Where are you going? You are the murderer. The killer of Neena’s brother.. and you are the criminal
who has imprisoned my sister. I don’t have the time to
reply to your foolish accusations. Get out of my way.. Kailash, you? Kailash? Yes, I’m Kailash. I played the same moves
as the enemy and checked them. Just as they were claiming
money for fake corpses.. ..I rigged my fake death with
the knowledge of inspector Saxena.. that I could
unmask the criminals.. ..and bring the necks
in the hands of the law. I always knew that
Sampat is black lie.. ..and Kailash is a bloody truth. Diwan is your brother’s killer. I
am not the one who killed our brother. – Why don’t you understand, you idiot.
– That is true, Roma. Diwan killed Rajesh
right in front of my eyes. You can speak a thousand
lies for you husband’s sake. She is not my wife. Kailash became Sampat
and pretended to marry me so.. ..that he could save me
from Diwan because that killer.. ..was out to kill me to
take away the insurance money.. ..and Kailash knew that he would,
in one form or another.. ..definitely reach me. Neena, you have
misunderstood this brother.. every moment and
at every step and I am that.. ..unfortunate brother who
always yearned for your love. None of your tricks
will have any effect on me. Tell me where my sister is. Answer me. Or only one of us
will remain alive today. Listen to me, Anand. I am as concerned as you
are about where they have.. ..imprisoned and hidden Geeta. And don’t forget, Anand,
that I have to prove my innocence.. ..not only in the eyes of
the world but in Neena’s eyes also. Neena. Anand, where is Neena gone? Neena. – Come on?
– Let me go. I have done what no one else could do.
Here. Take her. Prakash,
you too are with the evil Diwan? No, these are all my bought slaves. Your Prakash also. I’d sent Anand to Singapore because
I wanted to make Geeta a bride. I had sown the seed of hate
in Kailash for you and Anand. I’d replaced my photo in
Roma’s album with one of Kailash’s. I tried my best to see that Anand
and Kailash fight each other to death. That is why my men would
ring you up as Mr. X.. ..and I did all this to possess you. Neena, here are your insurance papers.
Sign them. What if I refuse to sign them. Then you will be responsible for being
the reason for your lover’s death. Think about it Neena. A small scribble from your hand.. ..can stop the march
of death towards Anand. No, Neena.
Don’t sign those papers, Neena. He will kill you
too for the insurance. Don’t be misled by her talk, Neena. She’s been in a mental
asylum for quite some time. What are you thinking? John. John, go and finish them. No. No. I’ll sign. If a person has sense, Diwan.. ..then even a piece of paper of one
paisa becomes a cheque for 60 million. I didn’t understand what you mean,
Mr. Prakash. Look at this. These are papers for
an insurance policy on Neena. But not Neena. Let Geeta get death. When wise men buy new shoes.. ..they don’t take their
old pair around on their head. That is why tell Kalidas
to bring Geeta’s story to an end. Kalidas’ own story is finished.. ..and I have done it. Today, he betrayed me. Tomorrow,
he could have done it with you. That’s why I thought.. Whatever you thought,
you thought right. Kalidas had come to
know a lot of our secrets. Geeta, your brother, looking
high and low for you like a madman.. ..and you are snared in
a web by a demon like Prakash. I didn’t tell Anand
and quietly married him.. ..because that is what Prakash wanted. We both went to Singapore
for our honeymoon. What’s that in your hands, brother. Air tickets. You and I are going to
Hong Kong and sister to Mumbai. Why will I go to Mumbai now? Why can’t I go to Hong Kong with you? I am the only person handling
the whole big business.. ..and do you want to
know everything Geeta.. ..but I have some
business commitments. I’ll be busy there with work
and you will get bored all alone. If you are upset, I won’t go.
I’ll tear up the ticket. All it would mean would
be a loss of a million or two. No, Prakash. You go to Hong Kong and
I will wait for you in Mumbai. I know you love me.
I’ll be back in four days. You? Oh! Lobo. Lobo. Where is Prakash? He will never come again. There has been an accident
in Hong Kong and he is no more. No! This cannot be. No! Geeta. Who are you? The wife doesn’t
recognize her husband? Prakash. Prakash. You are alive, Prakash. Prakash, the news of your death.. That was all lies. And the truth is what is before you. How happy I am, Prakash. My love has brought you back
from the jaws of death, Prakash. Love, romance and marriage
are those coins from the society.. ..that do not have currency anywhere. If there is any truth in the world,
that is money. Go deposit this. Listen, just sign this cheque. What cheque? You have just received 6 million from
the insurance company for my death. I have come to take the
price for my death from you. What are you saying, Prakash. Geeta, our marriage was an act.. ..and my death the
last scene of that act. This is my profession,
my business and for this business.. ..I have to make love
to endless girls like you. I am not the sort of girl
the price of whose love is valued.. ..worthless and when
you want you attach it.. ..and removed when you don’t want. I’ll ring the police right now. You will ring the police
but first you will sign this cheque. I’ll not do it. If you don’t do it,
your innocent brother will be killed. That means that you don’t
value your brother’s life. – Lobo.
– No. I’ll sign it. Now, write on this as I tell you to. I killed my husband.. get the insurance money. Go ahead. I am committing suicide
of my own will.. I’d understood that
you are a scoundrel.. ..but I never thought.. ..that you could be so downtrodden. Let her go. She knows how to drive. I understand. I lived through the accident
but I lost my memory. When the lamps of my memory lit up.. ..I saw that I am shut in this room. Anand. Prakash. What are you doing here? I was looking for Neena.
I don’t know where she is. If I were also lost.. ..who would have told the tale of
your murderous ways? Neena, what are you saying?
Don’t you know he’s my best friend? A man like Prakash
cannot be anybody’s friend. He is such a man.. ..before whom even Ravana will
bow all his ten heads. If you cannot believe me.. ..ask for the truth of your friend
from your sister, Geeta. Geeta? Where I was. In Prakash’s custody. Tell me, Prakash. Where is Geeta. I don’t know. What kind of a husband are you? You don’t know about your wife? Geeta. Prakash’s wife? I am speaking the truth. There isn’t a bigger
killer in this world.. ..than this man standing there. He fooled Geeta into marrying him.. ..and to get me
he’s trying to take Geeta’s life. Look Leena. You are my.. Prakash? Anand, don’t move from your place. Otherwise you will not be
alive to listen your sisters story. You will not remain alive, Prakash. As I have all the files
of your wrong doings.. ..and I’ve even seen your
real face with my own eyes. In the story of Geeta
you are the hero Prakash.. ..and also the villain Mr. X. You take Leena and go Mr. Prakash. Come Leena, we will go. Anand, go and follow Prakash. Tell me. Tell me where is Geeta? – I don’t know.
– You don’t know? – Tell me where is Geeta?
– I don’t know. You don’t know? Tell me, otherwise I will kill you. Geeta is right there. Arrow. Anand! Anand! Anand! Beat him, Beat him more! Just kill him. Take him away. We will come in the police
station and give our witness. Come on, stop it. You’re under arrest Mr. Prakash. Come on, stop it I say! Catch him. Catch him. Come on. Take him away. Neena! Neena. Brother, there was this
curtain of hatred over my eyes.. ..hence I could not
see my brothers love for me. I always had always kept
this doubt in my mind that.. ..that you had killed our mother and
brother due to greediness for wealth. But when I read my lawyers
letter in which it was written.. ..that you have put
in my name all your wealth.. ..this same doubt began to curse me. What wealth is greater
than the love of a sister? – Brother!
– And if to get this love.. ..a brother life is
taken then that too is less. But this sister is so ashamed.. ..that she cannot ask him forgiveness. It is from other people
that one gets ashamed.. ..and not from a brother. – Brother!
– By one hug.. ..all the misunderstandings go away. Brother! Geeta. – Brother!
– How are you? The punishment of getting married.. ..without your permission
I have already received. Please forgive me, brother. Don’t cry sister, I have waited
long to see a smile on your lips. Wipe your tears. Come, let’s go. Anand, apart from this relation,
there is one more relation.. ..that is, every brother’s honor
to give his sister’s hand in marriage. I’m giving Leena’s
hand in marriage to you.

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