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70 thoughts on “Royal Madness – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

  1. This was fantastic, and I absolutely LOVE the design of those little Castle-Crasher-esque knights! The animation was very great, the music was great, this was a joy to watch! Thank you to the whole team!

  2. Such a simple cute story! I like how it seems to be inspired by the spiderverse style! I really do dig more experimental cgi like this! And the music is fantastic, it reminds me of game of thrones lol

  3. I love how beautiful it turned out and the fact that she wanted her father to be the hero ago and through that resolve being bored and hopeless she put a smile of heroics in him again and the following silence of understanding that pause before he threw her up in the sky was a very beautiful resolve I love that

  4. I hope she helped him to discover his new purpose in life so he can be great again 🙂 The moment he cut off monster's arm and discovered minions was hilarious.

  5. Basically he completed all the quest, but once done lost the focus he needed for his life. So his daughter tried to help him find himself and in doing so made him aware that She is his next quest. Raising her properly.

  6. Question bête mais c’est de la 2D ou de la 3D ? Parce que Les Gobelins sont connus pour la 2D mais j’ai l’impression que c’est en 3D je me trompe ? En tous cas beau travail !

  7. Brings back fond memories of "The Tale of Desperaux." The little girl with forearms big enough to crush skulls is amazing, I love her!
    It's a little jarring that she narrates in the beginning but does not actually speak again.

    The knights are adorable and the animation is smooth, well done!

  8. Aww this is cute, especially that little soldier! Their voices kinda remind me of the minions and i would love to see more fighting scene cause it was amazing!

  9. the animation style reminds me of rayman legends somehow. It's quite refreshing to see this outside of a video game 🙂

  10. I think it's worth noting that the girl's mother wasn't shown. Why not? Most likely, she was killed by monsters. Which explains why the king hunted them all down: revenge. Which means he didn't just lose his purpose in life — he was grieving.

  11. Wer davon lebt, einen Feind zu bekämpfen, hat ein Interesse daran, daß er am Leben bleibt.
    Qui vit de combattre un ennemi a tout intérêt de le laisser en vie.
    Whoever lives for the sake of combating an enemy has an interest in the enemy's staying alive.
    – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  12. You are all amazing animators and storytellers. I hope after graduating, you will all succeed and make a lot more awesome shorts and movies.

  13. We always say these would make a great movie, but this one DEFINITELY would. You can just imagine backstories, plot twists; character development. Where’s the queen? Who are the little knights? What if he DIDNT get the last monster? Ooh, what fun!!

  14. He didn’t need to save his kingdom to be a hero….he was already his daughter’s hero😫💙💙👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🥰

  15. Surprisingly deep. A father who was caught in the glories of his past and couldn't let it go to be the man he needed to be for the people he loved and so he slays the dragon one last time only to find that it's hollow and that what really fills the emptiness in life are the people we love.

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