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Excuse me. Do you’ve a lighter?
– No. Why are you getting upset just
because you don’t have a lighter? Doesn’t matter. I have one. Where are you going? Now that you’re here let’s sing,
dance and enjoy. Don’t leave the party and go so soon. We’ve just started enjoying. Leave me. What’s the matter, bro?
Hold her tightly. C’mon darling, show me your dance moves. I said, leave me. What did you say? Leave her. What did you say? I said, leave her. What? Leave her? But, I’m not in the mood to leave her. What will you do? Beat me? Are you her brother or boyfriend? C’mon speak up. I don’t know her but if you touch her,
I won’t spare you. Are you joking with us? Acting smart. Huh? Krishna.
– Sirisha. Oh god! Oh! So, you also hail from this village?
– Yes. What a coincidence!
What do you do? I’ve reached my hostel. Thanks for saving me from those goons.
– Mention not. Good night. Krishna, can I say
something if you don’t mind? When you were thrashing
them mercilessly.. ..I was feeling scared
of you more than them. Krishna, can I ask something?
– Yes. Was it necessary to
thrash those goons so badly? Even a small snake needs
to be beaten with a stick. That’s what my Baba taught me. Oh! Who is your Baba? Dada.. I’ll tell you a story today. There was a poor farmer
named Rama Rao in my village. He was worried for
his daughter’s marriage. He got her married to
a teacher named Shankar Rao. He gave two acres of land
to his son-in-law in dowry. But, after marriage.. ..Shankar Rao showed his true colours. He didn’t even spare his
wife when she was pregnant. He beat her every day. He demanded more dowry. He also beat his father-in-law Rama Rao. This is the story so far. Shankar Rao.. ..I can kill you right now if I want to. But, your wife and unborn child’s
life will be ruined if I do so. So, I won’t kill you. After much thought I’ve
found the solution to the problem. You’ll need at least six
months to get up on your feet now. Your wife won’t leave a stone
unturned to take care of you. Then you’ll realize.. much your wife loves
and cares for you. Take him away. Get him admitted in a hospital. He won’t be able to earn for six months. I’ll take care of his family. Take him. Stop! Shankar Rao, if you don’t
mend your ways after you get well.. ..your head will be
smashed with the hammer. Mr. Rama Rao, I’m sure that your
son-in-law will soon mend his ways. Dada is the benefactor of the poor. He’s their god. He raised his voice against
the Nandavaram project. They tried to kill him and his family. But, an honest man always
walks on the path of justice.. ..even if he loses his life. My reputation is at stake
as Dada’s popularity is increasing. Moreover, if Dada raises his
voice against Nandavaram project.. presence will be completely erased. That’s why we met with
boss and planned to kill Dada. But, there’s a traitor amongst
three of you who leaked the news. That’s what he thinks. Let me tell you something. I think that KR is never
wrong in these matters. The person who was given
the information is more dangerous.. ..than the person who
leaked the information. So KR has already handled him. If we forgive the person
who leaked the information.. ..he can repeat the mistake again. So, no question of forgiving him. Boss told KR that one
of you was the informer. There may be two informers
or all three of you may be informers. Even the innocent one
amongst you won’t be spared. Listen to me KR. If Dada’s popularity
increases further then.. ..our Nandavaram project
will be in trouble. In that case we must
do something very quickly. Okay. I would’ve done
nothing if you didn’t tell me. It’s not the time to joke. During tough times we must be
very careful about every step we take. That’s because boss wants
us to wait for the right time. How many times do I
need to explain it to him? If he doesn’t give in, he’ll be killed. When we met him in Hyderabad
he finalized the deal for 30 lakhs. He went back on his words in ten days. He killed my cousin
outside the Kurnool court. I’ll kill you if you distort the truth. Hey! Lower your voice. He isn’t worthy enough to take my name. I respect Dada and so I’m here. If I knew that he was here
I wouldn’t have sent my servants here. Listen.. get coffee for them. How much sugar do you want? One teaspoon. Behave properly. Reddy, nothing can
remain hidden from me. Shouting and threatening won’t help. Let’s come to the point. I’ve heard both the parties. I’ll take the decision now. You’ve come here because
you respect me. Right? My decision is that you should
finalize the deal in 30 lakhs. Got it? If you insult me by refusing
to sign then I’ll feel very bad. Anyone who insults me
becomes my enemy for life. Stop! The coffee is ready. I don’t want to drink it.
– You have to drink it. As you drink the coffee.. ..I’ll discuss something
important with you. So, you don’t want coffee?
Doesn’t matter. I’ll drink it. You had a back-up plan.. ..because you knew that
I would support Kondaya. As he would go out of my place.. ..your gang would’ve
killed him at Nullah Road. Too much sugar isn’t good. Do you know what the phone call was for? My men have killed
your gang five minutes ago. Dada.. ..I made a mistake. I really respect you. I was scared because
of the present circumstances. I promise.. ..that I’ll never trouble him. Bye.
– Stop! I can’t let you go. Now you’re going away
because you’re scared. But soon your fear
will turn into revenge. And you’ll kill me and not Kondaya. That’s why I always say
that anger is harmful for health. And you did what I thought. Therefore it’s important to kill you. Mr. Reddy, everybody wants
to be the lion in the jungle. But, everybody can’t roar like the lion. I hope you’ll remember
this in your next life. Best wishes for your next life. Raghu. Be careful that he doesn’t
make noise while dying. My grandson is sleeping inside. The duty of bodyguards is
to protect the people who are alive. It’s useless to waste
your life for the dead. You’re neither Reddy’s son nor brother. You’re only his bodyguards. I’ll give you more salary
than what he gives you. Work for me. Krishna, I heard it’s
raining heavily in Hyderabad. Lakshmi..
– Hmm.. What are you doing?
– I’m worshipping. Look who has come. Who is it? Come out and see for yourself. Krishna! Why didn’t you come home
on the festival of Diwali? You forgot us the moment
you went away from home. Isn’t it? He told you that he had exams
and would be busy with his studies. I’ve questioned my son. Don’t interfere. I know what answer he will give.
It doesn’t make any difference. When you’re hungry, I’ll feed him. Stop supporting him all the time.
That’s it. Lakshmi, you’re too much. You’re the boss outside.
But I’m the boss of the house. Any doubt?
– No. Okay, boss. Why are you standing here?
Go and freshen up. We’ll have lunch together. I’m a brave man outside. I don’t know why I can’t
say anything before her. You’ve pampered and spoilt her, Baba. The cat has overpowered the lion. What are you whispering? How can we even whisper
without your permission, boss? Sorry. Hey Adi! How are you, sister-in-law?
Where’s brother? Hey Bhushan! Why have you come here? Are you going to break my
bones if I look at your sister? You said this. Right? What will you do if I
molest her before your eyes? I never paid heed to
my mom’s scolding till date. Did you think that a petty
man like you could scare me? Where is your sister? Brother.. brother..
– Come here. Leave her. What are you doing?
Leave her. Leave her. I beg of you. Please don’t do this. Leave me. Don’t take her away. Please don’t do this.
– Brother.. I’ll send her back
when I’m done with her. If you tell anybody about this.. won’t even get her dead body. Brother.. Leave me. Help! Brother! Brother! Yes, mom. Krishna has come from Hyderabad. When are you coming home? I’m busy right now.
I’ll come home later. I believe that a person
who kidnaps any girl he likes.. ,..can’t be lured with girls. We must act smart to convince
an intelligent person. But, we need to be more careful
while trying to convince a fool. Talk clearly. I’m trying to get
Bhushan under my control. If we guide the person who
has lost his way, it’ll help him. We’ll use the man who has
gone astray for our benefits. It’ll benefit us. This was thought for the day. The food is awful. You can’t do any work properly. I made the biggest
mistake by marrying you. Is this the way to talk to your wife? Did we teach to behave like this? Can’t I say what I think? What do you think? C’mon, tell me. We ate the same food. We didn’t think that the food is awful. If you had any complaint
you could’ve done it softly. Why are you being rude and harsh? I can speak only in this manner. I’ll break your teeth
if you don’t change. It seems that I need to teach you in
my style or you won’t mend your ways. Tell me something. You went during Reddy’s
settlement. Right? You knew that I was handling the case. Why did you interfere? Speak up. I didn’t know that
you were handling the case. You should’ve asked me. I’m not a child that I’ll
seek your permission or everything. I’ll break your mouth. What are you doing? Lakshmi.. should know when
to speak and when to keep quiet. Why are you staring at me? Put your eyes down. Eyes down. Dada, the SP has come. Govind Rao.. ..are crimes increasing
or decreasing in the village? I didn’t get you. If crimes are increasing it means
you’re not doing your work properly. If crimes are decreasing
then we don’t need you. I haven’t come here
to exchange greetings. I’ve come here to
investigate Reddy’s murder. My informer told me that
your man Raghu killed him. I’ve come to arrest him. He does what I order him to do. But, your name hasn’t
come up in the investigation. But, I’m confessing my crime. If you’ve the courage then arrest me.. ..or drink coffee and get lost. You’re unnecessarily losing your temper. Govind Rao.. ..I don’t vent out
my anger on petty people. I value time. I think you’ve lot of time to waste. But every moment is precious for me. You may leave. We’ll meet soon.
– Never. Sir, Govind Rao speaking. Our plan has failed. Our plan to get Raghu arrested
by Govind Rao has failed. We must think of an alternative plan. If we continue like
this we’ll be ruined. We need to jump into
the sea to reach an island. If you jump in you’ll
either drown or learn to swim. But, if you’re scared of storm and
sharks and keep waiting at the banks.. ..then the vultures will feast on you. For the first time
I understood your lectures. It was long but I understood it. If you’re in hurry you’ll be in trouble. Only the man who has high
ambitions can touch the sky. This is not my over-confidence. It’s an universal truth. Boss is smarter than us.
He thinks of the future. Jumping into conclusions without
consulting him is not a solution. It’ll be foolishness. People think Baba is
a goon but it’s not true. He supports honest people. People think he’s strict. That’s it. He thinks that right and wrong
is neither decided by god nor law. It’s reflected in a person’s
character and intentions. Whatever it is, my Baba is like this. He does what he thinks is right. People who don’t understand
him think that he’s a bad person. What will he gain by
threatening and killing people? An eye for an eye is not
the solution to any problem. Actually Baba also thinks the same. It’s said that it’s not eye for an eye. But two eyes for an eye. What do you mean? If the enemy attacks one eye,
attack both is eyes. This is wrong. If we’ve one eye intact we’ll
be able to see the future dangers. Dada.. The matter is..
– C’mon tell me. Are you trying to lie?
– No. why will I lie? Then why are you stammering? Dada, you know Gavaraju? Who Gavaraju? The one who attacked
you and you killed him. Yes. What do you want to say about him? Dada, I’ve found out that
Krishna loves his daughter. Baba, I know what kind
of person Gavaraju was. I also know that we’re enemies. Despite all this I love his daughter. So, you can imagine
how nice she will be. I accept that she may be a nice girl. But.. ..his brother has been missing
since the day I killed her father. Did he run away as he was scared? Or is he planning to take revenge? Or has he joined hands with our enemies? Anything can happen. Krishna, we’re cursed with bloodshed. The wars here never end. The enmity will continue
for generations. Sirisha and I think that
we must end this enmity. Baba, she knows that you
were forced to kill her father. Yet she’s ready to forget everything. Just imagine how much she loves me. She doesn’t know where her
brother is and what he is up to. But, I trust her. Baba, do you remember
that you always said that.. ..hatred creates differences
and only love brings people close. Listen, I never interfere
with anybody’s personal life. Never. Especially the people I trust. I know that you must’ve thought
a lot before taking this decision. You did the same while playing cricket. Either you would get out
or hit the ball for six runs. I also think like you. Most players play defensive
as they’re scared of getting out. You’re not one of them. I’m proud of you. My lion! All the best.
– Thank you, Baba. ‘Father is equal to god.’ It’s just a casual phrase. Your dad did nothing for you. You’re a burden for him. How could he raise you well? Your future is going to be dark. I’ll give you an advice. Don’t think of your
dad and spoil your future. Your presence doesn’t
matter to your dad. I hope you got me. Humans should live like animals. They eat and sleep
whenever they wish to. Humans are caught in the
maze of their rules and regulations. They can never come out of it.
They always get trapped in it. Don’t beat around the bush.
Come straight to the point. How will I benefit from the project? You’ll benefit only when
the demon will leave your dad. Which demon? Listen. Your dad is under
the control of a demon.. ..who thinks about
the well-being of people. My teachings tell me.. that the saying ‘father is equal to god’
is an outdated one. ‘Father is equal to
demon’ is the new phrase. If you get rid of him
you’ll prosper in life. You and your life will be happy. You said you wanted
to say something important. Why are you quiet? Krishna, we promised
that we would forget the past. So, I’m confused as
to how to start this topic. But.. What? I hope you won’t get
angry if I tell you something. What’s the matter, Sirisha? Your brother forcefully entered
Lata’s house and beat her family badly. He abducted her and
took her to your farmhouse. Everybody is scared of your
dad so nobody came forward to save her. What are you saying? Bhushan did this?
– Yes, Baba. You always say that people who trust
us are our strength and foundation.. ..but we can win them with
their faith in us and not fear. Brother scare people in your
name and is ruining your reputation. Gaja, take out my car. Baba, there’s nothing here. Why are you coming inside? Baba, there’s nothing.. Daughter, I apologize
for whatever that has happened. Forgive me if you can. Take her home.
– Okay, Dada. Whenever I think you’ve
changed you do something wrong. I hate your face. I detest you. Rogue! Scoundrel! I gave you so many chances to change. But, you never paid heed. You’re alive only because of your mom. Got it? I hate myself when
I think you’re my son. You still have time to mend your ways. It’s better to keep
you away from the world. You’re not allowed to go
out of this farmhouse from today. This is your punishment. Hey! Keep guard.
– Okay, Dada. You informed my dad about
my whereabouts. Right ? Remember that I’ll somehow
manage to pacify my dad. Just think what will happen to you. Change my name if I don’t cut
you into pieces and feed the scavengers. Hey!
– Yes, brother. Remember something,
we work for Dada and not his son. We’ll follow only his
order and nobody else’s orders. Got it?
– Yes, brother. I don’t know what is lacking
in Bhushan’s upbringing. I raised both of you
with equal love and care. How could he be so ruthless? There’s a reason when I kill somebody. I assess what’s right and
wrong and then kill a person. But, he never thinks
what’s right and wrong. He just does what he feels like.
He’ll never understand me. I don’t like his attitude. It’s not his mistake. His friends instigate him. They tell him that he’ll
rule here after his father. He gets carried away. Is he a child that
he will get carried away? Doesn’t he have any common sense? Tell me something. Why doesn’t he understand.. ..that his father is doing all this
for his well-being? He’s filled with so much negativity.. ..that he can’t see what’s good. We must change him by any means. He has gone out of control. Tell me the truth. Can he be a good human being? C’mon tell me. Tell me, Krishna. We’ve blood relation but
I can’t encourage his wrongs. Parents want their children
to walk on the path of righteousness. Crying won’t help. When I got married to him
I knew what kind of man he was. I tried my best to adjust. I treat you as my parents. Krishna is like my brother. He loves my child
and that’s enough for me. Sir, I got it. The iron is hot and we must strike now. This is the right opportunity. Lakshmi.
– What is it? He always keeps calling me. I’m coming. Yes. What is it?
– He wants to talk to you. Why are you feeling so shy? Well.. I..
I’ve come to inform you about wedding. What? Are you marrying again?
– Oh no! I’m not getting married.
It’s my daughter’s wedding. Your daughter is getting
married and you’re feeling shy. I always bring news
of violence and conflicts. I don’t know how to share good news. The smile looks so good on his face. It looks like a lotus
that has bloomed in the mud. When is the wedding? On the 6th of next month. If you attend the wedding
it’ll appear as if.. ..the pair of gun and bullet
has come to attend the wedding. You can think only of
comparisons with weapons. You can’t think of anything else. Don’t pay heed to his words. Pay attention to his feelings. Only a guru can understand
what his student wants to say. We’re illiterate. We’ll go there as gun and bullet and.. ..get your sharp knife like daughter
married to a shield like groom. So that you can happily send her off. Krishna, it’s been only
few months that I met you. Yet I feel that I’ve known you for ages. You may not speak much with me but
I can hear what your heart wants to say. When you’re with me, I forget the world. When you’re not with me,
I only think of you. I can’t live without you. You’re my world. You too.
– Really? Krishna has been preparing
for your 60th birthday party. Do you want to meet
my first guest of the party? This is my love because
there’s only one grey hair. Yes. Just one. One and one makes two. If you subtract one
from one then its zero. One into one is one. This is the mathematics of Rayalseema. What do you mean? Me and my enemies is equal to one. You and your strange calculations. Give me a straight forward answer. How much is this? Five. What will happen if
I bring them together? A closed fist. Do you believe that a family.. ..should always remain close knitted
like this closed fist? But, right now Bhushan is
not a part of our celebrations. Please tell me clearly what you mean. This is you, this is me, this is
daughter-in-law and this is Krishna. Will you celebrate your
60th birthday without Bhushan? Please agree to include him. What’s all this? Mom.. I’ll tell you the truth. It was not my mistake. But dad insulted me before everybody..
– Hey! He’s my husband first
and then your father. I know him better than you do. I won’t hear a word against him.
– But, mom.. Shut up! Repeating the same thing won’t help. I can’t see you in this condition. Forget what happened. I’ll be happy if you come home. Despite whatever you
did I’ve convinced your dad. He has forgiven you. It’s his 60th birthday
and you must attend it. Come home. Apologize to him. For me. Please forgive me, Baba. I’ve heard apologies
from your mouth several times. I don’t think you’ll change. I’ve no hope that you’ll change. I’ve allowed you to come to
this house only because of your mother. I wish the people who
want to change all the best. But, in your case I’ll
wish myself all the best. I wish you realize your mistake one day. But, I don’t think
my wish will come true. If Baba leave something behind for us.. ..then it’ll be the respect of people. You know very well that Baba
can risk his life to save his honour. Yes, it’s true that you may
not be able to make Baba proud. But at least don’t ruin his name. Listen. This is my life. I’ll live the way I want to. I know that Baba is the
trainer and you’re his monkey. But, don’t try to dance on my head. Mind your own business. How’s your business in Hyderabad doing? Is everything fine? Why did you come here?
– Why? am I not supposed to come? Who invited you?
– A distant relative. No minister can come
here without my permission. I’m no ordinary minister. I don’t need an invite
to attend a family function. So, you should’ve come earlier. Why are you so late? Congratulations on your 60th birthday. Hello, uncle.
– Bless you. How are you?
– I’m fine. How are your studies going on? The exams are over.
I’m waiting for the result. If you’ve any problem
getting visa just inform me, My reference will help you. He’s someone who wants
to succeed by working hard. He doesn’t believe
in references. Got it? What’s going on in politics? I won’t get deposit after
the election this year. Why? If the Nandavaram project starts.. ..we’ll have to remove
30-40 villages from the site. I’ve already stalled the project. That’s why the party supported you. What’s the problem now? There’s a group who want
to start this project at any cost. If this happens everybody
will become billionaires. Which group is this? I’m not sure. But there’s a big shot in
the opposition who’s supporting them. If the project starts
we’ll lose all the votes. This project will benefit
only individuals monetarily. Let them use as much man power,
money and efforts.. ..but I won’t let this project take off. How are you? Hello.
– Hello, sister-in-law. Are you discussing politics even today? Krishna has organized
a programme for you. Come. We shouldn’t support what’s wrong. We should participate in it. It’s my personal opinion. We should stay away from Bhushan. Dada’s pampered son. I mean we shouldn’t involve
Dada’s dear son in this. Okay. Forget about Bhushan. What about plan to stop Dada? Our boss keeps telling
us to wait for the right time. If we keep waiting we
may land up on the streets. You’re absolutely right. We’re sitting here doing nothing
instead of planning the next move. He’s relaxing and having fun. I admit that we must enjoy life. Why are you delaying? Don’t worry. Boss said that it was the right
time for us to get rid of this trouble. But, remember one thing. We won’t use bombs or
bullets to get out work done. Abduct him quietly. Chop him into small pieces
and feed him to the scavengers. Got it. Bombs and bullets
kills a person at one go. The more we make him suffer,
it’ll increase our popularity. Yes! This is my theory on publicity. Baba.. Hmm.. You understand whatever
happened between our families. But Sirisha’s mom is
not ready to give her consent. She’s scared of our enmity. She may give her
consent if you meet her. If you allow me, I can bring her home. Hold on. You know that we’re going to
Raghu’s daughter’s wedding tomorrow. We’ll meet Sirisha’s mother there. She’s from the same village. He’ll meet mother?
– Yes. My brother has come. He wants to talk to you. Your brother? You must’ve heard about me. Your father killed my father and
that started the conflict between us. Then I joined hands
with your dad’s enemies. I tried to kill your father. Later on I found out
why my father was killed. I realized that my father
was wrong and your father was right. When she told me that she loved you.. ..and your father is ready
to accept her despite our enmity.. ..I really felt repentant and sorry. Therefore, I’ve come to share
something very important with you. I was supporting your enemies till date. That’s why only I know this secret. What is it? They’ve planned to attack
Dada when he’ll be on his way.. attend the wedding
of Raghu’s daughter. O my god!
The wedding is scheduled today. ‘This number is out
of network coverage.’ ‘Please try after some time.’ The network is poor. I’ve been trying to call
Krishna for a long time. But, there’s seems
to be network problem. Look there. What’s there? Lakshmi, they’ve come to kill me. If you’re with me they’ll kill you too. I’ll get out of here. No. Please don’t leave me and go.
– Lakshmi, listen to me. Stay here. Gaja, take care of her.
– Okay, Dada. Please listen to me. Please let me go.
– You can get killed. Stay inside. Baba.. Today when Dada was going
to attend the wedding.. ..of his party member Raghu’s daughter.. ..he was attacked by anonymous people. It’s been reported that
his daughter-in-law, grandson.. ..and some party members
were killed in this attack. Dada’s condition is critical. He’s admitted in a hospital. The doctor has informed
us that Dada is out of danger. The admirers of Dada have
thronged outside the hospital. They’re continuously
praying for Dada’s well-being. Irrespective of their caste
and religion they’re praying.. ..for the well-being of Dada. The one who’s dead won’t come back. But the one who is alive
how long will he live? That’s what Socrates
told me in my dream. Past is past.
It’s useless to cry over it. It’s clearly mentioned in holy Gita. Can’t I even mourn? What difference does it make to you? My wife and son were killed. According to your plan
only my dad should’ve died. We can’t guarantee
anybody’s life these days. How can we guarantee a plan? We plan certain things for future.. But reality is completely different. If you had told me earlier
I wouldn’t have taken the risk. It’s a bigger risk in life
if you don’t take any risk. This is my personal theory. Bhushan.. always say that
you didn’t love your wife. Then why are you venting out? Bhushan.. There’s no dearth
of girls in this world. Marry again and you’ll
have another wife. If you’re destined then
you’ll have a child too. But, if you lose out on
the profit of Nandavaram project.. won’t get it again. It doesn’t matter that
you lost your family. Your future is knocking at the door. Remember that people
who sleep on currency notes.. ..never bother about small change. This is my commercial theory. It’s written in the holy
Gita that we can’t avoid destiny. We can’t change our fate. Lakshmi, stop punishing
yourself for what has happened. We must unite again.. ..and learn to be happy in life. I’ve taken a decision.
– What? I know how to bring
back the joys in our life. I’ll kill the person
who has planned this. Lakshmi. I’m the daughter of this
village and I’m also your wife. I’ll take revenge at any cost. They’ll be punished. This is the custom of this village. You’re right, sister-in-law. How are you, my friend? I told you that the gang wants
to re-start the Nandavaram project. I’m sure they planned the attack. I’ll find them out. Son, don’t worry. We’ll find them out.
– Okay, uncle. Ask everybody to go out. Tell everybody
to go out of here right now. Let’s go and check. I’m talking to you properly.
Get out of here. Don’t you know that I’m a minister? Yes, I know. Then what’s your problem? The doctors and patients
are feeling nervous to see weapons.. the hands of these goons here. So, I want all of
them to get out of here. Don’t you know that they’re
Dada’s personal bodyguards? He has been recently attacked. How can you ask them to go from
here under the present circumstances? As per law carrying
weapons in public places.. an anti-social activity. There are several
things mentioned in law. Do you follow everything
mentioned in law? They won’t budge from here. Sir, the police are
public servants and.. ..not servants of politicians like you. I follow law and constitution.. ..and my duty which I’m doing right now. What’s your duty? If you had done your duty
properly the mishap wouldn’t happen. Why are you interfering? I don’t need your permission to talk. All of them are my
Baba’s personal secretary. Who are you to ask them to go from here? Hey! If you don’t keep
quiet I’ll cut your tongue. Inspector, please try to understand
the present circumstances. I beg of you. I’m like your mother. What did you say? You’re like my mother? But, my dad never told me about you. Krishna.. Krishna.. Krishna, leave him. Hey! Stop! He beat an on duty police officer.
Arrest him. Arrest him.
– Leave him. I’m a minister and
you must follow my order. I’ll tell the media that a minister
didn’t let a police officer do his job. Is this fracture or just swelling. Idiot! Is it still hurting? It’s not hurting because he hit me. It’s hurting because
you’re pressing the area. You got thrashed and it’s past. But your revenge will create history. Do you know what a person who’s
concerned about his future called? A stupid person. An idiot. It’s my traditional theory. Have you come here to enquire
about my well-being or to give sermons? Don’t worry, Govind Rao. It’s a small injury. But, it’s the reason why
Krishna is behind the bars today. Boss called us and
told to congratulate you. The big fish is admitted
in the hospital.. ..and the small fish is behind the bars. Finish them. Excuse me. I’m Sirisha. I want to talk to Krishna.
Can I meet him? Krishna, my brother told
me that they are going.. attack your Baba
at the hospital tonight. ACP Govind Rao is involved with them. That’s the reason he got rid
of you and the security posted there. I got this job because of your Baba. You can go.
I’ll handle the situation here. Hello Sirisha, Baba is fine. I’ll stay here and guard him. Inform the media and police about it. Okay, Krishna. Listen, come to the
hospital with our men. Don’t be nervous, mom. The media and police are here. They can’t attack
Baba in their presence. I must leave now.
– Krishna.. Baba. Go and meet Anand Rao immediately. I’m sure he knows who’s behind all this. Okay, Baba. What? You don’t know where Krishna is. No, sir. We’re trying our best but.. Involve more policemen
to find his whereabouts. Where can he go?
He must be around. Find him out quickly. I respect your father. He is my good friend. But, your dad is a criminal in
the eyes of people and I’m a politician. That’s why your father always
kept me away from these problems. It’s the only reason why I
never spoke before media and public. Anyway, I’ve confirmed information
as per my sources that.. ..a man named RK is the mastermind. RK. Do you know him? No. I don’t know him. Ask your father. He may know him. I’ll update you if
I get any information. Thank you, uncle. What did Anand Rao tell you?
– He told me whatever he knew. But, we have to solve the mystery. Let’s talk to your brother. He may have some information. Go that side. Go in that direction with him. They are there. Catch them. Catch them. Sirisha, call your brother. Hello, brother. Hello. Anand Rao said that a person
named RK is the mastermind of all this. Do you know RK? RK? I know a person named KR. KR?
– Yes. What does he do?
– He’s a businessman. I never met him personally. But, he’s a powerful
man in the political circle.. ..not just in our state
but also in Karnataka.. ..where he has connection
with higher authorities. I’ve heard that he stays
here for ten days in a month.. ..and spends the remaining
twenty days in Bangalore. The day your dad thrashed
you before his hired goons.. ..your reputation was ruined forever. Bhushan, as long as your dad
is alive you can’t take his place. He doesn’t want to give you
his position even after he dies. That’s why he insulted
you before everybody. You don’t have a place in his life. That’s a fact. Treat it as your bad luck.. ..that you are his son. You’re lucky to have friends like us. We’ve missed our aim twice but it
doesn’t mean that your dad will be safe. His death is confirmed. He may die in a day
or a week or a month. But, if you make up your
mind he can be killed today itself. Be courageous and strong. Bhushan,
under the present circumstances.. ..we can’t enter the hospital. If you kill your
father in the hospital.. ..all our problems will come to an end. You’re our man. If you help us in this project.. ..we all will become rich. You’ll replace your father. You won’t get the opportunity
to become a billionaire often. What happened? What are you thinking? Learned and elders have
said that silence means consent. A great man like me thinks
that we shouldn’t think twice.. ..before doing something that is right. You’re fortunate that you’ll
get to cremate your father. That’s my last theory. Hello. Get some oranges
from the market on your way back. Where were you all this while? I went out for some work. Don’t go out alone for some days. Our enemies can attack us any time. I don’t have any enemy. If I’ve any enemy then
it’s only because of him. Whatever.. an enemy is
after all an enemy. Be alert. Please listen to me. Take Raghu with you
if you want to go out. Raghu.. ..all this happened when we were going
to attend his daughter’s wedding. I don’t want to keep in touch with him. Stop! Let him go, Lakshmi. We can only give birth to
them and not change their principles. We have to take the patient for scan. KR. He’s the mastermind. Who else is involved? I’ll find out who are his aides. How will you find out? Leave it to me. I’ll find each and everyone of them. Don’t spare anyone. I suspect somebody else. Who is he? Baba, your condition is delicate. We shouldn’t take any
step in a fit of rage. He not only killed your wife.. ..but also my mother. He has not only betrayed
the king of this place.. ..but also my father. The person who deserves to
take revenge for all these reasons.. me. Go my, brave son. Krishna.. Take care, my son. Go. Raghu..
– Yes, Dada. Prepare for Lakshmi’s prayer meeting. Invite all the eminent
personalities of the city. The councilors,
MLAs, MPs, Chief Minister.. ..invite all the politicians. Invite all our relatives. No one should be left. I’m not feeding you the cake.. ..because you love eating it. I’m feeding it because I detest
touching you even while killing you. We’ve added poison to the
cake so that you suffer and die. Believe me, Krishna.
I told them not to do this. I told them that your
dad is a very nice person. But, KR was not ready to listen to me. Believe me. No! No, Krishna. You tried to kill the
person whom people remember.. ..while taking their every breath. Therefore I’m taking away your breath. Krishna, I never wished
ill for your father. I wasn’t involved in whatever happened. Please listen to my theory. Did you watch the film ‘Godfather’? Marlin Brando says that
revenge is not everything. And I also think so
but you’re taking revenge. If you and your father don’t
support the Nandavaram project.. ..we’ll do what you like. We’ll clean your house,
polish your shoes. You can hit me with a hammer
or stab me with a knife.. soul will leave
my body only when it’s time. You can’t change anything.
That’s my criminal theory. If you’ve so much knowledge
how could you forget that..’s always good that wins over evil. Your theory is weak just like you. Seshgiri, Chandi, Vedam, Govind,
all are dead. What’s happening? Baba.. I didn’t kill your father
because he killed my mom. I killed him for giving
birth to a scoundrel like you. He encouraged the criminal in you. He attacked my father. He troubled my family and hurt them. There are several other reasons. The day I opened my eyes.. ..I saw a great king in my Baba. But, I saw goons attacking him. I saw stab marks on his body. He was given blood. He was so weak that
he couldn’t save his wife. The reason behind all this.. ..was Nandavaram project. He wanted to stall the project
not for his personal gains.. ..but for the well-being of the people. But, that made him
the enemy of some people. They wanted to remove
him from their path. That day when we were
going to attend the wedding.. ..the number of people.. ..the timing of journey,
the route that we would take.. ..a family member
leaked all the details. Fortunately Baba survived the attack. But, he was attacked
again in the hospital. I’m sure that a family
member was involved. After checking 12 hours
of hospital CCTV footage.. ..I found out that you were the only one
who went there with fruits. I’m not angry because
you killed the mother.. ..who loved you till her last breath. But, despite knowing
you since childhood.. ..I never imagined that
you could stoop so low. Look.. And I’m angry at myself for this. I.. You’re a traitor for me. A traitor should
get only one punishment. I was in Delhi when I heard
the bad news. I couldn’t believe it. I never imagined that I
would’ve have to face all this. God has been unjust by snatching
away sister-in-law from you. I’ll catch the person
who planned all this. I’ve caught him. Who is he? Who is the mastermind? Krishna has killed
all the people involved.. ..except the mastermind. Who is the mastermind? It’s you. What is your son saying? Your dad and I are friends. I was attacked when I left your house. So? Nobody except you knew
that I was there to meet you. And that was the reason I suspected you. Chandi and KR had 25%
stake in Nandavaram project. The remaining share was in
the name of your illegal business. I had the information that
you would join the opposition party.. the next election. My Baba would’ve never
supported the project.. he always thought
about the well-being of people. You pretended to be dad’s friend.. ..and you assured him that
you were against this project. You backstabbed him with
the help of Chandi and KR. And you used my own brother against us. I helped you several times
and this is how you repaid me. My son wanted to kill
the persons involved in this. But, I told him.. ..that I’ll punish the mastermind. I befriended you but you betrayed me. You should get worse death. I pray that you’re
blessed with good sense.. ..for your next life. Best wishes for your new life,
my friend. Baba, you must concentrate
on mother’s funeral rituals. I’ll handle everything here. Do something.
– Yes. Dig his grave so deep
that he reaches hell. Okay. Gather all his bodyguards in that room. It’s the duty of the bodyguards
to protect the person who is alive. It’s useless to sacrifice
your lives for the person who’s dead. You’re neither Anand
Rao’s son nor his brothers. You’re his bodyguards
who worked for a salary. I’ll pay you more than what he paid you. Work for me.

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