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‘Love, a beautiful feeling!’ ‘We may have come across
many love stories in our life.’ ‘This story also describes
the state of someone’s heart.’ ‘Here’s the Romeo
of our story, Kartik.’ ‘And she is the Juliet
of our Romeo, Subbu Lakshmi.’ ‘Sorry, she belongs to the modern age
and so, has changed her name…’ ‘…to Aishwarya.’ ‘Kartik is a Gym trainer.’ ‘All thanks to him, many of our
film heroes have a six pack abs.’ Push! Push! Don’t you want
to be like Salman Khan? He got it. ‘Aishwarya is an air hostess.’ Will you take me? Rather, I’d take you. Listen to me carefully. No drinking in working hours. No drinking, boss. Sure?
– Yes. ‘While Kartik finds positivity
even in a negative situation,’ ‘on the other hand, Aishwarya…’ Driver, pull over the rickshaw.
– Here? Take this. Now, leave.
– But madam… You said that you want
to go to the airport. If I sit in your auto rickshaw
for a little longer, I will reach heaven
and not airport. The way you drive will
definitely distort my face. If there’s a single scratch
on my face, I’ll lose my job. And if I don’t have a job,
who will marry me? You don’t understand anything. My future will be doomed. ‘No matter what the situation is,
she will always be negative.’ ‘My friends from
the music industry,’ ‘accept loads of love from me
because I am TR.’ ‘Kartik’s role model
is superstar, TR.’ ‘And Aishwarya’s role model is
every rich bachelor in the world.’ ‘Romeo and Juliet is the story
of sweet and sour experiences’ ‘of the love and conflicts
between the two.’ Who are we waiting for? The pilot has been asked to
delay the flight. Some important guest
is expected. Is that so?
– Yes. Your seat is on the right side.
– Okay, thank you. Welcome, sir.
– Yeah, sure. Okay. Kartik, where are you going?
– I’ll call… Is everything fine?
– Yes, sir. All is well. Come, sit here. No, sir. My seat is there.
– Forget about it. Sit here. Come on. Sir…
– Do you see the difference? Am I losing weight?
– Completely flat. Flat…
– There should be no fat. How can I get a flat tummy? Stop your night routine.
– Okay. And drink bitter gourd juice.
– Excuse me, sir. What would you like to have? Orange juice.
– Sure. Superb choice. You’re my guide. Just do this for me. Sir, your work will be done. Thank you.
– Excuse me, sir. Give it to me.
– And for you, sir? No, thanks.
Call me next week. Aishu, he is a big shot. Impress. I’ve been ringing the bell
since so long. Where were you? Were you sleeping or eating? Neither of it. Spectacled one? Whose photo is that? My family has found a suitor for me. Do you have any idea how
lucky you are? To settle you down in life, your parents have found
such a nice match for you. What is the best for you, they’d know it better. Your life set and mine is upset. I have to sort
all my problems by myself. Why do you worry? Why do you need any help? Guys will fall unconscious
even if you look at them. Those days are gone. Today, there was a handsome
passenger on flight. He was such a stud. I tried so hard, but he did
not even look at me. Didn’t he look at you? Not just me, he didn’t look at any of the girls. What was his name?
– Well… Kartik. Let’s get his bio-data right away.
– How is that? There would be so many men
by that name. How will we find the one
she is interested in? Tina is right.
Do you have any other detail? He was sitting with Central Minister
AK Pashupathi in the flight. Superb! Let’s check. He is the one. Wow! Status is single. Wow! All his photos are
with film actors and politicians. He must be a celebrity too. I wonder which country he lives in. Maybe, France or America. Left, right! What a sight!
Once more! Yes. You have an amazing figure
and hairstyle. Do you want to act? Yes. – I’m a director.
I’ll do your casting couch. Ouch! Look…
– Show me. You may be a famous director, but you’re casting here as well! If this continues,
girls will stop coming here. No! It’s not my fault. Genes! Flirting is in my genes! So will you tackle
this problem or not? I’m trying! Hey! Rather than spying at me,
look at the beautiful girls around. You would have wooed
someone by now! What? Love is not
something you plan. Love strikes when you hear bells
at the mere sight of someone. And you feel, she’s the one for me! Till now, I haven’t
found anyone like that. But sooner or later,
I’ll find her. Once I find her,
I will never leave her. So, you’re a retro lover! Okay, fine.
I’ll meet you on the 10th. My new film begins on the 10th. The hero Arya is playing
a gym trainer. The one who lisps? Yes, the same. Don’t say that,
he’s the producer’s son. The hero should be
exactly dressed like you. I want to send you to
shop for his clothes. Will you go?
– Yes. – Take my credit card. Buy whatever you like! Hi.
– Hi. Aishu, will you sponsor
the shopping for today? I’ll return it
once I get my salary. Have you ever returned
any money till date? I will return it. Aishu, doesn’t he look like Kartik? He doesn’t look like him,
it is him! Come on, let’s follow him!
– Let’s go! Okay, fine. 20 pieces. I’m going to the next section.
– Okay, sir. Will a platinum card be alright?
– Absolutely, sir. Wow! Put it in the trunk! Girls, follow him. Hello. – Who is the new owner
of Kartik Info Technologies? Whoever! I don’t care! Hey, it’s you! Are you drunk in the morning? Check your Whatsapp. Wow! Aishu, your boyfriend
stays in a palace. Wow! Hey, be careful! Look, we’ve gathered
all the information. I don’t care what
you do from here on. My ultimate goal is, to impress him at any cost! Aishu, he’s a bit on
the emotional side. In order to profess
your love to him, you’ll have to write a love letter. An emotional letter
written in blood. There’s no way he won’t fall for it. This sympathetic formula
never fails. Is it fine? I told you to use your blood. You took so much of my blood
for these three stupid words! We need an idea
which is the latest trend. Latest trend? I’m an expert at that!
– Really? Rich people have a weakness.
Even if they do nothing, they cannot live without a party. We will gatecrash his party. We will get him extremely drunk, then do the deed. Should I teach you that as well? Aishu…
– What? Look at this. Hold on. Kartik jogs every morning.
Why don’t you join him? Bravo, Tina! For the first time,
you’ve given a good idea! Hello.
– Hi. Good morning.
How about joining me? Okay, it’s my pleasure. Come. Aishu, is the scene perfect? The idea is okay.
The two of you don’t interfere! We will work on this plan in the morning.
– Yes. Morning.
– Hi, brother. – Keep going! There’s our prey! Keep your speed
and energy levels in control. Don’t overtake him.
– No, I won’t. He’s starting. Concentrate. All the best!
– God, help me! Stop standing here, go! Run a little faster! Faster! Increase your speed!
Stop moving like a tortoise! Faster, faster! He has gone ahead! Oh, no! Don’t ever tell to me to run again! Aishu, don’t lose heart so easily. We will think of another plan. This is not your cup of tea! I’ll do something! Am I beautiful?
– Yes. Anyone who marries me,
will be lucky, right? Yes. The scene is set. He will attend a marriage. As soon as he’s about to cross you, you will ask a question
in chorus. Who’s that girl?
She is so beautiful. Anyone who marries her,
will be extremely lucky! Curiously, he’ll turn around while I’ll
do it in slow-motion like an actress. Then place the fan in my direction. My thick, luscious black hair
will be flowing in the air! He will be awestruck
looking at my beauty. I will look into his eyes and he will fall in love with me. Stop daydreaming!
What if he’s already left? Hey, he’s here.
Ready! Ready! Please come. He looks so good. He’s so handsome! Whoever marries him,
will be extremely lucky! Sit here. Hello.
– Hello. You carry on. How are you?
– I’m fine. Aishu, don’t worry.
He belongs to you. We won’t even touch any sweets
till our plan is a success. We won’t even eat the main course! You?
– No, I mean, all of us. – Yes. Look, he is on the stage.
Girls, energy! Ready?
– Okay, okay. Congrats.
– Thank you. Sir couldn’t make it,
so he sent me instead. Who’s that girl?
So beautiful! Whoever marries her,
will be extremely lucky. My hair! Sorry. Sir, we will meet at the gym. Okay, all the best.
Congrats, ma’am. Mom, why did you bring me
here forcefully? I have to train people,
they are waiting at the gym! What? They’re waiting?
– Yes. The bad phase in your
horoscope also awaits you! Take three rounds of this temple. Only then you will find
a nice girl. Dad, what is she talking
about in this age? What can I say? Who can argue with her? I just agree to anything she says. Priest, give him the lamp.
– Mom… Girls perform such prayers. If you want I could run instead! Just look there! Are these girls fools to
take rounds of the temple? They are praying for a good husband. If you do the same,
I’ll get a good daughter-in-law. Can’t you do so much for me? The flame will be put off.
Hurry up! Be careful. Come.
– Yes, let’s go. Why are you staring at me? The veneration is already
working its magic. All the girls are following him. Please God! Please! Please listen to me. Please! Please! All hail…
– Lord Hari! All hail…
– Lord Hari! All hail…
– Lord Hari! All hail…
– Lord Hari! All hail…
– Lord Hari! Hey! ‘Oh, God.
Make handsome Kartik mine.’ ‘All I’m asking You
is an ultra luxurious life.’ ‘I have a small demand.
A big penthouse,’ ‘a couple of farm houses
and a few cars. That’s all.’ ‘Love strikes when you hear bells
at the sight of someone.’ ‘And you feel,
she’s the one for me!’ Let’s go!
– It’s raining! Come on!
– Let’s go! Hey, what is this? Who changed the music? Darn this! Has the music changed or am
I hearing things? – Look there. “Love you… I love you” Why is he twirling around? Is he drunk? Did Kartik say anything
after coming here? No, why? What happened?
– I don’t know what’s wrong. He’s behaving rather strange lately. Go and get his phone.
– He’s strong. What if he hits me? Just snatch his mobile phone! Go!
– Okay. Go! Get it here! Let me see!
– What are you doing? – Sir! No, no! Don’t look!
– Oh, Juliet! Don’t leave him! She’s so very cute!
– Leave me. Let me see who she is as well. How did this fool get so lucky? Is her beauty mesmerizing
or your love? Who is she?
What is her name? Aishu. I see you! Aishwarya.
– Aishwarya Rai! Hold on, Abhishek! I’ll call her now!
– No, no! Please don’t call her!
– Hold on, sir. Let’s raise a toast for the
beginning of Aishu’s love story! Hi, Kartik. Do you know I’m missing you a lot! I feel like coming there
and hugging you right away! Hold on, I’m not Kartik! Your kisses are electrocuting my body!
– Let me go! Aishu, the speaker is on! Hello?
Who is speaking? My name is Ganesh. Ganesh who? Ganesh Hegde? Your boyfriend’s friend,
V-TV Ganesh. Sorry, sir.
I thought it was Kartik. No, keep repeating this mistake. Next time receive the call and wait. Take a silent pause
after you say ‘hello’. Anyone could be calling. Your kisses are really
electrocuting me! Sorry, sir. Hold on. I want to meet the one
who kindled love in this stone hearted man! Sure! Absolutely, sir. It’s Kartik’s birthday tomorrow! Cancel any secret plans
you’ve made for him. Tomorrow’s party is on me. Okay? Bye.
– Okay, sir. Bye. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday dear Kartik.” “Happy birthday to you.”
– Don’t give me! She deserves the first bite
of the cake! Give it to her with love. Very good!
All the best! Didn’t you get him a gift? She surely has something,
but she’s shy. Give it.
– Happy birthday. Oh, let me see! Wow! It’s a ring! The right place of a ring
is in the fingers. Since you’ve got it,
put it on. It’s more of an engagement feeling than a birthday feeling!
Enjoy! Keep it on, the two of you! There’s nothing for you here.
Leave and enjoy! Go. Eat the cake.
– Bye! Kartik, do you know, today is
the most special day of my life? God answered my prayers. Can I say something?
I want to celebrate your next birthday
with you as your wife. Do you trust me?
That’s exactly what’s going to happen. I will speak to my family
and introduce you to them. You speak to your family as well. Actually, my parents are no more. I have nobody! I’m all alone, Kartik. I was three years old when my
parents met with an accident. Since then, I’ve grown up
in an orphanage. I studied there,
stayed alone throughout. The population of this city
is 10 million. But when I close my eyes, I find myself lonely. I have nobody! I’m there! I will take more care of you than a father or a mother! From today,
we are Mr. and Mrs. Kartik. Are you happy now? I love you! Kartik, why are you so quiet today? I have to be more serious in life.
– Really? I have to work hard and earn a lot! Very interesting!
Go on, good dialogues. I’m going to meet
Kartik’s parents tomorrow. Kartik told me that
I have to impress them. I’m worried! Her parents are no more.
She trusts me. So, it’s my responsibility
to take care of her. After marriage, it’s confirmed that Kartik won’t let me work. He may buy me a chartered plane. So, I’m thinking of
resigning from my job. I have an idea.
Take a loan from me and open your own gym. You will earn a lot. Work hard and enjoy your life. Once you settle down in life,
gradually repay my loan. Thank you.
– Cheers, man! Aishu, where are you? I’m going to office
to hand in my resignation. Don’t be in a hurry! Buy Day to Day
magazine and read page number 64. I’ll read it later. I hope it’s not too late by then! Driver, stop here. ‘Affair of a superstar
with a gym trainer.’ Am I getting bulky? Eight! Continue. How are you, my darling? Kartik, where are you right now? In the gym, where else? Where is the gym? Park Hyatt.
– Wait there, I’m coming! Why are you so worried?
Are you having a bad day? I’ve completed till 10.
– Let’s go. Again? Am I done?
– No, the posture must be right! The hands should be near the chest. Increase the speed a little. Very good. Hey, Aishu… Aishu? Aishu? Aishu? Wait a minute. Let go of me!
– What happened? What is this?
– We’ll go inside and talk. Tell me whatever
you want right here! Aishu, you shouldn’t
doubt anyone in love. You should trust me. Doubts hamper relationships. It ruins lives! Such type of gossip
is always printed in magazines! Today, it’s just one actress, tomorrow they will link me
with someone else! So, will that make it true? Don’t make a mountain
out of a molehill. I don’t care what’s
written in the magazine. Are you a gym trainer? Yes, I am a trainer. Why? Hey! Why are you reacting like this? How do you expect me
to react, Kartik? This was your plan to trap me. You cheat!
– I cheated? Stay away from me.
And stop acting. Hey, Aishu!
You think I’m acting? Everything was a lie.
Those dreams and your love too. Everything was a delusion. Your profession
is a mere gym trainer. But you displayed
as if you were a billionaire! When did I do that? Stop it now!
I know your true colors. Traveling in first class,
roaming in a Mercedes and showing a mansion
was just a trap. You played as a billionaire
in order to woo me. You fraud! Aishu, what fraud have I done? I traveled in first class
since I had to train Mr. Arya. He pays for my tickets. While that Mercedes belongs
to my friend, Ganesh. And that mansion
belongs to my client. That means, you own
none of all that, Kartik? No. What’s wrong with you suddenly? Listen to me carefully,
this relationship is over. Henceforth, don’t even
try to meet me! Don’t show me your face.
Don’t message or call me either! Better understand this,
you can never be a part of my life! Our relationship is over! Why are you doing this? Kartik, don’t think that
she was unfair with you. In fact, she is at loss. She lost a good man.
She will regret. Mark my words. One day, she will ruin her life. Don’t say such words. She might’ve left me, but I will never forget her. I just have one dream… To have a small family, with 10-12 kids who’ll call me dad all day long. All my dreams have been shattered. No way. Don’t cry, it doesn’t suit you. What else can I do than cry? Is it a crime to be a gym trainer? She said that
I’m an ordinary gym trainer. Yes, this means,
she doesn’t love you. She loves money! Hats off to her mother.
You’re very innocent. Talking about her,
is a waste of time. Leave her, she is useless. Hey!
What have you done? Vented your anger on my car! What will I tell my wife? Oh, so romeo has been deeply hurt. Don’t drink the whole bottle,
leave some for me. If you drink neat,
your liver will stop functioning. I’ll add some water then. What’s wrong with you today? Right, something’s wrong with me. Forgive me for that. This is the last one
and I’m still sober. Let go! Don’t try to stop me. I’m going to die. I have no one here,
neither Aishu nor you! Disgrace on your fate. There is a possibility
that there could be some problem in her life.
How would we know? What situation? She is a fraud! That is exactly what I said. Hey, it’s imported!
Leave some for me. Let me drink.
Do you know where I’d placed her? In my heart. But what did she do? She kicked me out! My car is also imported! His heart broke but
he is breaking my things. Listen, tit for tat. You must also forget her love. Forget it? The alcohol is getting wasted,
you’re dropping it! Nonsense! Everything of her is a blessing. Because she is like a Goddess.
– I agree. And you’re a drunkard. Am I a drunkard? I’ll teach you a lesson. No, my dear. Not to my car! I have the right to say anything. But not you. Don’t say a word! Dear me!
What have I said? How do I deal with him? Why are you ruining my car? Listen to my love story! He is acting like ‘Veeru’
from Sholay movie. Don’t love anyone ever. Because all the lovers
get jilted like me. Where is she? Is it the wrong room? No! Where is she? There she is. You left me? I won’t spare you. You stay here. Easy. I look so good. You are sleeping calmly
after betraying me? Who is it?
– I want to talk to you. What happened?- It was Aishu.
I want to talk an important matter. She screamed. Let’s go and see. Listen to me.
– Save me. Tina! Madhu!
– Where are you going? Stop right there.
– Help me, Tina! Madhu… What happened? You barged in to our house after drinking?
Don’t you have any shame? Why will I be ashamed? You should be. You are drunk. Go away. Or I will call the cops. Call anyone but I love you. What?
– You are in my heart. Kartik, don’t create a scene. This is not a drama,
but my true love. You are only mine. We are not related. I already told you.
Don’t you understand? Why did you leave me? I will burn this whole world down
if I can’t have you. Do anything but leave me alone. Forgive me. Why are you asking
for forgiveness? Kartik, it’s late night.
Go away from here. We will talk tomorrow. Please. Please go. Tina, you too? You too? What did I say
to make him emotional? May be he is feeling sleepy. Yes, he slept. All of you convince her
to come back to me. Tell her to talk to me
as she lives in my heart. I don’t like you. Don’t you understand
this simple thing? Why are you shouting at me?
Is it my fault? I didn’t follow you but you did. You tricked me and made me fall in
love now you are calling me fraud? You are a fraud!
– I agree that I am! Happy! You will find a girl
better than me. Now, leave. Go! I am not worried about myself. I am worried about you.
Who will marry you? I will not be able
to see you in pain. Because, you are in my heart. Which movie’s dialogues
is he saying? I will show you now. – No.
– I will kill you today. Aishu, don’t do anything foolish.
– Alright, go ahead and do it. Aishu, be careful.
– Stab here and not here. What happened?
– Because you reside here. Let me go. Come. I will make
orange juice for you. Leave me. What are you doing?
– Let her go. She bit me!
– Leave him. I will kill you. – Leave me.
You traitor! You betrayed me. Leave for now. She is very angry.
– Leave me. Just a minute. Tina.
– Yes. You are a good girl, right? Yes.
– Then let go of me. Okay.
– I won’t spare you! You left me.
– Let her go. Please. Come with us.
– Where are you taking me? Is my self-respect in danger?
– You are too drunk. Go and sleep. Sit down.
– Let me go. Relax. – What does she take me to be?
She left me. Stop! You locked him inside
instead of throwing him out? Are you all insane?
I’ll call the cops. You are the only one
responsible for all this. You are responsible.
– How am I responsible? What did I do? You loved him thinking he is rich
but dumped him when he wasn’t. Which boy will tolerate it? You have hurt him.
He isn’t at fault. You three are the real culprits. You gave me the wrong information. And got me hooked up with him.
– What is our fault? Anyone will be think like
that looking at his lifestyle. He barged in to our house. He created a scene
after getting drunk. And I can’t even get angry?
– No way. Because this won’t
solve anything. We have to calm down and think. We have to talk to him. Come on. Move. Aishu, you cannot dump me. Because you reside in my heart. I cannot see anything clearly. Tina.
– Yes. My head is paining. Can I get a coffee, please?
– Yes. I need to talk to you. Come out. Sorry, Aishu. I don’t know
what happened to me yesterday. I drank too much.
– Now you are sober, right? Leave. Hello, dear.
– Hello. – Sorry Aishu, give me some time. I am setting up my own gym.
I will be very rich in 4-5 years. Kartik, please!
We are done. We are no match. Please try to understand and leave. What lifestyle? We need food,
clothing and shelter to live. Isn’t that enough?
– Kartik, please don’t argue. Aishu, you have dumped me. Aishu, I haven’t done anything. Why are you doing this to me? Kartik, can’t you understand?
– Madam, any problem? No, it’s okay. You please go. Aishu, I love you more than my life.
– Stop it! Don’t you understand? Alright, let’s do one thing.
Come here tomorrow. We will stay together all day.
I’ll see how you’ll take care of me. After that, I’ll decide.
Now, leave. I will come in the morning.
Thanks, Aishu. Be ready. I will come.
– I got it. Leave now. Go from here. Aishu, Kartik is a nice guy. Think about it once more. Don’t tell me about it. Let him come tomorrow.
I’ll teach him a lesson. Yes, tell me.
– Where are you? I am on the way. How are you coming?
– On a bike. I don’t like to travel on a bike. Bring the Mercedes that
you brought earlier to fool me. Aishu, that is Mr. Ganesh’s car. And he is busy in shooting.
– Okay, then forget it. Listen… We have to shoot an action
sequence tomorrow. – Okay. It will be the first scene of climax.
– Okay. When 7-8 imported cars
are parked there, our hero enters in style.
– Okay. – The cars start honking. Mr. Ganesh, please come with me. I know what you want to talk. You went to that girl’s
house, last night. You created a scene there
and you want me to solve, right? We will talk about that later.
Please give me the car keys. Just a moment.
– Okay. You ruined my car last night.
Here is the money. Take a taxi. Your film will flop.
– What did you say? Why are you saying that?
– Please sit. – He is making a love story. If he doesn’t support love then…
– Here is the key. Here it is. Please leave.
– The movie is a hit. The movie will be a big blockbuster.
– I know. Blockbuster! – Listen to me.
We will pull the camera after that. Reverse trolley. Aishu, I brought the car.
– I see. Come down. Alright, I am coming. He is very stubborn. I have to teach him
a lesson today. How do I give him a shock? ‘Idea!’ Hey! What type of dress is this? A guy is emotional about a
girl’s dress when he loves her. He will see my dress
and lecture me about it. And I will scream at him and come back.
– I see. Shall we leave?
– What are you wearing? This type of dress… Don’t lecture me on my dress. This is my favourite. Have you dropped the idea
of coming with me? I knew that we
don’t match at all. Okay, you leave. Bye. Wait! Superb dress. Come. Where do you want to go? You didn’t like my dress, right?
Take me shopping then. Aishu, look at this dress. All this will look good on you. Is it?
– Yes. Follow me. You like this?
– Yes. Pack this. How about this one?
– Yes. Pack this. This one?
– Actually… – This one too, right? Pack this.
– I’ll try this one. You pay the bill. You pack all of these. ‘This is just one bill.’ ‘By evening, he will be
back to his senses.’ Excuse me!
– Yes. Which is the most expensive perfume? This is the one. ‘This bill is so lengthy.’
‘Stop right there.’ Wait a minute.
Perfume, Makeup kit and sandals. You want all these too? Why? Can’t you buy these?
You want me or not? Of course!
– Pack everything. I am waiting outside. Make it fast.
– Okay. Your card is declined. That’s not possible. There’s
Rs 30,000 in the account. But the bill amount
is Rs 70,000, sir. I’ll be right back. – Okay, sir.
– Mr. Ganesh. Yes. – I need Rs 50000 urgently.
Can you please transfer it? But what is the emergency? I have brought Aishu for
shopping and I have less money. That girl is taking you for a ride. Get rid of her. Stop lecturing me
and transfer the money now. – Oh! I will do it but listen
one thing carefully. In life… He disconnected when I
was giving him advice. You look like a model in this dress.
– Okay. I want to talk to you.
Please sit. Tell me.
– What is important in life? True love is very important. And I love you with all my heart. If I cannot have you, then my life is meaningless. I will give you everything in life. Aishu, are you listening or not? Yes, you continue. ‘True love…
Life will be meaningless.’ Nice lines.
Keep it up. Continue. I will not be like this tomorrow. I will be very successful
in the next 5-7 years. I promise. Seven years? Okay! I will be right back. Tell me. Is your romance going on well? Or it has hit rock bottom? What do I tell you?
She is not even talking properly. I knew it. Where are you now? I am at a mall.
– You are at the right place. Buy tickets to a romantic
movie that is playing there. Buy two corner seats in the dark. I haven’t watched
a romantic film till today. Only if you watch a romantic film
will you be able to romance. Even her feelings will come out. Then you can turn it around. Will this work?
– Yes, I am right. Enter 10 minutes after the movie starts.
– What? The hall will be very dark. Place your hand on her waist under
the pretext of showing her the way. Kiss her after whispering
something in her ears. Then even she will feel very romantic.
– Okay. Thank you! Will you come for a movie?
– What! A love story.
– ‘What is he saying?’ He is saying,
he will give me love lessons. ‘Okay! Enjoy!’ Why are you sitting?
Go and get the tickets. Careful! Go. This is the seat. Come. Go, get popcorn for me. During the interval…
– Go! Move aside. Sorry, boss! Excuse me. Here. Is it butter popcorn? Yes, it is.
– I am on diet. I eat only plain popcorn. Okay? Hey, move! Get something to drink. This is a very emotional film. When a man is betrayed in love,
it pains a lot here. This wouldn’t have happened
if you had not fallen in love. Has any doctor recommended?
What a nuisance! Hello! Go out and fight. This fatso! ‘I have to teach him a lesson.’ This love…
– This love drama… Are you both deaf? Go out. You fat guy,
mind your own business. You call me fat! Look at your face.
You look like a witch.- Sir, calm… Did you hear what he said? It was a mistake. You fat guy, don’t make me angry.
– Fat! If I get angry I will teach you a lesson.
– Even I will get angry. Calm down. Keep quiet.
– What did you say just now? Fat guy!
– You are the queen of mad people. I’ll see you.
– Come. Quiet.
– Come. – Come outside. Calm down.
You come out now. Come, I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Move. – Please calm down. You witch. – I’ll teach you a lesson.
– Keep quiet, please. Calm down.
– I’ll knock you down. Who do you think you are? I will give you a punch!
Come here! They spoiled my mood.
– Kartik! Where am I?
– Kartik! Where is that guy?
– I scared him away. I am coming. Hi Aishu! Come. Aishu. Come on, Aishu. Come on! Sir! Sir, your bill. You want more drink?
– Come on. Hello! Listen friends. Today, no one will pay the bill here. This is my treat. My boyfriend will
pay the bill today. Okay! Let’s drink one more glass. Hello Mahesh! Listen. I need some money urgently.
May be Rs 50,000-60,000. Can you lend me? Give me as
much as you can. – I’ll try. Hey! Thank you for the party! Thank you so much. Here it is.
– Sir, the bill. Sir, just a minute. One more bill is there. What!
– Your friends ordered more drinks. This is the bill for that. Sir, I don’t have
that much money now. Keep this phone. I’ll take this
phone back once I get the cash. Please, sir. Okay, sir.
– Thank you, sir! The bill is cleared. Let’s go. He is still back. Kartik, do you have any other plan
or are we going home? We’ll go home now. Then tell me how much have
you spent since morning? – Why? Come on. Tell me. Maybe, Rs 150,000. You spent today but how will
you do it the entire month? That is my lookout.
– Even then? You will take a loan from
some bank and pay installments? Now tell me how much time
do you want? For what?
– To get settled. May be 4-5 years. If that really happens, everything will be super. But what if that doesn’t happen? Don’t give me that looks.
My age is around 24 years and I
will be 29 after 5 years. But I will become
an aunt by then. Then who will marry Aunt Aishu? Why do you think
negatively for everything? Think positively. Alright, if you say then
I will think positively. Just think that our
marriage is fixed. Yes.
– Where will be the venue? It will be great if the marriage
is grand and stylish. Taj Hotel or Park Hotel? I got it. This is out of your range. Forget about a five star hotel. For a decent marriage hall,
you need to pay an advance. Then marriage pavilion, invitation, dresses, food and drinks, orchestra… Throwing a party for my close friends
before the marriage. Then party for your close friends. After marriage party as well. The cost will be around Rs 1.5 millions. And where will you
arrange this money from? Today, you have
spent only Rs 100,000. And you will pay
the EMI full year. So, an EMI for 15 years to
pay off Rs 1.5 millions. You will cry for 15 years if you plan to get married to me.
That is not a wise decision. It means, you will
spend more time with the bank officer after marriage. Okay. Alright. Don’t get worked up. Alright, we won’t
show off too much. We will get married in a temple. So that there is no EMI issue. But what about the honeymoon? We will save money in marriage. But forget about
Switzerland for honeymoon. Even Khandala is okay. Or I will adjust even in
that small house of yours. Don’t taunt for everything. I will find a bigger
house after marriage. That is okay. A big house
to live after marriage. But we have to pay at least
Rs 15,000 rent for that. The house rent is Rs. 15,000. There will be groceries,
milk, vegetables, travelling. All this will be Rs 15,000 more. It means that we need at least
Rs 30,000 to live a simple life. We would not be able to live even
a dull boring life with your salary. So, even I have to struggle after
marriage to balance our income. This life will turn
in to a machine life. After one year, we will
have a kid if we are lucky. And you will have another kid next
year as you are so crazy about me. We have to get our
kids educated too. You would want to send them to
a local school and I, to a convent. And when that happens,
my respect for you will be finished. We can live with less money. But not without love. There is no life
without any money. I cannot live without money. Is money so important?
– Of course! Kartik, money is life. This is my point of view.
I don’t want to hurt you. Aishu! – I have only struggled
for all 24 years of my life. I want to live a decent,
comfortable life after marriage. It is not bad to wish
for a good life. We need to be practical and
break up instead of fighting. Don’t you really love me? I did love you for some days. But love is a small part of our life. So, be practical.
I won’t ruin my life over love. Aishu, give me some time. I will work very hard and I will…
– My God, just try to understand. I am trying to make you understand
and you refuse to understand. If you really love me,
then set me free. Let me live my life. Aishu…
– Oh God! Sorry Aishu, diesel is finished. You wait here.
I’ll do something. Aishu! Aishu! You wait in the car.
I’ll come back soon. Listen to me. You sit inside.
– Move your vehicle! Sorry, sir. I have no diesel. You roam in a Mercedes
and have no diesel? Move your vehicle.
– Move your vehicle. – I am getting late. Push and move it.
– Sir, will you help me push? I have to park it sideways.
– Let’s push or we can’t take it sideways. Slowly.
– Easy. – Yes. Stop!
– What kind of people exist! Come on. Let’s move.
– Aishu, can I get your phone? Whom will you talk to? No one would want
to talk to you. You made such tall claims. That you will keep me happy
for a day and take care of me. What is the time now? It’s 3:00 PM. In half a day,
you are already washed out. This is your reality. My life expectations,
dreams and desires were not fulfilled by you. Won’t you still give up? Keep this.
Fill up the fuel with this money. Auto. Hi! Thank you for coming. They all have come. Nice. He is my business partner.
– Wow! My God!
– Aishu, that’s Kartik! I’ll come there. Why is he here? Will he cause any
trouble for me? Arjun, put this ring
on Aishwarya’s finger. So, you are all set? And this is for you.
– Okay. Ready? Oh no!
– Sorry! What happened?
Where did it fall? Search it. It’s here. Where did he go?
– I don’t know. I am here. Ms. Aishwarya, congratulations! All the best! Mister, congrats. I am Aishu’s friend, Kartik. She is a very nice girl.
You are very lucky. Please click a photo. All the best!
– Thank you. Here it is. Okay. Bye. Aishu. What if there is a bomb in it? Keep quiet.
Why would there be a bomb? I will open it and check. Cooker! I will put off the stove
and come. You open it. – What! It’s your gift. So, you open it. I will turn the stove off. It’s a cute gift
and there’s a card too. Mr. and Mrs… ‘Every man desires
to have a good friend.’ ‘Not Everyone is as lucky as me.’ ‘For a while, I got the affection
of a good friend.’ ‘If I live for 100 years,
the moments we spent together’ ‘will be the happiest of my life.’ ‘I pray for my dear friend’ ‘that she always remains happy.’ ‘Yours, Kartik.’ I don’t think he is a bad person. At least, have the courtesy
of calling and thanking him. What are you thinking?
Call him up and speak to him! If you say so… Yes, Aishu.
– I just saw your gift. Very nice.
Thank you so much. Did you like it?
– Actually, I didn’t expect it. I’m very happy.
– I’m glad to hear that you liked your gift. Okay, Kartik. Thank you.
I’ll hang up now. Bye. Aishu, hold on.
– Yes, Kartik? Can you meet me if you are free? Actually, I’m busy the entire day.
Sorry. Oh, you’re busy. Actually, our photographs
and your gifts are with me. They remind me of you all the time. So, I thought of
returning them back. No problem, if you’re busy,
I’ll come and return them. Kartik, listen to me.
I’m free tomorrow morning! Where can we meet?
I’ll come there. Meet me at the restaurant
near my gym. I have to accept the fact
that Kartik is a decent person. He came for my engagement,
gave me a nice gift. After all, he isn’t that bad.
Isn’t it? No, I’m quite wary in fact. I don’t think he will let go so easily. Just wait and watch, he’ll put
a close to this chapter today! He’s a genuine guy. ‘A heartbroken lover
throws acid on his ex.’ Acid! ‘They threw acid on her
friend’s face as well.’ ‘Is that why he’s called us here?’ He’s there. You go… Leave me! Hi. Sit here.
– You sit. Just sit down! This is your personal
matter, right? Why should I be the third wheel? It’s okay, please sit. Thank you. What will you have?
– No, nothing. We already ate.
We’re in a hurry. Get two! Get two? What has he ordered? So, all the preparations
for the marriage are done? You seem very happy. It’s nothing like that.
– Why? You found the prince!
He’s quite rich and handsome as well. What more do you want? Your marriage is taking place
in a 5 star hotel, right? Yes, he’s very rich. Even the rich
seem poor before him. – Really? How is everything at your end? You’ve changed totally. I feel so happy for you, Kartik. Absolutely right! When you
dumped me, I didn’t want to live! I felt like committing suicide.
– What? Then I thought about it.
Why should I die? I didn’t dump anyone! I truly loved her,
but she dumped me! So, she deserves to die, right? Should I kill her or let her go? I’m thinking of throwing acid! What? No… Honestly, I’m not like those flop lovers
who grow a beard, drink a lot
or throw acid at someone! I’m not like them.
That’s what I want to prove to you. You have proved it!
This is how you live life. You should face every
problem head on. With this attitude,
you’ll find a better girl than me. That’s why I called you. What do I do here? Assume that I gave
her a loan of Rs 500. But she refuses to pay. So, whom will I recover
the money from? You or… Her. Correct. I’m not asking for
the same 500 rupee note. Any other note will suffice. What are you saying?
I don’t understand. You still don’t understand?
I will forget you! I won’t even think about you. But for that, you will have to find a good girl like you for me! What rubbish! Have you seen yourself! No girl will want to live with you! Tina, let’s go from here! What’s the hurry. Sit down.
– Tina, let’s go! Just sit down!
Both of you! Just sit down! Sit down! So, you entered my life, loved me, played with my feelings
and then dumped me! And you thought that I
will observe a fast for you and keep going to the temple? Did you take that so seriously?
You’re a good boy. So, why are you being revengeful? ‘I miss you, Kartik.
I like you so much!’ Didn’t you think what I’ll endure
when you were carrying out this act? Look, if you want me to forget you and never to miss you again then you have to find me
a nice girl like you. Will you find her, right?
– What if I don’t? I will ruin your wedding! I’ll orchestrate a plan wherein
he leaves you! I’ll tell him that
we’re having an affair! We roamed about and had fun. I can get as many
witnesses as I want. Tina will bear witness too! Hey, you will testify, right? If you act too smart, I’ll take
you to the cops! – Then go! You go to the police,
while I’ll go to your fiancée. This is his number, right? No, Kartik! Stop this! Stop it, Kartik!
Listen to me! Stop it! Please! What do you think we are? If you dump us, will we grow our
beards and become a drunkard? Listen to me,
I’m giving you one day! Think about it and let me know. Darling, see you! Tina! Yeah! Amazing, my friend! You caught the arrow
she fired towards you fired it back and injured her! You used your mind to
straighten her out! Brother, sincere love in
today’s world has no value. To convince this girl, we have
to use the brain, not the brawn. You’re absolutely right. But one
good thing that came out of this is that no girl will play
around with a guy’s feelings. You’re great.
Give me some tips as well. Hello?
– Kartik, come here quickly! What happened? Aishwarya tried to commit suicide. Is he the one? Kartik, are you satisfied now? Or is there something
more you wish to see? Kartik…
– Stop right there! She’s convinced you many times!
Don’t you understand? Why are you torturing her?
If you have the guts… I will deal with this rascal! Do you think you’re a hero? Are you Salman Khan? Shahrukh Khan? I will talk to him!
Hey, Romeo! You told Aishu to find you a girl!
Is she supposed to get you married? Stop talking to him
and throw him out! Hey, didn’t you hear her?
Get out! Just get out!
– Stop staring! Get out of here! He won’t listen like this!
Stop staring! I think we have to
throw him out ourselves! You have no idea who I am!
I will thrash you! How dare you! Let him go!
– You hired goons to beat me! Sit down! You pretended to commit suicide! You can’t endure an injection! Show me your hand! Show me your hand!
– Forgive me! – Open the bandages! Can’t you hear me?
Open the bandages! Please open it else he’ll kill me! Please open it! You liar! Sorry.
– You’re trying to trick me again! You lying cheat.
– A big cheat. Brother, she looks so innocent,
but she deceived us. Now you understanding you were
siding with the wrong team. I’ve made a huge mistake! Brother, I swear on my mom,
I didn’t know she’s like this. In the future, if she tricks you
we will deal with her. Let’s go quickly.
– Come on, let’s go. We are going, brother. Does anyone apply so much makeup
before committing suicide? Use your brains.
Now, listen to me. Don’t waste our time
in such foolish plans! As soon as you find me a good girl,
you’re free to go! You want to marry
a nice girl, right? Do you know Tina loves you a lot? Tina, tell him. I consider him a brother. Darn you! Hey, if you commit
such a vile act again then there’s no need to commit suicide,
I’ll do the needful! Sorry Kartik! I made a mistake. ‘Sorry! I made a mistake.’ Apologizing won’t help.
Look out for a girl for me. Your countdown starts now. Tell me your name? Amitabh Bachchan (actor). Do your work. I need your details for the
marriage website. – It’s useless. I need to find a girl for you.
– You can do it. But will she be like you? She will be better than me. Just tell me the girl you select. I will make you meet her
when you say okay. Please leave me
when you meet her. Okay?
– Fine! God save me. What are you doing? Fast! These details are wrong.
Rectify it. Kartik you want Gold
or Platinum membership? What’s the difference?
– Gold is Rs 5000. – Okay. Platinum is Rs 50,000.
– I see. Take platinum offer. Alright. Take out your card. Card? – Yes.
– Why? Money is needed
for registration. You are there.
– What! Why do I have to pay?
– Even why do I pay? Aishu, just think that I
gave you Rs 500. – Stop it! I will do it. I am a orphan girl. I have saved money with
a lot of difficulty. Will you spend my whole money? Just a little more overacting. Registration is done.
– Good! My money! Money is debited. Account is empty. Just remember till
I get a perfect girl don’t think about committing suicide.
– Okay. Tina!
– What did I do? When I get a girl you are free. Bye. Fool! Good morning, madam!
– Good morning! Aishwarya.
– Yes. This is one of my branches in Chennai. Oh!
– Come, I will show you around. Why did you bring me to office?
– I have a surprise for you. Good morning sir!
– Good morning. Please take your seats. This is Aishwarya.
As all of you know she is my fiancé and the
new CEO of this company. Give her a big hand guys. From today Aishwarya will take all
major decisions of this office. I expect you to cooperate with her.
Okay? Aishwarya, I’ll show you your cabin.
– Arjun! Come on. Did you like it? I love it!
– Sit. Okay.
– Thank you! Just ring this bell
if you need anything. Okay. – Okay.
– Bye. Bye. Oh my God! Money! Subbalakshmi, you life is not
here but there in the town. Look at my girlfriend.
How is she? She looks good. The kids will
be beautiful like her. – Yes! Hey, what’s wrong? Nonsense! Kartik! Oh my God! He is giving me nightmares!
What to do? What happened?
Did you find a girl? There are many proposal
from the matrimonial site. You select any one and tell me. Why do I do it?
You come here fast. Why? I will compare every girl with you. Then compare it with my photo! Keep both the photos side by side. And I won’t come
there no matter what. This girl is impossible. My God! Yes.
– Where do I come? Why are you behind me? Now you are talking. If you run away from your duty
then I will have to chase you. Tell me what is your duty? Tell me.
– I have to find a girl for you. Like whom?
– A girl who is similar to me. I cannot hear. Say it out loud. A girl who is similar to me. Say it louder! A girl who is similar to me. Energy! I want more energy. A girl who is similar to me. What’s happening here?
– I want more emotion! A girl who is similar to me. Just think that I am a top of
the mountain and you are down. A girl who is similar to me! Superb! Now get back to work. Ma’am.
– Yes. Yes.
– Any problem? Can you close the door please?
Thank you. – Okay ma’am. ‘I hope I will get respite
from this pain today.’ ‘You cannot escape
from me so easily.’ Yes, I am upstairs on the left side.
– I am on my way. Yes Manju. We are all sitting here.
– Okay. Hi! Hi! – She is here?
– Come. ‘Okay, so she is the one.’ She is really gorgeous. It’s like a beggar
finding a pot of gold. I heard it. Nonsense! Hello! Sorry, I am a little late.
– No problem! Hi! I am Aishwarya.
– Hi! – This is Kartik. Hi! Hello! Kartik is very strong.
– He is gym trainer, right? Will you have something? Sure.
– Let’s see what we got here. Sandwich costs Rs 400. Coffee costs Rs 350
and tea costs Rs 250. We get superb tea
at our place for… Let me read.
– Leave it. Excuse me!
– Yes ma’am. Three cappuccinos.
– Okay. – Thank you! Hello! – Yes.
– Add a little ginger and cream to mine. Sure sir.
– Ginger in a cappuccino? Kartik is very funny actually. He is smart, handsome and
has no bad habits. – Okay. His parents are more sweeter than him.
– Is it? She will love you more
than her own daughter. You are so lucky.
– Sir. Did you put ginger?
– Yes. Thank you! You may leave.
– Okay. Please have it. ‘Eyes are good.’ ‘Eyes are very nice.’ ‘Lips.’ ‘Oh my God!’ What are you looking at? No, nothing.
– Manju, do you know something? Yes, tell me. – Kartik is looking
for a place to start a gym. Do you know what he’s going
to name the gym? – No. It will be his would
be wife’s name. Just imagine. ‘Manju Gym!’ When did I say this? ‘What have I got myself into?’ Where did I keep my Rs 100? Forget it, I’ll…
– No… What are you doing? I’ll pay.
Love gets stronger with this. No, give it to me. Okay, you pay. Insulted in public. Okay, Kartik. I’ll call you after
discussing with my parents. Hey, wait a minute. Manju, listen. Don’t waste time. Discuss and call
us immediately. – Okay, I’ll call. We won’t waste time, in marriage or engagement.
– Yes, sure. Okay, sure. – Kartik has got
his dress stitched already. Did you like him? Oh, God! What people!
– Bye, Manju! Hey, don’t bite your nails in tension.
Anyway I didn’t like her. She fooled you by sending
you her childhood photograph. What? You didn’t like her? She rejected you on the spot. If you’re dreaming of Miss World then you will never get married. Hey, let it take a lifetime too. Until I find a girl like you I will reject every girl. In that case,
keep searching for all your life. I can’t do this anymore.
Do what you like. Go ahead and cancel
my marriage too. ‘What does she eat today?’ Hey, did he like the girl? But the girl didn’t like him. ‘Why? What happened?’
– I told him, I can’t do all this. It’s his wish now. He won’t let go off you so easily. ‘Your life is sorted.’ Find another girl for him
and get rid of him. Your wedding date is nearing. ‘According to me,
don’t take any risks.’ Okay, as you say.
I’ll talk to him. Yes, why not? King size board. Every person walking on the
street should be able to see it. Put up one on the station
and a bus-stop. Write Aishwarya in bold letters.
Hey… What’s going on? What did I do that
you’re putting up my posters? ‘Now we are talking.’ Kartik, these days girls
expect a lot from boys. Interesting.
– If you continue with this attitude no girl in this world will like you.
– Okay. There he goes.
Come on, fly. What a game!
– Kartik, stop playing on the phone. I’m listening. If I continue with this attitude,
no girl in this world will like me. This is what you said, right?
Continue. You won’t get any girl
in this condition. We’ll have to do
a make-over for you. Make-over?
– Completely. Okay, can I? No? Okay. Is this orange good? What a bad choice! You will look smart with this.
– Okay. What next?
– What kind of shoe are you wearing! Hey, good idea!
– We’ll have to change it too. Wear these.
They are branded. Why are you clicking my photograph?
– Left. Look straight. You look like
an action hero from left angle. While a romantic hero from right angle.
– Okay. So whenever you meet any girl maintain a right angle. Not like this. Have some style.
Let’s go. ‘Style for scratching my head too!
Oh God!’ I don’t need a wallet, I have one.
– Is it? Really? Show it to me.
– Okay. Did you like it? Is this a wallet?
Torn from everywhere. Even money in this wallet
might be embarrassed. Disgusting!
– It’s my lucky wallet. – Forget it. Sir? Madam? You wanted a make-over, right?
Now pay the bill. Kartik, where are you? “You wanna blow your head?’ “Here comes the man” “It’s Saturday night.
Let’s party all night” Just a moment. Hello?
Yes, I’ll be there. Yes, I’m on my way. Kartik, let’s go that girl will leave.
– Which girl? Look at her, she is nice, right?
– She was dancing with me. Yes. Did you like her? Yes, she is…
– Okay, let’s go and talk. – Wait. Go fast! No, go slow! She was right here, where did she go?
– I’m done for. Where does she stay?
– I don’t know. You search there, I’ll search here.
– Okay. Did you find her?
– I guess she stays here. – Here? That’s her car.
– You’ve seen the house. Listen to me carefully.
Tomorrow morning, follow her and let me know. And don’t worry,
I’ll handle the rest. I’ll fix the relationship…
– Why should I follow her? Why are you yelling?
Leave that to me. Where am I trapped? Nisha likes imported dogs.
Now listen to the plan. Take Nimmy to get Jimmy. Jimmy will run away with Nimmy. Nisha will get depressed
on losing her dog. And when you will get
Jimmy back to her… Take it.
– Along with Jimmy and Nimmy Kartik and Nisha’s love story
will also begin. This is the scene. Isn’t this plot from old movies? Yes it is but Nisha doesn’t
watch old movies. – Okay. But this idea will work out.
– Okay. Take this dog. The plan is good
but you execute it. What! Go!
– Nimmy go. Nimmy go. Jimmy is so handsome. Look he is so handsome. ‘She is playing cupid to dogs?’
– Nimmy! Jimmy is so handsome.
– What a girl! – Hey! ‘Well done Jimmy!’
‘You are like me.’ Idiot! How did these two meet? You are beautiful.
– Thank you! May this pair last long. Kartik. Do you know how many girls fell
in love with you yesterday night? You are so handsome and stylish. But you are a little shy. You are making me blush. You even look like a flirt. But you are even innocent.
So girls will be crazy for you. By the way what do
you think about me? You are beautiful and
even talk very nicely. Hello! Sorry, I am coming. Sorry Kartik. I forgot.
Mom’s waiting. I have to go. Let’s leave then.
– Okay. ‘I should do something
to make Nisha jealous.’ ‘What do I do?’ How do I call you?
– Hey handsome! Oh my God! Kartik, it’s been so long!
– What are you doing? Hold me. Just pretend.
– Okay. Not so tight.
– I am acting. Leave me. Who is this babe? Your girlfriend?
– Just friends. Still single?
– Ready to mingle. Perfect Kartik. Free on Saturday?
– Okay. Let’ go to the disco.
– Sure. – It’ll be fun. My friends are waiting.
– Okay. – See you later. Okay. Bye!
– Yes. Bye! Hook up! – Okay.
– See you. Bye. Saturday. Is she your friend?
– Yes. Are you free on Saturday?
– Saturday? Just be free.
We’ll go to the disco. Bye. What did she say? She wants to go to disco on Saturday.
– Yes. The formula worked
– Yes. – Now that you are meeting her… Yes.
– Go out and make it work. And leave me alone. You won’t
disturb me from today. Bye. Was our company for
only this much time? Then what? Forget me and put a ring
around her finger on Saturday. Okay.
– Thank God! If she doesn’t agrees on Saturday then come to meet me on Sunday.
Okay? God help me! Kartik! God! What do I do? Okay. Hey! Whose phone is it? Keep it on silent mode.
– Sir, it’s your phone. I was joking. Hello! Yes Kartik. Yes the temple which
has my same name. On the 6th floor of the studio. Say that I called. Action! Listen! You entered my life. You loved me and when you
realized I am not wealthy you dumped me, right? What did you think that I
will fast and visit temples? If you want to escape from me then get me a beautiful girl
like you. This is my last warning. You are making a film
on my love story? And this guy is speaking my
dialogues with a stammer. You ruined such a good shot. No, I mean.
– I will be back. This is wrong.
– Hi Kartik! – Hi boss! You are looking fit. This is your love story?
– Yes. Break! The first one gave you a makeover. So you got a hot girl. Idea is very good. It means there will be
two heroines in the movie? Arya, did you have lunch?
– We can do that later. First sign Ameesha as
the second heroine. Ameesha is not in
demand nowadays. I had Deepika in mind. Okay. We’ll sign Ameesha.
– Tell me Nisha. Is it the first one
or the second one? Okay. I will come. It’s the second one. Sir, I’ll leave.
– Okay. Where are you going?
– Go! Nisha has called me
to the farm house. I have to meet Aishu before that.
I am very busy. Is Aishu also coming
to the farm house? No, only Nisha is coming. Okay sir.
– Go and reach both the places on time. Arya sir, is the story good?
– Leave the story aside. First ready the climax.
I’ll come. I will ready it when I
know it myself, right? Why did you call me
here so late at night? You are going to the disco
on Saturday with her, right? So what have you come here for?
– Hey! She is calling me
to her farm house. If she is calling you at her farm house,
then why don’t you go? Are you insane? What if something
wrong transpires? Are you understanding? No, I don’t understand.
– This is wrong before marriage. You are getting too desperate. May be she wants to talk to you. I think she will talk
marriage with you. Tell her that you are
ready when she asks. Tomorrow is full moon day.
– So what? We become very emotional
during that time. Why is it? Our hidden desires come out. They get eager to come out. Okay! When you heart starts to
beat faster look in her eyes and feel the love inside
then she will become your. Look in to her eyes
and feel the love? How? Do I have to teach you this
as well? Sit properly first. Think that I am Nisha. Now look in to my eyes. With love.
Don’t stare like a ghost. Feel the love. Okay. But close your mouth. Now I have to teach you this too? Are you feeling anything? I have to feel it with my hands. Is it okay if I hold you like this? No, this isn’t okay. Then, how will I feel? Okay, but slowly. You have to make her feel
that she is your world. And she is made for you only. You don’t need anyone
else apart from her. You kissed me.
– It’s your fault. You told me to bring
out my feelings. My feelings are coming
out from everywhere. I gave you a theory and you
did it practically on me. Stay away!
– Sorry. Go away. Please let me finish the class.
I don’t care about you or the class. Go away!
– Listen. Hello!
– You left home? Yes, I am on my way.
– There’s a plan change. – What is it? Come home and not
to the farm house. Home?
– Any problem? Nothing.
– Okay, see you. Bye. House? Hi! Hi Kartik. Hi!
– Welcome home. Shall we go in? Wow! What happened? Why did you stop? Come in. There’s no one here. Come on in. Today is full moon day. Sit.
– Yes. Nice house.
– Is it? – Yes. ‘She is staring at me.’ Aishu taught me. I have to look in to her eyes. You will have a small drink? Coffee will do. Coffee?
– ‘Badam milk’. Badam?
– It’s my speciality. You sit. I’ll bring it. The full moon day phenomenon
is turning out to be true. What if something wrong happens?
Control Kartik. No, I need to change the channel. Control Kartik. What are you looking at?
– Nothing just looking around the house. What will she do now? Kartik, I want to say something. Since I have seen you
I am going crazy about you. And I am doing so
many crazy things. This are the symptoms
for the same. What symptoms?
– A mental imbalance. Didn’t get it?
– No. Alright,
I will make you understand. Actually I am very bold. I have a lot of friends and
have had casual relationships. But since I have seen you
I only think about you. I feel like a new person. I want to be with you. I want to have kids like you. There will be love
and fights sometime. This is my dream. Will you marry me? I love you Kartik. Kartik. Hi!
– Hi! Is your work done? Oh my God! What to do? Success!
– Yes. Thank you God! Now tell me if you will miss me after finding Nisha? No. No way. Hello!
This is our last meeting right? Why are you saying that? In our relation there is no expectation
and no commitments. So no problem. We are good friends after today. From now there will be no fighting.
Promise? I promise. Selecting jewelery?
– How is it? I think you should try that one. That one?
– Yes. Show that one.
– I almost forgot. I have to make you meet some people.
– Sure. Aishwarya this is your personal trainer.
– Hi ma’am! Hi! This is your yoga teacher.
– Hi! This is your stylist.
– Oh! She is your beautician.
– Hi! And finally she is your
handwriting teacher. Handwriting?
– Yeah! Of course!
Your handwriting is very bad. From today these guys
will take care of your dressing to food
habits, okay? Thank you Arjun!
– Your training will start from morning. Be ready. Ma’am.
– Yes. Ma’am. Sir, has been waiting for you
since long. He is calling you out. Good morning Arjun! What is this? I have been waiting
here for so long. Our family has some
ideals and principles. It will be better if you
understand them sooner. Go and start your workout. Hello! Hi Arjun! What happened?
– Fever. I am sick.
– I’ll call the doctor. There she is.
– Okay. Hello!
– Arjun. I am coming home. Mom, please make my favourite
‘biryani’. I am getting weaker. Surprise!
– Hi Aishu! Hi!
– Hi! Where were you? How are you? I am good. Just a moment. Yes mom. I am reaching. It’s my mom. I am going to my
hometown to meet her. – Nice. Are you free? Yes. Why? My hometown is nearby.
It’s very beautiful. Come with me. No.
– Come. Saraswati, you have to sit
for the veneration tomorrow. Mom, Aishu is our guest. Why not make her sit?
– Okay. ‘God, you have given me whatever I have asked from you.’ But today I am standing at a
difficult stage in my life. Please show me the right way. Aishu, did you thank the God? When are you going to London? Tomorrow night. What a luck! God is generous on you. He gave you everything you wanted, right?
– Kartik. Aishu, won’t you wish us? Why are you looking like that?
Tomorrow is valentine’s day. People will be expressing their
love and we will get engaged. What happened? Wish us. Come on. Congrats!
– She is getting married in London. She will fly tomorrow night.
– Wow! Hey! – Hey!
– Hi! How are you?
– I am good. You look different.
– Is it? Is the veneration done?
– Yes. – It’s late. Can we go? Yes.
– Shall we leave? Yes. Okay.
– Okay. Okay. Bye. So what were you friends saying? The wedding will be grand. If they want to come then
I can arrange the tickets. Just tell me how many
friends are coming. I will take care of you
more than my mom and dad. You can never be
the part of my life. Aishwarya. Aishwarya.
– Yes. Your home is here.
– Okay. Aishwarya.
– Yes. Pack your bags and keep. I will send a car for you.
Come home straight. Driver, let’s go home. Hi Aishu!
– Aishu is here. Aishu, is this dress good.
Can I pack this one too? What about this one?
Just check it out. Shall I pack this one?
– Okay. ‘You have dumped me.’ ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ ‘Is money so important?’ ‘Of course. Money is life Kartik.’ ‘Fill up the fuel with this money.’ Finally I can focus on my wedding. Aishwarya, just say goodbye
to India for four months. ‘Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.’ ‘Everyone will be expressing
their love while we get engaged.’ Are you okay?
– Yes, I am fine. Driver, stop the car. Aishwarya, what is it? Driver, stop the car.
– What are you doing? Why are you not stopping?
– Hey! Why are you telling him to stop the car?
– Stop the car! Are you okay?
– Quiet! Not a single word. Aishwarya! Stop. What’s the matter? Sorry Arjun!
We can’t get married. What! Aishwarya,
is this some kind of a joke? I will have to lose my
identity to live with you. I don’t get it. Really?
– What I have to eat? How much to eat? What I have to wear?
Which perfume to apply? When to sleep and wakeup?
When to smile? I am not a human for you but
just a computer programme, right? What have you taken me to be? I have to sit and
talk as per you wish. Even I had to change
my handwriting. I tried to make you
happy again and again. Now I am not like before. I am changed. I laugh a lot when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. I like to sit with
my legs crossed. You have a problem with that. Please Arjun. Free me from this. Aishwarya,
what is this going on? Our family has a reputation. Aunt, I know it. False rules and principles.
Wear this and what not! Your family is a company. Everything is fake
and there is no peace. I felt that money
can buy happiness. Today I see that
it is not the case. It was my misunderstanding. Today was an eye opener. Sorry! Please forgive me. Hey! Stop. I understand.
This is your problem, right? Stay as you wish. No one will say anything to you. Okay. Now get in the car. No Arjun.
– I am telling you, right? Come on. Get in. This is not the real problem
but something else. What is it? Tell me! I love Kartik. If I marry you then I
will live a false life. I will betray you and
even you will be very sad. And I don’t want that. Sorry Arjun. I can’t do this. Hey! what do you mean by that? Go.
– I am sorry. Congratulations!
I will catch you later. Bye. – Bye. Kartik! We will meet the priest and fix…
– Kartik! Hey! What are you doing here? You didn’t leave? No, I am not going anywhere. I made a big mistake in my life. But now I understand. Life is meaningless
without love. We need love to live
life and not money. I realize it now. Kartik try to understand. Kartik, I need you.
Please try to understand. I cannot live without you. Leave my hand. Kartik. Leave my hand! What is this? Kartik, I am your criminal. You can punish me as you wish. Tell me. What to do? You can do anything? Yes. I don’t want to see you again. Get out from here. Kartik, try to understand. What is there to understand? You dumped me as I
was poor for you. You had to live in a rented house
if you had married me, right? My salary is just Rs 15,000. I will become old paying
EMI, right? Spending life with me is
worst than hell, right? I am the same Kartik even today. Then why have you come back? Kartik, calm down. People are watching. Who are you to stop my Kartik? He can say whatever
he wants to say to me? You feel that Kartik love you.
But he doesn’t. He loves me! Kartik, tell me.
Do you want to beat me? Beat me! Break my bones. I deserve it. I won’t say anything.
– Hey! Don’t create a scene. Kartik.
– Leave from here. You cannot leave me and go. Wait here and listen. I want my old Kartik back. Please.
– Brother. Please, she is innocent. Forgive her. She looks innocent
but she isn’t. Ma’am is an airhostess. She loved me
seeing me in first class. And when she came to know
about my financial status she dumped me. It’s not like I didn’t
make her understand. I begged in front of you. I promised to give you everything. But I wasted my time. You have no right to love. You left me in the middle of the
road with 500 bucks in my hand. What happened now?
You feel guilty now. You love suddenly woke up? You want me to accept you? Yes Kartik.
– All of you tell me. Should I accept her? Tell me what do I do? Do you have an answer? Now think about it. There is still time for the flight. No.
– Go to the airport. – No. I am sorry.
– You don’t have money? Here it is. Take an auto to the airport. Sister, please don’t cry. No, Kartik used to love me a lot. But I never understood. Now when I love him truly
he doesn’t understand. I know he will hate me. But he will always
be in my heart. Kartik. “It’s a never lasting love.” “And everlasting love.” Start music. Kartik. Kartik. Kartik. Kartik.
– Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Kartik. I am a gym trainer. My salary is Rs 15,000. I have a small house. It’s just 10 by 10 feets. It’s okay. Will you marry me? Yes. Sorry Nisha. I cannot love anyone
apart from Aishwarya. She is my true love. She will return one day. Why did you tell her lies
about our engagement? So that she will cancel her flight. I came to know from her face
that she won’t go to London. Thank you!

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