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Hi. I am Priya Manoharan.
I have written these poems Please read it The voice of one heart
echoes in another The language of love
bonds them together Earlier, I was in my mom’s lap
without any sorrow Today, I am in sorrow’s lap
without my mom Hi. I am Priya Manoharan.
I have written these poems I am making a video on poems to
participate in my office video contest If you read these poems,
I will capture in my mobile camera Hey silencer. love letter huh?
It will flop for sure Hey. Shiva came to meet you He said you are writing script
for his short film He wants to know the status Hey. whats that? Poem huh? Did you write it? Girl huh?? Who is she? Thats why still reading? Hey. What are you thinking? like a mom huh? OMG!!! Is she that old? Ok Ok. She resembled your mom. right? Ok. Why did she ask you to
read those poems? You lucky guy. She gave you
chance to act Dont worry There are many people who doesnt speak
when it is required They should only feel sad This is my story My love story dont know who she is dont know where she is But after seeing her, I lost myself and fallen for her Her poem resembled my mom’s words At that moment,
I have seen my mom again I am in search of lost love & care You ran away with my poem
yesterday, right? You could have directly denied instead Anyways, I dont care.
Return my poem Hey silencer Love failure huh? I expected it The voice of one heart
echoes in another The language of love
bonds them together Earlier, I was in my mom’s lap
without any sorrow Today, I am in sorrow’s lap
without my mom When you have a brother,
even warfield looks simple When you have a friend,
any problem looks simple Thats friendship Sweetheart, why did you disconnect? not speaking with you for a minute
is a pain to me Ok, Where shall we go tomorrow? For him, not speaking for a minute
is a pain I am not able to speak any time,
How painful it will be? Even man made clock speaks But you created me like this Because of that,
I felt ashamed in front a girl I dont know what you will do You need to find a solution
for your mistake Hey, come with me.
I will make you speak Come dude I have developed an app for you.
Text to speech Type your text here,
to be converted as voice Hello world. I am Karthik Palaniselvam,
a script writer Many such apps are available in playstore But those voice are emotionless It speaks with monotonous expressions But our app sounds like real human One second He is Stephen Hawking, world famous scientist He lost his speaking skill But he speaks using such technology His purpose is different from ours This is bluetooth speaker,
designed to fix inside your mouth Hereafter, this should be your vocal cord Usually, typing a sentence takes
6 secs in touchscreen Using Swype keypad, can type it in 4 secs But only with extra-ordinary practice,
2 secs is achievable Not just that.
I have preloaded many sentences Every sentence has an
equivalent shortcut code With this method, you can type in 1 second So all you need to do is rapid typing code memorizing lip synchronizing Thats the real challenge good luck If I say it once, it means 100 times If I say it once, it means 100 times Once I decide, I wont even
listen to my words If you doesnt listen to yourself,
why should I listen? You idiot. Get lost This is my version of talking tom It doesnt always repeat,
It also give counters Always hide your mobile while speaking Make sure that others do not find it Are you gonna ask questions
or should i ask? Hey. I should only ask
as this test is for you Ask Which is non-separable? Mobile & App What should not be separated? Myself & speaker Which is always together? Powerstar & Wig Which is always apart? TR & Dance For acting? Sam anderson For over-reacting? Arvind kejriwal For hip? Kajal agarwal For talent? You For patience? Me Hey silencer. Walk in the corner Sorry sir. I will walk in the corner.
You can go in the middle How come silencer got sound? Do you remember me? Yes, I remember you Your videos were very helpful to me Thank you so much That day, I treated you very harsh.
Please dont take it to heart Its Ok. I forgot it that day only Nothing. If you dont mind,
Shall we be friends? Can you give me your phone number? Sure. Only texting no calls Note down. 9840668940 How about cup of coffee? Coffee? No… No coffee. Briyani? I want to tell something I am mute from my childhood I speak using the app developed
by my friend If you knew this before,
you would have felt sympathy on me But I expect true love from you Hey. What happened? No reply for my calls since morning Hey. Where is the app? Use that to speak I dont want this app & voice Why? What happened? Today myself & Priya met in the beach I want to tell something Even I want to tell something Let me tell first I will tell Tell me You want to tell something.
Then why are you silent? Let me tell I have shared everything about me Except one thing I have hearing impairment 10 years ago, a bike accident That was the last sound I heard This mark is also due to that Doctors said even
hearing machine cant help To understand what others speak I started learning
lip reading & sign language I didnt hide this to cheat you If you knew this before,
you would have felt sympathy on me But I expect true love from you I dont want to justify myself Whatever you decide,
I will accept it whole-heartedly Think & let me know After my mom, you are the one
I desired to speak When you cant hear anything,
Why should i speak? I dont need this anymore This app has changed my life completely Without this app, I wouldnt
have approached her I know your effort & hardwork
in developing this app It makes me more guilt Leave it. Anyhow she will only
speak after marriage You just need to listen Then whats the need of app & voice Ok. Did you say her about you? Tell me. What happened after that? The voice of one heart
echoes in another The language of love
bonds them together

100 thoughts on “Romantic Tamil Short Film – Mounam Pesiyadhe (English Subs)

  1. Sema movie super feel nanba hatss off to director and camera man and who played their role in this film are extraordinary

  2. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssupeRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  3. Wonderful work. I loved acting in my schools days Keep the good work up 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

  4. Very nice. Though it is very old, just now watched. 18 minutes time ponadhe theriyala …. Wonderful script and narration. Congratulations to the team.

  5. Stefan hakkin oru rolmodel Talking tom kalaii samma comedy 😄coffee venam Bireyani super song super Reyalavey peasa eppadi oru app eruntha nalla tha erukum 📢Puthu sinthanai director ku oru salut😷Very good film…

  6. Coffee ketathukae biriyani ya appo biriyani ketruntha yena aagaurathu

    Illa illa intha luv lam namaku set agathu Nan morattu single avae irunthukuran

  7. U r a good friend whom u helped him that's nice Stephen Hawking is my inspiration person thanks for introducing him in this part of scence

  8. Awesome mve….it's really touched to heart sprub mve… new to the industry … I really njy the mve and the concept …..I looking for Ur next mve eagerly ….

  9. This concept is old.. already many people try this.. but ur making very good and different.. include this app concept.. that technical is awesome… superb creation.. keep it will support u..

  10. Super Na 👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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