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Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this quick hands-on video, I got to try out this Rolleiflex 3000ED film camera.
Thanks to Camera Craft for letting me check this out at their shop. The
interesting thing about this camera is that it’s 18×24 format. Basically means that you get double the exposures on a single roll of standard film. However on the other side of things it’s built like a tank. It’s extremely solid.
Very heavy… You have three different shutter buttons.
You have two different viewfinders. One for eye level. One for waist level. With the waist level viewfinder
you have a magnifier in that. So many different little functions and
features to this camera. See the large shutter dial on the
top. You’ve got the X-sync and also ‘A’ mode, and what I think or I assume is a
exposure compensation dial on there. A little difficult to adjust that. Loading film on this camera is a detailed process… David a Camera Craft was able to
show me that in action. Push this red button in… As you can see here, a lot of effort goes
into you changing your film out… (A zillion photos with this…) Trying to figure out why this isn’t
triggering it. Oh it is! So three shutter buttons. Shutter speed dial… Apertures… Focus… Waist level viewfinder… Eye level finder… Dioptric adjustment… It’s -4… and +2, and beyond. (presumably) (Huh…) Easy film removal. Just don’t do it when
you’re standing at the edge of a cliff. Certainly an unusual and odd camera, but
it is very interesting to see some of the film era gear.
I really haven’t personally had any experience with film cameras. But this is something to check out if you ever see one around. Again, thanks to Camera Craft for letting me try this out at their shop. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Rolleiflex 3000ED 18×24 Film Camera Quick Hands-On

  1. I have two of these models that were made by ATG and Rollei.
    1. ATG Gold 3003r
    2. Rolleiflex 3003

    If you handed one of these cameras to today shooters they would be lost.
    Just like if you handed them a Hasselblad.

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