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muk cameraservice How to use film cameras for beginners.
It is Rollei 35. Rollei 35 is a luxurious compact camera of opportunity expression using Carl Zeiss lens. This square shape is very pretty It is a popular camera for a long time. This Rollei 35 is a model fitted with tessar 40 mm f 3.5. You can also enjoy the unique operation of this camera as a ceremony. It was from this camera that I also became a classic camera. Let’s see each operation The lens is collapsible. Pull out before taking pictures. Rotate it to the right to lock it like this. The hoisting lever is on the left. The shutter is the front button. When folding, press this button above, turn it to the left and sink. It is a structure that can not be done if the shutter is not charged at this time. Please be careful not to push yourself. The viewfinder is in this way straight. A beautiful bright frame emerges when you look into the finder of the specular surface. Pinto is an eye measure. It can not be confirmed with the viewfinder. It is a focus ring, attaching a star to the distance to the subject with your eyes, set with a scale. Experience is necessary to fit and fit, but if you keep it narrowing, the range of focus will be wider and the failure will be less. Since it will be blurred if you narrow it too much, we will shoot while thinking about the balance between brightness and shutter speed. Here is the dial of the aperture. There is F3.5 to 22. Push down on the lower lever and turn it. Adjust the sensitivity of the film. I adjusted it to 400. Here is the shutter speed dial.
From the valve, there are 1/500. It is an exposure meter.
The window to measure the light is this rounded part Please be careful not to hide it with your fingers. If you place another needle in the round red needle, it is proper exposure. I will decide the shutter speed and aperture while watching the exposure meter. Rotate the diaphragm dial while pressing the lower lever. Although focusing is more secure, focusing is more secure, but if the shutter speed is slow, the picture will be blurred. Although it is said that in general, less than 1 / 30th is to be blurred, Because there are individual differences, I actually recommend taking a picture and trying to challenge myself how far I can go. On the bottom, there are a film counter, a rewind crank, a back cover lock lever, and an accessory shoe. You can see that the function is condensed. Since there is an accessory shoe, turn the camera over when taking a strobe and cut the shutter like this I will open the back cover Release the lock lever and pull out the body per body. Here is the battery compartment. Turn it with a coin and let’s open the battery compartment. Older cameras that use batteries will leak, so be careful not to leave the battery for a long time. Liquid leakage may cause corrosion. Also, checking is necessary when purchasing. Let’s use LR44 with a balata battery or an adapter. Operation, OK! Let’s put the film in. For easy understanding, I will use white dummy film. I will set a patrone.
Please keep the platen open at this time. Insert the front end of the film in this direction on the take-up shaft and wind up while cutting the shutter a couple of times. Make sure the film is caught in the pressure plate, and insert the back cover into the body. Put it all the way in, lock it with a lever. It is not difficult. Watch the counter and wind up to 1. Shooting can now start. Please do not open the back cover until the shooting is over and you rewind the film. Pull out the lens,
Toward shooting direction While watching the exposure meter, decide the aperture and shutter speed. By eye measure, set the distance, Check the frame with the viewfinder Please turn off the shutter. From a usual point of time, let us be aware of the shortest distance of 90 cm, 3 meters, 5 meters. The aperture value is written on the left and right of the indicator of the focus ring. This is called the depth of field and the range of the depth of focus is indicated by the aperture. For example, if you adjust the aperture to F8 and focus on 2 meters, Focuses from stronger than 1.5 meters to less than 3 meters. When set to F16, you can see that it is in focus from infinity to 2 meters in front. The depth between the left and right F values ​​is in focus. In this way, if you remember the relationship between the distance and the aperture in the range You can quickly shoot with any camera. When the lever becomes hard, the film is over. It became hard. Then, rewind the film. Set the lever of R in the direction of the arrow. You will be able to rewind. Raise the bottom rewind crank and turn it in the direction of the arrow. When the rotation of the crank becomes light, the film is returned to the patrone. It got lighter. Let’s release the lock lever and open the back cover. Let’s take out the film and put it out for development. It is attaching and detaching of a strap Push this part with your fingertips and shift it toward you. The strap is exclusive. It is a very good camera. I have a lot of cameras, Finally, if you are told that you can choose only one camera, choose this camera. Please register your channel.

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  1. Thanks for this video! It is very clear and instructional with basically all the details and things you will need to know before shooting with a Rollei 35. I have ordered mine and I am really looking forward to shoot films with it. Thanks for your effort!

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