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Rafi has some special guests from out of town. And let’s show them some love, because i don’t think they get out much YO, YO, YO, YO Everybody put their wings together and clap them as loud as you can. Flap them, Clap them, I don’t care, Slap them Party in the Ipanema, Baby I wanna party, I wanna samba i wanna party, i wanna samba i wanna party and live my life (my life) i wanna party (party) and flyyy imma fly , fly just like a bird but you are bird! oh yeah you’re right so let me fly just like a rocket then okay fly so hard when i need to come down for oxygen hey ! cause once we start it baby , ain’t no ain’t no stopping them hey ! cause i just want to live my life and party hey ! all i want is to be free and rock my body okay I’ve been around the world and i want to live my life And RIO I RIO I RIO , RIOlize (Jewel “What are you doing?” Blu ” ahh I dont know.”)
♫I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) (Rafi ” All right Blu!”)
♫I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyyyy [Pedro:] I’m that samba, samba Master, master, master Master, master Who shouts out ? Imma get your blaster, blaster,
Blaster, blaster, blaster (Rafi “Hey she likes you.” Blu “What are you talking about haven’t you been listening?”)
♫You dance fast, But I dance faster, faster, faster, faster, faster. (Rafi “No, I been watching.”)
♫You’re too slow , You need to catch up (Rafi ” Just be your self…. Go on!”)
♫You can dance, and dance, but I I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) I want to samba (party) I want to party (party) And live my life ( my life) I want to party (party) And flyyyyyyyy Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws]
Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Layaana yaana yaana yaaaaaaaaaa Layanna yanna yanna yaana yaana yaana yaala laalaa Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! [Blu caws] Hey! hey! hey! hey!

100 thoughts on “Rio (5/5) Movie CLIP – I Wanna Party (2011) HD

  1. I dont know how anyone expected for only these two to be able to save their species there was no way without eventually having to cross breed with their own family. Like its a great movie but they were doomed from the start.

  2. So anyone else get thing as a recommendation in 2019 if so like if you were looking for this catchy as hell from an underrated movie comment

  3. I used to watch this movie all the time at my babysitters house😭😂we always chose who we wanted to be😂😂

  4. We had 3 choices of movies and i chose rio so i went to another class and watched it at school while eating milky way i recommend this movie bc its so good

  5. I remember when they played this song at my middle school dance lol man 2011 was a great year especially for music 😃😊 8th grade was a fun school year lol

  6. I remember watching this in June 2012 when there was just a few days left from school, we all just got back from field day and we were all laid next to our friends on beach towels watching this movie on the smartboard.

  7. For those who were waiting their whole life for Rio 3, I got some great news

    Though Blue Spix macaws are extinct doesn’t mean the movie won’t come out

    Rio 3 is coming out 🥳
    -Blu finds his parents
    -Amazon on fire
    -Food shortage
    -Kids grows up

    Do ask in the reply’s if you have any questions

    Time- 1hr 40+mins

    Date release-21 October 2020 but might be late due to one of Rio’s animators passed away due to throat cancer

    Spoilers!! ( You’ve been warned )

    When blu finds his parents, they disagree to join the tribe and they won’t share their food with the other blue macaws since they are on a food shortage as well, so Roberto ( Bruno Mars ) plans to steal blu’s parents food

  8. I keep listening to all these cartoon songs and before this I was listening to 90s songs but I don’t know what happened

  9. Not saying that this is any better, but these birds are extinct in the wild, as far as i know they are still living in captivity, though not that many. But that means there is a possibility that they can possibly make a comeback in numberd if they're let free.

  10. "show em some love cause I don't think they get out often" when your antisocial friend is willing to give partying a try

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