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– How well do you know your Lifetime? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning! – We want to invite you to drink like us, by getting this Good Mythical mug, available at – Yes, but today is
International Women’s Day. (cheering and applauding) And yes, as you can tell from the title, we’re gonna be celebrating that by playing a game about real or fake Lifetime movies. But before anybody takes issue with that, let me break it down, Lifetime the channel not only
focuses on women’s stories, but they put their money
where their mouth is by hiring women too. In fact, from 1994 to
2016 an incredible 73% of their original films
were either directed or written by women. And get this when I–
(applauding) Yeah, let’s smack for that. (applauding) – We have a Lifetime executive over here. – Yes we do. And here’s the thing–
– Not a sponsor. – When I call my mom she is watching a Lifetime movie 73% of the time. (laughing) But I don’t think that
applies to you, Link, so I don’t know how good
you’re gonna do at this game. – Nope, nope. – But we’re calling it
International Women’s Day is A Wife’s time So
We’re Guessing If These Movies Are From Lifetime. Title written by Ellie. Here’s what we’re gonna do, Link. I am going to be telling you about a movie and it’s either a real lifetime movie, – Okay.
– or we made it up. If you think it is real,
you’re gonna say Lifetime, and if you think it is fake,
you’re gonna say Lie Crime. (laughing) – All right, Lie Crime. – Yeah, you know it’s a
little bit of a stretch, but I kind of like it, it rhymes with Lifetime. Here’s the first one. – I’m gonna spank you for lying. – Please don’t spank me. (laughing) – I shouldn’t use this word– – That’s another Lifetime movie. – I shouldn’t use this accent. – Lifetime after dark. Due to a car accident
that disfigured her face, Allison Bevens is considered ugly, sad. And after that, her
degenerate gambler husband murders her father,
frames her for the crime, and in prison she gets a shiv to the face, which further disfigures her, really sad. But in a twist of fate, this qualifies her for an advanced facial
reconstruction surgery. Suddenly hot again, Allison plots revenge by posing as a big money investor to ruin her ex-husband’s life. Is revenge a dish best
served with a facelift? Find out in, a Face To Kill For. – I thought it was gonna be called, Suddenly Hot Again. (laughing) – A missed opportunity there. – This just sounds way too gruesome, to be Lifetime fare man,
I mean she’s getting shivved in the face. – Twice. – Yeah, this is a Lie Crime man, this is just, this is you being wicked. – (sighs) Okay Link, you’re wrong. (buzzing) This is real, let’s see the clip. – What? – [Voice On Intercom] Guard 17– (grunting) (screaming) (panting) – [Allison] You mark my words, I will be the toughest businesswoman you ever saw. – Allison Bevens, I’m a
great admirer of yours. – Have we met? (laughing) – I could’ve been the, played that role. – [Both] Have we met? – So convincing. – ‘Cause you’re so hot in your face. – Yeah, but you look nothing like you did. – Um, wow, and that’s an old one. Lifetime movies go way back
and they were more gruesome than I think they are now. – Yeah the whole story
of that movie reminds me of one of my favorite songs, ♪ If you’re ugly and you know it ♪ ♪ Stab your face ♪ (laughing) Cheating just got easier with
the help of a dating website devoted to people seeking extramarital affairs,
which is totally fictional and any resemblance to cheating
websites living or dead is purely coincidental. – Uh huh. – But fiction is stranger than truth, when five cheating husbands who use Ashlyn Madelyn in one small
town all wind up dead. Who’s been catfishing
cheating husbands on the site in order to kill them? Find out it’s absolutely
the chief of police’s disgruntled, psychotic wife
in The Ashlyn Madelyn Murders. – Spoiler alert, man. I was gonna watch that one. If it were real. – Ooh. – But it might not be. Ashlyn Maddie, Mada, Mado (mumbles)? – Ashlyn Madelyn. – I could see that they would, they would do this. ‘Cause it seems a little unoriginal. I dunno, I think maybe
they’re riding the coattails. I think that this also is true, because uh, I just feel it. – Link, you shouldn’t trust your feelings. (buzzing) Because you’re wrong. – Made this one up. – This is a Lie Crime,
but if it were real, this would be the movie poster. (laughing) – [Link] Okay, that’s me. – How do you feel to be a big-headed cop? (laughing) – My head is a little bigger than– – Yeah, I like that though. Big-headed cop looks good
on you, man. (laughing) Alright Link, you’re O for two. Here we go, Isabel Darden
has a great job, great hair, and feels generally fulfilled,
but she’s not married so she can’t be, according
to her best friend, her mom, and a large percent. Her best friend, comma, her mom. – And a large percentage of society. After a disastrous blind date, Isabel announces that she’s
going to marry herself! So of course she meets and
immediately falls in love with a man in the next scene. Unfortunately, the news of
a woman marrying herself has gone viral! How will her new guy react to being cucked by his own girlfriend, with herself, find out in I Me Wed. (laughs) Wow.
– Okay. I’mma have to do some googling after this. This is just stupid, marrying yourself. Do they get that stupid? No way, there’s no way,
this is a Lie Crime. – Wow, you really don’t watch
a lot of Lifetime do you Link? (buzzing) – Seriously? – It’s real, roll it!
– What? – I don’t like Jim. Hey you guys, I don’t like Jim. I love myself, I honor
myself, and I cherish myself. – Well then why don’t
you just marry yourself? – Watch me. – But don’t expect a present. (screaming) – [Isabel] Having a
small intimate ceremony, maybe at the park or– (giggles) You were right, I need
to tell Colin right now before this thing airs, it
is getting way too huge. Colin there’s something that I need to– – Everyone’s waiting, are you ready? – So I’m gonna leave, right
now and go watch that. – No, there’s more game to play. – Okay, okay.
– Now you have already lost, because you’ve gotten all
three wrong in a row– – This is just for pride. – You’re gonna have to read a monologue from the classic Lifetime cult hit, Mother May I Sleep With
Danger on our Instagram. That’s already happening. – I haven’t already done that? – Now you’re just playing for pride. – [Both] Okay. – Leamington, Utah is just
your average God-fearing small town that has lived in harmony with it’s local polygamy
compound for over 20 years. But all of that changes when
the compound’s charming leader Porter Hayes is found brutally
stabbed to death in the bed of a married townswoman
by one of his three wives. Discover the events that led
to a sister wife snapping and stabbing her husband 46 times in the back with garden sheers, in a chilling true
story brought to life in Sister Wife Stabbing:
The Editha Hayes Story. – This is the most solid
premise I’ve heard all morning. – Right. – Which makes me think that this is definitely a Lifetime Movie. But I’m so bad at this, I’m
gonna say that you made it up. – Link, that worked. (bell dings)
– Yes! You made that up?
– We did make it up. And if it was real, this
would be the movie poster. There you are,
– There I am. – With two of your wives
and some garden shears in your heart. – With women all over the place. – How does that feel? – Well, I’ve never been Mormon. (laughing) – Alright Link, again, just for pride. Gillian, a British nanny
is thrilled when she lands a job caring for a
family’s three children. But what she doesn’t know
is that one of the children is a completely imaginary figment of their mother’s severe
delusional disorder, which the entire family has
been enabling for five years. Her husband stresses that
nothing dramatic happened, he just woke up one morning
to find his wife holding an invisible baby and warming bottles. Find out why child protective
services wasn’t called in Invisible Child. – Seriously? Invisible Child? Boy, it sounds like a lie, that just sounds so stupid. But your lies, are consistently better than what Lifetime actually makes. Therefore I’m saying
this is a Lifetime movie. – Link, whatever you’re doing is working. (bell dings) – Too late! – Here we go, roll it! – Okay, come on Maggie, no hitting. Stop it Sam. – She punched first. – Sometimes you gotta separate these two. Do you mind pushing Maggie a while? – No. – Thanks. Come on Sam. (serene piano music) (laughing) – That is so bizarre. – Yeah man. – I mean it’s the music,
I mean it could easily be a comedy if they’d just
change that piano music. – I think it’s a comedy. – Oh my gosh.
– For me personally. You know I have an invisible kid that I use for the carpool lane. (laughing) Alright Link, what
you’re doing is working, but it might be too late. But you know what, if you
get this last one right, three in a row, I’m gonna do the monologue as a punishment, okay? – Okay, okay. – Justin Peterson is a
popular 16 year-old star on the high school swim
team but he has a secret, and that secret is a
debilitating addiction to internet porn. Never mind that the only
things we see him looking at are girls in bikini tops, just trust us, he’s into some really weird stuff. He ignores his nice
girlfriend, explores BDSM, and almost misses the big
championship swim meet, while tending to other swimmers
if you know what I mean. (laughing) Find out if Justin can stop
with the five knuckle shuffle in Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life. (laughing) – Uh… – Yeah? – This is, (hums) this is tough, this is tough. I think you had way too much
fun reading that question. (hums) Took a lot of pride in those puns, so it really seems like
you made this one up. Which means that it should
be a Lifetime movie, but I just can’t say that. You made this one up. – Wrong. (buzzing)
(yelling) It’s real, take a look!
– It’s real? – Like how he was part of
his family but it was like he was a different species from them. Everyone said it was going
to be really boring but, hello? Am I boring you? – No, sorry. (suspenseful music) – [Man] Yo Gooch, I see you
slacking in the ending there. – Hey did you get back my PDA? – Um, just sending myself
an email so I don’t forget. – Forget what? – Like how beautiful you are. (laughing) – There you go, you can
use that one for free. Courtesy of Lifetime. – You know it’s ironic
that he’s using a PalmPilot because he kind of is a PalmPilot. (laughing) – Okay. – Link, so you’re gonna have to read that monologue on our Instagram. – As if your lies weren’t
punishment enough. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Troy Young. – And I’m Cassandra Young. – [Both] And we just got married, and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Congratulations! – Look at that shallow depth of field! – Yeah. – Click the top link to watch
us guess which famous actors were in Lifetime Original
Movies in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where
the wheel is gonna land. Ready, on your mark, get the set, of all new Mythical Mugs,
available now at

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