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She’s cute.
I wonder if she comes here often. Maybe I should talk to her.
What if I make her smile? We could get coffee together.
I bet she’s ambitious and loves to talk about her dreams and goals.
I could walk her to her car, and she’d say she had a good time.
Maybe I’d ask her for her number.
I’d be nervous to press send, but I would anyway.
What if we realize we hate being apart, so we always find a way to be together.
What if I tell her how I feel about her And she feels the same I realize she’s becoming more, and more a
part of my life. We’d never want to let go. And one day I’d realize, that I want to spend
the rest of my life with her. And she’d want to spend the rest of her life
with me, too. Then our love’s next journey would begin. But what if she already loves someone else? What if someone else makes her smile? What if he loves her? What if he would do anything for her? Could I make this real? Or is it just a dream?

6 thoughts on “Reverie (Award Winning Short Film)

  1. This is going to blow the socks off the TSA judges. Jake, I saw much more improvement this year than last. 1st place all around. Swag.

  2. This was absolutely amazing! It was intriguing and inspirational, and you could connect to the characters in almost every way! Beautifully written and directed. Certainly a winner!

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