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You are in for a thrill ride because this
film is INTENSE Revenge is a French revenge genre film directed by Coralie Fargeat starring
Anna Lutz as Jen The basic plot of Revenge is about a girl
who goes to the desert for a weekend getaway with 3 wealthy men and she is physically assaulted
by them and left for dead so the film picks up with how she goes about seeking revenge
on them I had a chance to check out this film at the
local underground film festival in my area and if you can surrender your suspension of
disbelief you are in for a thrill ride because this film is INTENSE
There is a lot of blood in this film the director was inspired by films like Mad Max and Kill
Bill so it feels like something in between those it is a lot like a Tarantino film without
all the sharp dialogue but with all the violence and even a lot more violent
The narrative is told more through visual storytelling interesting sound design and
fast cuts and editing and it is all done very well it really is a feast for your senses
The main character goes through a major transformation in this film at the beginning she is this
blonde socialite and by the end she is just this brunette badass that you do not want
to mess with or get in the way with so I loved that
The amount of tension in this film will keep you on the edge of your seat I could not look
away even though some parts are just so disturbing that I wanted to but I was completely engaged
and sucked in so if you like experiences like that this is the film for you
At one point in the theatre I was in this older lady was yelling at the theatre get
the bastards like get them she was really taken in with this film and I myself was just
like wow what am I watching? this is crazy! So you if you like a thrill ride like that
I would definitely check this one out Even though I have some shots from the trailer
in this video which is just more just to show off the cinematography I would encourage you
not to watch the trailer because I do think that it shows a little bit too much and may
reveal some of the plot I really enjoyed revenge and if you take it
for what it is it is basically a revenge action film then you are going to enjoy this I am
going to give revenge 4 out of 5 stars My only criticism with the film really is
that even though she had in mind to make the film like it could be happening anywhere in
the world there is a little bit of somewhat pop culture references that kind of take away
from that and also you do have to really give your suspension of disbelief for just a couple
key points in the film but I was okay with that and I think they were kind of minor but
I think if they improved that or fixed that this film could have been a complete masterpiece
Let me know if you plan on checking out revenge or what you thought of revenge
I would love to hear your comments and perspective on this
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  1. Let me know what you thought of Revenge! Do you plan on seeing Revenge? Did you like Revenge? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions!

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