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– [Voiceover] What is happiness? It’s a question that if
you ask a million people, you might get a million answers. When I searched deep down
to find my happiness, I realized that it’s an inside job. Happiness is a state of being. It’s about searching beyond
thought habits from our past. It’s about letting go, letting in, and reaching out to help others. That’s how I returned to happiness. ♪♪« When you find that life’s goin’ sideways ♪♪« And you can’t take the weight
of the world on your back ♪♪« A light breaks the end of a highway ♪♪« Slowly risin’ and ready to explode ♪♪« When you can’t break down all the walls ♪♪« Built up in front of you ♪♪« And you can’t see through all the pain ♪♪« That’s all around you ♪♪« There’s another way to escape ♪♪« The darkness and find the truth ♪♪« Spread your wings now ♪♪« So you can take control ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« They can’t stop the world ♪♪« So take it all ♪♪« – [ Ryan] My name is Ryan John Phillips. I was born into this
world by loving parents that made every effort possible to make all my dreams come true. – He was born with lots of energy and he always was on the go. Always a smile on his face. – We had such a phenomenal relationship ever since he was a little boy. Sports did take a big part
of his life and my life, our whole family life. And he excelled at just about
everything he wanted to do. – I was brought up with
values and shown discipline on how to live an honest life. I believe that when we
are born into this world we are pure love and light. There’s only one you and
no matter where we’re from, we are all destined to live for a purpose. My love of hockey led me into leaving home at a very young age to
pursue my coveted goal, playing in the National Hockey League. The road to the NHL took
me to Wichita, Kansas, where I met the love of my
life, my daughter Sadie. I’ve held on to her, I’m gettin’
video tape on the camcorder right now as we speak,
right in front of her. Hey don’t cry cuz my voice is
too loud for you right now. Did you hear that? This is one of the
happiest days of my life. I just want you to know that. You’re gonna be loved very much, and you’re gonna be supported 100% by me in everything you do, and you’re gonna be
brought up with values, because that’s what I believe in. (solemn orchestral music) Multiple injuries derailed
my professional hockey dream. I started on a downward spiral. I lost my values. Drugs, alcohol and partying led to making many wrong choices. I felt lost and unsure of
where my life was going. I then made a decision
that would impact myself and my family for many years to come. The marijuana industry in BC where I was growing up was booming and I was blinded from what
I thought was easy money and a glamorous lifestyle. What I thought was the
easiest money to make became the hardest money
that I would ever know. (gloomy orchestral music) Everything in our lives comes down to a first cause, then an affect. The choices that we make, no matter what, always have an outcome. I was about to pay the ultimate price. (ethereal gong music) It was a really sloppy job,
it was totally unplanned because we were in such
a panic to get it done. We shot down the Mount Baker Highway and the driver said that
he may have been followed on the way to pick us
up on the State side, with all the marijuana. There was a hot zone, so to speak, where the Feds would watch
for people that were, you know maybe up to no good. At the top of this logging
road, 12 kilometers up, that was our gateway into
the United States of America with our contraband. 10 kilometers down the Mount Baker Highway all of a sudden lights
started flashing behind us. It was a pink neon. That’s when we knew we were screwed. I had guns drawn to my head on
the other side of the border. (siren wailing)
Dogs were barkin’. The DEA were high-fivin’ like
they just won the lottery. It was a very scary moment, probly one of the scariest
moments of my life. What was I gonna say to my parents? I let not only myself down, my daughter, my family, my brother. Everybody that cared about me so much. And I asked the gentleman
who was driving the vehicle, asked him I said “Am I ever gonna be allowed
back in the United States again? “I have a daughter in the United States.” And he said “No.” And that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was told that being
incarcerated in the United States meant that there was no chance of me ever being allowed
back into the country again where my daughter was
born and being raised. I was able to make two phone calls, and those two phone calls
were the hardest phone calls that I’ve ever had to make in my life. I called my mom and my dad. My dad answered and I
told him about the news “Dad, I got arrested, I’m in
the United States of America “And I’m in big trouble.” – When he got caught, I knew the night he left our home that something wasn’t right. And when I got the
phone call the next day, I was in shock. You just feel a piece of
you has been cut away. – We kind of knew that
something was going on, but we really didn’t know for sure. We had a tough time accepting what kind of activity was going on. And basically I just couldn’t believe it, and then that’s why I
guess it was such a shock. – I was paralyzed by fear. The most fear that I’ve
ever had in my life. – And for the most part, I don’t think I’ve ever
shed a tear in my life until that day. That’s when it hit home. – The next day, my mom
and my brother came down and that’s where the legal
process started to turn into, you know the wheel
started turnin’ to motion, and I realized that I was gonna
be locked up for some time. In prison, I learnt a lot
about myself and the world. All I had inside were my
thoughts and reflections of what my life once was. It was a very lonely place and I quickly realized who
loved and cared for me. Prison wasn’t just… It wasn’t a joke. You know you see prison on TV and you read about prison in books but freedom is something that’s sacred. You know like, you’re
freedom in this world is something that you need to really, really cherish and hold on to. – This is not the way he was brought up. He was brought up with
integrity, loyalty and values. This was certainly a hit. When your own child is incarcerated it’s feeling the pain as well as we are. Everybody felt the pain. – But after about seven
months of being in there, I made an alliance, friendship with a gentleman who was in his mid-50s. He was a little short guy,
a little Japanese guy, he kinda reminded me
of a real-life Buddha. He said “You’ve got to love yourself.” And he was the first person
that taught me about self-love. After over 500 days of prison without seeing the light of day, I was institutionalized and
in a poor state of mind. I was very grateful to be out. (ethereal gong music) (moves into mellow orchestral music) Every day I wrote down the things that would have a positive
impact in my life. I knew the only way out of the darkness was to make a conscious shift. (mellow orchestral music) After a time of reflection
and inspiration, I realized I had to go
and do good in the world. – I have known Ryan for
three separate phases of my life and his life. First of which was Ryan the hockey player, grew up together in North
Vancouver playin’ hockey. Second being professional
party, rock star Ryan. And third of which was a
return to the original Ryan, which was the Ryan that we know today, which is the purity
and the innocence Ryan. – Thailand hit close to home as one of my good friends,
Chris, and his two brothers had lost both their parents
in the 2004 tsunami. Since then, Chris and his family have built a school for the
orphan kids of Khao Lak, the city in which his parents perished alongside many others. This was to be the first
stop on our journey. – I think about my mom every day. My brothers and I we lost two, two very special people in our lives. Actually it was this year
when I really realized how much of an impact my parents had on me and how much I really do miss ’em. I got a lot of questions for ’em and can’t be answered but you know you go on and move on and you know do what you gotta do. I just saw the joy in a kid’s smile when an adult is present and who wants to be
involved in their life. You know, they’re full of life. Like even though they
have lost what they lost, they don’t take into that. Just go in and spend an
hour with these kids though, it will change your life.
– [Ryan] Awaken you. – [Ryan] Southeast Asia has long held a special place in my heart. A trip to the sacred land
would be the perfect platform for a happiness adventure. (mellow orchestral music finale) (single bell ringing) Guys, I’m very blessed today to be with my friend Helen, who is a Certified Medical
Intuitive and a psychic. And before I take off on
my trip to Southeast Asia, she’s gonna give me some of
her professional intuition and psychic abilities. See if I’m gonna be on the right track. – I feel when you were in this trap, you were like this. And it was like it
pressed on you every day, and there was a lot of
greed involved in it. And one day you woke up for the better of the people around you, the people that are close to you, your daughter, your parents. They’re gonna look back
and say “Oh, my God.” You know because they’ve
been through a lot. (mystical orchestral music) But they’ve stood by you. They’ve accepted you,
whatever way you were, because we love our children
unconditionally and… Here, give me a hug. You had to come to that to realize that you had to start over. You had to build Ryan again. And this is who you really are. You know you are discovering
who Ryan really is and what you can bring to yourself and what you can bring to other people. This is why you’ll be
able to help other people, cuz you’ve been there, you’ve done that. And now you know that that’s
not where you wanna be and if you can help just one person, do you know what I mean? Really, I can see you, I can see you connecting
with these children and bringing them happiness. You’re dancing in circles
you’re so excited. You really are Ryan, and
have never really realized how much you love children. – Yeah, oh I love children.
– [Helen] Know what I mean? – [Helen] Because there’s so
many that are so ill-treated in the world.
– [Ryan] That is my dream. – [Ryan] One of my dreams
is I wanna give to charities all over the world, that’s my dream. – Yeah and you will, and
it’s connected with children. – Cuz I love people, like
I absolutely love people, and I just wanna give,
I wanna give like… – You will be giving, giving,
well you started already. And there’s nothing that’s gonna stop you, there’s nothing that’s gonna block you. You are on your way to fulfill what you’re s’posed to be doing. But I don’t know how it came about, how you decided to follow
this happiness trail, but it is like a movement. You’re gonna promote it at
different film festivals, but I see you in the one in, it’s in the States. – I can’t go to the States
right now, but the film can. – [Helen] The film can go to the States. – The film can go there, but I can’t go. – [Helen] I’m sure he
can go to the States. – Cuz I need to be down there
to see my daughter anyways. – [Helen] Yes you do, yes you,
that’s been heartbreaking. – It’s been horrible. I woulda done an extra
five years in prison to be able to go back
down there and see her. It’s not fair that I can’t see her, but I did make a mistake, I paid for it. But I’ve paid my dues. – [Helen] You have paid your dues. – I’ve had enough, it’s
like the punishment is, you know for her, too. – [Helen] Wow, yeah you’re very connected. – If you believe in somethin’ you can have whatever the heck it is
that you want in your life. Anything, it’s just a matter of having that powerful
belief within yourself, and everyone’s got it. It’s just a matter of
bringin’ that to the surface, that’s all it is. – [Helen] Yeah, you’re gonna
lead this happiness revolution. You really are. – What makes me absolutely
thrilled and happy is to see people discover
and fulfill their purpose, and you do that by proposing. Purpose comes from propose and when you propose what
it is that you will do with your unique God-given gifts and then act on that proposal, the world changes, it becomes magical. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that brings me more
joy than seeing someone get on path and on purpose, and realizing that their gifts, their
purpose, their leadership is not about them, it’s
about serving those who need their purpose,
who need their gifts. – We got the tickets to Southeast Asia, let the adventure begin! (“What It Is” by Eastern Sun) I set up a goal in my mind that I was going to turn all my setbacks into valuable assets. I knew I could help people
through my life experiences. I realized that change in the
right direction is possible no matter what happened in the past. – Love you. – [Ryan] I came to the realization that giving your own happiness in
abundance creates a pattern. My purpose for this journey was now clear, give whatever I could with an
open mind and an open heart, and inspire as many people along the way. This is the story of Return to Happiness. (“Change the World” by Champa 51) ♪♪« What you seek is what you find ♪♪« It’s all just a state of mind ♪♪« So you want to change the world ♪♪« So you want to change the world ♪♪« So you want to change the world ♪♪« So you want to change the world ♪♪« (moves into ethereal gong music) – [Voiceover] Well, these just might be the most dramatic images yet
of the tsunami that hit Asia. This is in Khao Lak, which
is about 2-1/2 hours north of where we are here in Thailand. It is the hardest hit area where the waves are said
to be over 34 feet high. 2500 houses– – On Sunday, December 26th, 2004 an estimated 230,000
people lost their lives in one of the biggest disasters
in modern day history. An earthquake in the Indian
Ocean caused a massive tsunami that rocked countless cities
and towns in 13 countries. This disaster hit close to home as my friend Chris and his two brothers lost both his mother and father. The devastation I saw on
television was hard to watch. ♪♪« Keeping faith to guide us through ♪♪« – Today is a day that I’ve been anticipating for a long time now. I get to go check out
this school/orphanage and play with some kids, spread some love and some good will and some happiness. It should be a pretty cool ride, I’m really looking forward to it. (“What It Is” by Eastern Sun) Chris made a call to Sok and her husband to let them know that I was coming. These kind people had close
ties to my friend’s family and they were about to
make our visit special. I was led to the family restaurant. Firstly, I had to know
what they needed the most. Finding out that they
only had one soccer ball between 70 kids made it only fitting that I load up with an abundance of balls so all the kids could play. Some rackets and fresh water seemed to be a good fit as well. Sok’s brother helped us load
up with everything we needed to make this a special day for everyone. You know, I think givin’
a little bit of love goes a long way. Before going to the school, we stopped off at D. Time Travel, where Sok and her family
run a travel tour business. I was given some chilling information on the wave that destroyed so
much of this small village. (“What It Is” by Eastern Sun) I saw pictures of Chris and his family. There’s Chris right there. It warmed my heart to know how many people from across the world are still fully-engaged in
helping with relief efforts. And I had the chance to give my own thanks to these wonderful people that made it possible
for me to meet the kids. Pretty powerful stuff. Gone but never forgotten. It was hard to contain my emotions, to hear about the deaths
of so many innocent people. There was good times ahead though, as the school was right around the corner. I was welcomed by a
handful of smiling faces that made me feel right at home. I was then introduced to the
staff, including the Principal. Good life and love. 20? And now he’s 32, he’s 32 now? (laughing) 57? No way. I don’t believe you, I
don’t believe you. (laughs) We’re going into the John
and Jackie Canada Building and you’ll meet some of the
kids, it should be a blast! I was led around the school and I met some of the pupils and teachers. It was really invigorating to know that these kids were being educated and being set on the right path. I was told that visitors
didn’t come often, and most didn’t have parents, so this was going to
be a special occasion. You guys make sure you listen
to your teacher here, okay? You have to grow up and be very smart just like the teacher. I received some great
hugs and uplifting energy. Teacher, give me a hug! (children laughing and cheering) Ah, nothin’ but love. – (speaks foreign language) (speaks foreign language) – After rallying the troops it was time for a group photo,
and what a team this was. (“What It Is” by Eastern Sun) Now was soccer time. These little youngsters were pumped and I was equally as excited. I was about to get
schooled by a bunch of kids that could of played all
day if time had let them. You could feel the
innocence of these children. It took me back to when I was their age, when all you had was the moment and everything was new and exciting. These kids when they bump
into you they go like this. When they bump into you. Hey! They all had good manners,
they showed so much respect, and the source of their happiness was shown to me with such
gratitude and simplicity. This has been one of the
best days of my life. These kids don’t have much, but they’ve got so much love to give. It’s just awesome! I will never forget this
for the rest of my life. Being around these kids made
me look into my own life and thoughts of my daughter
and Chris’s parents echoed in my mind. The simple things in life are always free. (speaks foreign language) Wooo! The hardest part of the
day was the goodbyes. I’ve come to believe that wherever you go with an open heart and mind, life rewards you with a
feeling beyond description. Their smiles and unlimited
energy gave me an inner peace, and my meeting with them
surely won’t be my last. The connection I felt with them will be ingrained in my heart and
soul for as long as I live. (“What It Is” by Eastern Sun) Bye!
– [Children] Bye bye! – [Ryan] Unexplainable. I feel like I’m 12 years old again. As I reflected on my day and the disaster that
struck years earlier, it warmed by heart to
see that this community has managed to restore faith, hope, and dreams of a brighter
future for generations to come. You know it doesn’t take
much, it doesn’t take much, through small things, you
know through small deeds. To know that there’s people
that are actively engaged in making this world a better
place, in not just Khao Lak. There was 13 different countries that were hit by the tsunami in 2004. There was 230,000 lives that
were taken, probly miore. When I got over there and met these people that made it possible for
me to meet these kids, and to see that they are
being led on the right path, it makes me realize that anything
is possible in this life. Anything in this world is possible. – You know anything physical is about really changing your
energy from the inside out, because it creates more positive energy for ourselves. We then release more
endorphins as we exercise and you really have to
think conscious about everything that you are speaking, everything that you’re eating, and everything that you are doing is part of the end result
of what makes you happy. (ethereal gong music) – [Ryan] Then it was off to Patong to meet my friend and fierce
fighter, Kru Master Charm, one of the nicer men I’ve met in Thailand. His life work was helping people reach optimal health and self discipline. A few years prior, Charm
had taught me the basics of Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai. (upbeat ethereal orchestral music) I think the most intriguing thing about meeting these Muay Thai fighters was how humble they were outside the ring, and how much dedication
that they put towards that which they, that
they desire in their life. Not just to be fit, to be healthy and your health is so important
because without your health you can’t enjoy all the amazing things that life has to offer. And that’s a really special thing. These people are happy cuz they stay fit.
– [Kru] Come on! – [Ryan] They get to do what they love. It’s all about inner health, inner wealth, healthy mind and healthy body. – Right, that’s right.
– [Ryan] Thanks, brother! – [Ryan] I appreciate it, I love ya! – They’re just wonderful people. They work very, very hard. (laughs) (speaks foreign language)
– [Ryan] (groans) (laughs) – [Ryan] What makes him happy? Kickin’ my butt! This is Jamon, he’s a World
Champion Kickboxer in Thailand. – 25 World Champion belts! – I believe that dedication to that which you strive for in life, will often depend on the energy towards that which you desire the most. I then ventured out to see
what the night had to offer, and wow, does this city ever come alive! People from all over the world
are attracted to this city, full of bright lights, beaches and around-the-clock entertainment. In Thailand it’s tradition that locals, as well as foreigners, set
flying lanterns into the sky. Dreams and wishes of luck for themselves and for loved ones past and present. I got this good luck lantern and this is in commemoration
to all the people who lost their lives in the 2004 tsunami, and to my friend Chris
Knill who’s mom and dad, who were great people, and Chris who’s a very
good friend of mine. (upbeat inspirational orchestral music) It just so happened the locals were having a peace rally that night, and it caught my attention immediately. And one of the men leading the charge asked me if I could say a few words. So, I did my best to
send out some good vibes. Alright everybody in Phuket, Patong Beach I just wanna tell ya all
that I love you very much and I wish all you guys love and health and happiness, I love you! (crowd cheering) – Someone goes up to, I think
the Dalai Lama, and says “I want to be happy, how do I do this?” Teacher says “Well, first remove the ‘I’. “Then remove the ‘want’. “Then remove ‘to be’. “And if you remove the ‘I’,
and if you remove ‘the want’, “And if you remove the ‘to be’, “Then what you’re left with is ‘happy’.” So, there’s the key. So, stop the separation so that you’re not an “I”
out there on it’s own. And definitely remove “the want” because of course “the want” is the desire and the desire is what causes suffering. So take those out, remember that you’re
one with the universe. Remember that there is no separation. Get rid of your desire for
things to be other than they are. Get rid of the “to be”
which is the future. Sit here now in the
present, and you’re happy. – It was early the next morning when I crossed paths with an old monk. I could see the wisdom in his eyes. – Thank you, my friend. Some encounters really leave an imprint on the mind and soul. This made my day. Life is s’posed to be fun! This is a journey, it’s an adventure! You’re s’posed to be goin’ with the waves, with the rolls of life and really enjoying every moment to its full capacity! Everything we are in the moment has literally been thought into our being. We are constantly attracting
what we are sending out through the vibrations of our thoughts. (ethereal gong music) (moves into upbeat orchestral music) I boarded a boat in the morning to the majestic island of Phi Phi. I was excited to meet my friend
Coco, a local tattoo artist that hadn’t left the
island in over eight years. (“Happy” by Rootsdawtah Collective) My daughter always says that to me. She’s like “Dad, you that your
nose looks like a parrot.” Everything’s like reeeeeurrrre. Simple island life was exactly
what I needed for a few days. Phi Phi Island was devastated
by the tsunami as well, with an estimated 4,000
people losing their lives. But through the
coordinated effort of many, this island is now thriving again. – Awesome. – Be good, be happy! – Take care, thanks for the show! If you can actually have an open mind, then all these amazing things
that the world has to offer, it gives you a broader scope on things that are in front of you. Energy, one power, karma. – I got it, me too. Every day now when I wake up, every day, every moment, that I’m alive on this planet, I don’t take any of them for granted. None of them. Life is so, so special. So precious. It’s a lot easier to be nice and gentle, than it is to be angry and mental. Hello! How are you?
– [Woman] Good and you? – [Ryan] Good to see you, gimme a hug. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go,
we’re gonna miss the boat! Oh right on, there we go! Good stuff, how’s it goin’ buddy? – Hello.
– [Ryan] Good to see you. – [Ryan] How are things? We all gassed up and ready to roll? I found that a lot of people
I’ve met in small communities have a calmness about them, and in conversing with
our boat skipper Bao, he told me he finds happiness in the simplicity of life and family. He does what he loves. All he desires is within arm’s reach. (mellow guitar music)
(boat motoring) Anybody that’s been
through adversities in life you can’t understand how amazing and how all the gifts that life gives you, if you don’t go through
certain setbacks in your life. And there’s always somebody worse off, there’s always somebody worse off. You know, so you have to
appreciate what you have. (mellow guitar music)
(waves crashing) After a great day exploring the bays, I was going to have my
much-anticipated reunion with my old pal Coco. Well, my friend Coco
here in Phi Phi Island put two tattoos on me a couple years ago. One was love, and the
other one was good life. Today I’m gonna get a tattoo
that means a lot to me. Infinity, for the infinite, that everything is infinite in this life. G for my dad. Cindy for my mom. Sadie for my daughter. And then Greg for my brother. And then infinity. Forever. Seein’ him again was awesome. How ya doin’, good to see ya! I know Mom, I know you’re
sayin’ another tattoo, but I’m getting your name
on me because I love you. Having a family that loves you
is often taken for granted. Knowing that so many people
around here have lost so much made me appreciate my
own family even more. My family means everything to me. They gave me the gift of life, and have always stood by
me through my adversities, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I’ve chosen to express my inner being on the outside as well. So Coco and his partner,
tatted me up with my design. (upbeat orchestral music) Tattoos may not be everyone’s way of showing appreciation
for family and love, but this is one of mine. Not too loud, Mom’ll like it. It didn’t hurt at all. (exhales) A fire show capped off a great day. I always find myself
in a state of gratitude when meeting people that are traveling from all over the world. Even though we come from different places, there’s a oneness that
brings people together in special moments like these. These are the moments when I wish time could just stand still. – Everything is cause and affect is the way that I look at it. So, the main thing is to be
in rhythm with everything. Once you’re aware, and awareness and clarity
would be the main things, cuz there’s so much denial
and so much delusions going on that you know, the truth is not there. So once you’re clear yourself and your understanding
of life as it really is, and you’re in rhythm with everything and everyone all the time, and you’re this fearless person, with this third eye
open and all the pineal and all these things that are going on, you know you’re going to b a more, let’s say evolved human being. And you’re right in tune
with the universal mind, those books will come to you, those people will come to you, everything will come to serve you. (ethereal gong music) (moves into spiritual flute music) – Luang Prabang. – I don’t have (mumbles). Okay. – Go ahead, get in, right. Hop in! – Please. (excited chattering) – The tranquility of Luang
Prabang was a great feeling. This is a quaint little
town with temples aplenty, and peaceful monks getting
along with their day. Aghh! I just got super soaked by a monk! I forgive him though. (upbeat orchestral music) On my first night in Laos, the family who ran the guesthouse gave me the opportunity
to make a meal for them. (upbeat orchestral music) How was my cooking? – Thank you. Every morning, hundreds of local monks line up to receive offerings of rice. This is a tradition that
dates back to the 14th century when Buddhism was introduced to Laos. Meditation is practiced daily
by the monks in this region. Reaching a meditative
state has the ability to connect one with the Universal Mind. It strengthens the immune system and benefits overall well-being. Seeing these monks and
conversing with them first hand gave me a broader
perspective on the simplicity of the life that they have chosen. In this rapidly changing
world we are discovering that the only thing hindering our freedom from a peaceful mind,
are resistant thoughts. – Happiness is the experience of connectivity, for lack of a better word. Where we really can identify oneness. Where we really can give and
receive at the same time. Where we find ourselves smiling
or having tears in our eyes that really have come
from a place of awareness, and not pain, or sadness or tragedy, but from awareness of that connectivity. (upbeat orchestral music) (water splashing) – This is what our
wonderful planet gives us. Some of the most beautiful
waterfalls in the world. Right here in Luang Prabang, Laos. (upbeat orchestral music)
(water splashing) I’m with Marie and Alex. Marie, what makes you happy in life? – I think it’s to share
a moment with people, I think it’s the best thing in life. – Alex? – Simple moments like this. Look at the sunset or be in the nature. – The powerful of nature is really nice. – Awesome girls! As if the waterfalls weren’t enough, we were in for an even bigger surprise. (mystical orchestral music) – Oh, yeah! Let’s go into the river, let’s go! (mystical orchestral music) Oh, oh! (screams) Oooh, that was an experience! After that we had a chance to play a traditional game of Seven
and meet some friendly locals. – Hello.
– [Ryan] How are you? – [Ryan] Hi! Hi! Hey! (boy laughing) That evening I made
contact with an old friend. I saw some very heart-warming
pictures of Serinda doing advocacy work in Cambodia. I hadn’t talked to her for some time as both our lives had
taken different paths. That phone call was
about to change my life. I learned that she was doing
a bike ride across Cambodia with Project Futures Global, a program of the Somaly Mam Foundation. It was bike ride to raise money to put an end to human
trafficking and sex slavery. – And he said he’d seen a Facebook post that I was heading to Cambodia with one of the organizations
that I work with a lot, which is the Somaly Mam Foundation. And he was gonna be in that
area and if he could come. And I was like, the more the merrier! Of course, let me just tell
you what we’re doing now, because it’s not like a
motorcycle, it’s not even a moped, it’s not even like a Segway. It’s your legs, on a
bike for 500 kilometers. And not like a nice Schwinn bike, like a ghetto Cambodian screeching bike. And he was down, he was just ready to go. – And I was really proud that
she had focused on her desires and was getting everything
that she wanted in her life. And I saw the pictures that she was doing with advocacy work in Cambodia and other parts of Southeast Asia. And I was drawn to it, I was like wow! Raising money for human
trafficking and sex slavery. What better cause could there be to give back with an open heart to some of these kids
that are less fortunate? So, I got on the ringer
with her right away and I was like wow! Wow, look what you’re doin’! And I find out she’s doin’ this bike ride for the Somaly Mam Foundation and instantly I talked to my cameraman, and I said “We gotta do this
ride, we gotta do this.” – I think the most
important thing to us is seeing on the faces of other people when we can give to them,
help them in some way and just let them get ahead in life. We’ve been blessed to live
in Canada and have so much, and it’s wonderful to come to this place that has been so devastated
and just help a little bit. – And the organization
we’re working for right now it’s called Step Ahead, and
it’s giving people a hand up and helping them to step ahead out of whatever problems they’re in to make their life better and more fulfilling. – What better way to have a
holiday along with giving? So, it’s great. (ethereal gong music) – [Ryan] There would be
20 riders on this trip from all parts of the world
with one purpose in mind, to make a positive change
in the lives of others. ♪♪« I feel the sunrise ♪♪« Of a thousand eyes ♪♪« – Seats with legroom, hey just our luck. God’s on our side. ♪♪« Gotta see the sky ♪♪« Just reach up and
close those eyes again ♪♪« – Alright, another day to give
my best self to the world. I am absolutely stoked! 10 days from now I’m gonna be doing a bike ride across the
country of Cambodia. I am so utterly blessed to be a part of this amazing project. And right now, I’m goin’ to get myself a pair of spandex biking shorts. I gotta go get suited
and booted for bike wear. I’m on a mission. – We have large. You look beautiful. (laughs) – I actually look like
I know what I’m doing! Right on! (laughs) (mystical orchestral music) Hey buddy, how you doin’? (mystical orchestral music) Before taking off on the bike
ride, we headed up river. We had the opportunity
to visit a monastery. ♪♪« Beautiful being ♪♪« (spiritual orchestral music) – I am so grateful right now
that these beautiful monks invited me into their
monastery here in Cambodia. I am so, so grateful. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. (upbeat orchestral music) Little did we know that
we would meet locals, with tails. (upbeat orchestral music) Here ya go! (upbeat orchestral music) – (chanting foreign language) (Cambodian orchestral music) – I was greeted by this
wonderful gentleman named Curly. So Curly comes up to me, I got my bags, I got camera guy behind me, and he’s like “I was sent to you by God. “I’m gonna be your guide.” And I was like “Oh, yeah?” And I’m like kinda skeptical and whatnot. I was like “You were
sent to me by God, eh?” But there was something in
his eyes that was just truth. And I told Curly that I wanted
to visit a local orphanage, and I wanted to deliver
some big bags of rice, and I wanted to make some kid’s day. And I was just like amped, I was just calibrating
at such a high level, I was just like “Ooh, I
can’t wait, I can’t wait!” He set us up with two
humungous bags of rice. We’re goin’ to visit an orphanage, we’re gonna go put some
food in these kids’ mouths and that makes my mind at ease. Puts my heart into an awesome vibration knowing that these kids are
gonna be fed for a while here. Nice to see you. Nice to see you, how are you? Hi guys, hello! (children laughing and chattering) (mellow orchestral music) I brought some big bags of rice that would keep the kitchen
stocked for three months. They were very grateful and
had smiles from ear to ear. It’s like heaven on earth for me. You wanna know why? Is because soon as I walked in the gates, with two simple bags of rice, I got attacked and swarmed by
all these beautiful spirits, that once again just embraced me. (children laughing and clapping) Woo, hoo-hoo, hoo, oh my God! Okay, okay! So, we’re at this orphanage
right now and, hey! And none of these kids have parents, and if they do have parents,
they don’t know where they are. So guess what, I’m their dad for the day! I always think surprise drop-ins feed more emotion and excitement. This is my little buddy Aaron, and Aaron is a heart surgery survivor. And Aaron makes the choice every day to get up and put a smile
on that face and be happy. (group cheering) Okay guys! (group cheering) – Always tryin’ to give, give, give and never expectations of what
I get in return, ever. But the return of someone’s happiness, or the return of happiness itself, is one of my biggest
joys in my life because I get to share myself,
my real self to people, and I get to make that a career. And I get to make-believe that, and then to see that in reality and to see the
accomplishments like I said, and successes of that
itself is like a blessing. It really is. – [Ryan] The group had
gathered the evening before to get briefed on the journey
we were about to embark on. Some of you may wonder how
relating human trafficking and sex slavery to happiness is relevant. Finding long-lasting happiness
in whatever shape or form in many instances comes
through pain and suffering. And the people that I met, and the victims, riders and Somaly are all living proof that
happy days are here and now. People came together to
ride from all over the world with one thing in common,
to make a difference. We may have come from different places, but as like-minded as we all were, it didn’t take long for
all of us to form a bond. (upbeat orchestral music) Seeing so many wonderful
spirits in the countryside, being greeted with endless
hellos, was indescribable. It was official, the ride was on. – Where is this happening
from and how do we stop this? And a lot of it is with
educating the children and making sure that they
know what’s happening so they from the get-go put merit on their brothers and their sisters. So that from the get-go when they see their sister being sold, they go “No, that’s not right.” Or when they eventually
have kids themselves they already have that
value system in place, so that doesn’t happen. Because it’s so shocking to us but that value system isn’t there. – [Ryan] Inspiration isn’t
just a word, it’s a feeling. It’s what drives many human beings into wanting to do better
for the world and others. All of the people involved
grasped the meaning of how a little help
can go such a long way. We rode for what we believed in, guided by the inspiration of Somaly and the girls whose
lives are being changed. – I think we’ve raised
over about $120,000.00 just in what, nine days of cycling? That’s all leg power, that was it! You were like “I can’t go any further!” And then you just think
about it and you think about what you’re complaining about. You think about what am I saying I can’t go any further to? And you’re doing it for girls
that never get the opportunity to say I can’t go any further, because it’s not their choice. I was feeling a little tired,
and then I just high-fived like 15 of the most beautiful
children I’ve ever seen. And literally that was like oh, I can ride for 45 more, not a problem! So amazing, so beautiful. Oh my God, here comes more kids! Alright now you can see pretty much any time you get tired,
hi, this is what happens. Hi guys! Woooooooo! 1.2 million women and
children get sold every year. We have 100,000 that
are in the U.S. alone. We have the youngest girls
that are being sold are two, up for about $50.00 U.S. They have to service upwards
of 25 to 30 clients a day. The average age in which
girls are sold at 13, in some countries they have a life expectancy of three years, which means they’ll never
see their 16th birthday. Like it goes on and on and on, it is a rabbit hole of depression. But it’s finding the light within that, it’s going the good out number you, and we’re coming for you. And instead of going oh my
God, there’s so much bad, you have to just look at it and go, no. Yeah there is, of course there is. There’s always gonna be
violence in this world, there’s always gonna be
things that we’re fighting. But as long as we sit there
and don’t go oh my God, or become victims ourselves, we’re okay. (mellow orchestral music) (moves into group chattering) – [Ryan] The first day of the
ride we had the opportunity to meet a great group of women, and they were survivors. Living proof of change
in the right direction. Modeled after Somaly
Mam’s life and experience, the Voices for Change program is designed to give survivors of sex
trafficking a voice in their lives. The program provides a
platform for survivors to become global advocates
and change agents in the fight against modern day slavery. Shrey Pak stood up to share
her story with the group. Trafficked at the age of seven, she is now a strong leader working in the Advocacy Department
of Somaly Mam Foundation. She’s just one of the brave girls that now dedicates her
life to helping others. In addition to educating officials, students and the general public, these women work closely
with shelter organizations participating in rescue operations and working with victims to
support the recovery process. We had a great lunch with the girls and they were able to
share their experiences and educate us on the
nature of human trafficking. (group chattering) (group cheering) Seeing the smiles on their faces, gave us strength, energy and
the inspiration to ride on! (excited chattering and laughing) (mellow orchestral music) Human trafficking is the 3rd largest organized crime in the world. It is believed that two to
4,000,000 women and children are sold into prostitution every year. In Southeast Asia, the
trafficking and abuse of women and young
children is wide-spread. Cultural practice and economics contribute to the high
rates of sex trafficking. It saddened me to know
that many of these girls we encountered alongside these roads would be sold into the
business of sex slavery, often by members of their own family. Seeing all these little girls
reminded me of my daughter. (mystical orchestral music) We were fully exposed to
the reality of this country. Many different emotions
were shared along the ride. It’s people like you and
I that can make changes, and give hope for generations to come. I realized that more
than ever on this trip. (mystical orchestral music)
(children cheering) As we rode along the countryside the feeling of freedom and
all its beauty felt so good. – I’m in the midst of it right now. Fresh air, beautiful sunshine. The birds are singing. The grass is growing. The wind is blowing. It’s when we’re connected,
when you know you’re connected, that feeling overwhelms you that you know that you’re part of something greater. This is who you are. This is why you’re here. This is what makes you, you. (ethereal gong music) (children chattering)
(mystical orchestral music) – Now Somaly Mam was sold into
a brothel at the age of 12 and she was servicing many clients a day. And she actually escaped with the help of a French Aid worker. – She’s had her house lit on fire, she’s had people threaten her life. She’s had the craziest things happen, that you wold not even believe,
that would break anybody, on top of everything that happened. And she’s still fighting. She’s still doing it, she’s
flying all over the world. She’s speaking at conferences. She’s a CNN Hero. She is my hero. She’s amazing. – She’s made it her life
mission to help save others that went through similar circumstanes. Somaly continues her fieldwork and has reached over 7,000 victims. She stands for good. The girls that love and respect
her are pillars of strength and making this cause
bigger and more powerful. They believe. All the girls that were in
this shelter felt protected, they felt safe and
protected because of her. So many of the girls now that Somaly has helped over the years, are now modeling themselves
after Somaly’s life, and now they’re being able to give back and render service to these other girls. Which is now making this a
more powerful organization and it was amazing to watch, it was amazing just to be a part of. To me the eyes say a lot about a person. They are the windows to a person’s soul. They can tell many stories
of love and sorrow, but they can also tell the truth. – [Ryan] I could feel that Somaly had a lot on her shoulders. The business of sex
slavery is a very dangerous and profitable business, and
every day her life is at risk. I could see in her eyes how
she loved all of the girls, she was like their mom. Seeing Somaly’s girls made me
want to hold my own daughter. It moved everyone to see, it was more evidence what
the emotion of love can have when a person just loves unconditionally. – When Somaly asked if anybody
wanted to tell their story and we were at a center
for 16-and-under girls, a bunch of little hands popped up. – [Ryan] Having the girls on film could threaten their safety, so to protect them we have
hidden their identity. – Most of them would introduce themselves and they’re between five, six and seven. And they would talk about
when they were younger, their experiences and who it was that raped them or who, who sold them. And a lot of the girls just, one of the girls in
particular that I remember she just said she wanted to
know what love felt like. That’s all she wanted to know. She just wanted to be loved, and that the only memory
she has of her family is feeling like garbage,
we’d just throw her away, that she didn’t mean anything. And she was just sobbing at this point, and all of us were just
equal, if not more, blubbering at that point. And then she would sit down and then the next girl would stand up. This girl came up to
me and grabbed my face and wiped my tears away with her thumbs and she said “Don’t cry, sister.” And I was looking at her
being like I’m crying for you. The reason why I’m crying is
your story, is your strength. And you’re now coming to me, wiping my tears away
telling me not to cry? Yeah, and it’s great for him to be able to be around the girls as
well, especially for the girls cuz it’s positive male attention. It’s somebody that loves them that doesn’t want to hurt them, that is there to listen, that’s
there to have compassion, that’s filled with love,
that’s filled with happiness. It’s wonderful, it was amazing to see him there with the girls. It was phenomenal, just
crying and they’re crying, and they’re hugging and
then we’re all dancing. It was ridiculous, it was so much fun. – Somaly Mam didn’t do this to be famous, Somaly Mam with her heart is actively engaged in making
this world a better place. She is one of the most humble, beautiful spirits that I
have met along my travels. And meeting her will always, always be etched in my soul forever. – We gotta cleanse the soul. So, Somaly I’m very honored to meet you. – And to be riding with an
amazing group for the cause. So I wanna ask you, what
makes you truly happy in life? – [Ryan] To know that there
are people that desire to put an end to this horrific crime is change in the right direction. We all felt so proud to part of something that stands for the truth. The relief efforts taking place are a big win in favor of humanity. For many of the victims
they are now thriving. The faces I met will never be forgotten, and an attachment to the riders will be in my memory forever. Circumstances may create outcomes of fear, but courage and love find
a way to mend the wounds. – For me, what makes me happy in life is trying to be content in
every single thing that I do. So then it doesn’t matter if it’s a good thing or a
bad thing or a scary thing, or you know an exciting thing. Or it doesn’t matter if it’s
something I have purchased or something that I’ve given, it’s just finding contentment
in every little piece of all those parts of life. That’s where I find happiness. – [Ryan] Team morale was on
a high after the shelter. Even though the stories of the
girls were hard to process, it was back on the bikes
and time to ride on. – Stays around your mouth. (laughing) – Get out of here with that camera! – She’s rockin’ and rollin’ over here. – I been rockin’ with rock and roll! – We are 3/4 of the way through. It’s really hot, but it’s an amazing trip. It’s been paradise! (laughs) – You know you can never
really understand it but doin’ the best you can to learn
as much as you can about it and really just bring that back. You know to every place that we’re from, and encourage people not
only to support Somaly Mam but just to have it in their heads that this kind of injustice just can’t, just can’t be allowed
to pass in the world. – [Serinda] There he goes! Watch the car! (laughs) – What a day! It’s easy riding, it’s great. Riding in the Cambodian countryside. What could be better? (children cheering) (mellow orchestral music) (bike sliding) – Yeah, there we go! – Joel, how do you feel right now? – I feel fantastic! (laughs) – Accomplished?
– [Joel] So accomplished! – [Ryan] I feel great, too. – I’m goin’ to Disney World! – Oh my God so am I, can I go with you? – Yes, you can!
– [Rayn] Wooo! (laughs) – [Ryan] Terry was another
big inspiration for the group. At the young age of 70, he’s been fighting prostate
cancer for seven years. He’s battled his own adversities, which has led him into
funding a school in Cambodia in memory of his late wife. – Terry, why do you do this, buddy? – Well, as we saw as we were
riding along, all the kids. And statistics tell us that one of four of the girls that we’re seeing are gonna be sold into prostitution. and we’ve gotta end that. And this is one way that
we can do to end it. And it has to be stopped. So, I’m doing it for the kids. When I was here before I just fell in love with all these kids, and the people are just
such wonderful people, they need help. So you know what? That’s what we’re gonna do, and this is why we’re doing this. Thank you. – What makes me happy is riding across Cambodia
to end sex slavery, to bring awareness to
these women and children that are going through this. To doing it with 21 of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. And to giving back, to
being friend to mankind and just living your life in love. That’s what make me happy. Mmm-mwa! Another big hug, another
big ass hug! (laughs) (group chattering)
(upbeat orchestral music) – Next stop was Rabbit Island. A little fun in the sun added to the togetherness of the team. (upbeat orchestral music) It was nice after riding 57
kilometers in the morning to have a relaxing afternoon by the sea. We’ve arrived, we’re at Rabbit Island. (group laughing and chattering) – Well, right now I’m attempting to climb a coconut tree. (laughs) And to be perfectly frank, it’s a lot harder than they make it look! (upbeat orchestral music) – Through tough times the way to find that thing that’s gonna break through is here. – You just have to kind of
snap yourself out of it. – You have to really, I mean
you have to force yourself. You get depressed, you get lonely inside. You feel like the world is caving in. Whether it’s financial pressures, whether it’s rejection
pressures, or whatever it is. But what has to happen is that you need to break through here. This is where it happens. When you break through it,
and then you just shift. Your attitude just shifts. I feel better. – Like natural caffeine. Just wake up! – [Ryan] The mighty temple of Angkor Wat was where we finished off the 500 kilometer ride of our lives. This beautiful stoned-carved temple dating back as early as the 12th century is one of Cambodia’s symbols, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This bike ride was empowering. It was everything and more of
what I thought it would be. Knowing we were going to be leaving the country of
Cambodia was a bit tough. But finishing off on such a high, let us feel a sense of accomplishment. Just like every experience in
life, it was coming to an end. It was a rewarding feeling that
we all pushed on as a team, and raised $122,000.00 for
the Somaly Mam Foundation. (group cheering) – Number one thing is family without my wife and my
kids, nothin’ matters anywhere in this entire world. Obviously friends and
the rest of my family have made me who I am. Without them I would be nothing. And that’s one thing that people
can take every single day, is if you’ve got family,
every day can be great for ya, as long as you want it. The right frame of
mind, the right attitude can take you places no matter what. Nobody can tell you you can’t do it, always believe that you can do it and you’ll be successful
in every day of your life. – [Ryan] Chiang Mai would be the last stop on my journey before going home. (violin playing) (flute playing) They’re lookin’ at me like I’m nuts. The taxi man played down
the hike to the big Buddha. – You said that was 200 steps! That’s the 200 steps? What’s that right there, fake steps? But the view at the top was breathtaking. (mystical orchestral music) I met a lady who was 95 years old, but she could have fooled me. Her smile was like a ray of light. (mystical orchestral music) I spoke to a monk about
the journey of life. He told me to just enjoy every moment and to keep spreading love
and compassion along my path. His kind words gave me
the strength and courage to keep on keepin’ on. (ethereal gong music) When I woke up the next morning I got a message that would change my life. Forever. Good morning, Ryan. Well I know you wake up every morning with a growing positive
attitude towards the day ahead, and today should be not much different. However, I’ve added some
extra positive energy. Anyways, today you can rejoice
cuz I received a letter from the U.S. Customs Border Protection and the good news is, is you are granted multiple entries into the United States for business and for pleasure. Well, I hope that makes your day. It’s been a very long time coming, and I believe very deserving considering how hard you have been
working towards your goals, and of course, not
giving up on the pursuit of the return of happiness. These are tears of joy! It’s been 12 years. It’s been 12 years since I went to prison down there. And now I’m gonna go
surprise my little girl. This is the greatest, thank you God for answering my prayers! Thank you so much! That’s what makes me, I am happy, I can’t even believe this! Wow, wow holy (beep)! Sorry, I shouldn’t swear. (laughs) I should call my dad right
now, I gotta call my dad. – Love you, too. – Bye. (exhales) Freedom! (ethereal orchestral music) (moves into ethereal gong music) – So you know what makes me happy? What makes me happy is my family, the people I love, the
people I care about, and watching them do
good things in the world. And watching them accomplish things. And I think that for myself, the way I look at it is
it’s all about karma. If you give good stuff,
you get good stuff back, and that’s really all
the key to happiness is. Give good, get good. To me that’s happy. – This is the day we brought
her home from the hospital. Seems like it was just yesterday. Surreal. It’s real but it doesn’t seem real. Hello, sir! – [Taxi man] Ryan? – Maybe on the way there, if there’s a place where I
can stop off and get a flower or somethin’ like that, a rose, that would be really much-appreciated. – [Taxi man] Okay, shouldn’t be a problem. – Cool man! Long stem, of course. – [Florist] That’s all you need? – This is all I need. (exhales) I been waitin’ for
this moment for over 10 years. Wow! (“Fly Away” by Major Myah) My return to happiness is
seeing my daughter again. Dreams do come true, we just have to have faith and belief. ♪♪« When you find that life’s goin’ sideways ♪♪« And you can’t take ♪♪« The weight of the world on your back ♪♪« A light breaks at the end of a highway ♪♪« Slowly risin’ and ready to explode ♪♪« When you can’t break down all the walls ♪♪« Built up in front of you ♪♪« When you can’t see through all the pain ♪♪« That’s all around you ♪♪« There’s another way to escape ♪♪« The darkness and find the truth ♪♪« Spread your wings now ♪♪« So you can take control ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« Fly, fly away ♪♪« They can’t stop the
world from takin’ off ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« – Alright Sadie, what
makes you happy in life? – My dad, my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, my family, soccer and candy. ♪♪« Fly, fly away, go ♪♪« Fly, fly ♪♪« – Happiness really means
looking at your children, looking at your family and just outside of that
little circle is all the people that are involved with
you through your life. Everybody is walking around
with a smile on their face, they’re loving life. – What makes me happy? (laughs) Well… – Accepting who you are, and taking out all judgment
and all self-criticism out of your head and just being. And that to me is being happy. – Happiness to me really
is a sense of peace. Feeling at peace with
myself and people around me. – And ultimately what makes me happy is waking up in the morning
and feeling peaceful. And that is where I focus everyday. If I’m’ peaceful everything else is great, and that’s as happy as I’ve ever been. – There’s moments in
life when you’re so busy doing something and you’re
not living in the moment and then suddenly something hits you. Maybe it’s a sunrise,
or something in nature and you just go oh my.
♪♪« Fly, fly ♪♪« – My family, my friends and just tryin’ to cause a difference in
life for other people. ♪♪« Get off ♪♪« – In order to know where you’re going you have know where you come from. So I think that family is very important, and it makes me happy. – Watching children. Love life and explore and learn. – What makes me happy in
life is helping others find their purpose and passion so that they can go and
make other people happy. – So, every good cause
brings a good effect, and just smile at somebody every day. Say hello every day. – Happy, happy, happy! (upbeat orchestral music) – Makes me happy is to have opportunities to bless the lives of other people. (upbeat orchestral music) – When we’re in love, music. Being productive. Meeting people through creating. – It doesn’t matter what you
find that makes you happy, just do something. (upbeat orchestral music)

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