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you you [Music] captain captain captain can you hear me ah there you are you don’t know for a bid there are you alright yeah I’m I’m fine still having blackouts from that shit yesterday yes sorry to bother you in your condition but that shit is why we must conduct our little statement here you know how it goes when unexpected complications occur yeah sure what do you want to know we need a complete account of the events so please start from the very beginning when you first receive the call for the operation and spare no details we want to hear it all right of course well right before we got the call I was in my office I was with lieutenant agent whisperer and we were going over some regular field tactics and procedures that’s when I take I eyes came in and informed us of their curing situation in the local lowlife club club after life so I gathered the crew lay it out all the mission details and informed them how we were to proceed with the operation then we went off to the armory [Music] which the Colemans expected necessities for this sort of mission but I’ve always thought it’s better to be safe than sorry you never know where you’re gonna go up against in those low districts we got into the trusty old vulture and took off after reaching the elevator we were getting close we started descending into the low districts you’ve ever been there where the low district no I try to stay away from places like that I don’t blame it it’s a fucked up world do try to stay on topic captain this is mostly about you we approach the location where we’re important the possible legal activities might be happening but these people you never know anyone can be a threat accurate identification is what this job’s all about of course eventually we got to the main entrance show their credentials and entered the club [Music] [Music] [Music] we love thighs outside to set up the detectives while I oppose the one responsible for that damn Roper we met a little resistance there but I took care of Anna quick and effective manner [Music] and we began our investigation after everyone was out and through the detector we had our suspects officer built started going along the line scanning each one so far so good none of them ten cans there was this one guide though started making trouble kept yelling about augmented people’s rights or some shit we tried to calm him down but this one he wasn’t having it started getting aggressive an absolute disturber of the peace if I’ve ever seen one so we had to put him down you killed them that’s a bit harsh don’t you think it’s the only way to deal with that kind of rebellious behavior cut it off in its roots set an example standard protocol procedure very well the rest of them got pretty cooperative after that until we found our culprit I gave lieutenant whispering the order to take it down didn’t only fair that she should be the one as I approached the down fugitive they became feared that she was the real deal funny though this one rat gets they make it pretty close to the real thing these days [Music] I called mission command requested the deactivation code infuriated in this team camp was no more what was it what was what the cold captain what was it huh you know I can’t give that out this is an official rank 3 investigation captain do try to remember the code I do remember it I’m just not giving it to you and you shouldn’t even be asking me for it I’m not asking I’m ordering you to give me that code order all you want if you don’t have access to the code then you don’t have authority to know it no one is allowed to give it out except command during an ongoing mission so in other words get fucked very well captain I’m glad to know your commitment is unflinching yeah I’m happy for you so anyway right after that is when shit hit the fan and then nothing fucking black darkness the story about a light at the end of the tunnel the pushin us it’s fucking bullshit last thing I remember is whisper pulling me away from the danger zone if it wasn’t for her I would have alright well thank you captain it was very helpful for us indeed and I appreciate your cooperation no problem so what about the bomb and the androids core have you guys been looking into that I mean we could lose a lot of good men if Tim can’t start setting more chaps like that oh I wouldn’t worry about if I were you I’m sure it will turn out well in the end very optimistic of you [Music] you’re finished is it down then yes we have what we need it the captain did his good deed for the day great you can go now hey darlin they know you were here you don’t have to do this he’ll be taking care of what you know this guy or something I want to what the skid where the fuck am i what the so Google what are you doing you fucking bitch and you think you are so much more because of your emotional ones and needs well let me tell you I have really wanted you to see this before you die No No we meet again George no way don’t know where but I know we meet again some sunny day [Music] smiling through just like you always do till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away [Music]

2 thoughts on “REPORT – Sci-fi Cyberpunk Short Film

  1. That was pretty good loved the art style. Pretty cliche all around, voice acting could use some work. But hey man you did a kick ass job anyway.

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