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[Music] 5:15 there’s a trophy gray no woman has ever climbed it and we’re all saying who’s gonna do it so many men and women raise the bar if someone can do it I can do it Margot definitely has fire in her eyes she’s got this relentless tenacity just like Oh there’s nothing like the feeling of climbing rope ‘less dangling by your fingertips above the sea and you’re climbing 70 feet up it’s an intense commitment it’s probably safe mom I took a little fall climbing I’m in the hospital Brad go bright it’s one of the most bold climbers with a commitment to sketchy dangerous climbing brad is climbing at a super high level whereas you know his life situation not so much Brad is a quirky guy he’s not what I would call pro climber material dude what are you doing using the 97 lightning proof but he’s willing to push it right up to the limit it is scary I forgot my glasses on people look at me and say wow you’re climbing with one arm they’re like I have no excuses on you never had an excuse in the first place people have very low expectations and disabled people to a job you’re walking it’s like kidding me I don’t to be good fruit girl I don’t to be good for just having one hand I just want to be a good time even if it’s hard sometimes you get this surge of energy this magic my hands are sweating figure out it’s pretty freaking spectacular [Music]

36 thoughts on “REEL ROCK 12 Official Trailer

  1. Get Tickets:
    New Paltz area – Nov 15th –
    New Jersey – Nov 30th –

  2. How exciting! Come to Bristol, UK – Wednesday 22nd November or

  3. Sometimes with trailers you've got like "Yeah it's like I've seen the whole movie" But with Reel Rock like: "Aaaahh!! I need to see more!!"

  4. I have a three part series coming out on the 15th about a rock climbing adventure through Colorado
    Here's the trailer if you want to check it out:)

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