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100 thoughts on “Red Tails (2012) HD Movie Trailer – Lucasfilm Official Trailer

  1. A lot of people don’t believe this but usa really wouldn’t have changed the course of war if it hadn’t entered.

  2. Black or White or Red Indian or Asian do we not all bleed the same colour blood ?? If the campaign Black Lives Matter replaced the word Black with the word All would it not be more honest. Many brave men and women give their lives in Wars,Lest We Forget for them all.

  3. i know this is kind of a duck move but the me 262 would have totally gotten away considering the americans planes were not p52s the 262 would have gotten away no sweat

  4. Spitfires cannot fly that fast, they don't even go over 300 knots. At least try to make flying past clouds realistic, even at 400 knots in a A320 you don't fly fast clouds that quick. They should've got a professional pilot to explain how the plane should behave and how fast the ground speed is. Not the best movie to watch if you are a pilot, pearl harbour was more realistic

  5. I can't think of a "historical" movie put out by Hollywood that can't be picked apart. Of course they add things and change events for the sake of drama. Their easy out is when they say something like "inspired by actual events" or "based on a true story", because then they can say that it's not meant to be historically accurate. I think people just love hating on George Lucas.

  6. Utterly rubbish movie. Which is a shame as it is a good story to tell. A large dose of "American Gun-Ho" extremely unrealistic and lot of "Gad Dams"

    However, it is still better than Pearl Harbour movie with Ben Affleck 😂

  7. 2:10 Says emotional about bringing home the men who fight.

    Makes me realize that in meeting rooms Germans probably said the same things.

  8. …..Tuskegee Airmen and Red Tails = 11 ( documentary and movies )…… Eugène Bullard , FIRST afro american fighter pilot ( WW 1 ) = 0 ……nada…nothing….why ??? and WORST OF ALL , in the movie " Flyboys " , about the Lafayette squadron , Eugene Bullard is called….. " Eugene Skinner " ( ?????) ….obviously there's a problem in U.S.A with that guy ( and it's not because he was an afro-american )….so W.T.F ????

  9. Nobody else going to pickup on how they took that “through adversity to the stars” from the RAF’s “per Ardua ad astra”?

  10. Visually cool. But this movie was SOOOOOOO inacurate. And did i hear some star wars sound effects? Im going to go watch fury or private ryan.

  11. History books I read at school about the WW2 never had any information about the Red Tails. Long after I left school I read a book titled the Homestead Grays and I discovered they were black pilots in WW2 .

  12. 2:13 why'd they show the p51 shooting a bf109 and then switch to a me262 getting shot down like it was the same scene?

  13. 2:14 the maneuver is absolutely impossible for a Mustang. Most fighter planes today still have trouble doing that same maneuver. This movie is riddled with impossibilities.

  14. I liked the movie. Having seen The Last Jedi —this now looks like Casablanca. That is how much I hated TLJ. This is a lot better.

  15. GOOGLE: 52-misconceptions about the Tuskegee Airmen
    For the truth. It is part of the national chapter Tuskegee Airmen INC

  16. The only line from this movie I could remember is We Fight! 3x. Remembered seeing it in the theater with my dad when it came out. Thought it was an okay movie but have completely forgotten about it since then.

  17. "inspired by a true event" yeah right. I missed the part where one of the fighters opens up a can of coke with his rotor…..

  18. Was so disappointed in this film it could have been so much better. Even the TV movie Tuskegee Airman was better than this.

  19. is this movie really happend back then?? youtube just throw it in…and my eyes are popping out because of this fantom menace type cgi… 😀

  20. We count our victory by the bombers we get to their targets…
    By the children and civilians bombed in the cities…

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